Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here is the video of Sherry and Mercede Johnston's Inside Edition interview.

Just click here.

And yes I do understand that Levi's most recent girlfriend (before he lost his mind), is giving an interview this evening on Inside Edition as well, and divulging the things that Levi told her about the Palins. Oh THIS might ruffle a few feathers in the new love nest!

Apparently the young lady's name is Brianna, and she is gorgeous!  If you thought Levi was a little dumb before, wait until you see who he dumped in order to run back to Bristol so that she could rip his heart and use it for a hacky sack again.

Here is a picture of the young lady who will be dishing about Levi's true feelings concerning the Palins.

See that smile on Levi's face?  Well you won't be seeing much of THAT in the next few months.


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Her physical beauty is astounding but it is the beauty of her truth telling that is glorious.

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    I'm sure Bristol enjoys the protective yet smothering cloak of support from Palinites, Lord knows Bristol hasn't likely had to spend a penny of her hard earned 16 hour day receptionist job she walks six miles a day each way in the snow for for all the gifts she gets from around the world for the prescious iconic image of a teen mothers love for her casually fathered child, but before this parody gets more and more defensive a la Sarah victimhood style, let's remember that Bristol started putting herself out (there) by actively tryingto get pregnant while still in high school and while being a daughter of a notable Alaskan public figure.

    Bristol is not an innocent, by her willful behavior as a teen, a viscious critic of her peers and BF's sister and seeking an interview with Van Susteren behind mommy's back (which Sarah hilariously hi-jacked in a non-invited oddly crouching and unflattering way) the social issue ambassadorship, magazine and "acting" - despite lacking any skills beside being a breeder like mommy, she tries to market herself.

    She's no innocent. She still thinks it would be awesome if mom ran for President.

    She is fair game as much as anyone.

  3. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Que the coordinated Palin attack in 5, 4, 3. . .

  4. Is the ex-girlfriend's interview the reason they moved?

    And actually, I don't care a bit about the love lives of people, let alone young ones. The hypocrisy of Sarah Palin is what I want exposed once and for all. What she represents and promotes is dangerous and divisive.

  5. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Thinking back, I can't remember a time when I saw a smile on Levi's face when he was with Bristol (haven't looked over the "engagement" pictures yet, I'm sure there's a forced smile or two there). That's what struck me about that picture.

  6. Anonymous8:31 AM

    No wonder Bri$$tol wanted Levi back...JEALous!

  7. Anonymous8:33 AM

    The "lovenest" is morphing into a prison. Poor Levi has his own house. How often is he there?
    Can you imagine "keeping your tooth brush" at a Team Palin place? The romance has left the building.

    Did Ben Barber give another interview or did Track succeed in roping him in? I hope dear Brianna has back up and support.

  8. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Wow, trouble in paradise ahead. That woman is attractive. Levi's sister is drop dead gorgeous. Judging by Bristol's facebook rant about Mercede, Bristol doesn't like to be upstaged. Bristol got her looks from her grandfather rather than her mother wich is unfortunate for her. She has no chin. I had always wondered why Bristol was married to that hairstyle of bangs pulled back like a four year old and the cover photo on US magazine put that question to rest. Levi has the kind of looks that only get better with age and Bristol isn't looking so good even after the magazine hair and makeup people finished with her.

  9. Anonymous8:45 AM

    It seems like you have lost your focus. Leave the kids out of it.

  10. Heather8:53 AM

    please link it when you can! Thanks.

  11. BAustin9:00 AM

    I am assuming that Levi didn't practice abstinence while he and bristol were on a break (prolly not safe sex either)....bet Brianna got a peek at the johnston and little miss palin will be pissssssed.

    ....Trying hard not to care about the train wreck with the junior set. What else ya got on Sarah?

  12. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Those are adults, not kids. They can't be left out because Sarah put them center stage when she needed props. They are props now. Bristol went on to establish her own brand and it is her branding that is fraud. No one forced her to pick a fraudulent brand.

    This is not about someones kids at all.

  13. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Unfortunately Sarah Palin's secrecy comes to this. Teenage kids getting their 15 minutes of fame to tell the world what they know of the Palins behind the scenes.

