Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kathy Griffin educates Sarah Palin on the difference between a comedian and a real bully. You know like Palin.

Here is Kathy Griffin on Nightliine:

"If you think a comedian is a bully, then what that tells me is you've never been bullied," Griffin said. "To throw that word around -- when I do my work with the LGBT community, I'm talking about the guy from Rutgers. I'm talking about the real stuff. She's playing a different game."

Yeah I think Griffin is right.  I don't think Palin has ever really been bullied, she has aways been the one doing the bullying. And by the way, so has Todd.

(Click link for video of interview.)


  1. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Gryphen.. please drop the iceberg on Sarah.

    Make her just go away.. or go to jail.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Okay, now I'm getting frustrated.
    After all the lead up with Shailey Tripp and the promises of Palin in an orange suit and that "this isn't going to be a very good month for Palin",EVERYTHING seems to have evaporated!

    What is going on?

    It's not just your blog, Gryphen, but you all overpromised and underdelivered.

    Where's the beef?

  3. angela4:31 AM

    Sarah, employee of the month at Dunkin Donuts?

    Ah hell no. DD has got standards.

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I'm thinking that $Sarah was bullied by ol' Chuckie.

  5. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Not only bullies, but thugs.

    And when perhaps, whenever there is a situation where it would be perceived that the former city councilwoman and youngest and female Mayor and Oil & Gas Commissioner / Ethics Officer, upset Governor, V.P. running-mate and conservative spokesmodel re-working history to progress her weak and flip-flopping record (which is the biggest danger to her actual run for anything (she has seen nothing yet from the LSM)) she'll play the victim against the likes of Wasilla Police Chief Irl Stambaugh, Ex-brother in-law Trooper Wooten and Steve "The Bullet" Schmidt and say they 'intimidated' her.

    I've said it before and I'll always do: She's a pussy and a dick, sharp-elbows and a glass chin. You don't want to mess with such a nasty, undisciplined and unprincipled force of Fundy nature.

  6. Anonymous4:57 AM

    I don't know any self-respecting business, even just a Dunkin Donuts, that would hire Sarah Palin.

    Can you say toxic, nightmare employee with a record plagued with tardiness, truancy and vicious rumor-mongering against the stand-out co-workers?

    "I can't come in (again) today, I just got my tubal. . ."

  7. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Log onto Hollywood Life, there is a story about Gino Paoletti. On his Facebook page he rants about lots of things, racist and Palin related. Seems like he will fit in with the Palins better than Levi did!!

  8. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I love Kathy Griffin!
    I wish she'd bring Levi up on stage when she does her show in New York---I think the theatre would explode from laughter if she did that. Just like the title of her show suggests, I really hope she'll get a Tony for her performance...she's great!

  9. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I think Sarah Palin is scared to death every day about what she means to people. Whether they revere her or despise her, we are all watching her every move. Oh sure, she swings her brass balls in a spectacular show of bravado weekly, but we all know she is scared shitless about 'performing' for Fox News or any friendly paid outlet, what she tweets and Facebooks or submits ghostwritten editorials.

    She still wants to win us all over. She still wants to be adored as she seemingly was when she first won the Alaska Governor's race and the resultant honeymoon glow.

    Those were heady days worthy of her gluttonous, smirky feeling of self-satisfaction. "I'm not just a lazy housewife and mother! I'm not just a plain Jane! I'm not just a mediocre has-been high school point guard who wasn't good enough to get a scholarship or stick with any college or job. . ."

    So she hired PR firms with State money to help craft her image, her narrative, her looks which were a starting off point to sell herself as 'leadership' material.

    She has always used OPM, other people's money, to get what she wants. Using her political junkets to remote locations when she announced her resignation only served to gather footage of her off-the-grid as a Frontier Woman and market it to producers for a show of her own. Crafty. If she had paid for it on her own, kudos to her, but she always had the City, the Commission, the State, the RNC or her PAC pay for all her efforts at self-promotion and luxury living.

    Crafty, horrible woman.

  10. Anonymous5:08 AM

    What does Sarah know the difference between? LOL

  11. Anonymous5:10 AM

    See how many evening shows Kathy's been on now since you called her a has-been comedienne you 50-year-old Has-Been Governor bully?

  12. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I disagree. I think someone at some point really did a number on Sarah and Todd -probably separately

    Again, one doesn't do a complete 180 of personality without a significant event in your life

  13. WakeUpAmerica5:41 AM

    The "Has-Been Governor." I love it.

