Monday, October 18, 2010

ADN has video of Joe Miller's jack booted thugs bullying other journalists.

Check this out.

Can you believe that?  What kind of candidate, running for public office, hires assholes like this to keep journalists  away?

Wake up Alaskans!  If you allow this guy to be elected we will see more of this kind of thing happening at every town hall, parade, debate, and picnic that this coward participates in.

You can read more over at ADN.


  1. Tony Hopfinger is not 'just a blogger'.

    Tony has rock-solid backing. Note the last paragraph of this article.:

    Tony in Newsweek:

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    The kind of asshole right-wing candidate who made it perfectly clear that he didn't care for nosey questions!

    PS why wasn't Toad Palin helping out?

  3. Only in Alaska could this shit be done. I have been a cop for 22 years, pay my way up there and I will show this rent a cops what it is all about. (trying to stop laughing)

    Hell it sounded like the real officer said it was public not private domain, (laughing). Now on another note if I was was the Supervisor over real cop, I would chew is butt out. He should have stopped those vermin from harassing the media, because Miller was not there ergo they shouldn't have been there, especially since the real police was there.

    You see they were all bluff and bluster with all their threats of charging the ADN reporter if he did not leave. The first dude needs to file a complaint about being handcuffed, manhandled and detained because you can not do it.

    I did love them in suits and little ear pieces to make them look all official and covert. (now laughing my ass off)

  4. Pat in MA11:59 AM

    WTF? So they rent the space, but invite the PUBLIC? How is that a private event? I assume ADN didn't sneak in a side door. If they let them in how is that trespassing? Unbelievable.

  5. SME13111:59 AM

    What moronic assholes. Notice they didn't get physical with the other reporters once the cops arrived.

    It also makes no difference that they rented the school for this meeting. It was advertised as open to anyone, bring your friends, your family etc.

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Chilling. So now our public schools are under the jurisdiction of hired skinhead goons? And they wonder why we are hellbent on making sure they never, ever get into the highest halls of office in our country.

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Whoever heard of a senate CANDIDATE surrounded by so much "security" detail? Who the hell does Joe Miller think he is? Other than the guy who thinks the Berlin Wall is a shining example of law and order.

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Wake Up Alaskans!

    Wake Up Americans!

    Get every sane but apathetic voter out there to the polls!


    - kellygrrrl

  9. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I hope that Drop Zone security has their liability insurance paid up.

    When will the majority of Americans see this Tea Party movement for what it is?

    I am getting tired of waiting!

  10. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Heaven. Help. Us.

    Welcome to Sarah Palin's world.

  11. California Dreamin'12:25 PM

    I'm a former law enforcement officer and I can tell you that from the REAL law enforcement officer's body language, the fact he took the cuffs off (Tony obviously wasn't a danger to anyone), and the fact that the officer did NOT back up these assholes speaks volumes to me. I love how they got called on their bluff and backed down eventually.

    Also, there were very few "security guards" that were respected by the law enforcement officers on our department in OK. That type of work attracts the wannabes that can't pass the written tests, MMPI, or the oral boards because they exhibit traits that are undesirable in the law enforcement field. (ie-overzealous, power trip, poor judgment). Good law enforcement officers know how to balance the law with compassion, intelligence, and sensitivity. In other words, it's not all black and white.

  12. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Wow. Just wow.

    Good luck Alaska. The last frontier indeed.

  13. Chenagrrl12:29 PM

    I am agog! Joe Miller, who is declining to answer serious questions, has now defined himself. He hides behind a goon squad. Do we know if the Drop Zone is involved with any paramilitary groups? Did Drop Zone goons march carrying their superweapons behind Joe in the Hummer. Oh yeah, and who is paying the Drop Zone bill? Do the goons come with the price of the rent, or is Joe paying them separately? Were they allowed to be armed in the school?

  14. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I shared the heck out of this posting.
    M from MD

  15. Anonymous12:32 PM

    When I witness the audacity, arrogance and defiance of Tea Partiers, I wonder what life would be like if these were the 'adults' in charge.

    Sarah was accused by the Wasilla paper as confusing her election to Mayor as a coronation. She fired or her staff quit because of her management style and using her office to settle scores, buy office make-overs and city-owned vehicles, outing her council members as voting in violation of conflict-of-interest measures but not recusing herself on interests that she would directly or indirectly benefit from. She said being the chief executive of the town was not rocket science, but she had to hire someone to manage because she couldn't do it.

