Monday, April 23, 2012

Sarah Palin comes up with the "looniest talking point ever." Gee, again?

Courtesy of Washington Monthly:

If you had asked me before what the craziest conservative talking point was, it had to be the czars. After all, this was a case of taking something around for decades and claiming it was some sort of new threat to the republic. Plus it came with fun side idiocy, such as the whole czars-as-socialists thing. 

But that was then, and this is now, and we have a new champ: that Barack Obama is violating the Constitution by…Congress not passing a budget resolution. 

This is, to put it mildly 100% full-on nuts. 

I’d been hearing this one for a while now, so it’s out there for sure, but it wasn’t worth a post until the Sage of Wasilla took to Fox News to repeat it: 

"And the number one thing, Greta, that he is responsible for is — he today violating Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution in not having a budget. Going on three years, over a thousand days with no budget, no blueprint to run our federal government!"

Yeah. Problem number one with this theory, as Seth sort of gets at, is that the president isn’t involved at all in budget resolutions. Budget resolutions aren’t law; they are, well, Congressional resolutions (technically, concurrent resolutions). No presidential signature needed. So while it might be unfair to blame Congress for a law not getting passed, it’s really silly season to blame him for the lack of a budget resolution. His job, under the law, is to present a budget to Congress. He’s done that. 

But the main point here is that of course the Constitution doesn’t require a Congressional budget resolution, because those were only invented in the 1974 Budget Act. So it would be strange indeed if the Framers had mentioned it.

Well, leave it to Klondike Kardashian to aggressively defend the Constitution by completely misrepresenting it.

Here's my question, is ANYBODY even seriously listening to this lunatic anymore? Or has she finally devolved into the national joke that we all knew she was destined to become?

(P.S. You can read more at the link, including what Article I Section 9 Clause 7 ACTUALLY says.)


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    OK, I see Fox has corrected her speech again. She originally said Section 19. I remember this because another blog wrote it up. There is NO Section 19 in Article 1.

    She's even more ignorant than the correction.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!11:54 AM

      Geez, first post.

      Sorry for the repeat, but WHY is anyone cleaning up for her?

      Disgusting, loathsome sow!

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Anonymous said...
      Everybody forgot about that motherfucking son of a bitch John McCain who brought that ignorant dumbass retarded backwoods skanky old don't know shit scamming fuck wad Sarah Palin and her fucked up grifting uneducated whoring trailer park family into our lives.

      That piece of shit McCain should fucking quit his job and get the fuck out of politics and Washington DC!

      John we didn't forget you started this bull shit.

      One more fuck you to Sarah, the Palins, John and to the McCains.
      11:13 PM

    3. Irishgirl2:41 PM

      John McCain must be a little upset at the moment. EVERYONE is talking about his rash decision back in 2008 and the fact that it cannot be allowed to happen again.

      That has got to hurt.

      And apologies Gryphen...I have already stolen your amazing screen grab.

    4. Here's the link to the transcript to Greta's show...and it obviously says..."Article 1, Section 19, Clause 7"

      If Baldy's talking...she's lying!

  2. Irishgirl10:22 AM

    OMG...where did you get the pic!!!

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!11:58 AM

      Check out Sea4Pee on the blogroll~

      She does a ton of Sarah screenshots.

      It's kind of incredible how a grown woman will repeatedly contort her fact like that,

      on teevee, no less!

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      If you look up "meth addict" in the dictionary, you will see that picture.

      She can't have much longer to go, if her cheeks get any hollower, she'd be a Halloween decoration.


      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...the tongue...the filth streaked wig...the skeleton face...the drugged out stare...the Elvis Presley sneer...WTF!! LOL!!!


    4. Irishgirl2:58 PM

      I did look up meth addict...that is scary.

    5. Anita Winecooler8:35 PM

      Meth IS scary stuff!
      Is that what she's always saying "Do the meth?" Hard to tell with her cadence, fractured sentence structure, and tongue action.

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    April 23, 2012 100% full-on nuts
    "I’d been hearing this one for a while now, so it’s out there for sure, but it wasn’t worth a post until the Sage of Wasilla took to Fox News to repeat it"

    Brainwashing Techniques in TV Commercials

    Mind control - repetition repetition repetition
    That's how mind control works, repetition repetition repetition. Mind control - repetition repetition repetition. Tell it loud tell it big and repeat repeat repeat! The use of sigils and subliminal messaging are used to compliment the mind control repetition repetition repetition, repetition repetition repetition rhats how mind control works.

    Have you figured it out yet?

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      The Republicans are big at this - repeat, repeat, repeat - use the same word again and again and again! FOX does it the most!

      Sarah will say 'anything' for anyone of the extreme right. She's evil inside and is looking more and more on the outside as the days and months pass.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      It's exactly out of the Nazi propaganda program. Lies, lies, and more lies: just say them over and over again, like you mean them, and people will start to believe whatever they hear -- because they can't believe that their leaders would intentionally lie.

    3. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Oh yes, and it works. Some people are more susceptible. If it goes on long enough large masses can succumb.

    4. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Too bad Sarah has never learned

      ...lather, rinse, repeat........

