Monday, April 11, 2011

Fox News finally labels Sarah Palin correctly.

I think that scroll at the top is a perfect description, don't you?

(H/T to someecards.)


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM


  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Why can't she open her eyes? Is she medicated?

  3. wakeUpAmerica6:28 AM

    How funny!

  4. Thanks Gryph...

    It's Monday, the war in DC is still waging, and this was just the best way to start the week...hilarious!

  5. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Okay, this is absolute proof there is a God. Who else could plan such a masterful stroke and yet leave the the unwashed to not notice?

  6. OMG.....OMG.....OMG.....OMG...I am crying! Iam peeing in my pants! I am spitting out coffee all over my computer monitor! I am ROTFLMOA!!!! Beyond funny!! Way, way beyond!!! Whoever captured that screen shot deserves unyielding applause and gratitude!

  7. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Karma is a Bitch!

  8. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Love it. She has developed the "Cheney sneer" or is that from too much Botox or surgery??

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  10. angela6:44 AM

    I see Sarah continues to wear her version of the 2011 Members Only jacket. . . .

  11. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Poor DC, the petrie dish for Fundy Social experiments. Take away local governance, taxation without representation.

    We can't quash all women and children's rights so we'll just make DC's unique population suffer our fringe agenda completely unacceptable to mainstream America.

  12. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Funny and so true! :)

  13. "There are no coincidences," right? harty har har

  14. Anonymous6:47 AM

    But Sarah Palin is dangerous. She may be an idiot, prone to word salad, bad sartorial choices and a questionable taste in hairstyles, all the things that make her an object of ridicule around the world. She's not dangerous on her own, the danger comes from the fact that she has strong allies in the media.

    What? The "lamestream media?" Yes, the very same lamestream media she whines about all the time are her strongest allies.

    They gave her a voice when they reported her every tweet, every Facebook note and discussed her TV appearances as if they had come from somebody who had something substantial to say. They not only allowed, but actively inserted her "death panels" into the healthcare reform debate. If they had ignored her and allowed her idiotic pronouncements to fall into a void, she wouldn't be a danger at all. Sarah Palin is a mouthpiece, a poster girl doing somebody else's bidding. She's the "pretty" face of a very ugly movement.

  15. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Wow, I can now say that I agree with something related to Faux news.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Most accurate thing Fox has ever shown.

  17. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Love it! So, what is the deal with the backdrop of the front of her house with some snow on the roof?

  18. Anonymous7:22 AM

    My guess is she's on major antidepressants.

  19. my god! someone at fox has a sense of humor! who knew?!?

  20. Anonymous7:29 AM


    So did she have plastic surgery just so she could snear like Dick Cheney? It does go well with the gangstar jacket thing she has going.

  21. Anonymous7:30 AM

    This should be a poster! Maybe Romney already has one in his office!

  22. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Too Funny! Too Fair! Too Balance!

  23. Molly7:43 AM

    There Are No Coincidences.

  24. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Wasilla had snow this week - hence the snow on her roof.

  25. Hilarious! Is it possible to post this on You Tube?

  26. I would like to know where her girls are, how many are pregnant now?

  27. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Well she doesn't believe in coincidences. Neither to I. Maybe the timing is so not a coincidence.

  28. Anonymous7:55 AM

    She looks like she has a fart caught crosswise.

  29. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Thank goodness I am not the only one who noticed her eyes. She looks so messed up. Are Presidential candidates drug tested?

    Check out her interview last night on Fox - her hair looked like she just crawled out of bed.

  30. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I wonder if she ever bathes and/or showers. She always looks as slimy outside as she in within.

  31. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Amen to that . . .

  32. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Is that her house in the background, or the sports center?

  33. I wonder about Piper especially. For a while there she had Piper in tow constantly and with all that horrible eye make-up on. What the hell was that all about? No way is one of my girls going to be wearing that when they are what a 9 or 10-year-old. Even more so if I were a public figure.

    Heck though maybe, like the rest of the kids their age, they are actually in school for a change. Besides, I bet Snowdrift Snooki isn't much fun to be around right now unless she's higher than a kite like she was the other day for that interview. She looked like she had just smoked a bowl of MTF.

  34. I thought her studio looked out over the dead lake? Her other appearances were (supposedly) in her studio in front of a window overlooking the lake with a mountain showing in the background. When did she move the studio to the front of the house? She looks like she's sitting in front of a backdrop (like those old department store portraits. What did they do? Take a picture of the snow on the roof and have her sit in front of it? Pitiful, really pitiful.

