Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mudflats is a MUST read today. Update: Palin QUITS Iowa speech!

If you have not been there yet, I suggest that you do not delay as it has confirmation of many of the stories about the Palins that we have been hearing for a long time. (Just click here to visit.)

They do not say anything too revelatory about babygate (If Frank actually knows the truth, as has been suggested, then it appears he did not share it, or swore Jeanne and Ken to secrecy), but it does suggest what others in her inner circle thought might be the reason she was so tiny throughout her pregnancy.

The claim that Sarah was never actually pregnant with her special needs child Trig—a widely circulated rumor that became known as “Babygate”—was partially based on Sarah shocking the world by announcing her pregnancy at seven months. Prior to that, nobody had suspected a thing. The revelation was even a surprise to staff, Frank Bailey, and the media. Even State Senator (and, according to Sarah and staff an evil-doer) Lyda Greene incredulously said, “It’s wonderful. She’s very well disguised. When I was five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child.” 

How did Sarah manage to hide that pregnancy for so long? That question seemed to defy explanation to all except a small number of personal insiders who expressed alarming speculation. During her pregnancy with Piper (and it was suggested later with Trig), Todd asked a friend whom he thought knew about such matters, “As unhealthy as her eating is, what can those diet pills do to the baby?” 

The friend explained to him, “I’m not sure, but I’d be concerned about having a failure-to-thrive child.” (Failure to thrive is where there is a significant interruption in the expected growth rate during early childhood and can result from malnutrition). Was Sarah so vain as to try and hide her pregnancy and prolong her petite, almost perfect figure through drastic means? It’s a proposition that shocked everyone, including, reportedly, her husband.

This might have been something that was discussed by people with no understanding of pregnancy but as many of you can probably already surmise for yourselves, the diet pills might help to keep most of a soon-to-be-mother's body slim, the baby is still growing inside of her, and it would in fact look even MORE pronounced against an emaciated frame.

And as you can see from these two pictures taken on March 26, 2008, Palin did NOT appear nearly as skinny as we see her today, nor does she appear pregnant. She might have been taking diet pills at this time, but it in NO WAY explains the oddness of the square pillow in her belly.

Nor does it explain how she ballooned up to to her April 13 size in just a few weeks.

However we were to desperately cling to that explanation instead of admitting the truth that should be obvious to everybody who saw her then you would have expected  Trig to have been equally as emaciated when he emerged from his starvation period in the womb, and as you can see by pictures of the child presented as Trig by the Heaths on the day of his "birth" such was not the case.

Like I said, binging and purging, and pounding down diet pills does not adequately explain this bizarre "pregnancy."

I don't know why this is still being trotted out as a possible excuse by people who I am relatively certain do not buy into it, but I think most people, who are NOT trying to protect Palin's birth mythology, are well aware of what the overwhelming evidence demonstrates.

Having said that I still suggest that you head on over to the Mudflats and read the article as it is chock full of information about Todd and Sarah's battles, Sarah's lack of parenting skills, and her crazy mood swings.

Update: Okay I have no reason to think this is related to the Mudflats post, but Palin just quit her September 3, Iowa speech. Courtesy of Politico:

Sarah Palin canceled her Saturday appearance at a tea party rally in Indianola, Iowa, a person close the former Alaska governor told The Wall Street Journal. 

The person cited “continual lying” from event organizers at Tea Party of America, including a recent mixup over whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware would also speak. 

Okay Sarah Palin quit because of "lying?" Ouch! The irony makes my head hurt!

Please, we all know she quit because the organizers had the audacity to schedule Christine O'Donnell on the same day. Palin lives by the law of the Highlander, "There can be only one!"

Of course on the plus side, there is DEFINITELY an opening for Christine O'Donnell to give a speech, and this time she does no have to worry about being tripped by that nasty old bitch as she walks off stage.

Update 2: Apparently the Teabaggers themselves have NOT been informed that her highness may not be coming. My somewhat educated guess is that SHE does not want to go, but that her "people" are flipping out that she might cancel yet again.

I am interested in how this all plays out, because it sounds to me like Palin might be having one of her manic episodes.

What do you think?  Will she show up, or not?


  1. JayKen Knotstirred7:19 AM

    Hi Sarah, Welcome back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs birth certificate?

  2. Anonymous7:20 AM

    There is no way that an anorexic woman would deliver a baby who weighed over 6 lbs. five to seven weeks early, depending on which Sarah Palin version you're listening to.

    Many years ago at the end of a very difficult pregnancy (after having been told at 4.5 mos. that I had a one in ten thousand chance of delivering a live baby - by the doctor no less) during which I became huge yet only gained 15 lbs., I had a very much alive 7.7 lbs baby - two weeks early.

    I have never believed a word of Sarah Palin's Trig pregnancy. Sarah was pregnant with pillows and for a few appearances with a fake pregnancy device.

    I've always been disappointed with the otherwise great Alaskan bloggers who have swallowed the Palin pregnancy hoax tale and never raised any questions. Just because she said so???!!!

  3. Duncan7:24 AM

    What I find interesting is the the reference to Sarah's ex-son-in-law, Levi.


  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    And she quits......

  5. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I've long suspected that Sarah and Bristol both have an eating disorder. It does not surprise me in the least that people close to Sarah suspected she was binging and purging. She definitely had the symptoms, as does Bristol. My theory about Trig is actually a combination of the Sarah tried to starve herself while pregnant, and she is not Trig's bio mom. Sarah may have possibly starved herself so much that she gave birth to a very premature and very malnourished infant who may or may not have had Down Syndrome. This child did not survive. Maybe she told no one, and had a premature birth (or miscarriage) under an assumed name while she was in NY with Bristol. When she finds out she may be tapped for VP, she stages a fake pregnancy to cover the fact that her very poor choices caused her premature infant to die. Can you imagine if it became known that Sarah starved herself and took diet pills that caused her infants death?? That would not play out well in a public forum. It would explain why she had to fake such a short pregnancy, and the wild ride. Someone helped her procure a DS baby. She was befriended by some very powerful people. It would have been an easy thing to do. A perfect cover up for a terrible act. Hell, she may have even coerced Bristol into getting pregnant to help cover her hoax. Whatever the reason, Bristol was rewarded with the Candy's contract, DWS, a book, and now a reality show. Bristol has been paid off because she knew.

  6. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Just back from reading the article.

    I must say, I am feeling very sorry for her sounds like they have had a horrid life. Wow...and she campaigns on a "family values" platform??!!

    While I think Todd is a rednecked jerk, it sounds like he has at least tried to help the kids..but that job of his took him away from home too often. The part about the washer just made me sad..some poor kid trying to do their own laundry without anyone showing them how.

    Where were her parents? It would seem that Sally would step forward to help them more. This also explains why her sisters seem to have her children more than she does.

    Why, also, too, didn't they have someone hired to come in and do basic housekeeping chores if Sarah was not able/willing to do them?

    A very sad sad situation!

    John McCain...any good you might have done (which I doubt anyway) will forever be overshadowed by you releasing this crazy lady on the country. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? (sorry for shouting, but I needed to do that).

    September is not going to be a good month for Sarah, with some book and the promise of more of these articles at Mudflats.

  7. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Darn you, Gryphen. I have to finish packing and run to the store before I leave tomorrow for a you go posting ANOTHER fascinating tidbit that I just have to consume. Does that make me "obsessive?" I have typed before that I have two theories about SP and Trig. The first is that she did not give birth and the second, she did all she could to terminate the pregnancy to make it look like a natural miss-carriage and failed and had to scramble to make it look normal. Lying about it, visiting Shailey and the spa, eating poorly, binding herself, etc. just waiting for the final truth. Now over to Mudflats......hope I don't miss my flight.

  8. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Hello all, me again! I have a minute before an early dinner with some family, so I wanted to add a point to the information about Trig as well as share something I heard today which was divinely hilarious. I have been horrified at the length of my comments--in the spoken word I am normally quite concise and clipped. I can only attribute this repeated word-vomit to a metaphorical burst dam; there is just so much to say.

    I've not yet had time to read all the latest comments but I am sure at least some people assumed Trig was HOME by Valentine's day. In the photo with the mommy's valentine shirt, he has little round band aid type circles on both cheeks, like they are used to keep tubes in place but were moved for the photo or perhaps some other reason. You can see in the photo that Trig is laying in something with clear plastic on its sides, such as a hospital crib. I know when Trig was very small he went somewhere between the NICU and home, something called "SDU". There was an email which stated that Trig didn't do so great in "SDU" and had to go back to the NICU for at least 48 hours. I wish I could recall the date of this email, sorry. Don't despair, however; upon my return I'm sitting down with the person who has showed me all the photos and emails and shared so much information and they are helping me fill in blanks of dates and places. We thought it might be fun to get on the phone in the next day or two and discuss some details and emails we thought would give you the most "mileage", info-wise...and try and have at least a small (but detailed!) missive to share on special reason for that date, naturally...;)

    I will post to this thread because honestly I'm not sure where else I'd do it.

    As to the funny story recounted to me this morning--my source tells me the small circle still with Sarah is becoming more and more frustrated. She's obsessing over how she can get in front of what I have already revealed here and what I will be revealing in the future. She is frantically trying to get associates from several years ago to suddenly go on the record stating they saw her bare pregnant belly. She came right out and said "we can't have another person say they saw it through a layer of clothes!"
    So not surprisingly...nobody wants to be Sarah's eyewitness account savior. She's trying to act nonchalant in asking people to do it, basically saying the "liberals" are "picking on Trig" and if they would just do her this one tiny favor, it would really help "Trig". She is so gross!

    Two of her handlers have coined a new term (new to me at least) for this frenetic history revision she's obsessed with--SARAHNOIA. Brilliant, right? It is no small irony that even her closest "advisors" are making fun of her behind her back, given how she talks about people.

    Sarah has paid one of those info databanks to try and get dirt on Gryphen...she is so desperate to get people to stop reading/respecting Gryphen. Of course as you all can probably guess, all she's done is waste her money! (She has also tried in vain to figure out the identity of a certain blogger...and she's wasted her money there as well)

  9. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Anonymous said...

