Friday, October 29, 2010

Palin goes nuclear over government official's tongue in cheek happy birthday tweet to Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

Here is what the State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Philip J. Crowley tweeted this morning:

THIS is how the Grizzled Mama lost her shit about it:

Happy B'day Ahmadinejad wish sent by US Govt. Mind boggling foreign policy: kowtow & coddle enemies; snub allies. Obama Doctrine is nonsense about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

As many of you know Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are the two young men who are currently being held in Iran right now.  Secretary Crowley is using a little thing called "diplomacy" in an attempt to convince Ahmadinejad to do something positive to celebrate his birthday, though probably a little sarcastically.  Sadly it appears that the queen of mean only knows how to use bullying tactics to get her way, and simply cannot understand why we would not simply launch a nuclear attack to free the Americans.  Well free whatever was left of them of course.

Americans awaken 2 bizarre natl security thinking of Obama Admn: Ahmadinejad b'day greeting after call 4 Israel's destruction speaks volumes about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Okay it could be partly because her butt-boy is free falling in recent polls, it could be because she is afraid that Bristol will not be the only Palin to come up a loser on Tuesday,  but whatever it is there is no doubt that Sister Sarah desperately needs her meds adjusted.

She must be hell on ice to live with right now.


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    That Sarah, she just doesn't have a brain in her head does she? What keeps it from imploding?

    She can't tell by reading the tweet that he was dogging Ahmadinejad? Oh I forgot, she doesn't read....anything.


  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

  3. Obviously, she doesn't understand sarcasm. It's too far too complicated for her. Or maybe she didn't read the whole thing all the way through 8 or 9 times to make sure she got every word. I don't know. Dumb and dumber. WGE.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    nobody but a delusional palin acolyte would confuse the tweet to be anything but a diplomatically snarky way of reminding the despot that we find him to be a very small man with a choice: he can release our citizens AND give up his nulcear program (and allow him enough room to ACTUALLY DO THAT) OR he can be a prick, and we'll continue with a stand-off while his efforts to contain his people crumble around him, and likely our citizens would likely NOT be killed. If Palin were sending a tweet that basically said, "give us our people back mother fucker or we'll blow your country to bits!" the result would be having Iran celebrate and flex its shit by holding a public execution for said persons AND bringing on the end times by buying into Palin's bluff. She is an absolute dolt and has NO idea about the delicate diplomacy that goes on behind the scenes. All she knows is Bushies "bring it on" diplomatic bullshit. And we all know just how great that worked right?

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    That's not the only thing that's "nonsense." "Obama Doctrine"?!? Shove sideways, you drug-addled school marm.

  6. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Grifter has to keep the Neocons happy too, for God's sake!

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Beatsch! Could be trying to create a smoke screen, but I really doubt the she is able to comprehend sarcasm and has not clue Iran is holding two US citizens let alone know there names.

  8. Enjay in E MT1:57 PM

    Perhaps the Queen of Quit is just Pissy cause she didn't get to wish him a Happy Birthday, along with a tweet that represents her personal diplomatic philosophy:


  9. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Palin sounds off her chain.

    It is scary when one reads or hears what was siad and then Palin's disturbed and twisted version to make it fit some delusion she has.

  10. Ted Powell1:58 PM

    "Obama Doctrine is nonsense"
    It seems that she doesn't know any more about the Obama Doctrine than she did about the Bush Doctrine.

  11. Anonymous2:01 PM

    This was not sarcasm or humor. To use such methods under the circumstances would be rather odd, no? Mr. Crowley has said very little to illuminate the situation, but that is probably because this is a highly sensitive ongoing matter. A public request over twitter was intended to put pressure on the President of Iran; it is doubtful that anyone believed he would respond with positive action.

    This was Mr. Crowley's attempt to speak on behalf of the US State Department and the families of the detained young Americans, turning to an age old Iranian tradition of prisoner pardons in honor of the leader's birthday. This was done under the Shah, this has been done by the Ayatollahs, and this likely goes back to ancient times. The idea that this was some casual, spontaneous remark tweeted across the globe by an uninformed State Department official trying to cajole Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is ridiculous.

