Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We knew it was coming! Levi and Bristol announce their engagement! Haven't we seen this movie already? Update!

From US Weekly:

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reveal exclusively in the new Us Weekly that they are getting married.

And, they tell Us Weekly, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been kept in the dark about their plans ... until now.

"We got engaged two weeks ago," Bristol, 19, tells Us Weekly. "It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents."

Now comes the hard part: Getting the blessing of Sarah Palin, who has made no secret of her feelings for Levi. He provoked her fury last fall when he claimed that she had called her infant son Trig (who has Down syndrome) "retarded." She fired back, telling reporters that anyone who posed for Playgirl would "say and do anything for even more attention." Later, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she dubbed him "Ricky Hollywood" and called his "aspiring porn" career "heartbreaking."

Says Bristol, "It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be. Hopefully she will jump on board."

Yeah Levi not only does not have the "approval of his parents" but Sherry does not even KNOW about it yet.

As for Sarah, I doubt very seriously that she does not know EXACTLY what is happening.  In fact I would not be surprised at all if she were more aware than Levi himself.

Do you know the really tacky thing about this US Weekly photo?  Last Friday, after ignoring Sadie and his mom for days, Levi suddenly called up and asked Sherry to cut his hair.  When he arrived they asked what it was for, but he refused to say anything other than that had a photoshoot on Saturday.  So Levi woke his mother up, demanded that she cut his hair, but said NOTHING about his engagement to Bristol.

Stay classy Levi.

Update:  Here is Sarah's response courtesy of US Magazine:

"Bristol at 19 is now a young adult. We obviously want what's best for our children," they said in a statement read on the Today show Wednesday morning. "Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives."

Translation: "We need him back in the fold, and under our control right now, but I will NEVER forget that he dared to tell the truth about me, and someday his little porn star ass will be mine!"

Update: Pictures that make you go "Hmmm."

Strategically placed baby AND logo. What do you think?


  1. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Me thinks someone wants to coverup their pre-marital sex tracks! Congrats to Bristol, pre-marital sex DOES pay! US Weekly no doubt gave them an early wedding check! She doesn't need Candies money or her Mom's. Watch, Bristol will go rogue. When they need a bigger house, they will pop out another kid and shop the cover pics.

  2. Anonymous5:48 AM

    What, Levi can't get BRistol to pop for a $10 haircut? He's a winner. I don't know if I agree that Sarah knows everything. Although I find it weird that her last tweet came when it did. I think B and L could have done this out of intimidation.

    I wonder if Todd will walk her down the aisle. and if so, what expression he'll give Levi at the end

  3. By the way the Bristol pregnancy rumors have heated up recently and I am beginning to think that young Levi is about to get saddled with two little bundles of joy.

    That picture does not exactly put those rumors to rest.

  4. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Is it just me, or is Bristol exactly like Sarah - looks, prospective husband, propensity to elope with high school sweetheart, the fact that Levi actually slightly resembles Todd generally speaking.

    While I know Levi had blond hair and Bristol has swedish roots "(and a father with blue eyes), I find it odd that Tripp is the perfect aryan baby. Recessive genes much? I have a feeling the kid is going to look just like Chuckie, no?

  5. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Levi..can you be anymore whipped? So I guess he didn't approach sarah and Todd and gain their approval first!! what a sad man and a complete joke!

    Also, I'm sure he gave Sherry at least a tip for his haircut...

  6. Anonymous6:00 AM

    10 to 1 she's pregnant.

  7. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Dude that is the ugliest, most illfitting white dress ever. But Bristol has always had a weird body type. I doubt Bristol is preggers. Why would she make a statement addressing it and say theyre practicing abstinence. I doubt very much B wants to be another laughing stock.

  8. Libby6:03 AM

    I was thinking the same thing, Grphen...her cheeks are a little full...very much like her last pregnancy.

    That Palin roller coaster is an awfully wild ride!

  9. Okay. This is a joke, right? You're making this up, G-Man...another one of your hilarious rib ticklers, where you photoshop some bizarre pic on some ridiculous publication (like US), just to see how many gullible fish you can get to take the bait......

    Well I for one, will not be fooled. Such a thing like Levi & Bristol "getting married" and announcing their engagement via US magazine, and hoping to garner approval from estranged parents THAT way......That hurts my secular humanist belief in the fundamental intelligence of humans........

    So....jokes on you! I refuse to be taken in. And i am prepared to accept your apology.

  10. AKRNC6:06 AM

    Gryphen, since you brought up the pregnancy rumors, do you know how long they have been going on? Wasn't she seeing some guy named Ben just prior to reuniting with Levi? Will there be any doubt as to who is the father of this next bundle of joy? Do you really believe that $arah was unaware of their engagement or is this just more publicity seeking from the family?

  11. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Yeah, I believe Stupid Sarah didn't know about and orchestrate this sham engagement about as much as I believe in Santa Claus.

    So when's the next 'big mistake, but the best thing that ever happened to my pocketbook,' due? Any bets on the name -- I'm thinking Trois (they'll pronounce it 'Troys'.)

    And what the hell is wrong with Levi that he can't get his sugar momma to run him to the Hair Cuttery? How cheap can his silly ass really be?

    Though they do provide a fun, free sideshow, I am sooooo over these hillbillies. I thank God every day this pathetic soap opera isn't playing out in the White House when we've got so many other real issues to contend with.

  12. To anonymous at 5:48 am: maybe it won't be Todd giving him a look at the end of the aisle; Sarah will give Levi another of those special "hands on the cheek look into they eyes" look like on stage at the RNC. Hmmmm?

  13. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I could be off base, but the timing of this feels odd to me. I'm wondering if this 'engagement' is due to Bristol being pregnant again or if it's in response to the questions about Trig's birth getting more traction in the last few weeks. Stupid always seems to save the big g*n nonsense for when the Trig questions start a swirlin'.

    My oh my what is Stupid going to do when she runs out of tricks? Will she start marrying off the younger two girls so she can continue to blow a smokescreen around those who question where Trig came from?

  14. When I opened my browser this morning, on Yahoo, this was staring me in the face. I wanted to puke.

  15. Anonymous6:17 AM

    "The pair, engaged once before, got back together three months ago after meeting to discuss a custody plan for their son, then taking him on walk, they said."

    They got back together 3 months ago, so I'm guessing she's about 3 months along. Looks like she's put on some weight but that's probably the camera's fault, right?

    Engaged for 2 weeks...when was it that Bristol wrote the nasty, mean post to her new fiance's sister, Mercede?

    Well, I wish them well and commend them for their abstinence until their marriage. hahahahahaha

    Ohcrap. Watching MSNBC show the "engagement pictures". I admit I'm from another generation but the pic with half her thighs exposed, reclining photo is not appropriate for an engagement photo. The fruit didn't fall far from the tree.

  16. Notice the huge stone on Bristle's left ring finger featured prominently in that picture.

    CZ, cheap imitation? Without a doubt. It probably didn't cost any more than that ring her mother flung into Lake Lucille.

  17. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Love the response. Maybe theyll marry on Aug 31? Taker, it's a good date, with tons of memories!

  18. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Knocked up again. Guaranteed.

  19. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Oh my dog. Levi is being played - didn't he and Bristol have this same conversation, like 20 times before? How did that end up? Why would it all work out this time?

    In spite of her ugly comments regarding Levi, she will suck it up and smile for the cameras. (I suspect SP is behind the whole thing, anyway.) We will see how long this "love match" lasts after the November 2012 elections.

  20. how funny that the bloggers have been predicting this for weeks. I won't be a bit surprised when Bristol pops another $babie$ out....probably a very large "premature" infant in about 6-7 months?

  21. Aussie Blue Sky6:29 AM

    Pregnancy rumors are only natural - it's not like anyone believes they're desperately in love or anything.

    Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if they had negotiated a million-dollar paycheck for a wedding - and that's the reason for this announcement.

  22. Rationalist6:32 AM

    And will Kathy Griffin bestow her good wishes on the couple? I'm looking forward to that.

  23. Anonymous6:32 AM

    What happened to Bristol's face? That doesn't even look like her. How sad.