    As I have been going through the times this person has really vented to me about Sarah and as I've written down more and more, my abject disgust for her has grown by leaps and bounds. I knew of course Sarah and Bristol both have immense jealousy toward Sadie but what I had not realized is that Sarah was being vicious toward Sadie even several years ago when Sarah was still the governor and Sadie was a teenager. She obviously hates anyone who has youth and beauty. She also told people Sadie "snuck" those photos from Levi's birthday so she could "sell" pictures of the governor's new baby. Her gall in making up lies is unbelievable. First off, Sarah herself POSED in one of those photos...and next, Sadie had posted them to my-space! Not exactly what one would do of selling the photos was a consideration.

    I think that right there sums up Sarah's general MO fairly well---wealthy head of state in her forties picks on and bullies a teenager from a broken home. Class all the way.

    Today I'll close with this-- Sarah is freaking out now that she thinks people are actually contacting the school and trying to verify her college degree. So keep digging. I think there's strong indications you'll find exactly what you'd find if you went looking for a birth certificate with Trig's name and 4-18-08 on it; absolutely nothing..,or at best, forged documents.

    I shall see you all on the third! You too, Sarah and Bristol! Oh, by the way Bristol...I heard about the newest development on your "reality show". What a shame. I'm sure they won't REALLY fire you even though you're bombing with test audiences. Surely they'll take into consideration that you've been professional, courteous, genuine-- oh, that's right. You've made them wait endlessly while you post your transparent pablum on Gryphen's leave the crew to deal with YOUR child and your "Godson" (oh, I'm sure they'll buy that) when you can't blackmail or pay Willow to watch your DWTS baby)...what else? Oh, how could I forget?! You "have less personality on camera than a deaf-mute dustbunny". Ouch.

  10. Anonymous7:33 AM

    The binging, purging, and diet pills would account for her ability ( or lack there of ) to think on her feet or to think clearly.
    But it is too bad to know she did this during her pregnancy with Piper. Poor nutrition greatly affects brain development in EVERY fetus. There is a reason why Drs want you to eat a well balanced diet during pregnancy and to take those horse pill sized prenatal vitamins ( are they still that huge??).
    But we do know that Sarah did not care about Piper inutero, she didn't care if her fetus was fed correctly--to me this is as disturbing as faking a pregnancy.
    I am sure many other women that read this blog will be upset also.

    How any of us worried about that glass of wine or drink we had before even knowing we were pregnant? I know I obsessed for MONTHS over having had 3 drinks in one night right around the time of conception ( in fact that may have been the night--no, no not wine coolers and a tent---more like a special weekend away for our wedding anniv).

    Does Piper have learning disabilities? Is she a poor student?
    Is this where Willow's learning disabilities come from?

  11. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Anonymous has posted again on the Nick Broomfield post. This latest one is pretty satisfying to read, so be SURE to check it out...just scroll towards the end of the post...Looks like Sarah is fit to be tied that all this information is coming out and she is out of her mind trying to stop Gryphen. Love it!

  12. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Either my computer is screwy or something is going on at the C$P--no comments on any threads! I've tried several times to gauge their reaction to the latest news about her possible Iowa rally no-show, and nada. Just blank white nothingness.

  13. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Palin puts Iowa Tea Party speech " on hold ."

  14. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Wednesday, 31 August 2011It looks like Sarah Palin quit on the Tea Party rally on September 3 - or maybe not...

    The Wall Street Journal reports:

    Sarah Palin canceled her Saturday appearance at a tea party rally in Indianola, Iowa, a person close the former Alaska governor told The Wall Street Journal.

    The person cited “continual lying” from event organizers at Tea Party of America, including a recent mixup over whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware would also speak.

    Later in the same article:

    Ms. Palin may still hold an event Saturday, the person said, though she has no firm plans. It’s also possible she could still attend the Indianola tea party rally, the person said.

    Is she going? Is she not going? Is it because O'Donnell is going again?

    The Tea Party of America call themselves the organizers of the event. Organizers? They don't seem capable of organizing anything!

    And maybe Sarah Palin quit again... or not.

  15. Anonymous7:37 AM

    All I have to say it is despicable and unAmerican for anyone, particularly someone who fancies herself to be a serious journalist to allow anyone to swear them to secrecy or keep information about a serious issue like babygate a secret to protect money you might make off a book. I hope it's not true with Jeanne.

  16. Anonymous7:38 AM

    As said way early on in this debacle of the woman; the truth will be much sadder than we realize.
    Even though, even if...even if ... she was PG, SHE would be the reason for Trig's developmental delays.
    What a selfish, horrible witch. She is a witch, sorry Christine O. Sarah stole your thunder too.

    hahaha....have fun on Sept. 3
    I'll get you my pretty.........

  17. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Some of the information in AKM's post has been discussed here before, but it was still kind of shocking to see it all laid out again and the picture of the Palin household that emerges is really sad. I hope that when the truth comes out the kids, at least, get some kind of psychological support or counseling. That's a lot of dysfunction to try to navigate and process.

  18. Anonymous7:39 AM

    You’ll have to bear with me here. I’m not a journalist or a political pundit. I’m not even all that smart. I’m an older woman who’s fought her way through some rough times, and my survival has made me feel, well, a little wiser than most people.

    I never wanted to face what my father did to me and my siblings. I figured what was past, was past. We’d survived. So be it. But I was chronically depressed, had tried a range of psychotropic drugs, and consulted eight different therapists from Freudian to Feminist, to no avail. Why was I suicidal? Did I find it easier to hate than love? Want to murder my children? Why did making love make me cry?

    Out of desperation, I went to see a reclusive shaman, on my sister’s recommendation. He told me that I never would be free of my father’s tyranny unless I relived my childhood from beginning to end and experienced the full range of emotions that had been forbidden me.

    This way is not fast or easy. Through hypnosis, I suffered and felt every humiliating and violent act you can imagine, and some you cannot. Let’s just say that my childhood was not unlike a German concentration camp except that my father was a John Birch Society pedophile. At the end of two year’s work, I confronted complicit family members, who accused me of “breaking” the family and soiling my father’s memory. I even discovered more women my father had hurt.

    Yet I began to feel different. Better. Gradually, my past passed. Change came, and the richness of new life astonished me.

    My shaman would say that our country is sick for the same reason I was. He also would say that, as a woman, I am called upon to relate my own experience (the micro) to larger experiences in my community and country (the macro).

    So, what does this have to do with Sarah Palin? Plenty. If she crawls away and disappears, as many Americans hope, then how do we tally the damage? If Palin gets off, then so does John McCain and the others who forced her on us. If Palin gets away, a somnalent populace can forget how they jumped on the you-betcha bandwagon or chose to keep quiet.

    Because truly moving on requires the kind of emotional line-item accounting most Americans aren’t too keen on.

    I believe that racism is a festering sore at the core of our national consciousness because the U.S. never made apology or reparation to African Americans. It’s possible that because the North raped the defeated South, today we have the Tea Party whites. (Consider how Germany was treated after WWII and compare the difference in recovery and attitude.) Did our quiet acceptance of Bush’s eight years mean that Obama can’t move us forward? What price are we paying because Joe McCarthy never was censured officially? And don’t get me started on Vietnam.

    This time I’m not budging until the secrets are out. Every sad, disgusting little thing. I believe that the only way to move forward, free of the Bachmanns and Perrys, Boehners and Roves, is to tar and feather Sarah Palin--the way I had to be willing to take down my own beloved but very dangerous father.

    No mercy. No quarter given. No gentle good night on Xanax.

    Hear that, Sarah?

  19. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Mudflats... posting and allowing comments on babygate.

    Ms Dixon... glad you are now getting on board the train.

  20. Anonymous7:40 AM

    And.....she quits:

  21. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Someone on this blog mentioned Reborn dolls. I just did a Google search and am dumbfounded by them. I totally believe that the Palin newborns were actually these dolls. Even in that interview where baby tripp seemed to be comatose...I now think it is likely that it was one of them.

    Is this crazy? Yes. But so are the Palin's..nothing they do is on the up and up and honest.

    Google them yourself before doubting me.

  22. Anonymous7:41 AM

    When I was pregnant with my twins, I experienced SEVERE morning sickness. For the first 4 months of my pregnancy I vomited an average of 4-8 times a day and was unable to keep most food down. I lost 10 pounds, but my OB assured me that, though my body was suffering, the babies were growing fine. Mother nature puts the fetus first. Though my body grew very thin, my belly ballooned, as the twins were getting all the nutrition they needed from what little I was able to keep down and from my own body's fat stores. That's why I'll never buy the argument that she dieted her stomach down...impossible. Either the pregnancy progresses or the baby dies in utero.

  23. Anonymous7:43 AM

    The real news break is that AKM is allowing comments ON Triggate. That is progress. Also that she refers to Levi as Palin's "ex-son-in-law."

    The Devil is in the Details!

  24. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Good article on Mudflats. Thanks.

    But I am very disappointed that the "slim women don't look pregnant" garbage is being floated again. It is just nonsense that a slim woman can hide a pregnancy. Look at the emaciated pregnant women's from the African famine area. The BABY is what you see first.

    Very sorry that mudflats abandoned logic on that point. She can't possibly believe that slim women don't look pregnant. WHY is she allowing that burble on her blog without a disclaimer? I'm feeling very disappointed about that.

    I'll keep checking mudflats for more "cutting room floor" posts, but I'm wary of anything mudflats has to say in the babygate area.

  25. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Gryphen... make a fortune.

    Find the photo of Sarah in underwear with shirt unbuttoned.

  26. Anonymous7:51 AM

    O/T but Gryph, it is possible that Bill O'Reilly could be responsible for dragging Fox News into the News Corp Investigation that is currently unfolding.

  27. Smirnonn7:52 AM

    Guess the saranoia kicked in - she quit again! Either that, or she couldn't stomach the prospect of COD looking cuter than her and upstaging her. Too bad, it would have been a deliciously hideous double bill: The Witch and the Bitch!!

    GREAT Mudflats today! Can't wait to read more :) McCain should be truly ashamed... oh, wait, I forgot. He's a republican.

    Oh, and I almost also forgot: Hi Sarah! :)

  28. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Well, well. Just re-read the babygate portion of the mudflats post.

    mudflats is just plain dodging the issue. Sooooooooooo.... if Palin was diet pill-ing away through the pregnancy, then what produced the whale-sized belly in the Gusty photo that is an enormous belly explosion in only 18 days. Is mudflats suggesting diet pills kept Palin's secret then POW the baby just GROWED like Topsy.

    mudflats is better off ignoring babygate than sliding absurd theories in otherwise interesting and factual posts.

