Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween comes early to Fox News as Greta Van Susteren interviews the "Creature From the Dead Lagoon."

Click link to play video.
At first I was a little confused as to WHY Greta was talking to this really bad female impersonator, with the hoarse voice, dressed up like Sarah Palin?  But then it slowly dawned on me, "Oooh!"

Palin is again at her frenetic worst, essentially presenting herself as knowledgeable on political issues, such as the Republican debate, but still having to compare them to her bickering kids in order to make sense out of what she is seeing.

Palin at one point declares frustration that the GOP candidates did not offer "detailed plans about how jobs can be created" as well as "details" and "specifics," you know like she....oh...wait that's right. I guess Wasilla really IS an irony free zone!

Greta picks up on that however and asks Palin if she thinks the contest has now become a kind of "beauty contest." Demonstrating the lack of self awareness that would prove debilitating in a lesser Grizzly, Palin then begins to chastise the candidates for "pivoting" when asked a question and for never providing anything substantive. Yeah that made me choke on my coffee too!

And just when I was able to get control over my coughing fit, Palin then decides to attack journalists for not asking the candidates tougher questions. Seriously at this point I got up to see if there were any hidden cameras in my office, or if perhaps I had fallen down some Bizarro world rabbit hole in my sleep.

However then Palin went for the President's jugular and everything in my world made sense again.

But  I swear just when I got my legs under me again, Palin starts talking about how Newt Gingrich would "clobber" Barack Obama in the general election, and my eyes glazed over yet again. Thankfully Palin's contractually designated time ran out and Greta wrapped up the word salad buffet just as Palin was bitching about the debates being all about ratings.

I know right?

At this point I am not sure WHY Van Susteren is still interviewing this glossy lipped tranny from Alaska, but it certainly can no longer be for the ratings, and it certainly CANNOT be for anything resembling an informative analysis. My guess is that Palin's contract still has a few months left on it, and that Roger Ailes simply has no choice but to allow the once minimally relevant pseudo politician to demonstrate the intellectual superiority of everybody around her until he is no longer legally obligated to do so.

I wonder who is counting down the days more, Greta Van "Sucks to be stuck interviewing Palin" or Roger Ailes?


  1. Anonymous6:50 AM

    And Sarah compared the debate to her children coming home from school and play dates and bickering with each other. But, there go the lies again. There is at most one child in school--Piper. Sarah's children are grown and gone. Why does she still try to create this image of the happy mother taking care of her children?

  2. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I think she's delusional enough to think that saying she's "not running" in order to skip out on all of the debates and that somehow she will magically become drafted if she slams the GOP field enough. Deep down in that narcissistic brain cell of hers, she's still thinking she's going to be POTUS without having to "run" for the job. The creature from the dead lagoon is plotting her return Gryphen because we still have at least 3/4 more of the movie to go.

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Gryph -- I loves ya and believes in ya, but please remove "tranny" from your post?


  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    ReGretta is in love with Scarah. Irony: In 7 more years, Scarah will look exactly like ReGretta, since she uses Scientology plastic surgery, too.

  5. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn7:03 AM

    "Ooohhh--she's wearing her bangs on the left side! Therefore, the RIGHT side of her forehead is showing! It's a really, truly sign that she's running! Give early, give often to SarahPAC!!!!"

    Can'tcha just picture it over there?

  6. Anonymous7:04 AM

    IRONY ALERT!!! at the 6:12 mark! Someone needs to make a youtube vid of this idiot talking about how the candidates aren't answering the questions posed to them, but instead "pivot to their talking points" and the debate forum not pressing them to "answer the question posed to them"!!! EPIC SELF AWARENESS FAIL that woman has! Then show HER actually doing what she's accusing the candidates of doing with a montage of her "gotcha" bullshit!

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Wow! She looks so...............OLD!

  8. Hey, stop calling Sarah a tranny! I have several friends who are transexuals, and they are genuinely kind and loving people.

    Sarah cannot possibly measure up to them!

  9. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick Question, Wheres Trigs Birth Certificate?

  10. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Was she trying to look more masculine with that mullet hair-do?
    It worked!!!

  11. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Thanks for the coffee out the nose trick! Hilariously snarky!

  12. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Please don't insult transpeople.

  13. angela7:21 AM

    What a mess the heifer Palin continues to be. I have to say every time I deem to turn the sound up to listen to her high pitched, dumb ass whining I have to laugh outright. I can't help myself. Was there ever anyone who was so unaware of what she really is?

    Projection, thy name is Sarah

    Anyway, my new hero is Anita Perry. She's even quicker than the Tundra Tart at blaming everyone and has got better hair, though over-bleached. Palin is boring and predictable and is such a parody of herself she's beyond pitiful.

    Hey Sarah--get a new act. The old one has cobwebs
    all over it and you're a laughingstock.

  14. Sarah does not wear reality very well. Or irrelevance either.

    I have to wait a while until my lunch settles to attempt a foray into Palin Land to see (and hear) her latest act of desperation.

    I thought the height of irony was achieved when it was reported that Palin called for better vetting of candidates.

    I keep getting this image of Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and Todd just served her a dead rat on a plate. Which she promptly put on her head and sat down for her interview.

  15. I agree...please find some other way to describe her besides tranny. As the mom of a transgendered son, I really find that extremely offensive.

  16. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I want to put a clip from the 2008 VP debate against this. The one where she outright says to the moderator "I may not answer your questions" and then proceeds to give her word salad spinner another whirl. Do you think she parents like she politics? Lordy!

  17. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Wow - she looks awful (I can't listen to her), which is a shame, 'cause that's all she had. Couldn't happen to an uglier (inside) person!

  18. I didn't watch much of this clip. It's unpleasant and pointless. Greta now asks Palin what she thinks of the candidates "as a voter." She's dropped the pretense that Palin has special expertise on anything.

