Friday, June 18, 2010

When is the truth considered an attack? When it is about the Palin family of course. And Sherry Johnston in her own words. Update!

You would have to have been living in a cave the last few days not to know that the internet is all abuzz with the news that Levi and Bristol are "co-parenting" and that Levi's sister is "attacking" the Palin family.

While the first part may simply be considered a case of putting a PR spin on a potentially embarrassing revelation, the second is an out and out lie.

Let's take these one at a time.

Are Levi and Bristol doing the deed?  To be completely honest I don't know.  To be even more honest I don't really care.  It is their life and they can do what they want. However I do know that Levi spends the night. And I know this NOT because Mercede told me but because it just so happens that I have to drive by Bristol's condo at least twice a day on the weekdays, often quite early in the morning, and I have seen Levi's big obnoxious red truck in the driveway.

And by the way I knew that Bristol was living in Anchorage even before Levi knew it.  When I told the Johnston's they had no idea and told me that Levi did not believe them when they told him, only to have it confirmed a few weeks later by Bristol herself.

However as I said, I was never going to give the address or harass her in any way, it was only somewhat news worthy because part of the explanation for the second house on the Palin compound was that the second floor was for Bristol and Tripp. So either that was another lie, or Bristol flat out rejected that offer. And I am still sorry that pictures were taken and the address revealed, I could not stop that.

Now about Sadie's blog.

When Mercede did that guest post on the Immoral Minority she really enjoyed it and wanted to do more.

I explained to her that doing posts on MY blog opened her up to attacks that would smear her simply for her association with me as I am often labeled a "trig truther" or "Palin-hater".  So I told her that if she wanted to tell her story it would be a better idea if she did so on her very own blog. 

She was hesitant because she thought it would be really hard.  So I explained that it was so simple even a caveman could do it, like me!

Anyhow long story short, she picked her background, received some help from Dennis Zaki, who designs websites, and started posting.  What is written on her blog is ALL her.  She asks for help with editing sometimes, but the words, and the truth she speaks, are pure Mercede Johnston.

As expected when Sadie's blog received national attention the attacks from the Palin camp came fast and furious. After all, the truth is to the Palins what sunlight is to vampires.  It reduces them to nothing.

As I anticipated they could not figure out how to go after Mercede effectively because she is just a young woman, so they are attempting to beat her up by using me.  The "spokesperson" for the Palin camp (Hi Van Flein) has attempted to make the case that I put her up to this and therefore everything she says must be suspect. They even brought up the elementary school that I worked at over a year ago. (I guess in the world of Palin working in the field of education must damage your credibility even further.)

So just to set the record straight, I have NO say in what Mercede writes about on her blog. The questions she is answering came from her visitors NOT from me. The ONLY advice that I gave her was to remember that the things she writes live forever on the Internet and to only speak the truth.  And believe me, the young woman is a truth teller through and through.

The attacks against Sadie, from all corners, have been vicious, and I worry that she will be able to stand up against them. As everybody from David Letterman to President Obama, and including Joe McGinniss and myself know, Sarah Palin is a truly nasty piece of work and the people who follow her are crazed and capable of almost anything.

Mercede's  purpose in starting her blog was not to attack the Palins but rather to finally let people know that the things said about her family were untrue, and to set the record straight that neither she, nor her family, were keeping secrets for the Palins.

I have spoken with Mercede and her mother Sherry on numerous occasions and have found them to be sweet, and honest, and completely without guile.  Here, rather than just telling you about it, let me show you.

This is part of an interview I conducted with Sherry several months ago.

Did you see the pain and disappointment in her eyes?  Now do you understand why I become so defensive when anybody says hurtful things about this family?

Update: It appears that the bit of news that has REALLY caused consternation in the Palin camp is the revelation that Bristol was TRYING to get pregnant, and that Tripp was not an accident.

Let me just say that in my opinion, as a child who WAS an accident, knowing that your parents WANTED you is one of the greatest gifts you can give your little boy.  Tripp was not the result of a teenage mistake but rather the result of a decision based on love.  Yes it was undoubtedly naive, but still they WANTED him, he didn't just HAPPEN.  My advice to Bristol and Levi is to let him know that, let him know how much he was anticipated and that he was not an accident.


  1. Jesus, Van Flein! Don't you have something better to do with your law degree?!

    Oh, I forgot. You're the Palin's little attack dog. Pathetic.

  2. Jennifer7:02 AM

    If Mercede doesn't have a lawyer, she might want to get one on retainer. You never know with the Palins.

  3. emrysa7:08 AM

    I thought when meg was thrown under the bus that the palins said "they could speak for themselves." so why do they have a spokesperson? apparently they cannot speak for themselves.

    of course it is no surprise that they go after mercede for her blog. the palins love to pick on defenseless people - they're garbage through and through. it really is funny that all the bloggers are WRONG and are LIARS - and ONLY the palins are the ones who tell the truth. up is down, black is white...