  29. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Look, we all know that if a huge crowd was projected to show up, there's NO WAY Palin would have canceled. I knew the crowds weren't gonna happen when the group putting on the event refused to say how many people they expected and instead said, "We're not focused on numbers, but there's been quite a bit of interest." Uh huh. Oh, and when three days to the event, the C4P get together was still scheduled for just some dinky restaurant.

    We know Palin doesn't draw crowds, either. She's an Internet media sensation, period. I firmly believe the COD invite gave her the excuse she desperately needed to back out.

  30. Anonymous8:00 AM

    The Palin home environment as described in the mudflats post sound less than ideal for giving a Down Syndrome baby the best possible start in life.

  31. angela8:01 AM

    Holy Shit!

    Todd Palin, you are criminally negligent if you don't save your underaged children from this mess of a woman.

  32. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Maybe FOX called Palin with an threat. Keep acting like a candidate and the lucrative job ends NOW!

  33. Anonymous8:06 AM

    maybe mudflats is using her post to "test market" a diet pills hid the pregnancy theory. Hope her faithful comment people ream her for it.

  34. Anonymous8:06 AM


  35. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Sarah either tried to abort Tri-G by taking the wild ride or never was pregnant. Which is worse to you Palin followers?

  36. Anonymous8:09 AM

    bahahahahahaha! Pathetic Palin got owned by Cutie Christine! The teabaggers are over you sarah, you just aren't good enough for them anymore! How's it feel? Your only hope now is confessing to babygate. Clock's ticking.

  37. Anonymous @7:39 AM

    You are absolutely dead cold right in every remark you make. BRAVO

  38. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Palin still on for Iowa, organizers say

    Despite a report that Sarah Palin has canceled her planned appearance at a tea party group’s rally in Iowa Saturday, organizers say she hasn’t informed them of any change.

    “As far as I know, everything is still a go,” Tea Party of America organizer Charlie Gruschow told POLITICO in an email Wednesday morning, shortly after a report in The Wall Street Journal stated that she had pulled out of the rally on Saturday near Des Moines.

    Read more:

  39. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Palin had committed to the rally and announced she would attend. But a source close to Palin told the Journal Wednesday that organizers’ “continued lying,” particularly the confusion over whether former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell would speak at the event, prompted her withdrawal. O’Donnell’s appearance had been cancelled and then put back on the agenda Tuesday night.

    The Palin confidant hedged a bit, however, telling the Journal she still might attend Saturday’s event in Indianola. She is still planning to travel to Iowa and may hold an event Friday evening instead, the Journal reported.

    Read more:

  40. Beldar Rogue Conehead8:16 AM

    Damn, Gryphen!! You were righr all along!! But with due respect to the former partial governor, you must admit that skanky ass bitch sure is mavericky!

  41. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Can't wait to read Bristol's "work related texts" on this one. How do you explain that either A.) Sarah caused Trig's DS or B.) Sarah was never pregnant. Its only one of the two options, which do you choose Pigstool?

  42. Sarah quitting the Hot Air speech in Iowa must have the PeeBots losing their collective mind!!!

  43. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Ha ha, sarah. Too late. We know you made the teabagger lie about the letters of complaint about Christine. You, and you alone, wanted her out.

    Haunted by the ¨out with the old, and in with the new¨ thoughts, are you?

  44. Anonymous8:21 AM

    She canceled her speech because her plan to hire a Trig stand-in was revealed in the comments here yesterday. So instead she decided to sit down and shut up. Sit Sarah sit. Good dog.

  45. Anonymous8:22 AM

    No wonder Piper is so screwed up. Sarah abused her before she could even escaped from the womb.

  46. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Shushanna Walshe reporting she didn't quit. She's back on in Iowa.

  47. Virginia Voter8:24 AM

    Oh, this is toooo good...schadenfruede at it's finest.

    Only two things shocked me....that anyone actually still believes Sarah Palin is Trig's birth mother, AND that she spent a tone of money on clothes. The woman looks like an off duty stride who works the afternoon shift at Ricks cabaret. Sarah must have the ugliest wardrobe ever...a mixture of ill fitting clothes from the Walmart juniors department, and logo festooned t shirts and polar fleece . Look what she wore on the Newsweek cover for Chrissake.

    The soft core pictures with her daughters is worth it's weight in gold if it ever got leaked. THAT was the best part of the post....too funny. The rest of that shit we already big surprise that Granny Grizzly is a bulimic psychopath.

    Eagerly awaiting Sarah and Bristol to show up with their I don't know happy family fairytale troll crap.

    Hey Bristol, how's your GODSON!? Ha, ha, ha, ha....

  48. SHE DARES to accuse others of lying? My head hurts too. Maybe because I really, really want to, but I think the Mudflats article may be at least partially responsible for the QUITTING this time. Just as I hope AKM et al. keeps it up as well as you Gryphen. Keep it out there.

    On another note in reference to your further comments that even an emaciated woman would "show" during a pregnancy, it brings to mind pictures I have seen (that never fail to bring tears to my eyes) of women starving in Africa and other places who are pregnant and though they have skinny legs and arms and their faces are sunk in, their bellies protrude. Sad, but true. The fetus will take whatever nourishment there is and grow. No, it may not live outside the womb, or it may not thrive but it will develop in the womb. Not only is the picture of the Heaths holding a healthy looking baby fake as it can possibly be, but even 5 months later (if Trig were born on April 18th as put forth by Palin) there is no way he would look so healthy and big if he were born prematurely and to a malnourished woman.

  49. Anonymous8:25 AM

    The photo that I want to see is the one of premature Trig in a special care unit in the hospital, wearing his Valentine shirt. It would be nice if the photo had a time/date stamp for accuracy.

    Meanwhile, it's hard to imagine how Sarah can make a serious speech announcing that she is a candidate for president when she can't keep her appointment book in order. When Karl Rove mentioned her thin skin, the post at AKM and the ones written by the Anonymous Writer must have her bleeding from her pores.

    Sarah loves analogies from nature. She's a Mama Grizzly. I would like to suggest another image from nature. The predator "knows" which animal in the herd to attack. It's the one who runs a little slower, maybe has a limp. That would be the easiest prey and it would make a great dinner. Sarah is wounded and limping. This is a good time for people who have been quiet for too long to start adding to the comments. If Sarah loses her fangs (her power), she can't be a threat any more.

  50. WAIT!! I'm getting whiplash! Now she's back on, says Politico!!

  51. Anonymous8:26 AM

    John McCain and crew....YOU KNEW!
    You unleashed this psychotic moron on the country you profess to love.
    Have you all no decency?

  52. Anonymous8:28 AM

    No wonder the Palin kids are fucked up!

  53. Anonymous8:29 AM

    "Todd usually slept on the old, red-leather sofa in the living room because the younger girls habitually slept with Sarah in her bed, "

    This is disturbing. Do you think she learned this behavior from Creepy Chuck?

  54. Anonymous8:29 AM

    What a sad family.

    Oh, wait, I know, they are all going to Applebee's tonight to laugh at us. Yeah.

    I was always disturbed by the story that Sarah fired the household staff at the Governor's Mansion and did not want the drivers talking to her children. That need for secrecy, and to keep people out of the house, is very much associated with severe dysfunction. Families with an alcoholic, for example, never invite people over.

    So even in an historic mansion, a government building with a lot of odd things to fix and maintain, with special events going on, where they lived part-time, the Palins were afraid to let anyone see how they lived?

    This is just so sad.

  55. She quit AGAIN??? SNORT. This woman really won't listen to anyone, will she?

  56. telah8:34 AM

    Gryphen, This may be a good time to do an item on the sketchy college degree assertion.

  57. Hopefully Scarah is pissing herself over fear for Anon238's next revelations on Sept. 3rd...

    Give it up, Granny. you are done.
    Haven't you grifted enough by now to cover your lipodissolve for the next few years??

    You just got lucky, girl...and parlayed that into a few years of the big bucks. You are just too stupid to realize and be grateful for the opportunities you squandered.

    oh, and one more thing

  58. Anonymous8:36 AM

    7:30 a.m. the reason Sarah did not have someone come in and clean is the same reason she got rid of the cook in the governor's office. She did not want anyone to see the dysfunction. The cook would have noticed Sarah did not eat and the children were poorly parented. A housekeeper in Wasilla also would have known things were not right in the house.

  59. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Never a boring moment with TeaBaggers:

    COD is back on the speaking schedule and now Palin is "on hold" not cancelling. Just has to "take care of a couple of things." (hmm, like stab COD in press, hmm)

    Scroll down to 11:25 a.m. update.

  60. Color me surprised (Yawn.)

  61. Anonymous8:41 AM

    She Quits/No she's back.... good grief the simplest things with her turn into a cluster f**k

    I have to ask the folks from Alaska, was this how it was when she was Governor/Mayor, before McCain dumped her on the lower 48???

  62. OMG What will the Palinbots do??? What will they do?? Wasn't she supposed to announce on Sept 3rd??

    And, as always she accuses others (lying) of doing what it is she is guilty of (lying lying lying)

    Figured you'd bail, you wuss.

    Sarah Palin is a mean old cornered snarly filthy alley cat.

  63. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Did she quit her quitting?:

    "Palin’s Saturday Speech Still On, Tea Party Founder Says"

    Article also says O'Donnell has been re-invited... or is it un-un-invited???

  64. Anonymous8:47 AM

    ‪Anonymous‬ said... When I was pregnant with my twins, I experienced SEVERE morning sickness. For the first 4 months of my pregnancy I vomited an average of 4-8 times a day and was unable to keep most food down. I lost 10 pounds, but my OB assured me that, though my body was suffering, the babies were growing fine. Mother nature puts the fetus first. Though my body grew very thin, my belly ballooned, as the twins were getting all the nutrition they needed from what little I was able to keep down and from my own body's fat stores. That's why I'll never buy the argument that she dieted her stomach down...impossible. Either the pregnancy progresses or the baby dies in utero.
    My mom was 110lbs when she got pregnant with my sister and then me. She had "morning sickness" for 9 months each time, throwing up every day because she was surrounded by smokers. When she delivered, each time, she was 120 lbs. My sister was 7lbs8oz, I was 7lbs4oz, three years later. She had a miscarriage in between, and we both were full term. The fetus is a parasite on the mom. That's how we have evolved as a species. No matter what complete bullshit $P and Bristol are trying to spread. nswfm

  65. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I gotta find my "WHERE'S SARAH?" button...