    Back in the day when Greta was first enamored of Palin, she gushed, "She's really smart!" Greta has had to face some unpleasant truths along the way. It's been a bumpy ride with Palin, and Greta's looking more haggard these days, in spite of her cosmetic enhancements.
    Did Greta really think she was hitching her wagon to a star? Maybe she had dreams of herself as press secretary to President Palin. Poor reality testing on Greta's part.

  19. I never felt sorry for GVS before but it is so hard that she has fallen out of love with her idol and now must be nice while she's waiting for the divorce to be final.

    I wonder if Todd and Sarah Palin will continue with their scientology training?

  20. Anonymous7:30 AM

    She said she wasn't seeking the Republican nomination--which would require debates and interviews and press conferences and all that informationy stuff.

    She didn't say she wouldn't launch a last-minute candidacy as an independent. That's what they'll be giving her money for now.

    Whether she actually does this or not will depend on the level of cashflow and/or delusion, so it's anybody's guess.

  21. I agree, Gryph, that you shouldn't insult transsexuals by comparing to $P - after all, what did they ever do to deserve that?

  22. I couldn't watch more than a minute, the hypocrisy is overwhelming when she speaks of lack of details in debate answers. Remember her telling the moderator that she was going to answer the questions the way she wanted to, not the way the moderator asked them? What's this nonsense about her "kids coming home from school"? Is she trying to pretend she's a young mother rather than the dried up old hag she has become? She's irrelevant. What the fuck is wrong with GVS, catering to her with "Governor" crap all the time. She's a private citizen who said she doesn't need a title, it would shackle her. So stop using the title, Greta!

  23. Sally in MI7:37 AM

    I couldn't take my eyes off her upper lip...she took that lip gloss (didn't candy pink lip gloss go out about 10 hears ago unless you're 12?) and ran it straight across her mouth...the center of her top lip was simply shining. She looked like Bette Davis in "Baby Jane" except the lipstick there was blood red. I have no words left to describe this woman. And you are right, Gryph...the irony is astounding.

  24. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Why is she looking so masculine these days? It's like she's morphing or something. Odd. So hard and old looking too. She actually used to be softer and more feminine in her appearance, but lately, her angular, emaciated look doesn't set well at all. Some may be offended by G using the word 'tranny' but truth be told, that is exactly what she is resembling now, a man trying to look like a woman.

    It's amazing what hate and vileness can do to one's physical demeanor, she's become so unattractive that it's truly hard to look at her for very long at all. And that voice, yikes!

  25. Gasman7:39 AM

    Irony, thy name is Palin.

    Seriously? SHE is bitching about GOP politicians simply ignoring questions posed by reporters by simply answering their own? Palin is complaining that the media doesn't press candidates hard enough when they are being evasive? IS THIS WOMAN REALLY THAT STUPID!?

    Palin is absolutely irrelevant even within the GOP. She cannot influence votes, she cannot influence the debates, she is NOT a kingmaker. NOBODY is making the pilgrimage to Wasilla to kiss her ass. She is an utterly inconsequential sideshow freak who merely serves to remind the world exactly how dysfunctional the GOP actually is.

    She SURE AS HELL does NOT deliver ratings for FauxNews. For one, she is only a commentator. I'll bet not a single ad has EVER been sold on FauxNews because of occasional comments by ANYBODY, Palin included. So, she is nothing other than a source of embarrassment for FauxNews and a glaring contradiction to Ailes' stated goal of dragging FauxNews from the hard right more to the center ideologically.

    The Palin/FauxNews deathwatch has begun. How much longer will Murdoch and Ailes maintain this farcical hoax by allowing this ignoramus airtime? Surely, even THEY are smart enough to realize that she offers them nothing of value any longer. With her haggard appearance and quickly fading sex appeal, it's unlikely that she is even their answer to Viagra any longer.

    Buh bye, Sarah!

  26. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Yes, please stop using 'tranny' as an epithet. Thank you.

  27. KatieAnnieOakly8:00 AM

    "...glossy lipped tranny..." ROTFLMAO!

  28. Anonymous8:00 AM

    And how do you think actual transexuals feel about that comparison?
    You've done far too much work to use that as a slander.
    Please address.

  29. No disrespect to Trannys...but it really is the perfect descriptor for Lou Griz. She needs to lay off the molding paste.

  30. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Michelle O'Bachmann? There ya go again, you dimwit!

    Get a grip, with that sticky lipstick, why doncha!


  31. No Tranny would voluntarily look that bad, so I am with the rest here who think you should remove that!

  32. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Sarah must have had one of her "gates" on her mind when talked about her children coming home from school and "play gates" before she corrected herself.

  33. Anonymous8:10 AM

    At what point will the entire GOP tell her to shut the f*#% up? Why do they allow this shrill megalomaniac on the airwaves? What purpose does it serve?

    Contracts can be bought out. FOX could throw her off their network if they really wanted to. The notion that they are simply letting a legal obligation run out the clock is absurd. To me it shows what a complete mess the party, and the race so far, is. They want to hedge all their bets because they know they are probably screwed come 2012.

    Or they just can't quit their addiction to the phenom that is (or formerly was, more like it) Sarah Palin.

    So much for "Sarah's downfall", though. This woman may never go away, and how completely bizarre that is.

  34. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Sarah has a contract with Fox, and they probably have to put her on the TV so many times a week or a month. I think that she has worn out her welcome with some of the bigger "stars" like Bill O'Reilly, who feels superior to everyone, and talked down to Sarah. Greta may be one of the few who needs the ratings and can put up with her. After all, Greta and her husband have socialized with the Palins both in Alaska and Washington DC, so there may be more of a friendship there. Greta's husband, John Coale set up SarahPAC and her legal defense fund.

    Sarah is really trying to push that happy family image by saying that her kids were home from school. We have no idea what kind of therapy Trig is receiving, but I am willing to be that he is not part of a regular school program. I can only hope that he is getting the kind of therapy that will help him realize his full potential. I don't know why I should wish that for him. None of the other Palin kids have come anywhere close to reaching that same goal.

  35. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Stephen Colbert loves the "action packed" 2012 Republican presidential primary. With so many characters and twists, "it's like a Mexican telenovela that wants to deport itself," he said.