      Little Rabbit

    5. nswfm9:33 PM

      Ok, repeat after me:
      Sarah Palin is the Prez'dent of Dumbfuckistan.
      Sarah Palin iz da prezdent ov Dumbfuckistan.
      Sarah Palin iz Dumbfuckistan.

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I think she is trying to become a comedian, because every time she talks, people laugh. What a freaking joke she is.

  5. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I think Fox should drug test her before letting her out of her cage. She looks like she's been a bender for a week. Yuck!

  6. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn10:27 AM

    Dear Gawd, how I LOVE that photo. It deserves to go up as a stealth billboard behind SP's "hey suckers--come on by and pay 20 smackers for a photo" kiosk outside the Rethug convention in Tampa!

  7. Anonymous10:29 AM

    When I clicked on this I literally laughed out loud at that picture. Bwahahaha1

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Haaaaaa....Same here!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Here's my question, is ANYBODY even seriously listening to this lunatic anymore?

    NO. She is the minister of propaganda that more and more are tuning away. The sex part is why she is allow to babble in her Towers of Babel.

  9. Anonymous10:32 AM

    you would have to be VERY stupid to want to argue the constitution with a professor of constitutional law!
    oh,, wait. she IS that stupid.

    bill in belize

  10. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Are you telling me that Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution fit on Sarah's palm for this citation?

    She must have been so proud of herself to pull this one off. . .

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM

      See the first comment.

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      She said Article 1, Section 19, Clause 7 and Section 19 doesn't exist. Yeah, she did seem proud of herself when she goofed, once again, showing her ignorance.

    3. Anonymous2:59 PM

      She sure did say section 19. She's an idiot. Since Palin, and the RWNJ's, found out Press Obama taught the Constitution, they've suddenly morphed into scholars--in their minds.

  11. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Good grief, she keeps that griz mamma mantra going, yet she has about as much brain power as bear scat.

  12. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Well, how does this explain her insistence that the President and Congress NOT raise the debt ceiling?

    If she thinks it's unlawful to not have a budget, why was she insistent that the US Government not even honor her debts?

    This from a dubious college grad with an admission that she got a D- in economy.

  13. laprofesora10:39 AM

    In a word, "Yes", she is a national joke. Here's what I don't get: Scarah wants to be a reality TV star so bad, but she's missing the obvious. Her show should be a comedy. All they need to do is add a laugh track to some of her sound bytes (mandation, cackling rads, Paul Revere ringing those bells) and they'd have sure hit on their hands. I mean, the world is laughing at her already, she might as well make some money off of her global humiliation. (You're welcome, Quitty!)

  14. Anonymous10:39 AM

    No one listens to her. MSNBC outpolled CNN recently; maybe soon they will catch up to FOX, who is losing viewers.

    I wonder if your constant attention to her props her up more, in terms of an online profile, than she rightly deserves? Oh, don't get me wrong. I have not forgotten the crosshairs, those who died in AZ, and Rep. Gabby Giffords. But I think Palin is running for a TV show (not politics), and even posts "against" her could be counted as "about" her, thus ensuring her pop cultural relevancy to advertisers in terms of #s. Just a thought...

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      I stopped watching CNN yesterday as they were very anti President Obama. The gay, black guy was pushing the rhetoric. MSNBC - except for Chris Matthews (he talks too fast and on top of his guests - constantly interrupting them)- is the channel to watch!

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!12:05 PM

      Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head,

      Christina Green was shot, dead,

      But SARAH PALIN is the victim here!

      What about this is unclear?


      CNN is absolute Garbage! They are completely in the tank for Palin.

    3. Anita Winecooler8:49 PM

      The ONLY show on CNN is Anderson Cooper- other than that, it's become "Fox Lite". I used to watch Keith on Current, but they had a falling out, his show really deteriorated, he even put up black funeral curtains and acted like a robot. all that's left there is Cenk, and even his show is crap.

      MSNBC is GREAT, except for Matthews, I LOVE Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry on weekends and Rachael, Larry O Donnald.

  15. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Why does she look so loaded? Sick of her meth mouth action. Bristol, too, when she sucks those Jolly Ranchers or the latest. Sarah/Bristol there is no separation anymore. Those two are merged like nothing I have seen before.

  16. Anonymous10:44 AM

    We already know she is an absolute idiot. Plus, she has a hell of a time controlling that tongue of hers! Ugly, ugly photo - it should be sent to all the media along w/your Blog this a.m., IM!

  17. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Your point will be lost because it's much too complicated for this audience. But congrats on capturing the silly look on Palin's face in that video. Assuming it was you who did it?

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      I think you're confusing "this audience" with C4P or some other right wing lunatic blog. However I think even the low-infos could get the point as dumb as they are. It's really not that hard to comprehend. Here let me help you out: The un-American republicans are lying about President Obama again because they don't want a black man in the White House.

      There. That was easy. Not sure why you consider that a "complicated" point. This has been repub MO since President Obama was elected...literally say and do anything to get Obama out of the white house. Totally cynical and Anti-American. They will fail. Obama 2012. Clinton/Warren 2016-2024.

    2. Anonymous11:24 AM

      One picture is worth 1000s of words.

    3. Olivia11:49 AM

      "Your point will be lost because it's much too complicated for this audience."

