Friday, August 13, 2010

Levi sells out his family for one of the WORST child custody agreements in history!

From TMZ:

Under the deal, filed with an Alaska Superior Court, Bristol will get primary physical custody of Tripp. Levi will have visitation, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays and 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Wednesdays.

WHAT?  In Alaska joint custody is what almost EVERY parent can expect unless they have a drug problem or history of abuse. My ex-wife hated my guts and tried to use my child to manipulate and punish me at every turn.  But when it finally came before a judge he said "If you guys cannot reach an agreement that you both can sign off on I am simply going give you each alternating weeks."  My wife cried for a few minutes and then suddenly became VERY reasonable.

Levi has to pay Bristol child support. The amount isn't stated, but the agreement says the calculation is based on earnings of $72,000 a year.

Well at least the child support amount seems a little more reasonable.

And get this ... Under the agreement filed with the court, the parties agree not to "speak badly about the other parent in front of the child ... or allow anyone else to speak badly about the other parent or members of their family in front of the child."

I don't think this is something which can be written into a child custody agreement. Can it?  Any family lawyers want to weigh in on this?

And it goes on ... "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family."

Are you fucking kidding me? And his so-called "attorney" allowed Levi to sign off on this?

Levi just crapped all over his sister for 52 hours a MONTH with his son?  How does Rex Butler even call himself a lawyer after this?  I have seen chimpanzees that could have negotiated a better deal than this for Levi!

So this whole "negotiation" was just another attempt by the Palins to get Mercede to take down her blog?

What kind of a "man" lets his ex-fiancee dictate whether or not his family can spend time with his own son?  And how do the Palin women manage to turn every man they touch into such pussies?

Here I have a new reality show idea for Levi, "Levi Johnston and the Mystery of his Missing Nutsack".

"Every week join young Levi as he jumps through Bristol Palin's hoops,  begs for extra time with his son, and searches the town of Wasilla high and low for his misplaced boy parts."

P.S. By the way I have heard from a number of sources that Bristol is STILL trashing Mercede on Facebook every chance she gets. (Remember this?) I guess that whole, "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family", only applies if the Palin family are the ones being criticized.  Because, as we all know, the rules only apply to people who are NOT part of that family.


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    This also means Sarah can't disparage Levi in public.

  2. Regarding the "no bad-mouthing" clause: I just went through a divorce here in Alaska, and it's pretty much boiler-plate language for the parenting plan.

  3. Is it at all possible this is a temporary agreement until the Sept. court date?

    If this is permanent it IS the WORST custody agreement in history. Fucking stupid! It's unenforceable and is prime to be abused any time Bristol is feeling pissy.

  4. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Is revealing that Sarah Palin didn't birth Trig "criticizing" Sarah Palin or just making a true statement of fact. Inquiring minds want to know?

    Sounds like they are trying to shut Mercede and Sherri up or they will never see their nephew/grandson again.

    That would be hard, especially after the tragedy with the FAS baby. Can't see the healthy one either.

  5. Nadira7:16 PM

    Fathers' rights groups need to give Levi a call and some free representation. STAT.

  6. I'm confused by your reaction, Gryph.

    Levi gets a raw deal. But you're angry at... Levi?

    I think the little vindictive mommy deserves a kick in the pants.

    I think Levi may have simply chosen not to prolong the inevitable. The Palins hate him and will never give him a fair shot at being a father to Tripp no matter what.

  7. BAustin7:19 PM

    Given how slow the rest of the custody proceedings have would seem this plot was well underway prior to the engagement/unengagement.

    Doesn't pass the sniff test!

  8. Anonymous7:20 PM

    "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family"

    Of course, by its very terms, this cannot apply to Bristol (who is free to trash whoever she wants), because she has primary (virtually sole custody) of Tripp, so, by definition,he doesn't "visit" with her.

    Of course, we shouldn't be too harsh on her -- she has to live every day with the thought of her first born FAS baby.

  9. Did anyone ever stop to think that perhaps Levi might be fine with limited contact with his son? I mean, not every person is crazy about being a parent.

    Until he says that this doesn't work for him I'll consider Levi fine with this arrangement. I have friends that plain walked away from their kids or saw them a few times a year. These guys stood up to their financial responsibilities and made certain that their children were provided for, but these guys were not ready to be parents. (yea, I know, wrap it up guys, no unprotected sex, but accidents do happen....)

    Not everyone is cut out for parenthood, neither do they have to be. As long as he pays his fair share of support for his son then he should feel good about the situation.

    When Levi is a bit older he may experience remorse over his first son not really knowing him, but then again, he might not. He also might move on in life and find a person to have a stable full time relationship with and he and that person may create a new family.

  10. Anonymous7:21 PM

    This is fucked up. But what else can you expect from this family circus.

    Screw you Levi. You can't be so dumb not to hire new people.

    It's THIS part of the Palin's I could give a rats ass about. My only goal in this whole PALIN MESS is to expose her for the biggest hoax ever to be put on the American public.

    I'm sick of the "reality show" mentality of this family.

  11. Anonymous7:21 PM

    "Levi will have visitation, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays and 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Wednesdays."

    So. If Levi has to get a real job to cover those child support payments, he'll lose his Wednesday visitation.
    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

    Levi, you need to dump that team!

  12. 10catsinMD7:27 PM

    Is this why we have not seen any updates on Mercede's blog? This is what Levi was talking about in his horrible threats to his sister and his mother. His lawyer is a cutthroat.

    Maybe Levi is just like Sarah Palin and is bitten by the limelight. He certainly has a rotten lawyer. I agree with you Gryphen about the joint custody issue. This was done to keep proceedings out of court. What is it that these kids (Levi and Bristol) have on one another.

    Levi is just another Kaeto Kalin (sp?).

    I hope Sadie keeps blogging. I enjoy reading what she has to say and want her to write about her mother and her life in Alaska. I am so sorry for her and her Mom that this has happened.

  13. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Wow - those terms are seemingly one-sided. Rex must be the dregs of the profession in Alaska if he couldn't have (1) fought those terms, and (2) convinced Levi that these are not in his or his son's best interests.

