Thursday, November 03, 2011

We have seen what happens when Rick Perry and Herman Cain are confronted with facts about themselves they don't like very much, but what about Mitt Romney? Funny you should ask.

This was the response from Romney when a reporter, Glen Johnson from the AP, called him out on a lie during a press conference back in May of this year.

You will notice that Romney simply could not let it go, and felt compelled to continue his attempt to convince Johnson that the facts were wrong, and that the journalist simply needed to repeat what he said instead of thinking or doing any of that "reporting" stuff.

Personally I look forward to seeing that bright red complexion that Mitt always takes on when he gets frustrated, popping up repeatedly during his debates with Obama. (If I don't get my Christmas wish that Herman Cain is the nominee, that is.)

(H/T to the Obama Diary.)


  1. Calli Pygian4:18 AM

    That was completely AWESOME!!! "It's a documentable fact." And he's also right when he pronounces Mittens's statement to be semantics.

    I LOLed when this Erik stood up and Romney reflexively took a step back- that was priceless.

  2. Mittens needs to call the Grifter ASAP and learn how she developed her tough skin and her legendary "still" spine, both of which she is known for utilizing during her many impromptu press conferences.

    During the same call, maybe he can beg her for her endorsement, which would automatically whisk him into the White House.

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I'm sure that Southern lady at the end telling Mike that he is 'rude' said the same thing to Sarah Palin when she said Barry didn't see America the way she and they see America.

  4. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Eric, Romney's travel guy was very professional in telling that reporter not to be argumentative or confrontational with a candidate.

    Cause all aspiring leaders of the free world deserve to be treated with kid gloves and disingenuous with their statements.

    And that's what every reporter should do, just: "Listen to my words okay?" that works for a democracy.

  5. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Looks like Sarah Palin's journalism 101, just the Who What When or Where, just report their narrative and let the readers decide.

    None of us know who this dear friend industry rep is traveling with Mitt and were it up to him, we wouldn't know. We are just supposed to take his word as gospel that no 'lobbyist' is influencing his campaign.

  6. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Hahaha. Mitt Romeny isn't as sharp and as "presidential" as he likes to let on. He acts like that whenever anyone dares to question his talking points. All he does is "correct" people with his talking points, and when people find his talking points unexceptable, he just repeats the same talking point a little louder, and a little angrier. This is an unexplored weakness of Mitt Romney that I hope comes back to haunt him in the end.

  7. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Its funny how Mitt Romney's handler confronted the reporter for being "unprofessional" and being combative with a candidate. Mitt Romney was the one being combative, and unprofessional. Mitt Romney acted unpresidential, not only in the way that he responded to the question, but also the way he went after the guy afterward. Mitt Romney isn't that smart, and he has a temper.

    I could see the contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during a debate. Barack Obama is calm and presidential, while Mitt Romeny is talking fast, and stuttering, shouting, and red-fast, and looking like he's going to punch someone.

    Mitt Romeny tries to avoid the press and the media 90% of the time. Now we know why.

  8. "Don't get argumentative with the candidate". God forbid, Romney-aide, that anybody should get argumentative with Mitt Romney!

    I can't stand Mitt Romney for more reasons than I can list here, the least being his Mormon faith.

  9. That was fun. I like the end when the Romney tool kept telling the reporter not to get argumentative with the candidate.

  10. Anonymous6:21 AM

    That lobbiest may not be running Mitt Romenys campaign, but Mitt Romney is being advised by them, which is worse. Mitt Romney may not come from "Washington," but he comes from Wall Street, most of his campaign money comes form Wall Street, and Wall Street runs Washington. Fuck him.

  11. Gasman6:25 AM

    Romney is oily, unctuous, and slimy. He seems like the stereotypical used car salesman. He is parsing his words VERY carefully when he says “I don’t have lobbyists RUNNING my campaign.” Who the fuck cares if lobbyists are in THE top positions if they are STILL influencing his message and his policies? The intent of his message was to imply that he was free from the influence of lobbyists, and that is just a goddamn lie. He is a typical GOP dissembling, lying sack of shit.

    Good on that reporter for daring to crawl right up his ass and call him out.

    The sad truth for the GOP is THIS guy is the best that they’ve got.

  12. Olivia6:28 AM

    I thought for a minute there that Mittens was going to burst into tears. And when his "Mommy" came over to scold the reporter, I am sure he probably did when his back was to the camera.

  13. Mitt: So I don't owe any lobbyists any favors.


    But I do "love" giving "gifts" to my close, high-contributing, lobbyist "friends".

    Pshaw- you liberals will probably see something "wrong" with that!

    I pity you


    I can only imagine President Obama watching the GOP nominees implode, with stuff that NO ONE should be able to survive - EACH, and EVERY ONE of them, and yet,

    there will still be plenty of Americans who hate President Obama sooooo much they will STILL vote for one of these fools over him.

    **shakes head**

  14. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Gryphen, that clip is from primary season in 2008, not this year.

  15. Anonymous7:18 AM

    So, in RepugSpeak, if a reporter asks a relevent question, it's "getting argumentative with the candidate." These GOPsters are surely thin-skinned, hot-headed bunch. As in Herb (sic) Cain's "EXCUSE ME!? EXCUSE ME!" response to another reporter. God (Buddha, Siva, Ra, anybody) save us from these arrogant pricks.

