Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rachel Maddow points out how Newt Gingrich, is essentially just Sarah Palin to the tenth power.

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Oh this one has it all, Teabaggers, Sarah Palin, grifters of all stripes, and the great grandaddy of them all, Newt Gingrich.


  1. Beldar Thad2012!! Conehead5:06 AM

    Gryphen, I think you're totally wrong to derisively dismiss the entire pantheon of GOP of presidential wannabes. If you would even bother to respectfully consider each one as an individual - which I know is difficult for a knee-jerk liberal like you - you would find some real gems amongst the douchebags. (At least I use the term 'douchebag' with affection...)

    Ok, right off the bat, I admit that Romney, Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Rick "GOOGLE ME NOW!" Santorum, Newt and Ron Paul are all irredeemably awful for a variety of reasons too numerous to mention here.

    And Huntsman, Johnson and Buddy "Buddy" Roemer are each polling lower than "Don't Know, Don't Care".

    But if you'll just open your mary jane-fogged eyes for a moment, I think you're in for a real revelation. Yes, I'm talking about the one candidate who is poised to set the conservative political world on FIRE!

    No, it's not Bobby Jindal! Let's be serious.

    No, I'm talking, of course, about Thad (or possibly "Tad") McCotter. Sure, he's polling slightly lower than O.J. Simpson, but O.J. wont be out of the pokey until 2038 so he poses no real electoral threat to McCotter.

    Before you launch your snarky comments against McCotter take a few minutes to learn more about him and IF you can keep an open mind, which I doubt, I think you'll soon be hopping aboard the McCotter Trolley all the way to 1300 (or possibly 1400) Pennsylvania Avenue!!!

    Ok, some McCotter factoids:

    He prefers dark brown or black loafer style shoes.
    His favorite sport is squash.
    His favorite vegetable is squash.
    (See? He's even MORE consistent than Romney without the distracting white hair at the temples! But you didnt know that, did you?)

    Politically, he's actually quite conservative, favoring small government, lower taxes, and a strong military, while ALSO supporting traditional family values, gun rights, tough border and immigration policies and less regulation for business.

    WOW!!! Did you read that policy profile? This guy has it all!! Am I right? Am I?

    Oh, and get this, Mr. Fancy Pants Alaska Liberal: McCotter will REPEAL your precious ObamaCare, overturn Roe V Wade AND create between 5 and 50 MILLION NEW PRIVATE SECTOR jobs in his first month as president. Compare THAT record of future achievement to the do-nothing Obama administration!

    And finally, there's the charisma factor. Sure, at first glance you may see another bald, doughy, middle aged white guy who looks like an especially dull CPA. And you go right ahead and dismiss him... AT YOUR PERIL!!!

    Because Thad or Tad McCotter brings a bit of old Hollywood magic that your Barack HUSSAIN Obama simply can't compete with: McCotter is the spitting image of Mr. PETER SELLERS in his spell-binding role as the hapless American president at the helm during the total world annihilation portrayed in Stanley Kubrick's 1964 masterpiece "Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb". GAME OVER!!!

    Yep, all the ladies want to be with him and all men want to be like him. I call THAT a recipe for a 2012 LANDSLIDE!!!

    Im confident that once you have the facts you'll join Team Thad or Tad immediately. If you'd go ahead and reveal your home address in a blog post, I'll send you a set of lawn signs, bumper stickers and campaign buttons. Go ahead and include your phone number so you can receive your McCotter robo-call daily affirmation and since near total anonymity seems to be somewhat constraining fundraising efforts on his behalf, may I ask that you also reveal your bank routing and account numbers so we can begin a series of $100 monthly contributions to the campaign? Thanks.

    I am VERY confident that 2012 is going to be THE Year of Thad (or Tad) McCotter!!!!

  2. Rachel rules!

    Newt is obnoxious to look at and to listen to. Almost laughed my head off hearing a talking head say that Newt is gaining ground among the family values voters. Being mean and a serial adulterer are family values?

    These grifters don't waste their time running as Democrats. We "valueless voters" are not so ripe for the fleecing.