    If Levi would get his stuff together, gather what remains of his manhood, and seek out competent legal advice, he could fight this

    BTW, I believe Mercede and Sherry could fight this as well - after all, the blog is a First Amendment issue and the judge cannot enforce these against her First Amendment right to speak out. What kind of judge allows this knowing the context of these two families?

    Mercede is not going to see that child much anyway, I bet. Levi has already turned on her and his mother and will do so again if Bristol or Sarah even smirk in his direction. Go for it Mercede. In for a penny, in for a pound. You will have your own family and babies one of these days(hopefully, after you get your education).

  14. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Give it up,... the kid is a moron! He deserves whatever he gets.

  15. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Also, too, I don't think Levi is much interesting in spending time with his son. Remember this is redneck who didn't want kids. I think all he wants to do is hunt and fornicate -- babies aren't really his thing. Perhaps when the little tyke is old enough to hunt, he'll be a bit more interested in him.

  16. "And get this ... Under the agreement filed with the court, the parties agree not to "speak badly about the other parent in front of the child ... or allow anyone else to speak badly about the other parent or members of their family in front of the child."

    I don't think this is something which can be written into a child custody agreement. Can it? Any family lawyers want to weigh in on this?

    And it goes on ... "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family." '

    While I am not a lawyer, I have seen this included in custody agreements. Talking badly about the child's other parent with the child or in such a way that the child would learn of such talk is considered abusive by the courts. It isn't "remove the child from the home to foster care" abuse, but the courts are pretty adamant that a child shouldn't be exposed to such behavior. Considering the badmouthing that has happened on tv and in print on a regular basis, I am not at all surprised that this was requested by one of the lawyers and that the judge made it a condition of child custody.

  17. Anonymous @ 7:20

    ""The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or INTERACT with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family"

    This absolutely applies to Bristol. Whether or not the court will enforce this part of the agreement remains to be seen. But the wording is clear that no one who interacts with the child may badmouth the other parent or that parent's family.

  18. Joint custody doesn't mean equal time. They could have joint custody and Bristol could have primary physical custody, with visitation for Levi.

    If Sadie spends time with Tripp and Bristol thinks she is badmouthing Palins in front of Tripp, then Bristol could go back to court. At that time Sadie could bring up Bristol's badmouthing of the Johnstons in front of Tripp. I don't think either would count as badmouthing in front of the baby, but if Sadie wants to know what she can and can't do, she should talk to a lawyer other than Rex.

  19. akpetmom - You're being far too logical. ;-)

  20. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I agree with AKPetmom. Levi may be getting the exact amount of time with his son as he wants right now.

    As far as the badmouthing clause, let's not forget that Sarah was reprimanded by the judge in her sister's custody battle for badmouthing Trooper Wooten. Maybe this clause was directed at Sarah.

  21. Oops. Re-read it. Badmouthing can be not in front of baby but public. Maybe Sadie's blog would count and Bristol's Facebook wouldn't. Sadie still needs to talk to an attorney.

  22. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Mercede doesn't talk badly about anyone-she just tells the truth. It's the Palin's who constantly disparage the Johnston's publicly. Who are we kidding, the Palin's weren't about to let Mercede or Sherry see Tripp anyways. Levi will have to figure out a way to include his family in the visits if he should choose to do so. As for Bristol, it must suck to be her anyways. It can't be easy being a witch.

  23. Anonymous7:50 PM

    "...not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly..."

    So this agreement allows the child to visit with, or interact with, any NON-family member who publicly...

    Friends and acquaintances can flood the child with blistering criticism of his parents and parents' families. If the court agree to that, then the court should be hauled in for child abuse. Or for flunking logic.

  24. nswfm7:50 PM

    OK, so Levi and his family may not be able to say anything negative about the Paylins, but the rest of the people who know about the Trig switcheroo/FAS/Ruffles kids and the Paylin crime spree family , the ball's in your court, as is likely a lot of money.

    Here's your big chance people.

  25. Anonymous @ 7:35:

    "Also, too, I don't think Levi is much interesting in spending time with his son. Remember this is redneck who didn't want kids. I think all he wants to do is hunt and fornicate -- babies aren't really his thing. Perhaps when the little tyke is old enough to hunt, he'll be a bit more interested in him."

    I think this is hard to assess. What a 17 year old posts on his myspace page before becoming a parent and what he says about having children AFTER having a child are usually very different. I am not saying that it always is, but most people are surprised to find out how much they love having a child once they do have a child. We are programed to need our children.

    Levi has always gotten a raw deal with visitation. While this is an unfair agreement (IMO), it is much better than what he had previously. Hopefully, once Tripp is a bit older and Levi has become used to regular visitation, he can petition for joint physical custody of Tripp.

    I truly hope that this will work out for Levi and his son. Kids need their father.

  26. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I bet Levi will be in and out of court until Tripp- Bristol's meal tickets--turns 18. I pity whoever marries him--Bristol will make her miserable.

  27. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I am curious if the wording of "visit" and "interact" is applicable to the custodial parent and her family or just for those who "visit". Levi agreed to visitation for his parental status.

    If Levi did not clarify this legally or seek no bad mouthing applies to everyone (best interests of the child) then he gave them power over himself and the Johnsstons. History is they abuse thier power and no one is allowed to speak up for themselves calling them on things.

    It has been clear Mercedes and her mother want to spend time with Levi's son. When a couple splits up it brings much loss and heart break often to so many people.

  28. Okay I disagree with the premise that Levi does NOT want to spend more time with his son.

    The entire reason that Levi contacted Rex and went on the Tyra and Larry King in the first place was to tell the world that he was being treated unfairly and that he wanted to parent this son. Now unless something fundamental has changed, that should still be the most important thing.

  29. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Oh well! Bristol is the laughing stock of the entire country. I'm sure she will continue to make a bigger fool of herself than she already has. I feel so sorry for Tripp. At least he has Levi and his family.

  30. ramalamadingdong8:08 PM

    Has anyone ever considered that his lawyer and bodyguard are Palin agents?

  31. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I wonder what kind of residential schedule Miss Palin will have with her third, I mean, next child with Ben (or whoever is the father!). Or has that child already been whited out? There couldn't be a better role model for abstinence. In fact, I will not ever buy another Candies product for my girls as long as she is a spokesperson for Candies. Anyone else with me?

