Thursday, May 24, 2012

The reason that Steve Schmidt soured on Sarah Palin so quickly becomes more clear. He may have secretly been a Trig Truther.

Steve Scmidt and wife Angela.
Recently I received a rather interesting message from a source who has provided me quite a lot of very credible information in the past. Much of this information I had been able to confirm through other sources, or had simply allowed the events to play as the source had predicted they would on their own.

This is what they relayed to me the other day:

After the airing of the movie "Game Change" Steve Schmidt's wife, a labor delivery nurse, expressed to certain Washington journalists her doubts about Sarah's story of Trig's birth, and revealed to them that she expressed the same doubts to her husband during the 2008 campaign. 

Now just mull that over in your head for a little while.

This would mean that fairly early in the campaign Steve Schmidt would have had a very credible medical professional telling him that Sarah Palin's delivery story was simply not believable.

And do any of us doubt that if Angela Schmidt had bothered to do any research on the matter, and happened upon some of the babygate sites, that she would have similar doubts about the ENTIRE pregnancy?  Yeah me either.

So if this information is credible, and I would be willing to bet that it is, then that would have made Schmidt's almost immediate "buyer's remorse" all that more understandable.  He could not help but to have realized that he had a potentially explosive situation on his hands.

And just imagine how more convinced he was that she was lying about giving birth to Trig when after being asked by the campaign to produce a birth certificate to put the matter to rest (I have sources which say that did indeed happen), instead she proclaims that of course she is the mother because the only other possible birth mother is her daughter Bristol who was currently five months pregnant with her own baby

I think that refusal to provide proof (At least to the campaign), and the totally bizarre note from her doctor, must have been more than enough to convince Schmidt that something smelled fishy, and it was more than the clothes the Palins brought with them from Alaska.

It ALSO means that "certain Washington journalists" have also heard that a medical professional with ties to the McCain campaign was very doubtful that Palin's story was credible. And that those doubts remain to this day.

So the question is, WHY is Schmidt still refusing to talk about this?  Is it out of loyalty to John McCain? Is it out of embarrassment for how easily duped they all were by Wasilla's village idiot? Or is it something else?

I find it interesting that Schmidt's wife is a labor delivery nurse, because it was a labor and delivery nurse who first tipped ME off as well.  I was just as ignorant of the deception as everybody else until I received an e-mail very late at night on the day she was picked, from a friend of mine, who is a nurse, telling me that there was NO way that Palin's pregnancy and birth story could have happened. NO way!

It was after I received that e-mail that I started to do the research, and do you know what? She was right!

Well I for one would like a journalist to actually ask Schmidt this question face to face. Schmidt can be evasive at times but I have to imagine that he would be unwilling to deny that his wife had these doubts if confronted.


  1. wakeUpAmerica4:41 AM

    I think it would have a disasterous effect on his career if he admitted he had serious doubts about the pregnancy in 2008.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      I agree. And as time passes, it only looks worse.

      I think the birth lie is EXACTLY why we haven't seen sarah run for any office since. I bet enough gop bigwigs know the whole story and are holding it over her. She is only dancing around the edges of politics, jabbing and keeping her name out there for the $. Staying just out far enough as not to threaten those that would spill the beans on her.

      She has had some odd alliances and endorsements. Probably more "payoff" to keep her secret.

      Couldn't happen to a more deserving person; I hope this follows and hinders her the rest of her life.

    2. Yes; maybe he is afraid that the GOP will find him untouchable after coming forward. BUT I think he's already quite an outcast isn't he? He's definitely on the moderate non crazy end of the Repub party and we know how toxic it is to be that right now. Right now Palin's ideology and base are ruling the party and Schmidt is out.
      I think he crossed that 'trust' line when he dared cooperate with the Game Change authors and later filmmakers, and when he leaked the behind the scenes - Sarah Palin is an idiot and we were planning on making VP a figurehead role only (when the stuff like she thought Africa was a country etc came out) - was blabbed about. The GOP is very clique-y - even if you think another 'club' member is a total loon, you keep it to yourself and endorse them and shout down their detractors anyway. They're a cult essentially.

      The Schmidt's look like a nice couple. There's something I like about her. I wonder how much she's read into it, what she thinks about it...

      Since she's not Alaskan, we can assume she came onto this information either by seeing an account of the pregnancy or delivery (the wild ride online perhaps?) OR she somehow overheard Sarah herself or another campaign member discussing it and warning bells rang? Maybe someone commented on a photo being very flattering for a forty something seven month pregnant woman. I so hope she's done some reading - the old stuff at Palingates and of course Gryphen's stuff is the best. Crossing my fingers!

      Hello Mrs Schmidt/Angela! I hope you get to tell the world the truth about that horrible woman that made your husbands job a nightmare! The media are idiots for not reporting it when you originally brought it up to them!

      Seriously, what sort of reporter would turn this story down? Surely the risk of being perceived as wrong or a tin foil hat donner is small compared to the clicks this would bring your byline.

    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

      I agree with your analysis for the most part. Unless someone comes through with irrefutable evidence plus multiple eyewitnesses, this issue will be seen as a liberal conspiracy theory too unbelievable for middle America.
      I understand why journalists won't touch it so why would Mrs. Schmidt?

    4. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Take solace in the fact that Sarah Palin is poison to the Repub party because they know she has that dirty secret of the fake pregnancy hanging over her head. In their eyes she will remain damaged goods with too many skeletons to deal with.

      Does anyone truly believe that they don't know as much as we do? If so then you are a candidate for the purchase of Palin's bridge that doesn't go anywhere. Please people, even though the right are evil and greedy people, they aren't stupid people!

    5. Anonymous10:06 AM

      I doubt that Sarah originated the Trig hoax, at least not all by herself.

      Instead, the plan was hatched at much higher levels amongst an inner circle at the GOP and their various allies domestic and foreign. Unfortunately, they mis-overestimated Palin's skills to credibly carry out this political hoax. (anyone with a passing knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology could call BS on her story.)

      I suspect (hope) that Schmidt did not know the whole story at first or about the other interests involved.

      But he must know now that crossing these interests in any major way could still prove dangerous.

  2. Virginia Voter4:45 AM
    Guess who's rumored to return to Hollywood despite telling Us Weekly a few months ago, she left and was never going back?

    On topic, OMFG, it is just too perfect that Schmidt's wife is a labor and delivery nurse. However, I maintain that anyone who has ever given birth, or even been through labor and delivery with their significant other knows Sarah's wild ride is complete and utter bullshit. As a woman who was in her seventh pregnancy with a history of miscarriages and a known special needs child, the story is that much more implausible , unless Sarah Plain was either lying or clinically insane.

    1. Anonymous5:46 AM

      Clinically insane is still a possibility!

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Lots of comments that don't want Bristol back and not 1 in her favor!!lol

    3. Cracklin Charlie7:16 AM

      The lack of mental health care in this country is a disaster.

      And about the wild ride...all it took for me was a look at a map of the United States.

      Did. Not. Happen.

    4. There are nearly 300 comments at that E! Online commentary, and these are the ones about Bristol:

      I will not watch if Bristol Palin is brought back. I will not be sucked into that again.

      No Bristol, please! She had no reason to get as far as she did, her dancing was wooden, and political drama her presence caused was a horror.

      Yes, to Sabrina Bryan! No to Cloris. Let's have some stars who went home too soon! No to Bristol.

      Sorry I am too lazy to read the whole article. I really hope kate goslin and bristol palin are NOT brought back.

      I can shorten the list by saying who I would not like to see back. Kelly Osbourne Rob Kardasian Evan Licecheck Ron Artest Bristol Palin kirstie alley Brandy

      Bring back Mya, she deserves to win! Do not bring B.Palin back...yuck, no talent!

      Absolutely NOT Kate "the nightmare with 8", or Bristol "no I did not get work done" Palin.

      Bristol Palin, Chaz Bono, Nancy Grace, The Situation, The Kardashians.

      Bristol Palin. She is thin now.

      Those last two are possibly facetiously positive. ;-}

      It couldn't be more obvious only the Palinbots kept Bristol in the competition past her gorilla suit appearance. No Palinbots freeping the article, either (yet).

    5. Anonymous10:29 AM

      (from eonline link)
      "John Tue, May 15, 2012, 6:56 PM

      I will not watch if Bristol Palin is brought back. I will not be sucked into that again."

    6. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Insane and a liar is my vote. The two are not mutually exclusive!

  3. Nice looking couple.

    They can’t fool a professional.

    I think the Washington insiders know the full story, but they know a lot of full stories and don’t share with the outside.

    The Palin mess needs to be exposed fully, and then held up forever as a cautionary tale.

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      Yes. If the full story came out, it would make McCain & a whole, whole lot of others look bad.