    I must weigh in and say that I fear a reality series in the works. This whole thing is so "hollywood" and this kind of drama is popular with teens. Believe me, I work at a high school and it is very "in" to get pregnant and to be part of some sort of drama. Just sayin...

  24. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Redemption and forgiveness?
    Are these code words to her 'christian pals'?

    Why are the religious right nuts, who tell us all how to live, not screaming about this?
    Why are they not screaming about the type of mother palin is?

    A former drug user son, who got in trouble with the law, a pregnant teenage mother, a daughter that was involved with an alcohol fueled, destructive party, an 8 year old that misses more school, then a teenager with mono and a DS child that neither wears his prescribed glasses and hearing aids?
    Just looking at that list, that women cannot even manage her family much less a country.

  25. BAustin6:34 AM

    If Levi-loose-end is all tied up and on the Palin payroll (so to speak}, he obviously won't be an issues for the upcoming presidential bid.

    1) no way Sarah didn't know about this...Sherry, yes...Sarah, no.

    2) Bristol was having some pre-marital nookie (again) and is probably PG. Hope Candies asks for a refund.

    3) Levi is going to be one unhappy, hen pecked, young husband. Talk about the mother-in-law from hell

    4) I give it til Nov 2012 when Palin loses, then Levi and Bristol split...again. Only this time with more kids.

    5) Levi - please ask John McCain about what is's actually like to sell your soul to the devil.

    6) How long til we all have to suffer thru the realtity show?

  26. Anonymous6:38 AM

    $20 bucks says they televise their wedding, but not on the evil CBS with Letterman and Couric - AnnaLynne

  27. Pat in MA6:38 AM

    Color me not surprised. The optimist in me wants to believe these kids can work things out, but with Sarah in the mix plus the media obsession, I'm afraid their odds of escaping dysfunctional-land are slim. Tripp is a handsome little boy!

  28. To answer the question about when Bristol and Levi started canoodling again, my best information is that it was less than two months ago.

    Various sources have said that three months ago, Ben Barber was Bristol's steady boy toy.

    Okay if the pregnancy rumors turn out to be fact, my guess for the name of this baby will be "Trap".

  29. Anonymous6:44 AM

    So I guess she was okay with him banging Kathy Griffin.

  30. Pat in MA6:45 AM

    and apparently they 'believe in abstinence' and are going to live apart until they're married. Oh c'mon what bullshit. Cut the crap, you already have ONE kid together, what difference does it make at this point? Confuse Tripp some more why don't you? This living apart thing sounds like a demand from you know who.

  31. BAustin6:46 AM

    Trap! hahahahahahahahahha. So fitting!

  32. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Well, now. Sarah certainly has the "lamestream" media at her beck and call. There are not many other couples that age whose engagement is worthy of a magazine cover. Lindsay Lohan, maybe. The Jonas Bros. And Sarah's kids. She now has the celebrity status she's been working toward. Can she go away now? And take her kids with her?

  33. Anonymous6:55 AM

    She's very pregnant. How many 19-year-old teens wear loose-fitting, gunny sack dresses? Isn't she precious? White must equal virginal. What a role model. The only girl in America who has been pregnant three times (that we know of) while remaining celibate.

  34. Anonymous6:57 AM

    "Trap" - BWAHHH! That one made me laugh out loud, Gryph.

    $100 says she's pregnant. And my ass $arah didn't know. WTF? She arranged it all, dontcha know.

    Gah. Grifters, all of them.

  35. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Brilliant move by Bristol. Putting it out in public where everyone's watching SP's reaction, SP having to maintain her wonderful mother credentials, rather than the private melt-down that would have happened otherwise. An interesting dilemma for SP...the 'kids' could blow her out of water if they really wanted to, if she pushed them too far. The idea of Briston & Johnston family united has to be a scary proposition for her.

  36. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Bristol is looking suspiciously chunky in this photo:

  37. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I'd like to think he isn't stupid enough to sign some sort of prenup that prevents him from EVER discussing this family but.....

  38. Anonymous7:06 AM

    The key to whether SP is behind this (I don't think she is) is that Bristol says she's "scared and intimidated" by how she thinks mom will react. Imagine the loving, perfect mom actually being announced by daughter publicly as scary & intimidating! No way Mom scripted that!

    Note "Dad" wasn't even a consideration, it wasn't worry how her parents would react.

  39. WakeUpAmerica7:07 AM

    Let's have a name the baby contest, Gryphen. I say it will be "Trick". I bet the next baby comes in 7-8 months. Another preemie (wink, wink). She is either pregnant or on birth control pills. If she is being abstinent (snicker, snicker), why would she need the pills? You are a joke, Bristol. And Levi, you are just plain stupid to let them play you like this and your behavior to your family is heartless.

  40. scarlet/oregon7:07 AM

    Wonder if they will take Trig home now?

    Since neither Bristol or Levi can act or find an audience on their own, what better money earner than a Family media circus like the Gosselins?

    What a bunch of idiots!

  41. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Wasilla White trash!!!

  42. nswfm7:24 AM

    Trap is the perfect name, Gryphen.

  43. Anonymous7:29 AM

    My guess is that's it's twins, and they name them "Trick" and "Treat".

  44. Anonymous7:32 AM

    They are Thick as a Brick.
    [English colloquialism meaning, roughly, “full of shit.”]

  45. Wow. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. I though Levi would have enough sense not to go back into the spider's web..

    Wonder if they'll actually tie the knot now...or once they do, how long the marriage will last...?

  46. Anonymous7:37 AM

    "Is it just me, or is Bristol exactly like Sarah"

    Except Bristol has a big belly.

  47. Random thoughts went through my head while mowing

    *Why would anyone pay to produce a reality show about them? We get it all, plus more from the "tubes for free

    *Wonder how pissed People mag is right about now? They got the big my bad from Levi but not the engagement scoop?

  48. Anonymous7:39 AM, in Palin style, they 'announce' their engagement to their parents via a mag spread?

    Class, all the way.

    I am actually shocked the wedding was not retroactive.

  49. Thanks Anonymous 6:59.

    That was very helpful!

  50. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I like the name "Trois", Anon at 6:05, because this'll be the third, right?

    Other suggestions:

    Trinity (if a girl)





  51. Lisabeth7:44 AM

    Don't you think a more fitting name would be "Trick"?

    Maybe Sarah's plan is to next announce that Trig is Bristols and she was just covering for her daughter to help her. What a martyr!!!! Her dumb fans will forgive!!

    This whole thing is a joke and this family?? Tabloid trash.

  52. FEDUP!!!7:46 AM

    Just commenting on the second pic - the rest of the story is just one where I simply roll my eyes and feel like slapping Levi to get him back to his senses...

    THAT IS ONE BIG BELLY!!! Too big for her to have a baby by LEVI! I think they got together, what, 2 months ago? That is not a two-months-pregnant belly!

  53. Laura7:50 AM

    I really doubt Sara didn't know anything about this--do you really think Bristol (or any of her children) can even fart with out Mamma Bear's approval?? This smells fishy to moi...

  54. Anonymous7:52 AM

    The more I think about it, the more I think Stupid really is behind this. Bristol is probably pregnant (again) and Stupid knew a long time ago (*cough*, like she did back in 2007 *cough*), but Bristol has to act like Stupid had NO IDEA about the latest cash cow baby and engagement. This keeps her dumb mama in good with her deluded minions -- hence, the big splashy announcement in US Weekly where she talks about how she is just so gosh darn afraid of what Mama Teatard will say when she finds out (yeah, so put it in a magazine for thousands to read before you tell her, that's a brilliant move Bristol honey. I wish I could say I thought better of you.)

    I'm sure Stupid will calm her dumb disciples and quickly put up a donations button on her PAC page to help the 'poor' young Duke and Duchess of the Tundra pay for their lovely white(trash)wedding. Come on ya'll and make sure you donate til it hurts! Those stacked Twinkie wedding cakes and tuxedo t-shirts aren't gonna pay for themselves!

    What a bunch of f'ing celebrity wannabe loser garbage.

  55. Ha I "ran" over here to post this. Can we say bun in the oven, being with child, shotgun wedding, expecting, or my favorite pudding in the cup?

    Honestly I wish them the best. My problem is why would anyone ask you to disown your family? That is control not love. Heck someone told me to get rid of my dogs I would say no. Never mind my family.

