Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Joe Miller's Security goons were NOT a licensed security company!

All day yesterday I received numerous tips that "Drop Zone" was not a licensed security firm.

One of the tips led me to The Political Carnival. And guess what I found there?

Here is Drop Zone's clearly expired business license which, when up to date, enabled them to function in the capacity of a security company.

As you can no doubt see, the license had expired back in December of last year.  So while the Drop Zone goons were manhandling Tony Hopfinger on Joe Miller's behalf they were nothing more than hired bullies with no more authority to place anybody under arrest, or put their hands on them, than any other bystander who felt he had the right to infringe on somebody's civil rights.  And in this case, on the first amendment rights of a journalist to ask questions of a political candidate.

Now SOMEBODY must have tipped these Drop Zone jerks off to the fact that this expired license might pose a problem, because suddenly yesterday they renewed their license.  Well they tried anyhow. 

But did you notice one interesting little detail?  This renewed license, is a license to engage in "trade."  The expired license was a license to provide "security."  Nice try morons, but having a license to conduct trade does NOT license you to perform as a security force.  Which by the way is irrelevant, because on the day that they were manhandling Tony, and pushing around other reporters from the Alaska Dispatch and the Anchorage Daily New, they had NO LICENSE AT ALL!

So let's sum this up shall we?

Joe Miller, a lawyer who should know better, hired a group of ex-military thugs who are headquartered in a little broken down military surplus shop in Spenard, but who have NO business license, to rough up a journalist who was asking him a questions about his past unethical misuse of computers while working as a lawyer for the North Star Borough, that he refused to answer but then broke down and answered for CNN the very next day.

Hey Joe?  Do you smell what I smell?  Smells kind of like an impending lawsuit doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I think more digging needs to be done to make sure none of those goons are still on active duty.....also, too has anyone requested Miller's military records under the Freedom of Information Act?

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Well, if it worked in East Germany...

    Miller, you're such a hick.

  3. KiheiKat6:29 AM

    The Drop Zone thugs should be arrested for their actions and Jackboot Joe along with them for hiring them and setting them loose on the public. But is the APD covering for Palin pals?

  4. Anonymous6:30 AM

    You need to make sure CNN and MSNBC have this info...and of course the Alaska press needs to headline this.

    Amazingly crazy stuff going on!

  5. angela6:32 AM

    Joe Miller is definitely not smarter than a fifth grader. And it seems his "security" force were most certainly dumber than him--if that's possible. It's embarrassing that Miller and his rag tag bunch of soldiers (active duty) ex-soldiers and their psychotic boss are this clueless.

    The fact the Miller feels like he needs to have armed security with him at all times in Alaska, no less, pretty much tell me that Joe is paranoid and just a wee bit . . . Ok, he's nuts …I live in Ohio around some of these crazy militia people--but Joe is a cracker short of a full box.

    Didn't he have a skinhead security force with him two years ago when he tried to jack the local GOP? I think this man is over the moon crazy. And it says more than a helluva lot that this is the type of lunatic Palin pals around with.

  6. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Hmm, so Mr. Miller can't even do a simple background check on his Keystone Kops squad, but he demands that people trust his decision-making skills and elect him to the Senate.

    At this point, I can't imagine anyone p*ssing in this man's mouth if his teeth were on fire, much less electing his crazy ass to that high of a public office.

  7. Anonymous6:41 AM

    OT, but truly the scariest jack-o-lantern ever!

  8. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I certainly hope a lawsuit is in the works. At the very least, charges should be brought against them.

    We must stop this before it becomes commonplace and nothing is ever done about it because 'everyone' hires people like this.

    Go Alaska!

  9. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I read in the ADN that the thugs were active military personnel. Also, that their leaders were looking into whether it was legal or not for them to be moonlighting as security guards.

  10. Anonymous6:52 AM

    You may want to follow up on the fact that 2 of the security guards were active duty military personnel who were moonlighting for Drop Zone in violation of the the Hatch Act.

  11. All that money thrown at Joe's campaign and no one vetted anyone. Does that not sound kinda like McCain's picking of Sarah and Joe the Plumber that was not a plumber.

    BTW, early voting has begun in TX. Please everyone check with your local library, city hall, etc. to find out if you can vote early in your state.

    Alaskans please do not let anyone ruin or sully your beautiful state.