    I know someone who benefited from this custom in Iran, resulting in the commutation of a potential life-in-prison sentence or worse to release after 13 months. The situation in the Middle East in general and with Iran in particular is extremely complex, so I am not interested in people's expressions of intolerance or judgement about what is going on there. The individual of whom I speak would tell you that most Americans simply have no idea about the dynamics and nuances at play, and that US policy is certainly not a black and white issue.

    Of course Sarah Palin doesn't know anything about the historic precedent in Iran, and additionally feels she is entitled to comment on matters about which she has very little real knowledge. None of this is any laughing matter, and none of it is appropriate for Sarah Palin's uninvited attentions. She has made a mockery of herself and her ambitions once again. She is unfit for office, period.

    My thoughts are with the hikers and their families, and also with the State Department.

  12. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Surprised she knew how to spell his name. IDIOT!

  13. Anonymous2:05 PM

    What a humorless, colossal idiot she is!
    M from MD

  14. Anonymous2:08 PM

    She is such an idiot.

    But I repeat myself.


  15. Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and Sarah Shourd were being written about at right-wing blogs almost hourly, after they were illegally seized by the Iranians. But when it came out that, among other things in their past, the three had engaged in activities on behalf of Palestinian rights, the far-right blogs and newsletters immediately stopped writing about them.

  16. downeast2:22 PM

    If McAdams wins in Alaska, a real possibility now, and Coons wins in Delaware, a definite possibility, we can all thank Sarah Palin.

    It may be that two seats that could have easily been Republican go to the Democrats. Good job Sarah.

    Of course the Queen is upset. She is finding out that things are not so easy when you play in the big leagues. Some Republicans, like Karl Rove, have already gotten out the long knives for Sarah.

  17. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Oh, sure, a State Department official is going to antagonize (or coddle!) the most powerful person, aside from the Mullahs, in whose hands the fate of those two young men rests.

    I think they know what they are doing, and they certainly don't need Sarah Palin to weigh in with her ignorant opportunism.

    She is so painfully stupid.

  18. Anonymous2:25 PM

    When I meet someone and try to determine if they're conservative or liberal, it's their sense of humor and understanding of sarcasm or parody which IMMEDIATELY tells me which way they lean. I have never met a Republican (and that goes triple for a Teabagger) with a well developed sense of humor. NEVER.
    Whooosh....right over their's a dead giveaway, and an unspoken nod to myself to stay as far away as possible from them.

  19. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Completely off topic, but I think I've realized the secret of hiding Bristol's condition. They're not binding her in, they're creating stiffeners around her waist that create the illusion of a flat tummy, like a sleeve. See these pics of her on Extra.
    I think the bottom of the vest is sewn to the shirt because an elastic band like that would pull up when she raised her arms. There's something inside the vest that holds the vest away from her body while making it look like it is her body it is touching. See the scarf adds extra cover. Look at the pics in the series showing her from the back. If that's not the ass and the swayed back of a 6 mos pregnant I'm a monkey's uncle.
    You can see the "band" in her civil war dance jacket too.
    These costume disguises make a great illusion in motion, but they're easy to spot in still pictures. The fact that she is getting help with clothing that disguises her figure for appearances tells me ABC is in on this attempted hoax on us.

  20. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Sister Sarah is just an opportunist trying to improve her own negitive numbers. I have no doubt she knew it was a sarcastic birthday wish, probably had to be told, but she didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get the Tea Baggers attention, and at the sametime be able to try to make Obama look bad in their eyes. Have you ever seen Sister Sarah not take advantage of a situation where she can try to make Obama look bad, even when she has to make up things to do so. After all, Sister Sarah has never been know for her intelligence or her ability to lie, inorder to make herself look good and Obama bad. I would love to see her in a series of debates with Obama, not just one where she can skate through by not having to answer questions like her debate with Biden, but three consecutive debates where we really get to see her lack of intelligence. Next time she is in a debate, probably never again, they have to be stricter on making sure she doesn't change the subject when she attempts to answer the question.

  21. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I think she actually doesn't know about the prisoners. And the girl recently released.
    I think she plain old doesn't know.

  22. Randall2:45 PM

    Conservatives like Sarah don't "get" sarcasm or irony. It's part of what makes them conservatives - they just don't have the genetic makeup for it.

    That may be why, as a rule, you see so few conservative comedians.

    I suppose Dennis Miller could be the exception to that rule, but then, he's not really all that funny either. Just kind of mean and snotty.