      Meaning you? Are you projecting again? It is painfully obvious you can't understand words of more than 2 syllables but the posters here surpass you in intellect and education.

  18. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Wow! She's pretty darn stupid.

  19. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Mrs. Todd Palin has never been one to let facts get in the way of unleashing a shit shower on the President. What drives me crazy is that the FOX Bots let her get away with it. Greta is a lawyer. She must have a nodding acquaintence with the Constitution. Grade school kids know that Congress passes the budget. But FOX viewers will buy this crap because no one there will call Palin on it. And this passes for Journalism. Talk about lamestream.

  20. Anonymous10:51 AM

    You are correct to call out this mentally-deficient woman on her ignorance, but when you stop there you are actually giving her a pass and cutting her some slack. IMO, she seems to be guided much more by sheer meanness than by gross ignorance.

    The Bible calls satan "the father of lies", and rightfully so. In terms of American political discourse, it would not be much of an exaggeration to describe Sarah Palin as the "mother of lies": no other female character even comes close. Astoundingly, making outrageous (and easily-proven-to be false) statements appears to be how she chooses to promote herself – a gimmick that probably contributes substantially toward her multi-million dollar income. If that doesn't involve selling one's soul to the devil, then I don't know what does. But this Jezebel character is not willing to stop there: she actually masquerades herself as a christian, thus compounding her lies and hate with blasphemy. JMO.

  21. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Well, if we are getting' all picky about the Constitution, why doesn't anyone call out Glen Beck on his replica office that clearly uses the Official Presidential Seal on the carpet? That is a CLEAR violation and is backed up by jail time and fines...

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!12:10 PM

      Gryphen has been there,

      and done that.

      Catch up.

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:15 PM

      My apologies, I see what you were saying;

      but surely you couldn't believe for a moment that the right would steer away from its hypocrisy!

  22. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Dear Sarah,
    Kindly send me your address so that I might treat you to a bottle of shampoo for your wig/hair. It still looks gross. The twisted tongue is, however, so very attractive and perfectly complements those sleepy/druggy eyes.
    Definitely NOT an admirer

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      SarahPac can stock up. It is cheap. Willow needs work, pay her to keep her up.
      Wig Cleaner & Conditioner is the ultimate cleaner for synthetic or human hair wigs and hairpieces. It cleans, freshens and restores wigs to look and feel soft and lustrous. Wigs and hairpieces will actually look new again with better manageability and control.

      Try dumping sarah in a vat... actually looks new again with better manageability and control.

    2. Anita Winecooler8:57 PM

      Dave Letterman should have her on one of his "Will it Float?" segments- ooops, I forgot he's a limp pedophile with no cajones, and also, too eats dogs.

      Shame Lake Lucille is polluted and frozen. Guess she'll wait for summer for her sludge bath.

  23. Smirnonn10:53 AM

    She's nothing more than a dim witted bad actress with a fucked up political ideology. Her and Victoria Jackson should get their own comedy series. I'd call it "Politishuns," or "ConservaTards."

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I would like it if Roger Ailements put them on that Red-eye show with more of their fellow clown poosi frick and fracks of Fox.

    2. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!12:12 PM

      Forgive me, but doesn't that suggestion require there actually be "comedy" at some point?

      Those two bat crazy bitches are a car wreck, not a comedy act.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM


    4. Anonymous5:35 AM

      How about CoservaTarts?

  24. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I thought she said last week that the number one thing the President is responsible for is the military, and that he is so over his head he's allowing the atrocities in Afghanistan with the troops? Or that the number one thing he is is in charge of the Secret Service, but he's in so far over his head that there is no leadership? Or that the number one thing was the economy and balancing the budget, but he's so far over his head....yeah, she said all that in the past two weeks....Sarah...see that fake lake behind you? Go take a dip.

    1. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!12:13 PM

      Sounds pretty rough...

      maybe he should up and quit?

      stupid bitch.

    2. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Can you imagine if Track stubs his toe while on duty. She will never stop the screeeeech...

    3. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Remember, Track is NOT doing hard duty! Sarah just loves touting that he is - some more of her lies, as usual. Cannot imagine having her as a mother!

  25. Irishgirl10:57 AM

    Fox has turned on her too. They were talking about her on the Chris Wallace show yesterday.

    Geoffrey Dunn has a new post up over at HP about her lies.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      I love Geoffrey Dunn and recommend ALL read his book on Sarah Palin which is well written and documented. It's called "The Lies of Sarah Palin" - The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power - A Pattern of Deception.

      Sarah Palin is a liar and fraud and is horribly enept in all she tries to do.

    2. Excellent, Irishgirl! Now even FOX News is throwing her under the bus. "Not vetted." Hahahaha!!

      And, Gryphen, that picture of Wolf-killer 'Klaus' Barbie biting her tongue is priceless!

    3. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Poor Jaun Williams, he was just coming off probation with the pbots from the last sarah palin slam.

    4. Jeanabella2:01 PM

      Notice now when pundits talk about the VP pick by Romney, Palin is mentioned Not as a person or a politician anymore, her name is now a reference to NOT being VETTED!
      After Game Change, her name is synonymous with vetting a candidate properly or else you get a Palin!!!
      and she was worried about her reputation in AK! She is a world wide note on what not to do when you pick a running mate!!!

