Monday, February 20, 2012

SNL addresses the Republican attack on contraception. And makes it hilarious.

You know it is not so much that the Republican's anti-contraception stance has turned into a giant joke, it's that it is a giant joke to which THEY are the punchline, and they just don't see what's so damn funny.

Personally I think that the entire Republican party has tuned into a bad joke, and I am tired of it being a joke played on the American people.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    We are lucky to have such talent on our side. How about the AZ sheriff who was blackmailing his Mexican boyfriend. The GOP is home to slime balls.

    OT- Love the title of Shailey's book. I think that March will be coming in like a lion! Can't wait. :)

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Big Juicy for Dog Catcher ... Run Toad Run.

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    But they sure love rape, especially Virginia Style:

    "During IVF, women have frequent trans-vaginal ultrasounds to see how their ovarian follicles are developing and to measure the lining of the uterus. I have them two or three times a week. It was a big deal for me when I started as it’s basically a dildo with a camera in it, wrapped in a condom, smeared with very cold lubricant, pushing quite hard against the cervix. Towards the end of the cycle it’s quite painful. At any point along, it’s awkward.

    I believe this invasive scan being forced on pregnant women seeking an abortion would be a violation of their bodies. I also wonder how there can possibly be consent, when the women are forced to submit in order to be allowed medical care."

    Y'all are aware that some of our Alaskan leggers has sponsored a similar bill, SB 191?

  4. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Forgot the cite:

  5. A day off and a good laugh! Today is awesome.

  6. angela8:18 AM

    All I can say is Virginia better go blue again after the teabaggers have gutted women's reproductive rights there.

  7. Sally in MI8:43 AM

    But Michele Bachmann says the GOP loves women, and that all this is President Obama's fault for ever dreaming up a health care bill that enables the government to mandate that people be healthy! I guess Bachmann sees her source of extra income, all those pregnant teens, going away when contraception is available to women. I can see where she and Marcus would have no problem with trans-vaginal about a trans-penile probe for the father of the fetus?

  8. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Yeah, well what do you expect from people who think Pizza is a vegetable.

    Congress themselves have become the poster children for why we need to spend more money on education...

  9. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Its gotten to the point where it is no longer funny. Not only do they believe in the bills they are pushing through, but they have a secondary purpose of hoping they will be challenged up to the conservative Supreme Court where Roe v. Wade may fall. This is too dangerous to take lightly anymore.

  10. Tom Joad9:05 AM

    Birth control
    Womens health
    Mentally ill VP candidate
    Whacky presidential peimary candidates
    Gay sheriffs deporting discarded mexican lovers
    Brokered convention......
    Do they have any idea of how ridiculous they are?
    How long will it take for the Repugs to get the stench off themselves?

    Obviously (ala SNL) the jokes write themselves. It was a tough weekend for Karl Rove!
    COME ON ALREADY KARL, GET THESE FUCKHEADS(palin,babeu,sanctimoniousum,mittens and newters) IN LINE !!! It is an election year afterall not a friggin circus.

  11. ibwilliamsi9:13 AM

    "The Republican Party - Government Just Small Enough to Fit Into Your Sex Life."

  12. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Please mail Bristol and Willow a bottle of aspirin ...

    With instructions on how to use them.

  13. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I wonder what the GOP thinks of $arah's burned tubal ligation. The ultimate poster child for "Do as I say, not as I do."

  14. Anonymous9:50 AM

    9:13 did you just make that one up, cold? Definitely worth stealing.

  15. Anonymous9:51 AM

    @ 9:03
    "This is too dangerous to take lightly anymore."

    That's why President Obama's reelection is even more critical AND we need to give him a Democratic Congress - both houses.

    By the time these cases make it to the SCOTUS, there may be replacements for one of more of the justices who are serving now. If Obama is President, he will choose justices who are not living in the 17th century. If any of the GOP candidates are elected, by legal majority or by fraud, we are screwed for the next generation or two.

  16. Virginia Voter10:02 AM

    LOL at TransVaginal Airways

    9:03 is right, the Republican Party wants to take this up to the Supreme Court, and they will pursue this radical agenda until it gets there.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping that our Governor will not want to make Virginia even more of a national laughingstock by actually signing these bills into law. McDonnell's approval ratings have already ticked down from a high of 67% to the current 59%, and will no doubt go lower as the majority of Virginians polled recently do not approve of them.

    And fear not, people are making their voices heard. Over 1,000 people protested in Richmond today:

    If any of you live here, please sign the petition, and sign even if you don't:

  17. Irishgirl10:06 AM

    Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, is back in the news -- but not for anything the former vice presidential candidate has said or done. A public sculpture at the town's high school is causing a ruckus for what some claim to see as a depiction of the female genitalia.

  18. The 13th century pontificators truly have tried to crank back the clock... Guess what douce bags.... Your time machine IS BROKEN !!!!!

  19. Martha again11:09 AM


  20. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Thanks for sharing that, Martha Again Said. Took me 30 minutes to stop laughing and compose myself. She thinks she's up there with the big boys and today should be all about her! Next, she'll upstage Christmas for we'll all see her head imposed over baby jesus in the manager. I was raised not to make fun of people with limited mental capacity, but her visions of grandeur and 'let me make myself important' campaign keeps me in stitches and I do hope that the white coats show up quickly for her. LMAO

  21. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Palin's screech sounds as if she doesn't understand any of what she is screeching. A middle school (maybe elementary) student could do a more convincing and better performance.
    I will be so glad when this impersonator of a human being is finally finished. Hopefully in an orange jumpsuit.

  22. It is true that 98% of Catholic women have used some form of birth control on a REGULAR basis....instead of families with 8 or more children they sit in the pews with their families of 2 or 3 children.

    OBVIOUSLY their husbands are in concert with their wives because they don't want more children either.

    It is fact that ~~63%~~ of ALL Catholic funding, including their churches, in America, comes from the government, the public purse.

    Under the false premise of "religious freedom", you are waging war with 98% of Catholic women and their families and THEIR rights under the Constitution.

    You are waging war against women's health .....PERIOD.

    The Catholic church has entered into health care provisions that provide birth control, the same as the original federal suggestion, in 28 states in the US and in countries around the world...including Rome....with NO COMPLAINT!!

    While these power hungry bishops rail about the immorality of Milwaukee the Archdiocese is filing for bankruptcy over ~~~8,000~~~ cases of CHILD RAPE committed by this same "church" .

    At the same time the Catholic church rapes the public purse as well as children, the worldly wealth of this church are in the TRILLIONS of $$.

    So even though they are funded to the tune of 63% from the American government and they sit on trillions of $$...they are claiming bankruptcies rather than make monetary restitution for the evil that THEY perpetrate!


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