Saturday, February 04, 2012

Some Palin-bots simply cannot face the truth about their idol and are still requesting donations to run radio ads begging the RNC to ask Palin to jump into the race. Damn, how much of that koolaid did they drink?

You know I really thought I could no longer feel sorry for these people.  But this is SO incredibly sad that I almost want to stage an intervention on their behalf.

Here is ad #1,

And now ad #2.

And believe it or not, they're serious. Even though the picture they chose to represent Palin is the same one that I use to show how scary and nasty she can be. 

They are even planning to hand out these fliers at CPAC.

I may have NEVER seen a more delusional and illogical pamphlet in my entire life.

And just in case you think I am making this up, here is the website of just one of the sad little flying monkey who is so desperately still beating her wings in an attempt to get a Palin campaign off of the ground.


  1. mitch3:15 PM

    I don't know who is sicker. Palin or this person who created the website. I dare say I will never go to Nebraska.

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Guess the palinbots haven't read this:

    Dow reaches highest mark since 2008

    Jumps 156.82 points on strong jobs report

    Updated: February 4, 2012, 7:42 AM

    NEW YORK — A drop in the unemployment rate to its lowest level in three years propelled the Dow Jones industrial average Friday to its highest close since May 2008, before the financial meltdown later that year. The Nasdaq composite index hit an 11-year high.


    Full story at:

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    It is such an AWESOME movement that they've had that blogpost up since January 28 and they have all of ONE comment!

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Here is a sample of a comment made at the piss-pond:


    "..there is no time to bring the American voter "slowly around". I would like to see Sarah in the mode of positive Doomsday profit (if there has ever been such a person). The words "sudden and relentless reform" would temper by comparison to visions of a middle class being eviscerated for generations by the coming financial apocalypse.

    Fear is the most powerful motivator. It's time for shock and awe."

    Of course they are scaring people into voting their way. How else can they get votes? These are the same people that cheat the polls, voting many times.

    And they think liberals are despicable?

  5. angela3:29 PM

    Wow. Just wow.

    C'mon Gryphen, I'm sure the RNC will make Mitt give up his delegates and hand them over to Sarah for these little nutwads; the same way I think Karl Rove will admit he voted for President Obama in 2008.

  6. Anonymous3:35 PM

    "Most vetted candidate in the history of American politics." Oh my ever-loving god of all things sick sad and delusional, what are those bots smokin'?

    Yes, please, Sarah, go rogue! Run, Sarah, run, so at last, finally, "the most vetted candidate in American politics" and her bots can forever and for all time, finally receive the political thrashing and rejection they so richly deserve from the vast majority of American voters.

    Then maybe, mabe the Quitta from Wasilla will STFU.

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I'm sorry, I just find it hard to believe that these people are allowed access to anything other than crayons. But then again, it is palin, so it is all part of a scheme. Must be being run by someone associated with her pac wich I have heard, is having a lower return in terms of donations. Gotta milk the sheep! Caribou barbie can't be stuck flying coach again!

  8. Anonymous3:42 PM

    "...most vetted candidate in the history of American politics". Wow, that is... um.... it's a... I mean to say that... ah, hell, I got nothing

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Yep. And if you happen to wade into the Sea o Pee, notice that Brianus Berkelianus is always the first one tot talk about donating money and request that others do the same.

    Then we see that RAM is still on the payroll for internet grassroots.

    And 1+1=4, but the bots are too dumb to do the math.

    I would feel sorry for them, but then I see their narrow-minded ear mongering, their racist, mean and nastiness against not only the President, but his family, and anyone else who isn't as white and stupid and nasty as they are.

    Then, I don't feel sorry for them one bit.

    Two images should make you stop feeling sorry for them , too. Gryphen, Gabby Gifford and Christine Taylor.

  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    They'll be lucky to get near CPAC. Every event is for registered conference goers. But hey, as long as the people handed this crap recycle , no harm done. Mitt ought to get a good chuckle put of it. And since she is the final speaker out of a bevy (coven) of whack jobs, I wonder who will still be around to applaud her vileness? The candidates will all be headed for their planes and the next stop on the Lying Express.

  11. Hi Sarah, Welcome Back!

    Quick question, Where's Trigs Birth Certificate?

  12. "Knowledge of the URGENCY to reject crony capitalism."

