Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Occupy Wall Street VS The Tea Party.

(To see the graphic in a much larger size just click here.)

I think you will find this to be VERY eye opening.  Personally I was struck by the disparity in age, education, and motivation.


  1. The Kochs have already used up a variety of candidates in this GOP circus--- The Donald, The Quitter, Crazy Eyes, The Closet Gay Alcho-Oxy addict from Texas, and the current nutcase circling the drain, The Herb. Ron Paul scares the GOP establishment. Roemer never had an honest chance and makes too much sense. Santorum is the frothy one with no chance. Newt just wants a little help paying off that Tiffany's tab. Huntsman is too normal to be a true GOPer and plus he worked for Obama.

    The Koch's winning strategy is for Mittens to move to the center enough to threaten Obama into moving farther to the right, so that we'll end up with shenanigans like another extension of the Bush tax cuts, which were extended in 2010. These greedy assholes care only for themselves and their 1% suck-buddies.

    The Koch's are smart enough to realize that pulling Obama away from the left, left-center and moderate base toward the right-center will hurt the Dems in the Congressional, Senate and Purple State races. The Kochs get their way with the GOP by alienating the far-right baggers from the GOP, thus pushing the Congress and Red States further to the right and against the regulation that costs the Kochs profits.

    I hate those mother-fuckers, the Koch-suckers. And if we don't push back hard in the House races and those at the state level, we'll have 4 more years of the GOP undermining any economic recovery for the country while taking care of their corporate masters.

    If the current trends continue past next year's elections, I really do fear the collateral damage from all of the stresses that will be placed on the 99% who are caught in the middle of the tug-of-war between the Kochs and what they are ultimately seeking---unchecked economic and political power. It's only gonna get worse at the slow rate that change is coming, and if the 1% has no strong motivation to take notice and make fundamental changes, then many more of us will feel the pinch before things can begin to improve.

  2. Not What You Want To Hear3:41 AM

    The age disparity is very interesting, I agree. I am frankly disgusted with how the retirees who make up a good chunk of the Tea Party are advocating for a truly shitty future for the next generations coming up. It's like they feel no sense of responsibility for all the people who come after them. Oh, they claim they care about government spending putting the next generations in debt, but we all know that is bullshit as these people never crawled out of their holes to complain about government spending until a Democratic president was elected. They also turn a deliberately blind eye to the corporate plundering that is systematically bankrupting this country.

  3. Mitt Romney: I think it's dangerous, this class warfare.

    At last, I can agree with a Rethuglican - I hope Romney is right to be afraid - and that the power of the 1% is in fact in danger as the extent of the ongoing crime becomes clear.

  4. Anonymous3:45 AM

    And do you see the comments? The media has really screwed OWS. Our town just had our first OWS meeting and the local media wrote a LAUGHABLE piece - totally slanted and took quotes out of context (yes I DO have an email in to the writer and will be writing letters to the editor). When I came home and told my Mother about the meeting she was HORRIFIED b/c she's believed that they're a bunch of hippies wasting taxpayer money by their camping. We're fighting battles on all fronts! Lamestream media indeed.


  5. Sally in MI3:52 AM

    When I hear a Palin or someone say "These are Tea Party people; they should join us!{" I want to shriek back, "No, these are real Americans, not paid for solicitors...the honest among the Tea PArty should embrace OWS with every breath!" But they won't, because Fox won't let them think.

  6. Calli Pygian5:09 AM

    Nice summative assessment. The face of sanity and desperation versus the face of unbridled greed and misanthropy.

  7. Anonymous5:48 AM

    At 70, I've never voted for a Republican.

    The elderly, the uneducated, etc. are cutting their own throats, and it's going to get worse:


  8. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Excellent graphic. In the 60's it was the young people who protested and changed the world. Today it will be the young people again who will protest and change the world for the better.

  9. I am 67 years old and will be retiring summer of 2012. I want everyone to know that I AM ABSOLUTELY AGAINST THE TEA PARTY!! I SUPPORT THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT!! If my health was better, I'd be in the street with those young people helping them fight big corporate America and those damn far right republicans!

  10. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Those graphics put it succinctly. OWS is a little over a month old in our city (Philadelphia), and has done more than 3+ years of the tea party.
    I'm so proud of these people,though I do wish they'd take a cue from Oakland with the cleaver slogans and signs they have. For the most part, they've been very curteous and good stewards of the property they've occupied. Anyone ever see a tea partier with a broom, mop, and buckets? Sitting in cold weather, using bikes to generate power, sharing their resources with the homeless and poor?
    I'm a bit concerned with the escallation of police violence and agents provocateur making them look hostile, other than that- their diversity, unity, and brains set them on the way to make history. All they want is a fair playing field. A chance to make their own way and achieve the "American Dream" for everyone.

    The Tea Party are zombie rats (h/t to Joe McGuinnes) for the Koch Bro's.


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