Sunday, September 28, 2014

Can I just say that even I underestimated the Right Wing vitriol Chelsea Clinton's baby would attract?

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:  

The NY Post is Rupert Murdoch's signature right wing rag in New York and it often is as offensive as many of the pundits that appear on Fox News. Today's front page is no different as it openly attacks Chelsea Clinton's new born baby. 

In their Page Six celebrity gossip section, they posted a normal story of the birth, but somehow that didn't translate into the front page we are seeing.Their hatred and fear of Hillary Clinton now extends to new born babies.

Wow! Seriously all I have to say is Wow!


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    That front page was pretty shocking. The hate towards the Clintons is sometimes shocking - but to make such a comment in reference to a newborn baby? As you said - wow!!

    Pat Padrnos

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    THIS is all they have? To attack a BABY? We have NEVER attacked Trig nor Tripp on this blog, only asking for help concerning them. Wow. Just WOW.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Hey GOP, how's that autopsy workin out for ya'?

    2. Anonymous5:53 PM

      The wingnuts/GOP are so Afraid of Hillary 2016 they are attacking her grandchild! Well we saw here last night Bristol Palin joining in very jealous indeed. Afterall the GOP has NOTHING! NO ONE to offer up. Hillary won't put up with this Treason nonsense either. Palin, Congress the lot of them will be in jail if the don't STFU their trash talk when she is potus. Hillary is a force. The gop has nothing.
      Not even a fart in the wind.....

    3. Anonymous6:47 PM

      5:53 off your meds.

    4. Anonymous7:01 PM

      How so TROLL?
      You think yo mama going to run? I would LOVE LOVE to see her up against Hillary!
      A FART in the wind indeed!
      You must need a drink! Cranky again. Hung over brissie?

    5. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Hillary has been through two senate races on her own, and two presidential races with her husband. She is not the least bit frightened by these illiterate gnats. Plus, she has a lot of the well-heeled GOP already in her pocket as well. They may be greedy, but unlike the baggers, they are not totally insane. They want a sane, steady, and intelligent person leading the country, not a theocratic, unhinged loonie. (No offense intended toward any Canadian bird or currency; but, a certain US senator who was born in Canada? Yes, the term loonie definitely applies to him.)

    6. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Anonymous7:14 PM
      I'm sure all the backers remember the GOP shutdown!!! Thanks Ted Cruz!

    7. Anonymous9:25 PM

      7:01..... sigh.... you poor thing....

      Nobody here, there, or anywhere, thinks Palin, the d-list celebrity you are infatuated with, is going to run. Why do you think she is going to run?

      Yours truly- hungover Bristol and Willow, of course it is us, the Palins, duh.

    8. Anonymous6:18 AM

      Funny you call your own mother a D-list...and you're infatuated with her or else why would be you trolling? Troll? Oh I guess you are a Clinton Baby Troll then?

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Don't piss off slick willy, you gopers or else he'll come out swinging.

  4. Anonymous2:57 PM

    "she probably won’t have her own Twitter account for at least another week."

    Wait until Cindy Adams weighs in. One rude self-important bitch that has no problemo calling President Obama what she will and the Post lets her.

    Welcome, Baby Charlotte! Ignore the trolls. you came into this world the right way. Haters gotta hate.

    Color me appalled.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    It must really rile Republicans that Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton can look happy in the presence of a newborn baby. How dare those Democrats love their children and be delighted to meet their granddaughter! Hey, GOP, Democrats love their families too; they even love them so much that they want all children to have loving parents, secure homes and opportunities to build good lives. Maybe, GOP, if you wanted the same things for all children, you wouldn't be so jealous and so pissed off at the obvious happiness of the Clinton family.

    1. Anonymous3:07 AM

      Bill looks very happy and he is! I do believe that Chelsea is not Bill's biological child. She is the spitting image of the rumored father, I forget the name. But it doesn't even matter. Bill raised her lovingly as his own and will feel the same way about his first grandchild.
      And these grandparents won't steal the baby for their own political purposes!!

    2. Anonymous9:59 AM

      3:07 is a proven ass.

      Larry Nichols has a history of making bizarre comments, but you go right on believing his lies. Chelsea does not resemble that ugly dog in any way, even if FOX insists she does.

      Chelsea is a great combo of both her mother and her father. Anyone that sees them together can see the resemblance.

    3. Anonymous9:41 PM

      Chelsea is long rumored to be the offspring of Hillary and Webb Hubbell.

      Here's a link if it will take on this site:

      Who knows. Politics makes for some VERY strange bedfellows - so to speak, of course.

      We all know Track Palin isn't Todd's son, and neither is Trig.

      Just because you may think the Clintons are holier than thou, they, too have their secrets.

