Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Julianne Moore on the research she conducted to play Sarah Palin in the movie Game Change: "I'm kind of disgusted."

Courtesy of Politico:

The actress — who is playing Sarah Palin in "Game Change," HBO’s upcoming movie about the '08 presidential race — recently told ABC News that the role has exposed her to some harsh political realities. 

“In terms of the research I did on the way campaigns are conducted, you know, so much is about how do you get on the air, how to you get the most media attention, how do you make the most noise. When, in fact, what we’re all looking for is leadership,” she said. “We don’t want noise. We want people who are going to take care of us.” 

Moore also said she’s “really disgusted” and “kind of ashamed” by the country’s divisive political climate. “I mean, there’s got to be an end to it,” she said. “I think everyone is really sick of it.”

While I am sure that any research into how politics is conducted in this day and age might have been somewhat shocking to somebody who is not cognizant of it, I have to imagine that looking at it through the prism of Sarah Palin's hate mongering, divisive approach to politics must have been especially unsettling.

Imagine never having seen a movie before, and the first one you are exposed to is a disgustingly violent snuff film, and I think we may have some idea of what Ms. Moore endured to prepare for this role.

However since I am completely immune to being shocked by either politics, or Sarah Palin, I am definitely putting this movie on my "must see" list. I loved the book, and have little doubt I will greatly enjoy the movie.

Besides Julianne Moore is one of my favorite actresses.

(You can see video of Julianne Moore's interview here.)


  1. I couldn't agree more.

  2. Can't wait to see this. HBO has done such an outstanding job on its political stories, so I expect that this will be a great adaption of the book, which I too enjoyed - even knowing the outcome. Fascinating read. This should put the Palin coffin out to sea aflame a laa Viking Funeral.

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  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Looking forward to the movie. Just wondering what Sarah's mafia dug up on McCain. I can't understand why he hasn't spoken up by now. The creepy Palins have found a way to silence him.

  5. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Julianne Moore is a fantastic actress, though I can imagine it would be quite hard to play Granny Grifter without just going totally over-the-top into a charicature (sp?) like Tina Fey.

    ...then again, Sarah Palin acts like a living cartoon character, anyway - so maybe that will be the most realistic way to go at it.

    Never read the book, but I cant wait to see this movie !! Thanks for the post, Gryphen.

  6. Does anybody know the broadcast/release date of this show?
    HBO tends to rebroadcast their movies.

  7. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Aside from the fact that Julianna Moore is so much more beautiful then $P, this will be interesting. I watched the Gretta suck fest and am very sorry for $a rah. Trying to portray the happy family, of kids (Piper?) coming home from play dates, portraying herself as a normal person which she never has been. It must be so pathetic for her to be ensconced in her turret at the dead lake, wondering what she is going to do next. ails has bailed on her, her minions are bailing on her, and unforunateletly a lll her Sarah Pac MISSAPPROPIATION of funds will be coming forward.

    Sarah PAC paying for your trip to DWTS: Whatndo you think of that, $a rah? Not going over well. That small change in terms of what they will find on the $a rah Pac.

    You have Karma com in your way, ,miss wassilla

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Julianne is too smart and too beautiful for this part, but I bet she'll be fabulous. She's a great actress and will be able to play non-smart, but I do think maybe a jaw prosthesis or an extra bumpit or XXL wig hat would be in order. Loved her wise words in the interview. I bet she is a strong supporter of Pres Obama.

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM

    How can anyone actually delving into the thing that is palin NOT be disgusted? Hopefully she will portray $P as the nasty, narcissistic, psycho she is.

  10. Anonymous8:30 PM

    @7:17 - McCain, Eiseman, Paxson

  11. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Im wondering if Game Change will portray the lies told by anon "staffers" or if it will actually be truthful.

    If Geoff Dunn was fooled, I guess the producers involved here dont care about truth and bias either, Too bad you one cares about reporting truth anymore. They're only helping Sarah out by seeing to it shes a justified victim.