  12. California Dreamin'7:14 AM

    This is in the comments section over at Mudflats' Obey thread:

    GoI3ig says:
    October 19, 2010 at 2:30 AMI heard a great story yesterday. I was told that Drop Zone Security was dabbling in the bounty hunter business when they had an unfortunate incident. As the story goes, one of their “agents” was chasing a bail jumper, and decided to fire some warning shots in the air.

    The real law enforcement folks looked dimly on this behavior.

    I’m not sure how this could be confirmed or denied? Maybe APD would give up the story? I did hear Lt. Parker say yesterday during a press brief that APD has had contact with Drop Zone in the past. Could this be the contact he was referring to? If any of you mudpups have an in at APD, maybe you can find out if this story has any traction.

  13. Anonymous7:16 AM

    The HP is reporting that Joe came clean about the computer use during an interview.

  14. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Sweet...a lawsuit's a comin' ma!

    You are so screwed Miller!

  15. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Another issue is the knee jerk response on video by the trooper that it was a 'private' event and they had rented the whole school. I assume that he accepted the 'word' of the thugs and at no time requested evidence of a contract before he spewed this as a school is 'taxpayer public property'. He also had not asked to see the 'invite' to everyone and their mother from the 'Mitler' campaign. Said Trooper was giving knee jerk responses of which he had no true information. He 'took' sides. Said trooper also neglected to address the issue of the 'goons' continuing to verbally and in Jill Burke's case, physical assault. He ignored the issue.

    Makes you wonder - what's his 'party affiliation'; 'payoffs'; 'off duty jobs'; any number of issues in that he did not conduct himself in a professional manner to put it lightly.

  16. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I wonder if anyone has brought this to the attention of the Municipal Attorney or whatever jurisdiction is responsible for bringing charges. Last I read was the authorities were still deciding whether to bring charges against the reporter or not.

  17. Randall7:28 AM

    HOW can any rational voter not realize that when you elect a thug - eventually the thug turns on YOU?

    EVERY. Time.

  18. Chenagrrl7:45 AM

    Time to lawyer up and see if Fulton boy has a line to Blackwater's deep pockets. Oh that's right. It's not Blackwater anymore, too perjorative.

    It's something like Eons of Morons or something that makes violating peoples' rights more socially acceptable.

    DIs gusting!

  19. TexLaw7:46 AM

    I just cannot keep up with the continuing scandals of Joe Miller. Now it's being reported that the Drop Zone goons were actually active military!

  20. Anonymous7:49 AM

    What I find extremely interesting is that according to their original license, they were engaged in "waste disposal and remediation". I read that as being hazardous waste disposal and remediation of contaminated soil or other medium. After spending a career in this field, they clearly don't appear qualified or to have any expertise in this area. If they were trying, or still trying to pass themselves off in this area, the State needs to do an investigation and find what, if any, business they have done in the past, and investigate how it was handled. Working in this area requires a thorough knowledge of the Federal and State laws regulating hazardous waste, including an good understanding of chemistry and hazardous chemicals.

    These are the type of people who's idea of disposal of hazardous waste, is to dump barrels full of some unknown contents at the dead end of a lonely road in the middle of the night and take off.

  21. GrainneKathleen7:52 AM

    ot, but you have to check out what the maiden grizzly sad about the separation of church and state during a debate in front of legal scholars. looks like someone hasn't read our founding documents..........

  22. Buffalo, NY7:55 AM

    Just thinking, Palin must be stomping and fuming by now; Miller is stealing all her headlines!

  23. Bear Woman7:59 AM

    With just a little research, it is clear that Drop Zone violated just this Alaska Administrative Code (regulation):

    13 AAC 60.100. Uniforms and equipment

    (a) The word "security" must be clearly visible on all uniforms. The word "security" may be displayed on a cloth or metal badge, shoulder patch, or name tag.

    (b) The agency name must be clearly visible on all uniforms.

    Not to mention that I doubt any of the folks working for Drop Zone are licensed as security guards, the one carrying a weapon probably doesn't have the paperwork necessary to be an armed security guard and best of all, Mr. Fulton probably is not licensed as a security guard agency.....

    My, my, my.... Joe can't even be bothered to hire a properly licensed, bonded and insured entity and didn't bother to make sure that the "guards" were properly identified, including and identity card issued by the state clearly visible....

