Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mitt Romney's "Disasterous" Fox interview inspires new ad from DNC.

Apparently Mittens was so rattled by the interview that he confronted Baier afterward:

Baier, who has generally gotten kudos during the cycle for his approach to the GOP candidates in interviews and at a Fox News debate he took part in moderating, said that Romney had made clear after the interview he wasn't pleased with some of the questions. 

"I think Gov. Romney didn't like the way the interview went," Baier said, adding that Romney told him he thought it was "overly aggressive" at points during their "walk-and-talk" after the interview, and that Romney emerged from his holding area to stress the point later. 

Baier said Romney told him some of the questions were "uncalled for." 

I think it is clear that Romney can LOOK like he came right out of central casting for the role of President, but cannot actually demonstrate the kind of calm under fire persona that it takes to BE the President. Just think, THIS was an interview on FOX NEWS! Imagine what happens when Romney faces off against a Chris Matthews, or Rachel Maddow, or Anderson Cooper, or even a David Letterman? He is screwed!

Perhaps Mitten's new title should be Mitt "Not Ready for Prime Time" Romney.

Is it just me, or is this 2012 campaign season getting off to a great start?


  1. Just like Mitt confronting that reporter who disagreed with his no-lobbists statement. He walked up to him after the interview and got in his face, and then his handler did too, with his "don't get argumentative with the candidate" crap. Who does Mittens think he is? Sarah Palin? The most important job a free press does is pester candidates who want to run our country. And except for thin-skinned dumbasses like Mitt and Sarah, most people realize that the First Amendment has NOTHING to do with protecting candidates from criticism. If the candidates don't feel pressured by the questions, then the press is not asking the right questions.

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    The top contenders are Newtie, Mittens, Hermalicious and Box of Rocks (Rick) - take a moment and wrap your mind around the incredible limitations each brings. Hard to know where to start... Is this a great GOP field or what? Can't wait to see the fun start. Oh, and we now have the Rovenator sending dispatches from the dark side warning that the race will be brutal because Obama plays tough Chicago politics, hah! The Repubs will fry each other up and Fox will comment on the sizzle.

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    From the Broadway smash hit The Book of Mormon, lyrics from "I Believe":

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  4. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Aw, poor Mittens...if he thinks Faux News doesn't play nice, how's he gonna handle the big leagues? A Faux interview is like playing in the sandbox for GOP candidates. With Obama, anything goes--interrupting, rudeness, "gotcha"questions. Does Mittens think the big bad world leaders will play nice? He's a spoiled rich brat.

  5. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Sarkozy, Merkel, Ahmadinejad, hell, Al Qaeda better treat President Mitt with kid-gloves.

    And Merkel better prepare herself for more than an inappropriate shoulder massage from former President Bush if Cain invites her to the Oval Office. Or offers to help her (Germany) financially.

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    All the GOP candidates scare the mitt out of me.

    More scary is one of these fools may win.

  7. Willard is an interesting study. He is a Harvard Business School Baker Scholar, and Harvard Law graduate, the founder of Bain Capital where he made millions, and professes and seems to be very faithful to his religion but yet exhibits no core beliefs or values. He is a complete enigma. How can someone be so successful and religious and not believe anything?

  8. angela8:01 AM

    In the FOX Un-News culture republicans have had a field day going to the home court and being licked like kittens.

    Oh, they'll answer the softball questions FAUX comes up with and even though the answers are usually partisan lies they'll talk to the MSM though they've basically stopped asking anyone of the GOP candidates anything too tough.

    Of course they try to rip President Obama apart—but he should be able to handle it and he does. That is part of his job. I'm thinking Mitt is up there with George W. as far as suffering questions he doesn't want to answer. Pissed off and flip.

    Even though Mitt isn't liked at FAUX I guess he thought he would still get the kitten treatment because he's been play acting the role of a wingnut. He is a lightweight and a bit of a dick. He can't help himself. His entitlement mentality is showing. The more you see--the worse he looks.