    Sorry, Tea Party of America. NOT COMING. Why? Because I'm changin' that campaign rulebook, that's why!

  66. Anonymous8:50 AM

    She will be appearing on Friday, 8 pm, at the The Machine Shed Restaurant, for a Conservatives4Palin event instead.

  67. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I wouldn't say Palin quitting the Tea Party speech is unrelated to the Mudflats revelations (and the promise of more to come), but I'd say it is MORE related to the bombshells anon has been posting here. Sarah's grifting house of deceit is coming down, and she knows it. I bet she's holed up with a prescription for Xanax. People are no longer afraid to talk, and people are no longer willing to cover for her. I just hope that when she goes down she takes the whole fetid Republican Party with her!

  68. Anonymous8:53 AM

    THAT was my first trip to the Flats in AGES.
    Possibly someone didn't like the poster who questioned a little payola not to discuss Babygate?
    It WAS a rude thing to insinuate.

    The biggest thing that caught my eye was the "ex-SIL" comment. Who is already checking all state public records?

    Personally, I have no doubt she could be a scarfnbarfer, but do I believe scafnbarf explains her wild ride story? Hell.To.The.NO!

    No matter what the truth may be, SHE LIES! I do believe truth will eventually come about, there will come a day when loose lips sink ships. Too many people know something, and that is a very bad thing, if you're trying to cover something up.

    Besides when you back-stab enough people, eventually you're going to piss the wrong anonymous poster (or two) off. It's only a matter of time.

    What's that?! *tick, tick, tick* Can you hear THAT Scarah?

    I think September is going to be a very good month for some. I think October will be even more interesting and even though it is not a Presidential election year, I'd still like a nice October surprise.

  69. Anonymous8:56 AM

    So much for Palin's big "ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE 3rd." Deal with it, Palinbots! Bwahahahaha

  70. Anonymous9:01 AM

    D-Day for Sarah Cometh!!

    After quitting Iowa she only has one...repeat ONE OPTION.. Put up or shut up... She exhausted all other choices now.

    So my friends I will predict that regardless of quitting Iowa she must, and will, come through this weekend...somewhere... with an astonishing statement ...she has no, repeat NO CHOICE.

    The mice must be in total scramble mode... :)

    Just the way I see it.

  71. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I've always believed she gave birth to Trig. I think she hid the pregnancy until McCain got the nod because she was going to abort Trig if McCain lost the nomination. That is the only scenario that makes sense. Diets, girdles, scarves, baggy jackets, she did it all. She looked so dumpy, dumpier than usual, during that alleged pregnancy. I don't doubt she padded herself after the announcement, she wanted to flaunt that belly fully of Down syndrome baby for John McCain.

    I weighed 5lbs 4oz at birth--my mom was 30, a smoker, a light eater, I was her first pregnancy, and she did not need maternity clothes, she wore her regular pants & shirts. She weighed about 100 to 110lbs @ 5' tall. You can hide a pregnancy, even without trying.

  72. Anonymous9:07 AM

    7:30..why didn't Sally step forward...I think Sally is an abused person and knows her place or the wrath of Sarah and Chuck will come down on her. Why didn't they hire someone to many secrets are hidden in that family. Todd did not help, he was the super enabler, at home, and in the Governor's office also too. That whole family has been covering up for each other for years and maybe it has finally coming to an end. The truth will set them all free...

  73. Anonymous9:12 AM

    AKM refers to Levi as "ex-ALMOST-son-in-law" not "ex-son-in-law."

  74. Gasman9:14 AM

    So Palin throws a hissy fit and up an quits at a teabagger rally, AND says it's because they are liars? Since when does lying bother Palin? I see that the event organizers invited O'Donnell, then dis-invited her, then un-dis-invited her, THEN Palin quit. It doesn't really require the services of Hercule Poirot to figure out what happened, ne-c'est pas?

    It also fairly neatly encapsulates just what a feckless tribe of toothless moronic goobers the teabaggers actually are. THIS is how their best and brightest behave - from the politically active event organizers to two of their biggest stars.

    We really don't have too much to fear from this crowd. They bear watching, mind you, but they seem to be woefully lacking when it comes to any kind of strategic planning.

    Assholes, every last one of them.

  75. We told them she would quit it, even before they scheduled O'Donnell.

  76. Anonymous9:17 AM

    This just in at approx 10:08 CA time, NOT KIDDING!

    Alexandra Moe of ABC News tweets the following:

    "Tea Party of America pres.: “I had to cancel O’Donnell;" hopeful Palin will now be at the event Sat.; will know for sure soon"!/AlexNBCN...

    I have no words. Toddler sarah is throwing a fit it seems - and does not care if O'Donnell is booked, canceled, re-booked, re-canceled.

  77. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Oh please. Diet pills would not keep her frame super thin during a pregnancy and then conversely, would also not explain her ballooning up suddenly like that. (Or the square belly shape in her earliest outings after announcing her supposed pregnancy.)

    Think of all the women in developing countries who barely take in food on a daily basis who have normally developing pregnancies and big bellies.

    The uppers could probably have stunted a fetus if there had been one, but it still doesn't explain the HUGE belly she ended up presenting at the very end.

    They would far rather say she had a weight control obsession and/or drug addiction than say she FAKED A PREGNANCY FOR POLITICAL REASONS.

  78. Virginia Voter9:26 AM

    OOOPS, meant to say STRIPPER. Damn iphone predictive text

    The woman looks like an off duty stripper who works the afternoon shift at Ricks cabaret.

    Politico must be getting whiplash this morning...Sarah's coming, no she's not, yes she is. Good God, who the fuck cares already. Only a couple hundred people are going to show up anyway. No one's going to waste the last weekend of summer listening to a bulimic bipolar Granny spout her nonsensical drug induced word salad.

    Once again, I would like to curse you Gryphen. I get home early from work to take the kids to mini golf, and find another bombshell. Thanks dude, and with that I'm outie.

    Hey Bristol, how old's your godson? about 7 months?? Sure nice of you and Willow to take him to LA with you.

  79. She's got SARAH-NOIA. We can't wait to say SARAH-NARA.

  80. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Why does anyone continue to book this mental case for anything? Isn't it more than obvious she's fucking nuts?

  81. Yeah, AnonMeAgain!

    Agree, Gryphen. Please make a post with all of her or his comments.

    I'm surprised that Sarah is scrambling to re-coverup Babygate. Seems the press knows (how could they not?) and doesn't care

  82. Anonymous9:32 AM

    9:12 AM

    Thanks for that, I missed the almost part.

    8:50 AM
    A Google search of your post reveals a page full of the same information.

  83. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Classic Palin projection!!!! The event organizers were guilty of "continual lying"?! OMG, that is too much! These people are fucking nuts!

    So what, 'bots, no big announcement on Saturday? What a surprise!!!!!!!

  84. Anonymous9:34 AM

    This is what I posted over at mudflats:

    Come on now. Saying that people gave her a pass because her *gag* beauty, is seriously ridiculous. We wouldn't let Beyonce, Liz Tayor (in her hay days) or pam get away with such bullshit. That insufferable bitch with her man-jaw, wonky eye and anorexia body shouldn't get away with it either. BULLSHIT NUMBER ONE.

    BULLSHIT NUMBER TWO. Why don't you interview or at least put some time in about that wacky quacky doctor, cbj. She told palin to risk her pregnancy many, many times in a time frame of 24 hours. She also allowed a baby with known serious health problems to be born in a hospital unequipped for any type of delivery let alone a ds baby. That "doctor" should have her license pull along with her subtitle.


  85. Anonymous9:35 AM

    9:02 said: "I weighed 5lbs 4oz at birth--my mom was 30, a smoker, a light eater, I was her first pregnancy, and she did not need maternity clothes, she wore her regular pants & shirts. She weighed about 100 to 110lbs @ 5' tall. You can hide a pregnancy, even without trying."

    Hey, 9:02, have you considered having your mother studied by scientists? Or maybe just your brain would do.

  86. Anonymous9:36 AM

    >>You can hide a pregnancy, even without trying.

    The only problem with this statement is that Sarah was HUGE when she was pregnant with her other kids, and this being her 5th (or 7th some say) so there is no way that she wuld have been able to 'hide' her belly. So sorry, FAIL on that count, no matter what your personal experience is.

  87. Let's write Tawd a collective plea(an online petition!) to cut and run from that horror and take those kids with him. Counseling for ALL....start a new life....write a tell all, make bank, find a RIL 'laska lady who TRUELY can shoot-n-fish. And try to be a better person. Let go of Sarah's apron strings and stop being so greedy. What's more important? Money? Kids?

  88. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Just so I'm getting this right-

    Our new anon posts last night about his/her plan to unleash a torrent of $P related gossip and secrets, on the 3rd.

    And barely 12 hours after anon shares the plans for 9/3, $P quits her long awaited, much hyped event taking place on, what else, 9/3.

    This is just sooo delicious, I may not have room for dessert!

  89. Anonymous9:37 AM

    How on earth did Sarah run the state of AK? Now I know why there were the "where is Sarah" bumper stickers and pins. She can't EVER seem to commit to anything, one little thing sets her into QUITTER MODE.
    So now they are saying they re-uninvited Christine ODonnel???? Because Grandma Lulu had another, a second this week, hissy fit like a 12 yr old girl??!!
    She is beyond certifiable!

  90. My impressions of this "starvation pregnancy" theory is that it is more of the same from a blogger who has been willfully silenced on this issue and continues to dance around it by playing vague and occasional lip service. I posted this comment on Mudflats shortly after the "cutting room floor" post which is clearly Jeanne's first volley in the war to steal Joe's thunder. It was never approved. You can publish it here, and I hope you will since it speaks exactly to the ongoing attempt to skirt the real scandal that Jesse and others have been bravely chasing - the one that could not just bring down Sarah but also other right wingers as well.

    "This reeks of sour grapes. Frank Bailey may want to come across as a man stricken with a late-breaking attack of conscience, but the sad truth is that he aided Sarah Palin in her dirty work and is just as smarmy and skeevy as she is. When he finally decided to cash in, he knew just where to go and after reading Blind Allegiance I don’t think he was completely honest with readers about all that he saw or his role in her malfeasance.