  56. Anonymous7:58 AM

    That doesn't even look like Bristol's head. Why would they photo-shop a head on her rotund body? Alright, she just had a bad night of co-parenting and that is her head.

    It was just last month that Bristol was pushing Sarah as a candidate. If Sarah is delusionally set on a run for 2012 there is no way she can accept a Levi son-in-law and all the pitter patter of little feet. Bristol and Levi are young and just getting started and we all know what they do best.

    Sarah was so happy after all she did to get her that condo! "Noooooooo, I love your carpet," Sarah protests, announcing, "This is so Bristol. She is a free spirit, a fun spirit."
    Does this mean that Britta Hanson is now homeless? Where can she and Track do the deed?

  57. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Chances are good the marriage will last; Levi will be just like Todd - the good-looking hubby relegated to the shadows while protecting his mama grizzly, and nary saying a word.

  58. cooky8:01 AM

    So, hypothetically speaking, is this what we're thinking -

    The Princess of Quite A Lot, the fair Abstinata notifies the Queen Sarotten that she is expecting another royal heir to the throne of The Kingdom of Waaaah!silla. The Royal Court is summoned and pictures of a red truck parked in front of an Anchorage castle suddenly appear throughout the land. The peasants chuckle. Abstinata is not satisfied though, not by a long shot. She must now take to the royal facebook and cast blame and aspersion on that beautiful village girl, the fair Mercede. The fair maiden will not shut the royal hell up though.
    This will not thwart Abstinata and the Queen however. The royal marriage has been brokered and the royal court has spoken and the announcement is made. The prospective groom, Weed Hopper seeks an appointment with the Queen's husband Prince Toad-u-so and says "Teach me master, teach me to survive...." and so commences the education of Weed Hopper so that someday he can turn into Prince Toad-u-so and assume his rightful place walking ten paces behind Abstinata.

    Looks like Levi is voted back onto the island.

  59. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I'm confused. Bristol looks more pregnant now than her mother looked when she was expecting Trig ;-)

    I wonder if someone watched the Lebronathon and thought they should get a one hour special too ?

    "even though we don't have the approval of our parents" injects just the right note of drama and suspense.

    Sarah is trying to convince us of what a saint Bristol is, abstinent, 'redemption" , " forgiveness". She's a kid getting back together with her baby daddy, not Mother Teresa

    The show could be Jerry Springer meets the Apprentice with everyone letting out their feelings.

    I wonder if there is already a deal in place for shower and wedding photos and a special photo shoot of the happy Johnston and Palin clans embracing as peace is declared ?

  60. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Gee like this was a big surprise.

    I have no doubt that $carah knew every detail. Of course, the wedding will be on TV as well as the cover of every gossip mag in the world. They will spend endless days on gossip shows talking about true love, commitment, "God's Will" and abstenance (only showing Bristol from the neck uo because she will be even move obviously preggers by then) until four or five months from now when Bristol will go into seculusion only to emerge three months later with a 10 lb "premie" conceived on their wedding night. Gag.

    After this we can expect the reality show on how wonderful teen marrages are staring Bristol and her mom....Levi will be allowed cameo's but this is all really about $carah!

  61. emrysa8:11 AM

    "We're Getting Married"

    yeah we've heard this one before, haven't we? and how funny that the REASON we heard it before is the SAME REASON we are hearing it now - bristol is pregnant and needs cover. yeah, great kid you raised there, sarah! atleast 3 pregnancies before the age of 20. what a great reflections on sarah's awesome parenting!

    bristol the "virgin in white." obviously pregnant. I agree gryphen that sarah knows exactly what is happening. this is all being orchestrated.

    I am actually kind of surprised that they claim they got engaged "2 weeks ago." how will they explain a baby in 7 months? another preemie? well it worked before why not try it again.

    so it's clear as day why they want mercede to take down her blog - it's not because of anything she could reveal about the past, it's what she could reveal about the future. sarah certainly doesn't want someone connected with the family to be blogging - how in the world will they make their money selling their stories if someone in the family reveals them for free? but more importantly than making the money is the ability to control what is said, to spin it in a favorable light for sarah. look at this article "we hope she will accept us" and tell me that shit is not totally made up. totally. fucking. manufactured. you know they had to get the okay from sarah before they contacted the magazine - sarah's handlers had to control the way that the story comes out and what is said.

    well now levi and todd are going to have something in common - being a father to another man's kids and promoting the illusion that they are his.

  62. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Wedding catered by Taco Bell...

    Cake from Tastycake.

  63. Groan8:15 AM

    Look! Levi made it to Fark! again.

    Could Bristol be feeding the pregnancy rumors as in not be pregnant but trying to look it?

    I won't click at ADN on this pair.

  64. What's the rush?8:17 AM

    This whole dill is backasswards. Levi GET A JOB FIRST. Then work on the TV show dills and announce your engagement. Bristol is busy working at a medical office? Teens will be impressed but what kind of parents will go for this?

  65. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:18 AM

    Bing! Bing! Bing! Pregnant for sure!

    Tin foil hat on.

    While it's none of my business how Bristol chooses to lead her life, IMO it's most likely SP's people who arranged all this (AND Levi's apology) to keep the Palins in the public eye at all times and to start covering up all those pesky hidden messes (including another possible child out of wedlock) to keep Quitsy "pure" for future use. Their uninformed fan base will remember the charming young family reunited on the cover of their favorite magazine and discount the looming Trig Theory for awhile. Perfect timing!

    Tin foil hat off.

  66. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn8:21 AM

    Reply to Anon @ 8:15am:

    ...and Sarah registered Bristol at Ploys-R-Us.

  67. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Is it just me or does Bristol look really down in the dumps in this photo? Makes you wonder if her heart is in it or just a money issue? Maybe she feels trapped herself?

    I can only speak for myself, I was wonderfully happy and in love with my mate when we got engaged 35 years ago. Still am today, possibly more so, and the grandkids are a real treat!

  68. Anonymous8:24 AM

    This is huge! for Sarah's controlled values image, that is.

    OK, it's great news that they are getting married. Wonderful that they are taking responsibility.

    But this whole scenario seems rather strange. First, the announcement in US and Bristol's comment that it will be "intimidating" and "scary" to tell her mother the news. What? A christian "values" mom would be intimidating to that news? This raises a red flag.

    Secondly, the US comment later from Sarah, relaying Bristol's specialness for being able to forgive Levi. Why doesn't Sarah in this statement ALSO ask Levi for any forgiveness for her public snarks about him? This would have been a great time to reconcile and ask him for forgiveness, Sarah. This would have clenched in the minds of palinbots that she truly is a great lady.

    This news really gets the old brain cells in rubix cube mode. Is there a puppeteer behind this? Really hope not. But, with all things Palin one has to wonder. HOpe these kids leave town and make it on their own. They could bring Sherry and Mercede, buy a big house, with a rental and move to Hawaii.

    Just hope for everyone's sake, that they really do recover, start over, turn over a new leaf and stay out of the press. The adult Sarah could learn a few lessons from that.

  69. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I think the best thing is bristols people article came out the same day. Yeah I don't think sarah orchestrated any of this. Remember. Cut from the same cloth. Sarah eloped with hs sweetheart, bristol is in charge of her engagement. That and I think she hates sadie that much

  70. Andy Cohen of Bravo TV says: "Levi, you've given me no choice but to announce that Bravo will pick up "Bristol Getting Married?". :-)"

    If not Bravo, then E! or MTV -- on the bright side, it's a reminder why this family should not be any where near the White House.

    They will always choose famewhoredom over integrity and the greater good.

  71. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I just have one question.

    The baby was there, but where was the blanket to cover the belly this time?


  72. "Looking back, Bristol believes that if fame, money and her mom Sarah Palin's vice presidential campaign had not become part of her and Levi's lives, the ex-couple would already be happy living a simple life."

    "I think Levi and I would be married," she says without hesitation. "He would still have his [oil] job on the North Slope, and we'd be in a one-bedroom apartment, scraping by.",,20401622,00.html

    That's the money quote for me. Many of us suspected Sarah intended her Dec. 31 '08 statements to People Mag to cost Levi his job. Is it as simple as Levi didn't fit in her plan to pimp Sarah as Candie's Abstinence Ambassador?

