Friday, September 10, 2010

Apparently Bristol Palin is less averse to "bear skin" than she is to bare skin.

From MyFoxPhilly:

Teen mom Bristol Palin says she won't show any skin on "Dancing With The Stars" and she plans to wear a lot of fur to remain modest.

There are also reports that Palin is having a very difficult time learning to dance with professional partner Mark Ballas.

Us Magazine says sources close to the show that Palin is "terrified" and is struggling with performing in public.

"Bristol is terrified," a source told the magazine. Palin "isn't naturally outgoing .. and doesn't have any performing background."

Ballas was reportedly wasn't happy getting Palin as a dance partner but is in a better mood, because of the publicity expected around Palin's appearance.

PopEater said Palin's plan to remain conservative on a show where a lot of women were skimpy outfits is to wear a lot of natural fur.

"Bristol made clear to the costume designers that she loves fur," a source told PopEater.
Part of the plan is to play up her connection to Alaska by featuring fur costumes.

"You mark my words," the Palin friend told the blog. "Real Americans are going to come out and vote to keep Bristol dancing for a long time.
Okay two things.

One, does Bristol really think that wearing dead animal skins will cover up those extra pounds.  And two, how in the hell is she going to manage to dance under those hot lights while wearing animal fur and not risk passing out from heat exhaustion? Or perhaps this is part of her plan to play the victim and get sympathy from the viewers. She is her mother's daughter after all.

At first this was just sad, but now it is getting pathetic.

P.S. Okay I hesitate to post this, but I feel it is something that you all have the right to hear.

I have an acquaintance here in Anchorage who is a doctor and who knows NOTHING about this blog or my politics.  During a recent conversation the topic of Sarah Palin came up and the doctor expressed his disappointment with her and volunteered  that he was a fan of hers until she quit her job. Then out of the blue he leans forward and says "You know Bristol is pregnant don''t you?"

I did my best to keep a straight faced and asked "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely!" he said. 

I am just going to put that out there for discussion.  I do have some other information that might explain things further, but until I get confirmation I cannot post it. 


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    We need more Alaska doctors to speak up like this; are you listening Cathy ?

  2. Anonymous2:25 AM

    OMFG! This should be so entertaining! So how does she give speeches 1 day ago on abstinence ???? Boggles the mind!

  3. Pregnant again? But she isn't married is she? LOL. FWIW, I'll take your second hand gossip as the gospel because I find you much more honest than the lamestream media.


  4. Facebook Lurker2:32 AM

    I'm a little skeptical about this. Bristol is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't think even she is that stupid, naive, and greedy enough to go on DWTS pregnant. This is a show where contestants get skinnier by the week... plus, I am sure she would have to sign medical releases or get a clearance on her health, so the show would not liable for any health related incidents as a result of the vigorous training.

    If the fur thing is true, well, that's just retarded

  5. Anonymous3:03 AM

    I can't imagine anyone who is pregnant agreeing to go on DWTS. Maybe that's the real reason she has chosen to wear fur - to try and hide the baby bump and extra pounds she has recently put on.

    I can hear it already...when her pregnacy comes to light, Bristol will be critisized for appearing on the show in her condition, and Sarah will get in the middle and cause a big stink.

    More typical "unpresidential behavior" from the bottom of the Valley trash heap!

  6. I was thinking about that, just today. In the pictures of her during rehersals, and also in the dancing dress, she does look pregnant - around 4 months. However, I cannot understand how she would put herself in this dancing competetion if she is soon going to be visibly expecting.

  7. Anonymous3:12 AM

    You wanna see some REAL mam grizzlies? PETA will eat her for lunch.

  8. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Can't you just see PETA all over this? Oh yeah!!!

  9. Anonymous3:27 AM

    the palinbots (real Americans ??)haven't see anything yet until they tangle with PETA. Could get interesting ;)

  10. Anonymous3:28 AM

    She's planning to wear real fur? Oh please let this be true just so we can watch PETA go after her. That'll be fun.

  11. Anonymous3:31 AM

    maybe that was the rush to get her to do DWST before she shows and then hide her away. On the other hand i wonder is the show would want her if she was pregnant , training can be pretty strenuous. I guess we'll see

  12. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Bristol could have said NO to DWTS.

    Saying NO is just not done by a Palin.

    hope she suffers serious stage fright...

  13. I get discouraged when someone I consider a voice of courage and reason gets catty. What purpose does it serve?

  14. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Holy smokitos! Nice little bombshell.

  15. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Bristol is not pregnant.

  16. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Gryphen, I hope this doctor isn't putting you on because I've believed she's about 5 mos pregnant for a couple of months--and it isn't Levi's.

    Remember when her mother pulled the same thing on Toad when she was pregnant with her first by Curtis Menard, Jr?

    She truly is her mother's daughter.

  17. Anonymous4:10 AM

    So now PETA may come into the picture depending on what type of 'fur' the little Grizzly will wear. I feel another cage match might be in the future: PalinBots vs PETA.