  32. $72,000 a year? For what?

    Excuse me but I'm a teacher librarian, I have two master's degrees, three credentials and am national board certified. I've just completed GATE certification and I have 30 years experience.

    I make....about $72,000 a year before they take out taxes and everything else.

    Levi doesn't even have a GED.

    He also doesn't appear to have any brains to speak of, considering the really poor decisions he's made lately, the biggest being those he employs and takes advice from.

    Did I not read here that he has a joint checking account with his lawyer?

    I away reading how his lawyer had cleaned out that account and taken Levi for every penny he (hasn't) earned.

    Sorry, but Levi deserves everything Bristol and Sarah do to him. He's that....obtuse.

  33. Linda8:14 PM

    Honestly, who cares? All parties in this deserve what they agree to. In 10 years it will be irrelevant, as in most (less public) cases like this. Bristol will be married to a guy guy who doesn't really like Trip that much and they will have 2 or 3 more children. Trip won't seem so special so Bristol and spouse will happily let him go spend time with his dad as often as he wishes. Levi, meantime, will also either be married or will have fathered a few more children and be shacking up with the mother of one of them. He won't care much whether Trip comes and visits or not. These people are typical small town "townies" who stay in the towns they grew up in, don't get an education beyond high school, and just live to party and procreate until they're about 50. At age 50 most of them are either physically or mentally disabled and either draw benefits off the government or have their kids (who are now in THEIR 20's & 30's with multiple children) support them. I'm sorry -- but this is an age old story and there is nothing about this that is NEWS!

  34. Aussie Blue Sky8:35 PM

    Now for the DNA test!

  35. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I think Linda at 8:14 a.m. pretty well summed it up.

    And in about 16 years, Sarah will be a great grandma, but I doubt a GGILF.

  36. When will you give up on Levi?

    I can appreciate ,especially, because of your history all the "empathy" in the world gor Levi.............but there comes a time Griff.

    I realize that Levi is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but as far as I am able to discern, he has the basics down pat.

    He really does have honest core values.

    HE knows this is wrong and apparently doesn't care.

    I was amazed at the way he "turned" on his family.

    I think you should focus on getting his sister and mother out of Alaska and away from this PATHETIC drama.

    This is far worse than "Jersey Shores". Desperate Housewives" etc.

    It is because it involves real folks and their circumstances.

    Instead of "NOW what", when I read this stuff, it's ....just silence and a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    If you want to stay relevant AND keep your sanity, please do not play into their macabre dramas.


    This is no joke or "reality show" fodder, it shouldn't be.

    But that is EXACTLY what it has become

  37. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Odd. There is no restriction on sale of photos of the child. That could be a real money maker for each parent.

  38. Anonymous9:03 PM

    This sounds like another put up job by the Palins. What about holidays throughout each year as to which parent has custody? Usually there is a rotation from year to year. Custody, visitation, child support, etc. can always be revisited in the courts as the years go by. I was divorced and thank God we did it like adults - but, we were older than these two kids. There was nothing mentioned about badmouthing each other in front of the child in my legal documents. (I pulled them and checked.)

    Being around any of those in the Palin group would be a pain in the ass. Levi probably couldn't get away from them fast enough and I don't blame him at all!

    Levi appears to be a much kinder person than that of Bristol. Bristol is vindictive and publicly so. She mimics her horrible mother and Sarah should NOT be proud of herself as a 'christian' mother - a term I use very loosely.

    The one we all need to feel sorry for is that baby, being in the custody of his mother the majority of the time...

  39. I'd like to know, Gryphen, if someone is collecting PFD checks for Trig Palin and Tripp Johnston.

    Can someone find out?

  40. momcat4obama9:28 PM

    Yes - you can put language into a parenting plan about not bad-mouthing the other parent in front of the child and about not allowing family members to do so, either. But no overnights?? That is ridiculous!

  41. Yeah no overnights, no holidays, and Bristol is still completely in charge.

    Of course I am angry at Levi. But I am even angrier at Rex and Tank for screwing this boys life up so completely. He will have his whole life to regret the day he accepted Tank's business card.

  42. WalterNeff9:45 PM

    Sarah Palin is crazy. Nutso. Batshit insane. But this stuff? This is none of our business. Leave it alone.

  43. SME1319:47 PM

    It's pretty standard language in custody cases these days. It is meant to benefit the child not the parents.

    However, people need to take screen shots EVERY time they see something SP or BP says about the Johnstons. Bristol won't be able to stay off the magazine pages so you know she will breach this clause.

  44. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Ooo I see others beat me to it--Sarah can't talk jack sh!t about Levi either, according to the agreement.

    And I'd like the judge to get access to Brittle's (alleged) Facebook entries.

  45. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Thinking about Levi's music video, just what does Sarah have in the envelope?

  46. WakeUpAmerica10:00 PM

    I agree that the time Levi gets is unreasonable, but maybe that's all he wanted. Also, my husband's custody agreement from a former marriage had those exact words in it. That was in Alabama, but I don't know if it is in all states.

  47. Gryphen, at 8:01pm you presumed to know that Levi went on television last fall to fight to spend more time with his son. You made comments on your blog on 7/21 stating that you have only met Levi twice.

    So, I'm going to presume that any information that you have regarding Levi's stance on fatherhood must have come from his mother and sister, as your blog states that you have spent more time with them than with Levi.

    Levi has said many things to different media outlets; hell, he is saying he's running for Mayor of Wasilla, yet as far as we know he does not meet residency requirements. Levi says whatever his 'Team' tells him to.

    I don't mean to be critical but you have stated yourself that you did not form a relationship of any lasting manner with Levi, yet you state tonight that you are certain that he is serious about fathering Tripp.

    I merely see you reporting in a projected manner your conversations with Mercede and Sherri, who would I'm sure hope that Levi was serious about raising this child so that he could be part of their lives. Nowhere in any of your Levi posts do I see a quote from him personally to you as a blogger regarding his commitment to fatherhood.