    Well, I must say, Mrs Mayor Half-Term Gov Queef has absolute and intimate knowledge of cronyism.

    No qualifications required - just appoint old school buddies and campaign workers.

    Howzat FrankBailey thingy workin' out for ya, Sarah?

  13. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:53 PM

    Do they really think the people they're targeting have the attention span to read that ENTIRE Help Wanted thing? Oh, wait--they sit through the torturous quasi-Latin BriEndless posts at the kiddie pool...

    I was reading some of the (shorter) comments at the Sea of Pity to my DH, when I noticed that some began their day by ending their first post with "I stand with Sarah Palin." To which Mr. Knishes replied,

    "I sit with my ass."

  14. Anonymous3:54 PM

    So very sad. Sadder....their ultimate failed attempts. Surely at some point these people will get it! SHE IS OVER. End of story.

  15. Otto Katz3:54 PM

    (They're not monitoring the comment section)

  16. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Sarah the shiny object has tarnished beyond recognition.

    Everything about her today is bush league, under par, banana republic. A red-ass monkey in heat is more subtle.

    I have never thought Sarah to be mentally ill or addicted to drugs.

    I believe Sarah has demonstrated, time after time, she has a learning disability that stems from retardation.

  17. Anonymous4:02 PM

    OMG. They only see what they want to see.

    I have to say that is really unnerving to realize humans can be so deluded. Do they not understand that she quit the governor's office to jump at the chance to hawk a book and reality show??? Of course she can "be bought".

    I bet she is foaming at the mouth with the restraints her Fox gig imposes on her, but that million dollar paycheck has her jumping through their hoops.

    The "I'm going to scratch your eyes out and grind up your bones" picture they use is because they like angry mean-girl tactics. Her sneering, belittling address during 2008 of "community organizers" is the tone of political discourse they want.

    She mirrors for them the screaming toddler that is willing to break every stick of furniture in the house if they can not get the toy they want.

  18. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Apparently these people are not familiar with the fact that their hero couldn't even carry the state in which she half-governed, a state that hasn't voted Democratic in a presidential election since those godless European socialists sang I Want To Hold Your Hand on Ed Sullivan.

    Truly amazing if you think about it. The only way Barack Hussein Obama could ever conceivably carry Alaska is if he were running against its former common sense conservative chief executive.

  19. Anonymous4:07 PM

    That pathetic bot website you linked had 2 comments, both with 5 "likes." One said simply, "You poor, poor fools."

    Tis a pity they're so dumb.

  20. Anonymous4:08 PM


    I love how they wrote "Doomsday profit."

    Clearly a graduate of the Tea Bagger School of Spelling and Grammar.

  21. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Well, it was statistically inevitable. The proverbial "chef of politics" finally served up a plate of "linguine con shit balls in a diarrhea sauce" (that would be the paylump) and the baggers found it palatable, if not delicious. So, of course they'd ask for seconds. Bottom line - there's no accounting for taste. And, I would add, there may be a limit to human intelligence but there is definitely no limit to stupidity.

  22. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Anon at 3:26---"doomsday profit"? "Profit or prophet? Yes, Sarah and her rightwing ilk do profit from crying doom. That's alll they got.

    "Profit of doom." Love it.

  23. Anonymous4:19 PM

    anon @ 3:22

    They are already ahead of you. Someone is spreading it all over that those stats are bogus. Obama operatives have covered up the "true" facts that end is near....

  24. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Sarah has to be hiding under her bed. She probably cannot believe what she has unleashed. The last thing Sarah Palin wants is a real job.

  25. Love the email if I'm interested in helping Sarah!

    I can see Grandpa's across the HeartLand, melting down their dial-up modems, to get on the World Wide Web at, to donate!

    "You've Got Mail!"

    Seriously, I'm laughing real hard right now, cuz my own 80 yr. old parents are doing just that...

  26. "She is not for sale." Hahahaha! This is like Penn State BEGGING Jerry Sandusky to return! Great comments today.

    OBAMA landslide!!

  27. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Don't waste an ounce of your sympathy on these backwards assholes who worship the foul Sarah Palin. Just sit back and laugh while they pour all their resources into this losing cause. Enjoy picturing the snarls of frustration on Palin's face as SHE kisses those dollars that might have otherwise been donated to SarahPAC, goodbye.