  35. Anonymous8:42 AM

    The new Florida poll may save its worst findings for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who loses to the president by a sizable 51-39 margin. That's a worse showing than business mogul Donald Trump, who lags 8 points behind Obama with a 48-40 percent spread.
    In even worse news for Palin, the onetime GOP vice presidential nominee places sixth with only 5 percent of support among registered Republicans when it comes to the horserace for the GOP primary in Florida, behind Huckabee at 23 percent, Romney at 18 percent, Trump at 13 percent, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 11 percent, and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty at 8 percent.

  36. emrysa9:00 AM

    I am kind of stunned that faux got something right! very funny.

    love the new backdrop of the front of the quitter's free house. what is the point in making it look like she's being interviewed in her driveway when everyone knows she's got a studio in the house?

  37. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I wish this goddamned woman would just disappear. She serves no useful purpose.

  38. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Why we need our president even more than before:

  39. Anonymous9:19 AM

    And, it doesn't say 'governor'! Yea!

  40. honeybabe9:35 AM

    see! all that exposure with a microscope exposes all the zits and drool and hateful beliefs and makes normal people run away. it must be so sad to be so full of anger and hate and fear and to keep that hatefulness always on the front of the stove. yes, karma is automatic.

  41. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Looks like she borrowed a backdrop from "Hee Haw" How appropriate!

  42. Anonymous10:00 AM

    That's just silly and means nothing. Anybody can wait for the opportunity and find something like that. Obami with a label over his head of African would be twice as funny as this one of me.

    No matter what you leftist bloggers say you'll never get past the fact that the picture is of a pretty woman. something none of you will ever be because you will never find God and so there's no beauty within yourselfs.

  43. Anonymous10:07 AM

    A little passive aggressiveness me thinks!!

    Have not been able to type last couple of days been out of town and the IPAD keyboard is just not worth the effort. Anyways......Does the professor know about the stories regarding the tubes being tied? What happened with those leads? Anybody know?

  44. She should use that for her Facebook profile picture

  45. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Great article to read about BristleButt:

    Yea!! Someone writing a truthful article on Bristlebutt and she's wrong to be the messenger. It also says, which I love, that Bristlebutt "has also, evidently, inherited her mother’s grandiosity and sense of entitlement, which is why, rather than recognizing her unusual fortune, she imagines that her prominence is earned."

    It mentions her FB rant, no education, etc. Oh Joy!!!

    Tweets or FB rants should be in 3, 2, 1........

  46. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:19 AM

    Caption fail! The ongoing nightmare that IS Sarah Palin goes way, way, WAY beyond this tiny universe; it's probably slithered its way into other planes.

    And to the Bots out there: I don't mean planes with them little windows that fly and all.

  47. Gasman10:45 AM

    Does anybody know what the context was for the scroll across the top? I think that it's even more telling that they don't have "Gov." in front of her name in the red banner below. THAT is no accident.

    FauxNews goes so far as to coordinate talking points by issuing specific words for their on air baboons to use. That's why they all use the EXACT same clunky phrases so often. They may by cynical, manipulative, lying shitbags, but they are not haphazard when in comes to technical production. Watch and see the next time Palin is on if they label her "Gov." or not.

    Could we be witnessing the beginning of the end for Palin's inglorious career at FauxNews? Look at how they started telegraphing Beck's departure before it was announced. Watch for more on air slams of Palin.

    Will they take back the studio equipment?

    It must really suck to be Palin right now.

  48. Gryphen:

    Pretty soon on Palin feud list the next one will be Beck LOL

    Beck thinks that Sarah Palin won’t run for President and criticizes her for not making her first book about deep policy. He says she missed an opportunity to really shore up her policy credentials early on.

  49. Anonymous11:06 AM

    So, funny, belief in the Sky Fairy makes women beautiful; never knew that, thanks for sharing. Incorrect you are though as some of the ugliest women I know, both inside AND out are angry, repressed, hypocritical church ladies that would sooner steal the sunday offerings than help other people. A lot that I've met are overweight, underlaid and just plain old miserable because their God isn't paving their life path with gold bricks. Pissed off fat angry harpies, with tall hair and lots of makeup, yes, the epitome of beauty for certain!

  50. Anonymous11:11 AM

    >>>No matter what you leftist bloggers say you'll never get past the fact that the picture is of a pretty woman. something none of you will ever be because you will never find God and so there's no beauty within yourselfs.

    Ha, ha, little ugly troll! You must be butt ugly if you think that Sarah is 'pretty'. Sarah is vile, and ugly inside and out and Gryphen has the images to prove it. This BS about Palin being pretty has long expired. She's fighting the passage of time, desperately botoxing and plastic surgerying, but it's not working to hide the oozing hate that she displays regularly. She looks hyped up or drugged out depending on the day, her jowls are drooping and her neck looks like something out of turkey freak show.