  73. Oh noes!8:28 AM

    I wonder if their wedding will be announced like SP's steppin' down speech. "Arrive at the church of the witch doctor in 45 minutes for a special announcement! There is an ATM by the door!"


    I am waiting for the reality show, "Shotgun Wedding!" where BP and SP haggle over dress prices and choose stationary and all the fun stuff. Girls in the Valley will want to be at Bristy's bridal shower (they will do their best America's Next Top Model walks while trying on dresses and walking down the aisle) and Levi;s bachelor party where he will have rubber pussies thrown at him and he'll get whipped.

    The reality will be too awful, as bad as Bristol's pretend acting. But with SP's directing.

  74. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Well, this explains a couple of things such as why Levi's lawyers have been distancing themselves from him, and why Levi has been treating his family the way he has.

    Levi, shaking my head sadly, I hope you and Bristol really do have some real LOVE going on there 'cause you are going to need it. Even in the most solid of bases for a marriage, it's hard work. It takes maturity, compromise and a willingness to work hard together even when there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    A good marriage is made between two people who compliment each other; for whom, each without the other, is diminished. This takes trust, compassion and a whole heap of forgiveness and LOVE. If you don't have that base with Bristol now, it ain't gonna get better, it will only get more challenging as the kids grow and time passes on.

    I hope you really are sure of your motives for marriage and that Bristol shares them. Otherwise, this whole scenario will fall apart and leave a great deal of damage behind. Think hard before you take that final step. REAL HARD.

    - Hedgewytch

  75. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Part of me thinks that Mercede would be better off if she DID accept a payout by the Paylins and shut down her blog. I'd miss her and her wonderful writing, but really, the girl needs to get on with her life and not let herself get dragged down into the muck and mire of the Paylins too much.

    She doesn't need death threats and nasty people being rude to her at the store, etc. She and her mom deserve to be able to move on with their lives without such harrassment.

    Maybe the highest good for them IS to accept some money from Scarah, shut down the blog, and just wash their hands of it all. That way they might still get to see Tripp once in a while, maybe they'll get to see Trapp after he or she is born, and they can have some piece.

    I know it's not what WE want because as readers we've become invested in hearing more of the inside story. But I worry about Mercede and her mom. They seem so vulnerable, and without cash to fight Scarah's thugs off - lawyers, etc. And it's not like they have a man around the house to offer some extra protection since Dad and Levi both ran off.

    Poor Mercede will probably get a cease and desist notice from Scarah's attorneys every time she posts something - even if it's completely positive about Scarah - and who can really write a blog under those conditions? And who would want to, really? This girl has a sick mom and a lot of things to deal with - and she should focus on her future, not on entertaining us!

    That said, I'd still prefer on a personal level that she keep her blog going. I just worry about her. I don't like the thought of that evil family teaming up against her and her mom even further as Scarah ramps up for her fake little 2010 "run" for President.

  76. Anonymous8:31 AM


  77. emrysa8:36 AM

    lmao @ 8:15 - yeah I could see that. tastycake!

    I think it's more likely though that they elope - IF they get married at all.

  78. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Oh boy. Teenagers with money in their pockets no longer need Mommy. A female teenager with a control freak Mom, and a Mom that is becoming more and more a “Joke” may have led Ms. Bristol to an action: it is time to dump Mom. The gravy train is starting to run out of steam.

    If the apple does not fall far from the tree, I see a “Mommy Dearest “ book in the making.

    Also/too, what is that door that Sarah Palin constantly talks about – the one God opens?

    Maybe God opened a door for Bristol/Levi and they are going to skip all the way to the bank (OH WHAT A STORY).

  79. Perfect! I hope they all live happily ever after. Tripp deserves to have both parents. If Sarah does not approve, she can just suck it.

  80. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Cookie @ 8:01, that was too true and too funny!

  81. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Maybe Levi is not so dumb. Just think of the alimony he will receive.

  82. Anonymous8:41 AM

    On the Today show if you watch the video the lady that conducted their interview for US weekly said that 6weeks ago Levi went to Sarah and Todd and told them he loves Bristol and wants to b with her and help raise his son.. So i think before all this came out he did indeed go to Sarah and Todd and ask for her hand again..

    My thoughts on why they wanna get married so quickly is because they wanna live together and raise their son together and I'm sure they wanna have sex but Bristol isn't gonna allow it without the wedding so that's the rush in that. She would b dumb to b pregnant again because she would b made to b a liar for sure because she preaches to young girls. I don't think the baby would b Levi's because she was with BB just 2 months ago although the interview says they got back together 3months ago.. Who knows but i really hope they aren't pregnant again so they can parent Tripp and give him all the attention together for a while.. I just really think the rush is cause they wanna live together and b together and Bristol still be able to Preach

  83. Anonymous8:42 AM

    These two are just immature teenagers going through the normal melodrama of discovering romance, sex, etc., albeit with baby in tow. The fact that thanks to Mom Sarah it's a national topic of interest is their misfortune. They're so young, and having to navigate new adulthood in the Sarah Palin Melodrama. Miserable chances of any sanity reigning and maturity being promoted over Sarah, or the press.

  84. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Re: "
    Strategically placed baby AND logo. What do you think?"

    hee hee hee -- This really does not take much, or even a lot of 'thought' -- This 'midriff' shot is very telling -- even with the 'strategically-placed baby AND logo!!

    Thanks for the update -- perfect!!!

    I am sure Sow-a is very in on all this -- in fact she probably planned, orchestrated, and directed the entire (engagement thing) production -- after having Levi admit to telling all those lies (?).

    "Please Pass the Popcorn" LOL

  85. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I guess Levi will be getting a new truck and other new toys soon?

  86. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Dear Levi,

    Please have the BP's second child tested to make sure she/he has your DNA.


  87. Randall8:47 AM

    I'll reiterate:

    LEVI: do what you have to do to be close to your son. Don't pay attention to any of this media nonsense - it'll pass: be with your little family and give them your love.

    Oh, and move as far away from your horrible mother-in-law as you can. And do it as quickly as you can. Because she's insane.

    Good luck, bud.

  88. Pat in MA8:48 AM

    LOL anon 8:01.... too funny. The peasants chuckle!

  89. Wonkette's take:

  90. Anonymous8:52 AM

    so when is the baby due or is that a another magazine cover for more money?

    Is this baby planned like the one she is holding or was baby number 3really a "mistake" this time around?

  91. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Now is the time to get some pictures of Bristol.

    If she is pregnant those pics will be worth some bucks. Plus, it blows the lid of her born-again virginity.

    Her address is public info and known by many.

    Those of you in Anchorage: get those cameras out!

  92. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I refuse to buy any of the magazines that have the palins on the cover. Give me a break....what's so newsworthy about these ignorant wasillabillies? Something's not right with bri$tol...she doesn't look like her other pics. As for the little one? Hmmmm, I think a Maury show is coming up!

  93. So Levi is going to get a job and go to school. Well where have we all heard good intentions like this before? He's gonna find out that wanting and having are two entirely different scenarios. Levi, sign the pre-nup just like John McCain did for Cindy. Those that gots money, keeps their money. No such thing as share the wealth.

    BTW, I've never seen a 19 year old girl with money and designer duds wear a frumpy dress like that... kinda like the girl on John Travolta's arm in Saturday Nite Fever. Guess I gotta get out more.

    I'm still chuckling at that abstinence living apart thing... Still waiting for those pics on Alaska WTF. Did Levi get a new truck?

  94. Three pregnancies, by three different men before age 20 = ? Why is Levi getting caught up in this mess?

  95. Lisabeth9:11 AM

    It's ALL Obama's fault !!!!!!

  96. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Last hour on MSNBC, the usweekly chick said that Bristol said that they might elope!

  97. This is also on Huffpost. Just spent 45 minutes trying to track down this comment I saw earlier this morn which was pretty interesting, IMHO:
    By firewmnand people mag comments are in: 'Kimberly Hazel 8:01 am
    As we in Alaska KNOW and have for two months Bristol is pregnant again. Levi, has been living in her condo she bought with SarahPac "Consulting" monies for several weeks. Palin has known as well and encouraged the reconciliation to soften the blow when the new pregnancy is announced and the fact Bristol is baby mam to not only t Tripp but Trig. YES it is true. Yes she was pregnant back in 2007. Palin is trying to spin the heck out of her lies to grab the last of the cash she can.