    If she had been forthright from the beginning and allowed her life to play out without trying to cover up some things and just let the truth be her friend, this would never have happened.

    Unfortunately, as the SP's nest, or Mama Grizzly den becomes more populated with in-law family members, for all her kids, friends, friends' parents, she's going to have a heck of a time trying to manage all acquaintances of Trig, Piper, and Willow. It will exponentially multiply.....like the Faberge organics shampoo ad.....and they'll two their friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on......

  14. Anonymous9:12 AM

    News flash. that 'kid' is now an adult, making adult choices. Levi, on the other hand, is a complete idiot. He broke up with Brianna to be with Bristol?

    Makes me wonder how many zero's was on the check.

  15. Anonymous9:24 AM

    To Anonymous @ 8:45 a.m.
    "It seems like you have lost your focus. Leave the kids out of it."

    Honestly, I'm not interested in the love life of Bristol Palin. But when she strikes a seductive, Cleopatra pose in a national magazine with her toddler in tow, it doesn't appear to me that she wants to be "left out" of anything. She's going for national attention. When Bristol writes terrible things to another young lady as she did in the attack on Mercede (the "You have no title" message), that's asking for comments from whoever reads the message. Don't you think that she's technically aware enough to know that her messages on those sites are public?

    It's not just a Palin issue, I feel the same way when I see any kids posting violent, abusive attacks against another child on YouTube, MySpace or Facebook. It's time to speak up about bad behavior that's called to the public's attention.

    The Palins can't have it both ways. Either they want their every public exposure scrutinized or they don't. Which is it?

  16. Anonymous9:27 AM

    No. The kids don't get "left out of it" when they put themselves smack in the middle of it! I don't see Obama, Clinton, or even Bush kids selling stories to the papers.


  17. On the video that Insider Edition posted, there is this great moment missing--I saw it when I watched the first half of the interview air. The interviewer asks Mercede if she thought Bristol was abstaining. Her response was so sweet and unaffected. You could tell she struggled with a polite answer. The question was ridiculous anyway, it was still great when she finally rolled her eyes and said no.

    Bristol's behavior wouldn't matter to me, if she hadn't offered herself up as some sort of sexual martyr. Hypocrisy is way more trashy than unprotected sex. It's too bad money can't buy class.

  18. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Gryphen, You amaze me! How do you keep up with all this?
    Now it is back to a reality show about their relationship... "an entire series."

    Sarah, 46, has yet to publicly give her blessing to the couple’s reunion. But one person who hopes that will happen is comedian Kathy Griffin — who famously befriended Johnston when they met at last year’s Teen Choice Awards, and visited him in Wasilla, Alaska, on her show, My Life on the D-List.

    “I wish the best for them,” Griffin, 49, told PEOPLE at VH1′s Do Something Awards on Monday. “I’ve spent a lot of time with Levi. I don’t think he ever fell out of love with Bristol, and he’s expressed that many times. So, I hope that Sarah Palin does make peace with the situation, because he is the baby’s dad.”

    Should Bristol and Levi get their reality show, and get back in Sarah’s good graces, she might be able to offer some tips: Palin’s own reality show, for TLC, has already started filming.

  19. Anonymous9:40 AM

    You just made me feel real sorry for Levi.

    The smile in that photo is genuine, nope won't get that with Team Hype. Ben Barber was blindsided, what about Brianna?

  20. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Anon 8:45

    Leave the kids out of it... YOU must be joking.

    When Bristol and Levi give back the US magazine $100,000, I may think about leaving them alone.

    They are fair game for everything... they ASKED for it.

  21. Anonymous9:48 AM

    ....seductive, Cleopatra pose in a national magazine with her toddler in tow ????

    Seriously? Is there a link where people can see that? That sounds like the appropriate photo to post on Bristol articles.

  22. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Where is Brianna's bumpit?

    She must be a fake Alaskan with that hair style.

  23. Anonymous9:54 AM

    The older kids are an issue because the mother's whole schtick is that she is this earth mother who can do it all and slay salmon! But she can't do it all. In fact she does nothing well, quit her job and her older kids, all three have been in what we usually call, trouble.

    And she pushed the abstinence BS with her on Oprah.

    If Bristol wants to come clean and say she was forced to do all this by her mother, THEN we will leave her alone.