  9. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I had two thoughts watching this interview.

    First -- he qualifies to be a Faux talking head -- Stunned & Stupid.

    Second -- Faux won't hire him. Mittens would think he gets top billing. Bill O would have something to say about that!!

    I can't figure out which one!!

    It's amazing to hear Mittens leave out that his experience is devoid of his being a Governor aka government insider and any reference that he has been a full-time employed Presidential campaigner as that's been his only job for the last 6 years and he remains unqualified and unskilled for the position.

    Should any of us have been employed in any job - we would never get 6 years time to prove our qualifications.

    Mittens -- The MSM has gone on and on and on that Mittens is the TOP GOP CONTENDER. Really?? Another reason why we don't listen to or believe in MSM!!!

  10. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Did anyone think it wierd/unprofessional that O'Reilly and Baier talked about the private exchange that Romney apparently had AFTER the interview, in the hall at FOX News? I find it very irregular that this private, off the record conversation was reported nationally.

    I mean, these sorts of exchanges must happen all the time - but how often do you hear them discussed, prime-time? Ever?

    I think there is something afoot here. My guess is that Ailes/FOX is trying to deep six Mittens to pave the way for Gnewt.


  11. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I can, in no way whatsoever, imagine a scenario in which the gooptardians take the white house in '12 (save for a massive Obama scandal). The gop is in the worst state I've ever seen it - just look at the contenders for the nomination. They all bear some serious limitations, except for bachmann - she's full on retarded.

    The modern gop has tried for a long time to maintain the status quo in a world that is developing and evolving faster and faster. Unless they completely re-tool (pun intended), they'll find themselves well down the hallway of irrelevance with the doorway slammed behind them. Good riddance.

  12. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Yes, Faux News has chosen The Newt to be their henchman, thus the removal of kid gloves in handling poor flustered Mittens.

  13. Anonymous8:37 AM

    8:15 AM,

    It's not weird. It happens all time. Mitt Romney however, was weird, unprofessional, and unpresidential. It also wouldn't be the first time Mitt Romney has confronted a member of the media for asking him tough questions. But, maybe Fake News is trying to take down Mitt Romney.

  14. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Mitt Romney’s Campaign Is Becoming a Sinking Ship

    New polls show that Newt Gingrich’s surge is hurting Mitt Romney where it counts. The game isn’t over, but time is running out for Mitt to turn it around.

    The horses are getting spooked in the Romney camp.

    His poll numbers are plummeting in state after state, while Newt Gingrich is soaring across the board.

    One reflection of the rising tension was an awkward interview with Bret Baier, in which the normally unflappable Mitt Romney got rattled by fair questions. It revealed the irritability of a man accustomed to being in control who's watching his plans fall apart in public.

    Mitt’s aura of inevitability is fading because his strategy is failing.

  15. MissSunshine8:53 AM

    I watched the original interview between Romney and Baier and Mr. Baier asked entirely reasonable questions and waited respectfully for Mittens to answer.

    There was some scepticism in Baier's tone at some of Romeny's replies, but never the sneering rudeness that Obama endured calmly during O'Rielly's "interview".

    Clearly Mittens thought Fox would give him air time to promote himself, with no need to answer challenging questions. As a previous poster described it the "kitten" treatment that SP enjoys.

    Instead, he was treated like a adult man in his 50's, which he thought was unfair! What a baby!

  16. Anonymous9:00 AM


    Greta Van Susteren’s Husband Defends Role Advising Herman Cain

    Should Greta Van Susteren have disclosed her husband’s connection to Herman Cain on Fox News?

    ...But the fuss has to do with Coale’s wife, Greta Van Susteren, and whether she should have disclosed her husband’s role on her Fox News program. The anchor has interviewed Cain 10 times since August—most recently last week—and was granted the only interview with his wife, Gloria, after several women accused the candidate of sexual harassment.