    The book didn’t sell because it had a credibility problem. Frank Bailey was a bit player and most people outside of Alaska have never heard of him. When they did hear from him it was only half-truths with some glaring omissions. There are juicier truths about Sarah Palin but sadly Jeanne and some other bloggers in the position to really bring Sarah down stayed away from certain aspects of the scandal because those aspects weren’t attractive to the big media players like Huffington Post who gave them guest blogger gigs as long as the subject matter was “safe.”

    After Sarah is gone – and she will be – I seriously doubt Huffington Post will be coming to call for Jeanne’s opinion or the opinion of any other Alaskan blogger. The time to write the book that would have destroyed Sarah has been missed. Jeanne helped write another one, and it did not deliver the goods. Had she and other bloggers been less starstruck and bravely pursued the still-untold truth about Sarah, they’d be bigger that Joe McGinniss, bigger than HuffPo and would be writing their own ticket instead of whining about sabotage by rival authors.

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for either the media or bloggers who willfully turned away from exposing the worst thing Sarah Palin has done. They’ve both dropped the ball on this one.

  91. I'm pretty amused at the thought of hundreds of CrPers, Texans4Paliners, et cetera saying nasty things under their breath as they vainly seek to cancel plane reservations to Iowa for this weekend without losing their shirts in fees, etc.

    And maybe not: According to TPM, there's ANOTHER flip-flop in the works!

    That whiplash is coming back, in spades...

  92. angela9:49 AM

    If Sarah can't have all of the pudding—nobody better even think about getting dessert. Poor Sarah. Christine O'Donnell may well be a nutcase, but she's a more palatable nutcase than Sarah will ever be.

    She'll show up Gryphen, especially if you keep saying she won't. She's glued to this blog and Mudflats today. Which cracks me up that you have her number.

    If Sarah has to double medicate and genuflect one hundred more times to her witch doctor for Christine to have a sudden attack of stomach flu . . . . I'm sure right now someone is trying to convince her to put her arm around Christine at the rally while they both smile and wave like nothing was ever wrong.

    Comedy gold, this. Have another honeybun Sarah . .

  93. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Quitter strikes again! Can't take the competition. I also think she wanted an excuse to quit since her bots want her to announce she's running and she doesn't want to run.

    One more Quit to the Quitters tally.

    Good job Sarah, you really are your own worst enemy. You have just show what a FUBAR President you would be.

  94. Anonymous9:53 AM

    oh yea, she's having a melt-down big-time.

    This time, she can't blame the "lamestream" media, because she's already had that little spat with Rove.

    But, does it really matter, this quitter doesn't really know anything, she's just a lot of opinion that's not worth the "spit in the bucket."

  95. Anonymous9:56 AM

    9:02 said: "I weighed 5lbs 4oz at birth--my mom was 30, a smoker, a light eater, I was her first pregnancy, and she did not need maternity clothes, she wore her regular pants & shirts. She weighed about 100 to 110lbs @ 5' tall. You can hide a pregnancy, even without trying."
    Hahahaha. You are so not with the facts. Sarah Palin had a whale-sized belly in the Gusty photo just 18 days after a slim little petite photo. Did your mother triple her belly size just 18 days before you were born.

    'nother little fact. Sarah Palin was over 40 and in her 7th pregnancy. So you really have to find a similar pregnancy history before you start with the "you can hide" babble.

  96. Anonymous9:59 AM

    As for the on again, off again speech --

    Did Palin rehire Meg Stapleton??

    This BS back and forth was the 'norm' when Stapletongue worked for Palin!!!

  97. Anonymous10:03 AM

    She's IMPLODING....

    Rogue, my arse!!

  98. emrysa10:04 AM

    holy shit that mudflats piece was really something. that woman is absolutely fucked up. yes we all knew that but to see confirmation... soft-porn pics of her and her daughters hanging up in the house? what a f-ing sicko. as I commented on mudflats, we all know that the quitter has a chronic habit of projecting, and now I am wondering if her accusations of others being perverts aren't more examples of her projection.

    I wonder if the fairy tale trolls aren't feeling a little stupid after reading that post. happy, strong family? please.

    and now the quitter is playing games with her speech on saturday. I wonder of they set up the wsj so they can then turn around and use it as another example that the media is makin stuff up.

  99. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Serial Quitter

  100. Anonymous10:08 AM

    She won't show up. That's my prediction. She is not mentally and physically well enough to go.

  101. Chenagrrl10:09 AM

    You know, the bulimia would explain her real hair, pretty thin and weird looking. Many bulimics look this way, especially after several years.

    During the McCain campaign, it was rumored that she stopped in NYC freaked out over her hair falling out. I thought, at the time, it might have been postpartem. That happens to everyone who has given birth -- when the hormones change.

    But now, I am not so sure. It would have resumed its growth, but instead it looks like hair on a 75 year old who has been sick.

  102. Chenagrrl10:11 AM

    If Sarah Palin(TM) is ill this way, she has my sympathy. It is a very difficult circumstance to overcome. It can be done, but it takes facing the demons.

    Does she have the strength. I am sure she would like us to think so. At this point, she needs to stand down and heal herself.

  103. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Next out Sarah's Scandal Blog...

    Blaze posted Sarah's Massage forms, which indicated that Sarah Palin was not pregnant... It also show that Sarah had lipodissolve injection, which is a non-surgical cosmetic therapy, that dissolve unwanted fat.

    Commenters on the post say that Sarah may have been wearing a abdominal compression garment under her clothes. This may explain the square belly. It also lines up with your interview with Shaily Tripp. She comfirmed those firms are from All About You...

  104. Anonymous10:12 AM

    It's obvious that Sarah Palin IS the Tea Party candidate.
    But this is new territory, so I’m unclear on how they will actually do this. And when.

    You can see quite clearly that the “Restore America Rally” is being billed as a Sarah Palin rally. See the event flyer here:

    “Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told reporters that Sarah Palin is going to make a major announcement at Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa over Labor Day Weekend.”

    “Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told he doesn’t know what Palin will do at the rally, but that ‘all we’re being told is that she’s going to make a major announcement.’“

    Any questions? I don’t think so.

    The Washington Wire just reported that Sarah Palin will appear instead in Des Moines, at 8:00 pm at The Machine Shed Restaurant, at an event for Conservatives4Palin, and then Monday in New Hampshire.

    So, sorry about that, Tea Party. Charlie Gruschow, that’s a bummer deal. Under. The. Bus.

  105. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:13 AM

    "Ouch! The irony makes my head hurt!"

    So true, Gryph, but unfortunately, the zombified PalinBots' definition of "irony" is the thing you do after "washy."

  106. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Politico is now saying she is back on.....

  107. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Now C4P is saying she's going to New Hampshire on the 3rd either INSTEAD of or AFTER Iowa.

    But what jumps out me as delusional joy of the day:

    Todd will probably have a difficult time deciding what to get Sarah for their 25th anniversary. What exactly do you get for the President of the United States?

    UMMM, diet pills?

  108. Marleycat10:22 AM

    Me thinks Fox News execs really, really, REALLY should call an emergency meeting re: Sarah Palin and how they will be forever identified with this fake, grifting, lying "News
    Analyst" - and how their fans may not want to be caught dead watching such an inaccurate, stupid, low IQ news source. In terms of credibility - their score will be zilch, especially as the MSM starts to really report the real news on this sorry basket case while they cannot. After all, she's a FOX NEWS ANALYST!!! It will be undeniable they have covered up the truth about this woman - as is the case with all of the MSM. At least the other news sources can seamlessly pivot and start doing the job they should have been doing
    with very little loss of credibility. Can't wait for Fox News to lose credibility just in time for election season!

  109. Gasman10:22 AM

    See if you can keep all this straight:

    "...on Wednesday, the president of the Tea Party of America said, 'I had to cancel O’Donnell.' "

    So, as it stands, O'Donnell has been officially DIS-un-dis-invited - I think.

    Palin will now be able to un-cancel.

    And people think that the teabaggers aren't all that organized.

    Assholes, every last one of them.

  110. Anonymous10:22 AM

    To The Great Anonymous:

    Even if Sarah bails on the 9/3 speech, can we still have your "small (but detailed) missive"?

    Pretty please?

  111. Anonymous10:27 AM


    That kooky bunch act as if people will be teleported to her shame hate fest event. ctfu

    They are bowing out because 5 people were going to show up at that racist event. COD's five people. rotf


  112. 1) If Scarah was pregnant, and I doubt it, then by hiding her pregnancy by taking diet pills, or binding, the crazy flight from Texas, or whatever she was doing to not show her pregnancy - in actuality she was probably trying to make the pregnancy and Trigg go away. It's easier to explain a miscarriage than it is an abortion.

    2) The cancellation - heck, I never thought she'd show up anyway. Along with her manic episodes, after seeing her at that one appearance with the shoes so big you could stick two fingers behind her heels, and the mess on her clothes, how she has been looking on Faux News lately (pretty bad), not showing up for her job as governor, her hiding from everyone - she may also be a closet alcoholic. Just sayin'.

  113. More on the will-Palin/won't Palin/will Palin? conundrum:

    Seems "Palin's staff" have made 3 demands of the Iowa Tea Party of America organizer, Ken Crowe.

    Palin’s appearance at the rally was “on hold” until three changes were made.

    “They said, ‘Ken, can you take care of bing, bing, bing’ and I said, ‘Yessir, I will’ and I did,” Crow, an Indianola Republican told The Des Moines Register.

    “Now I’m waiting to hear back.”

    Crow said two of the requests were logistical details: Email a copy of the program today, and address concerns about back-stage security and who will be allowed in that area.

    Asked about the third request, Crow said: “Can I let that remain private for now?”


    I guess Palin is afraid Christine O'Donnell will somehow sneak backstage and then onto the stage while Palin is there...

  114. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, Anon, for continuing to post here. Your information, combined with AKM's latest revelations, paint a sad picture that is so very, very different from the public image. Thank you for helping to shed light on the truth that Sarah Palin is unfit for office and should not be in any position of power or authority. I know you said you were initially motivated to vent and get under Palin's skin, but you are doing a public service, so thanks again!
    7:13 AM
    Anonymous said...

    Hi Anon
    Thank you for your comments.
    Most importantly--can you tell us who SPs 'handlers' are? Who in the GOP or Fox world is pushing her to be a major political figure? Who is she a pawn for?