  24. Anonymous10:39 AM

    POPEATER is reporting that Sarah is boycotting Bristol and Levi's wedding.


  25. sewnup10:39 AM

    We need to hope this Brianna has good security and advisory systems in place, now and for the immediate future, if not longer. There is a reason/are reasons people run scared of that Palin crowd.

  26. Anonymous10:43 AM

    For some to say keep the kids out of it. I don't see this blog or any other about "Palinism" (my new word, unless someone already made it up) trying to sensationalize on the Palin kids.

    The elected official/mayor/governor/vice-presidential nominee/possible presidential nominee/teaparty advocate/republican endorser/reality tv host/Fox news contributor/speaking circuit lecturer/book author promotioner publically gave Bristol up on the world stage as an abstinence spokesperson, and pro-life teenage mom. No one else did.

    So if no one else did, who is to blame for all kinds of commentary and opinions on Bristol Palin's fame? Mr. & Mrs. Todd Palin.

    They could have told her "no". Very simple indeed. Mama Grizzlies would have swiped that idea out with their big paw. Because "REAL" mama grizzlies keep their young under the radar of nonsense and speculation from the (as mama Grizzly puts it), "lamestream media".

    As mothers here, we would be stabbed in the heart if our daughter's were dragged through the mud by entertainment tonight, and TMZ, National Enquirer, because we needed our daughter to enhance our political image? Who would do that? She was 18 years old, for goodness sake, when this all started. Tell me, who would put their daughter's through this. If we did a survey or study, how many moms would really do what Sarah Palin did?

    Don't tell me that Bristol is perfectly fine with it. It will forever change her life, a life that once was private. Now, she will constantly battle cameras, papparazzi, and possibly get addicted to fame, which has happened, then crash and burn when reality sets in.

    Christian values? Where?

  27. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Let's not forget that Levi said some things about Sarah that supported what we've been saying about Sarah (and Sarah's behavior toward Levi supported this as well). Then Levi retracted everything under suspicious circumstance.

    Sarah poses on the cover of People Mag with Bristol and two little boys with the headline "We're Glad We Chose Life." Bristol and her abstinence--fist it's "unrealistic," then she's all for it--is following her mom's footsteps on the Hypocrisy Lecture circuit.

    Levi and Bristol are fair game. They are smack dab in the middle of Sarah Palin territory.

  28. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The smiles from Levi and Brianna in that picture look genuine.

    However much Levi SAYS he is love with Bristol, in their "engagement" video clip it looked like Levi wanted to be a million miles away.

    If Brianna's interview is not a stream of praise and adoration of all aspects of SP, I hope she uses the money to stay out of Alaska for a while.

    I used to have some sympathy for Levi, but he is making some terrible decisions that will haunt him the rest of his life.

  29. Worst parent of the year boycotts wedding!11:31 AM

    to the Popeater report


    If that is true, the leader of the Mama Grizzlies has a great idea. If the kid ever dared to disobey you just boycott your kids wedding! Follow the quitter leadership when it comes to parenting. To hell with disobedient kids. It wasn't that long ago and Sarah was all about how proud they were of how independent Bristol is.

    I am so enjoying that Mama Grizzly is tongue tied and can't speak up on this subject. I get a kick out of all her distractions. They are just getting dumber and dumber, if that's possible. Can't her handlers send some talking points to the Palinbots about the useless old 'leave the kids alone' nonsense? Sarah will not be able to come out alright if that is all they have. She will look a thousand times worse at parenting than she showed us with Track. Willow or Trig.

  30. "News flash. that 'kid' is now an adult, making adult choices. Levi, on the other hand, is a complete idiot. He broke up with Brianna to be with Bristol?"

    When you have kids, you sometimes have to make decisions that aren't good for you personally, but are what's best for your kids. Now that doesn't explain why Levi hasn't been talking to his mom and sister, but that's certainly a possible reason why he went back to Bristol.

  31. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Let's see what Inside Edition finds out, and what they're willing to share if Brianna says anything that IE thinks might hurt their fan base if she dare reveal anything potentially ugly about Palin.

  32. That picture doesn't even look like Levi. I don't think that I have seen any pictures of him smiling like that before.