      On the other hand, I have no doubt that Hillary will be our next president, hands down. I'm looking forward to Sarah's response on that one. This is going to be GOOD.

  6. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Absolutely disgusting! That just goes to show how low these people will go. Very sick and vile!!!

    1. Anonymous7:25 PM

      I remember well when they directed this same type of mean-spirited vitriol toward nine-year old Amy Carter. They told jokes about how homely she was, and thought themselves very clever to be publicly mocking a nine-year old girl!! Imagine being a nine-year old girl, with full knowledge of all this vitriol. It never surprised me that Amy went on to lead a life of seemingly deliberate obscurity. The GOP: Mysogynous, much?

  7. Anonymous3:33 PM

    NO mother or baby deserves that. Liberals and conservatives are NO different and own the other party and select people apologies.

    Good to know neither party is worthy of respect, which MOST know anyway

    1. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Good to know neither party is worthy of respect, which MOST know anyway
      speak for yourself TROLL

    2. I think you got lost when you came over here, pal.

    3. Anonymous10:14 PM

      Oh looky, 5:56 knows how to use the word troll!

      Welcome to the 90's 5:56!

    4. Anonymous6:22 AM

      Anonymous10:14 PM

      Oh looky, 5:56 knows how to use the word troll!
      Alinisky troll isn't that how they are training y'all? Troll training with Rules for Radicals er "Patriots"? Fuck off ASSHOLE.

  8. Obviously having the daughter of a well-known in THEIR party actually graduate college, meet and fall in love with a mate, go through an appropriate time as a betrothed couple, get married, work and travel for a few years, THEN have a just completely foreign to them.

    I guess if Chelsea had gone the Bristol Palin route and borne three children with different fathers before her twenty-first birthday, the post would be bleating "families are off limits!"

    Unbelievable. I'm in shock. Attacking an hours-old infant. They really do have NO shame.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Consider the source, Nyah, and none of them think of $arah very moment of their lives although shey'd like them to. An accomplished family, immediate ridicule.

      DAMN that education and maturity. Rill 'Murikans fist fight, set fires, pillage, pimp, style hair.

      C'mon $arah, RUN,
      Put up or shut up.
      It really IS that simple.
      Skeered? Of course you are!
      Pit bull with lipstick is a chihuahua in chapstick.

    2. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Actually, Nyah, there would be outrage if Chelsea got pregnant and had a baby without being married. There would be gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, and the insults and accusations would be flying.

      And none of them would feel the slightest twinge of guilt about it and would deny to their last breath that they were being the tiniest bit hypocritical.


      And, besides, everyone knows that Chelsea ONLY fell in love, married Marc, got pregnant and had a baby this year JUST so that her mother could run for office. All of her actions in the last several years had absolutely nothing to do with her actually living her own life, but were merely part of a devious and complicated campaign strategy!

    3. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Not only that, but the chihuahua is toothless, and has not been house-broken.

  9. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I am so happy that Bill got his diet together to get healthy so he can live long and enjoy his granddaughter! What a loss it would be for his family, our country and the world if we had lost him years ago to a heart attack.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    You-Know-Who will soon address the Clintons and say, 'Welcome to my world."

    Because it's always about her even when she has to lie and make something up to justify her self-victimization and pretend relatability.

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      @3:51 But then she would have to admit TriG is her grandchild?
      Well she pretty much said she adopted him when she (out of the blue) started spewing that IRS is "auditing" "adoptive parents".
      Why would she say that unless....
      she got audited as well as Chuck sr?
      Of course none of the Lamestream media picked it up. With the #Palinbrawl still trending now would be the time to get out any Palin story you've been wanting to share, just sayin'....
      Two babies
      Todd is a pimp
      And everything else....And Alaskans Bristol is on here GLOATING b/c mommy dearest paid your asses off! aren't you even a bit ashamed of yourselves not to do the right thing? TBAT please contact Gryphen and tell him what you know so he can do a story. Lets have some people eat some crow, shall we?

  11. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Love that photo of Bill and Hillary! Happy new grandparents as well they should be!

    There are total nut jobs out there in America that say the stupidest stuff - ignore them and think positive thoughts!

  12. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Two very important people( to me) are named Charlotte :) I hope she is as sweetest as they are.
    Too bad an educated, married lady having a baby is such a horrid thing as far as the "family values" party is. Shame on them and their trolls.

  13. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I remember being in love with Trig the day he was born! How could anyone not love a baby? It just shows how low the nutty right will go.

    1. Anonymous10:17 PM

      You are in love with someone elses baby? That is strange amigo.

    2. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Too bad Sarah never felt that way.

  14. Anonymous3:54 PM

    3:48 Bill Clinton is loved the world over for al the good work he has been doing since leaving his presidency. I admire both he and Hillary! Especially think they are cute grandparents!