  4. Anonymous7:08 AM

    $arah's world she tried to carefully build is now quickly crumbling around her (Bristol & Levi now working together to raise Tripp is a major corner which has been destroyed). The attacks on Mercede, Sherry and anyone else who tries to tell the truth are only going to get worse. Things always get worse before they get better. Best of luck to all of you, watch your backs, the truth shall prevail!

  5. Anonymous7:11 AM

    @Carlie: According to SarahPAC financial records, VF receives a $10,000. monthly retainer. That would be powerful incentive to defend his client and attack anyone who attacks her, whether it involves the truth or not.

    For example, last year VF threatened to sue Alaskan bloggers who were repeating widely circulated rumors about Sarah Palin. He never did bring a suit; it was a scare tactic to rob them of their first amendment rights to free speech. Funny, Sarah is always shouting "Do you love your freedoms?" except when it comes to people's freedom to speak their mind about her.
    No criticism please, she's Sarah.

  6. ManxMamma7:12 AM

    I have been appalled at rudeness and nastiness directed at Mercede from so called 'Anti-Palin' people. And the expectation that an teenager should be expected to answer questions that no one has been able to answer in two years. Gryphen, thank you for your hard work and integrity. I will be your fan long after Sarah has imploded.

  7. Kat_from_HI7:29 AM

    ManxMamma, I agree with your whole comment completely. Gryph! Thank you for all your dedicated work, and thank you Gryph, Mercede & Sherry for your class in dealing with the horrors the Palins and their fans have put you through. Wow, this is a disjointed comment, but I'm so darn mad at all the haters I could spit. Throwing a protective shield of good wishes over you all for your safety and your sanity.

  8. TNbluedot7:48 AM

    Absolutely, totally agree with previous comments. Just wish the final straw would break for $istah Sarah so she'd STFU and crawl back under her rock. SO many thanks to McCain as the idiot who unleashed that Wasilla nastiness on the world. We got your back, Gryph!

  9. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Wait. I don't get it: Palin supporters attack an innocent young teenage girl on her blog. This young girl was forced into the limelight by events beyond her control. Her father left her family with a mistress? Her mom is ill and has made a few mistakes but is serving a sentence at home, and "young girl" takes on responsibilies at home, driving mom, and doing chores.

    Again, let me get this straight: Palin supporters name-call and criticize this young girl from a broken family, who feels the right to create a personal blog and invites anyone to ask questions to vindicate she and her family from public scrutiny and media bias from the Palin phenomenon.

    Palin supporters would do that to a child? Do they have children? Do they know any young teenage girls who's dads have left their moms and said teenage girls are hurting? Yet, Palin supporters are so intent on defending the Palins: happily married, great kids, kids with both parents, hard-working family values, principles, large extended family support, prosperity. Grandparents, aunts, sisters there for any and all to support and babysit. The irony here is that the Palins are the ones with everything. The Johnstons are the ones who are struggling, who seemingly lack in extended family support and just want to embrace a new child in their lives without all the drama.

    Back to my original question. How come I don't get it? Why are they picking on Mercede?

  10. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Dang, did I miss something? Did you get a letter from Van Flein or something? Is there a post on Sarah's FB? Sorry for being dense. Seagull

  11. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Sarah always says "Leave my kids alone.". So a double standard here--she can go after Mercede.

    Palin is a hateful bully. I think people are, and will be, tiring of her hate and negativity.

  12. Somehow I must be living under a rock. I hadn't seen any attacks on Mercede maybe because I hadn't looked. Mercede appears to be nothing but authentic and sincere in her blog postings.....and if she stays that way she'll have quite a following. People can tell the difference between BS and the truth.

    Gryph, I read your blog because I like it and it's always timely's always something happening! You ought to tell the powers that be to "bring it on". We have your back...just let us know what you need!

  13. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Thinking people are already tired of her negativity. The ones that don't think are the problem. The ones who go after people like Mercede are made of the same cloth as Sarah, and that includes Van Flein. He may make a lot of money being Sarah's attack dog, but it shows that he can be bought. And he will have to live with that. Doing Palin's dirty work. Ha. Is that something to be proud of?

  14. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I hope it works out well for Bristol and Levi. Reconciliation is a good thing.

  15. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Sarah loves to make a big show of thanking the soldiers for protecting our First Amendment rights. Do those rights not apply to Mercede? Since when is she not permitted to write--and quite tastefully, I might add--about events in HER own life? This is yet another example of Palin's double standards.

    It appalls me that Palin herself brought this turmoil into the Johnston's lives, yet she is not apologetic in the least.

    Stay strong, Johnston family.

  16. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Mercede, hang strong. You know if Van Flea is coming after you, that you are on the right track. Sista $arah, is getting a little karma! Best wishes to the Johnston family.

  17. If anyone's practicing "family values" up there in Alaska, it's Mercede. Looking after a disabled mother, adoring her nephew (when she gets to see him), coping with the damage done by a mostly absent father who openly favored her brother... the fact that Levi and Mercede have a loving relationship now speaks volumes for them and their mother.

    Gryphen, thanks for providing the father figure and helpful advice to Mercede that she needs. I am downright envious of your own daughter in that regard!