  33. Anonymous12:05 PM

    "It's going to be the wedding of the century in Alaska. Our version of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding,' a Palin family friend told me with a straight face. "Everyone would kill to get an invite even if it means having to buy them an expensive gift. It's just too bad that her mother has refused to attend. Although I can't say I blame her after everything that boy has put her through."

    a Palin family friend told me with a straight face! : )

    Refused to attend. I betcha Sarah is working overtime to see that there is no wedding!
    We all know how Todd and track love Levi, will they attend the wedding of the century?

    Princess Diana and Prince Charles... that family values crowd sure knows how to fill Bristol's head with some choice crap. I'm sure Miss "YOU DON'T HAVE A TITLE" soaks it all in. I was wondering what Bristol's title is.

    "Although I can't say I blame her after everything that boy has put her through." Levi will always ware the title of the Rat that deflowered the Princess. Not exactly Prince Charles.

  34. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Brianna's information probably isn't that damaging, but wouldn't it be nice if it were!! Someone needs to be brave enough to tell the truth about the Palins!

  35. I was raised by three different mother figures. They were all my mother as a child. When I grew up the one that I went to as my mother was not the bio mother. I don't think that Sarah is the one Bristol feels the closest to. Bristol may want to please the political mother but I don't think it is a big deal for a con to skip the wedding. It is a bigger deal for Sarah to try to manipulate in that fashion. I'm glad she can't hide it. This saga will probably keep changing. Has Van Flein responded to the last claim of the reality program being on again?

  36. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Leave the kids out of it? The Times of London headline, front page, September 2, 2008--"Sarah Palin Reveals Teenage Daughter is Pregnant". Story complete with accompanying photo. The leaving-the-kids-out-of-it heard 'round the world. Not the tabloid one, but that of the highly-respected international press. I found that particular mouse-click to be astounding.

  37. Anonymous12:28 PM

    His smile is real there. Look at his eyes.

    He looks primped with BP. He is fake. Is this what he has to do to see his son?

    But isn't this whole kerfuffle taking some heat from the racist accusations on the Tea Party?

  38. Anonymous12:28 PM

    The piece just ran in Chicago. First, Brianna is not gorgous, she's actually quite homely. She said almost nothing about the Palins but thought Levi was a cocky liar. She said she doesn't expect the marriage to last.

  39. Anonymous12:34 PM

    In Sarah's little pea-brain (pee-brain?) if she doesn't attend the wedding, does it mean it didn't happen? In her mind, if she "whites it out" it isn't true.
    Hahaha. Nice day for a "Wite-Out Wedding."

  40. Anonymous12:44 PM

    A summary of Brianna's interview is up at the Inside Edition website. She basically disses Levi, not the Palins, and paints Levi as an incorrigible liar. Levi is toast -- when Bristol kicks her lapdog to the gutter, as she surely will, he will be left with nothing.

    By the way, 'ole Brianna is apparently an unwed mother as well. Only 20 years old and already been knocked up as well, just like Bristol. I'm sorry, but there is something really rotten in the state of Alaska. It seems to be a real achievement in that state if a girl can graduate from high school without getting knocked up.

  41. Enjay in E MT12:48 PM

    Is it just me - or is this Alaska Palin/Johnston family getting too much like Dynasty/Dallas from the 80's?

  42. Anonymous12:51 PM

    By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if the Palins or someone associated with them actually encouraged Brianna to spill on Inside Edition as part of a plan to separate Bristol from Levi.

    According to the summary at Inside Edition, the only one who comes out looking bad from the interview is Levi - not Bristol nor the Palins. I would guess that Brianna is a Palin supporter - she is certainly the right demographic -- too uneducated to use birth control. They didn't say how old Brianna's child is, but I'm guessing she also got knocked up as a high schooler.

    All these people are just gross.

  43. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Here is the IE link.


  44. Inside Edition was a dud. I got it that Levi tended to stretch a story regsrding his modeling and singing connections..oh well. Same old sob story of not being able to see Tripp.
    Levi finally did something about that by falling on his sword....poor boy can't see that he could have found a nice girl and had a bunch more kids!

    I am disappointed that the dirt on Sarah was not there only that she doesn't like Levi and that means Todd doesn't like him, Piper, Willow and Track....who all else?