    That movie really is what is wrong with DC in a nutshell. It displays people as backstabbers, liars, ladder climbers who care only about themselves, and put others' feelings and any truth aside as long as they are made to look like THEY are not the problem.

    The McCain team didn't want to be found out THEY spent thousands on fancy clothes when the candidates clothes would have done fine, That was the sickest thing for me. THe fact that ANYONE would believe otherwise is sicker though.

    Steve S and others involved in VP selection are ONLY the blame for Sarah. THEY knew a campaign like that would take a toll on anyone not used to national politics. THEY didn't even TRY to make things easy. I know that Sara would not have been slected if McCain hadn't have hired Steve when he let go Rick? (I forgot his name) but honestly, Steve Schmidt would make Mother Teresa start killing. Man, what a natural-born asshole.

    McCain knows that the media treats conservatives more harshly than liberals. The media will ALWAYS e liberal.

    It's just sickening how liberals can get away with ANYTHING in this country, whereas if repulicans sneeze differently, they're ostracized.

    Hey hollywood, YOU are part of the problem. You millionaires out there say, "raise my taxes" yet I AM POSITIVE you dodge them as well.

    What's funny is, if "anon aides" (aka the two or three people who felt entertained by lying) didn't shoot their mouth off, Sarah would NOT have started retaliating. It's like when she became Gov and all the stupid radio hosts like Fagan were throwing sexist attack after sexist attack at her. OF COURSE she's going to retaliate. WHO WOULDNT.


    I miss Laura Bush, a fist lady WORTH having in the White House. Heck I miss Hillary Clinton.

  12. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hey, maybe THIS will be different. Maybe there's a researcher part of the production team who actually researched what really happened. Because if it actually follows the book, then it's nearly purely fiction as well.

    Sigh. So much for journalism and truthful storytelling.

  13. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Phoebes, I checked recently and it's not gonna air until 2012, though there isn't a date set, specifically. I went to IMDB for the information.

  14. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I loved Julianne Moore in "The Big Lebowski". That's one of those movies that we watch every time it shows up on cable; it can be 11pm on a weeknight and we find it channel surfing and that's it, we're in it watching it until it's done, then going to work tired the next morning.

  15. Anonymous9:16 PM

    All Sarah and others do is speak truth that the MSM refuses to report. I would HOPE that J Moore would be more disgusted with what democrats get away with saying and lying about.

    Saying the jobs bill is paid for and "If you love me, youll pass this bill" tops m y list.

  16. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Shoot, if I had to listen to such hotheaded and indecent campaign aides as Sarah did, I would have gone rogue too. What a horrible team McCain switched to. I think JMac's ONE regret was probably ever hiring the Schmidt meister. jerk du jour. Did McCain knowSteve is a pompous chauvinist and would try to demean a woman VP candidate?

  17. Anonymous9:21 PM

    An amusing factoid: Julianne Moore lived in Juneau for a time as a child and attended Capitol School -- the old elementary school behind the Capitol.

  18. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Smiles and waves at 8:46



    It's just my way of being "polite" Here, have a few cupcakes!

    I love your pearls and matching earings! They're just precious!
    Nice flag pin, too! You fine conservative women sure know how to accessorize!

    Thanks for stopin' in! Y'all come back now, hear?

    Oh, and those aren't cupcakes you've been eating. They're called "Urinal Cakes".

    Have a nice day!


  19. 8:46pm:

    Liberals only "get away" with more than Republicans because Liberals tend to not run around saying that they are "right with God" or "Speaking to God" or "God Speaks to Them".

    The Far Right Republicans seem to always bring Values into the argument that they themselves can never live up to. Reference Larry Craig, "wide stance guy", "Rent Boy" Republican Christian man from Florida, Newt Gingrich and his many divorces, and lastly John McCain himself divorcing his sickly wife for a newer model.