    Like Sarah.

  23. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I don't think it was tongue in cheek. He meant it about the two prisoners.

    And yes, Twitler is an ass.

  24. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Dense and humorless. Low intellect. That is why she didn't understand the Who's up Who's Down snark on Lisa Murkowski when it said, "Who's your Daddy?" and Sarah wrote up a Jr. High "My Daddy is. . ." commentary completely missing the point.

    That this woman, even as a cipher and a limited public record, ever got beyond the Valley still astounds me. But to have her dip her arguably opposeable Blackberry thumb in International matters is beyond reficulous.

    Populist "leaders" are reactionaries, willing to sacrifice diplomacy for the "We Win, You Lose" school yard rule.

    She has no compunction in sending her son to war, it makes her feel superior and feeds her Munchausen Syndrome. She'd have less concern sending mine and your children to war.

  25. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Cans are flying in the kitchen !

  26. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Good God keep this woman away from American policies and politics, she is a walking disaster! For Palin to claim she is religious and motherly, she is obviously neither. She has no tolerance for people who aren't exactly like her and has no ability to create real solutions and compromises to successfully work wih others.

    Guess what Scarah? A POTUS has to work with other countries all over the world in a cooperative way to work on rill problems. There is no way in hell you should even consider yourself an option for POTUS due to your EVIL, BLACK HEART and cruel, hate-filled statements. This tweet should be used as an example of the first reason we should never consider her for any political position again.

  27. Anonymous3:08 PM

    You know, it just hit me: The half-wit, ex-half-governor is half-running for president. A winning recipe for complete success if there ever was one!


  28. Anonymous3:10 PM

    "After calls for Israel's destruction?" Huh? Did I miss something? Somehow I missed this on the news.
    Spreading more paranoia, fear, hatred. what I know is that the Jewish community by and large thinks Sarah is a dangerous, stupid person.

    Can you spell sardonic, You idiot?
    That's what the tweets you responded to were all about.

  29. Anonymous3:25 PM

    She's such a worthless loser. How dare she not support The United States and our President when our country is attacked.. She is an unpartiotic imbecile, who takes vendettas before her own country! Classless and an embarrassment.....

  30. laprofesora3:27 PM

    Somebody pour her a Bailey's, quick.

    Complete and total nutjob.

  31. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Palin and her ilk obviously have lost their sense of humor...and the definition of "HUMAN" is that we need a nice, healthy one.

    That gal in Kentucky who got her head stomped by Rand Paul's goons, had NO CLUE that she was engaged in a humorous stunt, having given up his human attributes long ago, obviously.

    I'm only hoping I can keep MY humor up, if things go as they appear, and we have two more years of nothing but obstructionist crap, crippling the government, and the economy along with it.

    Wonder how many brain dead Americans will say, after awhile, "Hey, wait a minute, here...what did we DO???"

  32. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Listen up you whackjob! (Sorry to steal your line, Gryphen. It still makes me giggle.) Stop makin stuff up!

    Isn't it clever how she provides no profile name or hashtags. Heaven forbid any of her followers actually read the tweet. Some might not misinterpret it.

    How will she ever find the time to run the country when she spends so much time poring over tweets looking for something to snark at?

  33. Anonymous3:46 PM

    That refrigerator may have a few more dents. Stay safe family!

    (Ivy'd better buy no more canned goods for a while... gonna be just as bad after Joe loses)

  34. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Palin only understands the written word not nuances. The world is only black or white - figuratively and literally - for this out of date dimwit!

  35. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Remember what Turd Blossom said she does not have the dignity to be president! Hey it's Halloween the Ghost writers are out! Be gone Witch! BOO!

  36. Anonymous3:53 PM

    The tweet he sent wasn't even that nice! It certainly wasn't "Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Hope this year brings you joy!" Christ, Palin needs to calm down.

    Halloween is two days away. For a scare, sit back and imagine a Palin Presidency and all the crazy ass tweets that would come out of it. *shudder*

  37. SME1314:24 PM

    Isn't there an active Volcano we can toss this crazy bitch into?

    She just gets more hateful each day.

    I would never wish ill on another human but her bullshit is getting old. Her 15 minutes were up long ago and she is destroying this country.