  45. Buffalo, NY1:21 PM

    Re: Sarah not attending the wedding.....

    Can't Bristol just write her a check for her usual $100,000 appearance fee !!

  46. I absolutely agree with leaving the kids out of it. Definitely Willow and Track should be left alone as they had shown either no interest or an aversion to publicity. The younger children need also to be protected. But Bristol is different. Whether she likes it or not, by actively seeking it out, she is fair game.

  47. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Wow. Brianna basically calls Levi a liar, that he said he loved her and wanted a family with her.

    Well, she was very shrewd not to say anything negative about the Palins.

    Levi's reputation is charcoal toast by now. He is still young enough to turn this all around. Let's see him try to hold this marriage together.

    (Yuk! Just got a mental image of him doing the Todd Palin dance - where you are married in name only, paid an allowance to show up and smile for the camera's and have to sneak around for sex on the side.)

  48. womanwithsardinecan2:01 PM

    Anon@8:05, don't forget that it is 6 miles a day UPHILL BOTH WAYS in the snow. lol.

  49. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Willow and Track: they had shown either no interest or an aversion to publicity.

    When kids have things to hide they may not show an interest in publicity. Most of all if they are little criminals. Willow has the vandal thing going on. What 15 yo wants to hike every mountain with the old folks? Her parents are acting like wardens the way they can't go any place without her. At least Track is allowed to be supervised by others in the Wasilla Mafia.

    Track must be investigated eventually because it looks like they are pulling a fast one with what happened to his military career. They are proud of him and that whole paranoid trip they were on when Track photographed the neighbor. At best that is suspicious. What are they so afraid of and what are they hiding?

    You forget this is a family of grifters. They are all in on one of the hoaxes. Track has shown he has anti-social personality traits. He would not even show up for when people wanted to welcome him home. That is not a lack of interest in publicity. That is a serious anti-social personality disorder. Stop making excuses for the crazy Palins. They aren't just crazy and to be pitied. They are crazy frauds and criminals that need to be exposed.

  50. Brianna is the best thing happening for Sarah who is not wanting Bristol to wed Levi.

    "The first time I hung out with him, I actually just left and I was like you are so cocky. He would say like he worked for Tyra Banks, that he was going to be a singer. He said Tim McGraw was his singing coach. I'm not stupid, I know that's not true." Brianna Plumb

  51. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Hope Levi got a piece of Palin ass when he gave up that ring, 'cause it looks like those legs are going to snap shut the second this interview is done. LOL. Here's hoping she is knocked up again. Stuoid kids -both of them!

  52. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Such a beautiful girl! She actually radiates something that might be a SOUL lol...seriously, something sooo lacking in pictures I've seen of Bristol. It makes me sad for her....

  53. Wow. Brianna basically calls Levi a liar, that he said he loved her and wanted a family with her.

    I bet he never used that "want a family" line before. How long did they date? If this wasn't royalty and the wedding of the century, Bristol might just come to her senses and call this off. I'm sure Sarah isn't finished with her.

  54. Anonymous3:56 PM

    OMG Where did Lani get that quote? Someone must post a link. I am LOL with eyes wide open. More, more, more, Please!

  55. sewnup4:15 PM

    1:24 PM
    Anonymous said...Well, she was very shrewd not to say anything negative about the Palins.

    Or maybe she was very well paid not to say anything negative about the Palins. They had a whole 24 or so hours to get to her and I'll bet it doesn't take Sarah that long to make her point.....

  56. Anonymous4:29 PM

    3:56 PM ~ The quote is from the Inside Edition article. You have to watch the show to find out if there are anymore choice ones.
    Johnston's Ex Speaks Exclusively to INSIDE EDITION

    It got me feeling sad for Rex Butler having a client like that. But they probably filled his head like the Bristol team put notions in her noggin that she is a public speaker and actress. Now that they are together do you think Bristol will be have Faith Hill as her singing coach?

  57. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Agree with Anon@2:02 PM.

  58. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I remember Levi laughing his ass off when Bristol did her abstinence gig on Oprah. He knew it wasn't realistic for her.