    2. Anonymous6:17 AM

      Can you just hear Hannity and O'Reilly and Rush trying to backtrack on their love affair with her? "Why does the liberal media pick on this lovely conservative mother? So she didn't birth Trig; she is not a public employee and obviously (to them) loves the boy. This should go away. Meanwhile, back to the pretend President and those questions that just won't go away about his birth and his beliefs. What did he learn from terrorist Bill Ayres and that black pastor that he now uses to change America into a socialist nation? "

    3. I think it will come out only when McCain is dead

    4. Anonymous7:02 AM

      I think it will come out only when McCain is dead

      too bad brain dead won't count

    5. Cracklin Charlie7:14 AM

      That's damn straight, Darlene!

    6. And $arah Palin will be McCain's legacy FOREVER. He's the one that foisted that idiot on the world. When he's on his deathbed I hope he has the decency to apologize. But, I doubt it.

    7. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Deni YEP.. THE McCAIN LEGACY FOREVER. And once they open that door to his sad sack career I hope his dumb military career comes back to haunt him, the bad grades, blowing up planes, the cover ups, the real Hanoi Hilton stories, the womanizing like he was in the Secret Service, Keating Five, married to the Mafia and purchase of his political 'wins', buying his drug thief of a wife her freedom from DEA et al and on and on. The man is such a shame for this country. Too bad if we have to wait until he kicks the bucket.

  4. Gryph, as I've said before, seeing her at the Fairbanks airport with Piper right after she announced her pregnancy made alarm bells go off for me. I thought I was crazy because I never believed she was pregnant. Then other people started mentioning in, then there was the wild ride, then blogs. So along the way I was being validated. Maybe I was the original Trig Truther!!! LOL!!

    1. You must not be Elizabeth Eubanks, then.

      I wonder if your encounter and Eubanks' encounter were the same time...?

    2. Forgot: here's that famous picture of Sarah and Piper with the bedazzled Elizabeth Eubanks.

      Apparently the date of your encounter and that of Elizabeth Eubanks regarding Sarah Palin and Piper at the Fairbanks airport occurred between March 2nd and March 9th, 2008 -- probably close to or on March 9th.

    3. You mean you saw her in person there?

      If so, what were your impressions? Had you heard the announcement and so were actively looking for physical evidence of pregnancy?

    4. in the photo KaJo posted above at 8:54, Eubanks looks more pregnant than Palin!

  5. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Another inconsistency is that Sarah claims she didn't tell her children she was pregnant until March 2008, yet Bristol states in her MySpace account that she's going to be a "mother duck to that baby" back in September 2007. So Bristol knew there would be a baby in the "family" that she knew she'd get stuck taking care of back in September 2007.

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM

      Hmmmmm, very interesting. Hadn't considered that comment in that context.

    2. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Was it her own little duckling!! Did she want an abortion and mommy dearest would let he do it, so they kept the little duckling?

    3. Cracklin Charlie7:12 AM

      Hmmm. Very interesting.

      That's about the time that I think Trig was born. Did she say "that baby, too"? Or just "that baby"?

      I kind of always thought that that comment of Bristol's was referring to Bristol having to take care of someone else's baby. Like, her mom would have Bristol attend events with her, and Bristol would be stuck herding Sarah, and her cohort's kids, during the event

    4. You know, reading that now after so long it makes me sad...

      Bristol must surely have so much resentment towards her mother. What does it cost Sarah to keep Bristol's mouth shut?

      Bristol could've turned out so differently had she made the right choices and been the bigger person. But for some reason (money? The house? Some promise) she chose to join her mothers team and be complicit in it. A real nasty bully.

    5. Anonymous8:40 AM

      even though I think trig is bristols, i could be convinced that Todd knocked some one up and the family covered by ''having trig as theirs"
      easier and they thought better than admitting a bad bad thing happened.
      ORRRRRRRRRRRRR...did she/sarah pop out that kid early(ruffles) and thats why she was getting stomach suction (or whatever it is called) around the time she got a massage from Shailey TRIPP. ruffles died and they had already hatched a plan to use him, so they found Trig?
      it makes my head spin

    6. Anonymous10:54 AM

      re: mother duck to that baby - what IF Bristol was the mother duck to Willow's child? or Track's child? IOW, what if Tripp is not her's? only TriG? or Ruffles?

  6. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I think that the reason this hasn't been brought up is because the 'old guard' is rallying around McCain to protect him. They still have a use for the pathetic, lying, traitorous, fake war vet.

    Maybe once he has passed on to answer for his sins somewhere else they will do as he did and sing like songbirds about this.

    I wonder if any of those (who are still alive) regret putting him in a place of power? He sure as hell wouldn't have made it if the truth had ever gotten out about his disastrous war record.

    1. Cracklin Charlie7:04 AM

      Wouldn't McCain come off looking better if he just fessed up? Making Schmidt take the heat makes him look small and dishonest.

      Oh, yeah...I remember now.

    2. The truth did get out about his war record. Rolling Stone did a very long, in-depth article about him in the summer of 2008. I printed it out 16 pages and gave it to every Republican I knew. Changed a few minds about McCain, and then when he nominated the village idiot, they voted for Obama.

    3. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Matt Taibbi's Make Believe Maverick

  7. The birth story as told by Palin makes no sense whatsoever. Has to be one of the major reasons why she will not run again for a major political office - the vetting would be done.

  8. Anonymous5:17 AM

    CBJ's letter is either a forgery or she lied. If she lied, it had to have been for a massive payoff or she was black-mailed.

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Since she appears to no longer be practicing medicine, I vote for the payoff.

    2. Anonymous6:17 AM

      I vote forgery..Sarah threw her under the bus..

    3. Cracklin Charlie6:30 AM

      Is she married?

    4. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Payoff or bus, no one can believe that MD letter is authentic. Lots of internal problems (re the letter's credibility, timing) but mainly: SP WAS NOT PREGNANT.

    5. Anonymous10:44 AM

      From Google I learned that CBJ is married with adult age kids and they are all sporty type people. I thought she still had a practice.

    6. Bristol's Real Chin11:51 AM

      I vote for forgery because Piper's birth year is wrong. Though it's an understandable mistake-- you can find incorrect birth years on the internet for all of the girls. This is the weirdest family, public records wise, in existence.

  9. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Hah! A bit of truly bad luck for Sarah - not only is Steve Schmidt wicked smart and an an experienced pro, but he's also got a close and trusted source of informed skepticism - oh hell, you just know she called BS on Sarah. I think this is why she retired from public office. And notice she never, ever speaks directly against Steve or McCain.

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:31 AM

      Do you think that there is any chance that Schmidt never discussed his lovely wife's skepticism with his colleagues?

      I don't.

    2. $arah has spoken bad about Steve Schmitd many times. She is even quoted as doing so.
      $he has referred to him as an overweight slob and many other nasty things.

  10. Anonymous5:37 AM

    I think it's way past the time he can expose her. His contract with MSNBC would be at risk, at the very least. If he knew, he should have insisted that McCain drop her and, if the candidate refused, Schmidt had two obvious choices: tell the truth (with proof) and let the cards fall where they may (unlikely that anyone that partisan would take that route) or pretend forever that you knew and did nothing and try to forgive yourself. I guess it became a moot point when Sarah eventually dragged the McCain campaign down to defeat- along with an inarticulate and erratic candidate with no vision for our country. The awful part, of course, is that Sarah did not fade away and has been an oozing boil ever since. For that, if he knew, Mr. Schmidt will always be responsible. I definitly believe that McCain and others knew Sarah was dangerously flawed but decided to roll the dice and let her strut her stuff. Some patriot!

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:29 AM

      John McCain has the responsibility here. Schmidt did as ordered.

      my opinion

    2. Anonymous6:46 AM

      My daughter felt upset and cried hearing the wild ride tale that other parents are cautious and attentive to their fetus. Later she chose denial that it was a wild lie made up by people to discredit Palin. People can be comfortable with a malicious lie not a sociopathic personality.

    3. Anonymous6:48 AM

      I think at one point he did ask mccain for her to step down?
      Then he said in Game change (book) she would of be made to step down if mccain won or basically stripped of all power.

    4. Sarah became too popular with the TeaBagger fringe. Once she was on the ticket and events started unfolding, they couldn't drop her. They may have talked about "if we win, we'll have to get rid of her, ask her to step down, etc." but they couldn't have done that. The right-wing part of the country would have gone nuts.

    5. I wonder if Steve Schmidt knowing her secret is why she left the Governor's office and became the Quitter Queen. Hummm.

    6. Anonymous8:17 AM

      By the time they realized (or came to accept) the full extent of the horror show that is Sarah Palin, they knew they were going to lose.

    7. Anonymous10:58 AM

      they also recognized how popular she was and how dangerous that could be - it was exactly the same as Hitler and should have given everyone goosebumps.