    Guess incompetence is evidenced again.

  24. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Alaska Administrative Code:
    "Each applicant for a security guard license and each applicant for a security guard agency license must file with the department a certificate of insurance or bond evidencing comprehensive liability coverage for death, injury, false arrest, detention or imprisonment, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, defamation of character and violation of right to privacy in the minimum amount of $100,000 per person and $200,000 per occurrence.
    Each applicant must also file a certificate of property damage insurance or bond in the amount of $100,000 per occurrence. The certificate must provide that the insurance or bond may not be modified or cancelled unless 30 days' notice of cancellation has been given to the department.
    Failure to maintain insurance or bond is grounds for revocation of a security guard license or a security guard agency license.

    Here's licensing requirements for security services and agents employed:

    (a) In order to be eligible to receive a license as a security guard agency, each applicant or each partner of a partnership and the qualified agent employed by an agency must be

    (3) at least 18 years of age;

    (4) neither addicted to nor dependent on alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs;

    (5) not suffering from any psychopathic condition or mental illness impairing the powers of memory, reason, judgment or perception; and

    (6) an individual without a conviction, within 10 years before the date of application, for any crime classified as a felony in this state or another jurisdiction at the time the crime was committed.

    (b) All applicant agencies must possess a valid Alaska business license in addition to any other corporate or municipally required license or registration.

    (c) Corporate officers and persons with more than 20 percent financial interest in the agency must not have been convicted of a felony within 10 years of application.

    (d) Applicants must meet insurance or bond requirements specified in 13 AAC 60.120.

  25. Anonymous8:03 AM

    (a) All security guard applicants, before issuance of a temporary permit or submission of an application to the department, must have received at least eight hours of general preassignment training relating to their duties and responsibilities as a guard.

    (b) All security guards are required to complete satisfactorily at least 40 hours of inservice training within 180 days after employment. Training must include, but need not be limited to
    (1) law of arrest;
    (2) law of search and seizure;
    (3) duties and responsibilities to the employer and client;
    (4) fire prevention;
    (5) first aid;
    (6) patrol techniques.

    (c) All security guards must pass an annual refresher course of at least eight hours on the topics in (b) of this section. Failure to pass the refresher course may be grounds for revocation of a security guard license.

    (f) Firearms training required under 13 AAC 60.085(2) may only be administered by
    (1) a person certified as a qualified firearms trainer by a federal, military, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency; or

    (2) an employee of a security guard agency who has certification from a nationally recognized organization attesting to his qualifications as an instructor.

    (g) Renewal applications must contain a certification stating that the required training has been successfully completed.

    My question: if his "staff of 45 over 90% of those guys are newly medically discharged and we are the only ones giving them jobs and a safe place to work through the horrors of war", as he himself states, are they suitable for duty? Do they meet the requirements as applicants?
    His agents cannot have substance-abuse issues and cannot be "suffering from any psychopathic condition or mental illness impairing the powers of memory, reason, judgment or perception."
    If they're all medical discharges from the military and yet clearly able-bodied from photographs - have all their limbs, can run, fight, jump, drive, take down a bail-jumper, work as bar bouncers - then what are the medical discharges?

    Do they have concealed weapons permits? A little bit different than a "citizen's" right to carry a firearm.

  26. SME1318:07 AM

    Drop Zone doesn't have workers comp insurance either. But that may not be important if he is hiring his goons on a contract basis. If that is the case then each of them also need a business license - which without names we can't check. The state won't do much about their business license being expired, but they may do more considering they are not registered as the proper type of business.

    I also think they are going to face some real issues when it comes to the fact that they have no business license and also require all purchases be paid in cash. Since nothing is priced in their store they could be selling an item for much more than they are reporting - or not reporting at all.

    I think Fulton's actions of throwing his guys under the bus by saying they're adults and he doesn't care if they met with military requirements shows he is just as heartless as those he works for.

    I also think someone should see to it that APD gets a peek at the photo of the three guys wearing "agent" shirts and holding a guy at gunpoint. If they aren't legitimate security or bounty hunters (what a joke) then they need to be held accountable for what they did.

