Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Okay now this is just getting ridiculous!

From the ADN:

Republican Joe Miller is taking his challenge to Alaska's U.S. Senate race to the state Supreme Court.
Miller filed his appeal Monday, three days after a lower court ruled against his lawsuit challenging how the state counted write-in ballots for his rival, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Arguments are set for Friday.

"We have consistently asserted that the law should be followed strictly," Miller said in a statement.

"The fact that the legislature stated that there should be 'no exceptions' to the ballot counting method is what, in our view, should govern this matter."

You know one of the things I learned about Sarah Palin is that she had no expectation that she and John McCain would lose the 2008 election.  Because of that she had no fall back position, no plan B if you will.

So she just kind of slipped into this deep depression. Which ultimately of course inspired her to quit her job as Governor and become a full time grifter.

In some ways it appears that Miller is suffering from the same conundrum.

He was so positive he would win the election that he joked about shopping in Washington for office furniture.  And because he had so convinced himself of his impending victory he has been unable to accept defeat if there is even the most remote chance he could somehow pull this off and regain the victory that he is convinced was stolen from him.

But hell, it has been over a month now!

At this point Miller is simply refusing to accept reality, and is resisting calls to concede and allow the election to be certified simply out of spite.  Even a thick headed idiot like him must know by now that his cause is lost.

Jesus could you imagine this guy representing our state in Washington?  Every time I consider that possibility it sends a shiver up my spine.

The next time somebody tries to convince you of Sarah Palin's intelligence and political acumen, just walk up real close to them and whisper, "Joe Miller," and then simply walk away.  At that point you have just won that argument.


  1. Where does the vote talley stand anyway? I need to go look that up.

  2. Chenagrrl3:50 AM

    Heck no. He's doing a Sharron Angle and raising funds. Check his political income, and who is funding his last-gasp efforts. Didn't Sarah do something similar?

  3. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Joe "dumb fuck" Miller.

  4. hauksdottir3:59 AM

    Fair is fair.

    If the Senate didn't seat Al Franklin for 6 long months, then it can't fairly seat Murkowski, either, until final and legal certification.

    And if Murkowski the Corrupt loses her seniority, it will be for the better. Every earmark is purchased with bribery... until a politician does only what will bring him the most money, not what really serves the people.

    I suspect that Alaska will have to hand count every single ballot three times before Miller is satisfied, and even then, he'll try another dirty trick or two. He has no other plan than to get his butt into that senate seat. He has no other job, or way to pay his army of mercenaries.

    Meanwhile, have ALL the investigations into Miller's military, educational, and work career simply been dropped? Have his ties to the seccessionists been forgotten? We still have questions, and damnity, we want answers.

  5. Molly4:51 AM

    Well, he doesn't have a job to fall back on; he burned that bridge, so I guess his "job" is to file lawsuits until he can't file lawsuits anymore.

    I wonder what Van Flein thinks of all this--is he getting paid, ya think?

  6. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Crazy fool, that Joe Miller!

  7. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Joe's face looks like Sarah's ass.

  8. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Once again, you manage to articulate a salient fact about matters that niggles at my brain but I haven't scratched out yet.

    Sarah Palin literally thought she was going to hold the second highest office of the land just because of 8 or so weeks of 'hard work.'

    If it were possible for an unknown to be elected after ONE speech, the one she gave at the RNC (without the benefit of fact checking that invalidated most of the impressive embellishments of her slimmest of records) but once the luster wore off this striking woman to reveal an incompetent 'chief executive,' whose ethical and moral boundaries moved so much like the eroding banks of her Bering Sea villages (due to climate change) it was something that couldn't be stomached.

    This newbie Governor and her fellow half-term spouse ruled with a chip on their shoulder and chits up the wazoo to their yokel high school buds who earned 3 times their normal annual salary in appointed positions they were as woefully unqualified for as they were to lead the State. Their record was slowly coming to light when McCain's Hail Mary decision to pick her boot straps up for her and provide her extraordinary access to power and no matter how they spun it, held against her stunning ignorance on the trail sunk the already doomed campaign. But it burgeoned a nation of smitten fan clubs and gobsmacked civic minded folks with standards.