      Celebrities appeal to the unwashed masses.

  11. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Interesting and needs to be discussed and revealed.

  12. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Maybe she got away with the pregnancy becuse so many were involved with tode. This is why there are no real investigations into anything. Everybody is covering up their own bad acts. He might have been servicing everyone that worked with them or came to Alaska. That's my opinion.

    1. Cracklin Charlie6:27 AM


    2. Anonymous6:29 AM

      I totally agree.

    3. Anonymous6:32 AM

      I agree, see comment below..They are not going to investigate on Shailey's word alone..more of the girls involved need to step forward and let their voices be heard. The prostitutes involved are the key to cracking this open.

    4. Anonymous6:36 AM

      SVU episode last night was about high level involvement with escorts/prostitutes including the Secret Service taking part in illicit sex.

      Those lured who accept a variety of sexual indulgences can be blackmailed.

      Such men, like John Edwards want the rewards of false image of religous family man, upstanding person. They want their double life, not to truly be upstanding.

    5. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Blackmail is undoubtedly a big component in this. What has happened to Todd? He is silent now? When was he last seen or heard from?

    6. Anonymous7:36 AM

      No one is going to come forward after the way Shailey has been treated and the way her witnesses have been treated. The only hope of others stepping forward is to see Shailey Tripp gain vindication and her story taken seriously. I believe when that happens many others will step forward as well. Cheaterville still has two people up that claim to have had a relationship with Todd Palin. Maybe Shailey Tripp should post on Cheaterville.

    7. Anonymous9:07 AM

      What is Cheaterville?

    8. Web site of cheating partners, spouse, etc. Go to WWW., plug in Todd's name and you will find two stories of alleged cheating

  13. Anonymous5:43 AM

    As shocking as the hoax itself is, what's even more shocking is that everyone seemed to walk on eggshells around the story. Why would no one speak out publicly and challenge her - on the record? It's the fact that no one had the nerve to challenge her on providing the birth certificate live on TV and demanding an explanation as to why she hasn't shown it to the public.

    There is not one reason why a reporter hasn't yet walked up to her and asked her why she never provided a birth certificate and if she says she did, please provide them with it to show the public. A good reporter who is backed up with good character and a good reputation should have done this long ago.

    What is it with this woman that she has everyone spellbound and afraid to honestly challenge her? She claims she's tough-skinned, a rogue, a barracuda, a pitbull, so why does this grizzly momma not once and for all show proof that she delivered Trig? She claims she is the biological mother, then prove it. Prove it because she represented herself as his biological mother, to try to gain access to the White House, gain access to donors money, career opportunities, fame, books, money, all in the name of selling herself as a pro-life mother of a down syndrome baby. Catholics, evangelicals, all denominational christians, family advocacy programs, pro-life establishments, all supported her on that very agenda. They deserve to know that it was not all in vain. And if she dishonestly misrepresented herself and accepted cash, and gifts, and SarahPAC donations based on her claim as pro-life, she illegally conned Americans.

    I think it's time for a real journalist to push her for that birth certificate. Do it for all the little people out there who sacrificed their savings to support this grifter.

    1. Smirnonn6:12 AM

      I've always thought it's such a preposterous situation that no one want's to touch it. It's a public relations beehive. Imagine how people who are ignorant of the situation would respond if a reputable journalist started accusing the paylump of faking a pregnancy. It's such an unthinkable act that most would doubt it just because of that fact. They'd accuse the journalist of being a conspiracy theorist.

      There would have to be some sort of really hard, irrefutable proof that the media could hold up as the smoking gun (I know - as if the pictures, the "tight abs" comments and the wild ride aren't enough!). I've no doubt, however, that the hard evidence is out there. I've also no doubt that at some point someone will reveal it. One cannot treat people as the paylump does and not suffer repercussions.

      Of course, there's also the possibility that the MSM finds the paylump completely irrelevant. Sure, she shows up on the cable news shows but that's a niche demographic.

    2. Cracklin Charlie6:26 AM

      John McCain is supposedly this honorable, maverick, war hero guy. How honorable is it that he would let Steve Schmidt fall on this grenade, when McCain is the one who should own up to his mistakes? McCain is not a man of honor!

      Passing this buck stops directly at John McCain.

    3. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Birth certificate? Who needs a stinkin' birth certificate when she can just show us her stretch marks!?!?

    4. Anonymous6:50 AM

      No they don't. They say they do, but report on ever "Fart" by her or Barstool!

    5. IMO, the "Catholics, evangelicals, all denominational christians, family advocacy programs, pro-life establishments", add in Fox and the right-wing radio nuts, any one who supported her doesn't deserve to know anything. It's the rest of the country who deserves to know the truth. Well, actually, I guess we already "know" even though it's never been confirmed.

    6. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Remember though what happened to Dan Rather when he reported the story of George Bush's being AWOL for a year from the National Guard. Even though it was entirely true, the blowback was so severe it ended the reputable career of a long-standing, well- established and respected journalist.

    7. Olivia7:51 AM


      This is exactly what I was thinking. Dan Rather was taken to the woodshed for exposing the truth and everyone in the media is exquisitely aware that the same thing could happen to them.

    8. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Smirnonn is spot on.

    9. did w get caught dusting his nose with some lines9:24 AM

      Rather takedown for exposing Dumbya = Rovian inoculation.

      Helps 'cure' other diseases not even in the governors office at the time of the first treatment.

    10. Anonymous9:54 AM

      I also think the right wing has so effectively promoted the "liberal leftwing media" meme that mainstream journalists (and/or the people who sign their paychecks) are terrified of seeming liberal and leftwing. And you know if anyone did ask Sarah Palin those hard questions, the entire conservative media--Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al--would shriek so loudly about liberal media bias that the real issue would drown beneath their hysteria.

    11. Jeanabella10:01 AM

      Real journalists have gone since Corporate news & entertainment took over for profit. The "reporters" print what is OK'd by the corp. bosses!
      80% of airwaves owned by right wing. Clear channel, Viacom, GE owns ABC etc......

      Some will realize their cred is worth more than the corp. pay check. Free Press is rare, but starting to come back via internet.

    12. Anonymous11:00 AM

      McCain was never a war hero according to anyone that was there. He was the 'songbird'. f'in traitor.

  14. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I'll bet Steve and his wife Angela shudder every time Sarah opens her big mouth and makes some ridiculous claim or lies about the President. They probably can't relax as long as she's still trying to be relevant. Steve Schmidt is daily reminded how stupid it was to pick her in 2008 and keep his mouth shut every time she went off the rails. Every time she speaks, 'thus says Sarah', with each crazy unreasonable statement she makes, it must really upset him.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      . . . but not enough to do the right thing.

    2. Anonymous8:33 AM

      On the Lawrence Odonnel show the other day (with Martin Bashir subbing), during the final scene when Martin thanks his guests, Steve's eyes look very sad and telling. They had been discussing the Rev. Wright attacks.

  15. Anonymous6:18 AM

    So, does Mrs. Schmidt know about this site, and the other truther sites? Pretty please? Can someone get her email and TELL her about us??

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      How do you suggest "someone" should go about it?

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Mail a letter to your local librarian and ask her to do research. Then wait by the door for the mail.

    3. Anonymous9:26 AM


  16. Anonymous6:24 AM

    My assessment is that Sarah Palin is simply a political hack who's finished, politically. Celebrity will only take her so far--faded beauty, faded power.

    One day her story will come out and it won't be pretty. Tick-tock goes the clock.

  17. Anonymous6:28 AM

    I think Todd little prostitution ring was used solely to protect the Palin's and Sarah knew about it. The more people that were involved the more protected the Palin's are, since no one is going to talk and incriminate themselves. The other girls involved need to step forward with Shailey before anyone will listen..1 prostitute does not make a prostitution ring.

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      If you're a Democrat it does. If you're a Republican a dozen prostitutes doesn't. If you're a Palin 1000 doesn't.

  18. Gasman6:35 AM

    THIS is precisely why I have so little respect for Steve Schmidt. He knew beyond the shadow of doubt that Palin was mentally deficient, emotionally unstable, and the biggest fucking liar in the history of big fucking liars and yet he worked to get her elected to but a 72 year old cancer patient's heartbeat away from the presidency.

    At what point does service to one's country trump personal ambition and party politics? Schmidt CLEARLY crossed that Rubicon and simply didn't give a shit. He put winning ahead of all.

    I guess his thinking was, "let's get McCain elected, and THEN we'll deal with Palin." I'm sorry, but to risk putting SARAH PALIN in the Oval Office is just NOT something that is worth contemplating.

    Fuck Steve Schmidt.

