Sunday, May 05, 2013

Gabby Giffords receives Profile in Courage award.

Courtesy of Politico:

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords received the 2013 Profile in Courage award at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston on Sunday in recognition of the political, personal, and physical courage she has demonstrated in her fearless public advocacy for policy reforms aimed at reducing gun violence. 

Giffords, who was seriously wounded in a 2011 shooting when a lone gunman opened fire as she met with constituents in a Tucson, Ariz., shopping mall, and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, have been lobbying for more gun control legislation. 

This year, on the second anniversary of the January shooting, the couple started Americans for Responsible Gun Ownership, an organization that “supports the right to bear arms and responsible public policy on guns and gun ownership.” 

Caroline Kennedy, President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, presented the award to Giffords. 

Alluding to her disappointment in Congress’ failure to pass gun control legislation last week, Giffords called for courage from lawmakers. 

“I believe we all have courage inside,” she said. “I just wish there was more courage in Congress.” 

“It’s been a hard two years for me,” Giffords said, “but I want to make the world a better place more than ever.” 

"I want to make the world a better place more than ever.” And she already has, by demonstrating the kind of courage that puts virtually EVERY member of Congress to shame.

Now if only some of her incredible reservoir of courage can somehow rub off on  a certain group of people in Washington.


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    This woman is so courageous!! Wonderful that she received the award and I'm so happy for her!

  2. President Mark Kelly has a nice ring.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM


    1. Sally in MI5:55 PM

      Can you imagine the outrage if some liberal company sold a Palin target that bleeds when shot? At the NRA hatefest, a company had Obama targets selling for two days, then they switched to women (the ex-girlfriend was a big hit.) All of them bleed. And if we say 'boo', oh my, we're just against their rights.

    2. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Surveyor's sights? Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to all of Alaska and the University of Idaho.

    3. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Sally that is just untrue. LIAR, well lets just make shit up to make it all the more sensational! You have got to be kidding

    4. @anonymous 2:39 pm. What is untrue about what Sally said?

      Those targets are in fact being marketed at the NRA hate festival. They are even proud of them.

      There is plenty of verification online, including from the marketers themselves.

      Sorry, there is nothing sensationalistic about what Sally said.

    5. Anonymous7:31 AM


      Online? Yeah I saw that commercial, the one where the girl is dating the french model. "Bonjour". Lmao .. because you know everything on the internet is true!

  4. What an incredible honor and so well-deserved!

  5. AJ Billings5:57 PM

    My earnest hope was that Gabrielle would be able to continue on in Congress, in spite of her injuries.

    They started the Americans for Responsible Gun Ownership, an organization that “supports the right to bear arms and responsible public policy on guns and gun ownership.”

    Who in their right mind would not favor such a rational position on small arms?

    What kind of ignorant fanatic would be opposed to reasonable background checks for public and private gun sales, both at gun shops and flea markets, etc?

    Doesn't the 2nd amendment say "well regulated"?

    The Teaparty/NRA types are always touting 2nd amendment remedies and rights, but why do we NEVER hear them mention "well regulated"?

    Gabrielle and Mark Giffords are very courageous and I hope they can escape retaliation from gun crazies

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Perfect choice!

  7. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Sorry, Sarah. You may have targeted Giffords, but you only made her stronger. She's a far better person than you will ever be. Giffords is the real fighter, and the real winner.

  8. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I just love her! Congrats Gabby!

  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    America LOVES you Gabby. To that putrid imbecile from Wasilla, known the world over as the Bitch, EAT SHIT AND DIE.

  10. While the rest of America was out there working our asses off, #Alaska #AssClown .@SarahPalinUSA went to #HorseProm:

  11. Anita Winecooler8:19 PM

    No one more deserving! Gabby is a national treasure. I wish nothing but the best for this couple. With all they've been through, they're doing this for other people.


  12. Anonymous8:25 PM

    WTF, she stoood there and got shot and then has babbled out a few words afterward. Where's the fucking courage in that? You fucking Americans are going to start awarding people for having regular bowel movement any day soon.

