Saturday, July 03, 2010

One male Sarah Palin fan simply cannot hide his excitement at meeting her.

Watch for the guy in the blue shirt.

If that does not sum up the Republican male attraction to Caribou Barbie in one simple video then I don't know what would.


  1. OMG -- I hope his 'keep-sake' picture with §ista §arah will be full-length, to show, and share with with all his friends. :o)

  2. angela4:27 AM

    No it wasn't a yellow fruit with a peel on it in his pocket and oh hell yeah; he was verrry happy to see her!

  3. Anonymous4:39 AM

    nice.. just couldn't contain himself, could he?

  4. He's simply havving a natural reaction to her qualifications for elected office. This does so remind me of a rather inappropriate video from the lonely island that I've posted a couple of times regarding Palin's male admirers.

  5. womanwithsardinecan5:30 AM


  6. the problem child6:00 AM

    Just bursting with enthusiasm, wasn't he? And I think she noticed.

  7. I've seen a lot of Palin verbal porn on HuffPo from her admirers, like Hammerofthor and others, but this is the first time I've actually seen a real Palin video porn with Palin herself in a starring role...

  8. BAustin6:10 AM

    that's just wrong.....bwaaaahahahahaha
    I bet that he "wood" vote for her in 2012!

    P.S. What is up with her hair? Extra poofy.

  9. Anonymous6:31 AM

    It just gets worse and worse (depending on your perspective) with each moment.

  10. I believe that's what Rich Lowry from NRO calls having "little starbursts."

  11. emrysa7:27 AM


  12. mommom7:40 AM

    Does she wear that just got out of bed hair to encourage this,or is she just unable to style her own hair.

  13. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Holy shit, it looks like his boner grew the longer he stood next to Sarah! Dude's packing, huh?

    Virginia Voter

  14. JenniferinVirginia8:14 AM

    He seemed so stiff standing there next to her. He should really learn to let it all hang out...

  15. FEDUP!!!8:44 AM

    Well, *he* had in his pants what *she* did not have in her bra...
    (How come he got to get about 3 or 4 pics taken, while all the others just got one?)

  16. You can be sure this guy is "pullin' for Palin!"

  17. Anonymous9:17 AM

    That's just nasty!

  18. Anonymous9:28 AM

    GAYDAR! Sorry, folks, but I'm pretty sure this guy was excited over getting a purse from the guy giving them out next to Sarah.

    (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

  19. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Ha ha ha!

    What a dufus!

    I guess he thought that since he's in Vegas "anything goes."

  20. Anonymous10:33 AM

    At least he remembered to take his hand out of his pocket.

  21. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Oh, my god, that's disgusting. How embarrassing for that guy. I wonder if he was sweating, too.


  22. Anonymous10:44 AM

    surely someone reading recognizes this guy. any other sits notice this?

    too funny!

  23. it true that the real reason he was there is because he heard that "Sarah Sucks!!" ?

  24. Love how he puts his hands behind his back to give "it" full display.

    when he's standing in line you can see him licking his lips, then as he approaches her, he looks to the heavens "Thank you, God."

    she definitely seems to have glanced down and noticed it.


    someone needs to put this in slow mo and set it to some sexy music

  25. Anonymous12:18 PM


    Bwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Sarah sucks!!

  26. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Some of the men really do need to get out more often.

  27. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I wouldn't even plow her field with another neighbor's equipment.

  28. Anonymous7:40 PM

    I pity the janitor...having to clean up all that "Nutter Butter!"

  29. And I thought codpieces went out of style in the 16th century! Little did I know they were still in fashion!

    "He's a grower", obviously!

  30. Anonymous8:14 AM

    In response to Anon at 4:11, the best comment I ever heard was from a very smart man: "I wouldn't f*** her with Ann Coulter's dick."

  31. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Why do you think men have Viagra expenses covered? Not even Sarah can revive these old dudes without help. Republicans know what to do when it comes to getting votes this way.

    This would have never happened without Viagra first.

  32. Anne In DC11:54 AM

    This is hilarious, as it captures the way so many male lemmings feel about her. They totally overlook her serious and frequently displayed shortcomings and say that they would vote for her just because she's "hot." What people find attractive is purely subjective, but I cannot respect the tendency to overlook her role in poisoning the political well.

    They never defend her record, because there is simply nothing worth defending. Anon 4:11 is an example of the men on whom she has the opposite effect. There are others who don't see her as attractive because of her ignorance, her divisiveness, and her lack of integrity.

  33. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Sarah just makes it hard on some men. Maybe he will erect a monument to her. Or making a tribute to Rep John Boner. He was probably glad he could cum. Maybe he secretly wanted to give her the shaft and help her get a head. Whe he told her he would vote for her, she said, "Oh, wood you?" BTW: Did you notice the twinkle in her eye, knowing she has the power?

  34. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and Sarah gets a nomination for president because she is viagra to GOP men.

  35. Anonymous1:30 PM

    he was sort of on the Gay side so how do we know he was not boned up for some man he met at this event, he he he???

  36. zippy w pinhead11:46 AM

    the proverbial hanging chad...


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