    Keep on keeping on up there... xxMrsTBB

  18. SME1318:57 AM

    Look at it from Scarah's point of view. She is trying to help Bristol become rich and ultra famous. How can she accomplish that when Sadie is by far more poised, beautiful and articulate?

    Her only option is to try to discredit Sadie. Poor Scarah.......LOL

  19. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Getting really worried about some really good people up in AK. Pls stay safe.

  20. krbmjb058:57 AM

    Until I hear it directly out of Levi's mouth that Bristol's pregnancy was UNPLANNED, this "spokesperson" (PERSON is a stretch for the blood-filled Van Flea) can kiss a frozen tundra-ass!

  21. krbmjb058:59 AM

    Forgot to add that I admire Sherry and Mercede for finally speaking up. I hope there is some type of compensation - either emotionally or financially for letting the truth-flag fly!!

    People will always believe what they want, but this family has been tortured beyond belief. If that pig Sarah can do this to them, what would she do to our country?

  22. emrysa9:14 AM

    I'll tell you what I find interesting, gryphen, is this q & a from mercede's blog:

    "Why did Bristol comment on Johnny Chandler’s MySpace page claiming her mother thought she was pregnant?
    During that time period she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive a child. As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. It was NOT an accident! Also there were a number of rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant."


    this time period was may of 2007. now really, if two teenagers with raging hormones were trying to get pregnant, would it really have taken a year for it to have finally happened?

  23. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Wasn't there a Myspace page where Levi said he didn't want kids? If true then that might have been during Bristol's first pg, and it was the second one they were trying for to make up for the loss?

  24. Quiet19:31 AM

    While I think it is odd that a teenager would actively "try" to get pregnant, I do understand that in some circles that does happen. But ever since I first read that statement, I've wondered "why", especially based on the timing of the original pregnancy rumors. Was it perhaps because Bristol had been (unintentionally) pregnant previously, and had, somewhere along the way, lost the baby and was saddened and wanted to try again? It's all so curious.

  25. Anonymous9:31 AM

    O/T: Gryphen, I have a request should you decide to do a post on Sarah's views on marijuana. Please add the photo of Sarah & Todd where they look suspiciously stoned; it's the one where Sarah is wearing the giant orange scarf and they are standing together at the foot of the stairs in what is probably the Governor's mansion.

  26. Mitch who lives in Kansas9:35 AM

    Someone needs to run a full page ad in the local Wasilla paper that reads $carah wants photo op with senile woman in a desperate attempt to compare herself to "The Iron Lady".

  27. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I am glad it appears that Bristol and Levi are co-parenting. However, I worry that Levi may, in the near future, become estranged from his sister and mother as he becomes more attached with the Palin saga. Sex and love or lust are powerful. I honestly suspect Sarah has encouraged Bristol to silence Levi through attention. I would not put it past her to use her daughter in this way.

    However, it may be that Bristol is just rebelling against Sarah, using Levi for her own ends. I hope not. I hope they are both sincerely trying to make it work.

    I'd just hate to see Sade and Sherry left to dangle on their own because they have become inconvenient or regarded as problems best suppressed or ignored.

    That's why I think it is so good that Sadie has her blog, that you give Sherry an outlet. Seeing her speak really brings it home to most people. My best wishes for everyone, but to Sadie and Sherry most of all.

    Gryphen, you are a blessing to them. We all respect you for your diligent concern and desire to help them. Sadie and Sherry have placed their trust well in opening up to you. Blessings be to all three of you.

  28. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Bristol might have wanted to get pregnant as a way to rebel against her mother and start her own family. Considering that Sarah expected her to raise her siblings, having her own baby in her own home would seem like a vacation. Teenage girls often confess to this being a motivator as to why they had unprotected sex. Some even say it was to "have someone really love me" - meaning that the baby would be totally dependent on them and therefore "love" unconditionally. Sounds foolish to those of us who are older, but it is a very real drive in some girls who feel unloved or used in their own families. Just saying it is a possibility.

  29. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Mercede and Sherry seem like good people.

    The problem with the blog as I see it is that Mercede is putting herself out there telling the truth far enough to get the Palins to sic their attack dogs on her and make it more uncomfortable for her in Wasilla.

    BUT, not telling the truth far enough to really put a dent into Sarah. So a lot of the hassle without the real impact.

    Sadie should not have to bring Sarah down--certainly not if the adults aren't willing to speak up. But when the questions are being answered TO A POINT and blatantly obvious details that it would seem she would know about are not included it just feels like a big tease.

    Either spill it or why bother.

    This is NOT a slam. I think Mercede is sincerely trying to help. But is all the major hassle worth it? I wish her all the best.

  30. Anonymous10:04 AM

    What the hell are people afraid of, document everything and publish it! Be care Sadie! I SP didn't lie about E V E R Y T H I N G, she wouldn't have anything to worry about.

  31. Sarah is finally being exposed for what she is - an absolute hypocrite. How does that saying go...Oh yeah...
    The chickens are coming home to roost!

  32. Anonymous10:13 AM

    twice now I've seen Ms. Johnston and Mercede at the local store out here in Wasilla.