  18. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Is $arah Palin's third grandchild going to be the big announcement tomorrow?

  19. Anonymous4:13 AM

    So she is terrified. She decided to do it knowing she had no talent and isn't really a star or even a washed-up once-was.

    And she lies just like her mother, for monetary gain. Until I hear she is being brainwashed and controlled by Mommy Dearest, I feel no sympathy for her.

  20. Anonymous4:20 AM

    I just don't get it. If this could POSSIBLY be true, why would this girl not slink off somewhere and lie low for a while? Palins do the exact opposite of normal, reasonable human beings. I am not condemning any young girl for getting pregnant multiple times, but if true, why, why, why, do you crave the spotlight? Very strange.

  21. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Gryphen,I'm a big fan of yours and an avid follower. Please don't go this route--printing the comment of an anonymous person who may or may not know what he is talking about. It undermines your credibility and gives ammunition to your detractors.

    Sarah Palin's lies and political destructiveness should be the focus.If you have a news scoop, great, but this item isn't one.

  22. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I wonder how current this doctor's information is. I can't imagine she would go on DWTS if she was still pregnant. But then again, she's a Palin...

  23. Anonymous4:48 AM

    If Bristle inherited any of her mother's learning disabilities, she WILL have a hell of a time with choreography, let alone presenting to an audience. Stage presence, if you are not born with, takes a long time to develop. She is gonna be wicked bad!! I wont be watching though, so will rely on youse guys to post snippets, which I will watch with popcorn and a drink.
    I wonder if your doctor friend is yanking your chain Gryphen?? Time will tell. She has a pouch going, but these amazing shapeshifting Palin love to confound us. I'm jumping off that bandwagon.

  24. Anonymous4:53 AM

    I'm sure Emily's List has a number of Mama Grizzly outfits they would be more than happy to lend her. . .


  25. Pita is going to go completely crazy if she wears fur. But, I think Bristol Palin would look good covered in paint! And I can tell you, as a classcial trained ballet dancer - Bristol Palin has no idea what "hard work" really is or what she has gotten herself into! She is going to make a 100% fool out of herself. Funny what some people do for money, isn't it - no pride, no shame - all money and slapping her baby daddy in the face - every single chance she gets! She really is a mean, nasty girl - but, even rotten apples don't fall far from the tree!

  26. London Bridges5:00 AM

    My guess is that DWTS will have a fully costumed dancing bear. Family values, ya know. All the children will love it and Bristol will win, even though the dancer inside the costume really won't be Bristol.

    Re: the doctor's statement:
    Gulp! Wouldn't applying Sarah moral convictions, and engaging in much more vigorous physical activity than one is normally accustomed to performing, lead to the possibility of a charge negligent homicide or attempted negligent homicide?

  27. Molly5:05 AM

    Well, omg........thanks for posting this Gryph; I did think she looked preggers under that lacey black number. When she turns a certain angle, you can see that there is not only no waist, but quite a bulk hiding under that fringe.

    How is she planning on hiding it forever?

    Speculation is that she will feign an injury and be out after the first week (or suck so bad she will be the first one out), OR that she is actually post-partum and has not lost the baby weight yet.

    The audacity, if true, of her coming on DWTS and Leno....the audacity of her continuing to be the "spokesmodel" for an abstinence campaign. The sheer audacity of it!!

    Which brings us to Sarah. She has learned allllll from her mother, it seems.

    I hope you get confirmation.

  28. London Bridges5:07 AM

    Anon @ 4:02:
    "Bristol is mot pregnant."


  29. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Gone in week 1

  30. Anonymous5:08 AM

    If she really is pregnant, she'll quit soon and blame it on something else (maybe a Brady Bunch sprained ankle).

    It's also possible that the Dr. is correct, but that Bristol WAS pregnant. And it's also possible that the Dr. is pulling your leg. The Dr., by any chance, Dr. Gina? She's known to be a liar.

  31. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Like mother like daughter. Maybe Bristol's choice to do DWTS is her own little version of a "Wild Ride" and hopes for a natural abortion.

    Then again, maybe she WAS pregnant a few weeks ago and took care of that before the show started. Remember, she was incognito for about a month.

    Maybe she took care of her little problem so she could continue with her search for fame and fortune.

  32. Anonymous5:10 AM

    If she dares to wear real fur, I pray a PETA protestor will be in the front row and throw paint on her!

  33. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I am guessing the anonymous MD was correct.... a couple of months ago. Thinking maybe BP's trip to Washington was to "wite-out" the pregnancy. And what better way to get back in shape than DWTS?

  34. Anonymous5:29 AM

    I think instead of wearing fur, Brisket should wear a raw moose meat bikini, ala Lady Gaga. Nothing says Alaska like some Moose meat ;-)

  35. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Anonymous @ 4:48am said...
    If Bristle inherited any of her mother's learning disabilities. ROFLMAO!!!

