Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Young woman who wanted to start an Atheist group at her high school decides not to in response to all of the Christian love that was sent her way. Just kidding, they threatened her and her family until she caved.

As you may remember young Kalei wanted to start an Atheist group in her high school.

Initially she was rejected, but eventually the school acquiesced and said that she could.

However yesterday this was posted on Reddit from her Go Fund Me page.

Here is more of an explanation provided by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science:

Fearing for the safety of her family, Kalei Wilson has just announced on her Gofundme page that she is backing down after just last week winning a 4 month battle with Pisgah High School to create a Student Secular Association club, winning several awards, and being asked to speak at numerous conferences. This is what she wrote three hours ago: 

"It saddens us to report that due to the numerous threats and the verbal attacks on Kalei along with the vindictive which-hunt to hurt the reputations of affiliated local groups and our own family , Kalei will not be continuing with the group. 

We have contacted GoFundMe and requested they return your generous donations. They have assured us that your funds will show back up in your respective accounts within 3 to 5 days. 

Your love and support are priceless and we apologize in letting you down. It was our single goal to support Kalei in her efforts to start the much needed SSA club. 

However, we never expected our family and friends to be sought out and demonized. Please know that we recognize the importance of the club but we can not justify our involvement with the risk of our families safety and well being."

It's just a club.

When I was in high school there was a chess club, a business club, a club for African American students,  and more than a few Christian clubs.

I wasn't a member of any of them, however I had no problem with their existence.

What is it that Christians fear so much about a club like this that they would be willing to harass and even threaten this young girl's family until they were frightened into shutting it down?

Actually I think we already know that, don't we?


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    But those same assholes harrasing that girl claim that christians are being persecuted.Sigh.

  2. A J Billings9:46 AM

    There's only one group of people more hated by the evangelical Xtians in the USA than athiests, and that's the Muslims.

    This level of vitriol and nasty retaliation is to be expected because the Dominionists have invaded useful Christianity

    They have made a campaign of outrage and hatred starting back in the 1980's that has now infiltrated every aspect of public life in states that have highly religious populations.

    The silver lining in this is that Kalei and the whole school has gotten to see just how vindictive and mean these Christians really are.

    I guess that speaks volumes as to their real intent, which is not to show love, or be gracious or make converts, but to continue their legacy of Palin style ignorance and bigotry

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    OT: HBO's True Detective. Any fans or followers of this show?

    RJ in Brownbackistan

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      They went after Christianity, now they are going after public subsidized Christian schools - LOVE IT!

    2. Anonymous2:13 PM

      RJ, I LOVE this show !
      I have a newfound respect for Matty Mac and Woody. The writing is so nuanced and the grittiness of the scenes are captivating.

    3. Anonymous2:45 PM

      New fan to True Detective.
      m from md

  4. LisaB259510:25 AM

    No kid should ever be threatened. That's just wrong.

    But someone should tell the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science that "which-hunt" isn't a thing, but a "witch-hunt" is.

  5. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Christianity is supposed to honor Jesus' sacrifice for us all as inherent sinners (a concept I still think is man-made and on the face of it, preposterous) but American Christians, you are doing it wrong, even this secular bleeding-heart liberal does it better than you.

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The Palin's are like a microcosm of Ugly Fundy's all over this country - bet you a Sarah dollar to s'mores that Palin-like families were waging this war against this poor girl and her family. Also too. And whatnot. Cause they live vibrantly and God is on their side.

  7. Boscoe10:49 AM

    LOL Gotta love all the heartwarming love-thy-neighborliness from the Christians. Because didn't Jesus say something about "threaten thy neighbor who believeth differently from thou"?

    No? Hmm. I wonder who they REALLY worship then?

    You know, it's situations like these where I realize it would be totally worth it to burn in hell just to see the look on those assholes' faces when they find out how completely they've failed the entrance exam for heaven.

  8. Dr. Beldar JC Conehead, DDiv, ret.10:51 AM

    Apparently the young lady did NOT expect the Spanish Inquisition.