    He should have gone to McCain and the upper level of the campaign staff and told them in no uncertain terms that they needed to get rid of Palin - and why - and if they didn't he would hold a press conference and spill the beans. Would it have finished him in GOP politics? Yup, but at least he would be able to hold his head up and say that he stopped Palin. And she would have been swept off the national stage in perpetuity. There'd be no FauxNews gig, no bus tours, no PAC money. She would banished from politics forever.

    But, he knew such an action would have been fatal for both McCain's campaign and his own career, so he just kept gilding that Alaskan turd, hoping that he could manage it all.

    Again, Fuck Steve Schmidt.

    I will grant him a grudging modicum of respect when he comes out with THE WHOLE TRUTH about what he knows about Palin: the paranoia, the rages, the irrational behavior, and the faked pregnancy. ALL of it.

    Until then: Fuck Steve Schmidt.

    1. Well said Gasman. Well said.

    2. Anonymous7:19 AM

      ''''THIS is precisely why I have so little respect for Steve Schmidt. He knew beyond the shadow of doubt that Palin was mentally deficient, emotionally unstable, and the biggest fucking liar in the history of big fucking liars and yet he worked to get her elected to but a 72''''

      This is what is so reprehensible about the whole 2008 debacle. It is a national disgrace that this mentally ill, functional illiterate, Sarah Palin, was being pushed by the GOP to be a heart-beat from the presidency.

    3. Cracklin Charlie7:28 AM

      Steve Schmidt was not the man at the top of that ticket. All responsibility for this disaster lies with that individual.

      Sure, Schmidt could have said something, but I would guarantee that he was told not to do so. I think they basically threw in the towel midway through September 08.

    4. He should have gone to McCain and the upper level of the campaign staff and told them in no uncertain terms that they needed to get rid of Palin - and why - and if they didn't he would hold a press conference and spill the beans.

      People have died after telling conspirators that they will spill the beans. Perhaps even former Senator Ted Stevens... (and as some of us have always suspected, Curtis Menard Jr. and Darlene Miller)

    5. Anonymous9:34 AM

      "Steve Schmidt was not the man at the top of that ticket. All responsibility for this disaster lies with that individual.

      Sure, Schmidt could have said something, but I would guarantee that he was told not to do so."

      You're sounding like the Catholic church toadies that helped "protect and save the children from evil" by sending the buggering brothers and pervert priests somewhere else for a "fresh start". The LAWBREAKERS could have been reported to the authorities, and REMOVED FROM CONTACT WITH THEIR PAST, CURRENT AND FUTURE VICTIMS but
      as so many have testified ' it was not their job, they had no authority, and they were following the established procedures.

      Sometimes I agree with what you say, but not this time.

    6. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Such as yesterday's news from Green Bay Wisconsin.

      "Then in a December 1978 letter to the diocese's Personnel Board chairman, Bishop Wycislo writes, "I have just spent a half hour with the District Attorney for Outagamie County who presented me with evidence of a number of crimes of like sexual nature... that the Attorney feels are base enough for a court case against Father Feeney."

      Father Feeney is eventually transferred to a church in Stockbridge, but according to confidential 1983 Catholic Diocese of Green Bay document titled "Accusations Regarding Reverend John P. Feeney," "the accusations and the record of allegations date back years and include assignments at Chilton, Appleton, Freedom, Suamico, De Pere and, most recently, Stockbridge."

      Later that year, Father Feeney requests a transfer to another diocese.

      In an October 3rd, 1983, letter to Father Feeney, Bishop Wycislo writes, "It is a pity that serving the Diocese of Green Bay for thirty years ends in this way, but, really haven't we all tried? Again and again there were so many assignments. In my case I am capable of forgetting about all this and writing a good letter of recommendation for you to a new Bishop, and I hope and pray you will find one."

      In 1984, then-Bishop Adam Maida sent a letter to the bishop of San Diego, stating, "The Reverend John Patrick Feeney... is a cleric in good standing.""

    7. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Scmidt and everyone involved has responsibility. McCain was the the name on the ticket and nothing undercuts his responsibly. But ALL HAVE RESPONSIBILITY.

      It is time to get out our pitch forks. As it is, not enough Americans want to clean up our dirty business.

      By the numbers: How many Secret Service agents are willing to tattle?

      “Forty percent is a very high percentage that wouldn’t report,”

      IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A nationwide sex trafficking ring run by a violent pimp and his associates used to solicit customers for prostitutes as young as age 17, advertising the women as "smokin' hot babes," according to a federal indictment recently unsealed in Iowa.

      (The indictment says their operation was headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., between November 2009 and June 2011)

    8. Anonymous11:00 AM

      You are so right, Gasman!!! I'm sick of having to listen to Steve Schmidt on MSNBC as if he had any credibility.

    9. Anonymous11:06 AM

      happens everywhere at every level - check out how this sportscaster (hi Sarah) made extra $$ on the side.

    10. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Eloquently said!
      I am with you all the way, Gasman.


  19. i have since day 1 commented that people "behind the scenes" know everything AND MUCH MORE then is posted online about the palins.

    my guess is that they indeed were focused on winning the presidency.

    you must remember the enormity of what that means and would have meant to the people involved.

    so no way was anyone willing to rock the boat and sink the campaign by exposing the fraud of palin.

    so.. what does it really matter to any of them now??

    palin at best has minimal support and no influence in the republican party.

    she is a joke to anyone paying attention and her political career is over.

    she is kept alive by fox news. period.

    anyone thinking otherwise is as delusional as she is.

    1. Unfortunately I think that there are a lot of delusional people.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Cracklin Charlie7:25 AM

      You are so right, jade!

      They know all we know and probably more. It is their job to know. McCain, running for President of the United States of America, chose Steve Schmidt because he is the BEST campaign manager on the Republican side.

      They know.

    5. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Think of how they sent people to scrub the Johnston's computer--they had to have known and were destroying evidence wherever they could. There is no way Schmidt and McCain didn't know there was a big problem.

  20. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Remember too -- Steve knew about the 'AIP' cult that Toad was registered to. He would have seen the vids of Palin & the 'witch doctor' & speeches.

    It's amazing how so many of the stunned and stupid can't get it through their heads that there's video proof of their stupidity!

  21. Anonymous6:45 AM

    PR folks are pushing McCain stands by Palin pick 5/24/12. Part of damage control and restoring her credentials as a legit politician. I am so sick of this nightmare, it can't end soon enough.

  22. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I also think the McCain camp knew the Trig story was bullshit. It would not only have lost the election (they lost anyways!), but it would have killed the Republican party for good. Can you imagine that story coming out after the Bush presidency fiasco?? Not only did they lie about WMD, but they covered for the crazy, lying Sarah Palin. It would forever kill the Republican Party for years if not forever. I truly believe that this hoax is closely guarded by BOTH Republicans and Democrats. The United States would have collapsed under that scandal AT THAT TIME. It would have caused chaos. The U.S. needed as much stability as possible. I think even the Democratic Party realized that exposing that lie would do way more harm to the United States credibility in the world, than exposing the hoax. Hell, there may have even been a HUGE backlash in by the citizens. They would have proof positive that the Government lied. Neither Republicans nor Democrats want to open that can of worms. Both sides need to govern for the U.S. to work. At this point, it would do more harm for the credibility of the Democratic Party to expose that Republicans lie, because they were silent at the time. I agree that she will never hold public office. She's a nasty little gnat hovering on the fringes. She would go away if people quit clicking on stories about her.

    1. I disagree. I think that exposing the rot in the Republican Party, in this case Sarah Palin, is the only hope for the party. It needs to be exposed, purged, and only then can the R. party be renewed. As it is now, no thinking person can vote Republican. I think that they would have saved the R. party in the long run. As it is, it is doomed.

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM

      I agree. If even the anti-Palin folks stopped clicking on everything Palin, she would be dumped.

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Look at all the negative comments Bristol gets. If there were zero clicks, the machine that is promoting her would still be writing that bull about how brave and wonderful mother and family, all of it... and doing her show. They will not stop because of some clicks.
      They might change when they are exposed.

  23. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Very interesting indeed, Gryphen. I've always believed the McCain people knew the truth. Given how close they were to the family those two months, seeing the interactions between Bristol, Sarah, and the baby, and hearing the inevitable fights, there is simply no way the truth wouldn't have become apparent even without Schmidt's wife's professional insight.

    So what is really fascinating is that Mrs. Schmidt said this to reporters. She can't betray anything they learned during the campaign, because that is confidential, but she can certain talk about the utter improbability of Sarah's story. These people are professionals. It's possible she had one too many drinks at a party and said something she later regretted. But it's also possible it was a deliberate attempt to try to jumpstart the press into looking into this.

    The problem is, they never will. Not without someone in a position to know the truth (a Palin, CBJ, one of Palin's Alaskan staff) going on the record, or irrefutable hard evidence (a birth certificate or medical records). As it stands now, it's ALL circumstantial evidence. A mountain of it, to be sure, but none of it on it's own is enough to prove it. That is why both McGinniss and Sullivan have said they doubt her story, but they've been very careful not to come out and say point blank that she didn't give birth. And look at the ridicule they've received as a result of simply expressing aloud their doubts!

