Friday, November 18, 2011

Palin propaganda film "The Undefeated" to play in Alaska, only fifteen minutes away from Palin's house, but the Mama Grizzly refuses to come out of hibernation to make an appearance.

Courtesy of the Frontiersman:

Folks in Alaska have their first opportunity to see the movie “The Undefeated” on the big screen Monday. 

Sponsored by the Valley Republican Women’s Club, the Alaska screening also includes a meet-and-greet event with the movie’s creator and producer, Stephen Bannon, from 4 to 6 p.m., Sunday at Colony Inn in Palmer. Tickets are $50 each or $75 per couple and include a light meal and a chance to speak one-on-one with Bannon. 

“I’m looking forward to coming to Alaska,” he said Thursday by phone from Washington, D.C. He said this trip to Alaska will be a relatively quick since he is planning to spend Thanksgiving at Fort Campbell, Ky., with his daughter, a recent West Point graduate. 

Bannon said when the movie was originally released, the theatrically company that distributed the film didn’t have any screens in Alaska. “We’ve been actually trying to do this since August,” Bannon said. 

Well this ought to be a great opportunity for Bannon to see first hand how the people of Alaska REALLY feel about Klondike Kardashian, because surely she will attend a premiere that is only a hop, skip, and a jump from her font door?

Won't she?

Bannon said he plans to speak before the film and draw parallels between what happened in Alaska and what is happening in the country. 

What the hell? You mean Palin will not appear at the premiere of a film that is all about HER? What would make an attention whore like Palin skip this?

When the two-hour movie begins, he said Palin is working on a commercial fishing boat. 

“She’s out of the loop in a place that’s out of the loop,” Bannon said.

Now I have read this a few times, trying to make sense of it.

At first I thought that Bannon was saying that when the film begins, it begins with Palin on a commercial fishing boat which I knew to be wrong, because according to this review it actually begins with a bunch of Hollywood types expressing their 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech by telling the world what a loser they think she is while using rather colorful language, and then going directly into her childhood.

So then I realized that what he was saying was that Palin herself will be on a commercial fishing boat this Monday when the movie premieres.

Except, no she won't.

Number one I don't believe that Palin actually EVER goes commercial fishing unless it is for the cameras or for political reasons, and number two there is NO commercial fishing happening in November on Bristol Bay, and almost none happening any place else in Alaska either. (See this chart to confirm that for yourself.) It may sound like a ready made Alaska excuse, but it is very likely also a lie.

What I really think is going on is that Palin is terrified to be in the same room with a bunch of Alaskans who KNOW the truth about her past, and her political career in Alaska, while this mythological moosecrap splatters across the screen.

Could you imagine what would happen if Sister Sarah were confronted in front of her pet propagandist with the truth, by real Alaskans who could back it up with eyewitness accounts? Now that would be something to see!

No, Palin won't be there because she is afraid of being humiliated. As we all know Palin is only tough when hiding in the safety of her Fox News studio on Lake Lucille, where she feels free to spew hatred toward our President, the media, and anybody who dares disagree with her. Beyond that she is a coward.

Hey, do you know what? I just checked my schedule and as it turns out I am completely free on Sunday evening around 4:00 p.m..  Hmm whatever will I DO with myself?


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Is it Occupy Wasilla time?

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I think the only time she is out in public is grocery shopping, family events, and "patriotic/military functions"

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Let me guess.
    You're going commercial fishing too?

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Don't you mean "spew some TRUTH" because everything she's ever said has come true.

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Whatever you do, don't pay $50 to see this piece of campaign propaganda. I'd beware any 'light meal' being served as well. And if you run into Bannon as he's running out of the theater chased by angry Wasillians, try not to hurt him too badly.

  6. angela4:05 PM

    Anon 3:58 said.

    "I think the only time she is out in public is grocery shopping, family events, and "patriotic/military functions"

    Yeah, right.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Speaking of occupy Wasilla, I do believe there is a house and property for rent right next door, and
    and the fence blew down a couple of months ago, they would be able to see right into Piper's bed room.

    Or probably not with out a periscope.
    I do believe Sarah is reputed to wander around the house seminude in front of one ad all.

    So Occupiers bring your camera phones and let us know which bra size she really is.
    A pool on how may dents there are in the fridge would be fun also, too

  8. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I suspect he has re-edited the film, and it starts with her on a boat.

  9. Anonymous4:10 PM

    From what I remember, the film begins with

    Well, at least this is POSITIVE propaganda. Bannon's a lot more respectable than malicious bloggers lying about her family.