  26. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Oh, you know -- the Constitution, just like the Bible.
    She likes to talk about them but she's never actually READ them. Too much work and too much brainpower involved.

  27. Anonymous11:16 AM

    O'Sarah bin Palin hates America. She will surely burn in hell. Let us pray on it.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      hahaha -- I will sure pray on this -- but am not sure o'sarah-bin-palin will be accepted there either -- even for a 'burning'.

    2. Anonymous2:24 PM

      As the saying goes, God does not want her, and the devil does not need the competition.

    3. emrysa7:00 PM

      no need to pray on it... everyone reaps what they sow. the quitter has a helluva lot of shit to reap, that's for sure - would NOT want to be in her shoes, lol.

  28. I'm not sure I can quit laughing long enough to concentrate on the post. That's the funniest picture of Sarah I've ever seen. It's my new favorite photo!


    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      My sentiments exactly!!! Nothing says '§carah' better than this new screen-grab -- LOVE IT. (And am saving it for my own §P Photo-Ops file. LOL

  29. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Geoffrey Dunn: Sarah Palin's Previous Lies About Secret Service Agents

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Wouldn't it be interesting if BOTH Todd and Sarah were found to be running the prostitution ring in Alaska and both provided prostitutes to the SS while on duty in Alaska and wherever? It is said that Todd took them across the statelines of Alaska! God, I've love to see both of them in jail for the rest of their lives and for all to stop covering up for them - APD, FBI and ADN in Alaska especially!

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      I'd settle just to see her tongue in jail.

  30. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Boy, does she looked drugged! Sounds it too with her idiotic bullshit!

  31. Anonymous11:34 AM

    She and Bristol were up into the wee hours of the morning making films upstairs in the studio Fox set up. A film product they can sell (Khardasian smarts). They are going to need money when these other fiascos are gone. They are stocking up on what they can bank on.

  32. Every time I see her now it's with her hair down. I'm sure that has NOTHING to do with Game Change though. ;-)

    Seriously, that woman is an idiot.

  33. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I also wonder where you get all the ugliest pictures of Sister Sarah. I bet she cringes when she peeks in here and sees them and you know she does come to take a look.

  34. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!11:52 AM

    As GinaM pointed out earlier,

    people are still cleaning up her mess, even as they take issue with her complete stupidity.

    He DEFINITELY should have included that she said it was section 19 (which does NOT exist), not 9.

    What the hell???

    If it were a MAN, wouldn't they mention it?

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Oh you betcha. Especially if it was the President.

    2. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Saying 'fuck you, McCain' doesn't do any good when said on this blog. Suggest you send your commentary directly to asshole McCain!

      I was careful how I uttered my disgust though - basically told him I had absolutely zero regard for him as in the military (he was at the bottom of his class and didn't follow the rules, which is documented - plus he caved!) or as a member of our Congress. He, as is Palin, are embarrassments to both the states of AZ and AK! Both have places in hell awaiting them!

    3. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!6:58 PM

      You are both correct!

  35. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I'd call her dumber than a box of rocks but I don't want to insult the rocks.

    Whore of Babble-On indeed. You will be answerable for your crimes either in this life or the next.

  36. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Dear sweet Sharon, your forced laughing is a cry for help.

    1. Hi Sarah. No need to force laughter about that picture. I've seen better mugshots of drunks. Seriously. That picture is stupider looking than most of the drunks and druggies that are arrested here in the Tampa Bay area every week. Aren't you coming to Tampa Bay this summer? You better clean it up girl, you might get arrested just based on how you look.

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Oh please, 12:58!

  37. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I never watch her on FOX, so don't know if this picture was with the interview mentioned - but with that said. She looks either drunk or loaded - yet AGAIN!!!
    Pat Padrnos

  38. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I do not find the photo amusing.

    I see layer upon layer upon layer of dead epithelial cells.

    Is the makeup hiding reptile scales?

    Do you have no sense of decency?

    Some of us were trying to eat.

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      a raging tongue

      a twisted face

      clamped on hair

      I smell trouble

      please go away
      ~the end

    2. Irishgirl1:13 PM

      LOL...I nearly lost the contents of my stomach too. Then I got a fit of the giggles.The initial fright was worth it. :)

  39. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Here is Article 1, Section 9, clause 7:

    No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.

    If the word "law" is in there, then it is Congress that makes the law. The President may either veto it or sign it.

    The heading for Article 1 is:
    All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. Everything thing in Article 1 has to do with the duties of the Legislature. The President is in the Executive Branch of the government.

    Sarah, you idiot. The stuff dealing the with President is covered in Article 2 of the Constitution. Maybe this is your problem: They write: Article I and Article II, using Roman numerals. Maybe you don't speak Roman.

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM

      "Maybe you don't speak Roman." PERFECT!!

  40. Anonymous12:14 PM

    The photo use for this post is ... perfect !

  41. imnofred12:23 PM

    I wonder how much time she spends dreaming this stuff up in order to hurl insults at the President.

    My guess is a lot.

    She is to the point where I almost feel sorry for her as the hatred and jealousy towards the President have consumed her life. Then I look at some of the nasty things she has said and done and I hope she rots in hell.