    Sarah's faked pregnancy was an open secret in Alaska, and now it's an open secret in the press and in certain segments in DC. Like JFK's womanizing, or FDR's wheelchair. Someday, it will come out.

  24. Anonymous7:19 AM

    WOW! This is a wonderful addition to our mountain of data points.

    However, it clearly is not enough to expose the hoax (or it would have done so).

    I recall Schmidt saying in an interview after the "Game Change" movie that he will write a book. Perhaps he is saving this and other nuggets for that. Perhaps he put the statement about the book out there to see who would make him an offer (to stay silent) that he could not refuse. Perhaps he got one.

    If Schmidt talks, the GOP would implode. Perhaps he is waiting until the GOP regains its brains and discredits McCain/Palin? Then he could speak without wrecking his career OR the new, improved GOP..

    So if Schmidt knows (and his wife is talking), then we can be certain that ALL Washington insiders also know. At least those who want to know have access to the insider knowledge; and of course ALL have access to the Mar 14 photo of the non-pregnant Palin 5 weeks before the "delivery." On the internet. And can draw the only possible conclusion. No matter what one's viewpoint on the hoax, it is impossible to explain the Mar 14 (and other) photos away. It is simply inconsistent with an actual pregnancy.

    Clearly, there is an MSM blackout on this story. Why would a reporter attempt to put the question to Palin if s/he knew that doing so would result in no story being published, reprimand, possible loss of job, and blackballing in the industry? If you were Murdoch, McCain, or the specific set of GOP VIPs who funded the hoax, wouldn't you want to keep this quiet -- at least until Romney is elected (they hope)? Esp if there were any payoffs that could be made public. I've always thought the $7M advance to Palin for her first book was a payoff from Murdoch -- didn't matter if the book sold or not. There are prob other payoffs we don't know about. Remember: $7M to Rupert, with his net worth of $7.6B is chump change to him.

    I've been wondering who made the Edwards trial happen (besides the low-level bureaucrats): cash gifts from people who didn't care much about the money, to a candidate who is well past his "sell-by" date, and who was never again (after his run with Kerry) as important to the national dialogue as Palin was as VP candidate. I'm wondering if it's a trial balloon by the Dems to see if such s trial would work for SP/McCain/etc. I guess the verdict+aftermath will help us decide that.

    1. Cracklin Charlie10:07 AM

      If he wrote the right book, he would never have to work for any flawed political candidates again, ever.

  25. Anonymous7:21 AM

    O/T regarding Bristol - Lifetime has a Facebook page and anyone can put their opinion about this "show".

    1. I'd rather watch paint dry along with 69% of the respondents to the poll!

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      "The series follows Bristol’s move from "Wasilla to Los Angeles with Tripp and her sister Willow, and back to Alaska as she deals with parenting and disciplining her toddler without Tripp’s father."

      WHAT does that mean? The drive in her Tripp truck to California in how many days? They have that on film with Willow and Tripp?

      Two half hour episodes would be maybe 40 minutes. Her drive to California with Willow and Tripp and the Saddleback episode will be brief.

    3. Anonymous9:50 AM

      GOOD JOB! THEY ARE SHOWING THE "OUT COLD" PHOTO OF TRIPP. From when no one cared that they would drug a kid so they could exploit him. Focus on that reality.

      "Life’s a Tripp" as long as you can drug the little boogers. Now that he is older and hopefully already done with withdrawal it could be interesting go see how the Palin motherhood style is working out. But doubt if I will catch it on lifetime. May be read a report, see some more photos.

    4. Olivia10:05 AM

      I can just hear it now, every scene is punctuated with whining about how hard it is having to be a single mom.
      "Gee, Tripp, if you had a daddy, I wouldn't have to carry these bags by myself"
      Gee Tripp, if you had a daddy, I wouldn't have to gas up the truck by myself.
      Gee Tripp, if you had a daddy, I wouldn't have to...blah blah blah, whine!

  26. Like I said above, all of us who trust our own perceptions, already "know" that Sarah Palin is not the birth mother of Tri-G. I think the story will come out some day but it will probably take a long time. There has to be thousands of labor & delivery nurses around the country that know Sarah wasn't pregnant with Tri-G, not to mention all of us mothers.

    What I'd really like to know is who backs Sarah. She's got to have a very wealthy, powerful backer who "makes the decisions" (like Chucky said). It looks like to me that she's still kept in the stable, trotted out when there's a hand grenade to be dropped. Remember the GOP plan that came out about the Washington meeting the night President Obama was inaugurated? To "constantly snipe at President Obama all during 2012". Sarah does her part in that plan.

    I'm glad that Steve Schmidt is on MSNBC. He made a terrible mistake but he has a conscience and I think he'll live with that mistake the rest of his life. He's the only Republican I can think of that I even half-way like.

    1. Anonymous8:04 AM

      To ask "who backs Sarah" is, to me, looking at the wrong end of the telescope. Although we want the hoax and its cover-up to be revealed, it's really only marginally about Sarah and her hoax.

      What it's really about is the planned and eventually successful takeover of the GOP by the RW fundie folks. For me, the moment that was visible (to us little people) was when McCain caved, accepting Palin as running-mate and rejecting Lieberman. Of course, much RW/fundie work preceded this takeover, as we know, "Game Change" notwithstanding.

      So to acknowledge the hoax and its cover-up would lead to the obvious question: why? Who wanted Palin (way earlier than "Game Change" wants us to believe)? And what are the foundations for this anti-woman, anti-black, pro-war-profiteering position that we see now?

      That's why I say the $7M book advance to Palin was a payoff. For what? To ensure that SHE would not say, as her train disappeared on the downslope (like John Henry's train loaded with illegal goods) "I fooled you! I fooled you! I got all pig iron, I got alllll pig iron!" For Palin to admit to the hoax is to expose the enablers, which is far more serious. These enablers are at it still, lying in the most simple-minded way about Obama's record, the basic facts. And hoping they will win the fall election by doing so.

      So exposing the hoax is not just seeing that Sarah gets hers, helping expose Todd's prostitution business, and all their vile et ceteras. It's about acknowledging how corrupt the GOP was in the last elections, and to minimize the blatant overtness of the future dirty tricks that are sure to happen before November.

      But, as we know, there are powerful forces determined to keep the lid on. They have been successful for 3.5+ years, and remain successful today. They must laugh at the pathetic efforts of us bloggers, just laugh. They have persuaded Schmidt to stick with the cover-up.

      For shame that Schmidt stands with them. Shame. I like him too, like to listen to his insights. That's why I'm so ashamed for him.

    2. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Great comment!

    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      really well written. You express my sentiments.

    4. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Ooops, sorry, not John Henry, it was the unnamed conductor (called "boy") on "The Rock Island Line," at 1:04, here sung by John Cash. One of my faves.

      Thx, anon 8:42!

    5. Anonymous9:51 AM

      and thx anon 9:25.

    6. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Who backs Palin?

      Lowell "Bud" Paxson, for one -- and he represents many others.

      Do a thorough Google search, entering "Paxson's jet and Saudi royals after 9/11" then enter "Paxson Vicki Iseman and McCain" "Paxson and Swiftboating Kerry," "Paxson and GOP dirty tricks."

      Now, consider Tri-G's weird middle name: "Paxson."

    7. Cracklin Charlie2:04 PM

      yeah, weird, 10:36.

      Do you think the Paxon connection is still intact? She doesn't seem to have much support from anywhere these days. She seems to be positively flailing. It seems to me that her fox contract is all she has left.

  27. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Good. Let's keep this story alive. Sarah Palin stole her daughter's first born son and named him Tri-G after his condition. Sarah faked a pregnancy with him for political gain. Bristol immediately got pregnant AGAIN after the baby theft. Tri-PP is actually much older than they say he is.

  28. telah7:32 AM

    I have been watching this mess of a wanna-be candidate quitter joke since she mentioned her "contractions" and am really tired of waiting for the take-down. But I thought of something that Steve Schmidt said yesterday that can be applied to this as well. Regarding the Obama-Rev. Wright story, he said it wasn't a smart political move to spend campaign dollars on this issue because everyone already knew the story and had taken sides. There were no persuadable voters, so it wasn't worth an ad spend or race war. This is the perfect description for Sarah Palin: Kristy will always think she is the world's best mom (and Levi screwed over, and a couple hundred crazy cat ladies will continue to send their social security dollars to support her lifestyle. People of average intelligence and those who have the ability to engage in debate rather than frothing and screeching consider her vile, nasty, ridiculous and irrelevant.
    Sure it would be VERY nice to see her finally have someone in the media grab her by the back of the head and rub her nose in her own shit like you would do when your puppy "goes" in the house--the Babygate or Prostitutiongate pile would be particularly gratifying--but despite a little satisfaction and gratification, it really wouldn't change much. Kristy would still defend her and I would still think she is a loser and embarrassment.