    Is Levi the father of Brianna's child too? There were rumors when Bristol was pregnant the first time, that he had gotten another girl pregnant before.

    Did Mama Grisly take back the condo (under the guise of SarahPAC)? Did she take back the truck and the LLC too?

    Judging by the US cover, she took back the bumpit...LOL

  59. Based just on the online report, I think Levi comes out pretty good in Briana's interview. She didn't have anything to dish on the Palins because Levi didn't tell her anything. He deserves credit for that.

    I think the things she does say should be taken with a grain of salt.

  60. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Okay, just one thing. Sarah was protective of Bristol when the media and bloggers were trying to dig up everything on her kids when Bristol just went back to Alaska after the Convention and wasn't seen again until she had the kid.

    The rules changed once Bristol chose to put herself out there. Mama Grizzly hasn't protected the cub since because the cub chose to waive protection and go it on her own.

  61. Anonymous7:13 PM

    God, these people, all of them, Palins, Johnstons, and this Brianna chick are NOT role models for anyone. They are all prime examples of how not to live your life if you would like to sleep well at night.

    Nothing against making a buck but to make a buck because you are an unintelligent person preying on the other folks in America and beyond that think that "brains are stoopid" well, you are just a loser and are not setting a fine example for either adults and children that find higher learning and intelligence to be a very important quality to possess as a human being.

    They are calling Bristol "Snowflake Snooki" (after that little tan girl in the Mtv reality show) and Levi is "Snowbound Sex Hound".

    Then Bristol apparently is saying that the Brianna girl has pimples and needs to use some sort of cream to fix her face.

    If these brain dead young reproducing idiots are the future of America, what is going to happen to us?

    I mean, will half of them work at WalMart so that they can buy burgers from the other half that work at the burger joints who only work at the burger joints to make money to shop at WalMart?

    I don't understand. 25 years ago when I was in high school we scored ourselves against each other using academic achievement, extra curricular activities and overall social status as a yardstick. That then increased when we enrolled in college. It then became who got into the best University and had the best grades. Regardless of what else we were doing, we had standards that did not include having children prior to age 30. If you did that you were out of the club.

    I just don't understand these kids that choose to be mediocre.

  62. sewnup8:17 PM

    Well, in the case of the Palins, look at the role models provided by the parents. No reason to reach high displayed there, just take the lazy path and say anything that strikes the fancy at the moment. Oh, and claim you are a Christian so people will be "fooled". Those kids have learned all the wrong coping skills.

    It's hard for any kid to get past that and form different/better ideas until they've been away from it long enough to look back. Until then you live what you learned, since you have no other frame of reference. I've been there, it's not easy.

  63. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I doubt if there's a stream of Piper
    or Willow's friends in & out of the Palins' home. Too many secrets to
    guard, & Willow seems too sneaky
    & secretive to entertain friends at home. Social life for that brood
    probably consists of visiting Molly
    or Heather. You'd think with having plenty of $$ & living on lakeside property they'd have cook-outs & barbecues with friends. I would venture a guess that the Palins' have
    'acquaintances' but no friends.

    OT: I looked in at c4p & those people are s-c-a-r-y. They carry on about
    'her'like she's some sinless deity.
    On forms asking what is your religion, do they write 'palinist'?

    Sharon TN

  64. Anonymous8:53 PM

    To Anonymous @ 9:48

    I searched several sites and didn't find the "Cleopatra" photo. I know I didn't dream it. Bristol is semi-reclining, dressed in white, her skirt is half-way up her thigh and Levi's hand is on her thigh. Maybe someone else knows where the picture is. Sorry.

  65. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Re Anonymous at 7:13 p.m.

    "I don't understand. 25 years ago when I was in high school we scored ourselves against each other using academic achievement, extra curricular activities and overall social status as a yardstick. That then increased when we enrolled in college. It then became who got into the best University and had the best grades. Regardless of what else we were doing, we had standards that did not include having children prior to age 30. If you did that you were out of the club.

    I just don't understand these kids that choose to be mediocre."

    You must have grown up in a blue state. If you look at the sociological research that is coming out, getting knocked up as a teen is much more prevalent in red states. Not to say it doesn't happen in blue states, but for the most part, except perhaps for the urban underclass, it is not looked at as normal in blue states to get knocked up in high school.