    The first time my sweetie blocked a 'lady' who raised her fist at thier backs. The only thing I saw was my sweetie started loading up the rude lady's cart with frozen whole chickens. Like I was right their looking at chickens with the cart and my sweetie! All the sudden he grabs a few frozen chickens and dumps them in the rude lady's cart. Then he grabs some frying pans off a display and puts them into her cart. Then I loudly asked him "what are you doing?". He says "oh" and starts to empty the contents of the rude lady's cart to my cart.

    The rude lady just looked at me and said "it he okay?".

    Before I knew it my sweetie said "yes" and took my hand and headed towards the door.

    So now we are at a fast step down towards the door, without cart....

    Outside the door, he finally had a chance to tell me what he saw and why he dumped frozen chickens and a couple frying pans in the lady's cart.
    I'll never damn my sweetie again for casting a vote for that nasty skank when she ran for Gov.

    Yesterday, my grandkid and I were in the store and saw Ms. Johnston and Mercede again. No way was I going to let anyone be rude to them. They probably thought I was a stalker. But I kept close to Ms Johnston. Even behind them in the check out line.

    The Palin lovers out in the valley are rude.

    Look, my sweetie may of voted for the skank when she ran for Gov., but troopergate showed him the light. Then when my sister put a "Tina Fey for Gov." bumper sticker on my car a while back... Some guy threw a soda bottle at my windshield and yelled "get out of Alaska"... Well my sweetie was driving, so he followed the guy into a parking lot and his own gentle way asked the guy if there was a issue? The guy told my sweetie "This is Palin country, get out if you don't like it."

    to make a long story short:
    I wasn't stalking Ms. Johnston or Mercede yesterday... I feel we normal people in the valley need to watch each others back.


  33. Anonymous10:16 AM

    If The Quitter weren't a threat to the future of this country, all of the uninteresting details about the pathetic lives of ALL of these po' white trash losers would never see the light of day. It's the crowning blotch on the dismal record of John McCain that just keeps on giving...

  34. Anonymous10:19 AM

    It is a major point that any person and/or media publication reporting truthful facts about Palin is demonized as "attacking" her or her family.

    As a mother of four offspring I can say Ssarah does not have a leg to stand on nor to be assertive to respect any boundry of hers or their family to not go there to discuss Bristol's sexual choice. For the love of God, Sarah set her daughter up perversely to make sexual pledges on national tv. I thought kudos are due Oprah Winfrey for wisely informing Bristol that doing that people for years to come will follow to see if she honors her word.
    Sarah sat beside Bristol. Now Sarah does not want anyone to know Levi and B are reconciling and spending time together.

    Urghh..Sarah Palin, from another mother..go F yourself and exploitation of your daughter's unwed pregancy for profit and political points then your crazy rages gunning other people down for you are the most violating offender of the universse, not "protector" of your children.

    I truly believe Sarah was deluded she could pull one over on America hiding her own daughter's pregnancy forced to be honest because Sarah already pulled one over on even her closest employees and her family when pregnant. The truth that Bristol was pregnant was deemed another "attack". Todd having been a member of AIP, Sarah seeks to lie again, persistant lies. Sarah Palin wake up, you are deluded you are entitled, special above all other people, to do and say anything you willfully want then lie blame shifting others, lie that truth is lies, lie that others are lying, lie a gas pipeline is already being built
    then demonize people who tell the truth labeling them "evil".

    Truly caring and loving parents would assert boundaries regarding their offspring. Not Sarah for she uses them to promote an image, uses them for popuist appeal, uses them for the spotlight, uses them as cards to play to con people (advocate of special ass!)

    How long before Palin puts Mercedes into her "crosshiars" unleashing her ravenous dog followers on her as she did with others and recently Joe McGinnis to silence people so others only hear her lies?

  35. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Ahem. I think that a wise poster on your blog mentioned that if Bristol wanted to make a splash that she show herself not as a drama queen Levi-hater but as a mature person who was above that and THEN she could be a real attractor of attention because she would be so rare, so Van Flein wisely passed this on and the rest is history. But who am I to say?

    Could Bristol have actually watched herself bashing Levi or seen the things she was saying about having a child so young and realized that the best thing she could do for her precious son was to take that cr-- back as much as she could? Of course-- if things go south which they do in marriages, and sometimes they are bad for years-- will she have the maturity to weather it with some class? I doubt that, but she gets points for trying for now.

    All ink is good ink. We write in complete sentences. They wrant in incomplete sentences. And the name of the Crazy Lady is getting out and out and out. After a period of Bristol and Levi rebelling against Bear Palin, things will slow down cyberink-wise and they will have a public row. Maybe it will be Bristol and Levi. Maybe it will be Bear and Toad. Maybe Piper will have her own cub by then. How is Track doing? He needs a wife soon, someone without guile and with star power who can chill at the compound while he is in Iraq. Have a baby on her own while he is in Iraq-- that will give Bear something to talk about when people tire of Trig stories.

    They have kids and plenty of them. This is about sequels.

