Friday, November 23, 2012

Paul Krugman explains the Republican party's allergic reaction to facts.

The great Paul Krugman explains the problem for the Republicans and facts:

What was Mr. Rubio’s complaint about science teaching? That it might undermine children’s faith in what their parents told them to believe. And right there you have the modern G.O.P.’s attitude, not just toward biology, but toward everything: If evidence seems to contradict faith, suppress the evidence.

And there you have it.

THAT is essentially the difference that separates the two political parties in this country, AND it is what will ultimately doom the GOP, at least in its current incarnation, in the long run.

They are the party of faith, not logic. The party of religion, not science. And, even more sharply, the party of lies, versus the party of truth.

The problem for the Republican party is that the Millenials, are information addicts, and they are hooked up to numerous electronic gadgets that provide the ability to fact check statements made in real time, and THAT puts those used to bullshitting their way into power in a very untenable situation.

The future indeed looks grim for a party that is historically resistant to change, and very bright indeed for the party that embraces it.


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    There you go! "you people" can have crazy Rubio here! I told you Uncle G was listening

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Looks like Sarah doesn't have much to be thankful for this year. She hasn't posted anything to her Facebook page about God Bless, or Troops, or Ra Ra America or Thanksgiving at all.

    On the other hand...Ann and Willard send their greeting from their really-needs-a-makeover kitchen.

    1. Sally in MI3:44 PM

      I'm sure Sarah was too busy hunting down that turkey, shooting it, field dressing it, and then snowmachining it home to Wasilla to put in the oven. I hear Track just returned from another stellar turn in Afghanistan. Maybe he and his family (I think Sarah actually has a grand daughter now?) were invited for dinner. Let's see, Bristol is back in LA getting ready for the DWTS finale. Willow had a long weekend off from Hair Academy, but she may be celebrating with friends in AZ. Todd is still licking his wounds from being another non-star. Who knows what Piper is up to. And the pre-schoolers? Well, I;m sure some sitter is taking good care of them. So that leaves Sarah to eat the dinner she caught herself and cooked and everything like that. Oh, and don't forget about the fitness tome they are all writing together as a big happy fit family also too. Should hit the shelves about 2015, about the time she needs to rally the PAC for more spending money.

    2. Anonymous3:57 PM

      I believe that was the servants' kitchen. Richie and Bitchie Rich were just 'popping in' to say hello to the help.

    3. Sally in MI 3:44 PM

      Thanks for the update on behalf of Granny Grifter.

      I prefer yours to visiting Sarah's Facebook because yours is much more concise. Plus, you also use sentences, which are pretty handy sometimes.

      It's hard to believe Sarah didn't pick up on any of the grammar stuff at any of the stops along her path to an imaginary Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Comunications, Poli Sci or whatever it is that she claims these days that she earned.

      Sarah's so full of it. And I don't mean "turkey and dressing".

  3. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Pres. Obama has side-stepped around the facts of earth science, too...although, giving a somewhat more palatable answer than Rubio.

    1. Anita Winecooler9:09 PM

      Yes, but he was speaking to his daughters who were 9 and 6, first about having babies, then about evolution vs creationism and taking the bible literally vs those who don't, the venue he was speaking at was "Compassion Forum" to a conservative audience on CNN, after his faith was brought into question in 2008. He said "let me make one thing clear, I believe in evolution..." "the more I learn about the world, about science, the more I learn about the mysteries of the universe and how it relates to my faith" he went on to clarify his personal convictions in faith vs Science, and he explained it all concisely.

      The entire clip is worth watching, not just the short transcript out of context.

      Marco was speaking to a reporter's question about evolution, and he claimed he wasn't a scientist, but theologians say... Rubio didn't clarify diddly squat, except that be's not a scientist.

    2. And no theologian either.

  4. Randall2:42 PM

    And there you have it:
    Religion is the opposite of logic;
    Religion is the opposite of science;
    Religion is the opposite of truth.

    Enlightenment is the opposite of religion.

    1. Enlightenment is also the opposite of fear which religion banks on big time.

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Gryphen, that means the Millenials will have the ability to fact check the reality of racial differences and what an utter scam "diversity is strength" is. Both GOP and Progressives lies will fall ...