    When she and Todd were walking to the polls in Wasilla, you could see it, she felt she'd wake up the next morning to be 'so blessed' to serve as our nation's Vice President, whatever that meant.

    Her glittering eyes at McCain's concession speech was the only sign of authenticity I've ever seen of this woman. It wasn't to mourn this 'great leaders,' last chance at the White House but it was simply news to her that the nation would reject her. Sarah Palin! But didn't they pay attention? She was a hard worker, she was common sense. She didn't live beyond her means and family came first! People didn't buy it? Well then, let's go home and nurse the wounds and regroup. I'll sort through the gifts that come each day to my home, I'll watch TLC and agree with my new prayer warrior fans that I was robbed. . .robbed, I know, I'll take my grifting act on the road! The State's pittance of reimbursements aren't enough anymore and the ethics complaints make me look bad - so I'll resign and take the dirty, quick and easy jobs that don't require accountability and transparency. That is so 2006! We've got the new and improved Sarah Palin now.

  9. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Joe Miller has never met a billable hour he didn't like.

    Voters? Due process not in his favor?

    Not so much.

  10. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Keep it up Joe. Let's just see you try and run for another office again, anywhere - anytime, for anything.

    You will forever remain a loser.

  11. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Grow up Joe

  12. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Wow. Sarah Palin had no Plan B. She thought she had it locked up. She thought she'd be V.P. just cause she tried.

    Becoming a (cough, choke) "best-selling author" (if you count all the books she's bought for her own PAC) and a reality show diva may do wonders for her bank account, but nothing for her diminished political reputation.

    Joe Miller's own books or shows? I don't know think so. His wearing Naughty Monkey's are a little more inappropriate and not a turn-on for even the most depraved conservative fetishist.

  13. Anonymous5:08 AM

    I like his statement:

    "We have consistently asserted that the law should be followed strictly"

    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Get those investigations underway and follow the law strictly. No leeway, no benefit of the doubt. And certainly no mercy. What exactly was on his computer, and where are all those emails?

    Then start on Palin.

  14. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Joe..ask the court to increase your military DISABILITY payment while you are there.

    It may be the only money you make for a few years.

    Joe.. pitch TLC to do an antler hunting show...

  15. ManxMamma5:52 AM

    Anon 4:54 - beautifully written!

  16. Anonymous5:56 AM

    When this grifter finally runs out of legal options, watch for his newly formed "Fair Elections PAC." Taking a page from Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell, another pair of grifters, who like Joe, apparently didn't have real jobs before the elections and have no real jobs to fall back on now. These people are professional parasites, bleeding their gullible supporters dry.

  17. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Don't worry Joe, we are shopping for your office furniture.
    So far we've picked out a cot, a toilet, and a blanket.

  18. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I don't think there's any doubt in my mind that Miller has suffered a nervous breakdown. After losing the election, he has left himself without a job and has ruined his reputation. Life as Joe has known it, is about to come to an end, and he knows it. He has eight kids and a wife to support and no means to support them. Probably by extending his case, he's allowed to live off of his campaign funds and will do so for as long as he can get away with it. After that and still without a job, he'll have to resort to Federal assistance.

  19. Anonymous6:35 AM

    The longer he can drag this out, the longer he can raise money. And he's going to need it, with the Fairbanks borough looking at prosecuting him over his deleted emails.

    Keep the heat on, Alaskans! There's something deeply suspicious in those emails, you betcha!

  20. Anne In DC7:13 AM

    He seems determined to FORCE the good people of Alaska to accept him as a senator. Apparently, he has never learned the art of graciously accepting defeat. It tells me that he is every bit as delusional and narcissistic as his chief endorser, the Quitter Queen.
    I would be surprised if he could get voted for dogcatcher anywhere, as he is burning his bridges with this exercise in futility.