  36. Anonymous10:26 AM

    PolitiFact's Liar of the Year, $P, is making herself look like a complete a$$hole going after a minor. Pretty soon, she'll be completely unsympathetic all but the most hardcore psycho supporters. The same ones who oppose a woman's right to choose, which is the law of the land, thanks to those troops who "defend our freedoms!"

    What a jacka$$ $P is. Can't wait for this ugly episode in the country's history to pass.

    Thanks a lot, McCain. Your epitaph will include your unleashing of this "shitbull" with lipstick.

    Keep it up, Gryphen and Johnston women. I applaud your strength. The world thanks you.

  37. Anonymous10:34 AM

    The Johnston family has my full support and they are doing exceptional with all that is going on. I appreciate you, Gryphen, none of this is easy on the good people of Alaska.

    9:35 AM

    I agree with the Wasilla/Anchorage papers.
    Also, too, CRAIGSLIST is another option.
    With articles on Thatcher's present diagnosis. Medicine that helps them through being a prop for a photo op. Photos of what her daily life is really like, if not of her, similar patients.

    I do not get why even SP would want to do such public exploitation. I don't know how long "The Iron Lady" has been in this shape but does she even know who Sarah Palin is? With her medicine, will she be able "talk" or act like she is meeting a celebrity?

  38. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Anon @ 9:47-- so true, so true. Some girls in large families are not like this. I know one girl whose mom had ten kids. Her mom was happy when she, her eldest, told her "I will have two kids when I am 35. I helped you raise yours, I love them, but none for a while!" That girl/young woman said that her worst problem was that she was the master sergeant of the crew, but that her mom was the general. It was not easy because her mom didn't know everything that was happening yet still had to have the final say. I can see where someone would have the opposite reaction to the young woman I know.

    But poor Levi being caught up in this net! He's like a salmon being caught up in a bear's jaws!

  39. Anonymous10:40 AM

    "The attacks against Sadie, from all corners, have been vicious, and I worry that she will be able to stand up against them. As everybody from David Letterman to President Obama, and including Joe McGinniss and myself know, Sarah Palin is a truly nasty piece of work and the people who follow her are crazed and capable of almost anything.

    Mercede's purpose in starting her blog was not to attack the Palins but rather to finally let people know that the things said about her family were untrue, and to set the record straight that neither she, nor her family, were keeping secrets for the Palins."

    The "attacks" on Mercede have not been vicious. SHE put herself out there, as so many people do. Palin cant do anything to help attacks on her, so MErcede should bite the bullet and continue her pathetic blog. btw, no one knows or cares about Mercede as a public figure. They see the Johnston's as a redneck family, and I think theyd be fine with that. If they were truly a private family, the blog wouldn't exist.

    Also, her blog may have been started as a way to clear her family of bad press, but it has turned dirty - some of those answers are not hers to discuss. If she feels they are, she should feel the need to tell the world why her brother never graduated high school and such things.

  40. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I just want to say I think most girls dream of having a baby as a teenager. Most teens I knew growing up felt something missing, no matter living circumstances of parental relationships. I do not think this was the result of the Palin's parenting. I am adopted, theproduct of a rape and, though I love my parents, something has always been missing. when you're young, you assume having the dependency of another human will fill that.

  41. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I don't understand the whole planned pregnancy idea when just in June 07, Bristol wrote the mother duck post :( then acted like your average, non-mothering teenager by joking about her mother thinking she was pregnant.

    NOTHING ADDS UP, you have to admit it. NOw, if the mother duck baby was Piper and Sarah was forcing BRistol to watch her sister (as older sisters have been asked to do since the dawn of time) she could have become her rebellion.

    Most teenagers do something drastic to spite their parents. my mom got married at 19 to esape her dads house. The Palin's should not be considered bad parents of people because of how teenagers behave

  42. Palin is a FRAUD, folks11:06 AM

    Actually, the VERY BEST thing that could happen would be for Van Flein to carry through on his baseless and idle threats of a lawsuit against a blogger.

    That would be the end of the road for Sarah Palin. She would be deposed under oath and if she finally did not tell the truth about EVERYTHING in the hundreds and hundreds of questions that would be asked, all of her lies would then become criminal offenses.

    Sarah Palin is a CONFIRMED liar. That's a fact. The thing is to get her to speak under oath as much as possible. Her lies are not a crime until it's done under oath.

    Bring on the lawsuits Palin and Van Flein. We dare you.

  43. womanwithsardinecan11:38 AM

    As one commenter mentioned, the most common reason for a teenager to try to get pregnant is as an escape from a bad family situation. I have known numerous women, usually the oldest daughters in their families, who got pregnant as teenagers because they wanted to get away from their family, usually their mother. Happens all the time.
    Oh, and troll 10:40 is an ass.

  44. Gryphen, thanks for posting the interview with Sherry. I wondered why Sherry had let these two women into her home... I never would have guessed that Sarah had called Sherry being oh so helpful.
    I'm still hoping to learn from either Mercede or Sherry the names of these two it is from the horses mouth.

  45. Anonymous12:01 PM

    "Let me just say that in my opinion, as a child who WAS an accident, knowing that your parents WANTED you.."