  36. Anonymous8:18 AM

    "My guess is that Palin's contract still has a few months left on it, and that Roger Ailes simply has no choice but to allow the once minimally relevant pseudo politician to demonstrate the intellectual superiority of everybody around her until he is no longer legally obligated to do so."

    You are probably correct that Palin's contract has not yet run out, but I seriously doubt that he is obligated to keep her on the air. He is legally obligated to PAY her until her contract runs out as long as she is willing to keep up her end of the bargain.

    Ailes has decided that it's worth it to keep her on the air (for whatever reason) as long as she is drawing a FOX paycheck. He could pull the plug on her at anytime though, as long as the paychecks keep flowing.

  37. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Sarah's comparison of the debate bickering and her kids bickering offered absoluty no value to the discussion. Why does she always USE and name-drop her kids on a serious republican debate topic. She's being paid enough, can't she find other meaningful people who politically analyze for a living to make her points?

    This isn't funny anymore. It would seem SP has no care about what she brings to the discussion table; her main objective is to stress home that she's a mother of kids.

    A President Palin would have dragged her kids with her to every foreign negotiating meeting and no doubt would have had their opinions mentioned in her presidential State of the Union address. Piper thought this and that...........well it was cute for a while, but after several dozen times or so, doesn't it ever occur to Sarah that the cute child interjections just don't work anymore.

    Something's amiss at Fox for not seeing how messed up SP is, how she can't make a normal comparison, or rational argument. It has to be humiliating for her family to see Sarah's political "contribution" compared to real studied and fluent contributors.

    In fact, Greta had to remind Sarah that there have been 8 debates so far, because Sarah didn't know.

  38. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Sarah has time on her hands now and obviously spent a lot of it with the curling iron yesterday. I thought I was reliving my HS years.

    Seriously, why doesn't FOX just cut their losses and retire her. I'm guessing there are 3 more months, roughly, left on her contract but how many times can their viewers listen to the same vacuous rant just in a different top and wig without tuning out? I would be willing to bet none.

  39. Anonymous8:22 AM

    "Grizzly, Palin then begins to chastise the candidates for "pivoting" when asked a question and for never providing anything substantive."

    Like which newspapers they read? Bahahahahah!

  40. Cracklin' Charlie8:23 AM

    I've written a letter to Daddy,

    His address is heaven above...

  41. Enjay in E MT8:24 AM

    OMG - a dim bulb may have gone on over $arahPalin's head (A very slow learning curve)

    --We want idea's with specifics - not platitudes
    --We want more than a 3 second sound bite response
    --We want candidates to ANSWER the question asked


  42. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    IRONY ALERT!!! at the 6:12 mark! Someone needs to make a youtube vid of this idiot talking about how the candidates aren't answering the questions posed to them, but instead "pivot to their talking points" and the debate forum not pressing them to "answer the question posed to them"!!! EPIC SELF AWARENESS FAIL that woman has! Then show HER actually doing what she's accusing the candidates of doing with a montage of her "gotcha" bullshit!

    7:04 AM

    Someone really needs to? Then why don't you do it since it was your idea.

  43. Irony. Projection. Delusion. Nonsense. Sarah was at the top of her defensive offense (or is it offensive defense) game. Wallace, Schmidt and McGinniss have really gotten to her. Her 'commentary' was all about Sarah and it was freaky.

  44. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I am still waiting for HER answers to the problems. All we hear from her is that we need to use common sense solutions.

    How someone could be so damn dense is beyond me.

    Maybe they need to do some winkin' and talkin' folksy for her to understand them? Delusional!!!

  45. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Greta picks up on that however and asks Palin if she thinks the contest has now become a kind of "beauty contest."

    That's how Sarah became mayor, governor and McCain's pick... it was a beauty contest and like all beauty contestants, this bitch could not tell you what she reads, she thinks North Korea is our friend, can't name a supreme court case, does not know what the Bush Doctrine is, can't tell you if the man's name is Herman or Herb, calls Joe Boden "Joe O'Biden"... and this is coming from a looser beauty pageant runner up.

  46. Anonymous8:33 AM

    She rambled thru that illegal immigration was funny. Even Greta had to stop her.

    Funny to listen to Sarah talking about question dodging..

    And I don't believe the whole..."the kids were coming in" bickering..

    She was probably bitching at herself in the mirror...
    warming up some raman noodles..

  47. Anonymous8:36 AM

    The Queen of Snark talking about people bickering and not answering questions..
    Gryph...your mission is...
    To YOU TUBE her Q&As and mix in this interview of her saying people avoiding questions...
    She is such a hypocrite and an idiot.

  48. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Palin looks so sad, maybe she misses her big black basketball player.

  49. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Has anybody seen Willow? Is she living in New York or LA? Did she visit Alaska for Bristol's birthday?

  50. Anonymous8:46 AM

    She is clearly a has-been and I've got to believe Greta is ruing the day she hitched her ass to the Palin bus. The quitta is looking really rough these days. Sort of like a Hollywood starlet who was a one hit wonder and is now reduced to guest spots hawking cheap jewelry on QVC

  51. emrysa8:46 AM

    there's a difference between transsexuals and transvestites, people. jeezus, talk about uptight. the quitter looks like a transvestite and people have said so for years. in fact, her and greta look like they're in some kind of competition.

  52. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I think she's a women trying to look like a least Trannys try to look feminine. She's hard and mean looking, no softness or femininity there anymore.

  53. Anonymous8:47 AM

    The first comment said exactly what I was thinking - the children coming home from school etc. What a bunch of nonsense. Such a compulsive liar.
    Pat Padrnos

  54. Not sure why Sarah is commenting on..well anything, really.
    She's no pundit, leads no party and holds no office.
    She is not running for any political job.
    Yet she shows up to critique a debate- a forum she fears more than shoes in her own size?!

    Ailes should cut Palin off the Fox news staff- she does not deliver ratings anymore.

    Be much more fun if Palin quit, though!