  14. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Honestly, I think Todd taught her everything. Sarah was the sweetest girl

  15. Anonymous5:56 AM

    wow, and here I thought no Alaskan boy could beat Levi in the loser department. At least Gino has a job. But im not shocked they are not together anymore. I dont think it was too serious. Bristol went from Levi to Ben and back to Levi with hardly a break in between. There may have been other guys she flirted with, but no other relationships, which makes me wonder when she met up with Gino to start a relationship. Possibly in NY. He was there with friends in upstate and briefly in the city.

  16. Anonymous6:23 AM

    A half-term governor and full-time half-wit has the audacity to call anyone a has-been? This marks the death of irony, folks.

  17. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Sarah and Todd, what was Troopergate about?

  18. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Gino reportedly went to school with Bristol..although it is not clear which of her high schools he was in. His rants sound just like hers. No wonder she thinks he's as cool and loving and Christian as her family, who all exhibit the same anti-social behaviors and call themselves loving and Christian too.
    Sarah's star is falling, and she seems to be aware of it. I'm sure we'll see a flurry of $100,000 speeches before she fades away. Can't wait!

  19. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Anonymous said...
    Honestly, I think Todd taught her everything. Sarah was the sweetest girl

    5:51 AM

    Todd taught her everything? Who do you think taught Sarah about hoeing around?

    Momma Sally was pregnant before getting married. She hoed around.

    Sarah was pregnant before getting married. She hoed around.

    Bristol was pregnant before getting married and still is unmarried and still is hoeing around.

    So Todd is not responsible for all that hoeing around. Todd is only accountable for what he did and that is pimping out his new girlfriend. I wonder if Track pimped out his girlfriend yet?

  20. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Every nasty thing that the Palins accuse others of doing to them, they are doing or have done to others. They have no clue what it is like to be bullied but they will play the victim card always.

  21. Anonymous6:48 AM

    WakeUpAmerica said...
    The "Has-Been Governor." I love it.

    5:41 AM

    How can Sarah be the "Has-Been Governor" when she never was one. Sarah was a poser, it was Todd who was the acting governor.

  22. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Sarah Palin was talking about the upcoming HBO movie “Game Change,”. In that FOX video did anybody notice anything was wrong with Palin's left eye? I wonder if she went through a stroke or something since her life been in a turmoil since this year has started.

  23. laprofesora7:06 AM

    When you see what happened in Japan, and what's going in on in Wisconsin and Michigan, it really puts ol' Scarah in perspective. She's a tiny, meaningless, irritating speck in the grand scheme of things. I can't wait until she finally realizes this.

    PS Future presidents don't pick stupid fights with comedians, Scarah.

  24. Anonymous7:26 AM

    "Honestly, I think Todd taught her everything. Sarah was the sweetest girl"

    yea - she was so sweet she conned him into marrying her when she was pregnant with someone else's child.

  25. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Gryphen, something recently occurred to me that perhaps you can answer. Chuck Heath was a teacher, right? (I don't remember whether Sally was, too.) So is he living on a teacher's retirement pension - the same pensions Sarah thinks union-represented teachers are greedy to have?

  26. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Re: the left eye - sometimes right after you get Botox and fillers for the frown lines between the eyebrows, and just above, some of it affects one or more of the eyes. My sister had that experience last year - the Botox can affect the nerves which control the eyelid droop, and the filler can migrate and settle down into the bone above the eye. Also, the tissue around the eye can become sensistive and irritated, and so becomes puffy with swelling below, above or all around. These were temporary (5-8 weeks!)

    No doubt we'll be seeing more of these temporary misshapen reactions as Scarah steps up the work, facing 50 and all.

    The people who get this work done are heavily invested in seeing improvement - for all that money and discomfort - and denial about how odd they look. Narcissism is the new black.

  27. Anonymous7:52 AM

    To 5:51-

    There is no evidence to back up your opinion and if he did what you say, she is still responsible for becoming one of the most despicable opportunists in history.

    The student has surpassed the teacher (and in this case, the teacher was good enough to raise her son as his own)>

  28. Anonymous7:53 AM

    STFU Mrs. Palin!!!

    Sarah Palin's latest insults

    Sarah Palin was on a roll in the past few days. She told somebody off and insulted a number of others. She will not sit down and shut up, her quest is to continue to chime in (like a broken clock) about everything in her unique charming (gag me) style.

  29. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Kathy Griffin is Funny; Sarah Palin is NOT

    Sarah Palin is NOT the victim. Everyone around her becomes victimized every time the Empress opens her mouth. I applaud Kathy Griffin for publicly chastising Willow Palin’s use of this slur. I’m so tired of Palin playing the “victim” card. Palin is not playing with a full deck. It seems all of her cards are “victim” cards. GAME OVER.