    Maybe she can just move where there is no wi-fi, 3g or any other form of communication.

  38. Postponing Armageddon4:28 PM

    This tweet alone is why even if she does an about-face, I will NEVER be able to vote for her. Have THAT with nuke codes? Sorry, I want to postpone Armageddon for a little longer, thank you very much!

  39. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Gawd, she is so stupid. This is like when they all crapped their pants because Obama called Palin a pig!!!!1111!!!!1 OMG WTF???!1!! Lipstick!!!111!!

    She is gross (her attitude, and her lip smacking/tongue rolling), and stupid., and
    looks like she'd smell. I loved that the
    President got to slap the smug off her
    on election night. She was so convinced
    that the country was falling at her feet,
    and trying to look up her skirt, and there
    was no way she'd lose.

  40. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Great video called "I Remember"...

  41. angela4:45 PM

    Again--Sarah is dumber than a bag of hair.

  42. Pat in MA4:51 PM

    KO's new comment: "There are CORPSES smarter than her!"

  43. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I sense that perhaps she is becoming menopausal and that is lending another layer of crazy to her already distracted persona.

  44. emrysa5:05 PM

    good gawd that woman is STUPID!!!!! she doesn't get this guy's message? no fucking way will she ever the president of this country. a sane person would be ashamed to see their stupidity on full display.


  45. Republicans have no sense of humor. That is why they do not understand irony, satire and sarcasm.

    BTW heard on the radio today that Dan Fagan is encouraging people to go and register as write in candidates today. There will be something like 150 names on the write in list now. It's Miller supporters trying to defeat Lisa Murkowski's write in campaign.

    Now I think that posting the list or directing people to vote for her is voter tampering. But so is encouraging everyone to register as a write in candidate.

    I think our local law says you can't be a write in candidate unless you submit a certain number of signatures on a petition. To show you're serious or something. There is also a deadline. You can't just go down there three days before and register as is being done in Alaska. Probably for the exact same reasons as is being demonstrated in Alaska right now.

  46. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Crowley's tweets were not intended as humor or sarcasm.

    There is absolutely no possible way a State Department official would take that kind of tone with a "challenging", to put it mildly, world leader about so difficult a situation involving Americans.

    People really need to be clear on this. It's not about Sarah not having a sense of humor. It's about her being an ignoramus and a LOUD MOUTH. Also completely irresponsible and lacking in judgement and self-control. We are talking about people in a foreign prison, accused of spying, their safety hanging in the balance.

    We might want to snark at Ahmedinejad. A professional diplomat knows better, I promise you.

  47. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Anon@228: Yup. Photo 17 is the money shot in this series. You can pad and even out and camouflage, and use illusions to create a waistline where none exists. But in profile shots you can't hide a belly that starts to extend beyond the breasts. And there must be a big bunch of people who know about it -- people who are not bound by HIPAA. One would think that someone, somewhere, would cash in with the tabloids & spill the beans.

  48. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Palin said something on that entertainment program about her son Track being in the service for a year and was now learning to fly? Sure would like someone to vet out his situation when and should she 'really' run for President. That woman needs to be torn apart the same as was done to Miller. It certainly didn't occur in Alaska last go around w/her!

  49. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Scarah was slammed on MSNBC tonight for her ridiculous tweet and her lame attempt to support Miller! She is being recognized for the screeching, polarizing, useless idiot she is.

    If she dares attempt to run for POTUS she will be torn apart by Rove's secret society, insiders from the McCain campaign, DWTS & TLC, people who've encountered her in her travels, and Alaskans who have the rill dirt on her.

    It will be fun to see pure karma kicking her ass as she self destructs over her evil greediness and addiction to self-serving attention. Then the real party will begin as Palin's personality disorder/drug addiction kicks into high gear, her inner circle and pitbull defenders evaporate, and she becomes an isolated, paranoid, lonely person, devoid of all relevance to American politics, except for the cartoon character she'll become.

  50. Thank you, anon at 2:01 PM for giving us some context. It struck me as bizarre that our State Department would be communicating with Iran via Twitter. I still think it is questionable, since such casual and public communications are open to unthinking (or intentional) misunderstandings like this. Now it will be bounced around the RW blogs that the Obama administration wished Ahmedinejad happy birthday, which is factually true but highly misleading. I seem to remember that something similar happened regarding the State Department's comments relating to Scotland's releasing the Lockerbie bomber.