  115. Marleycat10:40 AM

    I forgot to add, Fox News is so protective of the investment they have made in this no mind that everytime she EFFS UP real good, they immediately shove her back onto the public's airwaves, pretend she didn't show her ASS and theirs as well - and cross their fingers and hope no one noticed, extracting every last little bit of commercial value they can from this mentally ill FOX NEWS ANALYST. Very soon, they are going to get the blowback they deserve - they have definitely overplayed their hand. So saying, how much does anyone want to bet she'll be on FOX with Greta and Sean spewing her (and theirs) insanity very soon?

  116. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I have to admit that I find myself nearly GIDDY with all this new information coming out. Like Gryphen said a long time back, first a trickle, then a stream, then a gusher, then A TSUNAMI! It just keeps getting better and better.

    And I agree with you G, that she is in a manic phase. This is what she does, she disappears off the radar for a short while, has a meltdown, recovers and then shows up, drugged up, hopped up and filthy dirty, trying to salvage her public image.

    I just find myself scratching my head that Todd the Toad has enabled and encouraged this sick and mentally disturbed behavior for as long as he has. She must have BIG stuff on him that keeps him in the twisted fold of that family. He covers for her, does her dirty work, bullies people on her behalf. My bet is that Todd has always had stunningly low self esteem and cow tows to the Bitch who has probably verbally castrated him on more than one occasion. A broken man of sorts. But I don't give him a pass, since he is in this just as thick as all the others, if not more.

    The TRUTH is coming out and poor little Sarah cannot stop it. Thank god for the Internet and for bloggers who have devoted so much time and effort to this unraveling. And that's YOU G-MAN!

  117. Anonymous10:45 AM

    This Teabagger event which has been talked about for sometime, had to announce a venue change less than 2 weeks ago and now this invite, uninvite, she's on, she's off.

    You can't make this stuff up!!!

    Bottom line -- who's the winner of the 'Jackpot' -- Can people get a refund from SarahPAC!!!!

  118. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Looks like O'Donnell has been canceled again due to Quitler. Teabag rep tweeted "I had to cancel COD, hopefully Palin will be there now".

    Looks like it proves what we thought, Palin won't go if the prettier one shows up. Hahahah. Maniac Palin must be pulling out what little hair she has left. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that freak of fucking nature right now.

    Payback's a bitch and so are you Sarah!

  119. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Apparently Palin has gotten COD kicked out of the event.

    Thats gonna leave a mark

  120. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Anonymous said...

    It's good to see you again, too, dear writer. Thanks for continuing to comment. I join the others in hoping that Gryphen will move some of these comments front and center so that the writer's purpose can be more easily accomplished, to piss Sarah off. Sarah has two big appearances coming up (Sept.3 Iowa, Sept.4 NH) and that means media attention. She won't want to be asked any embarrassing questions, and these comments beg all kinds of questions.

    10:07 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, Anon, for continuing to post here. Your information, combined with AKM's latest revelations, paint a sad picture that is so very, very different from the public image. Thank you for helping to shed light on the truth that Sarah Palin is unfit for office and should not be in any position of power or authority. I know you said you were initially motivated to vent and get under Palin's skin, but you are doing a public service, so thanks again!
    7:13 AM

  121. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Remember when Palin said she had nothing to do with the guest list? Another lie from the lying sack of shit. She is definitely the one who caused COD to be cancelled yesterday. I actually feel sorry for COD! Sarah just bit her own ass.

  122. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Just a quick thanks to Anon's behind the Palin scenes posts.

    Never did I imagine baby # 3 the "Godchild"

    Keep well, and thanks..

    Also thanks Gryphen for all the years of great posts.

  123. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Enquiring minds want to know, Sarah:

    Where's your college degree?
    Where's your birth certificate?
    Where's Trig's birth certificte?
    Where's Track's marriage license?
    Where's ruffled ear baby?
    Where's Trig?

    and that's just for a start?

    I'd love it if someone would stand outside of the venues where she will (or won't) be speaking and hold up signs with these questions and MAKE SURE to get the media's attention, have someone film it and upload it to YouTube and all the social networking sights and post everything on Twitter. Yep, it would be awesome.

  124. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I don't believe anyone is afraid or intimidated by the Palin, they were just trying to cover their own ass..all of a sudden people are coming out of the woodwork with all these new scenarios about diet pills etc. Some Alaskan blogs were not allowing babygate comments before..why? Now we have this diet pill crap coming up..why? Because it looks better to be taking diet pills while pregnant than to fake a pregnancy? She wasn't even skinny (pictures don't lie) with any child before the nomination when she was living on Red Bull, coffee and diet drinks. She was NOT PREGNANT PERIOD! and if anyone believes she was pregnant then she was doing everything possible to end that pregnancy and the life of her unborn child. Todd should be ashamed of himself for allowing his children to live like this.

  125. Anonymous10:58 AM

    MSNBC is reporting that O'Donnell is out again and the skank is on hold.


  126. Anonymous10:58 AM

    LOL Well damn, I pointed out Mudflat's post today along with saying it's not good, and I'm now banned from C4P. I don't understand why they seem to be in such a bad mood. Maybe its because there seems to be some question if Sarah will show up in Iowa to announce she's running. Or maybe they're now starting to realizing their fantasy Christian candidate may not be running after all, and has taken them along with all their money. Damn, I feel sorry for them, don't you? LOL.

  127. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Anonymous said...
    AKM refers to Levi as "ex-ALMOST-son-in-law" not "ex-son-in-law."

    9:12 AM

    The initial post on Mudflats did refer to Levi as 'ex-son-in-law', as I too noticed the 'ex-son-in-law' reference and thought -- hmm, maybe they had got married as rumors had indicated.

    Someone has posted the question to the reference in the comments on Mudflats. Clearly it has been changed. Mudflats should have indicated the update.

  128. Anonymous11:01 AM

    She was never pregnant and couldn't get pregnant, she scammed everybody.

  129. just checking out sea o pea and those people are delusional..obviously. i still find myself dumbfounded that they are so enamored with with snowdrift snooki.

  130. Anonymous11:08 AM

    She's not in a manic phrase right now, she's in a depressive one. Hence the relative dearth of activity. She's not sure if she's going to be able to summon up the emotional energy to deal with the Sept. 3rd event and is stalling as long as possible.

    But she knew long ago that once you sign on with Ailes/Murdoch/et al when they tell you, "Jump!" your response must always be, "How high?"

    So she ain't getting out of this appearance.

    Sucks to be you, Scarah.

  131. Anonymous11:09 AM

    If SARAH-NOIA (love it) doesn't show up in Iowa, there's going to be another group of her followers down the tubes. No more pennies-from-heathens from them. The only one who comes out looking okay in this fiasco in Iowa is sweet little Christine O'Donnell.

    And what about those poor fools who hopped on buses in Texas and SC or wherever to show up in Iowa to witness the big announcement?

    Particularly interesting is that Sarah's "handlers"* call the Iowa TeaPartiers "liars". Wow. Talk about alienating supporters.

    *"Handling" Sarah has to be like holding a rattlesnake right behind the head. You don't know whether to chop it's head off or throw it down and run.

    Hi Sarah-noia. Tick..tick..tick

  132. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Tammy Bruce is reporting the skank is back on.


  133. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Anon 9:02
    weighed 5lbs 4oz at birth--my mom was 30, a smoker, a light eater, I was her first pregnancy, and she did not need maternity clothes, she wore her regular pants & shirts. She weighed about 100 to 110lbs @ 5' tall. You can hide a pregnancy, even without trying.


    When you are preggers with your fifth and 'don't show' -- sorry -- I call bullshit on the preg.

    She was a big as a brick shithouse her first pregnancy. You don't get smaller as you have more kids.

    As for your comparison - I don't give a rat's ass. It means fuck all.

    Truth -- PALIN WAS A BIG AS A FUCKING BARN her first with Track. Evidence of pics exist. By the fifth kid and two miscarriages -- she would still be a person to carry as BIG AS A FUCKING BARN by three to four months along.

    So you're theory -- TOTALLY BLOWN TO RATSHIT. Now fuck off.

  134. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Totally O/T, But Awesome!

    Just Tweeted from the White House.

    President Obama has just called to address a Joint Session of Congress to talk about the Job’s Issue and what needs to be done, to be on Wednesday September 7th, 2011 at 8:00 pm. Right when the Republican Presidential Hopefulls will begin their debate on NBC.

    It’s the SAME Day and Same Hour that the GOP Debate is being held by Politico on NBC. Is this Obama’s way to say “Fuck You, I’m the boss”?

    Robert in MD

  135. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I feel more sympathy for Todd as I see all these details about their family life. I think he loves his children, and Sarah too, or at least did love her. Things probably got crazier and crazier by stages, instead of all at once, which makes it easier to adjust to it gradually. He may have done some things he wants to keep secret of course, and some of which may have harmed others. We may never know.

  136. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I mean no offense to AKM, truly. But a lot of us have said she hitched her cashwagon to Bailey, knowing he was still infatuated with SP...she was willing to forsake real and harsh truths about SP for a big payday.

    Now it seems like babygate is close to breaking and guess where Bailey is now? Mud-flattened underneath the AKM bus. I **truly** hope AKM abandons this pretense of "SP starved herself and that is why she didn't show". It doesn't account for the giant belly Gusty pics and it definitely doesn't account for that moose of a newborn presented by Sally Heath.

    Lucky for AKM, we babygaters are a forgiving bunch, and we are happy to have anyone see the light, no matter how long they have stubbornly kept their eyes tightly shut till now.

    Does anyone else think it's a little interesting SP quit her speech on the 3rd this morning and last night anon anon broadcast a juicy comment scheduled for the 3rd? What is it SP says about not believing in coincidences?

  137. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Instead of confronting her on anything the whole family, relatives, friends, people she worked with all covered up for her, enabled that sick women to get away with everything. Now is the time for them to come forward and end this fiasco. Sarah is probably sitting in the corner in her locked room so drugged up Todd doesn't know how to get her together for the next money making adventure.

  138. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I sincerely feel sorry for Christine. If that is so, I am absolutely certain Teabaggers feel the same.

    This is backfiring on sarah.

  139. Anonymous11:29 AM

    @9:36 wrote: "HUGE when she was pregnant with her other kids, and this being her 5th (or 7th some say)"

    It's not "some say."
    Sarah herself wrote in GOING ROGUE that it was her 7th pregnancy; she disclosed 2 previous miscarriages.

