Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann goes all "deer in the headlights" while being grilled by David Gregory. This is why Teabaggers avoid the mainstream press.

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Check out those bug eyes.  She has NO idea what to say to this line of questioning.

"I am running for the Presidency of the United States. I am not running to be anyone's judge."

"But you have judged them."

"I..I..I don't judge them. I don't judge them. I am running for Presidency of the United States

WTF? Gregory reads off her own statements and she acts as if she has never heard them before.

And besides these clearly homophobic statements, she and her husband have charged the Federal government, through Medicaid, to provide psychologically damaging "reparative" therapies in an attempt to alter the sexual proclivities of homosexual men. If she and her husband Marcus had not judged this lifestyle as deviant than why would they provide a service to try and change it?

When Bachmann is asked if, as President (I'm sorry "Presidency"), she would appoint an openly gay person to her cabinet or to the courts, she lists three criteria: "Where do they stand on the Constitution, are you competent, and do you share my views?"

It should be crystal clear to anybody that, based on Bachmann's stated opinion about homosexuality, that the last one ("Do you share my views?"), ABSOLUTELY precludes any chance of a gay man or woman being provided any opportunities during a Bachmann Presidency.

I know she and her people probably think she effectively danced around that question, but I have little doubt that most Americans, especially gay Americans, had little trouble recognizing how the rights of homosexuals would be treated if Michele Bachmann had her way. 

By the way, I am not a David Gregory fan as a rule, but I thought he did a pretty good job here.


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Todd Palin answers woman who calls Palins a “sellout” at Sarah Palin Iowa event (VIDEO)

  2. Sweet anny1:13 PM

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Martin Niemöller

    No matter who you are, unless you're one of them, they're coming for you.

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Perry's new wheels- BORING!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Aha! "Do you share my views?" No room in her Cabinet or among her advisors for people who think, just people who will regurgitate her talking points. That's downright scary!

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Gregory should have asked if those are her views (the recorded quote about sexual dysfunction), since her third criterion is "share my views."

    So if a person of color has the view that s/he has equal civil rights as whites, or a poor person has the view that his healthcare should be the equal of Michelle, she will not appoint him. That's what I heard.

  6. laprofesora1:27 PM

    We all know Bachmann is a looney-tunes, but I will give her credit for one thing: she faces the questions (as uncomfortable as they must be), without whining about them being "gotcha". Of course, she doesn't answer them, but at least she's not a whiner or a cry-baby victim.

    Little Miss Quitter is too much of a scaredy-cat to "woman up" and answer legitimate questions.

  7. Dis Gusted1:31 PM

    It appears to me that she avoids saying she is running for the office of President. She keeps saying 'presidency' because Marcus will be the shadow President if hell freezes over and she wins.

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    It is way past time for the TeePeers to be asked questions by people who do not pander and join in to their positions.

    That what political reporters and journalists are supposed to do with political candidates.

  9. BAustin1:36 PM

    while Bachmann is a complete loon....she sure as hell stays on message.

    Bet Sarah is pisssssed!

    BTW - very little coverage of the stupid trip to Ronnies childhood home. All the media attention is going to Michelle and Rick. Palin must be seething with jealousy at this point.


  10. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Ouch. that's gonna leave a mark.

  11. Anonymous1:37 PM

    She is one sick puppy...and these people make life so miserable for others.

    Where do they get off, and WHY have we let them? (Cowardly press comes to mind)

  12. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I think you have to qualify that as "no OPENLY GAY" person would serve in her cabinet. After all, there IS Marcus.

  13. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I was watching part of the interview on TV earlier and Bachmann messed up her talking point.

    One of the times instead of saying "share my views" she said "share my VALUES".

  14. Anonymous1:56 PM

    And true to form, Palin made a surprise revival of her bus tour, eager to show her kids the "historical significance" of the Iowa State Fair and their sticks of fried butter. But no, she's not there to launch a presidential campaign, or to divert attention from any of the other legitimately glad-handing politicos. It's just a matter of coincidence that she was conveniently available to talk to the media there, dontcha know.?