    President Obama is wise in not responding to Palin, but the administration should remember that the pouncing paranoids have a substantial audience and avoid giving them opportunities.

  51. Olivia6:17 PM

    Just don't get snark do ya hon?
    But we all know, once you do get it, you will be throwing out there like you invented it, just like a 13 year old once he starts getting the dirty jokes.

  52. fashionplate6:22 PM

    Enjoyed your interview featured in the Palin piece on BBC America News this evening!
    A caution to those who assume family and friends are voting on the 2nd. Be sure that they are going to the polls. I was lucky enough to speak w/ a family member (whom I assumed was going to vote) & I am happy to say I educated her & convinced her of import of voting on the 2nd.
    Finally, to Anonymous at 2:28 PM--I came across this yesterday. Is it true? Who knows, but it could explain a lot about Bristol Palin on DWTS.

  53. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Palin doesn't have a head to implode. She is the dumbest of the dumbest. Sorry Sarah, you haven't fooled all of us.

  54. Ok here's the plan...let's highjack her Tweeter account, again! Didn't you LOVE the "Keep Fear Alive" down her Facebook page (& Beck's).Tuesday night FLOOD her page when her candidates go down in flames and Thank Her for her support...for the LOSERS!!

  55. Anonymous6:39 PM

    5:56 PM

    I didn't know a person could be in the service for a year. What happened to signing up for four years? They need to inform the public about what is going on or how to do what Track Palin did. I'm sure there are others that would like to only serve for one year.
    It is very odd they didn't announce when he returned to civilian life. Especially since she uses him to campaign. Joe has his problems with his military history. McCain is what he is, he wouldn't have lasted one week if it was not for his family of Admirals. He passed the Naval Academy at the bottom and that was probably because of more cheating.

    Many Alaskans fly. Track can fly Sarah where she needs to go.

  56. It is strange how she attacks people for doing the right thing. This just shows how desperate she is right now. If Joe Miller looses it will be the beginning of the end for her and she knows it. It will show the moderate Republicans some light.

  57. deebee7:01 PM

    Anon 2:01
    Thank you for your knowledgeable and insightful comment.

  58. mama grizzly and her cubs7:02 PM

    Bristol, pregnant or not (she definitely looks it), is not half the story that Track will be. That one will be much easier for them to keep hidden, it is doubtful we will ever know. Someone would have to start by asking questions. Track being a combat vet and all is not going to be questioned. Is it a secret that he is officially out of the Army now? Living at home and learning to fly? Does he want to be a pilot or just tool around Alaska?

  59. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Jeez, i'd say nuance was a barrier, but it wasn't even nuanced. It was pretty obvious.

    Yep, Palin's just the gal to stomp around in the White House. Moose in a china shop.

  60. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Totally off topic. But oh well, I can't help myself.
    #45 of that Zimbio series.

    She is clearly dressing for disguise. It simply isn't her personal style, nor is it a change of style.
    The tights are kind of questionable too. Easier to wear, more comfortable, those particular ones look like expensive high-end compression tights for athletes.
    You can see the line of the compression undergarment at the back of each thigh.
    Compression garments are prescribed after plastic surgery; it's not just better spandex. It's some serious stuff. It's like wearing a wetsuit.

    I don't think she's had cosmetic surgery. She's pregnant.
    And so what? I don't care. I don't know why she's gotta make drama about it by _hiding_ it.
    Many many many 20 year-olds in the world have two babies, 2 years apart. So what? My mom had 3 when she was 19, 20 and 21. That's how it was in previous generations. Nobody waited until they were 35 for the first baby. But everybody was married :)

    Get over yourself, Bristol. I'm happy to see you actually look like you're enjoying yourself (which you _know_ you are) instead of looking and sounding like a prima donna.

  61. Anonymous7:16 PM

    LOL! Obama Doctrine!

    Oh, the Bush Doctrine question STILL stings.

    Gah! Palin hold a grudge closer than she holds her children.

  62. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I'll join the everyone in being amazed at how poor Palin's reading comprehension is. In addition she is clueless about the political structure in Iran. Ahmadinejad is Iran's version of Joe Biden. Iran is run by by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Try to imagine Palin negotiating with the Iranian Supreme Leader.