    However, her constant statements of "I won't wear skimpy clothes" could be a way of explaining ahead of time why she's hiding her baby bump or could be like the infamous wild ride (if it truly happened) and she's hoping for a 'natural' abortion...I mean miscarriage.

  36. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Re: the doctor's statement:

    He didn't get the memo about the white-out.

    I believe she WAS pregnant but isn't now. She is such a loser.

  37. Anonymous5:35 AM

    The publicity about Bristol for DWTS sounds similar to when Kate Gosselin was on the show. Gosselin had no dance experience either. The drama of a struggling diva dancer makes noisey publicity.
    People like to root for the underdog so this hook gets people to tune in to maintain viewers.

    It has been my opinion that all the press hypeing "modesty" for Bristol is due to covering and camouflaging her figure. In the full length photo in the black lace
    it appears she has a sizeable belly
    disproportionate to the rest of her body. If it was body fat, lax skin due to pregnancy, and lack of exercise Bristol/anyone could wear undergarments to reduce or provide an illusion of a slimmer figure. Time will tell re: Bristol but the costume designers can go to baby doll, empire styles (waist under the breasts) for disguise.
    At around 22 weeks pregnancy the uterus expands above the navel and the belly grows more round in appearance as the fetus grows and gains weight more rapidly.

    Note: It is not a good idea to leap to conclusions any female is pregnant seen with abdominal fat or a round belly for it's a battle for most females especially after childbirth. Men can have a gut but aren't suspect of pregnancy due to their sex.

    Gryphen: in fashion outfits and costumes can be trimmed with fur and shoes have been embellished with fur poufs over the toes.

    I don't care if this girl is pregnant. What does matter is her mother runs on perfectionistic christian values, perfect family, while in real life they practice deception while character assassinating other people. By their words alone they control impressions they are a model family while their actions betray them and their habitual lying about things most people do not lie about expose them. They lie by ommission to self aggrandize including Bristol.Honesty and truth is not a value of the Palin family.

  38. Anonymous5:41 AM

    O.K.. Bristol claims (modesty) as the reason she whishes to be covered up with furs..
    Yet, this girl started as a young girl,continues as a young women to spread her legs for numerous paramours and has been preganant how many times. This is not MODESTY!!

    Rogets Thesaurus on modesty...
    Just a few.

    stooping from ones high place
    ashamed of ones self

    None of these words even come close to what the Palins portray..
    i think it's time, modesty be retired as a descriptive word regarding Bristol....

  39. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I am SO tired of reading that Bristle will be wearing "conservative" costumes because she's so, well, conservative. It has nothing to do with being modest and everything to do with being chunky, and why is it that the media just records everything these Palins say as if it were the gospel truth? Grrrh.

    Interesting about the pregnancy rumor. Wonder if they're going to fiddle this one's due date? Given Bristol's tendency to go into premature labor (Trip was obviously premature, and I suspect Trig was seriously early), she might even pop of DWTS. Now that would be funny.

  40. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Okay, I can't stand Bristol or Granny Grifter, but this bullshit with picking on the girl's weight needs to end. She's a normal sized girl and joking about her weight as though she weighs 300 is ridiculous and mean. Would you want someone talking about your daughter like that? I don't think so.

    That being said...did the doctor have any idea how far along she is? Can't wait till she pops her third out! Let's see the right explain that one.
    If she's only a month or two could be Levi's, right?

  41. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Bristol was never pregnant in 2010. She has one biological child named Tripp Easten Mitchell Palin. I'm getting tired of people mocking a young woman's weight. And you wonder why so many people have eating disorders and die.

    Sarah's gained weight since May. Why not discuss her weight battles? Wrong on so many levels. Yet you people are the ones who piss and groan when Michelle's weight, size, and clothing gets mocked and discussed.


  42. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I think your doctor probably heard a rumor that Bristol WAS pregnant (which was probably true, but is no longer true) and was just repeating it. I just don't think she has the balls (cojones) to go on DWTS while pregnant.

  43. RE: abstinence spokesperson
    I am thinking the logic is that teens may listen to a famous person for fame is impressive especially to teens.

    I agree that reports by one anonymous source is used as ammunition by detractors.

    Alas, Sarah is still using her family, her motherhood for popularity so it's difficult to not observe Bristol out there in the public eye, catch the lies/spin which inevitably will be demonized as "attacks" to purposely "hate" the Palin clan.

    I believe pundits, most of the general public looked forward to with positive expectations then Gov. Palin would return to AK, do her best, fill in her gaps of knoweledge and be a viable contender in the future. She chose to make the big bucks and keep her foot in the door of politics.

    Is it true TLC flew them to the end of the hiking trail to pretend they did the long hike?

  44. Anonymous6:04 AM

    OMG, another immaculate conception!

  45. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Why didn't Bristol stay in her condo? I still think she is pregnant (probably by Ben) and tried to hoodoo Levi into marriage but he found out he wasn't the father of her latest effort. I'm sure even Levi can count.