    But that's not good enough for Iowa Republican Chair Matt Strawn, who advised La Palin that if she thinks she can flounce in at the last moment and prove that she's still a relevant candidate, she's got another thought coming. It takes work for you to be taken seriously in the first completely meaningless political event: you have to shake hands, you have to kiss babies, you have to meet voters face to face and be prepared to answer questions from them.

    And that is why Sarah Palin--no matter how many times she pulls these diva acts and preens for the cameras, coyly saying she hasn't made up her mind--isn't running for President. It's work. And it's unpleasant to have to mingle with the riff-raff and pretend to care about their problems. There's nothing about it that appeals to the Half-Governor. Being on camera and making snide remarks is far more rewarding.

  15. DominionistEscapee2:05 PM

    WOW. Love how she tries so hard to dodge the question and even says, "This isn't what Americans are concerned about right now," as if we aren't capable of caring about more than one issue.

    She does better than Palin going off-script, but only because she keeps repeating the same lines. She reminded me of Christine O'Donnell.

  16. Anonymous2:07 PM

    "I am running for Presidency of the United States.." Blah, blah, blah.

    Translation: "I'll tell you how I plan on exterminating gays, lesbians, and transsexuals after I get elected into office."

  17. Anonymous2:08 PM

    stop federal funding to Bachman's clinic
    sign the petition:

  18. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Gregory did do a good job trying to hold her feet to the fire. She didn't really answer his questions, but I commend him for getting the information out there and confronting her with her own words.
    It's shocking and disheartening how "Christians" like Bachman use wedge issues like gay marriage to make a name for themselves and then try to downplay those issues as soon as they decide to move to the next level in their careers.
    I'm curious to know what percentage of Americans support gay marriage since she suggests that the will of the people would guide her.

  19. Gregory did well until he failed to point out that neither a gay nor an atheist would ever be appointed or supported by her because they don't meet her 3rd condition of "supporting my views".

  20. Anonymous2:27 PM

    While I don't agree with her views, I think she did really well in the interview and definitely held her own. Unfortunately. Ok, aside from that little double-crazy eye thing toward the end of the interview. The scary thing is she has learned not to come off as the total whackjob that she is.

  21. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Thanks Sweet anny for posting the Martin Niemoller (sorry I don't have access to the umlat symbol for "o).

    Those are words that need heeding now more than ever. I believe any of the current GOP/TP lineup would try to exclude, oppress or exterminate (if they can but find a viable reason and by exterminate I mean either figuratively or literally) anyone different from them. I do not trust any of them apart from Romney or Huntsman, but even them, not much. Religion has become an ugly and dangerous weapon in the hands of the zealots we now are seeing move up in power circles.

  22. TNbluedot2:42 PM

    After the bloopers (think John Wayne), she has learned to stay on her memorized talking points. Plus, she knows nothing BEYOND those memorized talking points! I may throw something at my TV if she keeps using the running for presidency phrase to avoid saying something she hasn't been drilled on yet. And Marcus? Well, those two are just weird!!

  23. I would love to see Palin on Meet the Press. I can dream right?

  24. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I don't support Bachmann by any means - or the Republican/Teabagger party, but it did seem as thought Gregory was tougher on the questions (same subject) than I have seen him w/others. If Palin watched that interview, there is no way she would ever appear on his show. She could not have maintained as well as Bachmann did as to keeping focused w/her responses.

  25. Smirnonn2:50 PM

    What, her cabinet members would have to be straight and into incandescent light bulbs?!?!?!?

  26. Anonymous2:50 PM

    For the most part, Bachmann stayed on message, calling for the repeal of "Obamacare" and reigning in government spending. But an interesting moment came when Meet The Press host David Gregory challenged Bachmann's position on homosexuality.

    It's no secret Bachmann isn't the biggest fan of gays. But when Gregory played a clip of Bachmann saying homosexuality leads to "personal enslavement" and "bondage," she responded simply by saying "I am running for the presidency of the United States."

    "I am not running to be anyone's judge," she added.

    "But you have judged them," Gregory pressed.

    "I don't judge them," Bachmann responded. "I don't judge them. I am running for the presidency of the United States."

    Bachmann echoed her position that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But she said she "ascribes honor and dignity to every person, no matter their background."

    This issue came up earlier, on ABC's This Week, when Bachmann told Jake tapper essentially the same thing: she's running to be president, not anyone's judge.