  63. Anonymous7:49 PM

    What a moran!

  64. Anonymous8:39 PM

    It will be grim around here on Nov 3.

  65. From Malia Litman's blog:

    "Torie and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Gryphen, the author of the Immoral Minority blog, and it was a blast to hear his insight about Palin and family. Gryphen is a great guy and a true friend. Thank you Gryphen for sharing your evening with us. Tomorrow I’ll be posting pictures and information from the rally. Malia"

    Yaay Gryphen!

  66. Enjay in E MT9:17 PM

    SP has another FaceBook post – defending his right to free speech while LizaMurky “hired guns” threatened the station. Going to clip a few interesting sentences from her post (my comments)

    >It is an interference with Dan Fagan’s constitutional right to free speech. (but not broadcast on the AIR)
    >Fagan used satire to mock Murkowski’s write-in efforts and encouraged Alaskans to run as write-in candidates. That is not illegal. (Satire again? Like Rush-bo using the N or R words? )
    >This was a right Joe Miller, as a decorated combat veteran – a tank commander tested in battle, was willing to die to defend. (You mean Joe who’s “goons” handcuffed & detained a local journalist? That Joe?)
    >He was especially insulting to my son, who left for a war zone to defend Fagan’s right to attack our family. (I wonder if Track cringes when Momma Grizz drags out his “military service” )

    Enjoy & Good luck all at the Rally!!!
    ((Am still so jealous))

  67. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Indeed @ 2:01. Palin doesn't have any sense of history. For her, it skips from 1776 to yesterday. What a stupid ass.

  68. Anonymous9:19 PM

    "Surprised she knew how to spell his name. IDIOT!

    2:05 PM"

    Surprised she remembers how to spell her own.

  69. Anonymous9:22 PM

    @2:25 - that 's because wit requires intelligence. GOteaPers more of a slapstick and poop humor crowd- arrested development along with third grade males.

  70. Anonymous9:39 PM

    It is frightening that someone so ignorant of international relations could send such a message.

    Many thanks anon at 2.02 for your detailed explanation of the Iranian tradition - similar traditions happen in many other countries in relation to pardons - the USA allows Presidential pardons - most usual when the President is leaving office. Wonder if Mrs Palin has ever heard of that one.

  71. pursang10:14 PM

    If you take Palin's wig off and look at the back of her skull you can see this message, "Inflate to 55 PSI".

    In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon".

  72. Anonymous10:55 PM

    @4:24 Isn't there an active Volcano we can toss this crazy bitch into?

    ummmm you need to sacratice a virgin to the Volcano and Piper is about the only one left in that house!!

  73. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Since when is there an "Obama Doctrine"?
    Quick googlin only finds nutjob sites using the term.

  74. Anne In DC3:13 AM

    Palin's hatred of President Obama is in the realms of being psychotic. That hatred, combined with her ignorance of national and international issues, makes her an unmitigated disaster. When we add her boundless narcissism and her tendency to meddle into things that don't concern her, she is truly dangerous. If she ever got elected, this country would never recover from the monumental blow to our worldwide image, not to mention what a disaster it would be domestically.

    Her hatred of the president and her desire to always make him look bad, have resulted in her meddling into national security issues. I wonder if there are any of her ardent supporters who are now having second thoughts about supporting this bona fide fool. She not only lacks a sense of humor, but like GW, she doesn't
    "do nuance."

  75. angela3:52 AM

    Anon 8:39
    Any grimness that may or may not appear here on the 3rd will still not make Sarah Palin any smarter or less heinous. She's not being elected to any position. Although, if Joe eeks it out I don't think she'll be able to control him like she hoped she would. Joe is CERTIFIABLE--like Sarah. And lets face it—even if two or three of her endorsements win out of the thirty she's made the MSM will tout her as a kingmaker when she's really the court jester.

    Everyone is used to this moron getting a pass by the media--who wants her to run so they can all keep their jobs while she babbles crap and stirs up violence. There will always be an audience for car wrecks. That doesn't mean you want to walk by one everyday or have one leading your country.

    No matter what power this woman may glean from the money men behind her, it can't buy her intellect, style, a thick skin, or a servants heart. She just wants the green and an audience . . . .