    The Wasilla Controller said, Hie thee to a nunnery (the infamous Wasilla Castle on the Dead Lake), so the condo was abandoned, because no way is Bristol able to control herself with males who want to do the horizontal bop; like mother, like daughter. Some of the biggest hypocrites about sexual matters are those who didn't mind throwing caution to the wind as young people themselves, a la $arah Palin.

    Maybe she's going to hide in Kentucky and turn this baby over to that "charity" in Kentucky she gave a "speech" to; they love to snatch babies. And they've already paid her $14K...

  46. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Let the fur fly! After she passes out onstage, PETA will be outside waiting for her with a bucket of red paint and she'll get more exposure than she's ever wanted.
    About being pregnant; I agree that it's a route this blog shouldn't go down. It's third-party heresay and unreliable info. And, it's a liablity for DWTS; the show wouldn't allow a pregnant contestant. And, she doesn't look pregnant at all. She's just pudgy, uncoordinated girl with a big double chin.

  47. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Maybe her mother forced her to do it, out of anger that she was pregnant again. To "prove" that she wasn't pregnant, who knows anymore?

  48. Anonymous6:48 AM

    These Palins just keep on keeping in the news.

    Bristol told reporters that she was looking forward to this, and thought it would be "fun". Now it's reported that she's terrified?
    What gives? Is this girl being pushed into the limelight by a mother who uses her constantly for her run for President?

    I don't know if Bristol even knows who she is. One moment it's one thing, next day, it's the total opposite; with her relationships, her friends, her living quarters, her jobs, there is never any consistency in her life at all.

    And, on the Palin friend stating, "You mark my words, real americans are going to come out and vote to keep Bristol dancing for a long time".

    This statement reeks of political involvement. "Real" americans? So the underlying reason Bristol is taking on DWTS is because her "people" (mama Grizzly and puppeteers) want their minions involved with DWTS to vote Bristol in. It's a cheerleading tactic to keep Palin 2012 in the minds of palinbots.

    Poor Bristol. She is a pawn. If she goes into hiding after this stint, then the pregnancy speculation will really be a possibility.

  49. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I think your Doctor friend was correct a month ago.

    I think B could just be chunky, and dressing "modestly" to disguise that.

    The fur idea is just too crazy. Maybe a little bit of trim on the sleeves or shoes, but dancing in a fur outfit would be hellishly hot under the studio lights.

    DWTS is a voluntary experience. If B is "terrified" it is her own darn fault.

    I hope there are cameras on her every minute she is on the floor, and her dance instructor insists she put some effort into her routine, and not just walk through some steps.

  50. A couple of things.

    The reason that people discuss Bristol's weight is NOT to be insensitive or mean, but because they are trying to determine whether or not she is pregnant or not.

    Now the doctor who spoke to me did not say he had HEARD she was pregnant, or that he SUSPECTED she was pregnant, he said she WAS pregnant. In the six years I have known him he has never been known to engage in idle gossip.

    Here is what I think about Bristol going on DWTS. I believe that it was done to "refuduate" claims that she was pregnant. And I, personally, do NOT think she is currently pregnant.

    Now the reason that a Bristol pregnancy, and possible end to that pregnancy, are worth discussing is because she is Sarah "pro-life" Palin's daughter, and also a spokesperson for abstinence. If this were about some quiet, behind the scenes person's situation I would probably avoid any discussion of it. But Bristol is now a media figure in her own right, and she appears to be practicing the EXACT same hypocrisy that her mother practices and THAT makes it worthy of discussion.

  51. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I am not surprised that the doctor told you that BP was pregnant, but it is nice to have some confirmation. I could not help but notice the tummy in the photo you posted with this story.

    Oh, and there really is a difference between "modest" costumes and just really ridculous costumes. I think that one was selected to distract the viewer from the baby belly.

    SO when she leaves the show, will she go into hiding until she delivers? Will Sarah have another two week pregnancy?

  52. Anonymous7:15 AM

    A few comments about Bristol: Perhaps she WAS pregnant at the time that she and Levi got publicly engaged through a magazine article, and tried shopping around a reality show based on their engagement, dream wedding, Tripp and surprise, we're having a baby. A full season of family fun and no buyers.

    In addition, Sarah didn't have control of the situation and made sure that Levi was out of the picture. Bristol may have had a miscarriage or a "white out." Mom put her on DWTS as a substitute for Bristol's desire to make money easily, just like mom, with a cheesy reality show. (Don't these people do any real work?)

    (When did Bristol have that "white out?" When she packed up her condo and went back to live in the Castle, Bristol was off the radar for several weeks. She's still got a little bit of that baby fat left over. She is trying to dance it off).

    Bristol remains an unmarried teen, or is she 20 by now? How is it that's OK with Sarah's conservative religous crowd, but wearing a scimpy dress on TV isn't OK. I suggest that Bristol exercise a little more "modesty" and be a little more discreet in her private life as well as in her public life.

