Thursday, December 12, 2013

The View of Life. A matter of perspective.

I am interested in your feedback to this brilliant graphic.

I read it the first time from the top to the bottom, and did not think too much of it, but after rereading it the other direction I was struck by how deftly it represents the two disparate views of God.


  1. Action has long-standing consequence.

  2. Nee Van doom3:59 AM

    Just a clever gimmick . At the end of it all , we all believe what we want to believe .

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      Unless we were brainwashed and we never question it.

      RJ in Brownbackistan

  3. "..*the* two disparate views of God"? Take out the idea that there are only two views and it might be an interesting perspective. I don't find it "brilliant."

    It is simple-minded and simplistic. It certainly doesn't represent the religious views I was raised with, or the perspective of at least two of the atheists I know.

  4. Anonymous4:27 AM

    WOW! It is quite a read top to bottom. Incredible to read it bottom to top and have it communicate the differences between believers and non-believers so clearly. Brilliant!

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    opposite sides of the same coin. some get comfort without god others cannot imagine life without a god to rely upon.

  6. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Somebody spent a good deal of time putting this together and it does what was intended; create discussion. It does not however change my views on the existence of God. I wish I could find faith and I have tried to. But with differences of religion/spirituality being responsible for nearly all wars and so much human suffering. I don't think I want to.

  7. Anita Winecooler6:29 PM

    It's thought provoking and extremely clever by design.

  8. You won't find graphics to illustrate anything as profound and far-reaching as the views humans have on life.

    Huffington Post has limited their comments to FB members, and since I'm never going back there, I may visit here more often. Please do better than this. Bad enough that you previously posted the "worst thing on the internet" (so labeled by an atheist) about the deficits in human advancement caused by the mythical Christian dark ages, featuring . . . no units of measure on one axis, and a profile which looked like a cartoon spaceship.

    Gryphen, I do not think you are ignorant. Neither are your readers. You know you get few comments on this sort of topic, but even if you just use them as the blog equivalent of kitty litter, you can do better, unless you're deliberately slanting your posts toward an adolescent audience.

  9. Anonymous3:57 PM

    According to Jude above, being an atheist requires one to be an adolescent. At 59, I have to disagree.

  10. Anonymous4:57 PM

    i would like to know who wrote this. If anyone can honestly tell me who actually wrote it, I would appreciate it.


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