Wednesday, November 02, 2011

It is almost a certainty that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for 2012, so perhaps it is time to start taking a really hard look at him. Let's start, shall we?

Courtesy of the Plum Line:

The first thing you should watch this morning is this harsh new Web video from the Obama-allied Priorities USA Action. It paints a very lurid picture of “Mitt Romney’s America,” and it provides the clearest clues yet as to what kind of campaign Obama and outside groups will run against him if he’s the nominee. 

Romney’s corporate background, as well as that infamous Bain picture, get top billing, and are tied to the allegation that Romney’s policies would be a boon to corporations while decimating the middle class. Obama advisers and allies intend to paint an extremely vivid and even frightening picture of what Romney’s desire to roll back Obama’s post-Bush reforms would mean for the economy, the country, and the future. Beyond his pro-corporate policies, the feeling on the Obama team is that Romney’s corporate past is an unexplored and potentially serious liability, particularly amid the intense anti-Wall Street sentiment that seems to be on the rise.

Oh yeah, he's screwed!

Kind of sad that THIS guy is the one who looks like the only real contender in the group.

Oh well, there's always 2016!


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Scary! He's the anti-99%. Yes, we are taking our money ALL OF IT out of chase bank and putting it in our local credit union here in Seattle. Frick chase bank and the corporations who want government WELFARE for themselves. Selfish, greedy, EVIL people who rape Americans by taking all our money to get richer. You can't take it with you when you die. Decent hard working Americans just want to be able to make a living and put food on the table. It just seems to me that they want the populace to be barefoot and pregnant and poor.

    We all know history repeats itself and if they had their way, they would change the President into a KING and we all know what happens when the rich rape the rest of the country. You end up in a sewer hole being hunted down.

    Watch out GOP! You've stated your goal from day one is to bring Obama down. You are the party of DO NOTHING for Americans and I hate you for that.

  2. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Good video. Don't forget Romney put the most trusting member of his family, his dog, atop the car in a crate, then drove at freeway speeds for a long time, while the dog was so terrified that that it lost control of its bowels (so those inside the car could not have NOT known). Here's Snopes on it.

    Along with the substantive stuff in the video, this is sort of a litmus-test issue for me: what kind of a poor excuse for human would do that to any dog, let alone his "best friend"?

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    That was tight, love it.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Other than the sad, sad fact that they wear the name "dittoheads" proudly, I've been wondering just how it is that so many of the 99% are adamantly AGAINST THEMSELVES.

    Something Rachel Maddow said off-handedly tonight, jerked me upright on the couch.

    Rather than trying to explain to the Foxers, the Rushers, the Glenners, all the various facets of the "Occupy" movement, she summed it all up, SO nicely. saying that the main thrust of the protests is over the fact that the President, and all of Congress, have simply FAILED to do anything for anyone OTHER than that infamous one percent, who own them, and virtually dictate all legislation.

    THERE! That allows all the dummies who want to blame everything (including weather and earthquakes) on Obama, to feel part of this thing...and to finally have it sink into their cemented-over heads, that they need to DO something about it.

    And it WON'T be to vote for a more obvious tool of the ultra-rich, like Romney. It would be GREAT if the nation could vote in some INDEPENDENTS like Bernie Sanders, to SHOW the President that we mean business--but there's not nearly enough time to form a full slate of candidates.

    So, for NOW, we need to UN-elect all the witches and goblins and town fools we thought would do some good in the 2010 elections (and who turned out to be even crazier than any Republican to hold office up to that point.)

    --and ELECT some honest Democrats so jobs bills can actually get passed instead of filibustered another four years, while the country swirls down the toilet.

  5. Anonymous10:10 PM

    OH and I forgot to mention that some GOP are wanting to do away with the Dept. of Education not even to mention the Texans wanting to re-write history in our school books. How frickin' crazy is that?? Wanting to make us into a 3rd world country - pregnant, barefoot, poor & uneducated.


    How about we for one we just do away with airline regulations too while you're at it. Especially on the planes the teabagging GOP fly on.

  6. Gasman10:48 PM

    I think that President Obama's team is spot on in attacking Mitt right now. While P.Rick and Cain are looking moribund and wan, it's time to cast a whole bunch of doubt on the GOP's presumptive frontrunner.

