Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Johnston family speaks out. Update!

As many of you have no doubt surmised I have been speaking with Sherry and Mercede Johnston for some time now.  We have had a few casual conversations as well as three real fairly in depth interviews.

And this is what I learned.

On questions about Levi and Bristol's relationship, and the birth of Tripp.

Levi and Bristol started dating about three years ago.  They broke up a few times and there was a lot of jealousy, mostly from Bristol's side, but they always seemed to get back together. 

Levi was very much in love with Bristol and wanted to, not only marry her, but also start a family.  They began actively trying to make a baby way back in late 2007, early 2008.  This was also around the time that Bristol was staying with Sarah's sister Heather Bruce because, according to Mercede, she did not want to leave Levi and move to Juneau with her family. Of course she still saw Levi quite often during this time, and Mercede says that their friends knew that Bristol and Levi were trying to get pregnant and that THIS is why the rumors that Bristol was already pregnant began to circulate in the beginning of 2008. Mercede swears that Bristol was NEVER pregnant before becoming pregnant with Tripp.

There were also a lot of times that Levi stayed over at the Palin house, and he became like one of the family.  He was never terribly close to either Sarah or Todd, but he felt welcome in their home.

During the campaign, while Sarah and Todd were gone on the campaign, Levi essentially moved into the Palin home where he helped to care for the pregnant Bristol.  They definitely DID have constant Secret Service protection the entire time, in fact the Secret Service followed Sherry, Mercede, and Bristol as they drove to Valdez in the fall to visit Levi who had a job there for a short time.

Despite what many of us may have thought at one time or another, Tripp was indeed born on December 27, 2008.  As you learned in Sadie's post, things were kept on the down low and even Sadie herself only got to spend about a minute with her nephew before being given the bum's rush.   I asked Sadie WHY the Palin's would not have announced this birth to the world to help to permanently dispel the rumors that Bristol gave birth to Trig in April.  She told me that she did not think they cared about the rumors (I am not so sure about that) and that Bristol was adamant that the paparazzi be kept away from the hospital. 

And yes the delivery WAS at the Mat-Su hospital. (I cannot yet determine if CBJ was the attending physician.  There is still some confusion about that.)

It was less than a month after that when Bristol and Levi split up. 

This was NOT Levi's idea.

At first Levi was allowed to see his son either every Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Apparently Bristol WAS going to school at one time and this was when she needed somebody to watch Tripp) or he could have ONE overnight during the month instead. Bristol controlled things with an iron hand.

It was THIS strained relationship that caused Levi and his family to go public with their situation. (I don't KNOW why Levi and his attorney did not simply file for joint custody way back in April or May of last year.  I did suggest that a couple of times to Team Levi after they did Tyra and Larry King, but though I was heard, I obviously was not listened to.)

The Johnston family has NOT seen Tripp since March 6, of this year.  I asked, considering that there are websites reporting that Levi and Bristol are getting along and he can see his son whenever he wants, whether or not it is conceivable that Levi was seeing Tripp without their knowledge, and they unanimously said NO. Sadie reiterated that it makes Levi very sad that he cannot get his son, and that he feels like a failure when he cannot help Sadie and Sherry have more access as well.  He did not even see Tripp on his twentieth birthday this year.

Sarah's fifth pregnancy

Mercede did not see Sarah at all during the time that she would have been pregnant with Trig.  However she still believes that Sarah gave birth to him.  She tells me the reason provided by Sarah to her kids as to why she did not tell them, is because she thought they would be angry that she was pregnant again.

According to both Sherry and Mercede, Sarah did not tell the kids until the day before she told the public at large. (However I have heard from at least three other sources that Bristol herself learned of this on the news, and NOT from her mother.)

I showed Sadie the pictures of Sarah that clearly show her as being much too skinny to be carrying a baby, but though she finds them interesting it does not dissuade her from her opinion that Sarah did give birth to Trig. Sherry on the other hand finds the photos more compelling.

(I know that a lot of people believe the Johnston's were somehow paid to keep Sarah's secrets, but I can assure you that they are not lying on her behalf.  Recently Sherry had her home auctioned off from underneath her, and if she had any money at all she would never have let that happen. That is the same house they have lived in since Levi and Sadie were very small.)

Mercede's MySpace pictures and the "ruffled ear baby".

Sadie told me that when these pictures started making the rounds on the internet that ALL of the Palin's called her to demand that she take them down.  However the main reason given was not because they showed Trig as a newborn, but because there were also pictures of Mercede and her friends with alcohol, and people were confusing her with Bristol. (If you Google "Bristol Palin" today you will still find pictures of Mercede misidentified as Bristol.) So Mercede responded by making her account private.

I DID show both Sherry and Mercede the ruffled ear photo from the baby shower and asked what they knew about that baby. However they seemed not know anything at all about it and confessed that they never noticed a problem with the ear while they were holding the baby that day. (I at first thought this odd, but then I realized that really only ONE person in our group picked up on the ear deformity and knew to point it out to me, so it is conceivable that neither Sherry nor Mercede noticed anything amiss on that afternoon.)

Mercede at first thought that Down's syndrome children with oddly shaped ears was normal, until I pointed out that this kind of deformity was not.  However Sherry, being a mother, was more easily convinced that something was wrong with the fact that THIS baby appeared to have the deformity and the Trig we see now does not.  (Now Sherry has not seen Trig in person since that day in the Palin kitchen, and Mercede has  not seen him for a very long time either, so neither one knows when, or if, a trade was in fact made.)

I think that is enough for one post.  I realize that much of this information will be very unsatisfying to those who have waited for a bombshell to come from the Johnston family, and I share that disappointment.  In fact the first time I interviewed Mercede was almost one year ago in a midtown mall in Anchorage.  She told me the exact same thing then, that she has told me recently. The reason I did not report it way back then was because I was getting conflicting information from another source, who led me to believe that Sadie did not know ALL of the facts. (There are still unanswered questions about that source but I hope to have them cleared up soon.)

So where does this leave us?  Well Audrey and Bree pretty much proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Sarah did NOT give birth to Trig in April of 2008.  So that much we accept as gospel.

However the question that now presents itself, is WHY Sarah faked a pregnancy if in fact it was not to cover for Bristol as was first reported in Daily Kos way back on August 30, 2008.  And to that I do not have a good answer.

As always there is plenty of speculation, but no facts to back it up. We do know that having Trig cemented Sarah's pro-life cred and made her the darling of the evangelical wing of the Republican base, but the idea that she would have done this solely for that purpose, seems too far fetched even for me. 

So the questions that remain are:

Why did Sarah fake a pregnancy?

Who knew and helped her to pull it off? (Besides Cathy Baldwin-Johnston of course!)

Who is the baby with the ruffled ear and what happened to him?

And how long will those that do know remain quiet?

For those of you are losing heart that we will ever get to the bottom of the Palin family obfuscation I did ask Sadie if it were even possible for Levi to know something explosive about the Palin's that he would not have shared with her at some point. Her response was as follows:

 “Levi is a very closed off individual. Really hard to crack. He only opens up to me if it is something really major. He probably knows a lot. He could probably shut her down if he told people what he knows. He just does not want to get involved.”

So I asked if it were possible that even if Levi knew there had been another baby that he would not have told anybody, including his family: “Yes, he is very secretive.”

Well that should be enough for all of you to digest for one post.  I do have some other information about the computers, the McCain campaign, Bristol's current love life, and other behind the scenes tidbits, but that is for a later time.

Update in response to some questions:

The "baby brother Triggybear" and "Mommy in law Trig and myself" captions under Mercede's MySpace pictures.

This actually kind of embarrasses Mercede.  You see when she put those captions on her pictures it NEVER occurred to her that anybody except her friends would ever seen them.  She referred to Trig as a baby brother because she absolutely believed that her Levi and Bristol were going to someday get married, and she called Sarah "Mommy in law" for the same reason.  The cutesy names and stuff is just part of Sadie's personality.  You now like girls that use hearts to dot their "i's". 

She was only sixteen years old after all.

The "B.S." factor.

A year ago when I first interviewed Sadie, I kind of thought she might be lying to me as well. To accept her version of things was to completely upend my working hypothesis.  Not to mention that I was receiving other information that did not match, and that my friends were convinced that she could not be telling the truth. However of ALL of the people who shared information with me, Mercede was the most believable.

Her story has never changed in the year since and she has never demonstrated any reason to lie to me. And as for Sherry? I don't think Sherry even knows how to lie!

In other words they are not bullshitting anybody.  And just for your edification, Mercede is NOT afraid of much!  If she knew anything that she thought would expose Sarah Palin for what she really is, she would have announced it to the world.  The only reason she stayed quiet this long was out of love for her brother.

Now to the question of COULD Bristol have been pregnant before and Mercede and Sherry not know. It is possible, but it means that Bristol was being kept from ALL of her friends, because NOBODY in Wasilla seems to be able to keep a secret. Not to mention the fact that Mercede DID see Bristol during the time that  she lived in Anchorage (And so did Sherry), and she never appeared pregnant.  But like I said, not completely impossible, especially if it happened even earlier.

Update: Well as expected this post has resulted in a lot of mixed emotions.

Believe me I understand completely.

However I feel that what we must remember is that NOBODY has ever talked to Sherry and Mercede about these things on the record before. So as much as people might be upset that they did not reinforce our individual theories that is not their responsibility.

I asked them for the truth of what they had observed or heard from Levi and Bristol, and I firmly believe that is what I received.

Somebody had to ask the Johnston’s these questions eventually and I guess it fell to me. What I reported was EXACTLY what they said. I did not shape it, nor did I edit it to fit my theory. And believe it or not this is what I have done in ALL of my interviews.

Now remember this does not mean that this is the last word on babygate, it isn’t. Sherry and Mercede were kept at arms length to some degree and cannot be expected to answer all of the questions that we have.

This has certainly not changed my mind about Sarah and her fake pregnancy (in fact tomorrow I have yet another promising lead to follow) but it does allow everybody to finally understand what Sherry and Mercede do, and do not know about the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. So now people can stop accusing them of covering for Sarah and accepting bribes for their silence.

Because that, simply put, is bullshit.

Believe it or not.


  1. the problem child8:51 AM

    Okay, at least you now have the Johnston ladies thinking about what they have seen. They have plenty of reason to mistrust the Palins, but now they have one or two more.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Did Mercede say why she was at the Palin house taking photos of Trig and calling him her baby brother. Also, why did they post the picture of Trig when they were on TV... Larry King, I think?

  3. Keith questions about him Gryphen? Does he have something to do with all of this?

  4. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Thanks G-Man- - lots of good stuff.

    My first response-- I cannot forget those photos/video of BP in NYC, fall of 2007 on that show with J-LO. She was clearly wearing clothing to conceal her abdomen. Then there is that other photo with BP in the green sweater- disputed as to whether it is 2006 or 2007-- she's clearly got a sweet little bump in the right place for an early pregnancy. So, while Mercede may not think that BP was preggers before Tripp, the photographic and loads of circumstantial evidences suggests otherwise.

    Secondly, I agree with you G- why would SP go to the trouble of faking a pregnancy, in such a ridiculous way, if there was nothing she was trying to conceal???

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I would think that if Levi is paying child support the judge would have worked out some agreement for visitation time with his son. If Levi has in fact not seen his son since March, then he has legal standing to complain to the court.

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Gryphen, who is Sadie?

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    So everything she says is credible except the fact that she is adamant that Trig is Sarah's baby and she was there right after the birth...Grif, you need to really ask yourself is you have any real evidence of that allegation or just very badly want it to be true. Selectively believing and not believing first hand information is not "finding the truth," it's manufacturing the truth.

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

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    Again, go to

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  9. Anonymous9:34 AM

    PS Thanks Gryphen.

  10. Anonymous9:35 AM

    How is there confusion about the attending OB? That makes no sense to me unless they are not still telling the truth.

  11. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Why would a high-school-aged Bristol want to get pregnant? Because she wasn't getting what she needed at home (nurturance, attention, etc..)

  12. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Good post, Gryphen, well organized and clear.

    I think the Johnston women are brave for talking to you, knowing that Levi might pay a price in access to his son.

    I'm willing to believe that none of the Johnstons including Levi are actually aware of Bristol's pregnancy history. If Bristol had a very premature infant, it's possible that even the Johnstons did not know.

    Sherry Johnston has had babies and she has seen Sarah Palin pregnant. Sherry knows there was no 6lb baby in Palin in April 2008. But she doesn't have to say that out loud.