    Judging by the twin teenage baby makers Bristol and Brianna, it is quite normal in Alaska. The kids aren't taught birth control (because abstinence is best) and then they get all horny and then you have little Tripp and whoever Brianna spawned. I'm sure the cycle will repeat itself in Tripp's generation. Plus, Sarah's mother got knocked up before marriage, as did Sarah, so there is certainly the tradition thingy in that family, although both Sally Heath and Sarah Palin managed to get rings on their fingers before they popped out their spawn.

  66. Anonymous10:17 PM

    My opinion Gryph, the young group are not worth the press. I don't take a word they say (Bristol, Levi, Mercede, et al) as truth. Young, tempted with fame, maybe money, whatever.

  67. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Just a question, how do you guys know they didn't know about birth control? They went to a public high school. Kind of hard not to know.

    As for Brianna, I always thought that Levi wanted Bristol back. It was a hunch. A crazy hunch while he was out bashing the family, but a hunch nonetheless.

    But I never thought Bristol wanted him back until just now. When she found out that he was dating this other girl, she got jealous. She wouldn't do that if she didn't have anymore feelings for the guy.

    You know what their relationship reminds me of? Ross and Rachel from Friends. On again, off again, over and over, can't live with each other, can't live without each other, and everyone around them has to pick up the pieces.

  68. Anonymous3:27 AM

    My thoughts:
    I have a feeling Sarah's feelings for the Johnstons are indifference, yet because of Bristol's feelings, it comes across as snotty

    I love how the Palins, though worldknown now, still invite people into their home for holidays or just random days

    People love Sarah! Random sorts and ages and backgrounds. It's a fact. She's a sweet woman whose warmth you feel from the instant she greets you. Too many people have spoken of this. I fear all the people who believe these Sarah myths are poisoning a good family out of blind hatred

  69. Anonymous3:55 AM

    What exactly did Brianna dish about the Palins Gryphen? Nothing as far as I can tell and her mother is an aglow Mary Glazier fanatic.

  70. Anonymous5:04 AM

    I know how it is getting old (I'm 69) and thinking how pretty all the young ones are. How all those young people are so "gorgeous", when, in fact, none of them are raving beauties in any sense of the word without their makeup and youth going for them.

    Just average AK teens, like teens everywhere.

  71. Arlene6:23 AM

    8:53 PM
    I saw the strange "Cleopatra" photo of Bristol reclining but have no idea where to find it. I think it is from a magazine article. It was really special in that WTF way. I hope it is found and posted. It looked like a stylistic photo shoot. I have no idea what she meant to portray.

  72. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Anon at 3:27: Whatever pills you've been taking, I want some of them! What a lovely rosy haze you have going on - keeps you from having to see reality. You believe the Sarah myth because you want to, that's fine. People with eyes to see see the truth, and it ain't pretty. It's evil and pathological. Remember, psychopaths can be very charming. My friend knew Ted Bundy in Florida right around the time he starting killing girls, and he was apparently very sexy and warm and dynamic. If you don't learn to look a little deeper at life, you can end up being taken in by those psychopaths if you're not careful.

  73. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Anon 3:27AM - What?? Palins' don't
    invite people into their home
    randomly. Every encounter with any member of the public is scripted. I
    bet you think Matt Lauer & Greta
    Van Sustran just dropped in for those interviews! When you've got as many secrets as that bunch, you better be darn careful 'the stage is set' before any strangers get in the door.
    Or within earshot of hearing anything through an open window. That's why they went bonkers when Joe McGinniss
    moved in next door. That's got to be
    thee most dysfunctional 'family'
    ever to hit the tabloids.

    Sharon TN

  74. Go Hillary!8:14 AM

    I thought 3:27 was a joke. They are certainly not current with the real Sarah Palin.

    It is clear that Sarah has no parenting skills. No amount of acting can make Bristol convince the public any different. ( 20% always believe the hype ) Why Sarah Palin — The Mama Grizzly — Needs To Take Parenting Lessons From Hillary Clinton!
    Need proof that the much-maligned Secretary of State is an A+ plus mom? Check out her daughter Chelsea.