  48. Anonymous10:10 PM

    What do the Palins have on this kid to make him do / agree to all of these dumb things ? He threw his family away when the recent engagment/not was announced. This speak no evil agreement has effectivly silenced his family so the dark truth will remain buried perhaps forever. The girls, Sadie and her Mother are the key to this mystery. They were there and have sent signals to the Palins that they know. The picture of Ruffles broadcast on the TV interview was no mistake or mix-up as claimed. Levi has no credibility anymore and the only people who could explain the story is the girls. However Mom has legal issues which will darken her story - so Sadie is the only remaining witness who is credible. Except she has written that Bristol was not pregnant in late 07 early 08so she's got conflicting testimony as well. She reminds Bristol (on her blog) that she could sell her story to the tabloids immeadiatly, so why the silence ?

  49. scarlet/oregon10:58 PM

    Let's talk about all the times Piper was exposed to $arah's hate-filled speeches. Can't imagine what she hears in private, but bet she'll need years of therapy...or just end up hateful & mouthy like her sisters.

  50. Anonymous11:18 PM

    does anybody think that $arah Palin can actually shut her mouth and NOT speak badly of Levi? NOT! This is going to be fun to watch! Popcorn is already popping for this show!

  51. KiheiKat11:34 PM

    ramalamadingdong said...

    "Has anyone ever considered that his lawyer and bodyguard are Palin agents?"
    You beat me to it ramalamadindong! =) I was going to ask - When is it going to be revealed that Rex & Tank have been on the Palin payroll from day one. Surely nothing else explains their "guidance." I've defended Levi many times, but have since resigned from TeamLevi. Anyone who can diss his own loving family, cave in to every Palin whim, and accept this type of custody agreement doesn't deserve support. He made his bed - hope he enjoys the nails.

  52. Heidi112:20 AM

    Anon @10:10 - Could you please direct me to when and where Mercede said that Bristol was not pregnant during late '07-early '08?

    Exactly how was that worded? That particular time frame is the key to the birth of FAS 'Ruffles'. And besides, Aunt Heather says exactly the opposite, and she's the one who housed Bristol at that time. Have I got that right, Gryph? All I'm saying is that, perhaps, Sadie said she DIDN'T SEE Bristol pg during those months.

  53. Anonymous12:23 AM

    9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays -- so he doesn't even get to have dinner with his son. Then, even worse: 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Wednesdays. Tripp will be in school before they realize it, and there goes half of their visit time.

    Yeah, if Levi wants to spend much time with his son, he will have to back to court a LOT. Hmmmm, "back to court" = "more fees to the lawyer."

    Gryphen, I agree with you -- Levi's not stupid. Agreeing to this was within his control. If he was at all curious about whether or not this was a good deal, he could have Googled "standard custody arrangements." He gets what he deserves. Sadly, Tripp will be the one who suffers.

    Is there anything about who gets the money each time the child is on a magazine spread? If Levi arranges a photo shoot for Tripp at noon on a Saturday, does he get to keep the cash?

  54. Annie Goolihy12:29 AM

    It looks like Mercede sat down and shut up. @dsmyre, I can understand Gryphen's frustration with Levi. I get the feeling that he really cares about the Johnston family. I've lost good friends because I let some manipulitive plick drag me down. It would be nice if Mercede could give a goodbye message on her blog, saying she gets to see her nephew again and everything will be just fine. What would be even better is if the whole family went into the witness protection program and spilled their guts. I have a feeling the Palins are threatening them with something bigger than Tripp.

  55. Heidi112:31 AM

    I, too, wish the commenting method on this blog would change. There is no way to reply to anybody, other than to reference a previously-posted comment. No need for moderation, either. I don't know how many times I've passed on commenting here, because I know my ideas won't show up until the next day. "Bad language" is rarely used; none worse that Gryph's, that is. Trolls are easily discouraged by the commenters since we all have keen noses and abide by IM's no-feed rule.

  56. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Levi should have a way of permanently recording (digital recorder, webcam hooked to a remote recorder, video camera, whatever else is out there) what happens during every minute of his visit from before he knocks on Bristol's door till after he walks away. Otherwise, she'll be like her mom and make things up, then whine that Levi was talking bad to and/or about her or others in her family.

    It would be a bit awkward at first, but he could get used to it. Otherwise, he'll lose even the short visits that he has.

  57. Personally I don't give a rats ass about all of these losers. The only ones I truly care about is Mercedes and her mother. I think Levi is a piece of shit for treating and letting his family be treated this way. I think Mercedes and her mother are the only two that actually cares about this child.

    But I have a question, so lets hypothesize. Lets say maybe Mercedes were to say something on her blog. This said thing really pisses off the grifters. So now the grifters want to go back to court to make sure Mercede's has her tongue stapled. Now what if this said thing has to be PROVEN in court to be bad mouthing (criticizing) by the grifters, not Mercedes just telling something honestly and factual. HMMM

  58. Aussie Blue Sky2:58 AM

    Of course!!! Bristol's career as a professional whiner would be in jeopardy if she was only a HALF-TIME single mom with 28 jobs and no support.

  59. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Levi may talk a good game about. How much he loves his son and wants to be in his life, but words are cheap. My ex used to say the same thing, with feeling, but he was totally content to pay child support and do a 5-minute visit every two weeks. Not every dad is as devoted as you are.

  60. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Since the engagement and break-up, I've come to realize that Levi doesn't really care all that much about Tripp. He couldn't possibly. If he did he's straighten his life out and fight for him. But he doesn't.

    As long as he gets to see him once in awhile, maybe cheer for him at a few hockey games, he's cool.

  61. Anonymous3:43 AM

    As for Mercede, the whole "publicly" thing is the key. I'm not sure if a private FB account applies. I'm pretty sure Sadie and Bristol can trash each other all they want on their private FB walls.

  62. Wilderness Lover4:19 AM

    This is just part of the "plan" that started when Bristol reunited with Levi. The "plan" being Sarah tying up loose ends. First Levi publicly apologized for the lies he told about Sarah, which by his own admission, makes him a liar. So if Levi ever decides to write a tell-all book, or go public with info about Trig, it will be dismissed as more lies. Now Sarah is using Tripp as further insurance to keep Levi silenced...if he talks, he won't see his son. And as an extra benefit, it could keep Mercede from writing about the Palins as well.