    So both hosts wanted to know, would she consider appointing an openly gay man or woman to her administration? Bachmann said her only criteria would be whether the person upholds the Constitution and is competent, "nothing more."

    But Gregory pressed Bachmann a little further, asking, for instance, would a gay couple who adopts a child be considered a "family" in her eyes.

    "All these kinds of questions really aren't about what people are concerned about right now," Bachmann said. "I think my views are clear."

    Indeed, they are.


  27. David Gregory is doing something that no reporters have done to SP: the follow-up question.

  28. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Fascism: a political philosophy or regime that exalts nation (and often race) above the individual, and promotes severe social regimentation. Fascists seek to forcibly eradicate their opposition and any persons or entities they consider decadent or degenerate.

    I'm just reading this definition out of the dictionary. Any thoughts, Michelle?

  29. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I'm running for Presidency.

    What does Michele thinks that means? That she's immune to scrutiny, that all she needs to do is win a popularity contest and the country belongs to her and the Silver Gummy Bear?

    She's starting to piss us off as much as Sarah, who no more belonged on a ticket than this woman does.

  30. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I also do not care much for David Greggory but I must admit he did quite well. It would have been great if he had pushed a little harder. She was clearly uncomfortable with talking about her record of gay issues.

    I would have to give him a B+

  31. Wow. That was, wow.

    She's like a fucking robot that will NOT go OFF script.

    She has been, ahem, "drilled hard" and she is NOT going to make a bigger mess out of her previous, um, missteps.

    But how long can you run away from your. entire. platform?

    Crazy eyes is up shit creek without a paddle and Palin is just watching like a crocodile waiting for the loony gazelle to drop by.

    Pawlenty is already out.

    The heat will turn up on Bachmann REAL quick.

    Same with Perry.

    Palin may. just. have. to. get. in. this. thing.

  32. AKA

    You're pathetic, disgusting and I pray for your damned soul.

    What? Oh, they can vote, too?

    Oh, silly silly, I love ALL God's creatures, I don't Judge...Vote For Bachmann! %)

  33. She's obviously for "gay marriage", in that a seemingly hetero woman marries a gay man, and "fixes" him. That's the kind of "gay marriage" that she supports.

    I've not seen anyone dancing this hard since Riverdance; that woman is high stepping around every question asked of her. Plus she won't recognize her own record of statements regarding homosexuality and the questions put forth by the interviewer.

    Winner of the Iowa Straw Poll 2011 will be the closest that she ever gets to the presidency.

  34. She talks straight (pun intended) lawyer-speak; if I don't actually say the words, I can't be quoted.

  35. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Oh my goodness~I love it, I love it. I I I I I I~is all she could say. She really had no answers for David. Thanks for posting this Gryph.


  36. Anonymous3:34 PM

    After years of listening to Bachmann in Minnesota, she never ever answers a question with a real answer. She always has some phrase or talking point to fall back on. Her current comment to fall back on is "I am running for Presidency of the United States". Her other line is "Obama is a one term president". What an annoying excuse for using up oxygen.

  37. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Let's give her credit for going on Meet the Press. The Queen (that would be Sarah) would never go on Meet the Press. She (Sarah) would just give the late night comedians plenty of fodder if she showed up on Meet the Press.

    No one has ever been elected President since Kennedy without many visits to Meet the Press.

    I am with you though. David Gregory is not my favorite. I loved Tim Russert and still miss him to this day.

  38. "Deer in the headlights," friends? Oh no no no. You, my dear friends, are the deer.

    Sarah Palin was a headlight, dear friends. Now Michele Bachmann has you caught in the gleam and oh, what's that dark mass in between them?

    Why, that's Elizabeth Cheney I do believe, a'hootin and a'shootin there riding shotgun with Rickie Perry in his '70 GTX musclecar a'barrelin down on those stupid hippies there. Yee haw!

  39. I Love Lucy meets Dukes of Hazzard, if you take my meaning.

    I Love Lizzie 2012! that's the ticket.