  55. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Okay, Gryphen, you done beat her enough with the ugly stick. Mission accomplished.

    Now switch over to the humility stick.

  56. Anonymous8:52 AM

    That woman is a COMPLETE IDIOT!

    Thanks you Gryphen for pointing out all of her stupidity and hypocrisy!

  57. Oh, I turned this on, but couldn't watch her. I had just finished watching the Republican debate and couldn't handle any more crazy. My brain cells all died a bit last night..

    Although I have to say, this debate was quite lively. Thought for sure Romney and Perry were going begin throwing punches, Bachmann showed how stupid she really was, Cain was all over 999, although everyone on stage pretty much said the plan wouldn't work and raise taxes. (It was a beautiful sight to behold actually), Ron Paul stumped the group by bringing up Ronald Regan giving Iran missiles for hostages. You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium. I wanted to give Paul a huge hug at that moment. And if I ever get to meet him I will.

    I now can't wait for Jon Stewart's take on the whole debate tonight!

  58. Anonymous8:55 AM

    They answered the way she did in the Biden debate? Don't answer the question just talk about what u want and wink and get away with it!

  59. She looks like a transvestite--a man dressing like a woman--a drag queen--not a transsexual, and she has for the last three years. Relax.

  60. Anonymous8:59 AM

    She is probably taking testosterone injections to put on muscle mass so she can look like madonna'

  61. Dinty9:13 AM

    The "O'Biden" and "O'Bachmann" thing is Sarah trying to be cute. She's trying to link them to "O'Bama" in a not so subtle way. I know Steve Schmidt said she was incapable of saying "Biden", but I think she had already "Gone Rogue" by that point.

    What an immature twit.

  62. Not What You Want To Hear9:16 AM

    I have officially reached Palin fatigue. Don't care what she thinks about the GOP debates. I'm far more interested in the OWS movement.

  63. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Is that an American/Israel flag pin on Sarah's lapel? Just curious, and if so, it speaks volumes.

  64. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Newt is in it only for the money, and to sell his books. He might just as well pack up all his books, plus Calista's book, and go home. He has to know he does not stand a chance of being elected. He was a disaster last time he held office, was made to resign because of ethics violations, and fined the largest fine EVER. He even told $carah that the best way to make money is to run for president. He is spending the contributions on vacations and jewels, now he is in a hole.

  65. Anonymous9:28 AM

    It looks like Piper is doing Mommy Dearest's hair and makeup now that the older gils are no longer there.

  66. The funniest 'projection' comment Sarah has ever made is when she says our President wasn't "vetted." I was going to add, "Hahahahahaha!!," but I'd rather post this -- it's Sarah as Dr. Evil with members of 'Sarah Pac.'

  67. Pat in MA9:34 AM

    C'mon people, as much as she pisses me off, there is no need for the name calling descriptors (and I've been guilty of this too) creature from the dead lagoon, tranny, grifter granny, bristle, barstool, toad, whatever. It's sophomoric and detracts from the valid points made against her and the much more accurate descriptors such as vapid, vindictive, petty, narrow minded, hypocritical and on and on and on. Don't let her bring out the worst in us.

  68. "Kids coming home from school? And playdates?" Sar-ruh! So far, school hasn't worked for you or any of your kids. Although actually attending school might help them even though it didn't work for you.

    Playdates? Track's "playdate" a few years ago cost the school district money. Bristol's various "playdates" are an unending sources of amusement to the country. Willow's "playdate" at the Morley house - destructive.

    If I were her, I wouldn't mention school or playdates.

  69. Anonymous9:45 AM

    no problem calling that thing a tranny...

    She is one hot tranny mess....

    It's a expression. Get over it people. The young say it all the time.

    I love transgendered people and think they rock, and even they would say she is a hot tranny mess.

    Anyway, nice to see she stopped counting her money long enough to give a interview. I agree, she looks HORRIBLE.

    I kinda miss that cute, evil, young chipmunk from 2 years ago...

    No surgery can help her now....she is gollum and she found her precious. So gross.

  70. Anonymous9:45 AM

    She has a really problem with Os. Remember she kept calling Biden O'Biden so she asked him if she could just call him Joe at the debate.

    Then last night she called Michele Bachman - Michele Obama and then attempted to correct herself and called her Michele O'Bachman!!!

  71. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Well she's still "condradicting" herself. Wouldn't it be amazing if she could get through one single statement without butchering the English language? Yes, I know.

    On one hand she's yelling crony capitalism, then she wants to do away with all corporate taxes & regulations.
    What a flaming hypocrite and paranoid idiot.

  72. Anonymous9:47 AM

    "The candidates not answering questions" complaint riles me since this is what SHE had to say in 2008:
    PALIN: I’m still on the tax thing because I want to correct you on that again. And I want to let you know what I did as a mayor and as a governor. And I may not answer the questions the way that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also.

  73. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Before I even read the rest of your post or steel myself to maybe listen to the clip for a minute, let me just say,

    HAHAHAHAHA Gryphen! LOL at your title. This is exactly why I can't quit you. Love you, and thank you.

    Ok, now I'll read the rest of it.

    R in NC

  74. I really appreciate all of you who are defending "trannys", but there is a bit of confusion in some cases on what/who they are. (Totally understandable.) They aren't "trying to look like" anything in particular so much as desiring to simply be themselves and wanting the outside to reflect the inside.

    My son, Aidan, is a committed activist who produces an annual transgender conference in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center. You can go to his website, Gender Odyssey, if you are interested in learning more about transgender people.

    I'm very proud of him and all he is doing!

  75. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Sarah is the biggest idiot in the fact she talked about things the candidates did that she herself has done for three+ years.

    I just keep shaking my head at her. It's obvious she is not being paid attention to by our national media much anymore.

    Oh, what a relief it is!!!!

  76. Anonymous9:51 AM

    @ 8:28, not sure why you felt the need to take that person to task, but I bet that commenter doesn't know how to put those things together.

    People are awfully touchy these days.

    Or else you are a troll/mole trying to stir up trouble. Doubt it, unfortunately.