  16. "Anderson

  17. Anne In DC8:37 AM

    Willard Romney is an unethical shape shifter who will say and do anything he thinks will help him win the nomination. He is also arrogant and dismissive of anyone who criticizes him, which is why he gets combative and defensive. I saw that side of him during one of the debates when he and Rick Perry were going at each other. His reason for avoiding the press is that he is a shallow, empty suit who has no core principles.

  18. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Have to say this - I'm a senior citizen and retired. During my long working career, I worked w/a number of Mormon men whom I found to all lie - one was actually fired for his lazy and inept work. If I meet a Mormon man today, I immediately go on alert!!!

  19. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Very paternalistic attitude. Should that be a surprise coming from a Mormon man? Of course not!

  20. eclecticsandra10:20 AM

    I agree that that must be an old clip. Romney's hair is much greyer now. It seems that there should be a discussion on lobbyists. Most of us belong to organizations that employ lobbyists, and they can do a valuable job in educating Congress. The distinctions need to be made between education and excessive bribery.

  21. Anne in DC is exactly right

    Read it and weep conservatives:

    As governor, Romney tries to reassure the left:

  22. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Romney is a jerk, which is the top requisite for a GOP candidate. Jerk will do well for him... right up 'til his first debate with President Obama.

    Obama's intellect is in a class that's beyond Romney's dreams. And Obama is also a gentleman.

  23. Girl from NYC2:19 PM

    Used to be all I could think of when-evah I saw Mittens is the knee-length "Magic Underwear" he wears 'neath his BVD's and undershirt. Like every good Morman does.

    But today I discovered an indelible image of the man's character I can't get off my mind. That he once crated Seamus, the family dog? On top of his his car? AND STARTED OFF ON A LONG ROAD TRIP WITH THE FAMILY?

    Guess what happens next? A river of terrified pooch poop soon drips all over the front, back and sides of the vehicle. Father Knows Best here stops at a gas station, hoses down the mess and drives on. With Seamus still in the crate. (Snope if ya don't believe!)

    Now all I can think of when-evah I see Mittens is that he surely is one weird underwearing, animal-abusing, cold-blooded fool!

  24. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Romney is an extremely heartless man(as he knows best for ALL humankind). I don't mind his magic underwear, but do mind his behavior.

    - Ardiva

  25. Beldar Obama2012 Conehead3:47 PM

    There you go again, Gryphen, with your typical liberal short-sightedness and narrow thinking.

    Sure, we all see that Romney is laughably unsuitable for high elected public office. But the difference between you and me is that YOU are prepared to write Mr. Romney off and I'm far more interested in finding an appropriate role for him in his golden years that won't damage the lives of other Americans.

    And I have to say that I was extremely impressed with how commanding he looked in the aisles of that retail store. Not commanding in a presidential manner, of course, but I could definitely see a future for Romney as, say, an assistant manager of a large Walmart store or even a manager of a smaller Piggly Wiggly or Albertson's. Maybe working his way up to some sort of regional or district manager's position.

    The point is, I try not to simple write people off as pompous doofi treading water WAY WAY WAY out of their depth.

    And while you're regaling your blog visitors with snarky put-downs of the pathetic GOP presidential wannabes, I'M hard at work seeking alternate career opportunities for each of them after their respective campaigns flame out. But you wouldn't understand that kind of compassion, would you....

    For example, without saying too much too soon, I can disclose that I'm very close to arranging a senior position for Michele Bachmann at a local animal shelter. I think that's going to be a good fit for her. And I have a tentative slot for Newt Gingrich as an assistant research librarian at a small private collection specializing in 19th century circus memorabilia. He's going to be very happy there.

    The point is, let's show a little more compassion for these douchebags, ok, Gryphen? Remember, even extreme right wing candidates for president are almost people, too.

  26. What's really creepy is the other reporter telling Johnson to "act professionally" and not get "argumentative" with the candidate.

    Jesus! That's what reporter's should do!!

    We don't have journalism in this country anymore, it's all self-policed propaganda by reporters who are owned by the candidates they cover, who are in turn owned by the lobbyists and corporations that sponsor their campaigns.


    Occupy the country!

  27. This reminds me of the 2008 campaign, the republicans wanted to get Obama to be all angry black man in the debates, try to get his hackles up. Well, come debate time, McCain was the one making angry faces, losing his cool, and being the angry old man! Obama had turned the tables on the repubs, oh it was beautiful, ha! It seems Romney might suffer from the same ticks as McCain.

  28. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Beldar Rocks! Thanks for your comments, always look forward to reading them!

    Gee, Willard did a speech in the pen aisle and didn't pick up a new pocket protector?

    I don't know why he got his dander up, we all know he wears purple socks with his magic underwear, and it's Donny Osmand who runs his campaign. The winner of DWTS disco trophy.

    This could be fun if he's the candidate. I, for one, am going to watch every debate he does with President Obama, while eating my stockpile of Ben and Jerry's "Schweddy Balls" ice cream. Good Stuff! ;)


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