  10. Anonymous4:11 PM

    From what I remember of the film, it starts out with all the immature, sexist comments about her and, continues on with home videos of her as a child, then basically follows GR as it retells her time as Governor.

  11. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I'm surprised all the pee bots and Brian-the-anus are not all organizing a urinal caravan to Wasilla to beg her to show up and reconsider while putting up a billboard. Bwahahaha!

  12. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Oh, boy, just heard Ed Schultz call Sarah Palin "a has been." Chris Matthews also put her down. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    What is really great is that it is not only MSNBC. News hosts, guests being interviewed, and pundits generally are all saying the same thing: the Palin phenomenon is over.

    She certainly is not helping herself by mouthing off against the OWS movement. She is so out of touch it is no longer funny; it is pathetic. No small wonder she doesn't want to make public appearances.

    Plus, she doesn't look so great at the moment. Guess all that hate is eating her up from the inside - because it certainly is showing up on the outside.

  13. LOL. You are brave Gyphen but is it worth the $50. Can not wait to read your review if you make it.
    If you do go don't forget the tissues
    because according to c4p you will need them :-)

  14. Anonymous4:28 PM

    My husband just told me that Chris Matthews called Palin part of the Fox News Republican Mafia.

    Well, I have no warm place in my heart for the real Mafia, but really, I think they would want to protest that someone is defaming their brand by saying they are like Palin or any of the other clowns at Fox.

  15. Anonymous said...

    I think the only time she is out in public is grocery shopping, family events, and "patriotic/military functions"

    3:58 PM
    This is a joke...right? Governor Dirty Wig is to SCARED to be seen in public...because then she would have to wash her wig....and she's not doing that!

    Oh snap Gryphen! Bannon will probably post your picture and you better hope no "jack booted" thugs don't try to throw you out! Better bring a "Tank" with you!

  16. hedgewytch4:46 PM

    Tickets $50/$75 bucks! and you get a "light" meal - what does that mean some crackers and a can of spray cheese with a side of slaw?

    On one hand I'd love to see this movie crashed by a bunch of "haters" who would laugh and throw popcorn at the screen - on the other hand, love to see this film maker standing around with a meager handful of geriatric white men with a Palin crush hoping to see the Grizzled Momma make an appearance.

  17. So.... What ever happened to the house she bought in Arizona? I thought for sure she would migrate there for the winter. Or is she giving up on that out of fear she would bump into Gabby's supporters? If she's giving up on Arizona, can we persuade a few more loonies to move out as well? I really love that state and would prefer more sane people occupy it.

  18. Anonymous said...

    Don't you mean "spew some TRUTH" because everything she's ever said has come true.

    3:59 PM

    Anonymous said...

    From what I remember, the film begins with

    Well, at least this is POSITIVE propaganda. Bannon's a lot more respectable than malicious bloggers lying about her family.

    4:10 PM

    Anonymous said...

    From what I remember of the film, it starts out with all the immature, sexist comments about her and, continues on with home videos of her as a child, then basically follows GR as it retells her time as Governor.

    4:11 PM

    *Claps hands in glee......The Palin Fairy Tale Troll is back with a VENGEANCE!!
    What does GR mean....Governor Retarded?

  19. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I thought The Undefeated (insert laughs here) was already out on DVD at Walmart?!?

    I think $50.00 is a bit much to watch a movie about a quitter who has been defeated time and time again.

  20. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  21. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Wow, the trolls were on this one quickly! "Everything she's ever said has come true"? Someone had better tell that to Paul Revere.

  22. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Bwaaahaa! What an excuse. She seriously thinks so little of her bots that she just throws out this mooseshit. Fishing in November?! Really? Wow. They're probably saying their prayers to Miss High Seas Princess right now.

  23. Drove by a little while ago, after doing some anti-Usabelli Coal research.

    The Colony Inn parking lot had a lot of room left in it, and it isn't very big.

    anon @ 3:55 - Occupy Wasilla has had a facebook page since early October.

  24. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Hey Sarah. Why hide out pretending you are fishing when you're not? If you're frustrated at not being able to quite grab that spotlight there you can always pick up that bat and go club some of those frozen fish or mooseheads in your freezer. It's just SO unlike you to retreat while Kim Kardashian is busy RELOADING heh heh. Not trying to make you jealous but......

    Kim Kardashian strikes back: New series of reality show will paint her as 'victim' and Kris Humphries as 'lazy, insensitive villain'

    Read more:

  25. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Did HELL just freeze over?