    Palin and Johnston's are nothing but liars, frauds and fakes, with the exception of Sadie. Watch her Facebook, she is giving out all the details of the "Engagement". Including how Levi slept with Kathy Griffin in Hollywood & here & when Bristol found out she suddenly wanted Levi to be with Trig and Tripp more getting him back to her bed.

    FYI, Palin was present during the above photoshoot. She not only knew, she paid Levi to come back....of course after he apologized publically.

    BTW Willow's next.

  98. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I hope this is Bristol going rogue, but I doubt it.

    I think it is all about the CASH a reality show will bring, and then the reality show called: So You Think you can be President?

  99. DOH! I forgot to add this. Found over on Huffpost too from:
    May 5th, 2010

  100. Old Whiskers9:22 AM

    Anonymous at 7:52 AM said: "Those stacked Twinkie wedding cakes and tuxedo t-shirts aren't gonna pay for themselves!"

    That was great, best commenet of the day. :)

  101. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Yup, she's pregnant again because she's been having too much abstinence sex with somebody? But look how overweight and unattractive she's looking now! She definitely needs to get herself married to somebody real quick. Hahahaha, what a bunch of hillbilies.

  102. Wow, this is kind of fucked up.

  103. Anonymous9:31 AM

    So I guess Levi doesn't have to pay 1750 a month in child support anymore.

    Bristol has not been abstinent for months. Candies should get their money back and sue for breech of contract.
    Her speaking " career" as queen of staying pure is over!

    So what will these two live on?? Withintwo years mommy will be finished. They better save their pennies.

    And Levi is dirt in my book. Treating his mom and sister like that. I used to stick up for him, never again.
    Poor Sherri and Mercedes--related to the Palins?? That is a night mare.

  104. Just curious9:36 AM

    What the heck are Sherry and Sadie thinking about this and Ben Barber? Are they thinking Tripp may have a sibling soon? Would they be blood related?

  105. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Ain't it a little bit late in the day to get prior approval from the parents?

  106. Anonymous9:39 AM

    The born again virgin is knocked up.

    From where did these two dark haired brown eyed kids get a blonde super blue eyed baby I wonder? I know it's possible... just sayin.

  107. Anonymous9:43 AM

    This sounds like a 'set up' orchestrated by Sarah. Possibly trying to clean up everything so that she can run for national office again? It's going to be interesting to watch, there is no doubt. Poor Levi! For the first time, I really think Bristol's face looks different.

  108. Leadfoot said...

    Wonkette's take:

    Thanks for that article, Leadfoot...They say the wedding's happening in 6 weeks...That's quite fast...kind of is in line with Bristol being pregnant (for what, a 3rd time?)...I don't know if the Palins even though of this, but when is Chelsea Clinton getting married? Isn't it supposed to be soon? Could they be trying to compete with them? (in their own Palin twisted way..)


    You can't make this stuff up.

  110. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Levi could have gone anywhere for a haircut. He went to his moms because he was reaching out. I hope he finds a balance between his mom and sister and his wife, and I hope that Bristol's "forgiving heart" extends to Levi's family as well.

    I don't believe Sarah knew about the engagement. If she did, she wouldn't have allowed them to say she was in the dark because it makes her look bad. There's a reason Bristol moved away from her mom when she could have lived rent free at home. I don't think they're close at all. She was probably pissed they were even speaking, let alone engaged.

  111. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:01 AM

    Here's a snarky little article on The Superficial that, unfortunately, probably smacks more of the truth than the US Magazine version.

    Warning: nasty language ahead!

  112. Buffalo, NY10:01 AM

    OK,so what happens now with Levi's monthly support payments? And all that time and money spent on lawyers was just wasted?

  113. Anonymous10:02 AM

    they can't get back the little one that SP gave away, but they can forge ahead. The newest addition was either just born or is due any day. Did you see the photos from the US shoot? She is HUGE! They've been removed from the engagement photo spread on MSNBC, but they were there this morning.

    IF it's true that they just got together again in the past couple of months, then someone else is the father of this new one.

  114. Buffalo,NY10:04 AM

    A great name would be Tree - that's Russian for 3 !! Can they see Russia from their condo too?

  115. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Talk about being f****d up! Bristol is definitely preggers. Talk about compromise...

  116. Anonymous10:18 AM


    you GOTTA use that. BRILLIANT!!!!

  117. Anonymous10:22 AM

    So they re-engaged weeks ago. But in the Palin tradition, didn't announce it until they had a check in hand for an exclusive announcement.

  118. Anonymous10:24 AM

    8:23 AM --------------- Bristol no doubt feels much closer to Aunt Heather, her real mother figure is in Anchorage.
    Bristol will not move away from Aunt Heather.

  119. Anonymous10:26 AM

    As much as I'd like to take this at face value and wish these two kids well, it's all too timely and manipulative. My gut tells me this is all just mopping up operations for Sarah's run for president. *knocks on wood*

    I also find it hard to have any sympathy for people who choose to tell strangers stuff before their own families. That's not how real people in real families operate. It's self-absorbed, immature, and disrespectful, and it smacks of manufactured drama.

    At least have the good judgment to elope. Don't foist any more of your private life on the world.

  120. I am convinced that Bristol and Levi have already signed a contract for a reality show.
    They may as well strike while the iron is hot - they will replace Jon & Kate + 8.
    I honestly wish them all the best - but with mommy dearest and the stress of constant cameras (re the reality show), it will be VERY hard to make it work.
    They have Sarah in a bind, that is for sure. They could write a tell-all book, go rogue, and expose her for the fraud she is.
    THAT part, I LOVE!

  121. Anonymous10:30 AM

    What happened to "just a sporty guy with a cool truck" wasn't that all this deadbeat was? She practically spit that out like his name tasted bad.

    I know when we are in love we say snarky things about people we actually love, but still...

  122. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hell, you'd think good old mom would Twitter a congratulations to the young couple. Oh wait, she can't do that since per her most recent Twitter she was supposed to be hiking in Denali when the US announcement came out. Guess that proves the theory that this was all pre-planned and staged. What a surprise!

  123. Anonymous10:34 AM

    8:28 AM

    The Johnston's will make more money if she will sell her story. Especially now.

    If Mercede wants to sell her freedom, her soul and be a dumb robot what would she charge Sarah? I don't think there is enough gold and oil in the world to make it worthwhile. Mercede can't just up and leave with her mother's situation. It would take months or years. They are stuck in Wasilla until Sarah says to leave. They may want to remain close to their family and not want to move again.

  124. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Is it bad that I cried a little from reading the usweekly article?

  125. Sherry and Sadie JUST found out.

    They are still trying to process it right now.

  126. @Gryphen.

    :-( I hope that in the end this means Sherry and Mercede will be able to see Tripp (and his soon-to-be sibling) more often.

    I've really grown to love Sherry and Mercede more and more every day after keeping up with her blog. She's one talented and brave young lady.

  127. Politics of engaged and not having sex10:55 AM

    Married or not, Bristol remains a fraud. She is both in on the Trig fraud and her con game as an abstinent leader for preteens is fraud. I see this as a crime mystery. The personal stuff is relative because of that. I don't care about the cheap tabloid but for the crimes behind the games. Expose them!

    I hope this is the start of unraveling the true "mama grizzly" baby story, going back to 2006 or when the first Bristol baby "rumors" began. We deserve to know how many lies and babies are involved in these crimes. We deserve to know if Ruffle is still alive or over medicated in an institution. Has Trig been institutionalized while rogue Sarah travels?

  128. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Gryphen, is it true that Levi and Bristol married when they were 17?

  129. She's certainly looking full figured isn't she? Well chubby really. I'm thinking of photos a few months back: definitely at least a dress size bigger. At least. Big belly.

    How is she going to keep the abstinence thing going? Do you think she will have to fudge the birthdate to get away with stupid speaking career intact?

    As much as Levi is no great catch, treating his family like that, not being too bright etc...everytime I see them together I'm bowled over that he is smitten with her. She has a terribly plain face, bordering on ugly with a beak of a nose and a sour expression constantly. NOT a pretty girl, and no amount of plastic surgery can help that. Two good looking parents genes and she got none.