    Anyone who goes to such great lengths to control what is said about them surely has a great deal to hide!!

  63. Anonymous4:23 AM

    They are your typical hillbilly family (sorry hillbillies) who've made it to the big time. No different than 10000's of families across the US.

    Really, I'm not interested anymore in their fights, lies & stupid decisions. They've got their reasons. Uneducated decisions from uneducated folks.

    Only thing I'm interested in is Palin's fall from grace and the American political scene.

  64. Anonymous4:24 AM

    The key words"in front of the child" doesn't have anything to do with a blog, does it? Does this mean that if Levi publishes a tell all book he will never see his child again? By the way, Tripp doesn't look a bit like Levi. Did he request a DNA test? If not, he should.

  65. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Yes, this is a terrible custody agreement for Levi, and I believe he should have much more time with Trigg. On the other hand, I think finalizing any formal agreement between two very immature parents will provide some stability for Trigg.

  66. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Knowing how loving Sadie is, she may very well stop writing her blog in order to spend a few hours with Trigg every week. It is her decision, and probably worth the price to see her nephew. I wish that sweet girl all the best.

  67. Virginia Voter4:40 AM

    I have to go with AK Pet Mom and the others...who really knows what Levi wanted?

    Think about it. He gets to be the "fun dad" and see his kid twice a week, no sleepless nights, only a couple of diaper changes, and hands Tripp off right about the time he gets cranky. For all we know that may be just fine with him. My kids are older now, but to be honest with you, my husband doesn't spend anywhere near 13 solo hours with them per week because of his work schedule, and I would suspect that's the case with many of you.

    Let it go Gryphen.

  68. Anonymous4:46 AM

    What is the latest on Bristol? Has she been seen? Hiding out at Auntie's? Pregnant? Is Tripp with her? Is Levi actually seeing Tripp for visits now? I know he has been in Hollywood for a few weeks but it should be interesting to see where Tripp is staying if mom is in hiding.

    Is there any updates on Bristol? What stops her from staying in hiding and putting the baby up for adoption?

    The whole TMZ photo publishing a few weeks ago may be the proof they will try to use in the future that she wasn't pregnant. That makes me think that she actually is.

  69. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Nothing new here...

    Levi already sold out his first child with Bristol.. selling out the second child was no big deal.

    Levi.. where is "Ruffles"?

  70. Anonymous5:02 AM

    "This also means Sarah can't disparage Levi in public."

    Why would she ever mention his name in public? When asked she can say nothing about him. The Palinbots always take over where she leaves off.

    This is the least surprising custody agreement in history. Who didn't see this coming? It is also a prime example of how corruption works in Alaska. I don't know why Levi buckled under this much, but it always helps the bullies to pick on the slow witted.

    It doesn't help that they saw this coming, it is just as tragic for Sherry and Sadie. Even the tiny little time they may see Tripp will not be worth the hell the Palins can still inflict on them as they remain above the fray. The good news is people will stop putting all their eggs in the Johnston basket to "spill the beans." It may be too late to look at any other Bristol friends or lovers. It is good for
    the Johnstons that they can now go back to anonymity.

  71. Anonymous5:14 AM

    FROM POST: And get this ... Under the agreement filed with the court, the parties agree not to "speak badly about the other parent in front of the child ... or allow anyone else to speak badly about the other parent or members of their family in front of the child."

    I don't think this is something which can be written into a child custody agreement. Can it? Any family lawyers want to weigh in on this?

    RESP: Happens all the time in my state.

  72. Anonymous5:18 AM

    PRIOR: after all, the blog is a First Amendment issue and the judge cannot enforce these against her First Amendment right to speak out.

    RESP: The blog is not a first Amendment issue. If hte government were trying to stop Mercede, that would be a 1st Amendment issue. the 1st Amendment is only about government intrusion. Bristol isn't the government.

  73. Anonymous5:32 AM

    OkI understand the no bad-mouthing between parents - but howonearth can a legal document be written about people who are not part of the court case?

    The United States has granparent laws, specifically created as a result of one parent refusing visitation from ex-spouses parents. Not liking your ex-in-laws is NOT grounds for refusal to allow your children access to their natural grandparents.

    What the Hell is that judge thinking?

  74. Gryphen - Alaska WTF posted that Bristol is in Washington state (hiding her 3rd/4th pregnancy). How exactly does she expect to get Tripp to Levi and Wed & Sat? Or did she leave Tripp with someone in the Alaska? Or is Levi just out of luck?

  75. Anonymous5:40 AM

    You see this happen so often. Selfish mother that views her child as a possession instead of a human being. All children deserve the love and attention of both parents. Levi doesn't win any awards in my book either. He's a smuck for going along with this. He could fire his attorney at anytime and hire someone that would actually fight for fair visitation. I feel so sorry for this child. He will forever be a pawn between these two immature kids.



  76. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I always thought timing was crucial. I was never fully convinced that Levi approached this with strength and determination. Never was there a word about DNA and the visitation matter wasn't worth a temporary consideration. I agree not everyone is cut out to be a parent. A curious part is what Sherry and Mercede said about Levi wanting a baby, he and Bristol planned one or two. That picture of Levi paints him as a kid that would fight for his child. I am continually reminded of another Wasilla boy that was a father by 16 and the way they all chatted about it. It was very different from how other people would react to a 15-16 year old girl and boy having a baby. It is not only one family, the Johnstons, in Wasilla that are like as Sherry and Mercede first described Levi.

    Very young girls will continue to breed without marriage in Wasilla and boys will be boys. Bristol will be on her pregnant kids speaking tour come September. It continues to be interesting how the local culture nurtures their philosophy, "por-life family values." It is all that Levi and Mercede know. I don't see how they could have ever written about the place they know and love without a jaded perspective. How could they reveal the drinking and drugs their peers love? That part is verboten. How could they be the only ones in Wasilla to say there is a problem when uneducated kids take on the responsibilities of child rearing. The routine is to say "family is the most wonderful thing in the world, I love my family, babies are cute" and so on. It is like their own Stepford family program.