  30. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Sarah has worked very hard on the packaging while paying little attention to what's inside the pretty wrappings. There is no substance there, and she knows it, at least, she knows it deep down inside herself. That's why Sarah is so nasty and defensive, covering up her lack of ability by lashing out at others first. She might have scared people in Alaska, but now she's just a sad joke. Kathy Griffin has her number, and know how to make jokes about her.

  31. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Hey, little TROLL @ 4:12 AM -- (said):
    "Okay, now I'm getting frustrated.
    After all the lead up with Shailey Tripp and the promises of Palin in an orange suit and that "this isn't going to be a very good month for Palin",EVERYTHING seems to have evaporated! What is going on?
    It's not just your blog, Gryphen, but you all overpromised and underdelivered." Where's the beef?
    4:12 AM
    Give it a rest, and show a little appreciation once in a while - please!!

    Gryphen and all the "over-promising" and "under-delivering" bloggers are doing great keeping us all up-to-date on everything - as much as they can for now. They have explained all of this before, lots of times.
    And, to you Gryphen -- you sure have much appreciation from me. Have a great day (and don't forget DLST begins tomorrow [for most of us]. LOL)

  32. Anonymous9:44 AM

    To Anony @5:41 a.m.
    I don't belive Sarah was ever a sweet person, nor was she ever a sweet baby.
    read today her star of disapproval stands ar 60%, whoopee!!she's on her way to zero

  33. What I find particularly amusing and charming about all this is that Kathy's star is rising brilliantly thanks to Sarah putting attention on her all of the time. (Not disparaging Kathy's talent at all. She's terrific! I love her.) She's having a great time with stupid Sarah and her comments. Who could pass that up?

    And Sarah? Hers is crashing around her ears so she has to be more and more outrageous to get attention (Charlie Sheen anyone? Lindsey Lohan? Joan Rivers? Britney Spears?)

    Worst Has Been Governor Ever!

  34. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Gryphen, something recently occurred to me that perhaps you can answer. Chuck Heath was a teacher, right? (I don't remember whether Sally was, too.) So is he living on a teacher's retirement pension - the same pensions Sarah thinks union-represented teachers are greedy to have?

    he was only a substitute - he doesn't qualify for a pension. Sally was a school secretary.

  35. Anonymous10:21 AM

    From the article comments:

    Kathy Griffin has deftly capitalized on yet another Palin blunder. Griffin has been appearing everywhere acting like an adult and dare I say having seen some of her act ) ladylike.

    The comparison with the always angry and puerile Palin is striking.

    The Palin blunder # 3000 has also allowed Griffin to tell the truth which
    is supported by the CNN tape.

    Griffin never said she was going to destroy Willow , that paranoid exaggeration was from Palin's feverish imagination.

    And the genesis of Griffin's complaint is another reminder that Palin's children are always unsupervised and have as much common sense and respect for others as their mother.

    Bristol's boyfriend is using similar terminology on his FB , besides allowing his friends to ridicule Sarah Palin as " an idiot."

    When Palin shrilly attacks someone, usually in an unprovoked and illogical fashion,the person attacked always benefits. Because they either maintain a dignified silence like Governor Christie
    and Michelle Obama or like Griffin and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords,they respond in a well crafted and dignified manner that contrasts their maturity
    with Palin's increasingly paranoid and bizarre immaturity.

    The ones I have the most compassion for are her very young children who do not have a voice.Who is caring for 3 yr old Trig and 10 yr old Piper while their mother is busy inciting her feud du jour and their father is getting massages ?
    The weird behavior most likely does not end when Palin leaves her FOX News studio.

    Posted by: CaptainKarl | March 11, 2011 1:09 PM |

  36. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Isn't it ironic how many people Sarah claims have martyred her end up being people who do the kind of "good works" that Sarah disdains.

    It shows up Sarah for what she is, a totally egocentric, selfish and very mean and petty person.

  37. Anonymous1:33 PM

    just another reason to LOVE Kathy! Here's another person to love:

  38. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Once again Sarah takes on the pain of another group (remember blood libel?) for herself. It's not as if Kathy Griffin put up a graphic with crosshairs on Sarah Palin's state of residence.

  39. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Just remember, Sarah and her nest of disfunctional misfits are like HERPES,....... FOREVER!

    Then if they all disappear it will be like icing on the cake.

    She can't compete with Charlie Sheen's rampages and god throwing an earthquake and tsunami killing spree in Japan over gays getting married in the US.

  40. Anonymous5:54 PM

    does anyone know whether or not bristol is pregnant? she certainly looked very pregnant in Haiti and the photos released from Texas speech in January were obviously old photos because they were before she had her teeth capped for DWTS. Obviously hiding something/someone!


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