  140. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Sarah Palin Can't Win, Shouldn't Run, GOP Power Outsiders Say

    The theatrics and confusion over Sarah Palin's upcoming schedule probably won't help her standing with Republican activists in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, who already overwhelmingly prefer that she not run for president in 2012, according to the survey conducted this past week by The Huffington Post and Patch in the early primary and caucus states.

    Palin had previously announced plans to appear at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa, on Saturday, but news reports on Wednesday quote sources close to the former governor saying the appearance is "on hold" or "no longer confirmed," although rally organizers say Palin has not informed them of any change. Separately, Palin announced new plans to speak to another Tea Party rally in New Hampshire on Labor Day.

    Last week, our HuffPost-Patch Power Outsiders poll of influential Republicans in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina found two thirds satisfied with the current crop of candidates and only 8 percent offering Palin when asked who else they would like to see run in a follow-up question.

    This week, we decided to dig deeper into evaluations of Sarah Palin, starting with a more straightforward question: Should Palin run or not in 2012? We received responses back from 151 of our influential Republican leaders -- 35 in Iowa, 48 in New Hampshire and 63 in South Carolina. Just 15 percent said yes, Palin should run, while 81 percent said she should not.

  141. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Source close to Palin now confirms she will attend Tea Party rally on Sat in IA; they "worked out concerns" w/ organizers!/RealClearScott/status/108972032468856833

  142. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Well well well.

    NOW Jeanne wants to let all and sundry discuss baby gate! No mention of the people she BANNED from her site/forum for daring to mention it even in the most polite of fashions.

    You watch, now it's 'diet pills'. Soon it'll be morphed into 'faked pregnancy'.

    I hope people remember Jeanne wouldn't allow word ONE about baby gate. I hope people remember Patrick went ballistic on anyone who didn't endorse his exact theory of baby gate.

    Mostly I hope people remember Gryphen has been the one to never back down from baby gate and the one who welcomed all of our theories and ideas about it.

    Jeanne Devon is a traitor to us all in Alaska. She took notoriety and prestige over a chance to make the truth be heard far and wide. Shame.

  143. Sarah's horoscope for Saturday:

    Transiting Sun effects her Uranus-Pluto:
    "The urge for independence and freedom; great tension; revolution

    Transiting Mars effects her Sun:
    Adjustments are needed for temperament; feeling attacked; possible accident; sexuality

    Transiting Saturn effects her Jupiter:
    Adjustments are needed for 'make it happen' strategy; opportunities are carefully (obviously this word doesn't apply to Sarah) evaluated; concerns about long-term security

    (Credit for word images to Noel Tyl.)

  144. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Bulimics can have anorexic behaviors along with bulimic behaviors (binging and throwing it all up). Bulimics can also be heavy, they are not nec. emaciated like a clinical anorexic.

    In past pictures where she was assumed to look pregnant because her face looked bigger it might be that her carotid glands were swollen due to throwing up, classic problem in bulimia--chipmunk look.

    Look at Renee Zellweger in that Chicago movie--emaciated to the point of ribs, bones, veins showing (compare her to Bridget ones fatness) but swollen cheeks.

  145. Randall12:23 PM

    The first Palin (Todd? Willow?) to write the tell-all gets a BIG payday, I'll betcha.

  146. Virginia Voter12:27 PM

    Where are the fairy tale trolls? Bristol, Willow....come out come out wherever you are! I guess Tripp and his god brother are keeping you two busy today. Did the re airy show crew finally put their foot down?

  147. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Take the photo of one of the babies called "Trig" being held by Sally Heath on April 18, 2008. Put that photo next to the photo of Sarah Palin in the grey coat a few weeks earlier.

    Then go read mudflats' discussion of pregnancy and diet pills.

    It will make you laugh, and laugh and laugh. 'Cause apparently mudflats believes THAT baby was in THAT belly. Heck, THAT baby's head alone wouldn't even fit in that belly.

    Why is mudflats pushing a silly theory like diet pills? What's the agenda?

  148. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Sarah are you in or out as Trig's mom?

    Sarah are you in or out as Todd's wife?

    Sarah are you in or out as governor of Alaska?

    Sarah are you in or out running for POTUS?

    Sarah are you in or out as a Teabagger speaker on Sept 3rd?

    Why does this rertard make life so hard?

    How can this retard answer her 3am phone call when she can't even decide what she is going to do as an unemployed turd?

  149. Anonymous12:41 PM


    Just thinking about the Mudflats info re: "..'boxes of diet pills' on her bathroom counter, in her bedroom"...

    At first I took the meaning to be Rx prescription meds for weight loss.. but then I realized that "boxes of diet pills" much more likely was over-the-counter stuff for weight loss, that would have a large exterior label for Weight Loss.

    I'm too sick at heart, thinking that she could have used these during a Piper pregnancy, to go online to ferret out what were the likely active ingredients in those pills..

    Seems to me to be pretty lax of her presumably to leave boxes of diet pills out on the counter especially with little girls in the home.. with all the references these days to affecting the body image of children...

    And, of course, that does not mean that she hasn't had prescribed meds for weight loss..

  150. Anonymous12:44 PM

    @ Anon 9:42 who said "I have a hard time feeling sorry for either the media or bloggers who willfully turned away from exposing the worst thing Sarah Palin has done. They’ve both dropped the ball on this one."


  151. In an attempt to cover up her temper-induced cancellation, she's saying she didn't button down the details before committing to the event and before she spent thousands of dollars for a video promoting the appearance. The 'See you Sept. 3' is haunting her. It's too late for her to come up with an excuse for cancelling or for being there that isn't pitiful.

  152. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I am of the opinion that AKM's motivation if coming out with all of this now is to get back at Joe McGinnis. I am thinking that some of the "facts" she is throwing out are things she knows will be in his book, so she is stealing his thunder by posting them first.

    I don't blame her, as what he did to them was totally wrong and totally vicious. He deserves anything she can do to him.

    I don't care, however, how much they all long as the end result is getting the truth about this horrible woman and her equally horrible family out.

    One last the poster who claims her 100 pound 5 foot mother never showed before giving birth to an over 6 pound baby. One word...BULLSHIT. If you has said she was 6 foot and 200 might be more believable. In a body the size you say your mother was..there is NO where for that baby to go but out. So, Fairy Tale Troll..try again and next time use a little more common sense.

  153. Anonymous1:28 PM

    As a long time reader of many Palin related blogs my belief is that Jeanne (AKM of the Mudflats) actually does believe that SP faked her pregnancy, but feels that pursuing it via her blog, books and other media outlets will irrevocably damage her writing career ambitions (even if the theory is later proved to be true) and/or could needlessly endanger those around her by attracting the attention of mentally unstable Palin bots.

    The version she purports to believe (and again I think privately this is not what she really thinks) is that the 'Wild Ride' really did happen and if you take it at face value (as Paylin wants us to) it alone should be damning enough to irrevocably damage Paylin's future political prospects and because of that no further probing of alternative scenarios is necessary. Additionally I don't think Jeanne ever wanted to be grouped in with the other Paylin conspiracy theorists even though they are arguably on the same team. I would agree that conforming to the Huffington Post culture of 'mainstream only' may have greatly influenced her decision to steer clear of this conspiracy culture.

    Having said that I am surprised to see that she broached the topic on her blog today even if only to try and present yet another hypothesis as to how Paylin could have indeed given birth despite not appearing pregnant through the magic of diet pills.

    Whether she has taken the high road to preserve her future writing career prospects or truly believes that the costs of pursing this potential hoax is too great, I think she has done more to discredit Palin than almost any other blogger out there and for that she still deserves our utmost respect regardless of her take on the Babygate issue.

    And you never know, beliefs can always change. You just have to be patient sometimes.

  154. Anonymous1:29 PM

    This is why I just ignore the media. You can't decipher anything anymore.

  155. Anonymous2:01 PM

    And the junior-high drama never stops:

    The organizer of the Tea Party rally in Iowa this weekend told NBC News he had to cancel Christine O'Donnell's speaking slot again -- after she was re-invited -- "after a conversation with Sarah Palin aides -- and is now hopeful Palin will attend the Saturday rally."

  156. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Ha ha, at C4P they're blaming EVERYONE else but Palin for the Mess D'Jour because they "trust" Sarah so darn much:

    "Sarah Palin would never, ever back out of this speech knowing Thousands of her barbarians and hobbits were either on their way or soon to be on their way to Iowa. This was all an Establishment Operation!!"

    I'm still trying to decide whether it will be more fun watching their shriveled little hearts break if she doesn't run, or if she does run and THEN self-destructs.

    @1:28. I completely agree.

  157. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Before I head over to the Mudflats, I am going to savor your latest post. Ummm..

    When SP quit in 2009, I had a burst of euphoria, and a few days later felt sad she that she might spill her venom over the lower 48.

    Then something magical happened. Unless someone was willing to hand her a six figure check, she would "think" about showing up to speaking engagements, and then casually decline.

    I feel the same magic happening here.

  158. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I've always understood AKM's position to be that she didn't wnat to pursue who was the real mother, because she didn't want to be part of outing innocent people, including the baby - and this decision was made easier because the story SP told to cover for babygate was as bad or worse.

    I don't think AKM has told us what she believes. I think she's just said that she will accept for journalistic purposes the story SP told. I can't imagine that AKM actually believes SP is the mother. There's just too much evidence.

    As I remember it, she made this decision prior to coming to the attention of HuffPo although perhaps she is not shifting to more aggressive reporting of babygate because of HuffPo rules. But she had already made this decision prior to her connection to HuffPo

  159. Anonymous2:57 PM

    That picture of Palin at the top of this thread is one which I think best shows her true character.

    Her expression just screams out contempt, arrogance, and narcissism all wrapped up with a velociraptor attitude towards anyone else.

    Oh, and add a dash if psychotic fruitcake addicted to the "diet" pills.

    TAWD......!!!! Are you sleeping in the garage again!!!


  160. Anonymous3:04 PM

    11:47- is that you Morgan...when was Patrick ballistic?

  161. I have NO doubt that Trig isn't Sarah's son. Nothing short of a DNA test done at Quantico would convince me otherwise. And even THEN I'd have a few doubts left..Call me obsessed, but I could give 2 shits.

    I have no idea WHY she would do this although I have my theories. I do hope to God the truth comes out someday. And I'm thankful Jesse is who he is and is making it his mission to uncover her lies & deceit.