  17. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Damn, these narcissists are rampant in the clown car GOP!

    How Herman Cain’s Vanity Sank His Campaign

    People assume Cain’s campaign has been derailed by ineptitude. But the real culprit is the candidate’s boundless narcissism.

  18. Anonymous9:06 AM

    How disgusting this man is!

    Cain Hasn’t Seen Wife Since Accusations

  19. Anonymous9:20 AM

    She just gets more and more outrageous...

    Michele Bachmann: Evolution-Only Approach In Schools Amounts To 'Censorship By Government' (VIDEO)

  20. Anonymous9:24 AM

    GOP Candidates Make Flubs Big And Small

  21. MicMac, I was surprised and a bit impressed (!) that Faux News actually questioned Mitt's behavior. He could very well be the man they have to start selling in a few months, whether they're rooting for him now or not.

    ANY organization claiming to be news was obligated to question it. His behavior was as if someone were questioning the Pope or a monarch.
    Like Cain before him, HE KNOWS THESE QUESTIONS ARE COMING, and it really shows how UN-presidential he is that he either refuses or is too ignorant to prepare for them.

  22. Anne In DC9:31 AM

    If Willard can't handle questions he doesn't like at this level, how on earth does he expect to deal with the kind of stuff that would be thrown at him in the general election if he wins the nomination?
    He is an ethically challenged flip-flopper who has no moral core, and if he can't hang at this time, what makes him think he could be president? He would be criticized on a daily basis,no matter what he did, and I don't think he could deal with it.

  23. Anonymous9:51 AM

    It is looking good for the good guys, but when the entire GOP field implodes, will they turn to Sarah, just as the 'bots are rubbing their genie bottles for?

  24. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Greta Van Susteren Draws Scrutiny Over Husband's Herman Cain Ties

  25. A. J. Billings9:55 AM

    Classic conservative, that Mittens guy. Can't deal with a tough interviewer, if you could call it that.

    O/T, want to know why we are called the immoral minority?

    Here are some sadly christian folks showing their true colors by BANNING an inter-racial couple from their services

    But $arah Paylin sez doze good folks are the Rill 'Mericans..

  26. Virginia Voter10:21 AM

    If a rabid right wing neocon like Jonah Goldberg characterizes Mitt as an East German programmed candidate, it does not bode well for his campaign.

    Looks like Mitts six year quest for the presidency will have a specatularly epic end sooner rather than later. When Fox News dogs you , it's over in the GOP.

  27. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Wanna edit Sarah Palin's film with us?

  28. Anonymous10:24 AM

    A Good Article on Romney:
    How Romney grew rich by plundering companies
    By Robyn Blummer November 11, 2011

    "If Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination for president, the narrative for his 2012 run is pretty clear. He will tout his credentials as a savvy businessman who knows how to create jobs.

    What Romney won’t tell you is that what he really knows how to do is create massive amounts of wealth for himself and his partners.

    Jobs are another matter.

    Romney co-founded the private equity firm Bain Capital in 1984, and owned 100 percent of the firm from approximately 1992 to 2001. During that time, he made a fortune while thousands of employees in some of the businesses Bain acquired lost their jobs.

    The actions of Romney’s firm are detailed in the 2009 book by financial reporter Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America: How Private Equity is Destroying Jobs and Killing the American Economy. The chapter that focuses on Romney and Bain Capital is aptly titled “Plunder and Profit.”

    Private equity firms operate through leveraged buyouts. They create limited partnerships to buy companies, usually pretty healthy ones since it’s the only way to attract financing, and then they burden the companies with debt while trying to make the balance sheets look good, often by cutting costs such as workers or their benefits, to flip the companies within five years for a profit.

    Private equity firms put a relatively small amount down, say, 20 percent, and the companies they are buying borrow the rest from banks making them responsible for repayment. Suddenly, a company that had a reasonable debt load, if any, is subjected to crushing repayment obligations.