    Bill O’Reilly Calls Out Rick Perry For ‘Lazy’ Ad: ‘Was That A Fair Ad?’

    On Friday’s The O’Reilly Factor, Rick Perry was questioned about his controversial new ad criticizing President Obama for an out-of-context comment he made about Chinese investments and spinning it as Obama calling Americans “lazy.” “So is that a fair ad?” Bill O’Reilly asked the Texas Governor.

    “Yeah it’s a fair ad, absolutely,” countered Perry, not realizing he had entered the No Spin Zone.™

    “Look, this president has traveled around the country making excuses for America,” Perry continued. “Apologizing for America — saying that America is not an exemplary country and then he gets on TV and talks about that Americans are lazy, that they have lost their ambition. That they have lost their imagination.”

    “Was he really talking about the folks?” O’Reilly asked and played the president’s quote in full context.

    “So he really wasn’t talking about the folks, he was talking about getting investment to come to the USA,” O’Reilly concluded, demolishing the entire premise of the ad.

  26. MissSunshine5:30 PM

    I see the trolls are roaming around.

    I saw the movie. It is a two-hour, non-stop emotional battering. The soundtrack will cue you who the good, brave people are and who you should hiss and throw peanuts at. It is a melodrama, starring Granny Grifter.

    I think another reason she may hesitate to show up is how pretty she was three or four years ago. She has aged 10 years since then, and has a hard look about her.

    When I walked out of the theater I said "She used to be pretty, no wonder she got away with so much."

  27. Anonymous5:31 PM

    "Don't you mean "spew some TRUTH" because everything she's ever said has come true."

    @3:59 PM

    Really? Like WHAT, fool? Liar.

  28. Anonymous5:32 PM

    What a great opportunity for Sarah Palin. She could haul Trig out of mothballs and parade him before the admiring multitude. November in Alaska wouldn't be cold enough for Trig to need pants or socks/shoes. He learned to take the cold on the book tour. Sarah could just get out a nice warm jacket and scarf for herself and Piper.

    But maybe Sarah Palin is too busy thumbing through the dictionary preparing "her" next piece of idiotic gibberish for the Wall Street Journal. Or putting whiteout on the medical bill for her tubal.

  29. Anonymous5:37 PM

    "From what I remember, the film begins with

    Well, at least this is POSITIVE propaganda. Bannon's a lot more respectable than malicious bloggers lying about her family."

    @4:10 PM

    Yet nobody wanted to see this "respectable" man's STUPID propaganda movie. That's why it BOMBED. America is DONE with $arah Palin, and her lies.

  30. Anonymous5:39 PM

    "From what I remember of the film, it starts out with all the immature, sexist comments about her and, continues on with home videos of her as a child, then basically follows GR as it retells her time as Governor."

    @4:11 PM

    Who the fuck cares?

  31. Anonymous5:42 PM

    "From what I remember of the film, it starts out with all the immature, sexist comments about her and, continues on with home videos of her as a child, then basically follows GR as it retells her time as Governor."

    @4:11 PM

    $arah Palin is immature and sexist, too. It doesn't make her sexism O.K. just because she's a woman.

  32. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Sad! I wonder how much money the Valley Republican Women's Club paid Bannon to attend this event. He would basically accept any amount considering how badly this flick bombed at the box office in September. Palin won't be appearing because the Women's Club simply can't afford to pay her speaking fee, you know if they were offering her $100,000 she would be there ready to babble on about crony capitalism. I'm sure they will target the evangelical churches in hopes of turning out a crowd of prayer warriors eager to give another $50 to the lost cause and cheer on their sacred cow!

  33. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Well, I guess Bannon needs to find some way to recoup the money put into this great campaign blast-off film. He must have been fit to be tied when he finishes up his "Greatest Work", sets up a round of premiers, only to have her cancel out on the fake run she was planning. Poor guy.

    Buy him a drink, Gryphen.

  34. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I wouldn't term chance to witness this tripe an "opportunity."

  35. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Quite remarkable, really, that Sarah won't show up for the movie premier in Alaska, isn't it? She NEVER shows her face in AK.

    I hope the 'lamestream' media gets this story -- and I wonder if BFF Greta will dare to ask $arah about Alaska's big showing of her movie!

    Cowards both ...

    Gryphen = what's the latest on Bristol 'the chin' and her unreality show in LA???

  36. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Jesse, you are right about no fishing going on in Alaska now - especially for Bristol Bay salmon which is the only fishery Sarah is licensed for. Does she really think she can lie like that to Alaskans?