  13. I call BS on this for one reason -- the claim that Bristol was TRYING to get pregnant. I have a hard time believing ANY 16 year old would purposely try to become pregnant. But Bristol wasn't just ANY 16 year old - she was the daughter of the governor. She had to know that not only would a pregnancy at 16 ruin her life, it would also bring down her mother's career and affect her entire family forever.

    Also, she didn't just "stay with her aunt to be closer to Levi." She disappeared off the face of the earth. There is not ONE photo of her from that time period. She did NOT attend school. In fact, she didn't tell her Wasilla school that she was transferring to Anchorage to remain somewhat close to her boyfriend. She TOLD THEM SHE HAD MONO.

    So now we know that Mercedes and Sherry were in the dark. But I will never, ever, ever believe that Sarah faked that pregnancy for ANY other reason than to cover for Bristol.

  14. Anonymous9:45 AM

    So that is the big story....hmmm.

  15. Levi was not able to see Tripp on his TWENTIETH birthday? Do you mean his twentieth MONTH birthday?

    Beyond that, this whole thing is odd.

  16. Anonymous9:55 AM

    As much as I ♥ the Johnston's I can't believe this.
    Sherry is under house arrest and then probably probation 4 evah and the DOJ is headed by grifter grannies x lover! They are muzzled!
    It was "common knowledge" Bristol was preg. not granny! If the Johnston's are going to unload the truth they would be smart to go and make some $$$$$$ on it, and get out of Dodge!

  17. Anonymous9:57 AM

    sweet that they are talking.

    So...the million dollar question is - are there two or more Trigs? Does the real Trig have blue eyes and FAS? Who is Ruffles? Who is the fat baby in the picture with the Heaths taken on 4/18?

    Who are the parents of the big, brown eyed DS child? Is he a relative? Where did he come from?

    Why was Levi at the hospital at 6AM on 4/18? Why is he wearing a hospital bracelet in newborn Trig pictures?

    so many questions and no reasonable answers...

  18. Gryph - Can you find out if Sadie saw Bristol during the time she was staying in Anchorage, Dec. '07-March '08? I wonder why she is so certain Bristol couldn't have been pregnant then.

    I can imagine a scenario where Bristol got pregnant, told her parents first and then was forced to keep it secret from Levi's family. Bristol and Levi may well have talked about wanting a baby under those circumstances.

    I've never felt one way or the other about Bristol being Trig's mother, although it would answer a lot of questions if she were; but I don't see information from the post to rule out the possibility. Am I missing something?

    I'm also confused by Levi's interview that aired April 8: "“[She] and I talk quite a bit more now. I get Tripp at least once a week now, and things are definitely 100 percent better than they were,” he said. “I’m just kind of playing by her rules until I have him.”"

    Is it just Sadie and Sherry that aren't able to see Tripp? Is that part of what Levi has to do to play by Bristol's rules?

  19. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Did yo ask about that one photo where Levi is holding Tripp (I think) and we can see the arm of another baby in the picture?

  20. Anonymous10:04 AM

    "evi was not able to see Tripp on his TWENTIETH birthday? Do you mean his twentieth MONTH birthday?"

    ROFL Levi turned 20 this month.

    Why would SP chase Levi around wanting to adopt his baby...unless Levi is referring to the first child.

    It IS possible that Sadie and Levi did not know Bristol was pregnant, but I doubt that version. Why would she have disappeared unless she was pregnant and was trying to hide it from Piper and others?

    Trying to get pregnant at 16? Who are you kidding? Is that normal behavior for AK kids? Why did Levi claim he didn't want kids if he was trying to get pregnant. His first posts on myspace re: Bristol were the summer of 2007, so I suspect that part is true. That is when they started dating, but Bristol was already pregnant. Like mother, like daughter. She learned from a pro ho.

  21. Anonymous 9:32, I did not say I did not accept that Sadie believes that Sarah gave birth to Trig, or that she saw the baby in the Palin's house a few days later. My belief that Sarah did not have Trig is based on photographic evidence as well some other sources.

    "Sadie" is what everybody calls Mercede.

    As for the "trying to get pregnant" part, it is well known that many of Bristol's friends in the Valley were having babies, and she may have seen that as a way to escape her mother's dominance and establish a life of her own.

    And Bristol DID attend West high for a brief time at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008. She was seen around school and at sporting events and that has been confirmed by a few sources. However she dropped out of sight around February, and to be honest I did not remember to ask Sherry and Mercede about that.

    I am not at all sure if Bristol herself EVER told anybody that she had mono.

  22. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Leadfoot: Lots of girls try to get pregnant when they're in their teens. It's weird, because of who her mother is, but at the same time not weird. Girls who try to get pregnant early are usually looking for some kind of unconditional love. Perhaps mommy was spending too much time dreaming about redecorating the Oval Office and eating Taco Bell to notice Bristol?

  23. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Is West high in Anchorage?

  24. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Leadfoot, I can assure you there are plenty of 16 year olds who deliberately try to get pregnant. I worked at our local Health Department specifically mentoring pregnant and parenting teens, and it was usually one of two stories: daddy complexes or as an escape. The "Daddy" girls were usually very, very young and swayed by an older man; the "Escape" girls just hated their parents and wanted to get the heck out of Dodge. Neither makes any logical sense, but we're talking teenagers here. Given the closeness in her and Levi's ages, I'd go with the "Escape" theory for BP. Especially since they'd been actively trying for quite some time.

  25. I previously missed the sentence in the post where Sadie and Sherry said Levi was not keeping Tripp from them, answering part of my question. So what do we do with Levi's Apr. 8 interview?

    Gryphen - Many thanks for your interview and post. I feel like I need to read it again when I have more time.

  26. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Hmmm. Interesting script they are working from. Everything is so innocently open, above-board, and the absolute truth.

  27. Anonymous10:21 AM

    to sunnyjane - Levi turned 20 in May. Tripp is about 17 mos old.


    I can believe their story. They have no reason to lie. About the supposedly pregnant Bristol pics. Anyone's who's ever carried extra fat in the ab region (read all women) know what that looks like. it's healthy to a degree, We're just used to seeing Bristol trim but we know the palin girls and Sarah at that age never sustained their weights. Willow seems to fluctuate, Bristol obviously does, Sarah still does. It is pretty natural.

    I do find it odd that some girls wish to start families early on, but most of the time, its partly because of esteem issues and partly feeding a natural drive. Most people wait til gradution thought. I have friends who are perfectly happy to be 23 and have 3 kids. I say, if you can support yourself with govt assistance, go for it. Women didn't fight these long years to get wrapped into another stereotype. Not all women want positions of power and huge careers. You see it in smaller towns more because children tend to follow their parents footsteps. thats why you see families of all lawyers, drs, bank owners, farmers...


    We need to stop boxing in people to a status quo - which has become the 5'5, size 2, 36C archetype.

    I have no doubt Sarah will run for President in 2012 (its almost here wow) and she will definitely have to provide sustainable answers or she will continue to be laughed at.

  28. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I do not think that Audrey ran into legal harassment because someone chose to care about her blog out of ALL the anti-SP ones out there. Could it be that there was a girlfriend of a male Palin that was covered up and then she chose to keep the baby when it was time to sign the adoption papers, hence the baby swap? Not sure that we have much to go by, still, but at least it's a start. Thanks.

  29. whacked in Wasilla11:29 AM

    Good work but not going anyplace yet. How about a panel of sources to discuss the various positions on what they know?

    Bristol was seen at end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008? By whom, what circumstances? It was winter, was she in an overcoat or poncho? A young girl can hide fat or pregnancy with clothing. It happens in schools in the lower48 also, too. Everybody can be fooled by a crafty psychotic teen.

    This is all so whackie. I did know a very young girl who wanted to get pregnant. She was intelligent and made good grades, her emotional state was something else. Very sweet and could be convincing but she was loony tunes.

    I read an account of a 16 year old boy from Wasilla and his baby. It struck me because of how all were so accepting of these 2 babies having a baby. Growing up in Wasilla the teens have a very different perspective on having babies before finishing high school. Obsessed, hormonal and unsupervised teens could very well work at trying to conceive and romanticize it all.

    Does anyone know the time of Bristol's car accident and the postponement of court dates? I was reading about that and forgot the details.

    Is there a way to get Levi under oath. If he is part of a crime let him talk to the authorities, Levi will not volunteer anything. Whatever deal he is going for with the Palins, I do not think it will ever include Sadie and Sherry. Bristol is jealous and nuts.

  30. 10catsinMD11:34 AM

    After reading Mercede's comments on her Facebook page and realizing how "gushing" she can be at times (a typical teen, I think), I think her comments about the baby in the kitchen are fairly innocent.

    I would like nothing than to have the Trig fake birth be true. I find it so hard to believe she was so flat and then pregnant. But I think this interview covers a lot of believability.

    More will have to come out. I think the most incredible issues deal with Palin's fradulent behavior, her hypocrisy and ability to be so angry but enticing to her crowd.
    She is a fake and a fraud and always will be. But as long as she can draw money the way she is going, she will not quit unless the rug comes out from under her, and its a real had slap on her "bony a@@."

  31. betsy smith11:34 AM

    I am unconvinced. Sherry and Mercede are watching their asses.

  32. Gryphen - there are some GREAT questions suggested in these comments. Next time you have the opportunity to meet with Sadie, will you please give your readers some notice so we can submit to you our list of "top 10" things we want her to answer?

  33. The Johnstons were never bribed; they were blackmailed. They were told that (a) Sherry would go back to prison for years and (b) they were in on the criminal conspiracy and they would be implicated if they talked. I do not claim to know this for a fact, but my best supposition is the following. Bristol got pregnant with Ruffles, a baby with FAS. The Wasilla Witch could not have that on her record, so she persuaded CBJ to find Round Ear Trig for her to adopt. She persuaded CBJ because CBJ owed her politically and CBJ knew all about Bristol's pregnancy and the FAS. The faked pregnancy plan had already been set in motion soon after word had gotten out that Bristol was pregnant. Once the FAS was discovered, SP had to have another baby as a replacement. Why did she not just fake a miscarriage in the first place? The timing was wrong because either Ruffles or Round Ear or both were already born when the fake pregnancy scam began.

    Anyone who has questions about the Babygate details should read The Babygate Timeline. Many seemingly unrelated issues are included in the timeline, but I think we all need to be cognizant of the big picture and all the driving forces behind this monster that has been unleashed on our nation.

  34. @ Leadfoot,
    I have a close family member who did indeed try to get pregnant, on purpose and with the full agreement of her boyfriend, at around age 16/17. The reason? At least in part it was because the parents absolutely would not allow this teen girl to date or see her boyfriend at all. They forbid her to see him because they felt he was "not good enough", as in no college aspirations, a bad influence, a partier, etc.

    As a result, with the two teens feeling very much in love and wanting to have a family, they tried to get pregnant on purpose. They knew that was the one way the girl's parents would let her get married and be with the boyfriend.

    And they were right: she did get pregnant and they were then allowed to get married. There were quite a few other girls in the circle of friends who were also having babies, and some got married as well. This was a group where most did not have college ambitions and most of the guys intended to work in blue collar jobs. Some of these relationships held up over time, and some didn't.

    When you think about it, this sounds a lot like Bristol's situation a few years back. We have heard that Todd really tried hard to get Levi to stop dating Bristol. I can see that Bristol would see having a baby as the way to break free and be able to be with Levi without her parents interference.

    This reason for getting pregnant of some teens is why unfortunately even easily available birth control is not enough to keep some teens from getting pregnant.

    Some of the teens in this girl's circle who got pregnant and married while still teenagers, seemed to make this choice because it was the only way it was "okay" to have sex, according to their church's teachings. It was either abstinence andf waiting years until maybe mid-20s or older to get married and finally have sex, OR get married young and start having babies.

    The other option was to break the rules, but some believe that choice could lead to eternal punishment in H-E-double hockey sticks. There are teens who choose early marriage for those reasons. Some of the studies on "abstinence only" education and teens have shown earlier marriage for teens who are told abstinence or married sex are their only alternatives. So the answer is yes, some teens actually DO get pregnant at ages 16 or 17, on purpose.