  28. Anonymous4:35 PM

    The tail end of the IQ distribution, some 15%, has always comprised a small percentage of retarded people but mostly a bigger bunch of "low normals," IQ ~70-85. In a country with 300 million people, that's a lot of dim bulbs. And, don't yell at me: many or maybe most are productive, nice people leading productive, nice lives. But 1) Sarah Palin's one real talent in life might just be her talent for effective demagoguery aimed directly at this demographic (her people: they love her 'cause she's one of them!), and 2) Twenty years ago, a dim bulb with a chip on their shoulder might have been spouting off in the confines of his own church, living room, or gun club; these days any idiot can air their views on a Web site, or even create their own. Ah, progress.

  29. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Brianus Berkelianus?
    That name has ANUS in it... TWICE.
    Talk about taking it up the poop chute. Poor deluded sad urine people, awash in a sea of waste.

  30. Anonymous4:43 PM

    ""..there is no time to bring the American voter "slowly around". I would like to see Sarah in the mode of positive Doomsday profit (if there has ever been such a person)."

    Gotta love the freudian slip... using "profit" instead of "prophet"

    I still think Palin and RAM are behind this stuff, trying desperately to maintain the fiction of that $arah brand being "in demand".

  31. Anonymous4:46 PM

    These people are just scary. I worry that one of these nutjobs is going to go postal and do something crazy. I have a family member who buys into all this Sarah crap and says that our President is ruining our country. He just joined a militia in Colorado. Very scary stuff going on with these whackjobs.

  32. Sally in MI4:48 PM

    Gotta love 'Doomsday profit" onstead of prophet. Actually, I think they spelled it exactly right.

    I left a comment at SARAHPAC because you can send them words of wisdom, as well as requesting an appearance from her Heiness now that her calendar is so open! Anyway, I asked why I should donate money (they are touting their third anniversary as a money grubbing site, and asking for $20.12) when the vast amount of donations goes directly into her pockets? I also suggested that maybe they should be investigated for fraud.

  33. Anonymous4:49 PM

    The nutcase Nebraska site is run by an attack dog named Shelly L. Dankert. Personally I think its RAM, she is just as ugly and hateful. She's full of whacky ideas and will do anything to get attention. She lives in a world where she is grandiose and feels like she rules politics. She is actually very pathetic.

  34. Anonymous4:59 PM

    A comment from the Bots. Delusional and oh so ignorant....

    GeraldGoff 17 minutes ago
    @DavidJohnsonSVDavid E. Johnson
    Am hearing Newt may drop out and Palin enter the race at CPAC. If that happens watch a Romney and Ron Paul alliance

  35. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I know who is more evil. Sarah encourages this kind of nonsense. For the Benjamins of course.


  36. Hoken5:01 PM

    It's easy to explain how someone could come up with that skill set describing Palin - it's a cut-and-paste job straight from Palin's own version of her resume.

    The rest of us, however, would have written it a bit differently ...

  37. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Over at the c o' p, they allege that the Obama Administration is fiddling with the labor statistics, and will continue to do so until the election.
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics must be in marxist, Muslim, terrorist hands! Who knew?

  38. "...most vetted..." "...can draw the masses to DEFEAT President Obama."


  39. Anonymous5:16 PM

    C4P, the Delusion runs strong in your family.

  40. Randall5:19 PM

    Dow reaches highest mark since 2008

    Jumps 156.82 points on strong jobs report

    ...see what happens when you don't quit halfway through your term?

  41. Anonymous5:21 PM

    It's just that they know Sarah wants to. The coy girl with the little curl wants to be begged to run. In every interview so far, she leaves a hint about it by saying that the right candidate might still be out there. This is why she won't endorse.

    These people are just confirming that Sarah is a bizarre phenomenon that appeals only to cult-like followers.

  42. They don't need an intervention.
    They need an exorcism.

  43. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Anon @ 4:35

    " Twenty years ago, a dim bulb with a chip on their shoulder might have been spouting off in the confines of his own church, living room, or gun club; these days any idiot can air their views on a Web site, or even create their own. Ah, progress."

    And now they can meet all the other other crazy people in the world who, before the internet, would have spent their entire life pissing off the sane people around them. Kind of terrifying.