    On top of that she isn't even a little bright. Her personality is stale dour sour and uninteresting in every possible way. On top of all that we know what a monstrous evil girl she's turned out to be; I truly cannot work out even one reason why he would want her. He could get a pretty bright bubbly sweet girl.

    I sense this is a thing with some men: they just love bitchy bossy women? Get a kick out of being told what to eat wear do work buy sleep have fun. But hey even then, why not a PRETTY bossy woman!? Lol.

  130. How funny. People burned by Us over an exclusive with Bristol & Levi The Exclusive, who had it?

    I'm highly amused :-)

  131. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What a way for Sadie and mom to find out...

    Levi is totally on the dark side now.

  132. Anonymous11:12 AM

    B is fat but not looking very busty. Suppose they squeezed her breasts in tight? I think she's pregnant and they're just trying too hard to cover it.

  133. Anonymous11:21 AM

    This ongoing Levi/Bristol reality drama cheapens Sarah's campaign, especially, especially when she puts out a statement (to US magazine?) right after the engagement story release.

    A true serious candidate who is concerned about vital national problems that are facing the country would NOT dignify this story by promptly getting herself push/front/center of it all. A concerned mother who cares about the privacy of Bristol would not mention it publically. She'd do like any other mother and celebrate with the family.

    She is guilty of stringing along this subject (Levi/Bristol/Tripp) by continually having the last word. Doesn't she have anything else to do?

  134. @ Sunshine1970
    We can dream.... I also hope Sherry and Mercede will be able to see Tripp.
    When a sibling is not of the same father many families accept the truth and the child and that's good. As it is Tripp is being raised by liars to live a lie. Both Tripp and Trapp need to be removed from that lying atmosphere or they are doomed.

  135. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Oh golly, I'm 15 and I am so going to get preggers so I can get on TV and magazines and have lots of money and attention!!!

  136. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I don't buy it that Sarah was surprised by this news. Nobody's going to break news like this in a photo spread in a mag - not even a kid who's supposedly intimidated. "Oh I'm scared and intimidated to tell my mama. What's the number for US mag?" Who's kidding who? Sarah's response: too calm, too measured. From the mountaintop? Right! That family can't tell the truth about anything.

    "Well aware" BEFORE Palin announced her pregnancy on March 5, 2008? Sarah Palin didn't even tell her own family or her own staff!
    David Weigel is a hoot. I can't wait for him to question Sully's Trig Truth along with a few photos (already getting scrubbed) of the new Bristol gut.

    Weigel and Moore know the truth!
    "And among the people who told me that Alaskans were well aware of Palin's pregnancy were Shannyn Moore, an award-winning and left-leaning political radio host who has been roundly attacked by Palin fans.

    Why interpret her odd decisions as part of a cover-up?"

  138. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Complete degenerates...the whole bunch!
    Candies should sue Bri$tol.

  139. Anonymous11:57 AM

    "I honestly wish them all the best" Are you nuts? This is a scam no matter how it came about. These wicked people are out to steal the minds and hearts of American youth. I wish them what they and all liars and charlatans deserve.

  140. "Tres" works for a girl or a boy.

    So, if she was two months in the May 5th photo with Dr Eeew, she should be about four and a half months along now. Wasn't she that far along in the Palin Family Christmas/stairway photo?

    Sarah says in an email about getting that photo, in 2007:

    "The sooner the better on the Christmas pics! My kids are getting busier than ever and it will be impossible to have everyone together if it's not in the next couple of weeks - just for the day is good enough."

    How can Ben NOT be the papi?

    I think they should elope(again) like her folks did. Save Sarah's disciples the money.

  141. Anonymous12:07 PM

    These palin women sure did learn a 'valuable' lesson from mama griz: "Work the Uterus girls. Its your best asset."

    Pathetic isn't it?

  142. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I hear that Bristol is making fast tracks to the Palin clan in the Bristol bay/Dillingham area. What is that about? NO BRISTOL WILL NOT LEAVE AUNT HEATHER.

  143. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Got to say, I really am wishing the best for Bristol and Levi.
    Hope he enjoys the new in-laws!! LOL

    In my experience, I've lived and seen NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) close and personal. It always hurts the children to the point of family members needing to abandon a NPD mother, in order to get away from the schemes and manipulations of the narcissistic NPD'er. It is psychological abuse and sometimes the drastic thing is to cut ties once and for all.

    A NPD person cannot help themselves. They are driven to never admit they have faults, and believe they are entitled, special, and don't abide the the same rules as everyone else. They use, manipulate to get ahead, and put extreme guilt on their children when the children do not comply, or just put guilt on them for no other reason than they enjoy it. There is never an ounce of peace, even after adult children grow up and leave the homestead. NPD'ers continually feel they're entitled to dominate their grown children's lives. They interfere, provoke fights. There is no peace in their minds.

    My experience with this is that the adult NPD'er is so conniving, will lie, will create a wedge between her child and spouse, to the point of even pushing them to divorce. The motive? To be right. To be loved more. They are extremely jealous of their daughter's/or son's new lives, and spouses.

    Grandmother NPD'ers can use the grandchildren as tools to wedge conflict and mistrust between the grown parent-child and grandchild. I've seen it in action. It's wicked, and very subtle. Grandchildren become anxious as they sense there's something about grandma and mom. Lies, distortions, silent treatment, envy, tantrums, are part of the daily life of an NPD'er. They are addicted. It's an uncontrollable addition to be more loved than anyone else.

    The worst part? The victims, those children who grow up into adults always have deep emotional scars that can't always be resolved with therapy. And the subtle abuse is not evident to outsiders. The abuser carries this two/tone personality (Jeckyl/Hyde) and the ugly one is only seen by immediate family members. This is why it is such an abominable disorder, as outsiders, friends, acquaintances think the kids are always the guilty ones. They don't see what happens behind closed doors.

    Just saying.

  144. Anonymous12:17 PM

    But it's going to take a whole lot more for Bristol's mother, Sarah Palin, to forgive her daughter's boyfriend.

    "With her, his actions will have to speak louder than words," Bristol, 19, tells PEOPLE. "And he'll have to get his education and a job and be willing to support Tripp the right way. And then I think she'll come around."

    What does she mean by "the right way" to raise their 18-month-old son?,,20401679,00.html

  145. Baby Pug12:17 PM

    C4P is having a party, "At least she didn't get an abortion!"

  146. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have patched things up, and may hear wedding bells chiming. But it's going to take a whole lot more for Bristol's mother, Sarah Palin, to forgive her daughter's boyfriend.

    "With her, his actions will have to speak louder than words," Bristol, 19, tells PEOPLE. "And he'll have to get his education and a job and be willing to support Tripp the right way. And then I think she'll come around."

    What does she mean by "the right way" to raise their 18-month-old son?,,20401679,00.html

  147. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Since SP is looking like she will run in 2012 it is perfect timing to compare the motherhood ways and parenting skills of Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin.
    Also their oldest daughters weddings.

    I am looking forward to the Mama Grizzlies explanations or just plain old ignoring the obvious.

  148. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Of course this is not a surprise to Scarah - she was AT the photo shoot.

  149. Trip, Trik, Trap12:46 PM

    US Weekly? What happened to the lap dogs at People?

    What a crock.... "I really thought we were over," Levi tells Us Weekly. "So when I went, I had no hope. I think we both just started talking — and then we took Tripp for a walk."
    Says Bristol, "When he left that night, we didn’t hug or kiss, but I was thinking how different it was. He texted me: 'I miss you. I love you. I want to be with you again' ... I was in shock."

  150. Anonymous12:48 PM

    If Bristol is anything like mommy dearest I think Levi would do well to have a DNA test before he gets married and tied down with another baby. Judging by the pictures she is at least three maybe four months pregnant. How long have they been back together? Would she really marry someone who isn't the father? Levi is so stupid. I hate to say it but he is P.Whipped. What about his fling with Kathy Griffin? I think the marriage is a sham it gives Bristol a pass on the whole abstinence thingy, what does Levi get in return? I hope he gets some money out of it so he can help his MOTHER.