    But lets say her idea was that she'd raise him to give him a "better life".
    (Which we all know is bullshit since she has done NOTHING to provide that poor child with the therapeutic outlets to help him fulfill his potential. She won't even get his eyes fixed and instead tries to hide the evidence of her neglect behind sunglasses.)

    So what EXACTLY has she really done to "better" his life?

    Has she used ANY of her "fame" to highlight the programs available to SNC (special needs children)??

    Has she held any fundraisers for SNC?

    Does she ever address SNC when she's on FOX news bashing the President?

    Does she ever speak out against cutting funding for their education like Perry approves of?

    Has she done 1 fucking altruistic thing to bring ANY attention to special needs children???

    Of course not. Because Trig IS NOT HER SON!

    Think about it..this is the famous Griftin' Granny we're talking about! She dragged that poor child all over the country trying to get elected. She dragged him along on her book tour. She paraded him on TV for her reality show. She's posed with him on magazine covers.

    (Has that greedy bitch met a money making opportunity she DIDN'T like?)

    Unless she's making MONEY off of him, he's invisible.

    So much for the "better life" excuse Sarah...

  162. ann_s3:33 PM

    Anonymous 9:02
    It is likely that if what you say is true, your mother may not be your biological mother at all. It's an old story and why it is said frequently that"she did not ever look pregnant". There were many unmarried sisters and aunts who gave birth and had a married sister or aunt cover for them.
    Then again, if you're just a troll.....go away.
    This really is the end for SP and we can thank Gryphen and a very few other good all-American bloggers(Laura, Malia) for bringing it to fruition.

  163. Anonymous3:52 PM

    "She'll show up Gryphen, especially if you keep saying she won't. She's glued to this blog and Mudflats today. Which cracks me up that you have her number. "


  164. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hi 11:47! "Jeanne Devon is a traitor to us all in Alaska." HaHaHa! Jealous much? AKM investigated many "gates" and wrote about them eloquently and with data to support her posts. There was a lot going on during the '08 campaign, and she was an excellent source of information, for which many are grateful and which caught the media's attention. Posters (like you, perhaps?) were cluttering up the blog with such insightful comments as "Palin is a lying b*tch". Hardly insightful or helpful.

    If AKM wanted to/wants to focus on other issues - and Dog knows there are a sufficient number of blogs focussed on Palin's uterus and the baby known as Trig - what's it to you?

    Again I wonder, jealous much? Get your blog and treat comments anyway you want - if you get any comments....

  165. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Im not really sure how you assume the kids have learning disabilities. I'm also not sure why you believe everything thats been said. Even Frank Bailey says, "there's plenty out there thats not true about Sarah."

  166. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Because you all speculate on everything, Sarah can't even make one decision without you going, I told ya so or I told ya she wouldnt. Youve covered your asses so shes damned if she does...

    But Im smart enough to know her life isn't dictated by what others say. Her record proves it.

  167. Anonymous4:55 PM

    CBJ's letter says
    "At the time of her most recent pregnancy, Governor Palin had no health risk factors other than her age. Routine prenatal testing early in the second trimester showed evidence of Trisomy 21, which was confirmed by perinatology consultation and amniocentesis."

    Diet pills don't cause Downs Syndrome. Malnutrition, emotional factors, physical abuse to the fetus while still in utero can cause birth defects but not genetic ones like Trisomy 21, or the other Trisomy defects.

  168. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Agree with all those who credit AKM, despite her purported views on babygate. AKM has always taken a writerly, journalistic approach to covering SP, and it has been - especially back in the early days - absolutely invaluable.

    She has not had to "go there" with the Trig "pregnancy" because she had plenty of wacky shit to write about that was utterly verifiable. I give her, and people like Anne Kilkenny, SO much credit for being the first to bring to light the inconsistencies and the lies and craziness that has characterized SP's entire political career.

    The Issue of Trig's parentage is a sideshow, honestly. But it is a piece of the puzzle that is Palin. I have stopped reading AKM regularly since I don't live in Alaska, but of course I read today's post and it was classic Mudflats - beautifully and compellingly written. And a bombshell, even if it just sums up everything we already "knew."

    I no longer believe that AKM is sure that SP birthed Trig. But it doesn't really matter. She has carved her niche and done a fine job doing so. IM takes a different approach and one that has been incredibly important!

    By the way Gryph, I read you daily and just want to say you have provided an invaluable service and made me laugh out loud more times than I can count. Thanks. :)

  169. Anonymous5:55 PM

    'Anon Insider" BLESS YOU! Gryphen, how about compiling all of anons post in one post so we can read it all at once instead of having to go thru each posts comments to get the dirt from 'Anon Insider'?

    I started reading the comments, and stepped away to get some ice cream, and the very next post that i read was by anon... dang ice cream and 'Anon Insider' i was on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

    Hi Scarah and Bristle.. and the DWTS Baby Boy.. poor fella!

  170. @7:39 AM

    I agree with everything you said, except, that you ARE a smart, articulate woman!

    I'm glad you have healed and had the courage to face your past.

  171. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I saw a picture today of Palin crashing the Iowa fair and she was absolutely skeletal.
    Her clavicle ( collar bone ) is protruding like you would see in anorexics.
    A fact Palin seemed oddly proud to display with her low cut shirt.
    Palin's lack of weight gain during her alleged pregnancy should have alarmed
    Dr Cathy Baldwin Johnson.
    Something she did not note
    in her testimonial letter.
    Dr CBJ should have likewise been alarmed to see her patient balloon up in a week.
    Something else she failed to note.
    Dr CBJ's odd behavior during her high risk patient's labor is another bizarre factor in the cover up.
    If Dr CBJ willingly helped perpetrate a medical fraud , she could not just lose her license, but,
    face federal charges.
    Her unprofessional behavior during the so called pregnancy
    raises as many red flags as Palin's.

  172. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I would like to second the request that Anon's posts be put together (on a sidebar post, even) for easy retrieval. Gryphen, it's good of you to let Anon post here in safety.

  173. Anonymous7:14 PM

    4:27 and 4:29:

    Looks like the fog has lifted long enough for you to comment, twice in 2 minutes no less. Good posts and comments here at IM today, don't you think? I'm looking forward to Sept., 3rd, is it?

  174. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Whether Palin shows up or not in Iowa, she's a joke, a total unreliable diva joke. Fly, scooter people, fly.

  175. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Oh that poor fridge!

  176. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I never thought I would feel this way about MF.
    I stopped visiting that site when I could no longer tolerate the wild skank of the Yukon speak, coming from intelligent people. In other words, some of her fans drove me away.
    Still, I kept my link to the flats on my blogroll because of the AMAZING writing I read there during the whole 2008 election.
    Today though, I feel lied to. To credit AKM for all the things about the wild skank of the Yukon that SHE initially pointed the light to first, then to say she is taking the journalistic route/highroad really pissess me off and makes me wonder why she even bothered opening the can of worms connected to that skank. MY hero would have taken the journalistic highroad in an Edward R. Murrow sort of way, and not a FAUX news sort of way.
    It kills me that I feel this way.
    I hope someday I understand why the flats went the ways it went, but as of now...sadly, I do not.

  177. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Gryphen, I've tried, and failed to find yearbook photos from Sarah's college. She may not have matriculated all or any of them, but she must have played basketball or ran track, being a sports fanatic. I doubt she was in any sororities but She had to participate in something!

    Have you done any past posts or have any links to this information?

  178. AKRNC9:10 PM

    Anonymous @7:32 A.M. Thank you so much for sharing all this great info on Sarah & her "Sarahnoia"! What a great name for her paranoid rages and yet she's got every reason to worry because people have contacted University of Idaho and were told that there was no degree awarded to anyone named Sarah Heath in 1987 or any following years. The person who called asked if they would have changed it to a married name and they said that was not done although it could be listed under BOTH names but it would ALWAYS be under the name at graduation. When they gave the name Palin, they were quickly put on hold and the person who answered came back and said we can't give out any info on Sarah Palin. But they could talk about Sarah Heath, hmm? Different rules for Sarah than for everyone else, why is that? Because she doesn't have a degree. That pic in Going Rogue is clearly not her due to the color of the tassel on her graduation cap and the blonde hair clearly visible. Palin also said she graduated in the middle of the year, right? Are ceremonies held for midyear graduates? Also, when Palin ran for Lt. Governor, the ADN listed her as having graduated from Wasilla High School and having "attended" University of Idaho. We all know what that means, no degree achieved! I love the fact that she's worried about this. This is what happens when you lie, Sarah. You get caught up in all these lies and then you're found out especially with all the lies you tell. Hell, you can't keep them straight! You don't even remember where you said Trig was born or at what point in your alleged pregnancy he was born.

    Keep up the great work, Anon, you're one of the only ones with the guts to come forth and reveal the truth behind this horrible woman.

  179. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Morgan @9:42

    Thanks for posting your comment here. After reading her post, I also questioned the timing of this new series of posts, right before Joe's book.

    I Wonder why it wasn't accepted Devon's site?

    Seriously, this lame excuse of diet pills just doesn't retain water. How can a woman who's not pregnant to begin with deliver a baby?

    On another note, Failure to Trive can happen for many reasons beside bulemia, malnourishment, and excessive morning sickness. An acquaintance of ours was in a car accident early in her third trimester, the placenta detatched from the uterine wall, and, tragically, she delivered a 6 lb stillborn child fullterm.

  180. Anonymous4:40 AM

    she showed up in NH without any notice and was pissed off because nobody noticed she was there... hahaha.

    Piper led her around by the hand.

  181. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Sarah I was told by Bob Barker to remind you to have you kids spade and neutered before you leave for South Korea.

    Those oversexed screw like rabbits kids of yours will be running wild when you are gone and history shows your kids prefer au-natural or they are just plain retarded and don't care about getting pregnant or impregnating others.

    You need to send Shailey Tripp a thank you card for making Tawd wear a condom.

  182. swe1232:16 PM

    CBJ's letter says
    "At the time of her most recent pregnancy, Governor Palin had no health risk factors other than her age. Routine prenatal testing early in the second trimester showed evidence of Trisomy 21, which was confirmed by perinatology consultation and amniocentesis."

    So was this a pregnancy after Piper and was aborted? It says her last pregnancy, not her pregnancy with Trig.

  183. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Dear Sarah,

    Can't wait to see you in NH this weekend. I'll be smuggling in a sign with 2 pictures of you saying "18 Days?! No way!". While you are speaking look out in the crowd for me in my navy Red Sox cap.

    You betcha!


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