  44. Anonymous5:39 PM


    "Anonymous said...
    Anon at 3:26---"doomsday profit"? "Profit or prophet? Yes, Sarah and her rightwing ilk do profit from crying doom. That's alll they got.

    "Profit of doom." Love it."

    That is exactly as I found it, copied and pasted. Lunatics.

  45. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Watching "My Fair Lady" on TCM. Miss Sarah is the GOP's Eliza Doolittle but she didn't learn how to speak! I'm sitting here laughing my guts out. Sarah will always be an ignorant flower girl! Ain't no learnin' in her! They tried to dress her up to fool us all, but whoops!

  46. They are actually pathetic.They feel that they belong to a special club,they know something we don't know.They have taken the con job Scarah has run on them and elevated it to new heights.To open their eyes and see the grifter for what she truly is,they have to admit they were wrong,and deluded.They have to give up there membership in this exclusive club that see prophecy in a pimple on Scarahs forehead.Doing that is like a Christian giving up their faith-where will they go,who will they talk to,who will understand ?

  47. Anonymous5:48 PM

    C4P is comedy GOLD. It's a toss up who's the most deluded.

  48. Anonymous5:56 PM

    The bots who sank all that money into the possible candidacy of Sarah Palin can't believe that she is not running. The more that they pour into her PAC, the more they want to believe. They are like the losing gambler who keeps laying down bets just to get even, this time they will get lucky. No, they will go broke, and they don't know how to deal with reality. The best thing that could happen to that clown parade would be the see Sarah join in at the end of the parade. States have already had their primaries. Sarah won't be on the ballot in how many states. It isn't even realistic.

    Sarah's only hope is a stalled convention where everyone is unhappy. In the back of the hall, Track and Todd start to mumble, "Sarah, Sarah!" Bristol and Willow pick up the chant, "Run, Sarah, Run." Yes, the applause and cheers rise from the crowd, and the calls grow louder and louder. Only Sarah can save the Republicans. No she isn't. They don't remember that Sarah lost the election in 2008. Why would they go with a proven loser? Oh, yes, it's the example at the beginning of the comment. When you are losing, instead of walking away from the table and taking your losses, please, Republicans, keep on betting on a loser.

  49. AJ Billings5:57 PM

    The Ancient Crone of Wasilla is so damns selfish, that she has not stopped these sadly deluded idiots from spending their lunch money on this triop.

    This more than nearly anything else seh's done speaks to how egocentric, and utterly careless she is about her flock of Pbot worshipers.

    Like the guy who left home, spent a year coordinating for $arah to run for Prez in Iowa, only to be left hanging by October 5th

    $arah, you are toast, and 99% of the USA knows it. You've become so irrelevant, that no one in the Repub party even cares what you say any more.

    Only the hard core AIP, skinheads, miliita members, and gun-totin' teatards give a royal damn that you even breathe air anymore

    You stuck a fork in yourself, and we call it schadenfreude!

  50. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I'll bet Sarah wrote that ad herself...

    remember when she was mayor and gov - she would write letters to the newspapers and sign them as one of her loyal followers... Sarah is still playing games with the public...

    I can't wait until she is off the air!!

  51. imnofred6:19 PM

    The bots remind me of the followers of Jim Jones and David Karesch. They all drink the koolaid.

    It will be a cold day in hell when the Republican Party asks her to jump into the race.

    I saw the trailer for game Change and it looks like it's going to be good. I see her on Fox constantly saying how it's all lies.

  52. Anonymous6:29 PM

    hahahahaha! Now THAT is some funny shit! Earth to Bots: ALL OF THOSE 'requirements' CAN BE KNOCKED DOWN in less than 5 minutes. She doesn't have the still spine required, nor the experience, nor the intellect, nor the knowledge, nor the intelligence and especially lacks ANY discipline or honor. Your candidate exists only in your mind. Obama 2012. Yes we will, AGAIN!

  53. Anonymous6:31 PM

    The craziest of all is that USMAgrandma person. Wow. She is entirely off the deep end. It seems someone has taught her how to use twitter and she tweets all day long....birther crap and nonsensical yammering. I'm kind of afraid she's going to go postal. It IS kind of funny how she tweets and then posts it in the group. Like she had some sort of impact on the world at large with her twitter account. Sigh. Ok, it's not funny, it's sad. Probably also quite embarrassing for her family.