    We are our own worst enemies sometimes.

  77. DrakesDrum9:51 AM

    Fox News doesn't care if Gov. Palin spouts nonsense. Like she could drive down Greta's ratings further than they are now?

    They are keeping her as an insurance policy against the phone hacking scandal becoming an issue here in the US. If it does, they can break the Babygate story themselves, deflecting attention from their own misdeeds for about two weeks, maybe three.

    A cheap price to pay. Remember, Roger Ailes is evil, not stupid.

    Another more tinfoil-hat scenario: Fox has told the other media outlets that if they give phone-hacking any traction, they will expose babygate and identify those media outlets that sat on the story, gaining credibility for Fox and diminishing it for everyone else at a critical time for Fox.

  78. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I think Sarah is on the skids with Faux News, and she gave it away with her closing remark about the debates: "Unfortunately, it is all about the ratings...."

    She said it with a little sarcastic curl of her lip, and that pin point stare of hers into the camera. I think that comment was directed directly at Ailes.

    I honestly think that woman/child can't help it - It's a passive aggressive jabbing, a tactic a down and out narcissist uses as a last resort. And she's been using it a lot lately toward Fox.

    I'll bet she does some serious acting out when Fox dumps her.

  79. Anonymous9:59 AM

    emrysa said...

    there's a difference between transsexuals and transvestites, people. jeezus, talk about uptight.
    I am aware there is a difference, but the word tranny slanders two groups, as you eloquently pointed out.
    And thanks, I've got a life, part of it includes fighting for my WHOLE LGBT family.
    I suppose I am uptight, but then again it's probably from finding a friend or two laying in a ditch with the shit kicked out of them. One needing hospitalization and reconstructive surgery.
    Sorry...MY BAD.
    Thanks for the edit Gryphen.

  80. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Bickering kids coming home from school? Who? Piper and Trig? They are the only ones left! And according to Mommy Dearest, Trig can't talk. Such nonsense!

  81. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Sarah's a one-trick pony. Snarking is what she does, everytime, all the time. I think it's time to put this old nag out to pasture. She looks rode hard and put away wet. She needs some serious r and r, and better meds.

  82. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Wow! A couple more cosmetic procedures, and Greta will be the "pretty" one!! $carah is looking rough these days. Lying, grifting, trying to dodge questions, remembering kids and grandkids birthdays takes a toll on a granny, obviously. Is the Wasilla PD taking time off to rest up from Bristle's birthday celebration? I wonder how many of her kids and "god children" were there?

  83. ywc_achieve10:30 AM

    Is that Rudy Giuliani in drag, being interviewed by Greta Van Susteren?

  84. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Anon 6:59...People like you tickle me coming on someones blog telling them what to say, and what not to say.

  85. "She is not running for any political job.
    Yet she shows up to critique a debate- a forum she fears more than shoes in her own size?!"

    Blade, that was excellent!

    and the earrings were so unprofessional

  86. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Gryph. This is your blog, and you have the right to use ANY WORD(s) you please.

  87. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Sarah looks like a tranny. I would have sworn it is Giuliani in drag.

  88. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Did not watch the video, but this witch is so transparent. I think I remember her talking smack about Newt Gingrich in some of her e-mails ( Possibly mentioned in Bailey's Book). Now that he supported her "death panels" at the last debate she's all of a sudden saying he's the winner. He's been at the bottom of the pack since the beginning. Once again it's all about her and not about reality. He supported her lies, so she has to try and bump him up. He's grasping at straws to get some of her supportes since he has none and she's supporting the only candidate that mentioned her name.

    Even funnier, the palinbots are now flip-flopping on all the shit they talked about Newtie. I'm so glad I can think for myself.

  89. honeybabe10:48 AM

    and now there is nothing left of the wicked palin of the north but a bumpit, a bad smell and a teensy echo of a screech. ding, dong.....

  90. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I find that these talking shows on late evening tv are spinning their wheels on the discussion of candidates. It's a snoozefest dissecting every word they say and trying to find something to spin out of it. It's a waste of time listening and most of it is fluff. Then throw Sarah and other analysts in the mix, and it's super-fluff.

    The only people who will watch Greta and Sarah are the small group of adoring fans, and the curious. Having Sarah on for input does nothing to contribute to the topic.

    She doesn't even study up on each candidate's past stand on the issues, no historical accounts of each candidate on the issues. Herman Cain at least offers an economic solution because he is a successful entrepreneur. Sarah used to brag how she was a small businesswoman. Why doesn't she ever discuss the techniques she used in her and Todd's business, how it affected her staff, profits, salaries, health care. Did her small business offer health care to their employees? All those little details are left out of Sarah's "business experience" discussion.

    Her input is a big zero.

    Also, she never talks about details in her governor's capacity - how the State ran it's business to create jobs. Does she ever mention that at all? She loves to trash the candidates about not providing details, but for the past two years since she quit, she's been leading her fans on making them think she is a font of special superior economic knowledge, but does not give one idea to them. She takes their money but gives nothing of value back.

    How's that fake persona thingy workin' out for ya now, Sarah?

  91. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I think she is on diet pills or something equal. Seen that look before. Not good for 6 pm Alaska time.

  92. Anonymous10:51 AM

    She looks like crap. Even Greta looks better than her. Yikes! the ugliness inside is seeping to the outside Granny Grifter better call the plastic surgeon STAT! Good time to get the real boobs and ass that you always wanted! And just think, no more need for a water bra or water girdle! Maybe a neck lift too for good measure and oh yeah, hair plugs too!

  93. Marleycat10:55 AM

    My response to Herman Cains' latest derogatory comments denigrating Americans who've lost their jobs because of Wall Street crimes:

    Only in today's American Rep/TP America - do candidates receive applause and glory for promoting hatred towards those who've lost jobs, homes, healthcare­, educationa­l opportunit­y, equal rights, civil rights and equal opportunit­y to pursue the American Dream!

    Only in today's Rep/TP America are the goals of ignorance, intoleranc­e, racism and sexism, guns and violence promoted by paid for shills for Wall Street/Cor­porate America.