  29. Anonymous7:33 AM

    If Sarah is Tri-G's birth mother then where is the DNA test proving it? Where is the birth certificate? Where is the mom in the hospital bed photo? Every real, loving, normal mother would have provided this information a long time ago. Why is it that Sarah refuses to prove she gave birth to Tri-G? What is she hiding?

    1. PalinsHoax9:59 AM

      Anonymous @ 7:33 AM
      ".... Why is it that Sarah refuses to prove she gave birth to Tri-G? What is she hiding?

      Oh $carah is hiding many, many irrefutable pieces of information, including the record of her tubal ligation after Piper's birth.

      Hey Scarah, just how DID you manage to give birth to Tri-G after your tubes were tied and sizzled?

  30. Dinty7:38 AM

    The McCain Campaign had thought the roadmap for dealing with a VP candidate with undisclosed medical/mental health issues had been drawn by the McGovern Campaign in 1972 when it was discovered that Thomas Eagleton, McGovern's chosen VP candidate was being treated for bi-polar disorder and thoughts of suicide and had been prescribed Thorazine.

    McGovern caved and dumped Eagleton for Sargent Shriver and subsequently lost (not for that reason alone, but it was a contributing factor).

    The reality is that the roadmap they were following was only partially complete, and was completed in 2008.

    The correct move is to neither keep or dump a VP Candidate who has turned out to be unstable/has a big skeleton in their closet - the move is to never pick such a candidate.

    I seriously doubt that you will ever have a dark-horse like Ms. Palin picked for VP ever again. You're going to have candidates who have been bleached by the Klieg-lights of national press for quite a bit of time before they are officially picked. These people will be truly-vetted.

  31. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Tri-G was Tri-PP before he was Tri-G.
    Meaning: Bristol's first born son was to be named Tripp (after Shailey) but instead Sarah stole him and faked her own pregnancy. Bristol was duped into giving up her first born son by her own mother. How will she ever get over that fact? She let her son go when a real mother would have protected him. Did Bristol not care about Tri-G's fate because he's "retarded"? (Sarah's word) We know she has been paid off with rewards that Sarah's other children don't receive. DWTS, houses, cars, etc. etc. Are these material gifts more important to Bristol than the life of her first born son? Apparently (and sadly) so.

    1. To me, the shower of gifts is more of a bribe so that Bri$tol will keep quiet about Todd being Trig's daddy ~ but Bri$tol doesn't know who actually birthed Trig.

      But, $he probably has a good idea...

  32. Anonymous7:42 AM

    A lot of comments maintain that Sarah Palin is a joke. News reporters maintain that Sarah Palin is a joke. Even if these circles consider her a joke the majority of the South and their aggressions do not consider her a joke. People down South take her very seriously and will violently oppose people who do not support her. You should have seen the lines of people down South that would turn out for her to raise money or to get to see her speak. Almost every mother I run across in the South always says how much they admire her and how they would vote for her. Sarah Palin is potent and wields a lot of power. She wields the kind of power much like a leader of a cult. People will follow her blindly and that is what makes her so scary. The media needs to take her seriously due to her ability to influence and incite violence.

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      I live in the South and Sarah is a joke here. Not one person I know supports her. Maybe in 2008 or 2009. But now? Most people barely even remember her. Or if they do, she's that crazy lady who sunk McCain's campaign. In future Presidential elections, when the "Veep-stakes" time comes around people will suggest to the candidate to "Not pull a Palin" and pick someone un-vetted. It's already happening with Willard Rmoney. THAT is Sarah's legacy: Don't repeat the mistake of picking her.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      "People down South take her seriously, . . ." because they are still hoping for the South to Rise Again! And the Southern Strategy (although it now involves somewhat different states) intends to milk those feelings by defeating Obama and putting the 1%er, war-profiteering, anti-woman, anti-black folks into power. "People down South" think that will benefit them, which is the truly sad joke. On them.

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Really? I grew up in a southern state and now live in another. While she does have a few fans left, she is a joke here and everywhere! I am astounded almost every mother you run across gushes about Sarah Palin and how they would vote for her, despite the fact that she is not running for any office. That is weird. Most moms I see talk about their families, their plans for the summer, running errands, etc. In fact, I can't say that I've ever heard any mom randomly discussing Sarah Palin. Please tell me where you live so I can avoid that place. Creepy.

    4. Anonymous8:42 AM

      I don't know what mothers you run across in the South, but let me tell you, we do not admire her and would never vote for her or anyone like her. Just because we are Southerners and have accents that you who are not, make fun of and look down on, doesn't mean that we are dumb or ignorant. I am a well educated and intelligent mother as are my friends. We detest this excuse for a human being every bit as much as any of you do.
      I am so tired of all of us being lumped into one group of idiots. I could say the same things about people from New Jersey or any place else and it would be no more true than your comments.
      If you considered how many people who live in the South are not Southerners but transplants from "up North" you might come to different conclusions.
      I've lived in different parts of this country and believe me, they all have their share of incompetent ignorant individuals.

    5. Anonymous9:42 AM

      I grew up in Texas and have lived in Alabama over forty years. I voted for Obama/Biden and will again. Sara Palin is disgusting. I knew that the moment she walked on stage at the RNC.

    6. Cracklin Charlie10:00 AM

      Brava, 8:42!

    7. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Thanks 8:42. I live in Texas, but am from New Jersey - sick of the stereotyping about both.

      And I still don't know anyone who has any respect left for Scarah.

    8. I live in the South, too, and no one I know or have met thinks well of her. She's either seen as a ridiculous joke or just a grifter in love with being a celebrity, famous, and getting money for it.

    9. Anonymous12:59 PM

      The South still harbors a bunch of idiots that want another Civil War. The South is still racist; the South still has pointy-hatted-sheet parties. The South has an abysmal graduation rate. The South gives us shows like "Big Shrimpin'" and "Swamp Loggers"; television shows that must use subtitles when people are presumably speaking English. The South, ugh, I'm sure plenty of people in the South love Sarah Palin, because she is them, and they are her. She should give up the "Minnesota accent" and just go with a "twang" because the South embodies the intellectual abilities of Sarah Palin. If there was one demographic that would embrace her in all of her stupidity and failure, it would be the South. Figures.

    10. Cracklin Charlie2:00 PM

      Kind of unfair to judge all Southerners by a couple of television shows. As a current midwesterner who speaks with a southern accent, I make certain to set folks straight when I feel that they are trying to insult my intelligence because of the way I talk.

      I grew up in the South, and never saw outright public racism until I moved to the Midwest. The Southerners that I know are much too polite to call others names. There are racist bigots in every state.

    11. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Yeah....I live in the South - of the world, not the States. Want to know what I and my lady friends Down Under call Sara$? The Whore of Beelzebub. 7:42, you are right on the ball about 'leader of a cult'. Just go over to the sea of pee to validate that. Check out the comments from the guy with two anuses in his name, to see just how scary it is. And yes, it is not just the crazy States that are interested in America's politics, it is the whole world! Go Obama!

  33. She made fools out of all of them. Utter and complete fools. How would that feel?

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:59 AM

      Spot on comment, Zelda!

      And for Republicans who don't ever plan to be accountable, this cut may be the most painful of them all!

      They would have probably come through much easier if they had just owned their error in making her their VP choice. Way to go Republican strategists, you may just be responsible for the demise of the GOP!

    2. Agreed. At least Stevie has come clean about it being a mistake. I'm fairly sure that somebody else here hit the nail on the head when they said that McCain is afraid to admit his mistake because he would instantly have the moron minions on him like tumbleweeds on a barbed wire fence.

  34. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Yep, he's still living in denial of the horrific political cancer he released on this country. What a cynical old loser.

  35. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Have any of you noticed there is never a troll comment trying to"refudiate " , realionalise, explain away any of these facts: wild ride, lack of nicu in the Wassila hospital, no ambulance ride for a sitting governor and thousand more facts...Comme on Kristy we want you to weigh in. You know your opinion is valued here ; right GinaM?

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      I have noticed that. Or if she does comment, it's to whine that we're attacking adopted children. Basically admitting to the hoax. Even the troll can't defend Babygate!

    2. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Kristy Patullo the Kreepy Palin Stalker may be late to the party today. There is a poll at one of the gossip sites asking if anyone plans to watch Brisdull's boring show, and I noticed the percentage of "people" who couldn't wait to watch it (Ha!) was around 17%. Looks like she's been feverishly clicking all day to get it that high. Ah, the sad life of a middle-aged Bristol Palin stalker troll.