    As Governor, there are so many instances, but a turning point between Palin and Alaska lawmakers came in 2007 after her first legislative session. Legislators complained that Palin blindsided them with the scope of her budget vetoes and she rubbed it in by saying there had to be an "adult in the house." Legislators saw it as a slap in the face and the remark was not forgotten.

    We see Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, Christine O'Donnell and Jan Brewer run around with inciteful language and rhetoric, threatening to dismantle government and institute a moral police state instead - and you have to wonder where the adults are.

    It isn't Joe Miller, or his supporters either.

    This is a nightmare. The Sarah Palin brand of civic mindedness, discourse and leadership is the worst export Alaska has ever had.

  16. Can someone get these threats and further examples of bullying the other members of the media over to Huffington Post too?

    Did you see Joe's poll numbers sink into the toilet after this? Fantastic!

    Just when you thought he couldn't get any creepier...!

  17. Anonymous12:37 PM


    I hope Mr. Hopfinger files against The Drop Zone in particular. If they licensing to operate, their licenses need to be reviewed and yanked.

    I hope the other people touched, blocked or otherwise hassled by these "security guards" file with the state against this firm as well.

    Perhaps The Drop Zone, once it is served with complaints, will turn on Joe Miller. After all, they were hired and given instructions by Mr. Miller and/or his campaign. He is liable for their conduct.

    Joe Miller is certainly an incompetent attorney. He's proven that before by his foolish rants about the Constitution, and now he's proven it once again by hiring these thugs to guard him at a public event.

    Alaskans need to realize that if Joe Miller will treat reporters like this, what happens when one of his constituents disagrees with him - even one of his current supporters. Will they be visited by thugs such as this and intimidated into submission? Think about this, Alaskans. This man is no friend of freedom and not someone you can trust. If you get in his way, he will mow you down - or have hired thugs do it.

    Freedom of the press is essential to a free country. None of these reporters were acting inappropriately.

    My goodness, what happens when a national reporter gets treated this way?

  18. The IRS needs to investigate Fulton's Drop Zone finances. He states it's a cash-only business. That alone is suspicious especially if he's handling weapons.

  19. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Who the hell was the police officer? He should have been protecting the press. He should know the republican assholes would love to destroy his union even though he may even might have supported Sullivan.

  20. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Why hasn't Lisa condemned this?

    You'd expect she want to find another reason to get Joe dumped, but perhaps she secretly agrees with him.

    Voters need to wonder why she has been silent.

  21. Anonymous1:04 PM

    dsmyre - you are right. The Drop Zone needs to be investigated for many reasons.

    When I read that The Drop Zone ignores or bullies customers, doesn't price its merchandise and seems to discourage shoppers, the first thing that came to mind was that the business may simply be a sham - a cover for illegal activity.

    Demanding that all transactions be in cash is sure convenient to escape state tax and IRS accounting, isn't it? Is this a money laundering front?

    Are the employees it hires out really licensed to do what they do?

    Something smells big time and we have Joe Miller to thank for bringing its odor out in public.

    I wonder how swell the owner of The Drop Zone will think Joe Miller is once people start looking into the underpinnings and operation of his business?

    Well, they brought it on themselves - both The Drop Zone and Joe Miller.

    I really feel sorry of Joe's wife and kids. They must live in fear of his temper and intolerance. Just think, if you vote for Joe, you can live like as well.

  22. Anonymous1:06 PM

    What I want to see is his Army Officer Evaluation for the period 3/23/92-9/1/92. This is the one thing he hasn't posted to his website, and it should certainly exist. He should have one dated through his discharge date.

  23. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Does Drop Zone advertise in "Soldier of Fortune"? lol

  24. Anonymous1:18 PM


    I love how the cop is laughing with Tony near the end.

    He knows these guys are a bunch of clowns. I think he was sticking around to protect Tony, really.

    Freakin' awesome!

    What the f**k makes these nuts tick? Might have to pop in Full Metal Jacket in tonight ;)

  25. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I see he just admitted to CNN of 'politicking on borough computers'.

    Now, can someone find out what the exact nature of his disability is? And is he collecting benes?

    Man, what else does this fool have in his closet? Oh that's right - his pint-sized mistress.

  26. Buffalo, NY1:26 PM

    From Alaska statutes:

    •It is unlawful to possess a firearm, without the permission of the chief administrative officer of the school or district or the designee of the chief administrative officer, on any public or private school property, on a school bus while being transported to or from school, or at a school-sponsored event, or while participating in a school-sponsored event, except that a person 21 years of age or older may possess an unloaded firearm in the trunk of a motor vehicle or encased in a closed container in a motor vehicle.