  42. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Why is the media cleaning up for stupid Sarah by reporting she said article 9 when she actually said "article NINETEEN" ?

    And her cult fans just can't ever stop saying 57 states. Hypocrites.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Section I has no Article 19.

    2. Anonymous5:05 PM

      We know that. Tell it to Sarah. She's the one that said 19.

    3. Anonymous6:53 PM

      Anon. 1:43PM and others -- In regard to the 57 states 'gaffe' :o) I read this a while ago, and thought it was worth passing along:

      "How come nobody points this out???? The *57 states thing was NOT A GAFFE. It may not be a common way to refer to the number of states, but it is factual. Of course the refuckinglicans don't know this, but it seems a lot Americans don't know this either.
      The answer is the Federal Definition of "state" and here it is:"


      "All of the EXTRAS, PLUS the 50 states have voting power. All together they add up to 57! Source(s):
      Look up any federal register under definitions for the the word "STATE".
      (sorry for all the 'caps', but I just copied 'n pasted, as is.)

    4. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Also, none of the 'palinbots' have any idea about any facts and/or realities!! Just go along on their merry ways, assuming Our President made such an awful gaffe saying '57 states' -- oh my, how could he?

      None of those people are well, IMO!!!

    5. Anonymous7:44 PM

      That's awesome!

      Thank you so much for sharing that!

  43. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Evangelicals rethink SEX. There has got to be a better way to make money on it.

    Here come Sarah/Bristol....

    1. Anita Winecooler9:34 PM


      The Bible says "No" but we need more than that. I guess they're not buying the aspirin story, abstinence and birth control either.

      Very Funny Article! 80 percent are having premarital sex, and NOW they want to "Talk about it" as in "Sex education".

      Yeah, I can see Bristol and Sarah making a bee line. lmao

  44. Anonymous12:39 PM

    It's not about taking $arah seriously or not. Her role, like all of Fox, isn't to win over new converts (they know they can't manage that)and it certainly isn't to inform or educate, it's merely to provide a steady supply of snarky memes to people who already hate Obama. She's tha bumpersticker Shakespeare, yo!

    The truly offensive aspect is that Palin (nor Fox) clearly give a rat's ass about facts or the ramifications of all the lies they spew, the damage done to our political discourse. They happily confuse, mislead and misinform their audience because clearly the only "important" thing is to make sure the Obama hate is stoked by any means possible.

    One day Palin will have to answer for her poisonous tongue to a power that will see right through to the darkness in her heart. And there WILL be follow up questions.

    Read your Bible, Sarah. You and the false prophets you surround yourself with are not going to end up where you think. There will be no opportunity for lawyering or word salad to save you, your lies will be laid bare and condemn you.

  45. Is anybody still listening to this idiot? Well, yes. Think of the millions of Fox "News" viewers who ONLY watch Fox because they believe the world-wide media is lying to them. Their only other outlet for news is to read those completely ridiculous chain emails that they pass along as if it's the gospel truth. We have a LOT of ignorant people out there, but thankfully they're slowly dying off, as most of them are scared, old, white men.

  46. Anonymous1:04 PM

    OMG Gryphen, I was eating carrots when I clicked on your blog and I almost spewed them all over the screen!!! That photo is hilarious!!!

    On a different note though, after I stopped laughing, her cheeks look hollowed, and it looks to me like her makeup is trying to hide how gaunt she looks. I'd feel bad for her, but she's a royal bitch and deserves every bad thing that I wish would hurry up and come her way.

    And I guess looking gaunt is a good start, especially for someone who got where she is on her looks.

  47. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Anyone that believes anything broadcast on Fox News is brainwashed.

  48. Haiku Bot1:17 PM

    Sarah Palin is
    No Constitutional wiz
    Her statements are lies

  49. Anonymous1:21 PM

    OMG that picture is hilarious..looks like she just got out of the looney bin to go on the show.

  50. Anonymous1:22 PM

    She reminds me of some of the people they have on that drug rehab show.

  51. Anonymous1:41 PM

    The Budget Control Act, passed by the Senate in August (2011), set the federal budget for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 – a fact acknowledged in recent months by leading Senate Republicans

    See here:

    Fact Sheet Responding to Republican “No Budget” Claims

    So there! :)

  52. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Trying to sound smart and still dumb as hell. Sarah, just go away before you do irreparable damage to...never mind.


  53. carollt1:56 PM

    Perhaps Mrs. Palin should try reading the Constitution before she opens her piehole. As Abraham Lincoln once said "Better to remain silent and be though a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt".

    For Palin, it is too late; most think she is a fool because she is. Most articles about Palin these days are a rehash about how ignorant this woman is. I don't know if she is stupid, but I do know that she is very lazy when it comes to learning anything new.

    It's the same old bull with Palin. No facts, just a lot of hate and the facts be damned. But hate will eat a person alive and I think that shows everytime Mrs. Palin shows her face. It is getting very ugly and distorted with all that hate she harbors. She isn't even slightly good looking anymore.

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      She never was. Our standard of beauty is very low. Beauty and Class go hand in hand. One without the other, is very unattractive. In the case of the Bitch, she has neither.