  35. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Like I have said all along, here are the facts:

    1. Sarah is the mother of Trig. Todd is Trig's father.
    2. Sarah was angry and upset that she became pregnant.
    3. Sarah knows her physical appearance is her appeal - esp to the male population.
    4. Sarah knew she was being bantered about at a national level as a potential vp candidate - as early as winter 08. This is why she didn't reveal her pregnancy to anyone prior to her winter gov trip to DC. It allowed her to get to do interviews about possibly becoming vp (ck out the Cizzilia interview from the Wash Post). She knew if she revealed her pregnancy prior to the trip no one would have engaged her in those conversations - righly assuming the mother of a four month old infant shldn't be running for vp
    5. Sarah had already experienced two miscarriages in second terms of two prior pregnancies. She knew she had a history of miscarrying. She also knew she was very high risk (due to her age) and she knew - by this point - that her unborn son had DS
    6. Sarah told no one (except supposedly Todd) that she was pregnant until her 7th month. Anyone who has been around Sarah knows she is a short and tiny woman. She fluctuates between size 4 - and probably size 2. She's very small. You don't get this if all you see are photos or videos of her b/c she's always sporting 4-5 inch heels and b/c her hair is big - and she does have a large-ish face with the strong jaw line. But bottom line is she's very slight in frame. That is why so many people have rightly doubted she cld be carrying an infant into her 7th month w/virtually no physical signs of pregnancy.

    So, assume (those of you who don't believe she's the birth mom) for a minute that she is Trig's birth mother. What does it tell you about her that she would basically starve herself (maybe not the right medical term - but she certainly didn't care for herself physically in a manner that would have helped support the life of an unborn child) to maintain her figure? What does that say about the value she places on image and appearance above all else? This is part of the real story. But we'll never get to the real story if hordes of folks who want the truth keep spinning themselves into a tailspin about her not being the birth mom. And don't kid yourselves for one minute. No one loves that there are thousands who are convinced she didn't give birth to Trig more than Sarah. She eats this stuff up. It's her mo. She gets to wear the poor mom victimhood around her base that the "crazy left" doesn't believe she carried her own "beloved DS son to term". Good job of playing right into her hand.

    7. And now for the Crazy Ride. Yep. She went to TX. She began leaking fluid in the middle of the night in TX. She - and / or Todd called CBJ - but CBJ was never told that Sarah was leaking fluid. Think about this for a second - think about everything you know about Sarah. Would she really have told CBJ the truth about the leaking amniotic fluid if she knew CBJ would have told her emphatically to get to the nearest hospital and seek immediate medical care. No, she wouldn't have. She was going to give her speech the next day in TX as Gov of AK - b/c Sarah cared and cares so much more about attention and acclaim from others than she did or does about her own offspring.

    This is the part of the story that has the potential of doing Sarah any harm - that she knowingly traveled for over 19 hours with leaking amniotic fluid while a high risk 44 yr old knowing full well she was carrying a DS child who would be at risk of possible other infections / medical issues (ie heart problems) who was presenting one month early.

    And she simply didn't care.

    Oh sure. When she wrote her book she gushed about her great love for him and her desire that he be delivered safe and secure. But she herself refused to take any of the necessary steps to insure that that would happen.

  36. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Gryphen, they are playing you like a violin. you are way to smart to fall for this tall tail. I bet they are cooperating tiwht Geoffrey Dunn and this was a ploy to throw you off the trail.

    Nothing about what you wrote above squares with the hard facts we all know. You are being used.

  37. I smell bullshit of some sort and lets get one thing straight. $arah paylin did NOT strap herself into an airplane seat looking like she did in the Gusty photo. Speaking of which it may be time to revisit those photos since 2 websites shut down in short order after delving too deeply into those photos.

  38. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is a doctor with Providence Health & Services in Anchorage Alaska. She is on active staff at Providence in Anchorage. Providence has a NICU that specializes in preemies and special needs.

    CBJ specializes in incest and rape cases and is the founder of the Sexual Assault Response Team and the co-founder of The Children's Place in Wasilla. My gut instinct is she was very much involved with the birth of this child and the subsequent baby switching. She had the opportunity, if not the motive. The "other blog" has more details on CBJ and her involvement with SP.

    CBJ has never admitted to being the obstetrician for Trig. She has also never admitted that SP was pregnant with Trig.

    The sham medical letter doesn't even mention the SIX prior pregnancies. If SP truly is the mother of Trig, then this was her 7th pregnancy. It's not too likely she got pregnant because she had a hysterectomy after Piper because of constant "female" problems.

  39. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Let me see if I remember this right sarah fired Walt Monegan, then she put Joe Masters into the office of public safety commissioner. And masters was part of the Sherry Johnston bust/ harassment. Now that and the fact Sherry is on probation might be a reason for the Johnstons to stick to the palin lie.
    It would seem that sarah has a lot of leverage against this endearing family.
    Johnston family we love YA, sorry Levi ever met that Heath trash's daughter!

  40. I remain extremely disappointed that Levi doesn't come forward and stop this woman. I can appreciate the fact that he doesn't want to get involved, BUT he should consider the world his son is going to grow up in. This woman needs to be unequivocally stopped from wrecking more havoc and destruction than she already has. But again Gryphen, thanks for all that you do and are doing.

  41. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I agree with the other posters who said, "Why would a 16 year old girl try to get pregnant?" Levi did not have great job prospects. Sarah was governor and this kind of thing would have been a disaster for her career and VP chances. And, we have Bristol's own account of telling her mother the wonderful news, "What is the worst thing that could happen to this family?" Wanting to get pregnant and calling it the worst thing to happen doesn't make sense.

    If Bristol and Levi were actively trying to have a baby, then, upon learning that Bristol was pregnant, they would have gotten married!
    This is supposed to be at the same time (according to Levi) that Sarah begged to adopt that baby that they had worked so hard to conceive). Was that to prevent them from getting married? It seems unlikely that Sarah, who now had a special needs child in her family (notice that I didn't say that she gave birth to him) would take on the burden of another baby, all while serving as governor and hopefully running for VP. Come on, that's just too much to believe.

    As for Levi trying to conceive a baby at the age of 17, I really have to call that part of the story BS. Guys who are 17 are busy trying to do something with girls, but it isn't having a baby. If anything, they want to avoid that possibility. I can't imagine that times have changed since I was younger, and a guy's "badge of his manhood" was to carry some condoms in his wallet, "just in case he got lucky." Guys, you tell me how many of you wanted to conceive a baby when you were 17!

    And Sherry Johnston was thrilled! Attention, parents of teen aged sons. Try to imagine that your 17 year old son came home with news that he had worked hard and finally conceive a baby! I would love to hear how many of you would be as thrilled as Sherry! I wish that I could believe this version, but some of it just doesn't ring true. Or else, you guys in Alaska really do live a completely different life up there.

  42. Anonymous11:52 AM

    While Sadie and her mother strike me as nice, sincere people, they also seem incredibly naive and, like Levi, not the sharpest tools in the shed. I can believe they're telling the truth as they know it. It's too bad they don't know the real truth, because they could certainly use some ammunition at the moment.

    We all know that Levi takes his orders from Bristol. She ordered him not to talk to his sister and he obeyed. What kind of "man" does that? She says he can't see his son, and so rather than going to court and filing for custody, he tucks his tail between his head and looks sad. I can therefore believe that Bristol ordered her pet adoring slave not to tell his sister and mother she was pregnant with Trig, and he did as he was told.

    Gryphen, do Sherry and Sadie know if Trip was full term or not? He looks very premature to me. It's my belief that Bristol also had Trig several months premature, which would considerably shorten the time her first pregnancy would have been obvious.

    Thanks for this, although it is disappointing, since it narrows the circle of those who know the truth and might someday spill the beans. I am getting very, very discouraged.

  43. Forever Anonymous11:54 AM

    Why did Bristol and Levy "started to actively make a baby"?

    So, according to this info:

    - Tripp was not an unplanned pregnancy.

    - The Johnstons misappropriated Trig's photo by giving it to the Tyra Banks producers.

    - Sarah's faked pregnancy is a stand alone story.

    -Babygate is a redhearing in stopping Sarah from getting the GOP nomination in 2012. The chaos that will ensue will be enough to destabilize this country.

    Still, unmasking the false mom could go a long way in the fight against evil.

  44. anon 10:42 - "She did show weight gain."

    I don't see it. Check it out.

    July 28, 2007

    2007 Governor’s Christmas Open House

    Feb. 25, 2008

  45. Anonymous11:58 AM

    It doesn't explain anything.

    LIke Sarah"s indifference to Trig, Very,very obvious.

    And Bristols devotion to him in the first year. Seems to have vanished since she has Trip.

  46. Very strange tale... Gryphen, did you ask the Johnstons why their computers were scrubbed by the McCain campaign people?

  47. Anonymous12:01 PM

    One thing that stood out to me since first learning about Bristol is that SHE IS JEALOUS. She is not one to value friendship. I think Lanesia was a friend during grade school, examine what happened there. Bristol hates Sadie more than she loves Tripp or may have 'loved' Levi as baby daddy love material. How soon will Bristol let Sadie be a steady part of Tripp's life? NEVER. Going back to the campaign, someone did not want Bristol's love child to ever have anything to do with the Johnstons.

    Sherry and Sadie are probably doing all they can. I can believe their naiveté to a point. Gryphen was probably not allowed to ask hard questions and I take it this was limited to a few subjects. No questions about having team McCain/Palin move into and take over their house or about the computer hacks. Bristol's cell phone, who the friends were that ratted on Sherry and so much more.

    This works for the best public relations before the custody farce takes place. If Levi is lucky he will have some access to Tripp. Will he be able to sneak in visits to Sherry and Sadie? I doubt it. All heck would break loose.

  48. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Curiouser and curiouser... I have to admit, following this story is like a guilty pleasure, a true-life soap opera that rivals anything a Hollywood writer could come up with. It would be even more entertaining if it didn't appear to be affecting so many lives.

  49. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The only way that I can accept that Sarah actually did give birth to Trig is this: She did everything she could to try to prevent his being born. She went on a crash diet so she wouldn't show, and it would starve the fetus. She spoke about running and "thrashing her guts." The Wild Ride was the last chance for a "fundie miscarraige."

    The reasons to believe that Sarah did not give birth to Trig are the pictures that show a slim, trim woman, except for two staged photos with the wrong time stamp. Pictures of Sarah's previous pregnancies show that she carried very large. It doesn't make sense that she would not "show" after having 4 kids. Pictures taken when Sarah was supposed to be expecting Trig just vanished; people at PD worked very hard to find cached photos which showed slim Sarah weeks before "giving birth."

    I think that the Johnstons need to do what is best for them. Sherry will be a tight leash for years. And Levi will be paying for years. Maybe he should have thought about that when he was "trying to conceive."

  50. Anonymous12:10 PM

    People who think Bristol wouldn't have tried to get pregnant know nothing of small town, backwoods life on the outposts of America.

    High school girls in this Valley get pregnant all the time - and it's no big deal. They get lots of attention, they get a baby shower, and they finally have something to do - take care of an infant.

    Everyone knows Sarah herself got pregnant without being married.

    Also - another thing that has never really been reported is how much Sarah and Bristol's relationship had soured by the fall of 07. Bristol told her mom and dad (not that Todd is where the buck stops. This is a very much Sarah Run Ship - it's very matriarchal) that she wasn't moving back to Juneau and she also wasn't going to stay in Wasilla.

    That's when Sarah arranged for her to live with Heather (Sarah's older sis) in Anchorage. Sarah and Bristol's melt down arguments / fights are totally known about by people in the Wasilla community. The three older kids were very upset she'd run for gov in the first place.

    And for people who think a "governor's" child wouldn't be going around trying to get pregnant - it's not like any other state in the country - where being governor is a big deal. It was a big deal to Sarah, obviously; and it was to John McCain, apparently. But just like Sarah is clueless when it comes to the national or international scene - her kids are clueless when it comes to anything other than small town Wasilla.

    They have lived an amazingly narrow existence. Even after the last two years of being in the international spotlight, when you try to engage them in conversation they are just very narrow in their ability to converse about anything other than Wasilla or rudimentary outdoor types of activities. This doesn't make them bad kids - they're just not interested in life outside of what they already know - you have to have curiosity modeled for you - or at least it helps. They've had ambition, deceit, malice, anger and self absorption modeled - not curiosity or a love of learning. --Actually, I think Todd models a love for the outdoors and a weird ability to tune Sarah out.

    I don't think Bristol was trying to get pregnant - but she obviously wasn't trying not to, either.