  3. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Gingrich is remaining calm, measured, and challenging the people asking questions, which means he never gives an answer that can be looked at by anyone. Since the GOP counts on ignorance and a total lack of curiosity from the people they allow to vote, this works for him. Cain is the groper, Romney changes with the wind, and Gingrich, the multiply married, often caught with an aide, shamed out of Congress Newt, comes off as the adult. Sarah calls him the experienced one. Well, golly, that endorsement is worth a thousand Palinistas at least. It is a shame that Sarah and her tribe have turned the GOP into a sham. Moderates have no place, but people who abuse women are welcome. Who will they trot out next, JoPa for VP?

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM

    You Betcha is available on Demand and through Amazon

  5. I also think that Herb Cain took a good look at the Palin Phenomenon and adapted it to his own purposes. Like Palin, his woeful lack of knowledge is apparent to many, but easily excused by catchy sound bytes and one-liners. Like Palin, he has some serious character flaws. Like Palin, he knows enough to blame the media and the Democrats for the "attacks" on his character. He even tore the page out of Palin's book that called for no campaign organization - just tweet your way to the White House game plan. Palin has been able to survive, thrive and grift millions of dollars from gullible people despite in-your-face proof that she is a liar and a cheat.

    Newt is the master grifter who lost his job as Speaker of the House because of his greedy ways. He is arrogant enough to throw his hat into the ring again, knowing that Americans are easily distracted and manipulated. He and his wife remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. The mass exodus of his campaign staff has not deterred him from continuing his nationwide tour de grifte.

    Yes, these three are of a kind. A troika of thieves.

  6. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Newt does not wear the pants in the family, Callista has his balls on the mantle and loans it to her when he's presented her with another five-figure trinket.

    His staff knew this was coming, that his family life was going to minimize what is already his superficial shot at a job he could never get - if Newt does grow in the polls, his lengthy, lengthy record as Speaker of the House is enough to sink him - because lord knows the American memory is short - we just need reminders.

    Newt and Herb just want to sell books. Michele and Santorum just want to become conservative speaking-circuit stars and if I have to watch creepy Mitt Romney smile sociopathically at every dig - I'm going to scream.

    And PRick? He looks and acts more and more like a more attractive George W. Bush, with the only thing more authentic being he is an actual cowboy.

    For those that still think Sarah would smell an opportunity here, quit it, she see's how mortally wounded these idiots are getting, and can only imagine 10-fold coming to her should she rear her stupid, grasping head again.

  7. Anonymous5:59 AM

    I thought it was interesting that Palin's name didn't come up even once in that 17-minute piece. Trump did, but she didn't. Wonder if Joe's book has revealed so much about her that everyone just agrees to not speak her name again.

  8. angela6:07 AM

    Beldar---you slay me!

  9. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Hey B, you forgot having a 1/2 million dollar credit card debt at Tiffany's to your list of family values.

  10. Anonymous6:34 AM

    @ 5:35 - P.Rick an actually cowboy? Don't make me laugh. He was an AG major. Pencil pushers who don't know a horse from a Hereford.

  11. Ailsa7:13 AM

    I love you Beldar Thad2012!! Conehead. Bloody brilliant!

  12. @Anon6:32. Thx for reminding me of Tiffany's. Maybe running up the million dollar debt for your WIFE (albeit third) makes it a family value???

  13. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Beldar Rules!!!!!!!

    So Rachael is basically saying Newt is the "Ron Popiel" of the Party, and Sarah is the frustrated gal in all the "before" examples in infomercials, you know, the one who can't get the lid off a jar, emties the entire drawer to chop one onion? Who needs magnets to clasp her jewelry? Who needs a wonder bra because she can't figure out which boob goes in which cup? THAT Gal???

    Love Rachael's takedown of what CNN has allowed itself to become. Her improvisation of Michelles wandering crazy eyes was a riot!

    I don't trust any poll where the Other/I don't know folks are anywhere close to the ratings at the top.

  14. Beldar TAD2012! Conehead8:00 AM

    Oh what a web we weave...

    Comment 5:06AM was exclusively written as an excuse to use the name "President Merkin Muffley" and I forgot to type it in....

    President Merkin Muffley
    President Merkin Muffley
    President Merkin Muffley

  15. lilly lily8:36 AM

    Sarah is still putting out policy on her facebook, but only her bots are paying any attention.

    She is spitting in the wind.


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