    Hey, maybe she's out ice fishing on a lake somewhere. That's about the only place the quitter dares show her face.

  37. The extent of her actual delusion is visible when she repeatedly on FOX News refers to the fact Obama "wasn't vetted". When his entire history was all over the place, from his childhood to Harvard, to community service, to Congress.

    The fact that she can repeat...with a straight face...criticism that he wasn't vetted when it was dead obvious to everyone in America that she hadn't been when McCain pulled her onstage. She really, really doesn't get how outrageous she sounds pointing her finger at Obama not being vetted. Delusion...she tells a lie often enough she really comes to believe it. All her lies. Scary.

  38. Anonymous6:19 PM

    It is perfectly outrageous to charge $50 dollars for a frickin' movie, for god's sake. And one that is just a glitzy piece of propaganda? I wonder how many requests for refunds will happen, that is assuming ANYONE shows up for this joke.

  39. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Someone should print a placard with the words: 'There's no commercial fishing in AK this time of year, so where's Sarah?' Or,
    just a shorter message: 'Is Sarah
    too much of chicken to show-up?'
    but don't write the word chicken,
    draw a bright yellow one where the word should appear.

    Sharon TN

  40. FEDUP!!!6:59 PM

    You actually want to support the Grifter, Gryphen, by attending the movie extortion ($50 for this farce is an extortion IMHO!)

  41. Let me clarify. There is no WAY I am even paying a dime to see this film, or eat a crappy meal with Bannon.

    But I thought I might go out there just to see how many people show up and possibly get some interviews with people going in.

    However that may not happen as I have just been reminded that I promised my daughter some daddy/daughter time.

  42. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Janet Kincaid is a die hard Republican activist in Palmer. She owns the Colony Inn. I'm sure she is happy to show this movie in her tiny establishment. There will be the most hardcore right wing folks in attendance. Those are the only people that have an interest in this "film". 40 crazy right wingers will get together and celebrate the biggest retard that ever came from the Mad Zoo Valley. Kudos to them and theirs. I'd rather have a hang nail cut out than hang with this particular group of repressed haters. If you can stomach it Gryphen, more power to you, but these folks have absolutely NO redeeming qualities.

    Lake Lucille Loon

  43. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Sarah has to show up or her C$PEEEEEErs will be devastated.

    She is ina win/win situation. She doesn't want to go but all her bots just know she will. If she doesn't I'm sure they will make up some fairy tail excuse and keep on sending their $$. Sad.

  44. There could be a blizzard in Wasilla and if Palin told the C4P'ers it was warm and sunny and she was mowing the lawn w/Trig in a backpack, they'd believe her. They actually believed she was out chopping wood and that's why she was unable to call into their stupid "Grizzlyfest" that was such a flop. She wouldn't even take the time to speak to them when they gathered in Iowa the night before her not-so-historic speech in September. You people forget that she doesn't speak for free! Fork over the $100k and she'll recycle that speech once again for you, but no money equals silence.

    They still think she's reconsidering because she hasn't said "no" to them regarding their newest lame scheme to get her to run. How can anyone be so stupid as to not see it's all about the $$$ for Sarah. It's not her family, it's the fact that she didn't have the big money sponsors she needed to run. After all, did you hear anyone besides yourselves begging her to run like they did Chris Christie? No, nada, zilch, NOBODY! Palin is finished. Grow up and face the truth.

  45. Anonymous8:14 PM

    If you're free on Sunday you most certainly should not waste $50 on Bannon's craptastic propaganda film. This is a pathetic attempt by Bannon to take advantage of the simple minded people of Wasilla. The statements he made about the film in the article are totally misleading. The film does not start with Palin out on a commercial fishing boat and the film is not at all relevant to what is currently happening in this country. Bannon is working with the Republican Women's Club to fleece the remaining ignorant Palin loyalists out of their Christmas shopping money. $50 a head, 500 seat theater equals $25,000. Wasilla populations 7,000, they can easily find 500 prayer warrior evangelicals to attend. It's like taking candy from a baby, so of course Bannon is going to fly in for this, last chance for him to cash in on the bat shit crazies that worship Saint Sarah.

  46. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I dunno, now she might show up just to prove you wrong. Even though she doesn't read this blog or react to it or trouble herself with the elite librul h8ers who "spew TRUTH" here.

  47. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Anonymous said...