  51. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Whether the Johnston's are telling the truth or not, one thing is evident. The telling video and photos of Sarah Palin's handling of Trig - the seeming lack of maternal love, the risky birth story in her very words. These evident seen and heard facts paint a picture of a very strange woman. A woman who would risk her unborn child because she refused to cancel an important speech, risk passengers on a jet, having to make an emergency landing.

    A woman who couldn't wouldn't take any maternity leave to bond with her special child. A woman who refuses to share with her audiences the type of therapies he needs. Photos of him without necessary glasses and aids. All these raise red flags about her

    If one can't pin Sarah down on whether or not she had a baby Trig, at the very least, one can pin her down on the evidence seen so far. Her motherly instincts? Her accounts of the wild ride sure sound impulsive and erratic. Trying to impress people she's a tough woman with that story should warn voters she would not be safe at the helm of a nation.

  52. Actually as I stated I DID talk to the Johnston's about the computers. However it is a long and complicated tale. Apparently the computers were hacked even BEFORE Sarah was named the VP candidate, the hack removed information including pictures, and they were completely removed from the home when Sherry was arrested.

    I think there is definitely a story concerning the computers but I am not clear as to what it is yet.

  53. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Idk who parented any child we know as Trig.

    There is no way that in March 2008 the then governor of Alaska was 7 months pregnant.
    There is no way that body shifting Sarah Palin gave birth after that.

    Where there is a will there is a way. Find out how to get some of these crooks into a court of law.

  54. BlueTx12:18 PM

    There are 5 people and 5 people only that know what happened the day Trig was born. None of the Johnstons are in that group, not even Levi. All evidence to suggest a different mother than Sarah for Trig has been destroyed. You will never find a medical record or eye witness to prove otherwise. Those 5 people will go to the grave never telling what they know. Gryphen is 100% correct that Bristol is not Trigs mother. The Palins want you to continue to believe that she is.

  55. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Anonymous @ 10:20am said:
    "I have friends who are perfectly happy to be 23 and have 3 kids. I say, if you can support yourself with govt assistance, go for it...."


    Sure, it's a legitimate choice to have children when you're young--provided you are able to responsibly care for them WITHOUT relying on govt assistance.

    23-year-olds have no business CHOOSING to have children with the thought that "the govt" (meaning taxpayers) will "assist" them with their selfish and irresponsible choice.

    Govt assistance programs exist as a social safety net--which is a good, humane thing--but such assistance programs are not meant to enable and subsidize selfish, immature choices, such as choosing to have kids you can't provide for.

  56. Anonymous12:26 PM

    For those that don't believe any teenager "tries" to get pregnant you better watch this video.

    As for BP not being Trig's mom I never thought she was. I still say this baby came from Todd and a mistress and when SP found out she decided to fake a pregnancy and adopt the kid to reduce the scandal.

  57. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I'm sorry, but if Sherry really doesn't know who delivered Tripp, then I'd say she's been kept in the dark about pretty much everything.

  58. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I've been watching this series on Lifetime called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Apparently it happens that some people don't appear pregnant at all. Not even to the pregnant person themselves.

    Full term babies were birthed in toilets and in pant legs because the mother never knew she was preggo and no one around her noticed at all either.

  59. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Being the child of a public figure is a daunting, all consuming thing. I can see Bristol wanting to carve a life of her own at a young age. Why do you think so many children of celebrities and pols act out even moreso than the other America?

    at the candies benefit that Whoopi hosted, when she introduced Bristol, she told everyone about her daughter, who CHOSE to get pregnant at 14. When Whoopu questioned her, the girl said "I want someone who doesn't know you, to love me"

    and you wonder why high profile relationships seem more fucked up than ours. its a whole new level.

    Gryf, I emailed you the video. You should post it

  60. I am surprised that Sherry and Sadie are surprised at the pictures you showed them. Do they not have access to a computer? Have they not read any of the blogs. Was this the first time they saw the pictures of the magical 3 week, 'not pregnant body/now 8 month pregnant body'?
    This story is one most of us have been following almost everyday since it began. In a few months it will be a year, and still, every few weeks something else incredible will be unearthed that will drop our jaws.
    Since this is actually a large part of their life, how can they NOT be following it?!!!

  61. Anonymous12:41 PM

    The girl swilling alchohol in the party pictures was trying to get pregnant. what a little b.

  62. Anonymous12:43 PM

    ? ? ? ? "I can appreciate the fact that he doesn't want to get involved" ? ? ? ?

    How is he not involved? Not that he is the brightest bulb but saying "he doesn't want to get involved" when you mix DNA with a family... he is involved in it all. He will always be involved whether he knows anything or not. What he saw and experienced is involved. He can be in denial but he is still involved. It is a lame excuse to say you don't want to get involved.

    Levi will think about considering the world his son will grow up in after he loses. He will lose. The minimal 'custody' they may be forced to give Levi is no win. He may know that and is not doing this for half custody of Tripp. He may be operating out of financial desires at this time.

    Levi is like his father (except Levi has a big ticket item). That is how he was described long before he hooked up to bore the fruit of his loin. Levi is like Keith Johnston. He can say he is not political, he may not think he is. He is following Keith's directions now. Learn more about Keith Johnston to understand Levi and where he is coming from.

  63. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Gryphen, how can you trust what the Johnstons tell you when we ALL know that Palin is mean and vindictive and that their only motivation is to get to see that little baby? They are desperate to have him in their lives. I think that maybe they might be playing you and by doing so have access to Tripp in exchange. How do you know you can trust them? Desperate people will do whatever it takes to fulfill a need and Sadie and Mom Johnston really do seem to love that child and need him in their lives. They may have fed you what the Palins wanted you to report in exchange for access. And of course, the Palins could deny that they had any such arrangement.

  64. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Sorry Gryph, I'm just not buying that there is any evidence that Levi wants much to do with this kid. Is that odd for a 19-20 year old pursuing a reality show career? No. Sherry and Mercede may want to see him more but that doesn't mean Levi does. I think they may be projecting onto him or pressuring him to get more time so they can see the baby more.

    You're right, if Levi wanted custody or even more visitation, he has had 18 months to file something. The fact that he hasn't is telling. I haven't seen a court filing or even a text message from Bristol saying he can't see the baby. They need to realize that perhaps their desire for more baby time isn't shared by the only member of their family that gets a say in the matter.

  65. Anonymous12:52 PM

    The computer story: BS
    Well, except for the part about the computers being removed from the house when Sherry was arrested. THAT rings totally true...and provides an opportunity for the hard drive to be scrubbed or destroyed along with any incriminating evidence regarding babygate.

  66. I will reiterate your thought, Gryphen, as it is boggles my mind in this case (as well as many many divorces I have witnessed) why any father would not just upfront request joint physical joint legal custody.

    in CA., any parent who asks for that, gets it. going back to change any other custody judgment is a major pain and requires proving something about the other parent.

    I've known several fathers who have made this very mistake, and most of them say that at the time they either did not feel 100% confident in their own ability to be a sole-parent 50% of the time and/or they did not think it would be good for the kid (confusing, unstable, etc.)

    almost every father I know who made this decision, later came to regret it.

    seems the money always plays a big role in the equation

  67. Bella1:02 PM

    About the Levi&Bristol dating story - it is odd -the lack of pictures of the couple from this 2007 period. My husband and I were high school sweethearts in the 80s, before cell phone cameras and MySpace pages were created and we have lots of photos of ourselves together, goofing with friends, hanging out, at the beach, on dates, at concerts or games. Where are Levi and Bristol's pics?

  68. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Even if you try to starve yourself during pregnancy, you still will show. Undisputable.
    If Scarah is a size 2 or 4 she will show even more when pregnant. And she would not explode to the Gusty photo size in a few days.

    Here is a photo of skinny girl chef, probably a size zero, and she looks pregnant. Sarah was not pregnant with Tri-g. EVER.

  69. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Sorry. It's all just a simmering pot o'white trash misbehavior. Dont forget even po' white folk get to aspire to happiness in goofy ways so it isn't the relentless screw-ups that make it so bad as the belief that somehow they're being responsible and better than others. A family that pretends - as both sides did - that it's cool for children to be "trying to make a baby" is just clueless.

  70. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Anon 12:07 -- Perfect post and it succinctly states everything I have thought since that dipshit Palin came on the scene! Either she faked the pregnancy or she did everything in her power to make it so Trig would NOT be born alive. I'm sorry, but these are not qualities I want in a world leader. If there is zero regard for the lives of her own children, no one else's children would stand a chance under this nutcase's reign.

    As far as Sarah's indifferent demeanor toward Trig, it only makes sense that she treats him with scorn. In her resentful, small brain, he wasn't suppose to be here -- as has been written, she was tryin' for that "fundie abortion," and if he hadn't have survived her best efforts to rid herself of him, she would have been able to play that victim role up to the hilt.

    As for the 'strangeness' of a 16 year old wanting to get pregnant, I would suggest a viewing of MTV's '16 and pregnant.' A lot of the girls featured on that show might not have tried to get pregnant, but they certainly have this fairy-tale view of what it will be like when they become mothers -- they seem to think it will be them, their 'baby daddy' and the baby living happily ever after. Many of them on the show seem a lot like Bristol too -- little brainpower and even less ambition.

  71. Irishgirl1:11 PM

    I'm sorry, I don't believe a word of this.

  72. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Bristol still could have been pregnant before she starting dating Levi. She disappeared for a while - maybe her she really kept the pregnancy a secret from everyone. There are just too many things that don't add her weight gain in 2007 and her disappearance from school and society in general.

    So Gryphen...if you don't believe that Bristol gave birth to Trig...then who did? There is no way in hell that Sarah did!

  73. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I'd have to agree with Mr. Orr . . . either they have been warned about the complicit nature of their involvement in this sordid scam ~ or they've been hit by sarah's "gravy-train."

  74. Gryphen, I visit here every day. But I gotta say, finally, after months of biting my tongue, I think you are playing us, your contributors and readers.

    Unlinking "that other blog" was just one of many signs. They still link to you.

    I'm sorry man, but I no longer know where you are coming from and what exactly you are intending to do by posting your exclusives that do nothing but muddy the water and tend to obfuscate what we already know.

    Mercede and Sherry, for what it's worth, I truly hope you find a way soon to put the nightmare behind you. Levi, I want to believe you but your actions are not matching your deeds, especially regarding exercising your rights as father of the child we know as Tripp. He's either your kid or he is not. You are paying out the nose for child support or you are not. You either demand equal shared custody or not.

    I still believe Babygate is the biggest scandal, the one that will affect most people's perceptions of Mrs. Palin, once the truth is known -- far more than dodging taxes, fraudulent trust funds, snuggling up to crooks and oilmen... but I don't see hardcore investigation going on here at IM, just rumor and innuendo and puzzle pieces that don't even all belong to the same puzzle.

    Sorry, Gryphen, I'll check in but you've totally lost me now.

  75. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I absolutely do not believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. My husband thinks I am nuts but that is because he cannot wrap his mind around the idea that someone would do something so deceitful. And lets face it, he's a man. I remember every part of my pregnancy. And I am protective of my children to a degree I don't think he can ever be. I reminded him that I am about Sarah's size, and that when I was pregnant with our second child I showed a hellva lot more than she did. You cannot be "gusty" one day and flat the next to the point that an airline attendant does not even notice. Impossible. Mothers out there all know this. Both of my children also arrived early by 1-2 weeks. They had jaundice. They were required to have light therapy and remained in the hospital for three days. After I took them home, I was told to see the pediatrician the very next day so that they could be checked for any residual signs of jaundice. I kept my boys at home and close to me until I was certain that they were ok. They were NOT born one month early or had a hole in their hearts like Trig Palin. Any mother out there would not have taken such a child to work. The risk of harm or infection is way too high. I highly doubt that any doctor would have allowed this.

    I have been an attorney for 10 years in L.A., and I meet clients every day from all walks of life. I have a very high BS meter. Sarah is not a good liar. Some people are, she is not. The art of lying is to give as little information as possible and stick to the "technical" facts. Look at Van Flea, he's an expert at this. He's scum but an expert scum. I wonder how far he will go to lie for her. Is it worth your reputation Van Flein? It takes years to build it and seconds to destroy it. Sarah's lies are easily detectable because she wants to prove to everyone that she is truthful, so she goes a step further in the details to the point that the story is no longer believable. Anyone with "common sense" can see that. To me, she seems crazier and more frantic. She is also becoming more arrogant because she thinks she has gotten away with it. But the way she talks, it is clear that she is on the defensive all the time. Someone who had real conviction and tells the truth does not have to be so defensive and nasty. In my experience, those are are the ones with the most to hide.