    A question for Gryphen: If Bristol definitely WAS pregnant when your friend gave you the information, do you think that Bristol is still pregnant? Do you know if there was a miscarriage or a "white out?" Thanks.

  53. Anonymous7:16 AM

    She is going to wear furs? I see a little protest from Peta coming on. Oh this is going to be interesting!!

  54. Anonymous7:25 AM

    "Now the reason that a Bristol pregnancy, and possible end to that pregnancy, are worth discussing is because she is Sarah "pro-life" Palin's daughter, and also a spokesperson for abstinence. If this were about some quiet, behind the scenes person's situation I would probably avoid any discussion of it. But Bristol is now a media figure in her own right, and she appears to be practicing the EXACT same hypocrisy that her mother practices and THAT makes it worthy of discussion."

    A big thank you Uncle G. for this last part especially. I could not care less about this dim bulb piglet girl hoofing around a stage on the latest mind-numbing 'entertainment' for the masses. The big picture is that some very powerful folks are trying to package this skank as the arbiter of all things abstinence/pro-life. That doesn't work if she's been pregnant a bunch of times and possibly partaken of the choice so many of her mother's ilk want so desperately to take away from others.

  55. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Her comments about fur are f***tarded, but something one could expect from someone who is a non-performer. Anyone who has ever danced knows that "less is more" when under hot lights. The women wear skimpy outfits because they don't like sweat drenched clothes. SWEAT STAINS!

    It's not that Bristol is modest-- if she had the figure, she'd be showing skin. It's in the family jeans LOL to be like that. So she is like her mom trying to make a negative a positive and just like Mother, we see through it.

    She'll get fake fur. We can pity anyone working with her.

  56. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I agree we shouldn't discuss her weight.

    However, Bristol is apparently now a "star." Why is she a star? I guess because she:

    1. got pregnant as a teenager and decided to keep the baby and then was a paid spokesperson for abstinence (so, she can be judged on whether or not she is practicing abstinence and whether or not she is or was pregnant again out of wedlock...which is the only context in which her weight is important).

    2. is having a very public (and well-paid) feud with the father of her baby (so, she can be judged on her relationship with him and other men; see #1 above).

    3 being a teen mom who is overcoming all the obstacles (so she can be judged on how much of a struggle it is for her compared with other teen moms).

    4. being the daughter of Sarah Palin, a mama grizzly, mother extraordinaire who always puts her children first and has instilled Christian values in them (so we can judge Sarah on Bristol's morals and values. If Sarah would shut up about family values, we could lay off this one).

  57. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Smooth@ 5:47, I agree, so tired of weight discussions... HOWEVER,

    Michelle Obama hasn't had any mystery pregnancies with zero weight gain until the last 5 minutes. With her there hasn't been talk of multiple on and off pregnancies, white-outs and whatnot.

    Insofar as the Palins are concerned, the weight gain is part of the pregnancy conversation.

    You have to admit, there's always something strange going on with these two and their pregnancies/weight.

  58. emrysa8:10 AM

    seconded anon @ 7:38 am.

    if bristol doesn't want publicity, then she can stay at home. but as of now, she seems to be begging for it. she's gotta take the bad with the good.

    bristol is a mean girl bitch just like her mother, as proven by the things she has said about the johnstons, both collectively and individually. so all gloves are off. she deserves to get what she's so willingly dished out to others. she also lies like a rug.

    looking at her promo pics & vids I am also wondering if she went on this show to dispel the rumors of a pregnancy, but is actually hiding one - with the plan to quit or get kicked off after the first show. why hasn't she lost ANY weight during these weeks of practice? she really should be dropping the pounds with all that exercise, but it's not happening. I do find that curious.

  59. Anonymous8:18 AM

    6:09a, you are pretty hilarious! LOL! Love the sense of humor!

  60. Anonymous8:27 AM

    When Bristol walked out on the Leno show, it was apparent that she is about 5 months along in another pregnancy or that she badly needs a personal trainer for that body. What a family!

  61. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Fur? When is PETA going to start getting on their case? Good luck dancing with Fur, dumbest idea dancing under all those Studio lights..

  62. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Maybe the conspiracy theorist in me is a little out of control, but here's a thought. Maybe it's the Palins themseleves spreading rumors of Bristol's pregnancy. Even if the doctor didn't say he "heard" about it (how else would he know? If he examined her himself he'd be guilty of violating doctor/patient confidentiality). But if he did hear it from a "realiable" source (such as Bristol), he might consider it fact. If it wasn't true, the Palins would be able to totally debunk the rumor, "proving" Bristol's earlier pregnancy and Sarah's faked pregnancy are lies. We already know they're not above faking a pregnancy. Could they be this clever? I don't know.

    I highly doubt Bristol is still pregnant. Regardless of what could happen to the baby, there would be no way to hide it from the costume fitters.