    I feel absolutely awful for Sherry. Levi and Mercede were too much into the tease for whatever their reasons. I am happy for the public that was interested in Babygate that both of them are done. Happy that they can mend their family and settle on the half ass visits with Tripp as long as that works for Bristol.

    It appears that this custody result has to do with something Levi wants covered up as well as the Palins.

  77. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Sarah Palin may be a jerk, but let's not exonerate Levi by giving him "victim status" by the schemes of the Palin family.

    He is a young man who obviously thinks that his "future career" lies elsewhere and it may be as much his unwillingness to parent that leads to his decision making as it is by suggesting that the Palin family is pulling his strings.

    Hollywood beckons, Levi responds, and by turning his back on his son and family has no effect on him whatsoever.

    He has a mind of his own and should be held responsible for his own actions without inferring that the Palin's are always behind his activities.

    He is a major dope but he is guided more by his want of money then it is by seeing the Palin stamp attached to his every movement.

  78. Beldar K.6:02 AM

    Gryphen, I'm surprised you're surprised by any of this. The reason many (most?) of us are interested in Palin and Co. is the ridiculous notion that someone with her background is considered a serious contender for high public office. All the trailer park antics simply confirm that assessment. And the backwoods machinations of promiscuous breeding, audacious griftery, petty prevarications, substance abuse, etc just add to the case against her and her circle. Why do any of their monkeyshines surprise you?

  79. I am glad the Johnstons are out of the picture and will have a few visits with the child.

    I am more interested in Track Palin. The military and the Morlock family relationship. Why is it the Morlock house vandal is never mentioned?

    Beldar K., there is zip surprise with this monkeyshine. Backwoods machinations of promiscuous breeding, audacious griftery, petty prevarications, substance abuse, etc to name a few reasons both Palin and Johnston need secrets to remain secret.

  80. Anonymous6:27 AM

    When I read this, I actually wondered if it had been put in because of the history of the Palin family bad-mouthing Wooten in that divorce.

    Besides, Levi has lost all credibility so anything he might say or write in a book would be ignored anyway. He is a colossal idiot for passing up on his opportunity when he had the chance.

    What strikes me is the poison that follows the Palin family. Everything they touch gets ugly, painful and unnecessarily dramatic.

  81. Anonymous6:35 AM

    So what Levi is a jerk? So is Mel Gibson and a million others that once could be bailed out by PR agents. It isn't new that Sarah is a jerk. Both jerksters are jerks. Sarah wins. She is the bigger jerk. No comparison to Levi's little Jerkhood status.

    Get it out, get pissed at all the jerks then move on. ASAP.

  82. junasie147:12 AM

    I have to say it's looking more and more like Levi was never interested in actually "co-parenting" Tripp. As far as we know, he had not petitioned the court for joint custody previously, and was only defending himself against Bristol's attempt at gaining sole custody.

    AKPetMom made a good point in suggesting that people may have made assumptions about Levi's intentions based on the strong emotions expressed by Mercede and Sherry. Remember too that Levi had a terrible role model in his own father, and his blatant disregard for his mother and sister may be a result of that as well. It's hard to imagine him being so dense that he would believe this is the best custody deal he could get, if in fact he wanted more time with Tripp. It's more likely that he is either comfortable with the arrangement, or has been bought out by the Palins in some way.

    The real victim here is Trip, being born to very immature parents in a very dysfunctional environment. Unlike the positive impression I get from Mercede, Levi's priorities seem to be pretty screwed up, and I don't think it's just because of the last two years.

  83. Anonymous7:37 AM

    **** Remember too that Levi had a terrible role model in his own father, and his blatant disregard for his mother and sister may be a result of that as well. ****

    And so it goes... Tripp will learn from his parents. Although he was spared early bonding with his own father. Tripp's first 18 months of bonding with a male or males is over. He can have a brief Disney like relationship with Levi and those that can settle for same.

  84. mocha7:39 AM

    I think the key words are "in front of the child". I think this is pretty standard child custody stuff. However I don't think the "publicly" part is enforceable because that means the court is abridging Mercede's or Bristol's or Sherry's right to free speech. Levi was very poorly represented in this action. I am appalled that Butler didn't refer him to a family law attorney or that a decent family law attorney in the Anchorage didn't step forward to help him, which someone could do at any time. I think Levi has a good case to take this back to court and get a better deal. Or maybe this is like the situation with Ms Gustafson, that Alaskans are more than happy to let someone stand alone against the Palins. Nothing to see here, move along. I think it's a shame Alaskans are like that.

  85. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Well now, how is Bristol going to continue playing the victim if she can't say anything negative about her baby's father?

    Poor girl, she's just going to have to behave like a normal single mom and cut the victimization cr@p on Levi for now. Wonder who her next target of blame will be? Stay tuned......

  86. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I think it's very dangerous to weigh in on legal matters without legal training. For those who think this somehow abridged Mercede's first amendment rights, you are wrong. She can blog all she wants. Any court order that purported to limit her ability to blog wouldn't be enforceable because she's not a party to the case. BUT the parties have agreed (and apparently the court has ordered) that if family members, including her, say negative things about the Palins, Mercede won't see the baby. It stinks but it is enforceable. Aunts and (in virtually all states) even grandparents have zero rights under these circumstances.

    Second, it is the most extreme sort of speculation to claim that Butler/Tank are "Palin agents" or paid by Palins. You have absolutely no evidence of that and they could make far FAR more money by selling a story that she attempted to pay them off than they could ever obtain from her. They may be crappy lawyers, they may be completely looking out for their own interests, but nothing suggests they are "secretly" working for Palin.

    As to the rest of it, the old saying is "lawyers make recommendations, clients make decisions." You have no idea what they recommended, what Levi decided, or anything else.

    Certainly, from the standpoint of someone who totally loathes Palin and thinks the idea of her in any sort of leadership position is an abomination, I would have hoped that this situation with the grandchild would be part of what destroys her reputation. If it doesn't work out that way (and it appears it won't), so be it. But it's silly to make this other or more than what it is.

  87. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I think I've finally reached my Palin saturation point. Hopefully, the rest of the country will too. It's like dumb and dumber.

    But please keep up the good work in trying to expose this magician's box tricks. that's all Palin is: master of smoke and mirrors. Hopefully she'll take her money and go hibernate for good in her grizzly mama's den.