    If the Far Right Repubs wouldn't preach ideals that they can't live up to then we Libs wouldn't find such fault with them.

    Lib and learn.

  20. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I adore Julianne Moore. I was amazed how well she played Jodi Foster's role in "Hannibal 3"- a great actress and natural beauty.

    That photo is amazing! Sarah never looked that good all her life!

    Can't imagine having to stay in character as such a bitter, vindictive, hate-filled, willfully ignorant and lazy woman. It must have been torture.

    How does one empty their brain enough to pull it off?

    I loved reading "Game Change" and can't wait to see this movie. Woody Harrelson is playing Steve Schmidt. I'm so glad he's now on MSNBC as a political commenter. He's much smarter than that woman Greta had on yakking about things she knows nothing of, and never will.

    Yeah, real behind the scenes truth from people who know is going to be a big hit for HBO.

    Not a good time to be Sarah, not good at all.

  21. Anonymous10:12 PM

    "If the Far Right Repubs wouldn't preach ideals that they can't live up to then we Libs wouldn't find such fault with them."

    And it's worse than just preaching their "ideals"-- they also try to turn them into laws that everyone has to obey.

  22. Anonymous10:35 PM

    8:46, I mean, Sarah, you were an asshole long before you were Gov, so don't even start blaming Fagan and others. You poor thing... not ready for the realities of a campaign? More like you were a completely unprepared and unqualified candidate who should have blinked. Too late, Steve Schmidt saw right through your bullshit so I guess that makes him an asshole in your book. The rest of your comment is just stupid word salad.

  23. I like Julianne Moore as well but she apparently lives in an ivory tower. Who among us doesn't wish the political scene couldn't be about making life better for the citizens of this nation. Wishing it so tho, doesn't cut it and those who avoid political news and involvement because it offends their zen like sensibilities are as much a danger to the Nation as the self-serving bickering pols.

    Not sure the dramatized version of Mrs P's life will add much more to what I've come to know of $arah's saga. Basta !

  24. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Anon 8:46: you are an incredibly small minded and misinformed person. And that is being kind. Why you frequent here I will never understand. Others here have called it sick, but it's so much more.
    You are extremely uneducated, narrow and rigid in your views about most every topic. Frankly it's frightening to realize there are so many uneducated women like you in our country. I bet you were home schooled because you know very little about real America and strong working, truly accomplished liberal women. I feel sorry for you that your experiences are so limited and you are so vacuous because of it.
    I hope you will travel and truly open up your mind one day and get over your extreme partisan bias.

  25. Anonymous11:50 PM


    There is a solution.

  26. Anonymous11:55 PM


    Lou Crazy, that you?

  27. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Playing cross-eyed and cuckoo cannot be easy.

    Hats off to the beautiful and talented Julianne more going there.

    I just hope she remembers Kirk Lazarus' advice to Tugg Speedman.

  28. Anonymous2:41 AM

    7:17 McCain can't speak out about the Palins, because it would shine the light on HIM, choosing such an unqualified candidate for his running mate. I bet he is cheering Nichole Wallace and Schmidt from the sidelines, though, as they leak the truth about Palin. Someone should be made to answer for putting this mentally ill person so close to the WH. That could mean either one, McCain or Palin or BOTH. Neither belongs in any position of power.

  29. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn2:50 AM

    My, my. The attack trolls are already out, and the film hasn't been released yet. A bit nervous, are we? Still think that God will present The Sainted One on a silver cloud to the voting public when the GOP candidates finish beating each other over the head with oversized Looney Tunes mallets?

    Hey guys, listen. Instead of yakking up the "Sarah-as-victim" script all the time, please write a short essay on what YOU think Ms. Palin can honestly offer this country. You know, ideas. HER ideas. "She's hot," "She's a great mother," "She's experienced," "You're just jealous," yada, yada, doesn't count. It'll either be informative, helpful, or funny as all hell. Thanks.