    As for Sadie and Sherry, I feel bad for them, but they are BS-ing too. I think their BS is more out of fear or worry than actual malice. Small towns and money are against them. Sarah will never compromise with you and your family. Her whole m.o. is always to win and at any cost. Don't estimate the fact that she would rather destroy herself, her family and her career than to give into you or Levi. Remember those stories of her on the basketball court?

  76. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Perhaps Trig's father was someone other than Levi, and he (and his family) never knew. Perhaps that's the reason that all the Johnstons are in the dark. I don't believe that they are trying to hide anything. They (and we) just don't know the whole story.

    Teenagers do not disappear for normal reasons. Their parents also don't let them leave school for no reason. If Bristol were pregnant with Trig as a result of an "affair" with another boy, she certainly wouldn't let anyone know about it, especially if she still had feelings for Levi. For all we know, she could have told her mother that Levi was the father!

    I still believe that the plan was for Bristol to have the child at her Aunt's house and give it up for adoption anonymously (abortion was, obviously, out of the question). I still believe that when it was discovered, through a routine later-term ultrasound that Trig had DS, the easy adoption option was no longer a possibility. Bristol would also not have the financial ability to care for a child with DS (or any child, for that matter, but the DS thing involves life-long expensive medical care). Sarah had to step in fake the pregnancy. Nobody else could do it.

    I imagine that after the child was born (prematurely), Bristol really wanted to keep it together with Levi. She might even have wanted to have a child with him right away in order to deal with the psychic pain connected with having and then giving up a child, and she might have gotten pregnant instantly. It has been know to happen.

  77. Anonymous1:30 PM

    When Levi gave his interview to Tyra Banks, she asked him if he used protection (regarding the birth of Tripp). He kind of nodded, and Tyra pressed him, "Levi, all the time?" He sheepishly admitted that he might not have used protection that one time. How does that square with a 17 year old boy who was trying to conceive a baby? It doesn't. That was Levi's chance to say that they wanted to have the baby, and he wanted to marry Bristol.

    Bristol makes the world's worst spokesperson for abstinence if she actually set out to have Tripp. It is a story that must be out there; kids talk too much and all the time. If Mercede knew that they were trying to have a baby, other friends and relatives know this too. Not good for a highly paid Candies Foundation spokesperson. (If Candies finds out that Bristol planned to have Tripp, Bristol will lose her highly paid endorsements in a heartbeat).

    To the person who wondered about Bristol's auto accident, it was towards the end of January, 2008. Bristol's appearance in court was postponed for at least six months. The date of the final disposal of the case works out to be on a Saturday, a day that court is usually not in session. There is another interesting coincidence. The accident occurred just outside a medical clinic where Dr.CBJ just happens to have an office. The case is a matter of public record, and the information is available on the internet.

    I agree with the explanation offered by Floyd M. Orr. It is simple, and makes the most sense. Bristol and Levi enjoyed a good party time, which involved drinks and/or drugs. From the looks of the ruffled ear baby, the first Trig was born early. That is when they probably realized that the effects of FAS would be obvious to others, and a big minus for a Family Values woman with her eye on a VP nod. (Does anyone know if FAS can be diagnosed before birth? If so, at what point?) They may have even thought that Ruffles was DS before someone figured out that it was FAS, hence the need for a DS child. I also agree that the Johnstons are in a tough place. They need to protect themselves.

  78. ManxMamma1:30 PM

    Gryphen, thank you for your continuing efforts. I appreciate your work and caution.

  79. Remember, the AVERAGE person is of AVERAGE intelligence...these folks ALL fall a bit short of that. The Johnstons must have been paid off in some way or have something hanging over their heads. None of this makes any sense at all.

    Now to the only question I give a shit about; WHEN IS $arah GOING TO PRISON? Housegate, dairygate, babygate, tax gate, chalet gate...

  80. Anonymous1:37 PM

    If Sadie knew that Levi and Bristol were trying to get pregnant, then why would Bristol ask Sadie if she were mad at her for getting pregnant, as per your earlier post?

  81. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Thanks to @ 12:10

    I have often thought one of the reasons that the babygatemess gets muddled is due to the fact that it is not well known about what life is about in the Wasilla area. The more the world knows the truth about that the better. Take away the famous names and get to the local teen thinking and scene where this happened and more will fit into place. The public will want to know what is born out of that atmosphere. NOT the spin but the facts. The wonderful Christian family of the frontier from a wonderful little ideal town is a huge leap from reality. The run away problem of unmarried teens giving birth is not a problem in a leave-us-alone-we-want-privacy Wasilla. The drug business and meth addictions are not a problem because no one is willing to take a look. No pregnant teen or drugs exist as long as nobody sees them.

    Awesome work Gryph! Eventually, I would like to hear from your other source.

  82. nswfm1:45 PM

    "To accept her version of things was to completely upend my working hypothesis. Not to mention that I was receiving other information that did not match, and that my friends were convinced that she could not be telling the truth. However of ALL of the people who shared information with me, Mercede was the most believable."

    They seem naive, earnest maybe, but naive. As in dotting i's with hearts naive. This doesn't prove anything to me, because they may not be lying, but they may not actually know the real story since they've been kept away from the Palin family---in the dark and fed bullshit, just like mushrooms.

    I do hope Levi gets the message from here that he IS INVOLVED already, for CRYING OUT LOUD! He was on the world stage during the election season of the world's superpower (for now). WAKE UP LEVI! WAKE UP!

  83. Anonymous1:47 PM

    I believe this is all a smokescreen and that Levi knows a lot but is not telling his mother and sister to protect them, or if he has, they've clammed up. Therefore, Bristol can do anything she wants about Tripp. The Palins are using blackmail since Sherry is on probation and still has a dependent. I mean, she lost her house and didn't even have enough money to make payments, much less buy out Keith Johnston's share. Levi, after paying legal fees, agent's fees, etc. probably got not much of his earnings and probably doesn't have much of a future except maybe returning to the oil fields. His 15 minutes are up. Mercede is perhaps very naive, a typical devil may care teenager and doesn't realize what's really at stake.

    I doubt Levi will ever get shared custody. The Palins are working overtime to divorce him from Tripp entirely. They enjoy power, and money, of course. The September hearing, I think, won't change a thing.

  84. Anonymous1:56 PM

    But the way she talks, it is clear that she is on the defensive all the time. Someone who had real conviction and tells the truth does not have to be so defensive and nasty.

    I agree with the above. Palin's demeanor reminds me a lot of Donald Rumsfeld in the run-up to the war whenever anyone expressed doubt about the Bush administration's information. He knew the intelligence was faulty all along and ran with it anyway, making an enemy of anyone who challenged him in the slightest.

    Palin knows not everyone is falling for her bullshit, so she hides behind embellishments, snark and all around scumbag, nasty behavior in an effort to cow her critics.

  85. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Does not sound right. The word is out an idiot is running for pres. More lies.

  86. I'm sorry but I don't really believe the Johnstons are telling the truth. Either that or they have been kept in the dark completely.

    This just get darker and murkier, will the truth ever be known?

  87. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I'm trying to think if I asked one of my sons who delivered his son and he was not clear, what would I think or do. Baby doctors and delivery doctors are important. They are discussed and it is important who your doctor is.

    I am trying to wrap my head around all this. I agree that there are teens, very young who will plot a pregnancy. That part does not surprise me. In a previous article, it was said that grandmother Sherry was happy for the pregnant teens when told of the good news. Okey, that confused me. You want to be supportive of your kid that ends up pregnant but that was not just an attempt to support an accident. That was unwed teen pregnancy and happy. They won finally or something? So why is this loving grandmother not on one to make sure sonny boy knows who delivered Tripp? That is not in the family history book? Where the baby is born and who delivered? Levi is not allowed a birth certificate? He would not ask for one? I am not the only member of my family who would rip a son a new one until he had answers about his own blood. So I am not understanding the part about a mystery doctor for Tripp at all. Who hides something like that from a father? Or why would a father hide that from his mother that he loves?

  88. Anonymous2:18 PM

    So, Anon 1:37, Obama, Bush 43, the bush twins, Pres Clinton and im sure every other politician is allowed to raise hell in their heyday, but the Palin family, which obviously is seeking to reform itself and help America is criticized to the highest deg? How is that right? Oh it's not. All families are different, all children have different motives. it is not the public's business how a public figure's family deals with personal problems. Now, if there's murder or crimes involved that will impact society or an outside person, then that will come out. Like MEghan McCain, the daughter of a pol and often criticized figure said, "politicians need their privacy" and that goes for celebrities too.

    Just because people make their living on tv and in public doesnt give others the right to dramatize their private lives. They are not automatic role models. why do you think they are the successful ones? because the people fantacizing about babygate etc have no life other than fanticizing about babygate. Have you seen how much Sarah accomplishes in a year? Or how much Angelina and Brad accomplishes in a few months? Where are their kids, with them 24/7?

    We should be teaching our children that role models are people we personally meet or have achieved significant status in their careers (not necessarily how they got there).We should be making our own path, even if to the same goal. Tiger Woods has flaws like everyone else. It is not our place to judge him. Bill Clinton lied to the country about Monica. That is the reason he deserved impeachment, not the affair. WIthout the lie, an apology and address to the country stating this was wrong... would have sufficed for me. ALL POLITICIANS LIE, it's like they're taught that there's a difference. THAT is whats wrong with this country.

    Sarah's an excellent example in how to not take shit and mediocre stansdards but RISE UP and fight a bullshitting govt.

  89. Anonymous2:20 PM

    As much as I truly detest Sarah Palin and think she is a nightmare for our country, and I get tears in my eyes just thinking about her in any public office, affecting people's lives I do not have to demonize her and say she wishes harm to her children, she starved herself to abort her child, or even that she does not care about Trig now. I can say I don't think she had made the best decisions in HIS interest, but has put her own interests before his, the plane incident (if her water was broke, and the man who wrote her from the airport did not seem witness to that)was an exception of really bad judgement. That is absolutely something she is guilty of - poor judgement. That is why I don't want her to be in any political office, and it makes me sick that she has an influence in politics.

    I think Anon at 11:36 had great points. As much as I would love this conspiracy to be true, I think my own willingness to believe it was just a desire to have some solid and horrific thing that would grantee she was out of politics forever.

  90. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I saw part of one of the Lifetime shows called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.

    They pregnant surprised girl was very young. I am wondering about the ages of the people who have that experience? What is the oldest person on that show? I have seen over weight older women who give birth after thinking they had indigestion. They were obese.

  91. Good post, Gryphen! What I find most interesting about this post though,are the comments. To the posters who are in disbelief that any 16 year old would want to get pregnant: Some teenage girls and their boyfriends actually plan the pregnancy. Shocking to us older folks who know better, but kids do not think of the long term consequences. I also find it interesting that some readers are angry at Gryphen because the post did not say what some of you think it should. This isn't a novel or tv show. I'm also a bit dismayed by the folks saying how stupid and white trash the Johnson's are. We don't know these people, and it's not fair to judge their intelligence on the scant bit of knowledge we have about them. I still find the "babygate" story very interesting on many levels. Bristol doesn't have to be the mother to make it a very strange tale.

  92. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Sherry and Mercedes are doing a better job than I could at handling the local sociopath. Kudos to them.

  93. Anonymous2:32 PM

    how much DOES Bristol get from Candies? there have been varying figures - some as much as $2 million dollars..

    SP once said that Candies doesn't pay Bristol anything....(don't have link) - but that could be just that Bristols' LLC gets the money.

    I don't see HOW the Palins can keep Levi away from Tripp JOHNSTON forever. He is the child's father and has rights too.

  94. quills2:39 PM

    I call a heavy load of b.s. on this story as well. Right now the Johnstons have no where to go and their backs are up against a wall. I know how it feels to live with small town, small minds surrounding you and the pressure that I'm sure the Palins have brought to bear on this family is substantial and consequential.
    Someone please answer this question: Before the Facebook scrubbing was initiated, was Levi not quoted as saying "I'm a f*ing red neck and I don't want no children"! - or something to that effect? Then why would he and Bristol be even contemplating starting a family?
    If I'm incorrect with the Facebook quote, someone please let me know.