    I think the only time she is out in public is grocery shopping, family events, and "patriotic/military functions"


    Taco Bell does not have groceries and everybody knows that bitch sits in her room and sends her kids out for taco bell crunch wraps.

  48. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I knew you were being sarcastic when you said you had free time on Sunday.
    I can't imagine, after reading Joe's book and reading the blogs, that anyone from Wasilla would actually venture out and drop fifty bucks to see dillusion on the big screen and have a "light meal" with the panty sniffer who produced the walmart special.

    A light meal is probably shit on a ritz or a cheese doodle stabbed with a toothpick, at best a vienna sausage (insert Todd joke here).

    Love the bot comments, btw. Always fun to hear from the shallow end swimmer's club at the sea of pee.

  49. Can 50 of us donate a $1 each to Gryphen as reimbursement for this endeavor??? Might have to kick in for some body armor too once the right-wingers discover there's a ringer in the audience.

    It's difficult to believe any other local liberals will be in attendance so we have to protect and serve our emissary.

    And Gryph, DON'T drink the punch !

  50. Anonymous8:58 PM

    "Working on a commercial fishing boat" - r-i-i-i-i-g-h-t!!

    I can just imagine her as a President Palin not showing up at important meetings or being available for her steady schedule. "Sorry, Madame President is out choppin' wood, and she needs to grind her winter's stash of chewin' tobacco; Todd's out workin'in the shed to clear out old boxes so they can store the smoked fish, game, barrels of tea, and oats and oh, President Palin has those snowmachine racin' competitions to go to, and the cabin roof is leakin. President Palin's on the roof slapping roof mortar and has to slow-cook up a big moose stew for international guests.

    She's such an inspiration.

  51. Anonymous9:04 PM

    The Palinbots can't scratch enough money to get to Wasilla cuz they gave it all to the Queen Esther. Sucks to be them.

  52. Gasman9:28 PM

    Well, as the presence of the trolls has indicated, the only people who appear to even MORE congenitally stupid than Palin are her supporters. Anybody willing to spend $50 - hell, 5¢ - to watch Bannon's hackneyed 2 hour masturbatory fantasy gushing over the faded has been GOP sex kitten of yore, is a fucking moron.

    Her loyal ass kissing sycophants in the lower 48 weren't willing to come out and subject themselves to this putrid bit of self flagellation, are her Wasilla flying monkeys THAT much more imbecilic?

    I guess the best possible outcome would be if 5 people showed up. These folks ain't too courageous by nature, and unless they can hide in a crowd, I don't see them doing anything in which they have to expose themselves as individuals.

    What Benjamin Disraeli said about Daniel O'Connell could equally apply to this crowd:

    "He has committed every crime that does not require courage."

    Unless these folks can be part of a mob, they will lurk in the shadows. I don't see these folks being brave enough to show their faces in public even for their idiot queen.

    I will be very interested to see just how few of these pathetic losers are willing to publicly shell out good money and effectively declare "I AM A BRAINLESS TWIT" for all the world.

    Hey, but all you moribund cave dwelling cousin humping morons who are inclined to go, don't let me stop you. Hell, while you're at it, why not buy an extra 50 tickets or so?


  53. Gasman9:40 PM

    Hey, WAAAAAY O/T, but Herb Cain was on Dave Letterman's show and Letterman kicked Herb Cain's ass to the curb. Dave could barely contain his contempt for Cain and treated him more roughly than I have seen him treat any other guest, ever. He grilled him on specific statements and he didn't seem willing to accept Cain's lame excuses and explanations.

    I don't think Herb has ever received such a public shellacking before, certainly not by the press.

    It was pretty clear that Letterman thinks Cain is a dissembling liar and an incompetent moron and he wasn't willing to accept Cain's lame pronouncements.

    Go Dave.

  54. sleuth110:22 PM

    well, he might plan to spend whatever time with his west point daughter at Fort Campbell... I was BORN at Fort Campbell and MY father actually served at Fort Campbell during the Korean disaster. He couldn't go into combat because he was born with only one kidney and most of his intestines outside his abdomen, and THEN contracted polio in his grade school years... oh, and I should mention that he was the ONLY child out of 10 to be born alive to my paternal grandparents. I should probably mention that my Irish gram gathered up all of her Catholic church ladies to do massive physical therapy back in the late 30s and early 40s to get my father walking again. And they were so successful that he set track running records in NYC, some that still stand today. Sarah Palin is a FRAUD when it comes to special needs children. She needs to sit down and STFU. Some of us actually have to live through this and don't have free medical care for our family and we are not millionaire grifters. Most of us are the 99%!