  151. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Almost certain the new arrival will be a 15 lb. preemie!

  152. Virginia Voter12:51 PM

    Ugh, I was walking out of the house this morning for work when I caught this shit on the Today show. I almost threw up in my mouth a little when I saw the Palin-Johnston family taking pictures in virginal white... the only one practicing abstinence in that photo is little Tripp.

    Please...I am with all the others that call bullshit again on this article...ya'll know evertything in Palin-speak is exactly the opposite of reality. Bristol and Levi are shacking up, she's pregnant, and Sarah knows all about this and is encouraging them every step of the way...all part of cleaning up her image for her Presidential run. This is so choreographed and transparent, and so WHITE TRASH! Every white trash bride has her toddler as the ring bearer! How stereotypical can it get...Levi and Bristol are just like every other Jerry Springer couple, and they'll need a DNA test for Baby number 3 on the way.

    IF they actually make it down the aisle, I predict a nasty divorce within 4-5 years.

  153. Anonymous1:03 PM

    " This ongoing Levi/Bristol reality drama cheapens Sarah's campaign, especially, especially when she puts out a statement (to US magazine?) right after the engagement story release. "

    I couldn't agree more. TAG SARAH'S CAMPAIGN CHEAPENED FOR LIFE. The spin will spin but never give her back her false reputation as a strong Alaskan mother. Not that the crazy ones will change their rhetoric or beliefs but they are screwed to cover Sarah or Bristol on this one. Sarah is done for sure no matter what or how long it takes from here on out. She will always be known as the lowlife white trash family from Wasilla.

    With few exceptions, Wasilla is too scared and weak to stand up for themselves. The enablers all must go down with her.

  154. Anonymous1:05 PM

    People versus US Magazine. Ha, ha, ha. Should have offered more money People, if you wanted the big story. You got played, People. Bristol took your money and US Magazine's money.

    Levi has to support his kid the right way and Sarah will come around? Ha, ha, ha. The right way to support your kid, of course, is to license pictures of him (and Ben's nev baby on the way) to the tabloids.

  155. Anonymous1:07 PM

    From sunshine1970's comment at 9:20 (veeeeery interesting, thanks for posting):

    "BTW Willow's next."

    Wonder what on earth that means.

  156. Anonymous1:21 PM

    How would C4P know if she aborted Ben's baby after the May 18 Orlando gig? Now their favorite for a Bristol baby daddy is back and she wanted to get knocked up by Levi. People often repeat patterns. It is not entirely clear how all that went dowm with Levi's friend Johnny Chandler and a Bristol baby. That story is more interesting now because there is a pattern to Bristol. Again Ben Barber is a close friend of Levi and we will see when another baby arrives, or what version they will hand out for public consumption. At least they have increased their value in the tabloid markets. If they ever get any cameras in Anchorage we might see if Bristol is still in town or for how long.

    I think her best friend April Morlock knows a great deal about Bristol's patterns. She will never talk, their whole group of christianish church ladies will stay in lock step.

  157. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Trap is a perfect name for the little bundle of joy. But I'm kinda tired of(T) named kids. How about Clap or Crap.

  158. Anonymous1:30 PM

    This simply means they can get caught screwing and it will be considered FINE because after all they are 'engaged'. She is either PREGNANT or IMMINENT PREGNANCY is upon them and they want the wedding 'right now' so they can say the next kid was PREMATURE! I am CERTAIN Scarah was the one who arranged this little news item since she can then 'tightly' control both Levi and Bristol. Once that PUBLIC apology to the bitch was made, we all knew this was coming!

  159. Anonymous1:31 PM

    whoA! No one has commented that Bristol says rightbout that she a d Levi should be together for their CHILDREN!!!!t. Officially they only have a child, one. So it is soon coming out that Tri-G is bristol s and there is Trois on the way!! Yippee what fun!!!

  160. Yes, Gryphen, Tripp is most strategically placed. The choice of dress is very forgiving, also too.

    Levi - I'm sure lots of people have left you this advice, but it's worth repeating: get DNA on the new baby before you marry Bristol. Once you marry, you're responsible for the child whether you're the biological father or not.

  161. Mama Duck1:40 PM

    The blog AlaskaWTF is confirming the rumor:
    Bristol is prego

  162. Anonymous1:50 PM

    How long before Bristol elopes and claims it was to save her parents the cost of the wedding, just like mom? She already has the bun in the oven by another man, just like mom.

    Gryphen, what are the chances Levi has been playing by Sarah's rules all along, helping to keep Sarah in the news, making her Bots feel sorry for her, etc?

  163. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Anon 1:31: That quote was from Sarah and Todd, saying they want whats best for THEIR children

  164. Anonymous1:56 PM

    No one has commented on how ENORMOUS Bristol's arms are. She's either obese or pregnant.

    And NO WAY she orchesterated a deal with People/US WEekly and a photoshoot on her own--NO WAY. She is not bright and clearly this is a complete pr stunt set up my SP. Yeah, right.

  165. Beavis and Butt-head return!2:01 PM

    Palin speak: "praising their daughter Bristol for her extraordinary belief in "redemption and forgiveness."

    The statement follows a a surprising interview of Bristol Palin and her lover, the father of her child and Playgirl plaything, who has been highly critical of Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston. The young couple tell US Weekly that they will marry.

  166. Ratfish2:05 PM

    Sarah Palin said: ""Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives."

    Translation: I'm really pissed, but I'll pretend to be a good "Christian."

  167. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Supposedly Sarah and family were hiking up McKinley when she made her statement. Maybe Bristol was hoping Scarah would fall off the mountain when she got the news. LOL

  168. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Levi may still be on drugs. He is not about to think he needs DNA. He is too certain that his woman would never cheat like that. Yeah, they went back and forth since the beginning. They both had other sex when not together. He was fine with that because he was a jerk like his father. When Bristol is with Levi he knows it is exclusive and he has no reason not to trust her. He believes what his ego tells him. Bristol is a good girl and he doesn't need any DNA tests.

  169. Anonymous2:17 PM

    OT but has anyone read Kathleen Parker newest rant defending SP? "To criticize Sarah now is to impugn Womankind. Worse, it is anti-Mom." WTF I AM a woman and a mom of three. I would never use or embarrass my children like SP. She is bound and determined to destroy them. I may not be rich or famous but at least my kids aren't pregnant, thrashing other peoples property, etc. I find it insulting that Kathleen says I'm impugning Womanhood and I'm anti-mom. We have been label as anti-american, unpatriotic and now anti-mom. Give me a break. Hey Kathleen go fuck yourself!!

  170. Linda Arizona2:25 PM

    Anon at 12:13 PM,


    Bristol will need many years of therapy to recover from her childhood with the Sociopath. And, that's ONLY after she realizes that she needs to do something about her mother.

    I don't think Scarah is a narcissist. I truly believe that she qualifies as a bonafide sociopath (antisocial personality disorder), but you describe the family dynamic with great precision and the net effect is the same.

    God help them all.

    Now, as far as our country is concerned, we all need to quit buying into this alluring and destructive business and political model.

    I think you are turning out to be a better journalist/commentator than those academically trained. It would be great if you could break some stories, but I'm not sure if this is your goal.

    I no longer think anyone in Alaska will expose the baby fraud, but maybe someone else will someday. It's been a disappointing discovery regarding the so called "brave and independent Alaskan spirit." And, I don't want any more tragedy or heartache for Mercede or Sherry.

    None of this will turn out well for Levi, I'm sure. Very sad.

  171. OMG!!!! The Palins are all scum!! Please get poor Tripp out of there however legal and possible. He will be like the Palin scum now that baby daddy is on the dark side. Is there no one in Alaska that will do what is right and help Tripp escape? Help the sane Johnstons do what is right for the boy. Please.

  172. Where is that reporter that was renting the house next store? I hope he's still there and getting the goods.

  173. wakeUpAmerica2:51 PM

    Practicing abstinence? They must be engaging in whatnot then.

  174. wakeUpAmerica2:51 PM

    ""It is intimidating and scary just to think about what her reaction is going to be. Hopefully she will jump on board."" This isn't Bristol's voice; it was scripted for her. She is so ignorant that she doesn't even know how to use "your", "you're", "there", "they're", and "their" correctly. Her words would be more like this: "It's scary to think what her reaction will be. I hope she supports us and whatnot."