  54. Anonymous6:38 PM

    It's like they've drunk the amount of koolaid Obama worshippers and propaganda freaks drink.

    I love how people here and there are EQUAL.

  55. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Let them live their dream. You continue to "propagandize" Obama when most of your gross posts have nothing to do with him as a professional, but just make those of us rational people want to vomit. But its'nice to know your fantasy world is alive and kicking.

  56. Anonymous6:46 PM

    WTF does this mean? They said "Sarah Palin is not for sale but she can be bought"?

  57. Anonymous6:51 PM

    ...Even though the picture they chose to represent Palin is the same one that I use to show how scary and nasty she can be...

    Well thats the only picture they have showing just one of her wonky eyes. If they showed a close up picture of both of Sarah Palin's wonky eyes then she really looks like a retarded special ed mother. You wouldn't know which eye to look at... makes me want to vomit.... I get sick trying to focus on one eye!

  58. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Anonymous said...
    "Most vetted candidate in the history of American politics." Oh my ever-loving god of all things sick sad and delusional, what are those bots smokin'?


    Vetted? Vetted? Ya haven't seen Vetted yet!

    Hey Sarah Palin we want to see Tri-G's birth certificate, your college diploma and the rest of your emails.... what's the fucking delay?

    I'm sorry.... I should of said it that way... I meant to say what's the fucking delay bitch?

  59. Anonymous6:56 PM

    What is it with Romney's bible thumper Bitch? When she struts out to introduce to Moron Mormon -- She says to the crowd 'that you will OBEY'.

    I'd hoof the 'C'. And yes -- that is the word I mean. Fuck her. Someone tells me to 'OBEY' and they'll find their front teeth planted in the back of their skull.

    David Gergen is saying 'she's warm, etc. -- Fuck the douchebag.

  60. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Shows how stunned and brainwashed the Mormons are in Nevada. It was in Nevade he was caught on film to let the foreclosures tank. And they vote for him.

    Brainwashed baggers.

  61. Anonymous7:03 PM

    OT. The plot thickens in the Komen scandal. Guess who did the interviewing for the VP slot at Komen...Ari Fleischer.

  62. Anonymous7:06 PM

    What are these poor souls going to do when they find out she faked a pregnancy?

  63. Anonymous7:06 PM

    The blogger who's website you link to has a very familiar name. Dankart I believe. I knew I had heard that name somewhere and finally it come to me. I believe that it is a character in the original version of the movie THE BAD SEED. I didn't check any reference to this so I could be wrong.

  64. Anonymous7:07 PM

    "She is not for sale."

    Sarah Palin is not only for sale... she is buying!

    Sarah bought an interview from a black college basketball player for just a romp in the sack!

    Sarah bought Todd's freedom after paying off the Anchorage Police Dept for destroying Shailey Tripp's computer!

    Sarah bought Bristol's high school GED after she missed all those days of school from all her babies deliveries!

    Sarah bought Willow's breaking and entering freedom and Track's freedom from his school bus brake line cutting incident!

    Sarah bought a house in Wasilla by just simply awarding a hockey rink bid to some fellas!

    Oh yeah, Sarah Palin can be bought and sold!

  65. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Had a thought when listening to Ron Paul that as he wants to return the country to the dark ages with the gold standard, then I think he should then be travelling around the country in horse and buggy. He shouldn't be allowed to purchase his FIRST CLASS AIR TICKETS -- as he also does when he flies back and forth from DC.

  66. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Came up with an idea for creating jobs.

    There are many caves that need to be built for a number of new residents....Ron Paul Supporters.

    It is seriously alarming to hear so many youth so out of touch with the reality of the U.S.

    Add that it would scare the poop out of me to ever think of Romney in discussion/negotiations with Iran or even China. As he can't speak unless he is scripted, I'd fear how easily he would insert both feet, double down on it and then say it was taken out of context and then he misspoke. By that time the world could have blown up.

    His 3rd son spoke tonight and was asked about the 'not caring about poor people' and he responded that it was taken out of context but then when talking why his father should be president, he recited that the focus was not on the poor but on the middle class, as to double down on it again. DUH. Man the media pisses me off in that they let it go. If the kid wants to campaign, then he deserves being challenged on it.