  55. sleuth110:23 PM

    Also, please to give credit to AzureGhost for the graphic!

  56. sleuth111:00 PM

    “She’s out of the loop in a place that’s out of the loop,” Bannon said.

    yep, and that's news???

  57. sleuth111:04 PM

    "When the two-hour movie begins, he said Palin is working on a commercial fishing boat."

    bwahahaaa! She's working on a commercial fishing boat the same as she's running for president... from the comfort of her jacuzzi...

    The jokes just write themselves!

  58. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I agree with those who think he has edited the movie to begin with a scene of her fishing.

    Sarah is perfectly welcome in this crowd of local 'bots. Valley Republican Women's Club is the newer group that loves Sarah and includes her mother, Sally Heath. I wouldn't be surprised to see her put in an appearance there. The Mat-Su Republican Women's Club would be another matter altogether. They are the female good 'ole boys of the Valley.

  59. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Two things to remember about Steven K. Bannon the filmmaker.

    #1 He was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

    #2 By any normal person's standards this guy got rich being an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Like he said himself:

    LOPEZ: Why did you go from Goldman Sachs to making movies about the Tea Party?

    BANNON: I have had a fairly good run as a banker and as an entrepreneur, and it is now time to move on to another phase of my life and I want to focus on writing and directing feature films. I just found this populist revolt called the Tea Party an amazingly interesting story.

    I have had a fairly good run as a banker (but they are really investment bankers at Goldman Sachs) and entrepreneur = captain of the dildo boat with money to burn. He is a member of the 1%. He is spending other peoples money to pimp Palin as a politician or pundit who has a clue when it is clear all she has is a rope and a desire to string people up. Most of the 99% would agree that what Goldman Sachs does is put the money of the 99% in their pockets. So actually it is your money that Bannon is using to pimp Palin and the Tea Party.

    Additional comments that prove this guy is either lying or he must have been eating paintchips at the sea of pee:

    LOPEZ: You described Sarah Palin as “not a self-promoter.” I could almost hear the laughter already. How can you say that when she’s had this bus tour/family vacation going on, she can be seen on Fox News, Facebook, Twitter, reality TV, having pizza with the Donald?

    BANNON: It is very simple. All those things you mentioned, she very rarely talks about herself or her accomplishments. She was raised by parents who, like most working-class or middle-class people, taught her not to talk or brag about herself. In none of the instances that you mention is she really talking about herself or her accomplishments.

    Have fun at the movies G. Careful outside, the drool may make it icy.

  60. Smirnonn1:14 AM


    Superlative posts today!

  61. Smirnonn1:17 AM

    The gristled one is toast. On. the. floor. (buttered side DOWN, Tawd).

  62. MissSunshine4:43 AM

    Anon5:50pm brings up an interesting point - is Bannon the next John Ziegler?

    I saw the "movie" and there is little doubt in my mind that it was to be Granny's 2012 "campaign" for POTUS. It would have at least have broken even had she declared herself a candidate, and maybe turned a profit.

    Instead Bannon is trying to hock his movie with over priced tickets (hello! the DVD is on sale at Wal-Mart!) and food of some kind. And she won't be there to support him. In Alaska. Just another sucker SP strung along.

    P.S. Gasman re: Herman Cain / David Letterman. Good for Dave, that fraud needed a reality check; and Dave is about twice as intelligent and informed as most of the GOP candidates.

  63. SE has some fishing stuff going. And there was a likely Willow sighting near Juneau. So Sarah may well be hiding out on a boat (we all know the only thing she's working is her Blackberries), and Willow is STILL not in school. Maybe the boat is the SS Applebee and Sarah thought she was meeting Bristle there.

  64. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Please don't tell you're going to waste $50 on this garbage?

    Wait until Mon night at $5 a pop, why doncha? And I wouldn't even give that.

    Quitler is so 2008; always has been a has been.

  65. Anonymous5:09 AM

    It's probably costing Bannon more to travel promoting this piece of shit than he makes up in ticket sales.

    That's a positive development in Quitler's demise.

  66. Anonymous5:41 AM

    I know why we haven't seen Palin around much lately. She is so busy with the planning of Britta and Track's wedding. Isn't it coming up soon?

  67. Anonymous5:52 AM

    'light meal' sounds like the famous religious conservative idea of refreshments: yummy chips and water.