    Also, what I don't understand, Progressives hate the Red States, so the Red States say they want to secede, and then the Blue States say even though we hate you, we'll kill you if you want to secede.

    The USA is bizarro land. Hopefully it will break up soon.

    1. You know that's insane right?

    2. Sally in MI3:46 PM

      He may not know it, Gryph, but it is obvious to the rest of us. When did a progressive threaten to kill anyone? That is the purview of the right.

  6. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Let's make sure we do everything we can to accelerate their demise.

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Just stay out of their way. They're making progress toward that goal faster than we could push them towards it. Cheering them on from the sidelines shows that we are good sports.

    2. Shining a hot white light on mold makes it dry up and whither.
      The GOP is becoming their own white light. It's only a matter of time...

  7. Anonymous3:56 PM

    O/T: But courtesy of Wonkette:

  8. O/T but Baldy related. Beefy posted this family photo on her FB page! Uh...okay...I know these are hillbillies...but DAMN!

    This picture is like an ISPY picture! WhoTF puts a flat screen tv on top of a REFRIGERATOR? Hillbillies that's who!

    Okay....let's play I SPY y'all...

    I...SPY....a....TIN FOIL HAT! What else do y'all see? LOL!!


    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      Is that Track's wife next to him, or is that Piper? Or just where is either one of them? Very strange 'family' picture.
      Thanks GinaM -- These folks are really FIRST CLASS hillbilles. LOLOL

    2. Anonymous4:21 PM

      That's Piper...a REALLY tall Piper standing by Track! And she looks JUST like Baldy...down to dressing like a woman in her 40's!

      Notice the Toad and Trig are dressed exactly alike...that's cute...but aren't those the same outfits they had on in that picture they presented to Baldy on her b-day?

    3. Anonymous5:08 PM

      I see what looks like a bottle of champagne on the right by the window, next to some flowers???
      Baldy drinking her blues away???

    4. Anonymous6:33 PM

      They're using plastic eating utensils! They never cease to amaze, that's for sure!

    5. Anita Winecooler9:43 PM

      Bristol's holding barefoot Tripp "strategically" in her arms, cause, you know, he's so small he wouldn't be in the photo if he was standing. And to make Tripp feel comfortable with no shoes and socks, Trig is barefoot too.
      Looks like Trig shrunk and Tripp got a growth spirt. Won't be seeing the lake photo with boots on the wrong foot anymore!

      What's Granny stuffing in Todd's shirt pocket?

      Where did they hide Track's fiancee?

      Thanks, Gina. Last time I checked she had a grainy photo of the boys titled "Fun with Fam". Wonder what brilliant title she came up with this time. Downhill since Nancy bolted!

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    They laughed, they mocked and it pulled in $40 MILLION!

    1. Anita Winecooler9:55 PM

      North of 40 million bucks, not too shabby!!!!

      They laughed, they mocked, they didn't allow press either, but the 41 (north of 40) percent speech STILL went viral, and cost nothing.

  10. AJ Billings4:35 PM

    Another HUGE challenge for the Teaparty & Repubs is that their base is dying off of old age.

    In the 100's of web articles I've read over the last few days that something like 2 or 3 million old white folks are dying off every 4 years.

    That kind of deficit will make it even more difficult for the Santorums and Bachmanns to preach their fanatic religious nonsense, and attract enough votes to get elected.

    The TeaPubs will have to run someone like Huntsman who doesn't sound like a religious lunatic like Mourdock or Akin next time

  11. emrysa8:07 PM

    I agree that his entire response was manufactured in order to not piss off potential voters.

    but really he's wasting his time. the dipshits are now in the minority and will be for the most of, and possibly for the rest of, his lifetime.

  12. Anita Winecooler10:12 PM

    Paul Krugman got it right. Romney lost despite Citizen's United. President Obama clearly learned from any mistake he made and turned things around because he defined Romney before Romney even thought he had to.
    Fast Forward, the President won, and Rubio is purposely pandering to exactly the same people, in the same manner as Romney expecting different results.


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