  88. 100% agree with AKPetMom @ 7:20 p.m.

  89. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Well, this explains why there are no updates on Mercede's blog.

    The whole "in public" thing is ridiculous to me, and so is the rule extending to the "parent's family." I've never heard of that.

    It's pretty much standard that there are restrictions on the parents themselves, not to disparage the other parent in front of the child. That speaks directly to the child's welfare. But beyond that, what is the point? And not only how is it enforceable but who determines what exactly qualifies as disparaging? If I was divorcing my husband and he had a crazy uncle for example, are you telling me that I couldn't say out loud what I think of that uncle otherwise lose custody? Or my sister say out loud what he's like or lose the right to see my child? I'm sorry, I have NEVER seen this before. To those posters who are saying yes, they're aware of restrictions like this, well maybe that's the way they do it in Alaska, but in Florida, it's unheard of.

    The parents family means everyone - grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins, etc. How on earth can you restrict opinions on that group of people wholesale, especially if what you may say is true?

    Also, Wed and Sat visitation, with no overight stays, I've never seen before either, unless a parent is abusive and needs supervision. Levi is an idiot for allowing this. And the 72 Grand per year, what is that based upon? What job does Levi have? I guess he plans on making a go of the reality show. All Jimmy could talk about during his interview with Levi was Sarah Palin and clan. After all, that's what makes Levi relevant. So if Levi's reality show can't mention the Palins, and it's all about his redneck life, who's going to watch that?

    Levi told Jimmy that the show will be half about his country boy life and half his hollywood life, so he's betting on that making it watchable. I have my doubts. And isn't it a little unfair that during this reality show all handcuffs no doubt will be off when talking about other residents of Wasilla and other hollywood stars, but no gossip about the Palins allowed, by custody agreement?

    Levi would have been better off getting his GED, studying to be an electrician, getting his child support payments to reflect his actual revenue-generating ability, and getting joint custody, period. But as you said, Gryph, his lawyer is taking a page from the SP Enterprise and is trying to keep Levi in the public spotlight.

  90. emrysa9:00 AM

    well given the events of late I guess I see why levi's advisors never really tried too hard to get a good custody agreement for levi.

    they want money and fame probably more than levi does. they want levi in hollywood, and they know that if levi is tied down with a kid then they've got no potential gravy train. levi can't be going back and forth to hollywood if he's got regular custody of the kid.

    great work, selfish lowlifes.

  91. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Anon at 8:20, I agree that the right to blog, per se, cannot be taken away, but if parties voluntarily enter into a contract agreeing not to interact with these people, then yes, that can be enforced. However, number one, the parents certainly do not have to sign such an agreement and no judge would deny visitation to the legal father because the father refuses to enter into such an agreement, and number two, who determines what is disparaging? Would they have to go to court and rule whether sentence #23 on Mercede's blog fell into the disparaging category, the complimentary category or the neutral category?

    Where I live, no father can be denied visitation over what family members say. You can't control what other people say. And no father can be denied visitation over money either. Even when fathers fail to hand over child support payments on time - the mother is compelled to allow visitation.

  92. Liz D9:17 AM

    Sleazy attorney and his pimp are doing exactly what in the best interests of Levi? At one point, just before the court custody proceedings began, Rex clearly stated that he was going to refer Levi to an attorney that dealt in custody issues...because that was not his expertise and also too, Rex had so many cases that needed his attention.

    As a client, Levi can't even trust his own lawyer to do the ethical and right thing for him and his child. But then, Levi goes with the flow and hopes *something* will work out.

    In the meantime Rex and his pimp remain on the payroll. Good for them, not so good for Levi. Oh well...La dee fucking da!

    In the meantime, Tripp and TriG continue to grow amongst this bunch of yahoos who are supposedly adults, parents and grandparents...and supposedly have the children's best interests at heart. That's a joke!

    This whole Wasilla scene and the Palin players are like an extremely stupid and poorly executed reality show. It doesn't appear that any of them have any brains, intelligence, healthy self-esteem, moral compass, maturity, compassion, love, honesty at all...Not One Iota. Show each of them the money though, and that is all they need to be happy or whatever jerks them around.

  93. Anonymous9:20 AM

    "Or maybe this is like the situation with Ms Gustafson, that Alaskans are more than happy to let someone stand alone against the Palins. Nothing to see here, move along. I think it's a shame Alaskans are like that."

    Since you're so concerned, why don't YOU move to Alaska and stand up to the Palins and show other Alaskans just how it should be done, hmmm?

  94. Enjay in E MT9:39 AM

    Right now, I feel for Levi. The decisions made today will have long term consequences for him (and son). Levi is immature. He's had a front row taste of "the good life". Fancy travel, hotels, limo's, Hollywood - New York ritzy homes. He is not getting "down to earth" advice.

    He, like SP, wants to "game the system" - not work for it. Only trouble is, she's had decades to refine her game.

  95. Anonymous9:43 AM

    It amazes me how many people continue to think Sarah is "paying" Levi or anyone else to keep quiet. Sarah is greedy, cheap, and mean. The only ones who are getting paid for silence out of her hard-grifted money are her own family. Everyone else gets handled with threats, slander, and the wonderfully corrupt Alaska justice system, which seems to exist for the sole purpose of keeping crooks and liars in power.

  96. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Mercede may actually have leverage now. If she sees through this game and doesn't want to settle with Bristol in this way she can go rogue.

    She may want to see Tripp for an hour or so as it will work out out for Bristol and she can blog all she wants. Saying the same old family is first, family is all, we are one big happy family, we have a little zit but my family is best. She can't say Bristol is the best mother in the world and she is jealous et al. She can only say the first part.

    As long as Mercede is not disparaging according to Bristol or Sarah they can all live happily ever after. End of story, end of Tripp. Except for his future magazine and happy family public relations money makers.

    I am not seeing that anyone in Tripp's family has ever put his best interest first. They would have spoken up earlier about drugs. They all have alot to hide. If they aren't hiding there own problems, they are hiding about another family member or friend.