    Refreshments will be provided

    MONDAY 5:00-7:00pm OPEN HOUSE

    7:30-8:30pm FUNDRAISER (Joe Miller will be joining us at this time)

    Campaign Headquarters

    401 East Northern Lights, Suite 202

    *Co-Hosted with Senator Fred Dyson & Wes Keller*

    *Bring a friend

    *Drinks will be provided (soda, water)

    *Bring Check Book or Credit Card

    *Chips will be provided

    *Bring a smile

  68. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Before I even read your post, I have to stop and say Thank You for the big laugh at that poster. (And Kudos to the artist.)

    Even though I've seen it many times, it is so dang funny. Love the helmet (how Presidential) and love ol' what's her name as the only person in the audience.

    BTW, where is ol' what's her name? Is RAM ok? I hope she contacts you, as it is in her nature to extract revenge, and she is mean. I hope she goes after Sarah with all the fury of a scorned woman.

    Off to read the article, just wanted to say thanks for the big belly laugh when I saw the poster.

  69. Why does anybody need to plan a wedding for Track and Britta? They got married in a hurry because Britta was preggers with Sarah's grandchild that she barely acknowledged. A nice reception for the couple would be great, but a big wedding? Sorry, that's just weird. I guess the Palin family is running out of people who might actually get married before kids are on the way. Or maybe somebody needs a big check from People Magazine.

  70. Anonymous7:27 AM

    "So then I realized that what he was saying was that Palin herself will be on a commercial fishing boat this Monday when the movie premieres."

    On a commercial fishing boat? Sarah Palin? How many millions is she worth and she is going on a commercial fishing boat?


    But if she does go on this boat, she went out of her way just to avoid this premier.

    Sarah Palin won't even home school her child who got kicked out of school just to show up at a car wash opening... so why would Sarah miss her movie opening in her own home town to be with the people who put her in office?

    Sarah Palin is too damn embarrassed.

  71. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I wonder if it will ever dawn on the poor schmucks (i.e. the c4p types) who will hand over 50/75$ that they mean no more to Sarah than the ants crawling around her kitchen

  72. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I think we should approach this as a new cult classic, ala "Rocky Horror Picture Show". We could dress in our Palin best, bring a prop baby, throw flexi-straws every time someone lies. Toss "teleprompter" Sharpies when the "lamestream" press is mentioned. And of course the tossing of the Rice.

  73. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Isn't it time for the Grizzled One to go into hibernation? She can just slip into her cozy tanning bed and emerge in the spring, the Golden Goddess, with a new cub or two. She's got lots of breeders in her family now....

  74. I have a suggestion for all the Palinbot Sheeple who are considering spending $50/dollars watching this Propaganda Film.

    First~ All of you know, it's the same things you have heard repeated over and over again the last 3 years. So, why waste the money when you can put it to good use?

    Second~ You call yourselves Christians and "Warriors for God".
    Don't you think, maybe, just maybe, God/Jesus would rather you take the money and help the least of us?

    Which brings me to the final point.
    Take your money and go help a poor/needy Family. Buy them a Turkey and some food to go along with it and make a needy Family Happy for one Holiday.
    You could even "Adopt" a Family for the Holiday Season. Pool your money together and let a needy Family have enough Food and a few gifts for their children at Christmas.

    I really think that's what God/Jesus would prefer. Instead of lining the pockets of the already wealthy.

    Hey, it's your conscience. If you keep sending your hard earned money to the Greedy Wealthy, what will you say to St Peter if you make it to the Pearly Gates??

  75. The only commercial fishing she'll be doing is grabbing a can of tuna from the pantry during a commercial break of whatever telly show she's watching. Probably watching reruns of Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous.

  76. Anonymous11:11 AM

    She has to know, deep down, what a LOSER she really is. This movie is a joke. Can't see ANY intelligent people buying $50 and $75 tickets to see this. Well, we'll see - please get back to us Gryphen and report what happened, how many showed up, and comments that were being made if you can. I hope you or trusted friends will be able to get there and fully assess the situation. We need to know what REALLY happens there in Wasilla. Surely she has family and "friends" in Wasilla who will go all out to try to make this look like a success.

    Actually, she is pathetic and so out of touch with the REAL American people out here. She thinks her tremendous amount of baggage will all just magically go away. Everything is slooooowly catching up with her, but she is still too ignorant and narcissistic to ever think this can happen. Palin has absolutely no answers as to how to move America forward and create jobs - she is only out for her own selfish gain!

  77. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hope she and her rotten husband fry in hell when they actually meet their maker.

    She brought the entire process down to a joke level.

    Without her, Cain, Perry and Bachman would have nose dived earlier.