  54. carollt2:04 PM

    One more comment: If I had to guess, I would say that Mrs. Palin is on the drug Thorazine. Nicole Wallace was correct when she said the woman was a kook. Actually, it is no laughing matter - the women is mentally ill. And it is becoming more difficult to hide.

    1. It's funny to me. I hope the insufferable bitch gets naked crazy on tv. Oh happy day!

  55. Anonymous2:07 PM

    If Sarah Palin was mildly intelligent and moderately well-informed about the political issues of the day, then a screen shot of a her distorted face would be irrelevant and probably not even shown.

    However, Sarah Palin is both stupid and ignorant. Her political opinions have no value. But her facial distortions and unkempt appearance does raise legitimate questions about her mental and physical health.

    Does Sarah Palin turn up from time to time in and around Wasilla? Are locals also seeing her condition worsening? Is this just a TV appearance phenomenon? She looked quite a bit better in photos from her NYC trip. I'm just curious how she's able to get it together some times and not others.

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      It's called Manic Depression, which is a Bi-Polar mental disorder.

  56. Anonymous2:13 PM

    And, of course, narcissist that she is, she made plenty of hay about the report that one of the Secret Service agents was "checking her out" while he was assigned to protect her.
    In the aftermath of the 2008 campaign, however, Palin was far more complimentary to the Secret Service than she is today. Indeed, she claimed that she and the agents assigned to cover her kept a little secret together.

    So why now does she turn on an old friend and even bring his wife into it? SO MUCH FOR SARAH AND SECRET SERVICE SECRETS. These men are privy to some of her most intimate moments. Her fall from grace, a total mental break down and who knows what more.

    She has the power to win over her most harsh critics. She has that way of saying something without saying anything. What's not to love? If men who like nothing she says, can be this smitten, what of the ones that love her rhetoric, like the boyish agent Chaney?

    Unleashing her aggressive new attack as lover boy Chaney protects bootylicious. They were all high!! 10-4-08 You can see the exhileration in this picture.
    Carson, Los Angeles County -- Vowing to "take the gloves off," GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin unleashed an aggressive new attack against Democrat Barack Obama on Saturday, charging at her first public rally in California that her Democratic opponent "sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country."

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      That JefferyTV is hilarious. He captured the moment. Little did he know the SS Agent Chaney was his competition.

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

      I made the connection between Chaney's FB pic of Palin and her Carson CA "debut." based on her jacket. And Tracks button. Was this when Sarah became McCain's attack dog as portrayed in Game Change? IMG, she is such a vicious pit bull. Like she said in Game Change, "It's time to go for the jugular,"

    3. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Yes, "Sarah Palin unleashed an aggressive new attack"

      She was getting plenty of attention and security for herself and her family. A few weeks after she "unleashed" the secret service was investigating her crazies (10/15/28)
      "Michelle Obama, the future First Lady, was so upset that she turned to her friend and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett and said: 'Why would they try to make people hate us'?"

      Of course, to Sarah the worst was when that kid hacked her lame e-mail password. but she had plenty of protection at taxpayer expense.

      Sep 19, 2008 Hackers, politicians, Secret Service, an FBI investigation, and Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin's hacked Yahoo account.

      September 25, 2008 Palin's Home Got Coast Guard 'Aquatic Protection'

      October 15, 2008 Secret Service Investigating "Kill Him" Shriek At Palin Rally

      8 Nov 2008 The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin's attacks.

      8 Nov 2008 Sarah Palin Blamed by the US Secret Service Over Death Threats Against Barack Obama

      When Bristol testifies in Tennessee, in a Federal court, she lies about the Secret Service and acts as if she is alone in the woods. Actually, the SS had a building on the property and took it down when they left.
      April 21st, 2010 Bristol Palin’s Testimony to Nowhere
      “We live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska … in the middle of the woods,” Bristo Palin
      …during the time that Sarah was on the campaign trail, and Bristol was supposedly without a phone, she was constantly with Levi, AND that she still had the phone Sherry bought for her, AND that she had 24 hour Secret Service Protection! According to Sherry the Secret Service went with her every place they went, even when they came over to her house.
      The Palin’s Wasilla home even had an out-building erected right there in the yard, just for the Secret Service, that was subsequently dismantled after the campaign. But there they were, standing watch in the middle of somewhere.

  57. Anonymous2:14 PM

    The brain-dead facial expression says it all. Also the chyron should read "Sarah Palin for President?!?"

  58. Anonymous2:17 PM

    It's all about getting attention. Nothing more, nothing less. Thank you Bitch, for your latest installment of stupidity.

  59. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Silly rabbit, tricks are for a BITCH.

  60. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Can you imagine sharing a bed with this ugly, evil woman? She looks absolutely drugged in the photo - look at her eyes and swollen tongue! No wonder Toad has gone elsewhere for sex!

  61. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Wow! Sarah Palin read & studied Article I Section 9 Clause 7 of the United States Constitution!?
    I'm impressed!

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      She also studied about the Queen of England and the difference between North and South Korea.

      Or was it East and West Korea?

    2. Anonymous5:06 PM

      A Palin reading and studying?

      That's like a Palin taking birth control or using condoms.

      It's like oil and water, doesn't go together!