  175. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I hope Ben will be safe. We all know what happened to another guy who could have fathered Sarah's first pregnancy.

    Ben watch out for yourself. You could be viewed as a liability.

    Levi - shame on you for treating your mother and sister as you have.


  177. I can only hope that Bristol and Levi made a decision together to stand up to Sarah. Sadly, there is probably some tawdry charade going on in the background, with details to come. Ah, but hope springs eternal.

  178. NavyMom3:13 PM

    She is pregnant AGAIN!!! Since a pregnant role model for abstinence is not cliche she HAD to marry him.

    So next it will be a quickie wedding for the sake of Tripp, of course, then a 10lb preemie.

  179. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Bristol and Levi's Engagement Is Sarah's Smartest PR Ploy Ever
    ' Us did a bizarre job on the cover, taking two very attractive young people and making them look like a peeping tom and an overzealous Mary Kay spokeswoman, with a child who's justifiably afraid of them both. '

    Sarah Palin is big on the military too and she had no clue about what happened to a young man from her Wasilla that is an important story about life in the military. Coincidentally the story includes Bristol's best friend, April Morlock. Sarah is smart when it comes to PR and when not to say anything.

  180. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Anyone care to bet the divorce is filed the day after the 2012 elections or the day Scarah fails to secure the republican nomination, whichever comes first.

    Also borrowing from COOKY, I suggest Abstinot if it's a boy and Abstinata if it is a girl

  181. The real cover of People. Or at least the one I picture in my mind.

  182. Buffalo, NY3:56 PM

    Does this make her fair game for Letterman now ? I don't see why not ! Go for it Dave !!

  183. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Annon @3:00

    That was my first thought too. I am afraid for him.

  184. Anonymous4:12 PM

    What I find funniest about that photo is she looks like Chuck Heath in drag.

  185. The engagement story reminds me of 2 well-worn tales.

    1) Then: Bristol finds that telling her mom about her pregnancy is “harder than labor”. She couldn’t even do it herself so she and Levi took a friend along to spill the beans.

    Now: Bristol is too intimidated and scared to tell her mom that she’s engaged, she announces it publicly instead.

    2)Then: Sarah struggled to accept the idea she would have a DS child -- Heather is the one who is patient, etc. Sarah reveals her character flaws and weaknesses and inability to prepare her heart. When Trig was placed on her chest, she finally realized that God had changed her heart. Her fans eat it up.

    Now: She hasn’t forgiven Levi yet. Bristol is the one who understands forgiveness and redemption. (Detour: Of course, we know that it’s Sarah that needs to apologize to Levi...and his family. And Bristol needs to apologize to Sadie for false accusations.) How will God change Sarah’s heart toward Levi? How will she make her fans love her more?

    The drama is building for TLC’s Sarah’s Alaska. Tv shows love to end their seasons with reunions and weddings.

  186. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Will the baby be a premie or will they have to fake the birth date? How much will they get for those pictures? How is willow going to start her baby making business when these two are taking up all the magazines?

  187. Anonymous4:17 PM

    We are stuck with this family for a long time. How soon before they have a reality show?

  188. Anonymous4:40 PM


    Will this be another convenient "premature" baby? You betcha!

    Let's see ....

    1. Bristol is pregnant (for 3rd time?)
    2. She will not give it up
    3. Sarah has to save face
    4. Bristol needs to keep up the face of the 'rejuvenated virgin'
    5. What to do?
    6. Pay Levi (I say $1 million)
    7. Get Levi to:
    a. Take back all the negative stuff he's said
    b. Repudiate his mom and sister
    c. Sign confidentiality agreements
    d. Agree to marry Bristol
    e. Agree to say he's the dad of the baby that will be born January 2011 (oops, I mean prematurely born January 2011)
    8. Arrange for a QUICK photo shoot BEFORE Bristol starts to show real big
    9. Make Surprise! announcement
    10. Sarah acts Shocked!

  189. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Wow, Bristol got fat. What happened? (Maybe she really is pregnant). I find it very odd that number one, they would rush through this wedding. Number two, it makes no sense whatsoever that they would break up (badly) and completely commit to marriage and publicly announce an engagement, and NOT be intimate together. I'm sorry, maybe because they're kids they think we'll buy that. But we know no relationship scenario in which that would be realistic. If she wants to practice abstinence (now) for a few weeks before they get married, ok I see that as doable. But not re-commit to each other sexually and make that intimate connection to start their lives over? That's impossible. Especially after all the bitter feelings and her withholding Tripp from him. There no amount of "sweet nothings" which would be enough. Nothing would be enough to march down the aisle except sex.

    Also, it's unbelievable to me that Sarah doesn't know. What did she think Levi was apologizing to her for? Wasn't that a tip off? They would have told Sarah. She's the matriarch of the family, and she's also supporting Bristol. She would know.

  190. Too rash, Levi, too rash.

  191. Anonymous5:00 PM

    She's pregnant. I'll put my monty down on 12-14 weeks, since this is at least #2. My husband & I eloped, then had a celebration several months later when I was pg. Her gown fit exactly the way mine did, and I was 4 months at the time.

    I do feel badly for Mercede and Sherry Johnston. I wish them the best.

  192. Anonymous5:04 PM


    That friend of Bristol's is April Morlock who could help her write a book? Maybe Mercede will fill in some of the pieces of the puzzle. It is time we know the names of the players who are adults now. There is nothing new with the current scene, if people don't learn they just keep doing the same old over and over.

    However Mark Burnett writes the scripts, Levi will never be forgiven by Scarah, not in real life.... but her fans will send more money (as in love her more.)

    The C4P reaction is great! I avoid that place but not for this one! I am glad that Dave Wiggle is documenting his take on Palin. He doesn't care about Bristol because she will is going to take down all the Palin clown helpers when she blows.

  193. Anonymous5:18 PM

    If you know little about Wasilla you could still know what extremist nutcases that the hockey player friends of Ben and Levi are. Ben is safe as long as he is quite and that is not a problem. He won't talk. No one wants to bring attention to Ben Barber. Do not mention Ben Barber or any of the hockey players. Only Levi. He is the one who will be in danger. It could be worse for him going back with Bristol. Not saying Todd or Sarah would do anything. Look at their supporters in the area. Some are real far gone and may want to save Bristol.

    Ben Barber is very safe, check out his family and friends if you are worried about him.

  194. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I skimmed the comments so I might have missed it.

    I read about this comment: ( The couple is ready to get married but Palin told the magazine they'll probably see a marriage counselor, Schaefer said, adding that Palin made it clear that Levi will have "a lot of work to do.")

    It appears that she thinks nothing is wrong with her.

  195. What do I think?

    I think the "we'll be married in six weeks" will be so they can claim their second child is a premie.

    I think they got engaged 2 weeks ago right after the pregnancy test turned positive.

    And yes, I think Sarah Palin, decided this was the ideal way to control Levi and solve her campaign problems. Now she can campaign for 2012 with her daughter married to the baby daddy.

    While I'm sure Sarah isn't thrilled with Levi as her son in law, I'm sure this was her plan, not Bristols and that the two of them have manipulated Levi. He is now a little Todd in training.


  196. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Despite my feelings about Sarah et al, that little boy is absolutely adorable. I can't help but smile knowing he has a daddy in his life, at least this week!

  197. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Per the New York Times:

    But Rex Butler, Mr. Johnston’s lawyer in Anchorage, said the couple was sincere. “I don’t think they ever fell out love with each other,” he said.

    Asked if they had a deal for a reality show, he said, “I can’t talk about that until the end of the week.”

    I guess the reality show announcement is coming.

  198. Anonymous5:58 PM

    When you say two bundles of joy, Gryphen, are you discussing the possibility that she may be pregnant with twins or is Kathy Griffin also expecting a child with Levi? Ha ha

  199. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Honestly, she could have done a lot better. Oh well, children will be children. Actually, I am very disappointed because this child does not realize what she is getting herself into. He is just going to use her for whatever reason.

  200. It is really sad when your child is too nervous and scared of yor reaction to tell you that she is getting married so she tells a national magazine first.

    That is saddddddd.


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