  21. Anonymous7:16 AM

    He doesn't seem to take the long view, here, does he? It's unlikely he'll prevail in this senate race and his antics are pretty much ensuring he will not have a snowball's chance of reviving a political career anywhere ever.

  22. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Can you imagine dragging out such a lawsuit knowing that less than a third of the people who voted wanted you to be their Senator??? And on top of that, arguing for the cancellation of thousands of votes from people who voted for someone else??????

  23. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Joe and his cohorts are doing this to pocket the money from contributors....they will divy it up later.....tax freeeeee!!!!

  24. Anonymous8:37 AM

    In some respect, Joe Miller's quest to disqualify votes is in keeping with his beliefs. He does advocate for repealing our right to directly vote in our US Senators!

    What a tool. No wonder the Quitter isn't making a peep about him now.

  25. Punkinbugg8:43 AM

    The minute Joe Miller concedes, the Palinbots will stop sending money.

    Therefore, he will run this puppy as lonnnng as it takes.

  26. Anonymous9:07 AM


    Anonymous said...

    Don't worry Joe, we are shopping for your office furniture.
    So far we've picked out a cot, a toilet, and a blanket.

  27. Anonymous9:14 AM


    Anonymous said...

    Don't worry Joe, we are shopping for your office furniture.
    So far we've picked out a cot, a toilet, and a blanket.

    One of the 'reasons' offered for FNSB to be 'causing' Joe's troubles concerning his past employment there ( and assorted doings like missing files and email) is that Joe was running for Senate. As long as that continues so does the excuse.

    Perhaps the FNSB is ready to go after Joe (in terms of actually getting answers or a fifth amendment remedy )just as soon as he is finally done running.

  28. Anonymous9:21 AM

    If he is such a stickler that the "law" should be strictly inforced, then perhaps it's time for the local law enforcement to "strictly" enforce the laws that he has broken.

    It's time for a computer forensics team to take apart the Miller work computer and find what he was really hiding.

    You wanna strictly enforce the law, then strictly abide by it you asswipe!

  29. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I hope all Alaskans never forget this is the man who inspired Sarah Palin to ask them: "Are we even good enough to tie his combat boot laces?"

    Yes, the very Alaskans whose votes Joe Miller wants to cancel...

  30. Gasman9:58 AM

    Hey, the good news is that when this clueless semi bearded moron finally realizes that he did indeed lose, there will be some very good deals on brand new unused office furniture.

    I've got dibs on the credenza. I hear that it's got a really snazzy gold leaf "Sen. Joe Miller, R Alaska" emblazoned across the front.

  31. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I read somewhere that Sarah was helping her Butt Boy pay for this. So is it Joe who won't accept defeat or Sarah?

    Keep suing Joe that way Sarah has to work harder to take care of you.

  32. Virginia Voter10:34 AM

    Joe has taken up permanent residency on Grasper Island.

    Jeez, what a sore loser and psycho to boot. My congressman (G Connolly)only got reelected by a little less than 1,000 votes and the teabagger challenger conceded after about a week.

  33. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Anonymous said..."Joe and his cohorts are doing this to pocket the money from contributors....they will divy it up later.....tax freeeeee!!!!"

    Yup. The Tea Partyers have proven themselves to be just as fiscally reckless with their money as their elected officials. They'll donate to anyone who says "Patriot" and "Guns" and "God" enough.

  34. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Joe is just keeping his name in the limelight to collect more money. He's still raking in cash donations.


  35. Anonymous11:43 AM

    At some point, a huge bouquet of flowers should be sent to Lisa Murkowski, no matter our collective political beliefs. She really did help Alaska dodge a very painful bullet when she re-entered the race. Good grief, can you imagine how Joe Miller would have conducted himself as Alaska's senator??? It seems few people have anything good to say about him, not even the man who sold his house to him! And his actions now are just revolting.

  36. WTF? Joe Miller said "The fact that the legislature stated that there should be 'no exceptions' to the ballot counting method is what, in our view, should govern this matter"?