    God? What does God have to do with how ugly Sarah is. She's the devil's companion, if anything, and you just gave all of us a huge laugh with your weak kneed defense of her.

    Trolls are called out instantaneously on this blog and relegated to the trash bin where they belong. Oh sorry, I used a big word, didn't I?

    So, little ugly troll who pines for someone to pay attention to her ugly puss, you can go and suck on your toes for awhile, and contemplate how God has determined that Sarah won't go anywhere near the White House and how the big black guy (our awesome President) beat the SHIT out of her politically and always will! HA!

  51. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Anon at 10.00.

    I am a European. You give Americans a BAD NAME. You can't spell because you are uneducated - GOP policies. You think Palin is pretty and the rest of us are jealous of that ugly motor mouth! Come to Europe and you'll see gorgeous.

    For fuck's sake grow up and get real. The whole world is aghast that Palin can be taken seriously in your country.

  52. Anonymous11:18 AM

    That's just silly and means nothing. Anybody can wait for the opportunity and find something like that. Obami with a label over his head of African would be twice as funny as this one of me.

    No matter what you leftist bloggers say you'll never get past the fact that the picture is of a pretty woman. something none of you will ever be because you will never find God and so there's no beauty within yourselfs.

    Who is Obami and where is African? Who made you judge and juror to say who will and won't find God? Apparently, you don't know God either with your racial epithet and judgemental attitude.

  53. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Sarah Palin was hired to be the mean attack dog during the 2008 campaign. When Sarah addressed a crowd, the Secret Service said that threats to Obama increased.

    Once Sarah quit her job as governor, she had the chance to educate herself and learn enough to be a serious political candidate. Karl Rove thought that she needed to get some "gravitas." But, Sarah chose money and celebrity. Learning is hard work.

    Sarah is still a Republican attack dog. The only difference is that now she has little chance of becoming the GOP candidate. (We can hope that there is a third Tea Party with Sarah as its standard bearer, but that probably won't happen). Sarah gives the occasional $100,000. speech, and makes the required appearance on Fox and she is supposed to follow the prescripted questions and answers.

  54. Anonymous11:35 AM

    @10:00 a.m. - A "pretty woman"? Really? She's looks more reptilian daily. Soon she'll have scales on her skin, slits for her eyes; she's already got the tongue action of a viper.

  55. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Whoa!!! 10:00 a.m. I knew you were reading IM, Sarah!

    "Obami with a label over his head of African would be twice as funny as this one of me."

    ME?? You may want to cut back on the dosage a bit... you're going too fast and it affects your spelling.

  56. Anonymous11:53 AM


    That's the best, Gryphen.

  57. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Palin twofer at Wonkette.
    This one has a linkback to IM.

  58. Anonymous11:56 AM

    free fallin' now

    Palin's Decline

  59. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Goofy tongue motions aka oral tardive dyskinesia.

  60. Anonymous12:04 PM

    A nightmare to many, but not to all. To some she's their fantasy romantic partner, the sassy, sexy girl of their dreams.

    And she is a shrewd business woman, playing at extreme politics and pretending to be a candidate for the Presidency so she can pick up outrageous fees on the right wing lecture circuit.

  61. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I want Tshirts printed up with that picture, stat!

    There's no question that Sarah is pretty, but her behavior certainly does nothing to augment it.

    Even the Evil Queen in Sleeping Beauty was beautiful. It's not much of a litmus test of intelligence, honor, and ethics.

  62. emrysa12:29 PM

    anon @ 10:am sez:

    "Obami with a label over his head of African would be twice as funny as this one of me."

    gryphen? what is the location of that ip? sounds like someone can't keep their shit straight.

  63. Anonymous12:38 PM

    It's the house wife from Wasilla who just finished her run or cleaning a gun dressed for sports.

  64. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Every time you see this retarded lady, something physically changes on her. Most of the time her chest is flat as a board (boyish like chest), the next day she wears a tight white shirt and her boobs are pumped up ready to explode, then next time you see her she's flat again with pancake type boobs . What’s that about?

    There's the time you see Sarah on magazine covers in running shorts and ya gotta admit her legs looked nice, but when she was in Hawaii wearing McCain's blue visor with his names blackened out, you would not even give her legs or arms or face or chest or hair a second look, they were disgusting.

    A while ago her turkey neck was just a flappin’ away, that shit was so flabby it looked like her skin was about to fall off. If you look at her picture posted here, her neck looks like tight old leather skin, almost like dry mummy skin. If her skin was any tighter she probably be gasping for air.

