Sunday, May 01, 2011

Woman tricks Donald Trump into signing copy of President Obama's birth certificate.

This happened at the correspondents dinner last night.

This lady is AWESOME!

To learn more visit Keith Olbermanns, Fok News channel.


  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Proves he thinks with his little head instead of his big one. All you need is a pretty face, nice body, and Trump will be your bitch. What an asshole.

  2. The Donald signed it above "live birth". Way to go lady, you just bitch-slapped the Donald.

    Now how cool is that, and the Donald was trumped yet again.

    His little pecker also went limp when he was booed, he was thoroughly pissed.

    Just goes to show that the Donald is trash and acted like trash, and his little wife was nippled out. Yuck!!!

  3. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Funny. Trump had a very bad, no good day yesterday. I'd feel sorry for him if he weren't such a jerk.

  4. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I would have enjoyed this more if she had not folded the document in such a way that he could not see what it was.

    There was no real accomplishment in what she did. A cheap trick.

    That said, Donald Trump is fair game considering all the con jobs he's been pulling.

    But conning a conner - nah, cheap trick.

  5. Anonymous5:27 AM


    Here's another great laugh: Photo of a cow, complete with hooves:

  6. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Birthers are too easy to take down. One should not make fun of a lunatic.

  7. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I underestimated Greta. She wins the wager. She literally put ¨The North Star Drama Queen¨ on exhibition at a Georgetown cocktail party.

    Talk about total ownage.

  8. Hilarious. Trump is our national joke and only the most stupid among us are not in on it.

  9. Anne In DC6:11 AM

    Being booed at the White House Correspondents' dinner, mocked by both President Obama and Seth Myers, and now tricked into signing a copy of the president's birth certificate have to have left a sour taste in this idiot's mouth. It's the kind of bitter medicine that he can dish out but has a hard time taking, just judging by his anger. He not only does not have any ideas on how to address problems in this country, but he also does not have the fortitude to engage in the bruising combat sport of politics.

  10. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Bristol, dear, Princess Letitzia can wear those shoes; you can't. I didn't know dashikis were back in style, either. meow

  11. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Isn't it amazing how narcissists think they can trump (ooops. sorry. pun.) truly intelligent, well-educated people who also have a terrific sense of humor?!?
    If you read the incredible story on Obama's mom in last week's NYTimes magazine, you'll see how she helped build his character to be strong and to rise above the pettiness of those around him. That's what great moms do.

  12. Anonymous6:45 AM

    No stinking WHCD for Saint Sarah; she's a better person than those attending that low brow bash. I wonder if that includes her beloved off-spring also.

  13. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Love it! Obama's roast was classic, Seth Meyers was brutal which was totally deserved but this tops the evening off. Trump is the consumate asshat. Hope his little publicity stunt drives his show into the toilet where it belongs.


  14. Anonymous6:50 AM

    The Donald has always been an ass.

  15. Anonymous6:52 AM

    He could have handled himself in a way last night that would have built his credibility with the public. A wasted opportunity.

    Why would he even accept that invitation? WaPo set this up? He surely had to know that was a likely scenario, that he would be the brunt of jokes.

    He obviously has an over-inflated ego and a thin skin. He should have prepared himself mentally for that and shown political skill in the process.

    He needed to show he could take a joke. He didn't. He laughed just once, I think, for Obama. Then he got embarrassed, and angry.

    Can't stand the heat, Donald? Then get out of the kitchen. Your money doesn't automatically make you qualified to be the POTUS.

  16. Anonymous6:59 AM

    They call him:
    The Donald-
    He reminds me of-
    Donald Duck-
    Just another money making joke!

  17. That's a riot. I love her.

  18. There was a much more important party last night. The portrait of Andrew Young was presented at the National Portrait Gallery, the reception was at the Gallery. The portrait will be a permanent part of the Smithsonian Institution. The display will be in the "Struggle for Justice" exhibition. This tells the tale of the fight for fairness in this country. Something that Palin and her ilk are attempting to rescind.

  19. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Now the Duck can play the victim card like Scarah...we know that fox will give them the platform to do it, and all their followers will dig deep in their pockets to give them money so they can defend themselves against the mean old elitists.

  20. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Looks like Donald Chump got trumped by President Obama, Seth and this lady.

    What a douche bag, the Donald will sign anything. I’m worried that if he ever became president, he would sign the land deed over to China and would never be wiser.

  21. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The Donald, not the shapest knife in the drawer!

  22. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Signed a copy of Obama's birth certificate and then got his ass handed to him by the POTUS in front of the world!

    And this guy is a business man? I now know why he has to file bankrupties.

    Mr. Trump.... "YOU'RE FIRED!"

  23. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Excellent! Brava! She should frame it and send it to the president.

    The only question left is: after being bitch slapped by Obama, Meyers, and this courageous woman, is Trump smart enough to recognize that pretty much anybody with a functioning prefrontal cortex views him as a racist clown?

  24. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Hey Melania better start looking for a new sugar daddy, you are looking quite haggard and saggy lately. You know how the old pink haired bankruptcy king likes to trade old wives in for a much younger plastic playmate gold digger to keep up his phoney image of being a virile young stud. LOL

  25. Anonymous9:51 AM

    "Being booed at the White House Correspondents' dinner, mocked by both President Obama and Seth Myers, and now tricked into signing a copy of the president's birth certificate have to have left a sour taste in this idiot's mouth. It's the kind of bitter medicine that he can dish out but has a hard time taking..."

    Anne, why won't anyone do this to Palin? See, it really is a sexist society. Everybody thinks Trump can take it, but if he can't, well tough shit, he's a guy, he'll survive. With Sarah, the delicate flower, treatment like Trump got would only improve her persecution creds. Seth Meyers would be accused of wanting to rape her daughter(s). And yet nobody deserves public humiliation more than she does, not even Trump.

  26. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Bristol's going to have to slut it up a bit more to catch the Donald's eye. Forget it, Sarah, You're way too old.

  27. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Is he-who-thrice-got-his-arse-handed-to-him-on-a-silver-platter last evening still licking his wounds?

    Poor Melania.

  28. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I just saw the tramp on TV in a video clip jumping up and down shouting, "I won! I won! I made Obama show his birth certificate! So I won! I beat Obama!"

    Would someone please give this carnival side show barker the AWARD he deserves... THE DEAD HORSE AWARD!

    SEE IT HERE >>>

    Get one for the screech, Sarah "Piss & Moan" Palin too while you are at it.

    Then go visit the world's best christian at and see if Betty can give both of these publicity HOs some "BEST XTIAN" awards. The Trump for his claims of outstanding adherence to THE CATHOCLIC principles while practicing serial adultry, divorces and remarriages and Mommie Dearest for her superior example of Xtian Motherhood while prickteasing for $$$$$$.

  29. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I thought the Palins were going to the
    wedding in England. I remember all her
    fans saying she'd been invited, what
    happened with that?

  30. Anne In DC3:40 PM

    @9:51 a.m.:

    2 weeks ago yesterday, Palin went to Wisconsin to join a Tea Party rally in favor of Scott Walker. There were roughly 10 times as many anti-Walker protesters as Tea Partiers, and they were quite vocal in booing Palin. I agree totally with you that she should get mocked and jeered at publicly more than anyone else. If she had gone to the same affair as Trump, the same thing would probably have happened to her. She made a big deal about going to an anti-abortion affair instead, as if anyone there would care if she found a lake to jump in. I wonder what she'll do now that Trump's bubble has been burst. She's been such a good little cheerleader up to this point (sarcasm).


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