    She debased the entire process.

  78. I still want to know why Willow is wandering loose in Juneau instead of going to school.

  79. MissSunshine12:58 PM

    NO! It is wrong to think of this movie in the same class as "Rocky Horror Picture Show" which was tongue in cheek, and invited the audience to play along.

    "The Oft-Defeated" has not a moment of fun or lightness. It hammers away at it message every moment. There is no space for laughter or even simple reflection.

    Ten years from now it will only provoke pity and sadness that it's audience was so gullible.

  80. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Gryphen, I have some juicy gossip!

    Willow and Todd weren't in Florida because, drum roll, Willow has to ask the juvenile court for PERMISSION to leave the state and she is supposed to "reside with" one or both of her parents/guardians at all times.

    And Trig supposedly didn't even go to Florida. If he did, he must have been stored in the belly of the plane because he was not on the plane.

    I guess he could have been on a different flight with a nanny or something but I doubt it.

    Now word in the valley is Sarah is practically agoraphobic, SO afraid is she that someone will call her out in public place.

    Maybe she will shut the hell up for good. Then we can go back to having pot as our biggest export, instead of bullshit!

  81. What she told him was, "Stephen, bless your heart, I'm here, out here on this commercial fishing boat, workin', great appreciation for what you're doin', there, with this great movie of yours, uh, that you made, uh, about my growing and progressing the great state of Alaska, with so many great Alaskans desiring of that, that value of I'm workin', uh, on this boat, here...

  82. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen, Go Gryphen.............Oh, BOY OH BOY OH BOY. Sure wish I could be a fly on the wall once you get inside. Good Luck and Can't wait for the post!!!

  83. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Apparently many of you saw this movie. Perhaps you could enlighten us about how it starts.
    Does it begin with Sarah Palin out on a boat?

    Sunday (NOT Saturday) - 4-6 p.m.
    Colony Inn, Palmer
    Tickets: $50, $75/couple
    Stephen Bannon and Sarah Palin(rumour has it).
    Contact: Harmony Shields, 315-5038,

    Monday - 6 p.m.
    Alaska Club Theater, Wasilla
    Tickets: FREE ($5 donation requested). Seating for 150


    Sarah Palin is NOT "licensed" to commercial fish specifically in Bristol Bay. What she has is a CREWMEMBER LICENSE.
    It's generic. A basic license required on any commercial boat, anywhere in Alaska. You just buy it once a year, regardless of what port you might be hired at or where the operation is located.
    It's not a permit. She doesn't have a permit. Never has.

    I don't believe Bannon was suggesting that Sarah Palin would be out commercial fishing tomorrow.
    There's plenty of fishing happening up here in Alaska, but I just don't see her involved in any of it.

    Pacific Cod is still going - longliners and trawlers haven't met the harvest yet. Pot cod is closed. Halibut/Sablefish IFQ closes on the 23rd. Pollock B just wrapped up.
    Urrgh, what a job. She just isn't this kind of fishing girl. : )

    But you know what season it is!? CRAB! Oh yeah. That's right. Maybe she heli'd out to film on the Time Bandit with the Deadliest Catch cast.

    Sorry to be so lame, but most likely Sarah and Todd Palin are in Seattle at Fish Expo which started on Thursday and is ABOUT commercial fishing. They have a BOAT SHOW.
    I'm guessing that Bannon is a bullshitter that has years of conditioning in getting away with it because other people don't know enough to call him out.


    My interpretation from his original quote is that he's making a vapid limp shallow metaphor or "drawing parallels."

    "Bannon said he plans to speak before the film and draw parallels between what happened in Alaska and what is happening in the country.
    When the two-hour movie begins, he said Palin is working on a commercial fishing boat.
    “She’s out of the loop in a place that’s out of the loop,” Bannon said."

  84. If Sarah and Todd are in Seattle at the boat show, then Willow is loose in Juneau without supervision. Sounds about right. It's too bad we don't have more commenters from Juneau. If the family has to keep the wild child out of sight, and she can't leave the state, Juneau is the best place. Except that it's hard to hide in Juneau if people are actually looking for you.

  85. Anonymous3:55 PM

    What I really think is going on is that Palin is terrified to be in the same room with a bunch of Alaskans who KNOW the truth about her past, and her political career in Alaska, while this mythological moosecrap splatters across the screen.

    Nope. More likely, Palin doesn't want to be shamefaced at discovering that there's NO ONE there besides the 'opposition' (outside of folks connected to the film like Bannon that is).



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