    I don't buy this latest "interview". Why is Sadie embarrassed about simple, sweet terms of endearment for a newborn? I've got three grown children of my own and to this day I still call them uber crazy/cute/stupid things from time to time... And why wait until such a long time has elapsed, to now clarify things like "my triggy bear" and "mommy-in-law", when she could have cleared the air on this long ago?

    This story adds up like 2+2=22

  95. Anonymous2:43 PM

    So, Gryf, I have a question for you.

    If it was common knowledge that Bristol and Sarah were fighting and that is part of the reason B lived in Anchorage, then why do you depict the Palin family as a loving, good family in your April 18th post about Trig's birth? You live in Anchorage right? THAT doesn't make sense. I have no doubt that they've had normal mother.daughter issues. Most people do. Some people NEVER resolve them. And a high profile and strong personalities, as Sarah and B seem to both possess, definitely would exacerbate what would normally be average m/d problems.

    All in all, Sarah wants the best for her kids and as in a lot of families, she's the breadwinner. Their livelihood depends on her public image. That is all I can say without a lot of bullshitting to a point.

  96. In response to the (understandable) exclamations regarding a 16 yo girl desiring to become pregnant and/ or have a child: This very thing happened in my own family! The girl (called "Pistol" because she still is one of those!). was born to and raised by a conservative but involved, concerned and loving couple.

    When Pistol was 16 and living in another (very Red) state with her parents, she climbed out the window one night and went to a bar and selected a young male patron (older than she -- in his 20's). Pistol flirted with him, went to his vehicle with him, and several weeks later, showed up pregnant at home. (Pistol has younger sibling(s); however, I am purposely being sketchy on details.)

    To continue, Pistol had no boyfriend, nor did she date anyone (or show interest in dating). Also, her parents thought her to be too young to date. She sneaked out and walked to the bar where she met and "hooked up with" the aforementioned bar patron. Whether Pistol had any other incidents of a similar nature is not known -- this is the only time I ever heard of. Each of the two young people later said this was the only time they ever saw each other. Pistol did not seek him later, either for any sort of affection or relationship, nor to have him claim credit/ blame for her pregnancy or the resulting very healthy baby.

    When Pistol first presented her impregnated self, Pistol's mother had a conniption fit and her father was alternately furious and amazed. Pistol declared she wanted to have a baby, and ultimately, they all pulled together to assist her in having a healthy pregnancy experience and a successful delivery. This offspring, as a teenager, trained and worked in acting a modeling spheres, and is now grown and living on his/ her own, actively and successfully pursuing education and work opportunities.

    The father told me he contacted the young man who was the father of his grandchild, before the child was born, to obtain an enforceable agreement that he (the younger man) would not contact the daughter or her baby, nor attempt to interfere with the raising of the child. I have never heard there was contact nor any attempt at contact.

    Pistol (who is very bright and even precocious) successfully raised this child and another child born later, has had two marriages and two divorces, moved into very respectable employment opportunities, is a technical and math whiz, and is now very independently apprenticed into historical crafts (considered to be 'man's work').

    Pistol wanted to have a baby right then, when she was 16 (I do not know why), and set about accomplishing this in a very direct and independent way. I must say, her life and that of her child would be quite different today (not in a good way) without the positive intervention and loving support of her parents.

    This is the only story/ experience/ true fable of its type
    ==>baby only desired/ no ongoing relationship desired<==
    ... I have ever encountered for such a young woman...


  97. Lisabeth2:53 PM

    I'm a long time reader and I agree with The LA lawyer and some others. I still believe Bristol is Trigs mom and I think Levi knows. Maybe he wasn't the father but he knows.
    One huge red flags is Levi stating he was at Trigs biirth? And Levi is wearing a hospital bracelet??? Come on!!!

    I also trust the research of the blog you took off.
    And they are convinced without a doubt than Trig is Bristols.

    And so much more. Sorry I'm disappointed. And I want to know if Sarah really had a hysterectomy after Piper.

  98. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign3:03 PM

    quills -

    Levi said a long time ago that he did not create his Facebook page, as it was thrown up by his friends as a joke.

    The problem with these stories and rumors is that they don't get cleared up once they start - people are lazy and hear what they want to hear. Like all the pics on the Net that are supposed to be of Bristol (and are not). Like the badly photoshopped pic of Mommy Dearest in a flag bikini holding a rifle.

  99. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Levi has stated that Sarah Palin told him and Bristol that she (Sarah) wanted to adopt Levi and Bristol's baby. What would be the point of adopting the baby if the whole world was told it was Bristol and Levi's baby? NO POINT! The only reason Sarah would have for adopting their baby is to NOT reveal the baby's real parentage.

    Levi is telling us Sarah believed she could hide an adopted baby's parentage while Sarah was Govenor of Alaska.

    And she DID.

  100. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I still believe in Occam's razor: the simplest theory is usually correct.

    Someone in the family became pregnant, and the baby was diagnosed with DS. Sarah jumped on this and offered to adopt this baby. We know she wanted to do that with Levi and Bristol, so perhaps she'd already pulled it off with Trig.

    The question is who had this DS child? It could have been Todd's sister, or Track and someone, or Todd and someone. The possibilities would be limited to Sarah's family no doubt.

    If it can be shown that Sarah could not have children after Piper, then, there you have it.

  101. Anonymous3:11 PM

    An interesting post.

    What REALLY happened with all these things...still not sure.

    Is ever failing upward Paylin telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth..Oh yea and also too pigs fly. There is at least some Paylin deceit and manipulation in all of this.

    Did I expect this interview to spill 'the truth'
    whatever that really is... No.

    There are master manipulators, there are puppets, there are victims, there are pawns who think they run the show, and lots of pawns that pretty much know that they are pawns. I'm not saying more except I can place Paylin, and I think it might depend on the circumstance where she fits. I won't speak ill of the Johnstons- because they are stuck by circumstance and it isn't really their fault.

  102. Anonymous3:18 PM

    i believe it was reported that Levi said that his buddies, when he was younger -like 14, wrote that redneck comment on his Myspace page. He said he wasn't into, didn't keep up his Myspace page so the statement just sat there.

  103. Gryphen, I think you should go back and read your own "What are the odds" post for a reality check.


    I know you're sympathetic to the Johnstons, but they are human and have their own layers of involvement in the story. As some readers have pointed out, they have a vested interest in withholding information from you.

  104. Anonymous3:26 PM

    For me, it all goes back to WHY is Sarah keeping Tripp away from Levi and WHY is Levi being so passive?

    What is the big deal letting Levi see his kid? There is more to the story......

  105. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Anonymous at 1051am asked about the conservative ship trip that progressed the half governor towards her biggest failure yet.

    Otherwise known as the cruise ship that came to visit the soon to be Vice presidential Palin. A fable of failure that continues till today.

    Here is the 411 on that.

    There were two boatloads of her soon to be neo- con and rebiblican worshipers that "just happened to stop by Alaska".

    Here is some info on the first visit--
    "On June 18, 2007, the first group disembarked in Juneau from the Holland America Line’s M.S. Oosterdam, and went to the governor’s mansion, a white wooden Colonial house with six two-story columns, for lunch. The contingent featured three of The Weekly Standard ’s top writers: William Kristol, the magazine’s Washington-based editor, who is also an Op-Ed columnist for the Times and a regular commentator on “Fox News Sunday”; Fred Barnes, the magazine’s executive editor and the co-host of “The Beltway Boys,” a political talk show on Fox News; and Michael Gerson, the former chief speechwriter for President Bush and a Washington Post columnist."

    In case you don't know- Rupert Murdoch (Fox News and so on) financed the founding and still owns The Weekly Standard. Small world.

    Read about the other ship of fools where the quote came from.

    There is lots of info here for those that are interested in how this vice presidential thing all happened.

  106. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Well, I find several things in this post difficult to believe and opposed to what we already know or were told. The post has made me think, though, that Sherry and Mercede may well have been excluded from facts, truths, events, and that actually supports the theory that Bristol gave birth to Trig/Ruffles secretly.

    Gryphen, why were Mercede and her mother not allowed to really, openly visit Tripp in the hospital when he was born? For that is truly bizarre and a petty act on someone's part. Could they honestly not know why they are excluded?

  107. I don't see why it's so unreasonable that the Johnston's don't know about the circumstances surrounding Trig. If I were Sarah Palin, I wouldn't want more people knowing the details of the fake pregnancy than absolutely had to know. What possible purpose could it serve to let Sherry and Mercede in on the secret?

    I also don't see it as unreasonable that Trig might not be Bristol's. It's the theory that makes the most sense, but it's certainly not the only plausible theory. I wouldn't put it past Palin to have utterly invented the Trig pregnancy as a cynical ploy to win over the pro-life movement and ensure her selection as McCain's VP pick.

  108. Anonymous3:43 PM

    anon 1:18, I agree. They could move away but do we expect Sherry to move away from her grandchild? Levi still has a court date and she is still on house arrest or probation or something. Someone could easily set her up...again.

    I read the new book, The Help about small town BS and fear.

  109. Anonymous3:45 PM

    **Being the child of a public figure is a daunting, all consuming thing. I can see Bristol wanting to carve a life of her own at a young age.**

    When Bristol set out to get knocked up, Palin was a governor in a small state, a very minor public figure. In 2007 she was barely known outside of the tiny state of Alaska. Whoopi was an international celebrity when her daughter wanted to be knocked up. The Palin/Heath family were like the cobblers children without shoes, Heath was a teacher who was anti-education. Bristol is uneducated and was unprepared when Sarah's desires tossed her on stage.

    There are many children of celebrity that grow up loved, well taught are not daunted by life. Bristol is carving a life away from her family with a guy who looks like another Levi. Tripp is at the Chateau. The other children go missing and need an Amber Alert.

  110. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Amazing. Now all the Johnstons, Sherry, Mercede and Levi, have all come out and backed up Sarah's claims and you internet photo sleuths from California know better.


  111. Anonymous3:47 PM

    The Johnstons are not telling the full story. But I do think the Palins NEVER wanted Levi in their daughter Bristol's life, but they were so busy with their own life, it was too late to realize. I believe that Trig is Bristol's but with another boy and not Levi, and I also think that Trig is fetal alcohol syndrome and not DS. Sorry Johnsons, come clean, the Palins are going to spend their life trying to destroy you, no matter what you do or say. If you told the truth NOW, you could write a book and tell the real story, not the one the Palins have told you to tell.

  112. Anonymous3:58 PM


    Amazing. Now all the Johnstons, Sherry, Mercedes and Levi, have all come out and backed up Sarah's claim that she by-passed multiple Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit equipped hospitals to have her high-risk fetus born in a small hospital not allowed to even have twins. And you stupid doctors from Calfiornia know that is bullshit.


  113. Insisting that Trig is Bristol's baby makes babygate harder to prove. Consider the odds. Bristol is just one of the people who could have become pregnant and adopted-out the baby.

    Either Sarah gave birth to Trig OR Sarah & Todd decided to adopt and decided that it would be best if everyone thought the baby was born into the family rather than being adopted.

    If Bristol had Trig, it's possible that they decided to adopt Bristol's baby, but it isn't helpful to get locked into that belief. It also isn't helpful to get locked into a belief about Todd & Sarah's motive for adopting.

  114. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Perhaps Palin is able to threaten and control the Johnstons because she has some dirt on them in addition to the fact that Sherry was set-up and given a harsh sentence for her crime.

    My bottom line is that SP DID NOT BIRTH TRIG(S).
    She clearly was not pregnant in late 2007 and early 2008. PERIOD.

    Palin faked the pregnancy to cover something up and to support her chances as the GOP-VP pick. The obvious thing she may have been covering up is a possible pregnancy for Bristol. The question of who the father would be is where things get murky and why, perhaps, it was so important for SP to cover it up. There would be many candidates. Levi may not be the father of Trig. It could be that because of what SP has on the Johnstons, SP was able to force Levi to "act" the role of boyfriend for the convention etc...

    All I can say is that while the Johnstons may be kind and decent folks in a very difficult situation, I don't think that they are useful sources for unraveling babygate as they are highly "compromised witnesses."

  115. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Thank you to Sherry and Mercede, and Gryph. Although I am confused, I really appreciate the post.

  116. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Levi holding Trig seemingly so affectionately and then that picture (from Mercede's Myspace) being shown on Tyra (?) show when the discussion was about Tripp, is one of the strongest reasons I think/thought that Trig was Bristol and Levi's. I just can't shake that.