    Sarah will do all she can to interfere and prevent a wedding from ever happening. There is no way that she will ever accept being monster-in-law to Levi. Don't believe what she said to Oprah. Sarah's mother, Ivy Frye and even Todd are working on Bristol to "come to her good girl Christian common senses." Sarah will not give in. Others sympathize with Bristol and would like to see her control her love life but no way cross Sarah. Bristol is weak, I am doubting she will be triumphant. It would take a miracle for Bristol not to cave in. The girl is in a lose, lose situation. The wedding would be an independent move but only if she had a complete turn around would she have any success. The wrath of Sarah will never end for her victims.

  75. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Bristol would embarrass any mother with that sad photo layout in Us Weekly. The girl is not well. Levi Johnston is going to end up like Johnny Chandler when he wakes up and finds he is under the bus and Sarah will keep rolling over him. Poor Johnny, poor Levi. Has he talked man to man with Wooten? Ben Barber may be the only one to survive. If she is pregnant with his baby can they fix his image and fix a marriage? How is Rex doing with the reality show? Team Sarah will never let it happen, she is the reality show star in that family. The goal is to make sure Levi will never get so much as an interview again, not even Kathy Griffith will touch him.

  76. Anonymous9:34 AM

    This was just posted at Perezhilton: (Any news on this, Gryph?)

    After Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's Us Weekly cover had disappointing sales, none of the tabloids are willing to buy the photos Sarah Palin is shopping of her and Levi together!

    A source reveals:

    "Last week sales figures for Us Weekly were a huge disappointment. After spending that sort of money, Us was hoping to sell over a million copies; instead they only sold around 750,000. Don't expect to see any of the Palins on a cover of any other [celebrity] weeklies any time soon.

    "Additionally, what didn't help the Palins was the fact that Angelina and Brad stepped out on the red carpet together Monday evening for her Salt premiere in Los Angeles. Just before the weekly magazines went to print the world's most gorgeous couple handed them a perfect cover image. No one handles their image better than those two. Not even Sarah Palin."

    Sexy Sarah was asking for $150K for the staged photos and make-up interview between her and Levi, but it was quickly reduced to $10,000 and STILL no takers!


  77. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Re Anonymous at 3:55 a.m.:

    "What exactly did Brianna dish about the Palins Gryphen? Nothing as far as I can tell and her mother is an aglow Mary Glazier fanatic"

    Love it. Mary Glazier is a crazy Wasilla prayer warrior. I just knew that 'ole Brianna, knocked up as a teenager, just like Bristol, was from that demographic.

    Real small town America where it's as common as apple pie to get knocked up in high school.

  78. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Anonymous said...

    I know how it is getting old (I'm 69) and thinking how pretty all the young ones are. How all those young people are so "gorgeous", when, in fact, none of them are raving beauties in any sense of the word without their makeup and youth going for them.

    Just average AK teens, like teens everywhere.

    5:04 AM
    I'm not as old as you, but when I see the dark roots with bleached blond hair, I'm not so impressed, either. Add on top of that the makeup that doesn't complement their skin coloring, and I would agree, they look like teens everywhere.

    Then you see a picture like this:
    and see what natural beauty really looks like.

  79. Their void must be filled. The breeder children of Alaska have such empty lonely hearts and they are all taught the same destructive propaganda. Multiplying fruits of loins. Why is Levi attracted to that type of girl? Bristol Palin and Brianna Plumb. Levi, if you get another tattoo, just use initials.

    I read about Brianna and her mother Cindy Plumb, Aglow with the Mary Glazier fanatic. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I think they are from the Chugiak-Eagle River area where I know of other SP fanatics. The reach of the Steven King characters of Alaska is not just in Wasilla. Thank heavens most of the state is wilderness. The population is overwhelmed with the scariest religious freaks ever and many will be invited to Bristol's wedding whether or not it happens. Get the list we need to know the enablers that are instrumental in the rise and endurance of the grizzle family dynasty!

  80. debinwi12:19 PM

    So he's in on it with Sarah -- it's all just a scam to make money. I hate being played by the Palins and now Levi is just as evil.

  81. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Buffalo, NY, I'm still laughing over your comment "Can't Bristol just write her a check for her usual $100,000 appearance fee !!" Thank you for the bright spot in the evening!


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