  40. Sally in MI4:28 PM

    I do hope other journalists get tough with all these candidates, including the President. The most telling thing is that she will have no dissension on her Cabinet. Isn't that what Georgie did, and look where that got us! The GOP is my way or the highway...there is no grey, just white. And they are the only ones smart enough to tell the rest of us what to do. She's no one's judge? Really? She judges all the time..she judges Obama, she judges the poor and the uninsured. She judges women. She is as big a fraud as Sarah.

  41. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Where's Trig? Why is he no longer part of the family? Malia Litmann has a great post up about parenting. Poor Piper, Poor Willow , Poor Bristol. Look at where Bristol is. Her worth is now based on how much money she can get. No education, no supporting family to guide her into a rewarding profession, just get plastic surgery to look like Snooki so she can be a celebrity. That is not how any of us raise our children.

  42. Anonymous4:52 PM

    beautiful quote sweet anny. I love it. thank you for sharing that. gee, michelle bachmann would proclude any homosexual from serving in her administration, well, the question was any declared homosexual, but I'm sure her administration,(god forbid)sorry, just an expression, would include witchhunts and ceremonies of the sort. well, does ms. bachmann understand it is against the law to discriminate against a person in the workplace based on sexual orientation?? she wants the supreme court to rewrite that one too??? the bushes,(i know they make my skin crawl too), gwbush couldn't get that done and i promise you the bushes are far more powerful than little 'ol michelle bachmann. Imagine how hard they tried!! my.... her sights are set high. she thinks quite a bit of herself. so many of the great thinkers of our time have been gay. she would proclude them from even having a job???? doctors, HMMMMMM, scientists lawyers??? teachers, builders, artists, sculpters??? does she think that not anwering questions on the campaign trail will be enough? doesn't she know when she refuses to answer, she IS ANSWERING. what world does she live in?? I am simply amazed she has gotten this far. it is so sad.

  43. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Wow - when you don't even know the proper usage of the words "President" and "Presidency," that should pretty much disqualify you automatically.

  44. Anonymous5:11 PM

    So... the only topic Bachmann WILL talk about is how she's "running for the presidency of the United States"?

    Is the next Fox debate going to consist of one single question: "So Michelle, what's it like running for the presidency of the United States?"

    She sounds like a six year old.

    Q: "Hey Michelle, what's 2 + 2?"

    A:"I'm running for the presidency of the United States!"

    (my apologies to any actual six year olds who might be reading this)

  45. Anonymous6:22 PM

    That any adult would cast a single vote for this idiot, is a confirmation that Americans overall are spectacular stupid.

    If you know someone who supports her, its your civic duty to pounce on them and get them to understand how they are bringing down the entire country, in the eyes of the rest of the world (which is why you hear that laughing sound, late at night, when the traffic sounds cease.)

  46. It must be so nice to live in a tea party bubble. But guess what michelle, that bubble is gonna burst big time! The majority of this country is not tea party-minded and consists of gays, muslims, immigrants, just a whole, beautiful variety of people. Someday real soon, you're gonna have to speak to and explain yourself to the rest of the US and that's not gonna be a pretty picture for ya. Not only about social issues, but more importantly what are you gonna bring to the table regarding jobs and the economy. The only thing Michelle stands for is total devastation cause she didn't believe in raising the debt ceiling at all! What a candidate.

  47. I watched that interview and Bachmann looked like an idiot. A focused idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

  48. And yes, in spite of the fact that she is batshit crazy, she DID face Gregory. And I think she could totally take Sarah in a mud wrestling match. Sarah's tight abs are no match for Michelle's focus.

  49. Olivia6:30 PM

    Look into my EYES, Mr. Gregory, look nowhere but into my eyes. I am running for the presidency of The United States. Disregard anything else you may hear me say. Do you understand Mr.Gregory?

  50. She avoided the question about whether she would appoint a gay person to her Administration at least 4 times during the Gregory interview. Unfortunately, Gregory didn't pin her down. "Where do they stand on the Constitution, are you competent, and do you share my views?" Obviously no gay person shares her self-delusional values about homosexuals, so the answer is NOT an emphatic NO, it's a HELL NO! She's a troglodite that still hold to the Biblical standard that a woman should be submissive to her husband - but the Bible also says a woman should not usurp authority over a man. Translation: If she gets elected to the "Presidency" then her husband will run the country since she will be bound by her "values" to be obedient and do as she is told by her Husband. Gotta love hypocrites - they can't even play by their own rules.