  117. Anonymous4:25 PM

    small hospital

    This small hospital did 713 births last year.

  118. Anon 4:20PM -
    I totally agree. That and the fact that he said he was at the hospital when Sarah had Trig.

    Thanks to all who enlightened me that some 16-year olds do, in fact, try to get preggers (so sad). Question is, do they go around TELLING people they are trying to get pregnant? Or just announce it after the fact? Seems odd.

  119. $arah couldnt have gotten into an airplane seat looking like she did in the Gusty photo without someone seeing something.
    She'd need a seat belt extension or assistance of some sort.

  120. London Bridges4:40 PM

    Let's assume everything Sherry & Mercede said was correct. My theory. Bristol did become pregnant in 2007 and had an abortion in New York City in October 2007 when she visited there with Sarah for 5 days. There is no other reason why they would have visited there for that long, particularly if Sarah was a governor at that time. When Sarah found out she was getting the VP nod she faked a pregnancy and adopted a DS child. She faked it to make everyone think she was covering for a child of Bristol's rather than for anyone to ever know that she willingly permitted Bristol to have that 10/2007 abortion. And so far, it has worked! The aborted child's father may or may not have been Levi.

  121. Anonymous4:45 PM

    My bottom line is


    that you know more than the folks closest to the scene.

    If there was anything to this silly conspiracy, one of the Johnstons would have sold it a long time ago for huge money. All of them are unemployed and all could use the dough.

    If you hate Sarah for her politics, fine, but give up this goofy ear-baby-conspiracy crap. You just look desperate and lame.

  122. Anonymous4:57 PM

    "This small hospital did 713 births last year."

    AND every one a KNOWN high risk fetus that could have been born in a hospital with a NICU.


  123. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Well it seems Bristol is following in her mothers footsteps. I think the Johnston family better start telling what they know cause they are never going to see Trip. They are either covering for someone-something or they agreed not to talk. They can't be that in the dark not to hear or see something.

  124. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Why would Levi say in the Vanity Fair article that he was at the hospital at 0600 when Sarah had Tri-g? That would be a lie then? Why Lie?

    What we need, is alot of money and a really good law firm. If there is suspician that Palin had a hysterectomy after Piper, then that is reason to believe that Sarah hoaxed the country. If she hoaxed the country and was or still tries to be put in a position of power in this country, then HIPAA CAN BE overridden for reasons of National Security. If Sarah faked a pregnancy after a hysterectomy, she is one Crazy MOFO and is unfit for office. This is a national security issue. MiTT are you listening???? Anyone???? This is the way to go people I am convinced of it. Always has been, always will be.

  125. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Her other boyfriend was Johnny Chandler. She did get around, but only one boy at a time.
    It can happen to anyone when drunk. Was one of the fathers her current "roommate"? He was once dating Sadie. Bristol would want him bad.

    How difficult to find out where Tripp's step father works? No one in all Alaska can find out where he lives? Bristol is going to be a speaker and write a book like mommie dearest, all because of her true life story.

    Parents everywhere Bristol is NOW AVAILABLE
    "Her teen pregnancy and the birth of her son Tripp, resulted in millions of Americans discussing the issues surrounding teen pregnancy."

  126. Thanks for the update, it helped me to see things clearer.

    Look, I don't know either Sadie nor Sherry but I agree with you that it is not very plausible that they wouldn't have come forward with information to take down SP, if it was possible.

    I lean towards Sarah giving birth to Trig but that she wanted him to be miscarried, hence the irresponsible decisions during her pregnancy & his birth. However - that does not explain the 2 different babies. I can't deny that there were 2 different babies presented to the world as Trig Palin after seeing the photos. So again, we're back to square 1.

    I hope you find the truth and I hope someone from MSM with more resources will help you. I don't want to see anyone hurt physically or be cruel unnecessarily but the fact of the matter is that Sarah Palin is a dangerous individual who cannot be allowed to have any kind of power in any way whatsoever. She is utterly without morals or ethics - she must be exposed for the fraud she is.

  127. Anonymous5:05 PM

    over-40 mother
    previous live births
    previous miscarriages
    downs syndrome fetus
    give speech (no doctor or medical all day)
    long (very long) plane ride
    change of planes
    no doctor or medical at either airport
    drive from airport (not short drive)
    take baby to workplace within days of birth
    The "confirmation" by the Sherry, Merecedes and Levi of the above scenario is ....


  128. quills5:05 PM

    Thanks for all the heads up folks. That's why I always like to ask before I continue to roll downhill in the ball of twine that is the life of Sarah...

  129. WakeUpAmerica5:11 PM

    Who does the other baby arm in that one picture belong to?That is a very intriguing question that many of us have. Levi is holding Tripp and another baby's arm is visible on the other side of Levi.

  130. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It still hasn't been asked or offered Gryph.....why did they show the picture on Tyra if they knew full well they gave Tyra a picture of a baby they believed was Sarah's baby Trig?

    As confusing as this makes it, it doesn't give proof Sarah had this child.

    Keep in mind everyone that there will be more fame and fortune for blowing Sarah Palin's charade if/when she tries to run in 12 or any other time. If some suspect she'll go for it, they know the story will be worth much, much, much, much, much more money once she's a candidate. Right now would still produce a decent sized payoff, but if I had the proof on this grifting fraud known as Sarah Palin, I'd want two things if I were going to expose her:

    1. For it to really sting when it happens ie: wait til she thinks she's home free in the race for president

    2. As much money as I could get (especially if I was from Wasilla and had to watch her family flaunt the wealth created from the Mother's lies, frauds, crimes and deception

    I'll say this much though if I were an extremely wealth person, I'd not only send PIs to Alaska, I'd offer up a huge reward for the real truth on Palin.

    I'd also travel to the Dominican Republic looking for the poor child sex slaves that Rush Limbaugh has spent time with and offer them the same thing for their story about time spent with the big fatso. We know they exist. Why else does he travel there with a viagra prescription in someone else's name with several other men just like him. Either they wanted the underage sex workers or they were having a Rentboy vacation of their own.

    Someday Sarah!
    You too Rush!

  131. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Why did Keith Johnston information disappear from the internet? What I saw was benign. I read nothing bad about Keith Johnson. He was involved with youth at a hockey rink. He ran a sports organization, did finance or both.
    It was there one day and the next it was all gone.

    Did they purge everything Keith Johnston? Did they not want the youth hockey information to be known? Why?

  132. 10catsinMD5:44 PM

    All these comments are very interesting and so varied in every way. People wonder why people do certain things, especially those who are possessive and jealous.

    Here's an example of jealousy and possession. My ex soninlaw hates my guts. I am the only person who ever called him down and would not believe his crap. He could not control or manipulate me one bit. But he is possessive and outrageously jealous. He kept me away from my daughter and did his best to keep me away from my grandchildren.

    If Palin is as possessive and jealous as is claimed, then yes, she would do numerous things to Levi, Sherry, Mercede, and her children to maintain this control (imagined or otherwise). Including keeping the Johnstons away from Trip's birth.

    My wonderful soninlaw called me a full 24 hours after my first granddaughter was born. Probably because my daughter prodded him to do this. I immediately proceeded to criticize him, openly and honestly, for calling me late, and he told me that if I did not change my attitude, I could not see my daughter and grandchild. To keep peace, I just shut up. We were supposed to be friends and on good terms then. I live close enough to have spent the night next to the delivery room and had anticipated this call daily.

    That was a long time ago and they are now divorced with my daughter wondering how she could have been so attached to him. I am just using this as an example of the control possession factor. If you commentors knew the whole story, you would be criticizing my SIL totally and supporting me endlessly. Many of you would be wondering why I did not just smack him up the side of his head. (Like wondering why the Johnston's just don't reveal everything they hear.) I would never have done anything like that because the repercussions would hurt my daughter and grandchildren. The Johnston's don't live where you live, and they are most likely going to stay there, especially Sherry.

    Possession - people who are this way are not normal but are forced to live in a fairly normal society. I think they are subconsciously aware of this difference and compensate tremendously to present a "normal" face. As far as Palin and her family are concerned, we have written about her "excentricities" et al, into the ground. We all know these things. So what great revelation were we expecting from the Johnstons. They don't know any of us personally beyond blogs and facebook comments. They have their life to live and to take care of themselves on a daily basis.

    However, I am glad that they clarified their position on a many incidents. I acknowledge that there are many strings hanging that may never be revealed for quite awhile, so we the just guess and guess and analyze.

    One of things that has always bothered me is why so few people around Wasilla and Anchorage and Jeaneau don't have something to say about Sarah, her early life, early marriage years, and her kids in school--not even anything positive. This tells me something about the control she has and the reputation she has made around town and state.

    Levi and the Johnstons are probably telling the truth. There may be some things that they are not saying, but they are probably not as horrendous as people think.

    Small towns and small communities have a different social setting, strata and order than we see in the larger urban areas. Sarah lives that social order and doesn't think anything else about it.

    We commenters want certain things to happen. We look at the evidence as it stands and analyze it. We may be right, but do we have the right to push at Levi and his mother and sister to give us what we ask for and have them risk their community peace. They may also NOT have been a part of Sarah's inner circle, so they really don't have much else to say.

    I think Gryph has done a fine job in putting this story out without all the sensation that we want to hear. Lets leave the Johnston's to live in peace wherever they may be.

  133. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I get creeped out by all the enablers and those complicit with the high crimes and misdemeanors of SP
    [ Sarah Louise Palin V the People of the World ]. May all the culprits get 50 to life with hard time.

    However, this is about a modern day version of a crime syndicate. Swimming in that septic tank with the Palins destroys and corrupts everything. The environment of Wasilla Valley nurtures breeders, procreating, myths, mobbin' and mania. The insiders need to express what it is like in that vile place and help others learn. It is cyclic that humankind will manifest a cult leader periodically, every 20-30-50 years say? That is all Sarah Palin is running for, a mama bear world control freak leader and she is someones puppet. Criminals with smoke and mirror games. They are so clever to put up the mother of all saints.

  134. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Well put, 10catsinMD.

  135. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I am highly interested in the comment that "Sarah had a hysterectomy after she had Piper."

    Would like to know more about this situation, please.

  136. Levi seems to have shared his doubts about Sarah's pregnancy with others, while apparently keeping them from his sister and mother (or they're holding back).

    Andrew Sullivan has seemed more certain of the questions surrounding Sarah's supposed pregnancy AFTER meeting Levi this past Dec. in Joy Behar's green room.

    Appearing on the Insider on 11/03/09, Kathy Griffin lets us know Levi never saw Sarah pregnant, while Levi says Sarah is Trig's mother (which could easily mean adopted mother).

    From the clip:
    Chris Jacobs: Is Trig Sarah’s baby?
    Levi: Yeah, Trig is Sarah’s baby.
    Chris Jacobs: You saw her pregnant? I mean there were a lot of issues because she never ...[Kathy Griffin blurts out, “YOU NEVER SAW HER...” while Jacobs continues talking] appeared pregnant. She traveled very close to giving birth.....
    Chris Jacobs: Is Trig Sarah’s baby?
    Levi: As far as I know, yeah.

    Note that Levi never answered the question about seeing Sarah pregnant but Kathy tried to answer.

  137. Anonymous6:54 PM

    the missing link in this story could be Levi's father. He booked it out of town really quick. Although Tripp looks exactly like Levi, it's possible that Keith is Tripp's father. Levi might know this and would choose to cover for his father rather than have him put in jail.

    there is no explanation for the two Trigs and there definitely are at least two that have been presented to the public. There are two Trigs in the new USA spread. The Trig in front of the kitchen door is clearly smaller than the Trig being restrained on the couch. They do resemble each other though so could be twins. OTOH, neither of THOSE Trigs look like blue eyed blond Trig from the airplane photo. That's a 3rd Trig altogether.

    the adoption that fell through scenario makes sense, but it wasn't DS, it was FAS. FAS was not preferable for SP's political goals, so she used her influential friends (church, CBJ) to come up with a DS child alternative, hence the DS Trigs. It also explains Bristol's "mother to that duck" statement.

  138. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Can no hospital employee be found to at least anonymously confirm that they personally treated Palin while she was in labor?
    What about CBJ- why haven't inquiries been made by the licensing committee? I mean, if she actually advised a 40-something year old woman with a history of miscarriages carrying a DS baby to board a flight while leaking amniotic fluid, that sounds like criminal negligence.