    Another Victory for Jeebus!! Huzzah!!

    According to the official tally maintained by the late Jerry Failwell Sr.'s Liberty University that makes it Jeebus: one gabillion, Atheists: ZERO!!! Wooo hooo!!!

    OH SHIT!! Gryphen, I did it again... After I hit Publish, I realized that I had mistyped the good reverend's name and as you know, once you hit Publish on this defunct blog of yours, you can't go back and edit the text. Rats!!

    So, just to be clear, I intended to type FALWELL and not FAILWELL.

    1. fromthediagonal11:40 AM

      Failwell indeed, Dr. Beldar DDiv, ret... By the way, does that acronym stand for Director of Divisiveness? It could not be a doctorate in divinity, as that would be an oxymoron (or something like that) in the first place. Oh, maybe that one does the shamanic divinations? I'm confused...;) Either way, as usual, you made my day.

    2. "does that acronym stand for Director of Divisiveness?"

      It does now, Di!

  9. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I was cheering for her... What a shame for this brave young woman. What it says about this nation is truly shameful.

  10. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Behold the stupidity:

    According to Right Wing Watch, The Williams Tea Party of Coconino County defended the anti-gay bill on its website, alleging that “the First Amendment protects only the practice of the Christian faith” and that the First Amendment “protects the right of those of the Christian faith to not serve those who are clearly abhorrent to that faith.”

    'The First Amendment was meant only to protect the Christian faith. When the founders spoke of religion, they meant the Christian religion. They did not have to keep saying the Christian religion because everyone knew that is what they were talking about.'

  11. Anonymous12:03 PM

    This is frightening!

    Leader of Christian American Patriot Militia responds to threats he’s made on President Obama’s life

    Everest Wilhelmsen, the Christian American Patriot Militia leader, has openly called for Obama’s assassination in the past, and now he offers a reward for the President’s capture ‘DEAD or ALIVE '

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      Cue the Secret Service in 3-2-1!
      M from MD

  12. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Taliban-evangelists win again.

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    One-Third Of Millennials Who Left Their Religion Did It Because Of Anti-Gay Policies: Survey

    SALT LAKE CITY - JULY 12: Protesters walk past the Mormon Temple on the Main Street Plaza holding hands July 12, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The protesters defied church security warnings and walked onto the plaza anyway to protest the detention and handcuffing of two gay men for holding hands and one kissing the other on the cheek there on July 9. The men were also sited by the Salt Lake City police. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

    It's widely accepted that young people tend to be less religious than their elders. While recent surveys have revealed that one-in-five adults in America claim no religious affiliation, the number reaches around one-in-three for Millennials under 34.

    Now, a new study has uncovered the reason why some of those Americans have dropped out of the fold.

    In a survey released Wednesday, nearly one-third of Millennials who left the faith they grow up with told Public Religion Research Institute that it was "negative teachings" or "negative treatment" related to gays and lesbians that played an significant role in them leaving organized religion.

    Specifically, 17 percent of Millennials, or adults between 18 and 33-years-old, said negativity around LGBT issues in religion was "somewhat important" to their departure, while 14 percent said it was a "very important" factor.

    A majority of Americans, 58 percent, also said that religious groups are "alienating young adults by being too judgmental on gay and lesbian issues." Among Millennials, that percentage jumped to 70.

  14. "... They'll know we are Christians by our love..."

    1. Religion is a hoax! It carries within the seeds of deception, cynicism, hypocrisy and abuse. On the bright side it's a great money maker and sure gets you a lot of votes.😂

  15. Anonymous2:16 PM

    And they wonder why the Church is losing members. Who would want to be associated with these people?
    Animals in the wild behave better!


  16. Anonymous2:52 PM

    This makes me feel even better about bullying the shit out of the bible club in my high school.

  17. Anita Winecooler6:04 PM

    Onward Christian Soldiers...... We will come rejoicing...... Hey, Jesus, do you recognize those people? Are they picking up what you put down? Come back to your computer and play "Sims" by the rules this time!!!!


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