  51. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Anonymous @ 2:57 PM, you owe me a new keyboard!

    "the Silver Gummy Bear"!!!

    Reading that w/water in my mouth = BAD IDEA

    (but I'm still laughing at it several minutes later-- brilliant!)

  52. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I can already picture the new SNL skit. Whenever an interviewer asks Bachmann a question based on her past record, she repeats, "I'm running for the presidency." The first few times it allowed her to slip away from the question. Interviewers are catching on.

  53. Anonymous7:44 PM

    "I will not judge" (except that all those icky gay people are sad, pathetic, dysfunctional, deviant slaves in bondage who need to receive extensive counseling from my big, strong, manly hunk of a husband)

    "I am running for Presidency of the United States"

    Does she not realize that she would also be the President of all those icky gay people? Everything she's said about her values and views in regard to LGBT people IS vitally important because they live right here in the United States of America, along with all those other people she doesn't like. Well, they do at least until she can get them all deported to some other place so they don't make her feel all contaminated by their icky-ness.

    In that interview, she reminded me of those dolls with the strings you pull to make them talk...repeating the same phrases over and over and over again, although each time, her eyes got crazier!

  54. Anonymous7:57 PM

    She pretty much did the same with Candy Crowley, but Dick Gregory held his ground and showcased the issue by using her own words.

    She better enjoy the limelight in Iowa, cause I don't think she'll be able to fight the cannibalism of the others in the GOP.

    Note to Michelle, when something works well the first time, stick with it. Carry a corndog in your purse and go for it every time "Gay" is mentioned and you dodge to "Marriage is one man and one woman", bring out the corndog and dazzle them with your talent, because you can't baffle them with bullshit (like gal pal Sarah)

  55. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Michelle is like Sarah she can spew a lot of garbage, but does not like anyone confronting her with her own words. She is a crazy fake.

  56. Gasman8:12 PM

    Bachmann is a homophobic moron that is married to a barely closeted gay. She is a fucking fascist and would GLADLY go after gays, lesbians, liberals, and Presbyterians. This bitch has no business being in Congress let alone the White House. Remember, this is the same woman that wanted members of Congress investigated for being "un-American" because they didn't conform to her batshit crazy views. Sunlight will spell the end of Bachmann's campaign. She thinks she can ignore questions, bully the press, and simply pretend that the copious video record of her previous positions does not exist? She is a delusional imbecile.

  57. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Bachmann: "a marriage is between a man and a woman."

    Note that she makes no distinction as to whether it can be between a gay man and a straight woman (or vice-versa), however. She (and the righties) characterize marriage by the chromosomes of the partners, not by their actual sexual preferences. Clandestine marriages with unknowing 'beards' are just fine and dandy with these rightwing republicans.

  58. Anonymous4:00 AM

    David Gregory is a tool and never deserved that job in the first place. I always felt he won it by default. Tim Russert's son Luke is mature and articulate way beyond his years and will eventually host "Meet The Press." For now, though, NBC should replace Gregory with Chuck Todd who is a real journalist and a far better interviewer. And there are so many others, even more centrist, who would do a much better job than David Gregory. He is all bluster and no bite.

  59. Anonymous8:04 AM

    You'd hire a gay person for your cabinet, as long as they held your anti-gay views.


    What a pathetic POS.

  60. Anonymous8:05 AM

    She's got more baggage than a 747 cargo hold.

  61. I think being Repuglican is a bigger danger to one's life than being gay. Anyone think we can open a chain of clinics across America to help these poor souls find their way back to truth and reason? As part of the therapy we could run old film of Goebbels & Co spliced with Paylin, Limbaugh, Bachmann & Beck videos and have the patients 'note' the similarities. Endless streams of old time religion starring Westboro Baptist, Hagee and Muthee for hours on end in session two. Graduation will require a passing grade on the "Constitution and Amendments" test.

  62. Perry's new wheels- BORING!!!!
    1:14 PM
    The bus is a transformer. If he wins, it turns itself into one of those black helicopters we all hear about and then his real fun begins!!!


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