    Well, that COULD be a good point...but for the fact the Alaska Statutes DON'T SAY THAT, and there's a long line of cases from the Alaska Supreme Court that say just the opposite, and relying on cases from several states that say exactly the OPPOSITE of what Joe Miller says they say....

    If you haven't read Judge Carey's careful and well thought out opinion, dismissing all of Mr. Miller's claims, here is a link:

    Judge Carey's opinion.

    Whatever Joe Miller's future plans are, they can't include running for political office in Alaska. Here's a link to an editorial he wrote for the Washington Times, trashing the Alaska Natives corporations, the Murkowski family, Ted Stevens, and Don Young:

    Joe Miller's "Writing in Corruption."

    If you care, here is my summary--and I wrote this prior to Miller deciding to appeal:

    This Week in Stoopid: Joe Miller

    And what is especially shocking in all this---even IF the court were to adopt Miller's position on how the statute should read (and the court won't), Miller will STILL LOSE by 2,000 (as opposed to 10,000) votes....

  37. Pamela P12:50 PM

    I think pressing his case is a good thing although I am unsure what it may cost Alaska in the Congress. My guess is that the highest court will also reject his pleadings. Then he's got no further recourse. No one to blame but himself.

  38. A day or two ago it was pointed out that the solicitation for campaign funds on the Jim DeMint website has been changed to "Recount Fund" specifically requesting funds for Joe Miller to continue this frivolous lawsuit.

    This money is used to pay Joe Miller to lawyer the push; so far he has paid himself $97,000 (disclosure report) from the monies Jim DeMint has given him.

    As long as he is doing what DeMint wants, which is to prevent, by any means, the seating of our rightfully elected Senator, Senator Murkowski, Joe Miller will continue to receive these funds.

    IMHO, Joe Miller, therefore, has no incentive to stop this divisive and ridiculous business, because he is no longer employable: He has gotten sideways with his shenanigans at the FNSB, he has committed forgery by establishing the Willow Trust without the woman's knowledge (who's name he used); he has fraudulently taken a federal farm land loan for land in Delta Junction that he has not farmed, and he fraudulently applied for subsistence hunting/fishing licenses when his family did not meet the income requirements.

    He also went into Court without one piece of evidence or affidavit to substantiate his claims, proving his incompetence as a lawyer.

    Bottom line: Joe is in this for the money.

    I hope to compose this information into a letter to the Alaska Bar Association.

  39. Anonymous1:47 PM

    "Hey Joe.... This is GOD..... you're done"

  40. AKRNC1:57 PM

    If Sarah is helping, it's coming from her PAC money, so the amount she'd be able to contribute is certainly limited. Sarah will NEVER take money out of her personal accounts for anything. I always laugh when people say she's made enough money that she can help finance her own campaign if she wants to run for President!! These people do NOT know Palin if they say something like that. She is not spending her own precious money, especially when she goes to such lengths to funnel more into her private accounts via varous LLC's for Bristol along with PieSpy and whatever else she's managed to hide along the way. If Palin runs, there will be NO money coming out of the Palin's accounts for anything at all. Sarah pays for nothing unless there is no other way around it!

  41. To: AKRNC

    Great post! You help explain one of the reasons Sarah faked a pregnancy. Her insurance wouldn't cover Bristol's care/birth. And, I think she preferred their coverage over the native plan.

    The e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008 was to "Gov. Sarah Palin" asking her for a birth certificate for her newborn. Why they would ask for a b/c when all the medical documentation was in her name, is very puzzling.

    Whatever, the e-mail tells us they had to have received claims/invoices for them to ask her for a birth certificate. The doctor or hospital entered Sarah's name as the patient and used her insurance to pay the medical bills.

    Along with being cheap, Sarah is cunning, manipulative and a terrible liar.

  42. Anonymous10:53 PM

    He lives in his own delusional world and is dragging all Alaskans into it. Let me out! It stinks in here!

  43. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Even Tom Emmer a Palin endorsee had the cajones to concede the MN gov election, which was great cuz us Minnesotans didn't want to go through another drag out recount like 2 years ago in the Franken-Coleman Senate race.



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