    Been there, lived that. My parents weren't particularly abusive they they never cared. And that is huge.

    Now we see why you are so adement that Levi and his family be allowed equal access to Tripp. The presence or absence of a family that gives a damn is live altering. The more peopl who care the better it gets.

  46. Anonymous12:01 PM

    @@@@ 10:40 AM
    I don't know what your definition of vicious is. This is absolute propaganda and lies. When the MSM machine gets one little article like that they go viral with it and say it is the "gospel truth."

    Imo, Palin has more then enough influence on her Bots, believe me the crazies would tow the line for Palin and not do any attacks if Van Flein, Palin or the latest flack got the word out to back off. For many of us Mercede and Sherry are showing tremendous strength and fortitude. Whether they are rednecks or not, who cares, they have honor? Palin is proud to be a redneck but she is a lying redneck. No one thinks the whole Johnston family is perfect. Mercede's blog is only beginning, in time they will open up more. I know Levi is no saint, I have teens around and I've read the old sites like Facebook and MySpace. Levi was accused of being like Keith and being a jerk. His mother and sister love him and stand up for him. That does not mean they always agree with him or like what he is doing. They want to protect him from a bad situation.

    Previously, Levi would come right out and speak up when issues with the Palins came up. NOW HE IS SILENT. The quotes that are to be Levi do NOT sound like him at all. He gave his voice up to the Palin Camp, he is not his own person. He is still lying, it is called a lie of omission. If what he is doing was a good thing he could come out and speak for himself. Lies of omission are LIES. Imo, Levi is a liar in this matter and he has forsaken his mother and sister. I don't know how they all act or what they say when they get together. The public view is that Levi made a choice and he is lying the same as any of the tools that work for the Palin Camp.

  47. Anonymous12:11 PM

    It was in radaronline van flea is such a gutless wonder a source close to the palin family? Levi has never really said anything bad about Bristol. They did gryph and Mercedes a favor by mentioning their blogs. This could backfire on almost half term quitter granny governor, also, too.

  48. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Confirmed FRAUD and LIAR indeed, I second.

    Taking away the freedom of others is a SIN in GOD's eyes.

    All genuine Christians should join me in this prayer.

    Let us pray.

    Dear father, the God of the universe, the God of Abraham, The God of Issac, The God of Jacob, the God who rescued his people from the land of Egypt, the creator of earth and heavens and everything that has breath in it,

    Father we pray that, you FORGIVE those who lie, everyday for monetary gains bully and mislead others to gain authority, God guide them to stop misleading others in your NAME, for the sake of keeping the STATUS QUO.
    In the name of your son Jesus Christ,


  49. Anonymous12:35 PM

    levi and bristle got their GED's together, so if Bristle graduated, so did Levi.

  50. Anonymous12:40 PM

    stop slamming Levi you troll. SP was paid by PEOPLE magazine to photograph Bristol in a rented cap and gown. It was a FAKE diploma, there was nothing inside. She never finished HS beyond her sophomore year. What a fake Scarah is...but Wasilla knows the chillbillies lie and Bristol never got a diploma.

  51. Did Van Flea issue a threatening statement??

  52. More rope, please1:16 PM

    Just the thought of Levi Johnston's red truck parked in front of Bristol's townhouse, the one that was set up in a corporate dill that Van Fleece does, that is HILARIOUS! I am curious how all that works since VF is paid by SarahPac. That is legal? He can do all he does for Bristol because she promotes her mother as a possible candidate in Harpers? What did he have to do with Mercede's supoena?

    I've heard from trusted souls that there are more photos than the one I saw of the red truck and there might be some other interesting shots. The more rope SarahPac, Van Flein and the Palins with Levi Johnston have right now the better. Please don't reveal anymore photos or witnesses for at least another month or so. It will be better to allow the SarahPacs to lie and get trapped later.

    Poor Levi, does he have to pay a taxi now? One of his "Jersey Shore" type hockey dudes are dropping him off at the townhouse? What role was Ben Barber going to play in the reality show that Levi was shopping? What kind of a wuss is that Barber dude? The Johnston ladies have all the credibility so I take it that Barber was the boyfriend who was "co-parenting" with Bristol until about the first of June. He blinked and Levi boinked. This is great reality show spectacle. Johnston may have up his value to do some kind of show, perhaps how "co-parenting" is done in Alaska. Will he and Bristol do the family fishing show for Discovery?

    I was interested in what happened to both Sarah Palin's Alaskan reality show and the reality show that Levi Johnston is or was shopping. He talked about it was to be with his hockey boys and the bachelor life. One reporter mentioned that it was in his managers best interest to spin the "co-parent" speil and not the fact his red truck is back in the old "garage."

    The names of the prospective reality show stars are simple to get, they are the same as before. Why they won't give up their names when they talk to RADAR is dumb.

  53. Levi, man up1:29 PM

    I don't care if Levi and Bristol are f*cking or not, doing the co-parent is fine. I do care about anyone that is enabling the so-called PALIN CAMP in anyway.