    The meme that a social safety net is unnecessar­y is based on the faulty premise that every human being will always be at their physical, intellectu­al and emotional peak from birth through death - and that we all are born with equal abilities and circumstan­ces, is bunk.

    In a perfect world, we would be within our rights to selfishly only look to our own selves. The reality is this inescapabl­e fact - we are living, biological organisms with vastly different genetic, socioecono­mic situations­. Leveling the field to include everyone benefits society on an individual and societal level. FACT! And guess what - the rich are no more self supporting than the poor - without our labor they do not exist.

    If the middle class/poor stopped buying/pay­ing for other than basic necessitie­s for a month, two months, or more and all the undocument­ed workers in this country stopped working or left the country - the loss of their labor and the dollars in the money stream they spend dries up -Wall Street would listen.

    I guarantee the sneering towards the middle class/poor will end very quickly! Yes, boycotting the businesses and Wall Street will crash the economy - but how long does the Silent Majority have to take this BS from morons like Cain, Palin et al? Real financial loss is the only thing these criminals understand - and, ultimately, making them feel the same pain we feel seems to be what they are asking for, and is doable!

  94. Anonymous10:58 AM

    OMG, 45 mind burps in a row compiled into some of the most rambling statements ever made.

  95. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Too bad Paul didn't let the whole cat out of the bag on that Iran business, you know letting the folks at home know the whole trade was set in stone before the election that Carter was to lose and Reagan to win. That might have steamed a few cups of oatmeal this AM.

  96. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Where is her SarahPac third quarter filing?

  97. lilly lily11:07 AM

    She is soured milk, long past its sell date.

    She is demanding everything of candidates that she herself avoided like the plague.

    this often happens with people who have gotten away with murder metaphoricaly speaking in their jobs.

    They want every one else to pay their dues even if they themselves skipped the heavy lifting to get where they are.

    She is a bitch pure and simple through and through, and her face is beginning to show what she is inside.

    About time.

    That moldering portrait in her secret room must look like hell. (Oscar Wilde)

  98. lilly lily11:07 AM

    She is soured milk, long past its sell date.

    She is demanding everything of candidates that she herself avoided like the plague.

    this often happens with people who have gotten away with murder metaphoricaly speaking in their jobs.

    They want every one else to pay their dues even if they themselves skipped the heavy lifting to get where they are.

    She is a bitch pure and simple through and through, and her face is beginning to show what she is inside.

    About time.

    That moldering portrait in her secret room must look like hell. (Oscar Wilde)

  99. WakeUpAmerica11:26 AM

    To the first anon@8:28,
    Really? That was important to say to that person? Perhaps he/she isn't adept at splicing videos from the internet. That does take some knowledge. Personally, I was thinking the same thing. Regina at palingates is terrific at it. That would be a good place to post the suggestion.

  100. London Bridges11:26 AM

    One of the most bizarre, illogical articles ever written, and guess what? It's about Bristol! Compares other "celebrities" who had babies at a young age. Being unwed and preggo 1-3 times bybage 17 is not the same as being married and having a child at age 22 or 23.

  101. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Wow! I get what you are saying, but, "Tranny?" That really IS offensive to many people and certainly makes this article appear to be more of a tabloid hit piece rather than a credible blog post.

  102. emrysa, the term tranny is typically used to refer to a transgendered person who has not had genital surgery. Transvestites are typically referred to as drag queens. As someone who has a transgendered friend, I don't like the term, tranny either.

  103. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I'm with the commenter that relates this to her debate with Biden.

    Didn't she come right out in the beginning and say she was going to talk about what she wanted to talk about and too bad if it wasn't realted to the questions asked?

    Props for being truthful about it, I guess, which is more than can be said for the debaters last night.

    A comparison between her comments last night and the Biden debate would be worth a laugh.

  104. So, once Roger finally dumps $arah, what happens to the fancy studio he built her?

  105. Anonymous11:44 AM

    WOW! the concern trolls are out. It is obvious Gryphen was comparing Sarah to a transvestite, not a transexual.

    Anyone who has followed this blog clearly knows Gryphens support for the GLBT community also, too.

  106. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Sarah Palin does not remember herself saying "not going to answer" in her VEEP debate. Sarah Palin's memory is confined to the evil that has been done to her and the glory of her own "triumphs".

    She is mentally unstable.

    What did John McCain know and when did he know it?

  107. jcinco12:15 PM

    I think she needs a big dose of estrogen, she sort of has a five o'clock shadow thing going on lately. AKRNHSNC at 7:33 AM. that is exactly how I feel, stated well! I watched her for a few minutes last night, hubby's out of town, I would never watch faux or the old hag in front of a witness :). She came across as a babbling, hysterical know-nothing that needed to wash her hair, as usual...

  108. Thanks for the edit, Gryph. You rock.

    And thanks, Lynne, for sharing the info about your son!

  109. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I still find it hilarious that a woman whose boss said he only hired her for her T&A is still ramblin' on. Why didn't she call Roger out the way she did Mike Tyson?

    Delusions of relevance and intelligence run rampant with this chick.

  110. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Not so pretty hate machine.

  111. @Angela~

    I am nearly completely deaf. Even with my hearing aides up full blast, I have a hard time making out the words on television.
    BUT~ The good thing about that is to put on your Closed-Captioning. That way, you get to see what the Wicked Witch of Wasilla is saying and don't have to listen to that horrible, psychotic voice!!
    I did so even before my hearing got so bad.
    Give it a try~ it will save your ears from bleeding. ;)

  112. Anonymous1:02 PM

    When Sarah was at the height of her glory days, the money was flowing into SarahPAC, and Sarah could spend it on promoting her favorite political candidate, herself. Then, she could afford to get her hair done, get a new outfit, maybe even a professional makeup job.

    When Sarah dresses herself and does her own hair, she's a mess. That means that there isn't as much money to spend, and I don't think that Sarah enjoys spending her own money nearly as much as she enjoyed spending other peoples money. She might also have been advised to keep something set aside in case of a real lawsuit, something that she couldn't sweep under the rug as before.