    3. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Please explain how the Mar 14 photo can coexist with a real pregnancy for SP. (I know, you won't even try.)

    4. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Kristy has admitted a few times in the last few months that Sarah Palin didn't give birth to Trig. I don't think Kristy has insider knowledge from her trawling the facebook pages of distant Palin/Heath relatives (although I could be wrong about that). I just think that even with whatever her emotional illness, Kristy knows the truth the same way we know the truth.

    5. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Kristy is a very sad person. Really pathetic and we should all just feel sooty for her and ignore her. Easier said then done I know, but she's like Sarah-disturbed and thrives on negative attention.

    6. Anonymous8:54 AM

      I think you are right.If even Kristy, with her mental limitations, came to that conclusion, you bet so did anybody else. It must be the best kept secret in town!

    7. Anonymous9:08 AM

      People who won't watch Bristol's travesty was at 70% !!!!!

  36. Tri-GsCrew_Leader7:50 AM

    Yo Yo yo I heard thru fb that ur up to ur old lib hater trix again dissin' and hatin' on a lil downs baby TriGG? Y u wanna abort him for? He's happy healthy loved and active with his loving family. Y u attackin' adopted babies for? The ones w/ the xtra chromozones are the kewlest ones jus cuz there adopted dont mean they should be aborted. If u mess w/ TRiGG ur gonna mess w/ all of TRiGG's CReW. Word.

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      LMAO! Word, yo.

    2. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Finally, someone with something really weird to say!!

    3. Cracklin Charlie9:53 AM

      Trig is the only cool Palin.

    4. Anonymous11:18 AM

      poor TriGgy Bear - your fake mama is the only one that planned to abort you and thought about it all the time.

      She planned it when she had the early amnio (never happened) - she planned it when she took the wild ride (wasn't pregnant) and she planned it when she wrote the letter from God saying you would arrive early a month before you arrived early and days after she announced she was pregnant.

      thinkin' Ruffles is Tripp and he was TriG first in the TriGgy bear photos.

    5. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Yo Yo Yo, Tri-GsCrew_Leader
      I think everyone here would agree with U. TriGG IS the kewlest and kewtest "adopted" Baby. To bad the rest of his family is psycho-O!

  37. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Steve Schmidt is like a soldier-of-fortune. What ever side is willing to pay the most money for his services is the side he works for. His loyalty is to the paycheck of the moment. Steve Schmidt would have loved the power of being associated with President McCain. That's what he was gunning for, and he was willing to lie, cheat and steal to get there.

    It is interesting that he would not lie for Palin regarding Todd's association with the AIP. I guess he wouldn't lie if the lie could be easily disproved. However, the McCain people had no reason to scrub photos of Sarah from Dec.2007 to April 2008 unless they needed to hide something. They also tried to get rid of as many MySpace and Facebook comments from the Alaska teens, again trying to hide any tel-tale conversation.

    Yes, I like watching Steve Schmidt on TV, and yes, sometimes he is honest and makes a good comment or analysis. But he and Nicole Wallace were trying to put someone that they knew was completely unfit for office in Washington as the VP. They knew the truth and worked to elect Palin anything, thinking that they could put some information into that empty head of hers. They keep silent, moving on to the next well paying job. That's part of what the money buys, loyalty and silence for the moment. His wife knows the truth, and so does he.

  38. Anonymous8:25 AM

    From time to time, Gryphen gets a comment (comments) from women whose kids went to school with the Palin kids. They write that Sarah tried regularly to get out of car pool duty, claiming that she was recovering from a tubal ligation (having her tubes tied). It would nice to hear from them right now, and have them substantiate this story.

    Any woman who has been pregnant recognized Sarah's story as a lie. Our doctors have all told us the same thing-- especially if the baby wasn't due for another month or so. Leaking? Cramps? Get into the emergency room right now and we'll check you out. There is no way that someone "who chose life" would treat that unborn life so badly, leaking, labor pains be damned, a speech in Texas was more important than that premature, special needs child. Flying home to Alaska (fishpicker, my ass) was even more reckless. Passing up neonatal care facilities in Anchorage was beyond stupid. The only reason that Sarah headed for MatSu (with no neonatal facilities, to be delivered by a GP who had delivered only 3 kids that year) was because it was a safe, protected place with people from her church sitting on the board.

    Please, former car pool people, give Gryphen some information that will round out this story!

    1. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I believe all the way to the moment Tri-G was born Sarah Palin was recklessly attempting a “fundie” abortion. This is the reason she did not look pregnant, as she was not eating properly. This is the reason she avoided telling her children and this is the reason she attempted to kill him on the wild ride. Despite all the neglect, confusion and denial he survived. He is truly a miracle baby in her mind. He has brought her prosperity and celebrity far beyond any dreams she had in her self-centered past. His very existence is the hand of God in her sick and deluded mind. We all just don’t understand the mind of a truly insane person and keep trying to make sense of what is truly nonsensical.

  39. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Is there anything that Sarah Palin has said or done that is credible?

    Sarah Palin is an energy expert?????
    Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig?????
    Sarah Palin did not have sex with Glen Rice?????
    Sarah Palin did not have sex with Brad Hanson?????
    Sarah Palin did not have sex with Curt Menard?????
    Sarah Palin was not pregnant with Track when she eloped?????
    Sarah Palin is innocent regarding Troopergate????
    Sarah Palin is innocent regarding Dairygate????
    Sarah Palin is innocent regarding Housegate????
    Sarah Palin is innocent regarding firing the Wasilla librarian and banning books????
    Sarah Palin never thought about divorcing Todd????
    Sarah Palin never wrote blog comments or asked someone else to write them commending herself????
    Sarah Palin ran marathons and didn't cheat and cut in at the end????
    Sarah Palin was not a member of the Alaska Indpendence Party????
    Sarah Palin was saddened and felt remorse about the Tucson shootings and killings after putting her gun sight cross hairs on the names of her enemies????
    Sarah Palin does not wear wigs????
    Sarah Palin's Belmont breasts are not fake????
    Sarah Palin's baby bump during Trig's pregnancy was not a fake????
    Sarah Palin does not get cosmetic surgeries????
    Sarah Palin is an expert on Paul Revere?????
    Sarah Palin is an expert on North and South Korea?????
    Sarah Palin is an expert on the Queen of England?????
    Sarah Palin is an expert on Africa is a continent and a state and a city?????
    Sarah Palin knows what she reads?????
    Sarah Palin knows what a vice president does?????
    Sarah Palin can name a supreme court case?????
    Sarah Palin knows why we are at war in the middle east????
    Sarah Palin did not say she had her tubes tied after Piper was born????
    Sarah Palin did not want a fish picker born in Texas????
    Dr. Catherine Baldwin-Johnson delivered Trig from Sarah even though family members said the family doctor, Dr. CBJ, arrived after Trig was born????
    Sarah Palin did not interfere with Levi and Bristol????
    Sarah Palin does not interfere with Tripp seeing his other grandma????
    Sarah Palin never laundered or had anybody launder SarahPac or the Alaska Trust Fund money????
    SarahPac money will be used to donate to other political candidates????
    Sarah Palin did not use SarahPac money to pay her relatives to lick stamps or other menial tasks????
    All of Sarah Palin's kids has high school degrees and did not get GEDs????
    Todd is not a pimp????
    Todd is Track's biological father?????
    Todd built the two story red house?????
    Todd does not hang around with prostitutes in Anchorage????
    Bristol has great work ethics????
    Willow is going to hair school????
    Track was sent away to Michigan only to go to hockey camp????
    Bristol was sent away to live with an aunt only because of MONO????
    Willow did not attend her last two years of high school (for whatever reasons) and has a high school degree and not a GED????
    Willow was not involved with the breaking and entering????
    The Wasilla Hill Billies did not steal the campaign clothes????

    Sarah Palin quit her job as governor for the GOOD OF ALASKA??????????????

    I'm sorry, too depressed to continue!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:51 AM

      Short answer:


  40. Anonymous9:00 AM

    The Bitch was, is, and will always be, a demented lying sack of moose shit. She will Never produce a college transcript, or a degree. She will Never produce Trig's birth certificate. She will Never produce her tax returns. But she will question President Obama's legitimacy to be an American citizen.

    Maybe one day the whole truth will come out. But in the meantime, FUCK her. She is irrelevant. She is a washed up old Hag. She will go down, just like Joseph McCarthy. As a disgraced, bigoted, ignorant, egomaniac, with no substance at her core. The only things that fuel her are money, hate, and Fox news. Enjoy your miserable life BITCH.

    To quote Gyphen, she is indeed, the village IDIOT.

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Perhaps, according to the commenter from The South a few comments above, Sarah Palin will rise as the new Jefferson Davis and she will be Queen of a New Confederacy and the South Will Rise Again! I think this is just about the only thing that she could do at this point!!