    WTF does the GOP do now? Cain is clearly a lying horn dog ignoramus. P.Rick is a closeted whoring corn dog sucking ignoramus. Bachmann is just a HUGE corn dog sucking ignoramus. Everybody else has less of a chance getting elected POTUS than Peewee Herman.

    It is BRILLIANT to play agent provocateur and sow seeds of doubt about Mittens.

    I STILL say the GOP will split into two or more factions that will decimate even their slimmest of chances of challenging President Obama. If this current crop of morons doesn't answer the call of the nativists, racists, or dominionist buffoons, who will they turn to?

    - wait for it -





    Yup, God might be openin' that door for her after all!

    God is most DEFINITELY good, and he has a bitchin' sense of humor!

  7. Anonymous11:50 PM

    To be honest,as an ex Republican who ran away screaming when McCain picked Scarah,I would not be terrified of Romney as President.I would not be happy,but not fearful as Cain,Perry,Bachman make me feel.Whatever Romney's real beliefs are,he is a creature of compromise,he does have a history of trying to handle health care for a state,and he understands that Congress and the Senate actually make the decisions .He may say anything to get elected,but he would not be trying to take or create more powers for himself,he would be trying not to be controversial,and I really would expect him to be just a mediocre,accomplish little kind of Potus if it happened.Kind of a waste of the position.Gingrich does not scare me either,he would just sit back and enjoy the view ,produce some soundbites,and pat himself on the back.Cain is an inept charlatan who thinks far to highly of himself and is proof that education is not everything,and that he may well be a product of the affirmative action system that he rails against .Perry is a nuclear accident waiting to happen,and Bachman would be running the country in what ever manner Marcus instructed her to,with no real understanding of what she was doing.Palin would combine the worst of all of them.

  8. Anonymous2:35 AM

    repugs will arrange for his suicide and blame it on the democrats. sarah will step up as a favor to repugs.

    unconventional? no, really. think bobby kennedy's assassination by the bush controlled CIA.

  9. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Oh, please have mercy. Remember Mitt is unemployed, he said so himself. He is the ONLY unemployed person I ever heard of who can have a multi million $$ house torn down to make room for a larger multi million $$ house. Are all 5 of his adult sons still "serving their country" by helping him win the WH? Another idiotic claim.

  10. Anonymous3:52 AM

    The GOP can't win in 2012. And the Democrats have some rising stars that will be ready in 2016, many of them women, so 2016 might not be looking so good for them, either.

  11. Anonymous5:42 AM

    And the demonization of Willard has begun!!! You know, he is not at all hard to dislike and mistrust. As for his debating skills: wait until he faces our President. Until now he has looked relatively good and somewhat sane as compared to the likes of Rick Perry (fake, dumb and full of secrets), Herman Cain (fake, dumb and horny), Rick Santorum (deranged and negative), Newt Gingrich (unpleasant and clearly NOT as brilliant as he thinks he is), Michelle Bachmann (fake, dumb and unintentionally comical) Ron Raul (angry and bitter guy with no appeal) Jon Huntsman (way too good to mix with this group: never should have declared!)

  12. Anonymous6:17 AM

    What's with Mittens' hair color? Looks fake to me, just like the rest of him.

  13. ywc_achieve1:34 PM

    WooHoo! That reporter was doing his job. I wish all reporters were like that. He did not let Romney get away with lying.
    I wish I could personally thank that reporter.

  14. Anonymous6:12 PM

    This Ad is sheer genious, and just a taste of what President Obama's campaign will look like.

    As for comparing the GOP candidates, it just shows how inept the GOP leadership has become.

    We could use the names of the seven dwarfs to descibe the lineup.

    At this point, it looks like Mitt is "the one", The Christian right will not abide a man who's Morman, and putting this ad out should make all GOP voters stop and think "Who deserves most, the chance to lose to President Obama?"

    Romney has a long, distingished record of flip flops. He's laying low and waiting for the others to cancel each other out, so basically, he the "Chauncey Gardner" candiate who gets nominated for just "Being There", a role our most precious dillusional diva, the one who needs not title, most desperately wanted to play.

    Thank You, Gryphen for your starring role in making sure THAT will never happen. Ever.


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