    As for Sarah talking it up for Newt one day and some other candidate another, these are Fox Trial Balloons, launched by the people behind Fox, pulling the political strings of their puppets. There were times when Sarah either liked Perry or didn't like Perry. This stuff is being focus-group and tested after every program. How does Newt play to Sarah's people, yes or no? Let's have her say something about Rick next time, or good old Herb Cain. Here's a hint. Sarah can't tell one of them from another, and she doesn't know what each one stands for-- not if she thinks his name is Herb instead of Herman. Sarah has been reduced to another Fox Sock Puppet, and I don't think that she likes that job any more than she liked being governor.

  113. Anonymous1:04 PM

    "glossy lipped tranny from Alaska"

    Gryphen - you owe me a new keyboard! but thanks for making me guffaw so early in the day!!!

  114. Anonymous1:41 PM

    her kids coming home from school?



  115. Anonymous1:42 PM

    How funny. Politico reported that Gingrich called Palin asking for her endorsement right after she announced she wasn't running. Pathetic.

  116. Marleycat1:54 PM

    Greasy hair, slurred words - ignorance shining through. Accusing others of her very own transgressions. Man, we dodged not just a bullet but a nuclear warhead aimed at the heart of America. Hope we hear more about when the investigations come to fruition!!!

  117. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Old, OLD, old, O.L.D., o...l...d, OLDY OLDSTER!!!!!!!!

  118. she is aging really fast..looks old an worn out..didn't listen ,cause she makes my ears bleed an she says the same damn thing every time she flaps those lip stick stained lips

  119. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Oh, the irony! Sarah Palin asking that GOP candidates be asked harder questions? Sarah, remember Katie Couric?

  120. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Transgender people are trying to correct an accident that left them not resembling who they truly are.They can be male or female.Transvestites are not the same.They are men ,dressing and making themselves up to look like like women,but they are men.They may enjoy sex with men,or with women,but they are not trying to be who they were meant to be.Its an act,to attract other men sexually,usually for money making purposes .I know someone who is a transvestite,he dresses,wears makeup,wears a weave ,he dances at a club and makes some money after hours from men he meets there.he used to be a happy gay man,until he fell into this underworld that is mostly based on sex,and really has nothing to do with gender.Your son is a wonderful person doing wonderful thing.But he is not a transvestite.

  121. Anonymous3:06 PM

    lilly lily said...

    She is soured milk, long past its sell date.


    ... which is akin to some warm cottage cheese.

    Putrid indeed.

  122. Anonymous3:22 PM

    How many conservatives watching that now think to themselves, why is this crazy lady still on my tv machine? Fulfilling that contract must be killing Ailes. He originally hired her for ratings and now all she does is demoralize those unfortunate enough to tune in while she's on.

  123. Randall3:26 PM

    Sarah who?

  124. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Boy, does she look old, drawn and used up. For a minute I thought Greta was interviewing a member of Aerosmith or something.

  125. Anonymous3:34 PM

    THe Tundra Turd just doesn’t get she is old news. Yet another sign of her delusional personality.

  126. Anonymous3:51 PM

    She looks like my grandma. And her facial bones are definitely more masculine than feminine.

  127. QUOTE: [Anonymous said...
    I think she's delusional enough to think that saying she's "not running" in order to skip out on all of the debates and that somehow she will magically become drafted if she slams the GOP field enough. Deep down in that narcissistic brain cell of hers, she's still thinking she's going to be POTUS without having to "run" for the job. The creature from the dead lagoon is plotting her return Gryphen because we still have at least 3/4 more of the movie to go.

    6:52 AM]

    This is exactly what I have thought from the moment the word salad was regurgitated from her mouth the moment she announced she was not seeking the "GOP" nomination. But gee...maybe she will HAVE TO now that there's a Facebook campaign, or should I say "Earthquake"? Good grief. Run Sarah run! It'll be fun!

  128. Hahahhahhaaa, you had me at "glossy lipped tranny"!!!

  129. Anon 3:00, thank you so much for clarifying all that for me. I really am quite ignorant you know. However, I don't believe I implied anywhere that I thought my son was a transvestite or that I didn't know the difference.

  130. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sarah looks old and beat up and there are just no words to describe the devastation that Greta has done to her face. If it were me, every morning I looked in the mirror at what I had done to my face, I would cry.

  131. Anonymous4:40 PM

    fetid old skank fraud

  132. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Where's her neck? She looks like E.T.

  133. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Sarah is nothing but a sour faced, mean, angry old hag and looks and acts like she hates being on she is being forced to do it. Just like when she quit the Governorship, she become bored with it and she hates that she can't just quit!

  134. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Greta and Sarah bemoaning the lack of substance in others. Just wow

  135. My apologies to all who objected to the word "t _ _ _ _ y". I didn't realize. The transgendered person I know uses the word. I wrongly assumed its use.

  136. Beldar Handsome Conehead5:34 PM

    Them's TWO ugly ass old women. Inside and out.

  137. Anonymous5:37 PM

    She is prob taking Todd's "low T" meds, trying to get rid of those cottage cheese thighs. But now has to add a flotation device to her ass! As seen recently.
    She has no Ass but suddenly she does! Buttshitfter?
    Yep she's dippin' into Todd's low T cream, prob rubbin on her face.

  138. Anonymous6:12 PM

    emrysa @ 8:46, you took the words out of my mouth.

    tranny= transvestite

    Yep, that's Palin with her man-jaw.

  139. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, the irony! Sarah Palin asking that GOP candidates be asked harder questions? Sarah, remember Katie Couric?

    2:59 PM


    GOOD ONE......

  140. Anonymous7:07 PM

    sarah looks like hell. what's up with her skin?

    and from listening to random parts of that interview (i can only handle that voice small bits at a time) it sounds like she still has it bad for barry.

  141. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Why does the weather never change on Lake Lucille? It seems to be perpetually summer there.