  41. nogravity9:15 AM

    Whatever happened to Fred's book/website?

  42. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Here's a little truth and some facts for your audience Jesse. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that Schmidt didn't know about the faked pregnancy, considering his position. Where's the mystery in that one? And why are people still doubting themselves when the evidence is so clear.

    Secondly, the obvious reason why Schmidt isn't talking about it is two-fold. First and most important is that he doesn't feel it's something that is worth talking about. Unfortunately for you and your audience, that's the way most people feel about it, even though that's hard to understand for people who hate Palin and hate the fact that she succeeded in her deception. You and your audience need to come to terms with that fact even though you shouldn't let it rest. It still needs to be revealed. And then there is the plain fact that shouldn't be hard to understand and that's that Schmidt isn't interested in damaging his party, let alone him not being in a big tizzy to damage Palin.

    As to your inside information, etc., etc. It's a plain fact that many insiders with the McCain campaign knew that Palin faked it. That would include Cindy, McCain's wife, all the Palins, with perhaps the exception of the youngest girl. I've been saying that right from the beginning but your audience just can't come to terms with that. It's time to face reality and the reality of the fact that most people simply don't CARE!

    Therein lies the reason why each time the issue is brought up with the MSM it just dies.

    But don't let me talk any sense into you people. I didn't get here three years ago before you already knew everything.

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:49 AM

      Thanks for the lecture.

      And I think a lot of people here have enough sense to know that this story is not just about a's about accountability. Accountability is something I DO care about. I had to admit to a customer, today, a mistake that I made. I could have blamed it on my daughter, who works with me; but, I called the guy and told him exactly how I had made a mistake. He accepted my explanation, and agreed to pay a price higher than I had originally quoted.

      Why can't John McCain just man up and admit the mistakes he has made? No, he'll let someone else take the fall! What a great guy!

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Do you know this as a FACT or is this just your opinion?

    3. Anonymous10:49 AM

      I wouldn't care if she'd get off television and stop spreading misinformation about the Presdient, her sorry-ass children (except Trig, who's kinda cool for smacking her) and, pretty much everybody else.

    4. Bristol's Real Chin11:58 AM

      Ha. It's not worth US talking about, but it IS worth you coming to lecture us about talking about it? You're an idiot.

    5. Anonymous1:12 PM

      You have to admit though, that faking a pregnancy so publicly does call into question the overall truthfulness of the person doing said faking. I mean, really, if a public figure would lie about such a thing what else might she lie about? I'm not talking some little churchy mom with no political ambitions lying about her daughter being knocked up and adopting the child, I'm talking about a PUBLIC FIGURE that has been in positions of PUBLIC TRUST, asking people to believe in her and TRUST her judgement while representing a City, then a State and then possibly our Country. That's why the Trig thing is important. If she would lie about this, why would she not lie about more important things?

      Granted, we know now that she lied about many things, but this first BIG LIE was the crux of the entire group of untruths that Palin has used to embellish her abilities as an elected official. We know now that she is a lying imposter; after quitting her elected position as Governor, we now know that she lied about many things and Alaska is still cleaning up her messes, but this BIG TRIG lie was just an indicator of her overall CHARACTER and therefore is important.

  43. Anonymous9:32 AM

    The cone of silence around Sarah's many lies is incomprehensible to me. Her birth hoax is the most outrageous lie in American politics, and yet nobody will or can provide evidence of proof?

  44. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I really hope this is not the case, but maybe Todd did a little business on the side during the campaign and some of the campaign staffers were clients of Todd's little business. Maybe this is the only reason no one talks.

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Female Republican staffers are not attractive enough to be hookers.

  45. By the way; this post reminded me of something I've always wanted to ask.

    Remember in Game Change the movie where the press release about Bristol is put out without Palin's 'corrections' changed and Palin insists the poor girl that wrote it be fired? Did that really happen? As in everyone wanted to just move her to another position but Palin demanded that she definitely be fired? Does anyone know who it was/what happened to her/where she is now etc or anything to shed a little light on the poor girl? I honestly thought that was one of the worst parts of the movie, one of her absolute worst moments. Showed her true inhumanity. Ruining a young girls up-til-then sparkling career.

    1. Cracklin Charlie1:39 PM

      I would LOVE to know what those corrections were.

  46. Anonymous10:00 AM

    It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes Palins/Heaths to raise IDIOTS.

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Pretty good comment, but I need to correct you.

      The Palins and Heaths breed idiots, they don't raise them.

      After they birth those idiots, those idiots are basically on their own to grift, break and enter, pimp, scam, con, reproduce and whatever else they do.

  47. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I met up with an ol' Alaskan friend who came up to Anchorage for a visit. He thought that Sarah was a dumbie, but (being away and not staying in touch with the blogs about her), thought that she was a compelling person who seemed to attract political audiences. (ugh) So, I told him about the birth story; the Texas convention, water breaking, the trip on Alaska Airlines, and before I could finish, his wife sitting nearby, started exclaiming: "No way was she having a baby! What a hoax!"

  48. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Been trying to open your new post for a couple of hours. It says the page can not be found. Is it me, or others can't open it too?

  49. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Re: Sarah Palin. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Eventually it will start to stink.

    1. Anonymous2:17 PM

      Sarah can suck the fat out of Bristol's ass and inject it into Sarah's lips and it would still smell like ass.

  50. Anonymous11:41 AM

    All the Palins' lies, crimes, and misdemeanors are bad enough, but the cover-ups are a travesty., a horrible stain on our democracy.

  51. jcinco11:53 AM

    Does anyone else think Steve's wife bears a striking resemblance to Meghan McCain?

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      No- I think Steve's wife looks like a nice and authentic person.

  52. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Even the most carefully crafted house of cards will collapse if a single card is moved.
    I pray someone is moved to tell the truth.

  53. Anonymous12:30 PM

    oh, oh. Levi is broke and living with his mom?

    A source (Bristol?) says he squandered his money and didn't give any for supporting his son Tripp.

  54. Our lad12:54 PM

    Biggest political hoax of the fucking CENTURY, and it gathers dust. Boggles the mind.

  55. I think by Schmidt's willingness to work with the producers of Game Change, his current position as a republican strategist on MNSBC, are the ways he makes amends for foisting this national nightmare upon us. Rachel Maddow is the one I want to take Palin down. She could do it. If only she would.

    Someday,it will happen, but not soon enough for me. I don't want to see or hear from her ever again but she is going to be used to ferment hate for the Republicans this race sadly.

  56. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Bristol is despised more than Sarah, and that is sayig a lot.

    While Tripp is a good looking child, it doesn't mean he will be a handsome adult. Puberty changes everything.

    He is older than stated. And we are told he is acting out. That means trouble and therapy in his future. Courtesy his mother and grandmother.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      If you think Bristol, Willow and Track were bad, you aint seen nothing yet.

      Wait until Tripp gets older and there is no surprises with Piper Diaper, we already seen what Piper is turning into.

      Alaska get ready for the next group of dysfunctional uneducated underage teen parents.

  57. Anonymous2:05 PM

    A couple of things --

    A. OF COURSE THEY KNEW!!! Do you really think they didn't do the same research we did and come to the same conclusion? When Nicole Wallace said she and Steve had decided that SP wouldn't ever get sworn in, I think it's clear that this is what they meant. And if the McCain staff knew...the OBAMA camp DEFINITELY knew and I think she knows they knew, which is why she tried to make it seem like he was all evil and conniving for sending his campaign staffers up to do opposition research. Hello -- how do you think she learned the term opposition research!!! And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that OBAMA HIMSELF knows about this...and the reason I say that is because in 2009, some idiot reporter asked him who he thought he was going to face in 2012, and -- this was at the height of Sarahmania -- he said, Sarah's not going to run. At the height of her popularity when it seemed like she was everywhere!

    B. I can think of a million reasons of why they didn't say anything, all of them cynical and backhanded. The Obama camp didn't go after this story, would have been like spiking the ball and he ran a very positive campaign. He hardly ran any negative ads. And for the GOP staffers...McCain was up for election in 2010...they couldn't have this story out there! McCain would have lost -- and that's what sucks about Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt.

    C. Another thing, if she knows they know about this story, voila -- Sarah is now a puppet. In 2009, she was the conservatives' go-to person for Obama-hatred. Having a secret like this out there makes her the perfect person to say things like, "death panels." Everything the GOP wants out there about the president but which they don't really want t have credited to them, they have Sarah say. And if she knows that Obama knows, then she has even more incentive to go after him. The less credibility he has the better it is for her if he DOES ever leak the story.

    D. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say...that if Romney wins, this story will come out before early 2013. Why? Because now she's dangerous and there will be fears that she'll "go rogue" (I hate that offing term) and make things difficult for him. Romney will -- for sure -- want her out of the way...


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