  27. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Also, besides no ID's or badges, I notice that the Goon who is on the license is claiming to be a sole proprietor. I just wonder if he claims to be "Exempt" on his State filings in so far as having no employees. Workers Comp., etc.
    This bunch is in very deep water. Especially the ones who are active military.
    See Ya, Joe.

  28. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I think it may be too late to do anything about Miller's use of unlicensed security. The goons own the state. Support the twoops, support the twoops. Even when they're moonlighting.

  29. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Apparently, at least two of the thugs were active-duty military. So much for Sarah Palin's lectures that we should be grateful to the military for giving us free speech! It's JOURNALISTS who secure that right for us, by asking questions even when surrounded by hulking military thugs.

  30. Ratfish8:36 AM

    The expired license was not for security- despite beibg made out to Dropzone Security Services. It was for administrative support and waste management and remediation.

    I guess Joe "I am not a crook but am the Fuehet" Miller had trained his thugs to treat the media as garbage.

    I wonder who is next on Joe's list to be disposed of.

  31. Anonymous8:46 AM

    RE: go vote for all our sakes! Early voting has begun in Texas, and when I went yesterday I overheard the scariest comments from many of the others waiting in line with me. PLEASE go vote! Check your state for local voting times and places, and make it a priority! It matters this time, because the right wing crazies are showing up in droves.

  32. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I am sitting in a restaurant full of Miller supporters, incl. the owner of said establishment. Yes, I patronize the place because the owner is a long time friend and we liberals don't care too much when the food is good and money is going local. These people all think this is a conspiracy on poor Joe!

    They dehumanize Lisa and Scott, calling Lisa a liberal and Scott 'dopey'-- why do they call Scott dopey? He holds his own in debates and wins points often! Lisa is with them more than she is against them, and their overall
    conversation level is middle school camp out when they talk about this.

  33. Enjay in E MT9:04 AM

    Wow - can we say Joe Millers' campaign hired Illegal Contractors...

    Montana politics is soooooooo boring compared to Alaska. Should I be jealous?

  34. justafarmer9:12 AM

    responding to Ratfish,
    you correctly note that on the expired license the "line of business activity" description as support, adminstration, waste management & remediation, but take a look at the NAICS code for "Primary Activity", which is 561612 -- the NAICS for for "Security guards and patrol services". On the renewed license, the NAICS code is now 45110, the code for "Trade".

  35. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I can't tell if this was accepted. I'm reposting in two posts. Please delete these, if the original came through.

    Let's examine the issue of the responding law enforcement officer confirming (on tape) that it was a "private event" and that Miller had rented the school. Even better, I think we should hear from Carol Comeau, Superintendent of Anchorage School District.

    1. I don't believe it's appropriate, or that the officer had the authority, to endorse DropZone's claim that it was a "private event" and they "took over the school."
    He couldn't have checked. Sunday night, 7 pm. Who is he going to check with?

    Sarah Palin got away with that at the public facility up in Wasilla, with her "event security" of off-duty Wasilla police volunteering.

    The Brotherhood of law enforcement, jail guards, security guards - they back each other up against all of us general public citizen criminals.

    The extent of autonomous authority given to police and state troopers in Alaska is both shocking and disturbing.

    Kind of ironic; it's all about our freedoms and liberties being stripped, huh, Joe? Right, Bill?

    But this is a bit different. This is a school. The school district doesn't DO private event rentals. It is indeed a public facility. They have policies on "facility use", not rentals.
    "Upon request, school facilities shall be available to non-school as well as school activities, in order of priority and under the terms and conditions specified below on individual Facilities Use Permits."

    "Application for a school facility shall constitute acceptance by the applicant of the responsibilities stated and the willingness to comply with all rules and regulations as outlined regarding the use of facilities."

    "Any other permits required from police, fire, health, or other governmental agencies must be obtained and copies presented to the Rental Manager prior to the issuance of any Facilities Use Permit."

  36. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Did Sarah use these skin heads too?

  37. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Part II

    Facility use categories:
    1 - District Educational Use
    2 - Community Schools
    3 - Non Profit Youth Organizations
    4 - Non Profit Adult Organizations
    5 - Educational Institutions (not for profit educational organizations including colleges and universities.)
    6- Commercial Use and Political Use
    * "This category includes activities where: Any political candidate or political party conducts a campaign activity."

    $400 for multipurpose room. This would be what Miller contracted for. $1,000-$2,000 for one of the high school gyms and large auditoria.