  67. They couldn't get enough write-in votes. How can they reconcile the few write-in votes to this often phony money push? All for nothing. How stupid can they keep being?

    Can't these idiots at least take into consideration the small, small numbers that are even interested in the insufferable bitch?

  68. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Yes, Sarah is mentally challenged. She has a low IQ. yes, RAM writes multiple characters on c4P to make it seem as of Sarah has followers. You know her Twitter followers were analyzed & only 20% of them were real, right? (Google it.)

  69. Anonymous8:00 PM

    SO illogical my head hurts! Family? Vetted? Truth? Owww, so many contradictory words! Does not compute!

    I didn't think it could get any worse: We must remember the challenge is not simply to replace [President] Obama in 2012.

    Ever since the clown car was full, Sarah's been saying "ABO. Anyone But [President] Obama." Even SHE doesn't believe what these deranged souls are saying.

  70. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Bristol's slamming back the wine coolers again at 6:42

  71. Anonymous8:14 PM

    To: Anon. 6:38 PM
    "It's like they've drunk the amount of koolaid Obama worshippers and propaganda freaks drink.
    I love how people here and there are EQUAL."
    To: Anon. 6:42PM
    "Let them live their dream. You continue to "propagandize" Obama when most of your gross posts have nothing to do with him as a professional, but just make those of us rational people want to vomit. But its'nice to know your fantasy world is alive and kicking."
    If either of you (and/or all others like yourselves), find it so distasteful here, why don't you all stay the '╛ÜCK' away from here.

    I am sure there is no one twisting your arms to come over, and you will certainly not be changing the minds of any of us -- nor we will be changing your minds (whatever is left of them).

    I think the CofP can and will appreciate all your trash talk more than we do -- although it is sometimes fun to have you and the other bots around -- just for the laughs. LOL HAHAHA

    Have a good one -- with more 'Giggles' from here. :o)

  72. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I think one of Sarah's paid flying monkeys have started this drafting of Sarah process to try and keep the $$$$$ flowing to Wasilla. Saah had a rough 3rd quarter spending more out of SarahPac than she took in. It takes alot of $$$ to support that pack of grifters. But on the bright side, anyone stupid enough to send her money can't send it to a viable candidate.

  73. Anonymous8:43 PM

    If Sarah Palin had a decent bone in her body (insert Glenn Rice joke here), she would shut down her PAC. She has no intention of ever spending any of it to get anyone, including herself, elected for anything. She spent .7% on donations in Q3-Q4. .7%. The rest she spent advertising SaraPAC! She kept calling her bus tour a "family vacation". $80G for a "vacation" for her daughter and parents, paid for the saps sending her their "best gift".

    She can't be bought my ass. Not for a piddly $750G; more than these freaks make in a lifetime.

  74. Anonymous8:56 PM

    She is a little slow but she is interjecting herself into the Komen PP issue. Well actually, she is posting a memo written by Adrienne Ross...

  75. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Oh gosh I just listened to those ads. I am so embarrassed for them! Those were cringe-worthy and are utterly hysterical. Sarah is going to be cringing herself.

  76. majii9:27 PM

    Palin "brought the masses out to defeat Obama in 2008," and how did that work out, Palinbots? ROTFLMBO. One of my greatest wishes for the 2012 GE is that these same "masses" make appearances at all of the eventual nominee's events. If they carry on the way they did in 2008, I don't see them turning out the voters for the GOP candidate. BTW, where's GWB, and why aren't the GOPers lauding him the way they're lauding St. Ronnie? ROTFLMBO, again!

  77. Anonymous said...

    It's like they've drunk the amount of koolaid Obama worshippers and propaganda freaks drink.

    I love how people here and there are EQUAL.

    6:38 PM

    Yes troll...I'm sure in your drunk and high world you would think that the "Crazies4Palin" crowd are "EQUAL" to IM's commenters...but since you are being PAID by BaldyPac to post your just sound like a whore....who's been bought and paid for! Sucks to be you, huh! LOL!

  78. 6:42 PM

    Uh oh troll...what's wrong...are you afraid some of Baldy's bot's are finally waking up and realizing that Baldy only cares about "what's in their wallets" and she could give a shit about another fake run at the Presidency!