  30. Just when I thought she disappeared,

  31. Anonymous3:20 AM

    McCain is silenced to protect his own sorry ass. I still think this is why the GOP stays silent on Palin, because it's a reflection on them and on the truly frightening lack of vetting on someone who was a heartbeat away from the presidency.

    I'm looking forward to this too, it really needs to be exposed. I'm glad Julianne Moore made that comment; hopefully middle America will see it and be able to express our agreement.

  32. Anonymous3:27 AM

    "What's funny is, if "anon aides" (aka the two or three people who felt entertained by lying) didn't shoot their mouth off, Sarah would NOT have started retaliating. It's like when she became Gov and all the stupid radio hosts like Fagan were throwing sexist attack after sexist attack at her. OF COURSE she's going to retaliate. WHO WOULDNT. "

    Hi Sarah! I'm rilly, rilly hopin' we'll get to see ya doin' the perp walk fer spendin' the PAC money as yer personal bank, you betcha!

    Can you take some of yer favorite wigs to the pokey with ya, or do ya have ta leave em at home?

    R in NC

  33. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Why @8:46 p.m. bless your heart. I guess you don't know Laura B's nick name - Pickles? As in pickled to the gills, as in drunk as a skunk when she committed manslaughter with her automobile. Oh that's right, she got off that charge. Hmmm real conservative Xtian values.

    Eff off precious.


  34. Anonymous5:16 AM

    @8:45 Wow you are on train wreck roll - Palin showed her stupidity a long time before she was elected govenor. All she had was her sex appeal and she used to and then people used her. She was too stupid to figure it out and conservative - hardly. All you have to do is look at the financial records of Wasilla and the State of Alaska to see how much money she wasted on projects for her own gain. Palin was for herself - a power hungery woman that didn't care who she left in her wake including her family. Politics is a nasty business so the nasty woman was perfect for it , she was just too self centered and stupid to figure it out to her advantage.

  35. Anonymous5:25 AM

    'All Sarah and others do is speak truth that the MSM refuses to report.'
    Well, I don't watch Fox so are you telling me that everything I have seen Sarah saying everywhere else is a lie? I assumed so but thanks for admitting it.
    The truth that MSM isn't reporting is the baby hoax, dairygate, half marathon cheating, etc.etc.etc. I haven't seen anything about those on MSM. .

  36. I expect that this will be a great adaption of the book, which I too enjoyed - even knowing the outcome. Fascinating read.

    While reading Game Change I could not put it down! My husband said, "I've never seen you read like this" and I said, "I know! And I know how it ends!"

    It's fantastic, if you haven't read it.

    I lent it to my aunt just last weekend. I will buy another one if I don't get it back- I would love her to pass it on.

    Fantastic writing. And the back and forth is fascinating.

  37. Hey Momma Grifter, what AILES you?

    Ya look a lil' PAL-IN da face!


  38. I loved Julianne Moore in "The Big Lebowski". That's one of those movies that we watch every time it shows up on cable; it can be 11pm on a weeknight and we find it channel surfing and that's it, we're in it watching it until it's done, then going to work tired the next morning.

    9:16 PM


    The Nasty Liberal and I say,

    "That's fucking interesting, man, that's fucking interesting"



    The Dude, peeking over his shades, scribbles something at
    the little customer's lectern. Milk beads his mustache.

    ...and even if he's a lazy man, and
    the Dude was certainly that--quite
    possibly the laziest in Los Angeles

    The Dude has his Ralph's Shopper's Club card to one side and
    is making out a check to Ralph's for sixty-nine cents.

    ...which would place him high in the
    runnin' for laziest worldwide--but
    sometimes there's a man. . . sometimes
    there's a man.