    Levi needs to speak up now or he is a LIAR JUST LIKE SARAH AND BRISTOL. Lies of omission do hurt and destroy just as much as any lie.

    When is Bristol going to show her face and speak up for her abstinence cause? Did she quit?

  54. Anonymous1:41 PM

    and if you think we are making up stuff, who uses her children for political career?


    or and by the way, the reason $arah's camp are trying to shut Mercede , is because of this lined up agenda, so I think for now the FRAUD and LYING will zip her mouth until after this event. We see we can pick $$$$$arah's brain and her camp, because we are not stupid and dumb people.

  55. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Oops I forgot to post the link.
    This is why Sarah 's camp is nervous about Mercede's blog

  56. Anonymous2:04 PM

    So Mercede says Bristol was trying to get pregnant ........... but nobody else says that. Not Levi, not Sherry, not Bristol or Willow or anyone else.

    So who do you believe?

    Why, the one person who says what you want to hear. Who, of course, has a 'pay here' feature on her brand new website and no job.

  57. anonymoose2:21 PM

    So, the whole town knew Bristol was trying to get pregnant, but Mama Moose had no idea she was having sex (was that in the Oprah interview?)?

  58. Anonymous2:21 PM

    OK, I see several people here hinting that Bri$tol did not get a diploma, that she did not finish HS.


  59. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Also, if Levi was trying to have a baby, why did he say on his myspace that he didn't want kids? And was Bristol sleeping with the Johnny guy at the same time as Levi? Anonymoose

  60. Anonymous2:38 PM

    tallimat @ 10:13 AM

    The more comments like yours the better. Thanks a bunch for letting others know what it is like, we need more of that. Thanks to Sweetie for doing that for all that can't do anything and feel so helpless.

    The same goes for what it is like for the teens that have to drink so much to dull their pain and the ones having so many babies, if adults had a better understanding things would change. If there was a way teens could talk and let others know it could only be a good thing for all of us. Most of all it would be good for the next generation.

    When the girls from the Massachusetts town planned all those babies it became a national interest. Professionals, teachers, writers, movies and more took an interest. The problems may not go away in a flash but it is a relief to know they are getting attention and changes are in progress.

    Give {{{{{{ Sweetie and yourself }}}}}} a big hug from me!!!! I hope there is a way to let the Johnstons and all of us know about the people in Wasilla and parts that do have their back. {{{{{ Sherry and Sadie }}}}}} and may Levi deserve the same soon.

  61. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The Palins, all of them, are undiluted poison.
    That Wasilla is home to individuals who know
    they can get away with, because they do get away
    with publically harassing anyone on Sarah's 'destroy
    list.' Guess that explains why few are willing to
    speak-up about her.

    Anon 10:40: What's wrong with you - what has Levi
    finishing HS got to do with anything? Mercede hasn't
    said a negative word against the Palins. In fact,
    given what Sarah has said, & Bristol has inferred
    about Levi on TV not to mention their all around
    rotten dissing of the Johnstons, Mercede has exhibited great forbearance & restraint on her blog.
    Sarah has never admonished her 'followers' to
    be respectful or called them off an attack.
    Mercede's blog is a breath of fresh air.

    Sharon TN

  62. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I, too, want to thank you, Dennis and Sherry for the above interview. The more we can see how human and authentic that Sherry and her daughter are the more we get the bigger picture about this whole deal. I had no idea that Sarah could be so helpful either. Were there many other times she showed that side? I know she took or went with Sadie to a concert at a military base. When the time is right it will be interesting to know more of the details of when the two women were in the Johnston home.

  63. I have read a number of references to Levi's Myspace account where he supposedly talked about being a redneck and not wanting children. It was revealed way back in the campaign that the site WAS NOT really Levi's.

    Now since that came out while the Palins were controlling the message we could rightfully be suspicious, but I believe Sadie also said it was not his, and that along with his affection for Trig and his desire to have a baby kind of makes it seem unlikely he would have made that statement.

    As for the threats from Van Flein. Actually I referenced him because the "spokesperson" for the Palin had mentioned my work as a teacher's assistant and that is classic Van Flein, so I assume it was indeed him. However there are also some other "behind the scenes" shenanigans that he has been involved with that lend credibility to that belief. Hopefully that will be revealed at a later date.

  64. Anonymous3:40 PM

    "OK, I see several people here hinting that Bri$tol did not get a diploma, that she did not finish HS.


    ROFL - how about proof that she did...other than the People spread. People will whore themselves out for works. All the rags gain in popularity when the chillbillies are the story. How do you expect anyone to prove she really graduated? there is no proof because she didn't.

  65. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Has Bristol ever thanked Levi for getting her pregnant? Without Levi, Bristol would be working at taco bell and at night she would be bringing home crunchwraps or something like that for Sarah. Without the baby Bristol would of not made that easy money or be a spokesperon for anybody. Let me be clear, without Levi there would be no condo or bank account, but there would of been a baby with another pappy.