    The only reason this works, Kosman says, is because of a tax loophole that allows the interest on the loans to be tax deductible.

    Now, when a business borrows money for capital equipment or a major expansion, it makes sense for the government to encourage that investment by making the interest tax deductible. But here the debt exists just so some clever rich guys can buy a company without much risk to themselves. By deducting the interest on the debt, the company reduces its tax liabilities and can use that money to make its debt payments.

    Got it so far? Spend little, borrow big, evade taxes and get control of a lucrative asset.

    Now the fun starts. To make a company look more valuable to a potential buyer, the companies are managed for short-term gains. Private equity firms often do this by making “deep cuts in spending on current operations and on research to develop new products.” Employees get fired. Reinvestment in the company is shortchanged — just the opposite of expanding economic growth and job opportunity.

    Romney’s Bain Capital also figured out another way to make money from the companies it bought: have the companies borrow even more money and use it to pay the owners (themselves) distributions and dividends.

    Romney denies that he was part of the decision to extract large sums from businesses that collapsed. But Kosman cites Geoffrey Rehnert, who helped start Bain Capital and who insists that Romney controlled the firm when it collected “enormous distributions from three companies ... it drove into bankruptcy.”

    When companies managed by private equity firms do go bankrupt, as many do, crippled by debt and gouging, the private equity firms have already made a tidy profit from high transaction fees, management fees and dividend payments. It’s the employees and creditors who lose big.

    While there may be cases where Bain Capital ended up improving some businesses, Kosman says “a significant amount of the money that Romney’s firm made was off companies that ended up going bankrupt.”

    “Millions for me, a pink slip for thee,” is the playbook of many private equity firms, and Romney was one of their savviest players."

    Robyn Blumner is a columnist and member of the editorial board of the St. Petersburg Times.

  29. Anonymous10:28 AM

    It is not just you Gryphen, I love the way the things are going for the gop, tp. Sinking faster than a brick in a toilet.

  30. @womanwithsardinecan You said

    If the candidates don't feel pressured by the questions, then the press is not asking the right questions.

    That is what gave us this Sarah Palin legacy. No political thinks they have to answer questions they don't like -- from Anybody.

    And the media let them get away with not answering questions -- esp. CNN.

  31. @womanwithsardinecan You said

    "If the candidates don't feel pressured by the questions, then the press is not asking the right questions."

    This is the Sarah Palin legacy. No politician thinks they have to answer questions they don't like -- from Anybody.

    And the MSM let them get away it, esp. with not answering the question asked, letting them change the subject -- esp. CNN.

  32. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Only #QuestionsMittLikes

  33. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I refer to Mittens as one that went in to 'strip the carcuses' of companies he bought - then close the company. His main job was to fire all the workers. Job Creator he ain't

  34. Anonymous2:15 PM

    None of us peon voters have a choice in the matter. The higher powers will place whatever candidate that serves their best interests in 2012.

  35. What a Maroon!2:44 PM

  36. Mittens or even just Mitten is the perfect nickname for this rubber-spined politician. He has contradicted himself so much that he stands for nothing anymore.

  37. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Looks like the Murdoch's have pulled the kidd gloves off. When a news commenter goes on another news commenter on Fox, and talks "dirt" about a post interview experience, which I'm sure mittens feels should be off the record, is truly a sign you're not wanted by the big guy.

    I've never seen anything like this happen before, and it couldn't happen to a better narssisistic boob with anger issues.

    If Romney was a smarter person, he'd run to cnn, abc, nbc, msnbc, cbs, pbs, letterman, leno, Colbert et al and sing like a canary about any and all dirt he has on Fox news and the other candidates.

    But, like Sarah, his dillusions of grandeur and hubris in believing he has a chance to lose to Obama will eventually be his downfall.

    Huntsman's their next target.

  38. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Willard has a nasty temper and it's showing more and more to the American people as time goes by. tsk tsk..


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