  27. Buffalo, NY1:27 PM

    Would be interesting to know if the school administrators approved the security guards for Miller to carry concealed weapons ?

  28. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Go to Alaska Division of Corporations

    The Business License of Drop Zone Security EXPIRED 12-31-09.

    Go here

    Type in DropZone and submit.

    Also found a story which included William Fulton as one of the plaintiffs suing to recall Ben Stevens in 2005.

    Also plaintiff: the Juneau Empire says "Citizens for Ethical Government (a wing of the Republican Moderate Party of Alaska)".

    Wikipedia had something interesting about this party
    "The Republican Moderate Party of Alaska is a political party in Alaska formed by Ray Metcalfe in 1986 as an alternative to what Metcalfe perceived to be a Republican Party dominated by the Religious Right."

  29. Anonymous1:33 PM

    what a bunch of punk wannabe's...

    bill in belize

  30. Frightening. Truly frightening. Welcome to Amerika. Let's just ignore the US Constitution, shall we? Hell, Pres G W Bush is on record saying, "It's only a piece of paper."

    Seriously considering cutting my US passport in half.

  31. California Dreamin'1:39 PM

    @ Anon 12:47

    JMHO, This is just from my own experiences, but in defense of the responding officer, he was focused on the "suspect". The "security" guards were absolutely intimidating the other reporters, but they didn't actually assault them or lay hands on them. Eventually, the "security" guards backed down because they knew they didn't have a leg to stand on. If the officer decided to interject himself further into what was going on down the hall, he could have potentially made the situation worse. There was only one of him at that point, and he used his best judgment and handled the situation exactly as he should have.

  32. So Joe you gonna let youre neo nazi hire thugs talk some more for ya?

    source MSNBC
    In a subsequent interview, Fulton said he didn't know at the scene that Hopfinger was a journalist.

    “I didn't even know he was a reporter until he told me,” Fulton said. “Normally we would assume that he's just some crazy guy from the audience.”

    Fulton says he was trying to do his job when he arrested Hopfinger.

  33. Now Miller is complaining that Hopfinger followed him into the bathroom before the meeting.

  34. downeast2:05 PM

    Unbelievable. Good for the reporters who stood up for themselves.

    WAKE UP ALASKANS. Do not vote for a man who has his goons slap the cuffs on a reporter for asking a totally legitimate questions.

    And now I hear that the coward (yes that would be you Joe) went on FOX news and claimed that he was harassed in the bathroom.

    I am 55 years old and have been following politics all my life. I have never heard of something like this happening ever. I asked my politically astute mom who is 83 years old. She said that type of thing happened in Nazi Germany, but never here.

    The "security" hired by Joe look like skinheads in suits. They should be arrested.

    Alaskans, do you really want a thug for a Senator? Joe Miller doesn't play well with the other children.

  35. Anonymous2:11 PM

    OT: Early voting started today in Texas, and let me just say that what I overheard from my fellow early voters was scary! Racist comments about Obama, praise for Rick Perry for his anti-guvmint stance, etc. GO VOTE, PEOPLE...IT MATTERS!

  36. Drop Zone should change their name to


  37. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I have many years as a "rent-a-cop" under my belt.
    Once the blogger left the forum room he was within his constitutional right to remain.From what I can see, the security detail wrongly "arrested" the reporter (they have no more power than a citizens arrest) and their legal authority to do so borders on kidnapping at the point where they placed him in restraints.
    Hopefully, charges will be brought against the persons in the "security" detail, and a borough judge will hear the facts of this issue.
    As a footnote, a school district building is a public area and only a police officer or other school official is entitled to direct him to leave it.

  38. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I love how these goons are posturing-- that one to stage left with his hand up, the other with the ear bud. The way they look straight ahead and take in deep breaths before speaking and sounding so important. Like. . . Timothy McVeigh.

  39. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I am currently directing The Diary of Anne Frank at my high school. Today, we blocked the final scene when the Gestapo arrest the 8 people in the hiding place. We discussed how people could do horrible things to others who they didn't even know (like turn in the Franks and others) because they wanted money, or hated, or were following a leader who was insane - this to give motivation to the actors.The high school kids were having trouble imagining ANYONE being so inhumane. I should have just showed them this clip. Hopefully, the Gen We'ers can see these tactics for what they are - desperation.

  40. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Joe spoke to FIX news and said Tony followed him into the bathroom. He's just making shit up as he goes along.

    I bet Joe was concerned Tony saw he is literally a dickless wonder.

  41. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Could someone see if there is a link between Miller/Palin/Van Sustern & husband/Scientologists and Drop Zone?