    If you look at her first pregnancy, Palin is as big as a house, but if you look at her so called last pregnancy she has a square flat stomach and in a matter of 5 days it grew like nobody's business.

    What the hell is going on in Alaska? The same thing happens to Bristol, she had two stubby looking chins, then overnight she grew this massive humongous chin. Is this a Palin thing?

    Good thing Sarah and Bristol has money to get facial surgeries or they would be mistaken for Chuck Heath’s twin brothers.

  65. Anonymous12:42 PM

    @12:04 - shrewd business woman? We'll see how those fees look after civil suits prevail and other things happen that are coming down the pike.

  66. Anonymous12:44 PM

    She's holding up pretty well considering the shit storm she knows is coming her way. Lesser women would be completely bald from the stress.

  67. Who said fox news was useless?
    They are always good for a laugh!

  68. Anonymous1:00 PM

    @10:00 a.m.

    ".....twice as funny as this one of me."

    If your a troll, your pathetic. If your Sarah, your still pathetic.

  69. Anonymous1:07 PM

    anon @ 10:am sez:

    "Obami with a label over his head of African would be twice as funny as this one of me."

    gryphen? what is the location of that ip? sounds like someone can't keep their shit straight.

    Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing.

  70. angela1:21 PM

    I think Anon 10:00 a.m. translator software must have turned against them. WTF are they saying anyway?

  71. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Sarah is having the big fall, she has no where to stop except rock bottom.

    Her trolls can't spell, and their rants make no sense. Uneducated, all of them, any of them.

  72. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Her eyes look so utterly vapid and soul-less in that picture...finally, art imitates life!

  73. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I found the Fox video with the scrolling "Universal Nightmare" (some folks thought it was a photoshopped picture).

    This is even more enjoyable in its original format!!!

  74. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Umm, sounds like more Fox News spin. They're just being soft on Sarah again. She's a "Multi-Universal Nightmare". Will Fox News EVER get anything right?

  75. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Ha, ha, little ugly troll! You must be butt ugly if you think that Sarah is 'pretty'.

    so true - Sarah has never been anything more than passably pretty in a schoolmarmish way. since she's had so much plastic surgery, she's not passably pretty anymore...she's ugly.

  76. Anonymous3:07 PM


    You might want to update post and add this pic. Remember after Hurricane Katrina?

    One of GW as the Worst Disaster to Hit the U.S.

    Those two pics side by side says it all.


  77. Anonymous3:26 PM

    More lies about Planned Parenthood.

    "The non-profit group that provides life-saving medical screenings to millions of women every year is only used by “hookers,” according to right-wing conspiracy host Glenn Beck.

    He made the startling comment during his radio broadcast Monday, mocking MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell’s impassioned defense of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

    “Stop just a second!” Beck said as they played a recording of O’Donnell recounting a letter he’d received. “Hookers? Who depends on Planned Parenthood? I’ve got 400 abortions that I have to have! I have to have these children aborted!”"

  78. TruthSeeker3:31 PM

    Anonymous @ 12:04 pm said...

    "And she is a shrewd business woman . . "

    Whoops, you typed too many letters. It should correctly be: "And she is a shrew . .".

  79. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Hahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahahaha (big gasp) HA!

  80. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I just can't believe people think Sarah is pretty...If you were walking down the street and she passed you, you wouldn't even turn your head for a better look.

  81. Anonymous5:13 PM

    If you can stomach it, here's the actual video the piece was pulled from!

    UPDATE: The screen shot is definitely real. Watch here after the 2:20 mark to see the hilarity in action.

  82. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Love it!!!

  83. Anonymous1:53 AM

    They got that right...

    2 thumbs up!


  84. Anne In DC4:09 AM

    @10:00 a.m:

    Calling Palin's detractors ugly is
    and jealous of her so-called beauty is a classic bendy straw that her defenders grab at because they cannot defend her legendary idiocy and divisiveness. With all the beautiful women of all races and ages, in and out of Hollywood, who also have intelligence as well as integrity, that canard is a sad joke. It's even funnier when one considers the fact that the growing number of Palin detractors also includes conservatives. She is a pathetic, attention-hungry might-have-been who is figuratively on her last gasp in her efforts to be relevant. And she accomplished this all by her lonesome!!

  85. Anonymous3:06 PM

    And again she looks completely baked! I'm convinced that Sarah tokes a fatty to "relax" before these appearances...

    ...Sarah Stoner...

    @emrysa: If she uses her house as a prop, she can write it off on her taxes! :)


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