  63. Anonymous8:36 AM

    To Anon @ 5:47 am

    I thought the child's name is Tripp Easton Mitchell JOHNSTON, according to the birth announcement.

    When did the child's surname get changed?

  64. Rick Hill8:49 AM

    If she is expecting does her speaking fee drop to bus fare, someone's sofa to crash on and a happy meal?

  65. Anonymous9:02 AM

    You guys just don't get it. The evangelical meme: Screw up, lie, recant, screw up, lie, recant. Testimony brings absolution — after all, we are "just human." The Palins have it down.

  66. Anonymous9:16 AM

    There is never going to be reliable proof that Bristol aborted a fetus because of HIPPA so it is not worth speculating about the possibility.

    A twenty-year-old abstinence spokesperson can only be marketed to brain-dead church elders, because the 12-16 year-old mind is indifferent to such an old, unknown, not pretty, boring Bristol.

    Bristol may not be as stupid as she appears. Her only options are self-support or marriage to an idiot that is oblivious to the twin horrors of a toddler and the mother-in-law from hell. Bristol has a good idea how hard the marriage dream is, because Levi has dumped her twice (yes, LEVI, DUMPED her,... guys know how to tic off the girl so she nixes the deal).

    Bristol has no conception of hard work or the minimum wage. She expects an affluent life-style. It's either hollywood or extorting more funds from Mommie Dearest. Bristol is mean enough to be doing both.

  67. To anon. @ 5:47 who said:

    "Bristol was never pregnant in 2010. She has one biological child named Tripp Easten Mitchell Palin."

    HUH? All the announcement and magazine articles (including quotes by Bristol) said that the baby was named "Tripp Easton Mitchell JOHNSTON."

    You think you can just "white-out" the father? Just change the little guy's last name because of spats with the daddy?

    Nope - it does not work that way, not even in Wasilla.

  68. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I'm confused by this. The dress she's in for the promos shows plenty of skin. Wonder if she made a point of it now, after already posing in revealing clothing, because she's going to need to cover up more extensively as a pregnancy progresses. Then again, she is a Palin. It's just as likely she is totally unaware of the hypocrisy of her public statements vs. her action.

  69. Anonymous9:35 AM

    So, Gryphen, if you don't think Bristol is pregnant now, what do you think happened to the baby that caused the bump? White out? Or do you think she lost it. From the sounds of things, she is prone to premature labor. Tripp was tiny enough to have been born at 6-7 months, and Trig could have been a 25-week miracle baby born sometime in December.

  70. Animal skins? Seriously? Somebody alert PETA. This ought to be good.

    Prediction: Bristol will faint in the middle of a dance routine, quit the show, and later make a 'surprise' announcement that she's pregnant.

  71. Anonymous9:48 AM

    "Bristol is terrified," a source told the magazine.

    Good. Now she knows how the rest of the sane world feels in re: to Mummy Dearest...

  72. Anonymous9:51 AM

    pregnant again? is it Levi's for they were engaged for few mts and things got hot ;)

  73. Anonymous9:51 AM

    if she is pregnant this time she will abort.

  74. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I'd also bet she's pregnant again. What's this the 3rd or 4th time?

    Have you not seen these pictures:

  75. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Smooth @ 5:47 AM

    There are times that the discussion about Bristol's weight gains/losses are a little mean spirited, having said that, Bristol put herself out there with the rumors and speculation about her pregnancies.

    Setting herself up as an 'abstinence' spokesperson while living with her boyfriend for a few months brings pregnancy rumors. Shows a continuation of Palin lies and manipulations.

    As for mentioning Michelle, when will you and others get off your high horse and realize that not all discussion of the Palins need to be compared to the Obama's. The Palin's are nowhere in the same realm (way below) as President Obama and family. Note: I am not a Democrat or Republican voter, I look at the candidates of each party.

  76. Anonymous10:37 AM

    It would be impossible to hide a pregnancy (one that is visible through clothing and causes speculation) when the DWTS contestants and performers in general are generally next to naked when they're measured for costumes. I truly think the reason Bristol has weight issues (like so many humans) is because lifestyles are not stagnant. Just after having Tripp, she often talked about working our and tanning, not schooling and active things like that. not to mention her father watched the baby a lot. Once she got going on the Candies gig and perhaps when she got her Derm job, her lifestyle once again changed.

    If you examine what we know (or think we know) about her life, it makes perfect sense that her weight yoyos. In fall 07, as someone who was no longer in school, she put on a little weight. even in 2006, it appears she yoyoed between 5-10 lbs. Some people are just like that. I actually believe her when she said her and Levi werent knocking boots, because as of May, she detested him - well she pretty much detested him from fall 08, but needed someone to help her during pregnancy.

  77. I'm sure Bristol *was* pregnant. If her Mother is running in 2012, I'll guarantee you Bristol is not pregnant now, or will not be in the very near future.