    I don't believe Trig is Sarah's, but I have a hard time with him being Bristol's, too. Even if she were trying to get pregnant (which isn't a huge stretch--there are plenty of 16 year old girls that think it would be fun to have a baby and that they're ready for it. And, they often come from dysfunctional homes like the Palin's.), why play with fire a second time?

    If the timeline is key, as Gryphen has said, where does that leave us? It's possible for Bristol to have conceived both babies if Trig was born premature. Possible, but not probable. If Trig is her's or Todd's with another woman or Track's with some random woman, I can see Sarah wanting the cover-up. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. Bristol getting pregnant was either an unbelievable coincidence to "prove" Sarah's pregnancy or an incredible twist of fate that just happened to work in Sarah's favor. Either way, I just wish the truth would out.

  139. The hysterectomy talk came about when people were trying to figure out what Palin could be hiding by refusing to release her medical records. There was no reason to believe she had any serious medical problems, so it was generally assumed that she was hiding something potentially embarrassing, like being on medication to treat some kind of mental illness or a hysterectomy performed prior to the Trig pregnancy. Later, after her book came out, we realized she might have been hiding an abortion or two.

    Obviously, she never released the medical records, so it's all just speculation.

  140. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Trig looks like he has DS to me. Who really knows
    whether or not he gets therapy. Even if Sarah
    doesn't pay much attention to him, the 3 girls do, besides Sarah's mom & sisters dote on him. Given
    his limitations he's probably content being with
    anyone who cares for him & sees to his physical
    wellbeing. Sounds like a win-win for him if Sarah's
    away a lot. Most people don't follow the blogs so
    anyone who is familiar with Sarah's medical records, Trig's birth certificate or the changing ear mystery, like doctors' receptionists, etc.,
    are unaware there's such an interest in them.
    Otherwise, someone might have privately contacted
    Gryphen, the other blogers by now.

    Sharon TN

  141. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I know that Sarah didn't birth a child in 2008 (from the photos and other evidence). There is evidence for the child with the deformed ear canal and ruffled ear. There was the blue-eyed airplane baby that may or may not be Trig (but those eyes looked too blue to me to be turning brown shortly). There is photographic suggestion that there might be two brown-eyed, Down syndrome Trigs but I really don't buy that.

    Gryph. What is your current thought? How many babies?

  142. Anonymous said...This small hospital did 713 births last year. 4:25 PM


    Yeah, that's a small hospital. That's fractionally less than 2 births a day on average -- for the fertile fecund teenage population of Matsu Valley, that's pathetically few.

    No wonder they don't have a NICU -- but of course if they DID, they'd have MORE than 2 births a day!


    I see BlueTX surfaced again, with his/her cryptic hints -- also some Anon surfaced who is reminiscent of a agitator on Audrey's blog.

    Hey, BlueTX, out with it -- yes or no, incest? Bristol's been promiscuous, hasn't she, and is even now, right?

    And to tell the truth, what I've been reading in the comment section of this blog post portrays Wasilla family life as akin to the Jukes and the Kallikaks

    No wonder Palin wore that "Valley Trash" shirt so proudly. Either that, or repudiate the whole Vally culture, move away, and live a normal life.

  143. Anonymous10:07 PM

    The Johnstons got to do what they got to do. I'm not in their shoes and don't know. They can care to answer more questions or not. The big picture does not make sense. It is a major crime to pose as what you are not for political gain. In time there will be enough good cause to bring criminal charges against Sarah Palin and her family. Until folks are grilled in a deposition they will spin.

  144. It seems incredibly low and mean-spirited of Bristol who is living as a millionaire to demand such a huge child support from a 9-year-old whose mother is in the process of losing her house.

    I cannot even comprehend such selfishness.

  145. Anonymous10:53 PM

    londonbridges commented at 4:40 PM about MTV Bristol.

    Sorry to say that it makes no sense IMHO to have/let Bristol on MTV if she went to New York for an abortion.

    Don't buy the Bristol abortion (but it would be more believable to have an abortion than to combine it with being on MTV).

    Everyone else who criticizes the locals for not speaking out- the Sarah the Barracuda nickname-you don't get a nickname like that without behaving like that.

    Look at Governor Murkowski and all the other politicians and government people and many who thought they were her friends- ALL UNDER THE BUS. You bet for some the bus backed over them a second time just to be sure.

    There are two generations of people in the area that know that to be on her (or her crew's-just see the BITNEY thing) wrong side might bring Todd, Sarah and her flying monkeys down on YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS.

    In a place like that you LEAVE THE STATE if you can and maybe get a fresh start far away with friends and family nowhere near to help.

    For small town folks like this- it can't be imagined how this is dreaded.

    Why don't people speak up--well they see Sarah on TV with some of the richest and very powerful people-flying private jet-how long would you have to think about THAT DECISION?

    If a powerful person like that is at the greybar hotel for the first year or two of a LONG sentence, thats when people start talking. Not before.

    Thank you and be nice to the victims please.
    If you have never been in that kind of environment and been around people who think they are powerless because they are in that environment and can't see how to change anything without leaving- but the reason they are there is they know nothing else-- then you can't understand this.

  146. For those who believe a sixteen year old would not get pregnant on purpose, it happens all the time. They do it to manipulate the boy, because of jealousy another girl might take him away, and because they are looking for unconditional love. It also has a lot to do with a dysfunctional type of dependence on men. They know a baby will allow them to always manipulate them and keep bringing them back to them.

  147. serena13131:37 AM

    I tend to agree with 10catsinMD's assessment.

    Especially "... do we have the right to push at Levi and his mother and sister to give us what we ask for and have them risk their community peace?"

    Personally speaking, no we do not have that right. For whatever reason, whether the Johnstons might be hiding something or really don't know -- since it appears they were not included in Sarah's inner-circle -- it is their reason and theirs alone. We need to respect that.

    Arrogance gives people a false sense of invulnerability so they become careless and make mistakes. Some will take it to the point of no return that just basic common sense is all you need to know if someone is authentic or not. The truth matters. People don't like being lied to muchless taken for fools. Yet, blinded by her own arrogance, Sarah believes she can continue to lie with impunity to the public and the media.

    This belief will be Sarah's undoing, not babygate, not the media, not the Johnstons.

    Sarah's contempt for the truth, penchant for revenge and disconnect from reality must be resolved and brought to light. Otherwise she will never learn, more people will unnecessarily get hurt and others will be tempted to follow in her footsteps.

    After all getting rich and famous on lies and fraud without consequence is certainly a lot easier than hard work and toiling labour.

  148. Gryphen,

    I visit this blog every day. Given your close proximity to the Palin debacle, I felt that you of all people would be closer to the truth than most.

    But I must say that I'm starting to agree with Ennealogic (1:16 PM) on all points.

    It would be telling if you quit linking to that blog as well.

  149. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Regarding the issue of Bristol and Trig. I remember reading a post by Bree, probably a month or two before she shut down the website, where she listed all the facts known that supported the hypothesis that Bristol was Trig's mother, and all the fats that contradicted that hypothesis. At the end of the post Bree said she couldn't figure this one out yet. Everything didn't add up.

    I can't figure out what happened. I find it fascinating and am disgusted with myself for finding it so.

  150. Anonymous4:38 AM

    DNA will eventually determine the parentage or not of all the babies involved.

  151. Anonymous5:38 AM

    what a load of Gryph on SP's payroll now, too?

  152. Anonymous5:44 AM

    So, BlueTx, are you one of the five? Troll.

  153. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Good work and good luck tomorrow!

    I do feel CBJ's involvement may be mischaracterized. She may be an unwilling participant due to HIPPAA laws.

  154. Where do I begin?

    First of all I am having a hard time believnig what Mercede and Sherry just said. They could be keeping their mouths shut for a number of reasons-$arah is paying them off, $arah threatened to have Sherry's probation revoked, or $arah threatened to do something to Levi. NO matter the reason it smells bullshitty.

    I was skeptical about Bristol giving birth to Trig, but after FAUX News quoted her as saying she was upset about pics being posted of "her newborn" son on the internet, that convinced me she is. And what Mercede and Sherry said does not change that.

    Someone mentioned Trig could be the result of a liason between Todd and some other woman. I posted that here before and that wouldn't surprise me either. $arah offering to take the baby to prevent scandal, and the fact that Trig is DS would cement her cred as being "anti-choice" with the religious right. Perfect.

  155. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign8:55 AM

    I've decided that I just don't like what I'm seeing in a lot of posters here, or their attitudes. That's not your problem, it's mine. One I choose not to make a part of my daily life any more. I read these snarky, snotty comments and I'm just floored by how desperate folks just lose all of their manners and common sense. The desperation is understandable, the result - unbecoming to say the least. At the worst - no better than the Twit herself.

    To the Johnstons - this is your life, and I wish all of you the very best. From every single thing I've read and heard from all of you, I think you are a loving and blessed family to have each other. I will continue to pull for you. I will continue to believe that living above the fray, and believing in the good of your lives will far outpace the Twit in the long run. I especially think Mercede is a little jewel with a HUGE heart. And cute as heck to boot.

    Gryphen - you work hard, you are a character, you are driven to good causes. I appreciate all of your hard work - I know you live this every day due to your passion, and proximity to the Twit. I'm just taking a break from the seedy Palins. There are many other ways for me to work against them, and I find myself seething as much at many of the comments as I do about Palin so it's definitely time to take a break. I wish you the best, dear sir!

  156. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I can almost accept the fact that Sarah Palin might have thought to herself: Oh I have to HIDE my pregnancy or I won't get picked for VP...But if that's true, why would she announce her pregnancy the DAY AFTER McCain basically sealed the nomination? McCain was her best shot for a nomination. That makes zero sense.

    Over and over and over again, she has toted the story of what a hero she is because she gave birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome...Trig wasn't a liability...he was her hook, and she understands that...

    Here she is again, saying it AGAIN. This time, btw, saying the stupidest thing. Us liberals, we refused to even accept that she was a woman, she said.

  157. Playing devil's advocate with BlueTx. So...five people? I count two: Sarah & CBJ. I guess you can throw Todd in there. Trig's birth mother, if she actually knows what happened to him. Who's the fifth? Care to hint your speculation on this?

  158. Was so disappointed yesterday when I read this INSANE post. I had thought you were an intelligent person until I read this. This post was an insult to my intelligence and my renumerating all the reasons why we know Mercede and Sherry are lying would be an insult to yours, or what I previously thought was your intelligence.

    Even more disappointed when I commented on the stupidity of this post yesterday and you didn't print it. I'm sure this won't get printed either, but i had to let you know that I've been faithfully following this blog for over a year and I am finished.

  159. Anonymous3:46 PM

    To all the scared people in Wasilla, a little jingle for ya"

    Just what makes that little ole ant, think he can move that rubber tree plant? Everyone knows an ant can't ....move a rubber tree plant.

    There are way way way way more of you than there are Palins. If you band together you can stop the madness.

  160. emrysa10:08 AM

    hey gryphen, thanks for this post. you're right, it doesn't really answer any questions, but it's good to read what the johnston's "official" positions are.

    I was suspicious a while back that keith johnston figured into the picture somewhere. and now I am starting to think that again.

    why would a man split the state, let the house get auctioned off, when he still has a daughter that's under 18 and needs a roof over her head? regardless of his feelings for sherry, his first obligation should have been to his underage child. yes some people are just shits but I find this to be very peculiar. is keith just a shit? the timing of his departure is interesting.

  161. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Bristol and Levi's friends made comments about Levi being like his dad, Keith Johnston. Some kind of womanizing jerk behaviors. Keith's side of the family has some religious goings on. Sherry was the little woman or something like that. The Johnston's do not want to tell their own story. It is up to others to tell the true story as best they can. Sarah will do her own version of history.

  162. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Sorry, Gryph. Having a hard time jiving this story with previous stories, like Mercede's rant to Star Magazine.

    I think Mercede just doesn't like Bristol. And Bristol doesn't like her. Period.

    Levi is probably keeping some things at arms length from his sister. Remember the Larry King interview? Sadie was going off about Bristol and Levi's like, "Well, that's not exactly what happened, she never actually said...." and Mercede gave him a look.

  163. Anonymous1:18 PM

    why would a man split the state, let the house get auctioned off, when he still has a daughter that's under 18 and needs a roof over her head?

    Did he retire early in his mid forties ? It costs money to move and set up a new nest. I agree he could have taken care of his old family first. His wife is about Levi's age when will they start their family?


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