  42. dancingthroughlife2:52 PM

    Anon. 1:29, they now have a valid license- effective today.

    So they failed to have a license for either the 'store' or their security detail business from the end of last year until today. However, the License Detail for the new license lists 'trade' as their line of business, and 451110 (Sporting Goods Stores) as their primary activity, no secondary activity listed. The previous license, for DropZone Security Services, listed 'Administrative, Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services' as their line of business, and 56162 (Security Guards and Patrol Services) as the primary activity for the business, no secondary activity listed.

    Wonder how that changes liability for Miller, the "owner" of the security company, and each of the individuals working for Drop Zone last night. Hopfinger should sue as a matter of principle, but especially if they press charges.

  43. Anonymous2:53 PM

    @Anonymous 2:36

    You are a splendid teacher and those are lucky, lucky students. When most of the school memories have faded, those students will still recall the day you made "Anne Frank" and current events one and the same.

    Thank you being such a teacher

  44. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Use of anything resembling "jump wings" by other than paratroopers is offensive. My dad did 4 combat jumps in WWII. Those wings mean something.

  45. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I finally watched this. These guys are ridiculous. They did not indicate who they were, who they represented or who/what gave them the authority to tell someone they were trespassing so in my mind they had no right to say anything. The police officer on the other hand could advised someone he was trespassing after the officer knew for a fact that the event was private. But since it was advertised as a "Town Hall" meeting open to the public that negates any possibility of being private.
    Mr Hopfinger should have a decent suit against the security personnel for restraining his movements and especially for handcuffing him without authority.
    Finally the guy who kept pushing his hand in the camera reminded me of the underarm deodorant commercial on the television.

  46. GrainneKathleen3:11 PM

    here's hoping this will bring joe the assface miller's number's down. i don't know whether to laugh or worry. it makes me furious though how these teabagger candidates have managed to get around the media thus far. we have no real media in this country except for some select journalists, and yes, BLOGGERS!

  47. SME1313:12 PM

    What's kind of interesting is that William Fulton (owner of Drop Zone) had a business license for doing security work (code 561612) and when he renewed it this year he changed it to 451110 which is a sporting goods, hobby or book store and does not include security work at all.

    He also had a stalking charge back in 2008.

    Gee, I guess Joe doesn't vet his security any better than McCain vetted Palin.

  48. Enjay in E MT3:13 PM

    Whether or not Miller "rented" a space in a publically funded school should not authorize him & his goons to physically detain someone once they have been removed from the "rented room"

    This should be something the school system may be concerned about, IF they did rent space to the Miller Campaign which was not open to the public. (A no-no in many school districts for this very reason!)

    Perhaps Miller is just ticked cause he didn't close the restrooms to the public also.

    Scary Sarah sure know how to pick them common-sense conservatives. Maybe she's trying to convice us that she is more
    "center" than the T-Baggers.

  49. Anonymous3:15 PM


    Wish you could have gotten footage of the actual brown boots!! BUT, I'm sure this won't be the last time these clowns show up.... No names - no show of ANY paperwork giving them the right to harass ANY of these guys, and who they were their trying to protect!!!??!?!?!?

    The curious thing is WHY the REAL police actually kept the main guy back with him???

  50. Anonymous3:20 PM

    FYI - Miller is now telling the Huffington Post that Tony followed in into the restroom....

  51. Anonymous3:21 PM

    The DropZone dudes look like skinheads in suits. I saw some pictures of some of them online at a dropzone site..that put 4 viruses on my computer...and he had the word SKIN tattoed on his arm.

    Looks like screwed the pooch.

  52. That's the first time I've seen Skinheads wearing suits.I guess they thought the old Doc Martin's and Levis would be a bit of a give away.

  53. GrainneKathleen3:35 PM

    ot comedy break!

  54. Anonymous3:53 PM

    The videographer should have called 911.

    What a bunch of bush-league goons.

  55. The Second Amendment, revised:

    "An unregulated goon squad being necessary to the insecurity of a stray freak, the right to keep goons bearing arms shall not be infringed."

  56. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Keith Olbermann covering this story right now.

    8.03 EST

  57. Anonymous4:19 PM

    The gestapo looking security guard on the right looks like Track Menard-Palin.

  58. Gryphen,
    Check out the story on about the Drop Zone's license. Appears it was and may still be expired.

  59. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Watched it on Oberman and a bit earlier saw Miller on CNN with Jhn King. I had to wash out my ears after listening to Miller.

    In the unlikely event Miller is elected May God have mercy on us all.