    I keep thinking about Colonel Parker and Elvis. Parker knew that Elvis' dad had a minor run in with the law. It was nothing. It did shame the Presley family in the worst way. Idk the details but it had to do with how Parker was able to get and keep such control over Elvis and it helped to kill him by age 40ish. It robbed Elvis of his creativity and developing a different kind of movie career. Mercede and Sherry are not in the same situation as the monkey and the organ grinder like Levi. They are still in the role of a performer for a master in that they are bound and gagged and can't function as real people. They are not actually free at all. Sad. I'm sure they know the script and they can't do any rewrites. They can blame Tank, Rex or Levi until the moon turns to cheese.

  97. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Funny how no one mentions that Rex Butler was Sherry Johnston's attorney when she was caught red handed as a felony drug dealer.

    Butler got her off with an exceedingly light sentence.

    Now, ask yourself this: Who paid Butler for Sherry's defense? She's unemployed...

  98. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Look, we need to keep our eye on the ball. The goal is to uncover the way the Palin's produced one baby in the spring and after the Republicans got hold of her produced a different baby by the end of summer.

    The people who orchestrated this hoax are just congratulating themselves on a job well done. They have us all with our undies in a bunch and talking about all the peripheral incidental garbage. It's about Distraction. Divide and conquer. Keep the people busy fighting amongst themselves while we move forward with our plans. I think too many are falling into it. The "news" is who said what to who, just like junior high; don't forget gossip magazines, reality shows, poser lawyers, blah blah blah. Back to the basics. Baby one, then baby two. I think the Palin's and the Johnston's were the perfect puppets. They are creating all the distraction the people behind the scenes could have hoped for. They hit the jackpot with this crowd. Palin's and Johnston's are the players in this production. We need to be looking for the writers.

  99. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Don't elect this guy for mayor-- he will sell out to Big Lake!

  100. We need to be looking for the writers.

    good luck. they will let you get as far as RAM.

  101. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Funny how no one mentions that Rex Butler was Sherry Johnston's attorney when she was caught red handed as a felony drug dealer.

    The drug bust goes back to McCain. Sending people to the Johnstons to "help" them, the computers, cell phones, best friend informant drug dealers and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing. Everything that there MUST BE A DISTRACTION about. Staged or actual controversy like the Johnstons and Palins are now all about is brilliant. May be Sarah's team is ready to stage her to run the world or country for them. Is there a President of the Universe that she can campaign to be? Is there a universe in her faux religion? It will make great reality TV! The whole take it to the tabloids is genius. McCain is helping Snooki out with her ratings, I betcha she will get a raise. Levi may be sunk but think how well Bristol can do with a reality show that shows how hard she works when in Ak and on the road as she helps and saves the teens she wants to pause.

  102. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Anonymous 9:04--I think I may not have been clear. There were people saying that Mercede should get a lawyer because her first amendment right to blog was being violated. That is what I was referring to--she is not a party to the custody/support proceeding and has no rights. She can blog but if she blogs the custody agreement between the parents will prevent her from seeing her nephew. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  103. Lara Sue12:56 PM

    This is a family tragedy for the Johnston women. The men are another thing. I'm not clear as to why Mrs. Johnston stayed with an emotional and mental abusing husband. She has to know it was abuse toward her children as well. When did her health problems start to be disabling? I'm sure that didn't help her to move on. Sometimes life does deal a bad hand.

  104. Don't let Levi become the Mayor of Wasilla, USA. He might remove the wallpaper!

  105. Anonymous4:05 PM

    How much money do the Johnstons owe Butler?

  106. Anonymous4:52 PM

    My sister's ex-nut bag had a similar custody arrangement. (I think he had one extra week-night, but the child is almost 5 years old.)

    I think arrangement is good to start off with. Levi is not use to having a child 24/7 & he is in the middle of filming a reality show.

    I think after awhile, Bristol will appreciate her free time & maybe depend more on Levi to take Tripp.

    Tripp is pretty young, so I don't see how a week on/off schedule would work for him.

    After while, when Levi is more stable & Tripp is older, hopefully there will be a GOOD lawyer involved & they can adjust the custody schedule.

    Keep in mind, Bristol was withholding Tripp for months at a time. This will give Levi guaranteed time with Tripp.

    I wish them both luck & hope everything works out for Tripp.

    PS: does anyone have any information on the pro-life event Bristol was at last week. I saw pictures somewhere on the net, but I can't find them anywhere now. She really looked like she had put on some weight.

  107. Anonymous8:47 PM event Bristol was at last week?

    If you can recall more that would help or it could of been last May. Can you describe the room, the setting, her hair, the color she wore or anything more identifiable. Google Bristol, pro-life and you get the Sept. 28 Right to Life event in Visalia.

  108. Anonymous7:31 AM

    This is standard language. This is from my amicable divorce agreement in California where neither of us expressed concerns about this.

    "Neither Respondent/Mother nor Petitioner/Father shall make derogatory remarks in the
    presence of ... about the other parent, the other parent's spouse or significant other, or the other
    parent's family members. Neither Respondent/Mother nor Petitioner/Father shall allow their
    extended family members or friends to make derogatory remarks about the other parent in the
    presence of .... Both parents are ordered to protect ... from being caught in the middle of
    their interpersonal conflict by not using ... to confirm and/or change visitation schedule details,
    by not discussing personal issues with ..., by not discussing the pending court proceedings with
    ... and by not involving ... in their personal issues with the other parent.

  109. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Judges can and do put unconstitutional things into custody orders routinely. Few litigants have the money, time or inclination to appeal these things so they stand. For those that think custody can't be removed from a parent because of alleged badmouthing by them or other parties, think again. It happens. Judges seem to make rulings in custody decisions more on punishing parents rather than really thinking about how their rulings impact kids.

    As for Levi...he obviously signed off on this agreement. If this is all the time he wants with Tripp that's his choice. Not every male who provides sperm makes a good father, nor are their motivations in a custody battle always focused on what's best for the child. These 2 were never married, there is obviously not going to be a future family formation. It is best for Tripp if he knows his father and has consistent contact, but has a chance at a stable, intact family, which will be he and Bristol now. And consistent does not equal 50/50. There is no need to split children in half to make parents feel they've achieved their rights. It isn't about them.


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