    1. I believe Sarah Palin is proof of THAT. She's a great big Number Two in anyone's book!

    2. AJ Billings9:02 PM

      Begone despicable troll-bot, back to the foul sump of C4pee land, and the swamp of black ignorance and despair that is Paylin worship.

      Your fate is bound to the wheel of death, and you know nothing of the wisdom, courage, and vision that life and love can embody.

      Your life is one of sad ignorance, foul oaths, Your fate is blindness, ignominy, and allegiance to darkness.

      For you, we might even have pity, were it not for the destruction you rain on your own kind.

    3. Anonymous9:18 PM

      You don't think it takes courage for her to keep making public appearances after an attempted assassination that nearly killed her (especially considering she's had other death threats)?

      She very nearly died, has had to endure immense physical and emotional pain, not to mention aggressive physical therapy, and yet she stays positive and continues to fight for what she believes is right. And that's not courage?

      Do you have a heart? Or a brain?

    4. Anonymous10:14 PM

      Anonymous at 8:25 - Your remark was abysmal. Are you a "fucking American"? If not, shut up. You obviously do not comprehend the meaning of courage, probably because you have none.

    5. Anonymous2:13 AM

      Spot on 8:25. I wouldn't use the word courageous, lucky is more like it, even blessed if you want to go there but I know you libs hate religion. Courageous would be better to describe our troops fighting for your rights at this very moment. The right of freedom of speech in which you waste discussing meaningless things like Palin's wardrobe. You obviously have no idea what courageous is so let me school you it is our men and women in the military, that is the definition of courageous.

    6. You just "babbled out a few words" but unlike Gabby's, yours were stupid and vicious.

      Gabby is and will continue to do good in the world while facing great challenges. That takes courage.

      You clearly have not and will not contribute anything of worth.

      You posted your nasty, stupid, comments as anonymous. Where's the courage in that?

    7. Anonymous6:48 AM

      8:25 PM and 2:13 AM Your Repug talking points show just how badly you were 'raised' by the Animals that you call Parents. You Palinbots are delusional and follow a Pimp's wife who failed at teaching her 2 unwed teen mothers about birth control. Maybe that is because Sally did not teach Sarah about birth control. Your Repug Family values meme
      only applies to others. Keep preaching your God and Guns to your Sheep and watch your children shoot each other while playing.

    8. Anonymous6:59 AM

      @8:25 PM Put down the Meth Pipe, Troll. Maybe the Quitter 1/2 term fake governor should have received an award for her 'GUN SIGHTS' postings. Maybe you accept the Palin Tweets about Assclowns attending the WHCD then afterwards attending the Kentucky Derby of Assclowns herself. Maybe you are so blinded by hatred that you have learning deficiencies like most of the Palins. The Assclowns are the Palins and all of you who 'kiss their asses'.

    9. Anonymous7:35 AM

      I for one can give a rats ass about the Palin's. I was just trying to school you on the definition of courageous. Here let me dumb it down for you:

      courageous = military
      lucky & blessed = Giffords

      Do I feel for Gabby and her family, of course, no one deserves to be shot by a deranged lunatic. She is blessed to have made it through as well as she has.

    10. @2:13 am anonymous.
      "...even blessed if you want to go there but I know you libs hate religion"

      You see, anonymous, that is all that is needed to dismiss your entire comment based on the utter stupidity and ignorance in just that one phrase.

      It is not liberals holding Jesus' teachings in contempt, but conservatives.

      It is not liberals voting against assistance and benefits for our brave veterans, but conservatives.

      So spare us the crap about how you are so supportive of our military and admiring of their bravery. Conservatives are the ones with the "hey, they volunteered" attitude, whenever it is time to recognize the bravery and service of our military members.

      And yes, Gabby has shown bravery and strength and class following getting shot.

    11. Anonymous8:23 AM

      7:35 AM Dumbing it down just makes you look more stupid. Courage is not defined only as Military. If you have ever been in the Military, you know that there are many who never show courage. Some are never in harm's way. Courage is shown by many civilians.