    "Current public office holders sponsoring community hearings or meetings of an official and deliberative nature in the conduct of their office will be exempt from any Rental Fees."
    I hope he DID pay his $400.

    This was not a "private" event. This is not private property managed under a rental agreement. You can't just "rent" the school.
    This is a public facility that as a matter of public policy (municipal, state, federal), provides a meeting place for political candidates and campaign activity - specifically in the public interest of open elections process.
    The cop didn't know what he was talking about.

    No private bodyguard has any authority to handcuff anyone on public property or remove anyone from public property. Only the police can.
    Joe Miller had a contractual obligation to ensure that his goons complied with rules and regulations and restrained themselves. Their actions and behavior caused the circumstances; not the member of the public.
    No private individual - even a properly licensed paid security guard - can handcuff/restrain/tie up another individual absent some very specific justifiable threatening criteria.

    The fact that people get away with it, doesn't mean it's legal. It just means they weren't held accountable. Nobody filed a complaint.

  38. Sharing a bit of humor a friend sent me:

    Did you know that the words "race car" spelled backwards still spell race car?
    And that "eat" is the only word that, if you take the 1st letter and move it to the last, spells its past tense - ate?
    And if you rearrange the letters in "Tea Party Republicans" and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Shut-up, you free-loading, progress-blocking, benefit-grabbing, homophobic, resource-sucking, racist, hypocritical jerks, and face the fact that you nearly capsized the country under Bush"?

    How weird is that?

  39. Anonymous9:52 AM

    This is just the beginning. The Mexican drug cartels recruit the police and army to work for them. It is not any different in the USA today. Too bad if Americans allow this coup to go on unacknowledged. The media will only do a half ass job of reporting because they are already under control. The ones that are trying will be Hopfingered.

  40. Anonymous10:17 AM

    The NAICS that doesn't seem to match the business's activities?
    "Support, administration, waste management and remediation"

    I'm certain that that was a snarky, 'man's-gettin'-me-down', rebel Bounty Hunter joke. A misuse of the codes because they didn't care. A silent protest against all the Guvemint registrations, paperwork, licensing and permit applications.
    I bet you a thousand dollars that that was a reference to hunting down bail-jumpers and dealing with criminals.
    "Waste management and remediation" - get it?

  41. Didn't Palin do the same as Joe Miller, try to intimidate? Just because she is a women no one would speak against her. If Palin had been vetted like Joe is hopefully being, she would be off the national stage by now. Her whole family could crawl back under the rock they came out of. Mom,Pop,spouse & uneducated, criminal, kids!

  42. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Some fun for you Gryphen. She messed up an endorsement per twitter. Wrong name/wrong state.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Sullivan has a post up too that says she's peaked and not one candidate she has endorsed has been publically seen with her since mid September.



  43. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Sounds like William Fulton and DropZone is going to need a good attorney, well-versed in 2nd Amendment, military matters, civil suit, government policy, regulation and compliance.
    Oh wait. They HAVE one!

    Bwwwaaaa-hhaaa-haaa! Haha, hee, chuckle, hiccup, wiping tears...ahhh...

  44. FEDUP!!!10:44 AM

    I haven't read the comments yet, so excuse me if I repeat what others might have said!

    Turns out that he actually used ACTIVE DUTY soldiers in his arrest of the reporter!


  45. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Internet commerce reviews:

    Response from the owner
    "Wow sorry you didnt get the help you needed. We are a wholey disabled veteran owned and operated company, most of our staff comes from combat arms MOS's. We are military focused and while we do sell to the general public our priority is our military client's. Prices vary greatly even with the same item depending on your rank, job (ie discounts for military, law enforcement, fire fighters etc) what we paid that day for it how long its been in inventory and customers attitude."
    Flag as inappropriate
    DropZone - Saturday, August 28, 2010
    Verified owner

    By Alan - Jul 28, 2010
    "The sign on the door said enough for me, and nearly wanted to make me leave right then and there. Flat out said if you were there to look around, you just needed to go the F... somewhere else because they weren't a museum. Anti-government signs abound in and out."