  66. emrysa5:52 PM

    trolls, since you are SO CERTAIN that sarah tells the truth about her family, please address this myspace message left by bristol for johnny chandler:

    "May 14, 2007 7:49 pm:

    haha, my mom was asking me who i was on the phone with last night, and she said she heard everything i was she thinks im pregnant. ahaha, call me later if you'd like."

    link here:

    that's right, MAY 14 2007 - a year before she became pregnant with tripp.

    so sarah tells oprah that she didn't know bristol was sexually active? she's a lying sack of shit, and you are idiots for believing her.

  67. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Anonymous @ 10:40 AM:

    Well, aren't you a piece of work? You think you have the right to attack a young teenage girl? Scarah Paylin is nothing more than a LIAR, RACIST AND HYPOCRITE. Every word out of her mouth is a LIE as she PRETENDS she is an EXPERT on energy, and many other subjects! She knows NOTHING about ANY SUBJECT because she has never bothered to learn anything more than to use her 'looks' to get everywhere she has ever gotten in life, just so she can quit part of the way through any job she has held. She isn't worth a damn. So all of us would prefer to hear from Mercede and her mom than to hear one word from Paylin. She is only interested in how much money she can 'con' from others, so at best Scarah is ugly inside and out, and at worse, she is a FRAUD! It would help greatly if you would learn the 'facts' about Scarah so that you perhaps could see her for what she really is rather than the image she tries desperately to project.

  68. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Does Sarah know that "Levi and Bristol are co-parenting" means:

    2am booty call.
    Friends with benefits.
    Makin' bacon.
    Hittin' the sheets.
    Hidin' the salami.

  69. justafarmer6:26 PM

    Anonymous at 2:04 PM asked with wide-eyed snarky faux innoncence:
    "So who do you believe?"
    "Why, the one person who says what you want to hear. Who, of course, has a 'pay here' feature on her brand new website and no job."

    Bwahahaaaaa!!!!!!! Sounds like THE one and only sarah FB rant and rage page!

  70. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Can't wait to see Bristol co-hosting The View in July. That's 6-7 weeks after the big weight gain was obvious at the FL speaking event. Will really be hard to hide it then......

  71. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Can Sarah handle the 3am phone call?

    "Mama this is Bristol, Trip is going to have a sibling, mama I am pregnant again. Levi be quiet, my mama might hear u."

  72. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Here we go again. What are you guys talking about? Where are you all reading or seeing or hearing this stuff?

  73. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Speaking of high school graduations, seeing it is that time of year, just what is the record for Todd and Sarah and their siblings getting high school diplomas ? I mean REAL high school diplomas ?

    0 for 3 ?

    Is Piper their last hope ?

    Some great parenting there !

  74. Aussie Blue Sky5:06 AM

    It's just weird. First, Little Miss Abstinent-until-marriage announces her new career as a highly-paid speechmaker focusing on whining about how hard her life is, what with Deadbeat Levi and bein' all alone and workin' 25 jobs an' all ...

    Then, Levi vanishes, said to be shacked up with Bristle and obviously avoiding daylight while co-abstinenting with Tripp while he awaits his wedding night.

    And now Gristle lies through Van Flea's teeth, while the gossip media that reside in his pocket report that the Dirty Deadbeat King of Porn is "co-parenting" with the beautiful virgin Bride of Christ. Since when is that a 24/7 gig for two people?

    Wouldn't you think Miss Briss would call Van Flea's attack dogs offa Levi's back? Why hasn't she? Is it because she a duplicitous, manipulative, selfish bitch like her mother? Is it because Van Flea is owned by Mrs Palin, who is only temporarily withholding her attacks against Levi?

    I'm so disappointed in Levi. He could do so much better for himself. Bristle has shown the whole world what she is. If Levi can't see it, he's blind. If he can see it and hopes she will change, he's stupid.

    IMO Bristol is being Bristol, and using him for her own purposes. She doesn't have a shred of respect for him. That makes two of them.

  75. Anonymous7:03 AM

    11:16 PM - Where are you all reading or seeing or hearing this stuff? -

    Be specific, most everything can be backed up. Read the links.

  76. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I wonder how Bristol's employers will handle the news that she is not actually living the hard life like she says, AND the fact that Levi is in the picture. I never understood how it was remotely possible for a MOTHER to be a spokesperson for abstinence in the first place! The whole thing is so bizarre - Bristol living in a little apartment, rushing off to work every morning, taking care of her baby all alone, poooor Bristol...and then days later a spread in VF showing her dressed like a starlet, living in luxury, being the domestic goddess and loving it. Seriously, this is like some sort of twilight zone episode.

    Oh and does anyone else wonder WHY Mercede's and Levi's COUSIN'S BABY would have been at Sarah's house with them when they were there to meet Trig? Makes NO sense to me. I asked Mercede to explain that so we'll see what she says..
    This soap opera is making my head spin. I'm getting tired of watching, I hope the end is near!

  77. Anonymous9:10 AM


    After all that has happened, Sherry J. says that "...she is sorry that Palin didn't win the election ???!!!?!?!?!?"

    G-man, I know this video was awhile ago. I wonder if SJ would say the same thing today.

    Looks like even a "two by four" across the head can't wake some folks up.


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