    3. FUCK YOU MCCAIN!!!!!!7:12 PM

      Funny thing is,

      How much $$$$ SARAHPAC spent on those mini-Constitutions for her Bus Tour,

      and she never even cracked one open.

      i don't think Palin has even READ the Constitution, once, let alone studied it.

      She does. not. study.


  62. Beldar J Conehead3:15 PM

    Wow! You people are just relentlessly brutal to The Screechy Wretch(tm)!!

    Good job, everyone!

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM


    2. Anonymous4:59 PM

      We try.

    3. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Our pleasure!

    4. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Any time Conehead, I consider it my civic duty to my nation.

  63. Anonymous3:35 PM

    LOL! If this screen grab is real she is looking very bad. Anyone for a helping of meth? Even if it isn't a real screen grab, it sure captures her essence. It is an image of the devil within peering out. I love it!

  64. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Gee. Drunk, are we? SP?

  65. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Sarah Palin doesn't know who is the leader of England, doesn't know her history of Paul Revere's ride, doesn't know the difference between North and South Korea, doesn't know how to keep her kids from getting pregnant or getting somebody pregnant before marriage, doesn't know how to educate her kids, doesn't know how to satisfy her man to keep him from straying off with prostitutes, doesn't know....

    You tell me, do you think Sarah Palin knows anything about the Constitution?

    There are a lot of things Sarah Palin doesn't know, but she has perfected the art of grifting, running scams /con games and raising a bunch of idiots.

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM


    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      And, probably running a prostitution ring with her husband, Todd!!!

  66. Anonymous3:57 PM

    "I may not know my American history or the Constitution or how to keep my kids from getting pregnant or how to educate them or how to win a state beauty contest, but I surely do know how to build a house with no money / how to get paid per diem to live at home while Alaskan tax payers pay for a mansion for my family to live in / how to get interviews from black college basketball players / how to loose an election / how not to endorse a winner / how to hire cronies that will protect me from ethic charges / how to get my kids, husband and myself out of trouble with the law / how to take family summer vacations on someone else's dime."

    "What else is there for me to know or learn?"

  67. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hey Bristol did you see "Live! With Kelly" tv show this morning with co-host Jesse Palmer?

    Kelly said people who get chin implants looks like witches.


    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      They DO! Especially when they get older.... It is the classic "witch" profile!!!

      What happens if one removes the false chin? Does the loose skin just flop around?

    2. Anonymous9:14 PM

      What happens if one removes the false chin? Does the loose skin just flop around?

      Like a nut sack.

  68. Anonymous4:07 PM

    She is so obsessed with President Obama. Seriously. I've no doubt that given her sociopathic narcissism she's actually INSULTED that President Obama hasn't tried to sleep with her. A woman scorned...

  69. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Does Sarah and her family ever go to church? Has anyone who lives in Alaska seen them there?

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Bristol said their family is too busy to go to church, but it looks like they weren't too busy:

      To run a prostitution ring.

      They had time to get a trial engagement and trial marriage.

    2. Anonymous4:52 PM

      It's reported in Wasilla that they don't attend Church. These folks are 'wannabe' christians of the worst sort with the fraud and lies they project. Alaskans would love not having them affiliated w/their state as they've brought nothing but embarrassment to it!

    3. Anonymous9:25 PM

      Does Sarah and her family ever go to church?


      The church can't come up with Sarah's $20,000 Sunday church appearance fees or $1,000 for her limo.....

    4. Anita Winecooler9:47 PM

      Only if one catches on fire and she can get some attention by saying something like "Gee, "I'm sorry if this happened due to attention brought to your church by me, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, and John McCain's runnin mate for Vice President" the second the reporters leave, she bolts to Nordstoms.

  70. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Bristol said that 18 year old Willow has already graduated a year early from high school.

    Will Willow walk across the stage with her high school fiends the day her friends receive their high school diplomas? Will Sarah and Todd sit in the front row proud of their 18 year old home schooled student?

    Or is that the kids who already received their GED degrees just wait at home until the correspondence course school sends them their coveted degree?

    I guess we will have to wait until Beefalo's reality show airs?

    1. Anonymous5:22 PM

      2012 graduation in Wasilla isn't until the middle of May, so I guess its a GED if she ALREADY graduated.

    2. Anonymous8:34 PM

      Don't hold your breath for that trashy's continuously being pushed back as far as $arah's hairline. Sad.

    3. Anita Winecooler9:49 PM

      How convenient! ;o) Willow's laying low since she got "engaged" . Oh, I gotta go... the timer went off and my pillsbury buns are done


  71. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Looks like that Alaskan meth has taken its toll on Sarah Palin's face.

  72. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I am shocked by her gaunt face. That's not healthy. Whatever the cause, drugs or diet, she needs to stop what she's doing. I'd like to see the whole interview. Did she sound as bad as she looks? She looks like she is starving.

  73. Anonymous6:19 PM

    OMG - that picture of her just made me LOL. She is getting uglier by the day!!!

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      I beg your pardon!

      More like uglier by the second!

  74. bws586:23 PM

    omg I am watching Lawrence O'Donnell...Adam Smith of Tampa bay Tribune is discussing VP for RMoney

    And twice while discussing Rubio, he said He is no Sarah Palin..she is indeed the new standard of low

  75. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Looking at Sarah's face at her current age of 60, just imagine what Bristol will look like at 40 with her shifting Jay Leno chin implant.