    12. Anonymous8:28 AM

      @7:35 AM Lucky and Blessed because she did not Die? She was in critical condition, is that being Lucky and Blessed? I would think that having not been shot at all would be Lucky and Blessed.May you experience a trauma like hers so that you can be Lucky and Blessed?

    13. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Anon 8:28am...Did you just wish a trama like hers on me? What kind of person does that make you? I have gone through a trama of my own like a lot of other people, my life and my unborn childs life was on the line but I never viewed myself as being courageous. Blessed definitely! I respect Gabby Giffords for what she went through unfortunately people get hurt everyday, and guess what people do get shot every day, it sucks but its life. Courageous to me is someone who goes into a situation knowing that they can get shot or killed defending other people. Just like our soldiers do everyday.

    14. Anonymous9:57 AM

      9:11, I feel sorry for you if you can't see every day acts of courage. Courage can be quiet and personal. It takes courage for some people to leave the house every day. It takes courage to speak out for what you believe. Sayin Gabby has courage does not diminish the bravery of police officers and fire fighters and some of of our military. Of course, Gabby was nearly killed and still goes out there. You're confusing courage with heroics.

      I think you're just being contrary because if kills you to compliment a democrat and you have to throw in other digs. Still, I'm sure even you have been courageous in your life at one point or another without it being attached to life or death.

    15. @ anonymous 9:11. You have said a couple of times that you just want "to school" us on the meaning of bravery.

      Yet you have such a stunted, limited perspective of what it means to be courageous that you are really in no position to "school" anyone.

      Courage can also mean fighting back from adverse circumstances to make sure that what happened to you doesn't happen to others. It can mean not seeking out danger, but responding bravely when you find yourself in dangerous circumstances.

      Courage can also be contained in a quiet, unseen act, or a way of living day in and day out, unnoticed by anyone else.

      You are as ignorant about the meaning of courage as you are about liberals and religion. Go school yourself.

    16. Anonymous10:41 AM

      I see your point and I appreciate having an intelligent debate for a change on this blog. Usually I just get cursed at with a bunch of ignorant nonsense. I just feel that the military is underappreciated for their sacrifices and bravery everyday. Maybe I am jaded because I feel liberals do not give the military enough credit. No need to feel sorry for me, I enjoy the debate because I like to educate myself and it takes listening to the other side truly do that. I am just always on the defensive on this blog because of the way I've been treated in the past.

    17. Anonymous12:45 PM

      9:11 What makes you think that none of us have served in the Military? Also Policemen place their lives on the line everyday. We Liberals are working as hard as some of you Republicans. But we don't go around bragging about our accomplishments because we don't claim to be better than anyone else. Gabby Giffords is a very courageous woman, and your vitriol will not change that.

    18. Anonymous1:56 PM

      I've worked with hundreds of police officers, many of whom have been in the military and continue to serve in the reserves. I'm about as progressive as they come, but I understand their courage and commitment and support them as humans.

      Who do you think works in VA hospitals? Who are the counselors who help returning soldiers, sailors, and marines reintegrate into civilian life, treat their emotional wounds, and listen to their fears? For the most part, these people are liberal, often downright progressive (the same, by the way, is true of special education teachers, the ones who work every day with those children liberals are accused of hating and wishing were aborted).

      If you troll this board, you will be met with ridicule and resistance. It's really not a difficult concept and you must get something out of it if you continue to engage in it.

      If you want an intellectual discussion, don't compare what Gabby has gone through to making a bowel movement and don't diminish her strength as a human regardless of her political party.

    19. Anonymous2:22 PM

      911 No you dont go around bragging you just make up bullshit awards to give eachother LMFAO!!!!!

    20. Anonymous2:24 PM

      1245 that last one was for you ooops ... go i gave that one to ya. your welcome

    21. Anonymous2:48 PM

      156 so what you are saying is you owe your job and a debt of gratitude to conservatives. finally somebody here acknowledges it! Im sorry to burst your bubble but as a veteran and someone who works in a VA hospital who happens to have a wife that works in special education, the Liberals that we know at work are few and far between. Do not presume because you are liberal you have a monopoly in Special Services. You my Lib friend have just walk down the wrong road.