  39. Lib and learn.

    AKMOM~ I am Stealing this!! Fantastic! =)

  40. And to the very concerned anon who decries, um, the anon sources in Game Change...

    I actually got GC b.c. i wanted to read all about how stuuuupid SP was, I was DISAPPOINTED AT FIRST that SP wasn't even In the book till nearly the end (which is difficult to remember, but we only had that tornado for a few weeks!).

    Quite frankly, there isn't too much there for you trolls to attack, IMHO. But I guess they're just preparing for the next wave of negative SP publicity.

    My ultimate point being, the book stands WELL on its own with the incredible story of Barack, BOTH Clintons, John McCain, John Edwards (remember him? love child?).

    Then, oh yeah, there is this Palin woman.

  41. Anonymous7:14 AM

    8:46 "who wouldn't" - an ADULT! Get on some meds 'conservative' woman.

  42. Anonymous said...
    What's funny is, if "anon aides" (aka the two or three people who felt entertained by lying) didn't shoot their mouth off, Sarah would NOT have started retaliating. It's like when she became Gov and all the stupid radio hosts like Fagan were throwing sexist attack after sexist attack at her. OF COURSE she's going to retaliate. WHO WOULDNT.
    8:46 PM
    Your entire post was whinily ignorant, but this paragraph truly exemplifies your stupidity.

    a) Palin was demonstrably, provably vindictive and retaliatory long before being tapped for the VP campaign.

    b) Who wouldn't retaliate, your ask? Here's you answer. Anyone with any grace, class, intelligence or grasp of human nature. That's who wouldn't retaliate.

    There are politicians of every party at every level from city council to President who are vilified and attacked personally and professionally and in the grossest manner day in and day out. And we never hear about it from them because they a) know that they will sound whiny if they complain, and b) are too busy governing (for better or worse) to respond and c) have the thick skin necessary to be in politics and are able to let the attacks roll off of them.

    Palin took to politics as a road to be worshipped, praised, and fawned over. Incredibly stupid mistake on her part. She is too thin-skinned by far to be a politician of any merit or success.

    Go ahead, find a documented response from President Obama regarding the emails showing watermelons on the White House lawn, or his family as gorillas or any of the thousands of other attacks he and his family are subjected to day in and day out.

    You won't be able to because he doesn't waste his time responding to such hateful idiocy. Nor do the other intelligent, hard-headed, thick-skinned male and female, conservative and liberal, politicians throughout this country.

    Palin is a pathetic, weak, ignorant, uneducated, lazy fool who was in over her head. Her failure is no one's fault but her own.

  43. Marleycat8:18 AM

    The Feds are coming for you, pimp Todd, Bristol, too. All the lies and crimes are soon to splashed all over the public airwaves and they are getting the orange jumpsuits ready for ya, too!
    GOD got tired of you smearing his name and falsifying his message.

  44. HBO always makes great movies! I don't think I've seen one made for HBO movie I didn't like! I'm sure this one will be an excellent one.

    But I don't even have basic cable anymore. They're just too damn expensive. Cable~ another utility that should be regulated.

  45. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Can you imagine having to play the part of Sarah Palin? It would make my skin crawl!!!

  46. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Now Steve Schmidt is sexist? And that's why he told the truth about Her Highness and her mental illness, inappropriate behavior and stupidity? Uh, I don't think so.
    I don't care for his politics but calling him sexist makes you look more dense then you are, if that is possible.
    His sister is a lesbian and he is a strong proponent of gay/lesbian marriage and equal rights.

    His job was not to vet Sarah. A legal team failed to do that. Steve had to deal with her sickness and dysfunctional family. He handled Sarah better than many others would have. I pity anyone who had deal with Sarah with het delusional ego, crazy family (thanks to her) and her bully purse-toting, prostitute loving, racist bully of a " husband", Todd. Blchhh. God help anyone who is affected by this ignorant trash.

  47. Sort of OT. I don't usually toot my own horn over here, but I just finished a post that took weeks. It is a collaboration with a fan, which makes it extra special to me. If you want another laugh at Sarah's expense, please visit.


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