    As for DWTS, she'll be one of the first ones voted off. The fur will not endear her to anyone nor will it hide her lack of talent. This is why it is called Dancing with the Stars, not Dancing with the daughter of a wannabee celebrity.

  78. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Question... What type of physical DWTS requires... I am beginning to feel sorry for Bristol, her mother probably don't know she is pregnant. Sad... I don't think Sarah would have got her on DWTS, if she knew Bristol is pregnant. Now, if anything happen that would cause Bristol to go to the hospital, her condition will be boardcasting on National TV, internet and she would be rip apart and sue for lying... I hope and pray she doesn't hurt herself.

  79. Anonymous11:23 AM

    If DWTS is dressing Bristol in fur, even fake fur, they are already writing the line for her, "So, Bristol, where did you get this outfit?" Answer: "My mom shot it for me."

    As for a see through dress, please. It could also be lace with an opaque flesh colored backing. And, thank goodness Sarah had some of those spandex girdles left over.

    Bristol was not hired because she is a dancer. She wasn't even hired because she is charming, witty, has an outgoing personality, no, she is none of those things. Bristol is a Publicity Magnet. Put her on those cheesy TV entertainment shows, and the ratings double. Keep her on DWTS for several weeks, their ratings will go sky high. (How does she do it when she is such a klutz? People love to watch a train wreck).

    I wish Gryphen would tell us if Bristol is still pregnant and dancing for two (well, three), or something "happen," either naturally or be design? Come on, Gryphen, give us a clue!

  80. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Boy you sure know how to bring out the concern trolls, Gryphen. I think she's pregnant now. That's quite a round hard tummy in the fringy dress and in the first dancing picture we saw where poor Ballas was trying to get her to smile, he had his on her side, not further around on her front like his hand should have been placed. That's quite a tummy if he couldn't get his hand around it. Pregnant now.

  81. I don't care about Bristol at all, but was surprised about DWTS, because ballroom dancing is HARD! Especially if you ahem ungainly or haven't done it before.

    But what kind of a doctor discusses her condition with anyone? If he/she is BP's doctor, there's all kinds of ethics broken. Even if it's a medical rumor, I would think a medical professional would keep that information to themselves. That's shocking!

  82. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I love how anon 5:47 is trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes about Bristol's many pregnancies over the years. When you gain weight, you don't gain it all in a massively protruding, classic pregnancy profile, belly. As Bristol did in fall 2006 (green sweater photo) and earlier this year in her white bridal monstrosity dress cover photos with Levi. At both those points, she was about four to five months pregnant.

    BOTH of those babies have mysteriously disappeared. The only ones remaining are Trig and Tripp.

    Bristol just admitted that the reason why she didn't go to her prom was because she was pregnant.

    But she wasn't pregnant with Tripp at that time. He arrived a year later.

    So she openly confessed that she was pregnant with Trig at the time of her prom.

    Pay attention, little troll. Bristol is going to have to get a lot better at covering things up - and not getting photographed every time she's four to five months along.

    Now her latest pregnancy is magically "gone' (thanks to that trip to Seattle right after she broke up with Levi - I mean, right after Levi said, "No sir, I'm not gonna pretend to be the babydaddy when Ben Barber is.")

    Levi was right to run out of there.

  83. Anonymous12:09 PM

    hmmmmm.. take a look at these pics..,

  84. Surely she's not dumb enough to wear real fur. Real fur is heavier, hotter and PETA will go after her. The other "celebrities" will also.

    Most people, not to mention celebrities, are smart enough these days not to wear real fur even if they aren't sensitive to the issue of killing beautiful animals to wear their skins.

    Wow! I can imagine the fur flying, if you'll pardon the pun, if she had been on the show when Pamela Anderson was a contestant. Now that would have been entertaining!! Pam would have her for lunch if she really wears real fur. Who can forget the totally nude ad she did for PETA?

    As far as being preggers, it's hard to believe considering the liability involved for the show. Again, surely she's not that dumb and I know the network and producers of the show aren't. They want publicity badly enough to put her on but not that badly IMO.

    I think she might have been but no longer is. It's too crazy even for a Palin.

    I don't watch the show, but now I might. The producers know that a whole new audience will probably tune in to see this poor girl make a fool of herself. Ratings are ratings after all.

  85. Anonymous1:26 PM

    So the Palin women go au natural? They don't shave or prune... Bristol is going to show fur?

  86. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I can confirm Bristol is pregnant, I be the pappy!

  87. Anonymous1:29 PM

    There is TRIG,
    There is Trapp,
    What's next TRIM?

  88. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Take a look at the rehearsal photos posted on the Dancing site on

    There is SOMETHING going on under all those layers she's wearing on top...

  89. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I hope Sarah's trailer trash followers keep Bristol in the competition. Watch and see, Bristol will quit because of dancing complications, can't dance while PREGNANT!

  90. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I predict a pulled Hammie or a sprained ankle in the first week...