    Too late...according to the numbers from BaldyPac...her money is low! Time for her to get back out on that stripper pole and do what she does best!

    Apparently it looks like these "ads" are suppose to drum up some funds for the Whore of Babble On...too bad the "ads" are so stupid and the cards that they are planning on passing out at CPAC are stupidier and will most likely end up on the ground with shoe prints all over them!

    Stupid bot's! you ALMOST feel sorry for the dummies...but then you read the comments at 6:38 and 6:42PM and and say....NAHHHH!!!

  79. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Hey Palin!!! Your political career is DOA!!!!


  80. To AJ Billings~ (re: Sarah not caring about her 'bots":

    I have always thought it deliciously ironic that Sarah Palin could NOT give a SH!T about ANY of her supporters, and probably does NOT read the Pro-Palin blogs "that" frequently. They just keep singing her praises and telling folks to send $$$. Same ole, same ole.

    She KNOWS what the Pro-Palin sites write are pure Garbage- she crapped it out herself!

    But while these people have given up actual components in their lives (Time, $$$, jobs), Palin has NO idea who they are...

    However, Sarah Palin is OBSESSED!!!! with our very own, Jesse Gryphen.


  81. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn3:33 AM

    Ah! NOW I know who "Shelly" of the Nebraska Palinbots is! Thia is the woman who made the insane video awhile back showing her ranting at another Bot on screen. Gryphen featured it before, but here it is again for your viewing enjoyment:

    She also posts quite frequently at the Sea.

  82. A J. BIllings4:29 AM

    Palin, Gingrich, Santorum, and their collective religion based teaparty cult are destined to be the dust bunnies of history.

    Palin is the stand out idiot however,
    being a 3 time quitter, as well as a great proponent of cronyism.

    Hey $arah, hows that Tawd endorsing going for Newt the Fruit?

  83. Otto Katz (aka George W)4:40 AM

    The site has blocked you from posting new comments.

    Showing 1 comment

    Party's over, folks! What idiots.

  84. Anonymous4:50 AM

    well it's obvious these people are insane, the email address is an AOL address -- NOBODY in their right mind still has an AOL account

  85. Anon quoting p-bot at 3:26 -
    "...I would like to see Sarah in the mode of positive Doomsday profit..."

    If nothing else, we have to award this p-bot for accidental truth. Palin has definitely made a HUGE profit from her Dommsday scenario mode since day one.

  86. Anonymous8:44 AM

    There is NO question about it, Shelly is completely insane. She seems to have her nose in Sarah's panties and will do anything to protect the quitter. She's evil through and through and actually has more inbred hate than Sarah....if that's even possible.

  87. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Anon @636 & 642p:
    1. Obama got Osama
    2. Unemployment is down
    3. The stock market is up
    4. Obama and Hillary Clinton were the most admired man & woman in the US in 2011
    5. Obama and his beautiful family have done NOTHING to reflect badly on the country, or the office
    6. The President of the United States is black. Get over it.

  88. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Whatcha wanna bet Palin drools over these???
    It is like fuel for the narcissism bon fire that burns so brightly and with such vigor within her head...

    Actually, it is desperation of a desperately ignorant electorate...

    I say we start a Website and movement called...
    "If Sarah Doesn't Run, We Won't VOTE!!!"
    Keep the kool-aid drinkers at home on election day...
    Trust me...
    it will work.


    just for fun I left..
    "Are you people fucking crazy" on their wall...

  90. Anonymous10:41 AM

    " But on the bright side, anyone stupid enough to send her money can't send it to a viable candidate."

    That's what I've always thought. In that way, Sarah has helped the Democrats. It doesn't look like she cares about anything bigger than her own personal interests so she'll funnel money as long she can. I doubt it will be much, though. Her well doesn't flow like she had it going at it's peak.

  91. There are some of them who actually BELIEVE that she is going to jump into the race ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION and take the GOP victory.

    That's how stupid and insane they are.

  92. Didn't ya'll hear that the loons are having a birthday party for Sarah the night before her CPAC speech?!! Her speech is ON her birthday, so that MUST be a sign that she's running!! They are renting a meeting room at a hotel miles and miles away from the hotel where CPAC is located (I am hoping they all get lost trying to get to her speech) and they are having a band and a birthday cake! They are hoping for a SURPRISE guest!!


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