  76. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Anne in DC, I don't know if anything will change the minds of her ardent supporters, but I do think that everyone except the most insane and/or brainwashed has a line past which they can no longer overlook the craziness. Every time she opens her mouth, I believe she crosses that line for more people.

    On the other hand, and I say this having grown up in Colorado Springs, some conservatives are taught certain "truths" that make them very easy to manipulate. I have relatives in CoSpgs who believe that all media, including Fox News, is "extremely" liberal. In a conversation about the head-stomp in Kentucky and the "arrest" of Hopfinger, I was told, "Well, the Democrats do the same things. We just don't hear about it because our liberal media won't cover anything negative about the Democrats. But boy, they can't wait to make conservatives look like nut jobs."

    When I point out that candidates like Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell do a pretty damn good job of making themselves look like nut jobs--because they ARE!--the response is either, "The liberal media always focuses on the most extreme conservative candidates," or "Well, the Democrats are just as bad, but we don't hear about it." This is a convenient excuse for being unable to cite a single example of Democrats behaving violently.

    When I explain that I get most of my information from blogs, not mainstream media outlets that aren't covering many of the extreme and insane aspects, the stock response is, "You obviously have too much time on your hands."

    And this is from the relative who's rational enough that I can occasionally convince her of my POV. The others won't even listen.

    Although I did--hehehe--decimate an anti-liberal argument one of them got from Rush Limbaugh. I teach college composition courses, so I went through the argument and said, "If this was a student paper, here's the kind of supporting evidence I'd require and the questions I'd ask about sources." And, shocker, Rush--or at least my Rush-spouting relative--failed magnificently, had to admit it, and punished me with total silence for the next 90 minutes. But at least I didn't have to hear anything more about Rush!

  77. Olivia6:31 AM

    I can see it now...
    After DWTS is done with Bristol, she will drop out of the public eye for a few months and later emerge with an "adopted" child because the lord has blessed her with so much, she just feels the need to share it with a poor unfortunate, unwanted, unaborted baby.

  78. Anonymous7:09 AM

    I think the world should know that if Ahmadinejad does not release those two American boys it could very likely be in retaliation to assholes like Saral P. and her never ending witless screeching and tweeting about things she is just too friggin stupid to understand. He has the means and temperment to put an end to antagonizers like her so while she is spreading hate and fear, just maybe she should be afraid! Very afraid.

  79. Anonymous7:10 AM

    The twitter quitter queen blatantly lied by not including in her 'tweet' about the 2 young men.
    If you read only what she wrote, then you might get the idea that it was inappropriate.
    Of course fox will back her up.

  80. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Bless you angela @3:52. You said perfectly what needed to be said about this bumbling idiot that is Satan Palin. At the end of the day, when all the teabaggin' fun and games are over, what's left? A bunch of people who should probably be locked up running the country over a cliff -- and taking those of us who tried to warn the mentally incompetent among us with them.

  81. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I don't think Palin is so stupid as to misconstrue the actual message of the tweets, but what she's betting on is that her fanbase of financial support really is that stupid.

    This is just another gimmick on $arah's part to throw some red meat at her base.


  82. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Anon 2:01, Best comment on this subject anywhere.

    SME131, Palin's been bent on destroying America since she realized that America just wasn't that into her. She's gotten hooked up with the real money and figures they'll protect her when everything tanks.

  83. Anonymous5:01 PM

    So Swag-o-rama, what you do ?? Send a nuclear missile?? Maybe the rest of all US troops to invade?? You are SUCH A DUMBASS it staggers all rational existence..

    As the national data continues to indicate.NOBODY thinks you're smart to be the local dog catcher much less a global leader...

    YOU Swag-o-matic are a walking disaster!

  84. Anne In DC2:59 PM

    @Anonymous 5:26 a.m.:

    I know exactly what you mean. There are a lot of people in denial about exactly what the ascent to Congress by Tea Partiers would mean. These folks are talking about no compromise and about some truly bizarre policies. If anyone is dissatisfied now, that will be nothing compared to the despair at the havoc these loons will wreak. Palin has set a negative paradigm for nutty politicians, who feel they are not obligated to share with the media their intentions if they should get in office. They want power without accountability.
    That is irresponsible, and a direct threat to the well-being of this country.


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