    Response from the owner
    "Sorry you didnt like the sinage were all old infantry men in here so we tend to be a little blunt. As for the kid behind the counter we do hire military cadets every summer and should one of them screw up its nice to know..."
    Flag as inappropriate
    DropZone - Sunday, August 29, 2010
    Verified owner

  46. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Time now to push Miller's buttons on his 'military' resume.

    For one - Comments posted some days ago set out time frames missing - why?

  47. Anonymous11:10 AM

    LOL All of these people are morons. Maroons. Morans. Drop Zone is not in all sorts of trouble protecting Miller who doesn't appear to place a high value on paying his bills.

    Cracks me up.

  48. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Someone made a really great point: how did Dropzone get a renewal on his license yesterday? It was a state holiday.

  49. dancingthroughlife11:26 AM

    OT, I just went to the ADN site, and a large Joe Miller ad greeted me at the top of the page: Joe Miller's Top 10 (Not So ) Extreme and Radical Ideas for Congress. #3? Live under the same laws you pass for everybody else. You seriously can't make this shit up!

  50. Anonymous11:29 AM

    The "security detail" were ALSO TOO, active duty soldiers, doing a little moonlighting, as it were.

    Uhem, does Joe the plaid wearing lawyer liar understand that soldiers are NOT allowed to participate in ANY politicking of any sort?

  51. Track Palin would make a perfect employee for Drop Zone security.

    Ex-military, no job skills, no future. Become a gun-toting security guard and be all you can be!

  52. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Well, well, well, Mr. Miller better start lawyering up for his moment with the IRS. His financial disclosure is pretty steamy. Like horse poop. When the form requests income it means income.

    Unfortunately, I think the people who support Palin's picks are listening to a whistle most of who have an appreciation for the Constitution and science are not hearing. Willful ignorance makes them feel powerful and as Palin says "you can't take that away from me."

  53. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Are we maybe getting a hint of why he left the Military Academy? His moral compass is still looking for, and not finding that North Star, even though he is standing right under it.

  54. Anonymous6:19 PM

    "Track Palin would make a perfect employee for Drop Zone security."

    Do you have any proof that Track Palin wasn't moonlighting for Drop Zone? The family doesn't seem to know why he looks so mad all the time or what he does, other than when he is doing the reality series. Do they know what happened to his military career? Sarah is just darn proud of her "combat vet" for what it is she knows he does. Other than help build a poorly constructed fence that didn't stay up long. Big whoop for the Palin men folk.

  55. Anonymous7:43 PM

    This could never happen in America, especially a state like Alaska where they care so much for the military: "Los Zetas is a criminal organization in Mexico dedicated mostly to international illegal drug trade and other organized crime activities. This drug cartel was founded by a group of Mexican Army Special Forces deserters and now includes corrupt former federal, state, and local police officers, as well as ex-Kaibiles from Guatemala."

    A Rigged Fight?
    ...the only hope to this is hire a private army, from a foreign country. Israel

    Would this for a moment be tolerable? Would the president of the United States or the leaders of Congress simply treat it as a regrettable yet acceptable border problem? Of course not.

    In a televised interview Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. government is doing all it can to help find David Hartley's body.

  56. hauksdottir1:26 AM

    Bear Woman at 7:59

    The "agency" was unlicensed and unbonded, and being paid in CASH. The men were also being paid in CASH. Fulton could hire his services out cheaply by handling everything under the table.

    Miller would appreciate the tax evasion aspects, as well as having his own no-questions-asked militia, but being cheaper than a professional agency? Seals the deal!

    Since he also used an escort of hired thugs in 2008, it might be worth a peek at his tax returns to see what sort of business deduction he claimed for them. It probably wasn't "escort services".

  57. Take a look at the ribbons that Olson is wearing on his FATIGUE shirt in the Yahoo story.

    You'll notice that at least one of the VN service ribbons is out of place and quite a few are garnished with "after-market" devices that the military didn't issue.

    Notice: there's no Purple heart.

    Norm probably represents the other "wannabes" that avoided combat and think they can make up for it by joining together in a dress-up gang.

  58. Take a look at the ribbons that Olson is wearing on his FATIGUE shirt in the Yahoo story.

    You'll notice that at least one of the VN service ribbons is out of place and quite a few are garnished with "after-market" devices that the military didn't issue.

    Notice: there's no Purple heart.

    Norm probably represents the other "wannabes" that avoided combat and think they can make up for it by joining together in a dress-up gang.


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