    Sarah's hands has not age gracefully and neither has her face or hair.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Her hee. Sarah is only 48.

  76. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Was this photo of Sarah photo shopped? If not, she is not well.

  77. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Looking at Sarah's picture above, if Sarah Palin closed her eyes, I imagine that's what she would look like in her sarcophagus.

    Her face looks mummified, drawn in.

  78. emrysa7:08 PM


  79. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I hope she never has to rely on the Secret Service in the future; I'm sure she just burned that bridge.

    1. Anonymous9:21 PM

      The only way Sarah will get Secret Service attention is if she stalks President Obama like Bristol stalks a Big Mac.

    2. Anita Winecooler9:52 PM

      I'd stop hoping - that's not gonna happen again- ever.

    3. Anonymous10:00 PM

      Campaign Trail Daily Diary September 10, 2008
      Palin Code Name: 'Denali' famed for its mountain peaks and wildlife
      Todd Palin -- "Driller."

  80. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Needz moar meds.

  81. aj weishar7:47 PM

    To have a valid budget, you need a consolidated financial statement. The Federal govt. has not been able to produce one for over a decade. Palin and McCain never addressed this issue when they were running. Gays getting married took priority over the largest department in the government being declared unauditable. Half Term Gov. Palin, Don't blame Obama. You were worried about gay marriage when you were in the spotlight.

  82. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Gryph, I truly feel sorry for you. Covering Palin must be like waking up every morning and having to wear that pair of jeans that smells like sss.

  83. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Comment on unnecessary and offensive use of the English language. In the second and third posts today***"FUCK YOU"...followed by a string of, "motherfucker, bitch, retard, piece of shit, fuck wad, fucked up, shit scamming fuck wad" add nothing to the conversation. Unfortunately, it seems to be acceptable here. Why? Stunted education and limited brain capacity? Makes one feel powerful? Inability to use the English language without the proclivity to pepper-spray it with ooooh, profanity? zzzzzzzz

    1. Well, did you enjoy repeating all those "offensive" words?

    2. Anonymous9:52 PM

      I totally agree! The use of such horrible language in comments on this blog is the one thing that annoys me about it. Seems like every one of the Sarah Palin posts elicits comments using such offensive swear words. Get a grip, people! You can hate Sarah Palin without falling to her level by using profane language! Please, try harder!

    3. STFU you pompous troll. Who made you boss? A quick fuck you fits perfectly and doesn't beat around the bush.

      Adults can handle salty words without getting bent out of shape.

  84. Anita Winecooler8:24 PM

    Whoa! That photo!!!

    Did granny lose her teefus between the sofa cushions AGAIN?

    I have to admit, I love watching Sarah Palin in clips on your blog. I get fashion tips, make up hints, and lessons in abnormal psychology. watching her unravel is my guilty pleasure, can't wait for the day I open the IM blog and the headline reads "Former Bald Governor loses mind and is removed from studio in a straight jacket after FBI handcuffs her while cameras are rolling"

    Or "Three Trigs, two Tripps wander on Set while playing with latex empathy belly"

    She's good for laughs, not much else.

  85. LOVE the freeze frame. Makes her look crazy, drunk, stupid, retarded (nothing personal, Trig) psychotic, wan, anorexic, and decrepit, all at the same time. Amazing!

  86. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Where's Willow and Todd hiding now a days?

  87. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Brilliant screen-cap, Gryphen. Keep that one!

  88. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Good lord! I pity the poor fool who wakes up next to that thing every morning

    1. Anonymous12:02 AM

      That's why Todd has his own room in the new house on the Palin compound.

      A pimp can't be waking up in the morning next to the Lake Lucille Monster.

  89. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Sarah Palin is going to need a bigger pair of Belmont fake boobs because her looks are officially gone.

    Like Porky Pig says...

    "Th-th-th-th- That's All Folks"

  90. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Since Todd Palin's prostitution business has surfaced due to Shailey Tripp's Boys Will Be Boys book, looks like he has shut down that business.

    Has Todd and Sarah found a new career to replace that income?

  91. Anonymous11:15 PM


    I surely can't!

  92. Anonymous11:29 PM

    And Sarah Palin took Runner Up Miss Alaska?

    I hate to see who placed after that looser.

    1. Anonymous6:28 AM

      No, she actually took 3rd place. In other words, she was a two time LOSER.

  93. Anonymous11:45 PM


    Sarah looking at your stoned picture above, I say you need to stop bogarting the weed!

    Remember the 3 P's!

    ... Puff Puff Pass! ...

    Don't forget to exhale!

  94. Anonymous11:58 PM

    See Sarah, that's what happens when you spend all your money on botox.

  95. i like this site, ,it's really giving news and information. .

  96. Anonymous5:47 AM

    She's so over.

  97. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Good morning Bitch. Did you take your meds today?

  98. You people (I use the term loosely) are typical liberals. Still with the personal attacks and no facts to back up your accusations. Palin not only would have been a better VP than Biden, she would make a better president than that bribing (tried to pay off Jeremiah Wright)
    back stabber(open mic in russia) Obama.


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