  142. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Two notes:
    To Lynn - thanks for the info. Your son is doing great things and I suspect it is in no small part due to your understanding and support. ((hugs to you, sweet Mom))

    and to Anon at 3:34 pm who said:
    "Boy, does she look old, drawn and used up. For a minute I thought Greta was interviewing a member of Aerosmith or something."

    BWAA HAA HA AA HA HA HA HAAA HAAA HA. Aerosmith? Ha ha hahhh heee haa haa. Aerosmith?!! ha ha ha hee haa haa haa Aerosmith?!...too perfect.
    (though Steven Tyler seems rather nice)

    Thanks for the LOLs. SunnyVee

  143. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Kids,,,,school... playdates...


    She thinks Trig (any of em all of em) walks in the door "bickering" with "Pouty Piper", and Todd's the kid off on "playdates".


    My eyes always look "marty feldmanesque" when watching the stereo fugly GVS becomes when gal pal Citizen Palin goes all splitscreen.

    The "transvestite education academy" got a few things wrong. But it's understandable because of common prejudice, misconception, and misinformation.

    There ARE transvestites who are straight, single and or married to people of the opposite sex. And the clothes aren't fetish devices at all for some, both gay and straight. For some it's a creative form of expression soley for entertainment purposes, and not to "attract" anyone.

    Thanks, Lynne, for the link, for raising an awesome person and for being so supportive. The world needs more great mom's like you.

    And I do know Gryphen supports LGBT issues and didn't mean it to offend anyone but Sarah.

  144. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Keep doing what you do! This woman will make a comeback if allowed and many have written her off. She's too dangerous to ignore..THANKS!

  145. Anonymous8:27 PM

    A couple of points...

    Yea, no kids at home. Maybe Piper went to school that day but who was there to bicker with when she came home, Mom??

    To Lynne. Thank you for the information about Gender Odyssey I will check it out. Isn't it great that we can talk here about this stuff and know that we are understood or at least have a platform for reasonable discussion? Nothing like the disgusting hypocritical liars who want to take over our American liberties.

    I think Sarah is so not into doing Fox and I almost wonder if Ailes is making her do it to torture her. Think about it, her contract isn't up but he's gonna make her pay by having to go on the air anyway. Why cut her loose? She doesn't seem to be trying anymore.


    OT but I want to pass this along.

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

    "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just
    pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more
    than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible
    for re-election".

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds)
    took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple!
    The people demanded it. That was in 1971 - before computers, e-mail,cell phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure.

    Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to
    a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask
    each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will
    have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed

    *Congressional Reform Act of 2011*_

    1. No Tenure / No Pension.

    A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
    Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
    American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
    Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
    Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system and
    participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the
    American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void
    effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this
    contract with Congressmen/women.

    Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
    envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
    term(s), then go home and back to work.

    Maybe this is what OWS should get behind right now!!


  146. Anonymous8:58 PM

    There's a definite look of disdain on Greta face in the screen-grab. Perhaps she got stuck as the only one who will feign an interview with "The Defeated."

  147. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Ok so I finally broke down and read this post but you know what? I'm so thankful you have found other fodder for us because I am so bored with Palin. She is utterly irrelevant. Finally the absurdity of the whole 'dill' is starting to fade.

  148. Anonymous4:00 AM

    She looks tired. And hot pink is not her color. It makes her look sallow and pallid. At least she picked an appropriate neckline this time. I'll give her that.

  149. "Transamerica" with Felicity Huffman is


    It is NOT "creepy" or "weird" or anything like that.

    It's an incredibly well-acted story of a transgendered man discovering "she" has a son from long before.

    "She" ain't got no use for this kid, and the kid does NOT know what to make of his new...parent.

    Incredibly well-acted; Felicity was ROBBED of an Academy Award simply b/c the Academy didn't watch this movie. Travesty.

  150. Wow! A couple more cosmetic procedures, and Greta will be the "pretty" one!!

    That's it!

    We've been groomed for the upcoming FOX crime-fighting duo a la "Cagney and Lacy"-

    "Gag-me and Cage-y"

  151. To Lynne~

    I just wanted to say how very, very lucky your son is to have such an understanding mom. It would be a real blessing if all LGBT parents could be as loving and open-minded as yourself.

    It is just simply not the case.

    I can not IMAGINE enduring puberty/adolescence/young adulthood/adulthood with the knowledge that I was literally in the WRONG body.

    The pain expressed by loved ones of LGBTers in this section is understandable b/c of the horrendous brutality they have all suffered,

    but I think most of you know there is no malice in Gryphen's words, nor those of your fellow posters.

    But I can see how it could be a source of pain for you and yours (it definitely has a negative conotation...).

    Also, there's a whole ad campaign trying to get people to stop saying, "That's gay" as a negative.

    I totally agree and I think "Tranny" can probably get thrown into that pile.


    But yeah, crazy Palin looked like warm doggy doodie.

  152. Anonymous10:55 AM

    When is "The Wild Ride" coming out? Soon, I hope.

  153. Laura Novak11:55 AM

    Don't want to spoil the read for anyone, but it's relevant to this transgender discussion, believe it or not, or I wouldn't mention it otherwise.

    Cheers, Laura

  154. Anonymous12:48 PM

    What a total farce of an "interview".

    OH, Greta, look at how far down you have fallen! I agree with a previous poster that Greta must have pinned her hopes on being in Palin's administration, but she showed a huge lack of intelligence in not seeing Sarah for the loser we all saw almost from day one.

    Re the "tranny". I think she does look like a transvestite, except they would do a better job on their hair and makeup. However, whenever I see that word by her picture I think it stands for "tramp granny".

    Loved the comment about the "play dates" being Todd. She really thinks we are all such idiots that we don't realize there is only one kid coming home (if she even goes to school) so who the hell is "bickering"?

    Also, too, how the hell could Greta sit there and let her talk about people dodging questions from the press and not answering questions in debated? A REAL interviewer would have called her to task for that. You know, I really used to respect Greta. No longer.


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