  60. Anonymous4:23 PM

    The way they look straight ahead and take in deep breaths before speaking and sounding so important. Like. . . Timothy McVeigh.

    2:36 PM

    They also reminded me of McVeigh. It makes me ill to think of that mindset being legitimized. But there it is, on video, and all over the internet. I'm afraid this is not going to end well for a lot of people.


  61. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Todd P must be wetting his shorts. He loves this type of intimidation. Todd wants to know where can he get one of those earpieces those Wanna Be Secret Service goons are wearing.

  62. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Piper: Mommy!

    Sarah: Yes Piper whatcha want?

    Piper: There were skinheads with guns walking around school today arresting reporters. Can I get a restraining order against them and stay home from school for another month?

    Sarah: LOL Piper that's not even your school. By the way you do not even go to school LOL.

    Sarah: Hey Piper ya wanta to go with me on a pretend bus ride and go on a Lear jet from coast to coast? I'll write your teacher an excuse for you?

    Piper: But momma you know I don't go to school.

    Sarah: Why don't you go to school Piper? You got mono?

  63. SME131 what was the disposition on that stalking charge? Did you all notice if he was carrying? Very interesting.

  64. Anonymous4:44 PM

    My blood pressure kept rising as I watched this. I am furious and I hope Joe Miller has the good sense to drop out of the race. He has stepped over the line. This is a democracy and the press is the glue that holds it together. That Joe does not have a sense for this is outrageous. What's next Joe, shut down the libraries?

  65. WakeUpAmerica4:50 PM

    Pretty unbelievable. Miller's Nazis are fairly egregious with their behavior. Obviously, they are on major power trips. They had no interest in solving a problem; they only had a lust for power and control. It is very upsetting to watch that kind of behavior in America.

  66. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Anon at 2:52 Pm:

    This the Anon from 1:29 PM.

    Thanks for the info on today's renewal for DropZone the store.
    I missed that!

    Just to be clear:


    According to this site-Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional licensing.

    As far as what that means as far as liability... ASK JOE! HE'S A LAWYER!!!

    SME 131:

    The State website shows that Fulton had a license for "DropZone" (the store- AK LIC NUM 914300) and one for "DropZone Security Services" (AK LIC NUM 907643). LIC NUM 907643 expired 12-31-09 according to the website.

    I will check into the Bail Bond agent licensing situation asap.

  67. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Just read the Huffington Post article about Joe Miller defending himself. Looks like he is trying to distance himself from Drop Zone or at least make it sound like the excessive private security wasn't his idea/fault:

    "...the security team that the contract required us to have arrested him because he pushed one of their individuals."

    According to Miller, the presence of a private security firm was not his call. The public school demanded that he hire the detail prior to coming to the town hall meeting.

    Also, as far as Miller whining that Hopfinger followed him into the bathroom, Hopfinger mentioned that LAST NIGHT in one of the accounts I read. He said he'd seen Miller in the men's room but didn't try to interview him there because he thought some places should be off-limits. In this case, I believe Hopfinger over Miller.

  68. Anonymous5:17 PM


  69. Anonymous5:36 PM

    The License for Code 561612 - Security guards & patrol service - expired Dec 31/09. No entry of renewal.

    The License for Code 451110 is for Sporting Goods Store. Original issue 4/15/08 and conveniently renewed TODAY 10/18/10.

    Now that they've got more media attention, wonder how the 'cash trade' will be working for them.

    Someone commented above that they hoped his liability insurance was paid up - what insurance. Dropzone is operating under an 'expired license'.

    It also raises the issue of the sideline 'bounty' business. Who else is hiring someone unlicensed?

  70. Anonymous5:43 PM

    It's unfortunate that Jon Stewart -The Daily Show and Colbert are on re-runs this week. :(

    Appears the only late night show not in reruns is Kimmel

  71. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I noticed the red tie affect...Red=Communists.

    Also Joe Miller and Joe Vogler founder of the AIP are both from Kansas. I guess its safe to say everyone who is from KS and moves to AK is a RWNJ.

  72. Anonymous8:32 AM

    As a beat report myself, I have to say kudos to each member of the press who refused to back down.

    Miller and his goons are total asshole. Looks the Army dudes are in hot water, and the owner of that nutty "shop" will probably get nailed for providing "security" without a permit. Miller has shown himself to be a fool and a bully -again.

    It's a win-win for McAdams!

  73. Who is that Anchorage cop?

    Why was he allowing those thugs to bully and threaten the other two reporters?

    PLEASE SOMEONE publish his name.
    We don't need him on our Police Force.
    He obviously doesn't earn his salary!


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