    She did not visit Aunt Katie on her trip south I have a dear friend who lives next door to her!!!!

    after the first one she should have learned to close her knees....

  91. Anonymous3:58 PM

    You folks are in for weeks of disappointment:

    "She's the worst dancer on the show! Why is she still there? I hate her and her mom....."

    Here's the story: On shows like American Idol and DWTS, the audience votes for who they like, not who is the weakest. Bristol will certainly have a lot of loyal followers, enough to keep her around for many weeks.

  92. Oh, Anon @3:58:

    Silly rabbit! "We people"--we citizens, thank you--aren't disappointed by what happens on Dancing with the Stars.

    No, we are disappointed--well, infuriated--at the culture of hatred, the violence and the social and economic injustice "you people" want to continue to inflict us and our brothers and sisters.

    Don't worry though. We will not rest until we have stopped "your" wars, "your" greed, "your" torture and "your" social and economic exploitation.

  93. BAustin6:43 PM

    Riiight...three layers of tank tops and a sweat jacket in a dance studio while you are dancing for hours? I agree somethings up. Wasn't lil' grifter getting hot?

  94. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Just to weigh in (sorry for the pun) on the Bristol situation, I don't think she's pregnant any more, if she was at all. I really don't think the show would let her on if she was. She may have had a miscarriage or the other, and she may just have gained some weight, which prompted rumors. I agree with several others who have said that the "more modest" costumes are meant to disguise her more ample figure rather than reflect a real concern about being too sexy. Basically, she's a pretty normal sized young woman and I wish people wouldn't go on about it. Kellie Osbourne was also a little chunky when she started on DWTS and she lost a nice amount of weight during the show and looked dynamite at the end.

    Now, I have a story about "wite-out." About a year after having a miscarriage, I started shopping for a new obstetrician and went to one recommended by a friend who happened to be a fundamentalist Christian. When we met the first time, I told him that I had had a "spontaneous abortion" in an effort to be rigorously medically correct. Sometime later when we talked about the possibility of my getting pregnant again, he snarkily asked "how do you feel about that abortion now?" I was floored and mumbled, no miscarriage! Needless to say, I kept looking for a new doctor. The point of the story is that, $P may have had a miscarriage followed by a D&C (like me)and her record showed "spontaneous abortion." She was upset about the proper medical terminology and took it upon herself to wite it out and replace with "miscarriage." So, while I think $P lies about almost everything, this may be a case of her ignorance causing her to "fix" something that didn't really need to be fixed.

  95. Maeve1:01 AM

    I am also a fan of your work and this blog. That said, I don't think comments about Bristol's weight are relevant to your story. It isn't as if she's suddenly obese. She's a young mother. Women put on weight during pregnancy, and some of them find it difficult to take it back off.

    The snide comment is beneath you.

  96. Wearing fur is not going to make Bristol popular. Many people in the lower 48 find the wearing of dead animal skins disgusting.

  97. Anonymous8:45 AM

    TMZ is reporting that Bristol has missed several rehearsals.

  98. Anonymous9:32 AM

    the thing is, Bristol got VERY SKINNY after Tripp's birth was announced and she posed for her first Candie's shoot - her second shoot this year, showed a baby bump.

    Her appearance on Leno showed a definite tummy change - whether she just had a baby or is entering her third trimester is the question.

    Whatever - women's bodies don't fluctuate to look SOOOO pregnant two years after the first or second child. (if Tripp was born in 2008)

  99. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Update on DWTS: Monday Mark Ballas (B's dance partner) canceled practice for a party for his Mom, Tuesday B canceled for a speaking gig, Wednesday B canceled because Tripp was ill, Thursday she could dance 1/2 the day, and Friday was the first day they both showed up and practiced a full day.

    Sounds like the both of them are not 100% committed to their best possible effort...

    P.S. Good point, Anon7:23pm.

  100. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Maybe she's hoping she'll miscarry, since if she IS preggers, there is no way to spin this positively and could likely cause the downfall of her mommy-dearest.

  101. Anonymous1:36 PM

    In every photo I've ever seen of Bristol she's had a pot belly.
    Her clothes always look too small for her, which draws even more attention to her middle. This DWTS thing Bristol's appearance with Leno is so
    ridiculous. All it's doing is keeping the Palins in the spotlight, which plays right into Sarah & her controllers' agenda.

    Sharon TN

  102. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Fyi, Bristols speaking gig was Wed 9/8 and she was at rehearsal 9/7. They did take off Mon and both she and MArk were at the gala

  103. Hey, I'm no fan of Sarah, but come on - there's nothing wrong with Bristol's weight. I really don't see how she could be Trig's mom, either, since Trig was born in April 2008, and eight months later, Bristol gave birth to a gave birth to a seven and a half pound son.

    If you want to discuss weight gain and possible pregnancy, though, let's talk about SARAH - has anybody taken a good look at her latest photos?


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