    22. @anonymous 2:48 pm.
      "so what you are saying is you owe your job and a debt of gratitude to conservatives. finally somebody here acknowledges it!"

      That is bullshit. The poster acknowledged the debt to police officers, to the military etc. That is not the same as a debt to conservatives! You need to get out more.

      Do not presume that because you are conservative you have a monopoly on the military, the police, or fire fighters!

      --Proud granddaughter, daughter, wife, mother and sibling of proudly progressive soldier (father), Marines (brother, husband), airman (brother), sailor (sister), firefighter (grandfather) and police officer (mother, in the 1940s!).

    23. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Wow, 2:48. I write about how I care about and respect the officers with whom I've worked and you come back at me with that?

      The truth is, I could work with other people, but chose my job, largely because of the chance to work with this particular clientele.

      My mother is a special ed teacher, as are at least five of my relatives. I've known many special ed teachers over the course of my life across many states. Every single one of them lean left. I wonder where your wife's school district is.

      In the interest of showing you what it's like to be reasonable and not defensive, I'll defer to you on the vet hospitals. You obviously know more about that than I.

      However, I have a degree in counseling (that's not what I do for a career now), and the vast majority of my fellow students also leaned left, as do other counselors and psychologists I have met over the years (and I've met plenty).

      I've expressed my respect for the courage of police officers and the military, as well as Gabby Giffords, regardless of any politics. You, on the other hand, seem to be looking for a fight.

    24. Anonymous6:55 PM


      You are so courageous to stand on the shoulders of others who did a job that you otherwise chose not to do (Your family). kudos to them I respect every bit of their service!!!!! Lib or coserv. it matters not to me they have every bit of my respect. and yes I do presume that conservatives hold a monopoly in the military.

      3:32 You on the otherhand outside of patting yourself on the back were TROLLING and I wanted to meet you with a little bit of ridicule. Re read your damn post. Oooooooo look what I have done for all of humanity. Trust me its a very attractive trait.

    25. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Unattractive trait

    26. Anonymous9:00 PM

      I don't even know what you're talking about.

      Trolling? Patting myself on the back?

      I wrote that I have respect for the bravery and service of the many police officers with whom I've worked.

      How in the world can you read that as "look what I have done for all of humanity"?

      The rest of my post wasn't trolling. It was debating. I thought that's what you wanted.

    27. Anonymous1:26 AM

      Oh hell no, I never wanted a debate! That was the other Anon 911. I jumped in because he/she didnt have the balls to say "Shove it up your ass" I think you scared that on off. im just an irritaded ass tired of your bullshit.

    28. Anonymous5:16 AM

      That explains it.

      I thought it was Anon 9:11 getting drunker and more unreasonably belligerent as the night went on.

  13. Giffords is a splendid choice for this award.
    She is a hero and an inspiration to me.
    When I think that I'm tired, or I'm afraid to speak, or things are hard, I remember her.
    She has experienced the worst of our country but she exemplifies the best.

  14. PalinsHoax5:07 AM

    Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords - has so much strength, grace, determination, inner beauty, outer beauty, stamina, dedication, resiliance, inspiration, backbone, focus, insight, resolve, spirit, inspiration, a loving heart - and a stunning smile as well.

    Only one other person comes close to all these qualities - President Barack Obama.

  15. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Her courage is monumental -- to be the target of a deranged gunman, spurred on by Sarah Palin, to have endured more than two years' of surgery and therapy, and to devote the limited life she has now to make sure that guns don't end up in the wrong hands -- knowing she already was once a target of a gun nut and could be again -- that is true courage.

  16. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I nominate the Quitter 1/2 term governor, for the Profile in Stupidity Award. You can pick up your prize at the local Wasilla Walmart, during your next toilet paper run.


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