  15. Anonymous4:04 PM

    The stereotypical Democratic women is single, hates men, and aborts all pregnancies. The opposition doesn't know what to do with happily married pro-choice women who have planned and healthy pregnancies.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Recently G had a wonderful article on trolls - you fit the description perfectly.

      Pat Padrnos

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Pat Padrnos - Trolls are everywhere...apparently, even those who point out how the opposition [interpret: GOP] stereotypes and attacks Democratic women and has a hard time dealing with successful, pro-choice, child-bearing women like Chelsea Clinton. My mind is blown.

    3. Anonymous6:06 PM

      Anonymous4:04 PM

      The stereotypical Democratic women is single, hates men, and aborts all pregnancies.
      That "stereotype" lives rent free in your dumbassed heads! When I first started blogging I wondered WHY RWNJ trolls said all liberal women had 200 abortions? Then seeing congressional hearings and reading their stupid troll fucking comments they don't understand how BC pills work and call THAT abortion! Even Dr.s that testify to congress don't know how plan B works. How could the average idiot troll know? Especially ones that keep popping out kids b/c they don't know better? Oh and until Darth Cheney's daughter came out all lib women as well as "man h8'rs" were Gay/lesbian too. They are really living in a FEARFUL made up world to hate on a baby when they are supposed to be pro-life just smacks of hypocrisy and hate & FEAR!
      Booogy man!!!!

      Pat P
      Great comment!!!

    4. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Can we please take a breath and read carefully before jumping all over people and calling them trolls?

      Maybe I was reading it incorrectly, but this did not seem to me to be a troll-y comment, but instead a sarcastic description of what a typical GOP view of Democratic women is (hence the word 'stereotypical').

      I think that perhaps we've become a little too quick to accuse people of being a troll when it's just a matter of sarcasm not always translating well to blog comments.

    5. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Pat Padrnos at 4:25 PM

      You might want to re-read the comment of Anonymous4:04 PM again more carefully before jumping all over it and calling the person a troll. They were defending/praising democratic women.

    6. Anonymous1:53 AM

      Stop with the troll bull shit it just divides us and makes us look as nutty as c4P!

  16. Anonymous4:08 PM

    YOU are WRONG.
    Democrats and Republicans are not the same.
    When it comes to vitriol and hate, Republicans are way way ahead of the Democrats.

  17. Anonymous4:14 PM

    The NY Posts headline was inappropriate and tacky. All the Clinton's have heard worse, and have developed thick skins. Hillary 2016!

  18. Caroll Thompson4:20 PM

    This is nothing new. Remember how they all picked on Chelsea when she was a child in the White House? Well, now these people who call themselves Christian are picking on her beautiful baby.

    Welcome to the eighth grade folks.

    1. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Except that they are only entering the second grade. Only their hormones are in the eighth grade.

  19. Anonymous4:30 PM

    These neanderthals will say they're just being funny. Why don't we all laugh along with them with their nasty jokes?
    Sister Sarah will weigh in very soon. A baby born thousands of miles away from her, a baby not even a day old, will be too much for her to ignore. Little Charlotte will be the reason for ridiculous political diatribes starting on Monday. Be sure to check Facebook.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      She will say OMG what thinned skins some people have! We are just joking yuk yuk!
      ya right sary.
      I think everyone has the number.
      Everyone keep reminding people about the Palin brawl, todd is a pimp and how the RW hates on Babies! Only about a month to election.
      Boy didn't Chelsea time it right?
      Lets not let those bastards forget this.

  20. Anonymous5:35 PM

    They know they have lost, they have got nothing and they know it. They , being the R's....

    1. Anonymous7:58 PM

      Anonymous5:35 PM

      They know they have lost, they have got nothing and they know it. They , being the R's....
      The really DON'T! And haven't for a long time since they stole two elections.

  21. Of course Sarah will weigh in with a snarky comment in 3..2..1

    She won't be able to help herself. She hates Hillary for being everything she isn't. And the fact that Hillary can be openly proud of HER grandparent status, and gets pictures of her cuddling her grandbaby on the front page chaps her ass. The fact that little Charlotte is being discussed on TV, written about, and a cause for joy to many is going to cause a spasm of jealousy that Palin will be unable to ignore...

    Cue the "now that we're both grandparents, you'll finally know what I'm talking about" bullshit to spew from Palin's disgusting maw any day now. No way is she going to allow Hillary to enjoy this moment without making some stupid Facebook statement that draws attention to HER.

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Sarah doesn't have a grandchild that was conceived in a marriage, so of course she'll way in and attack baby Charlotte soon.

  22. Anonymous8:17 PM

    The minute I heard about this birth, my mind sadly realized there would be an excellent chance for those who claim to have "family values," to show their real feelings by saying distasteful and crude things about a baby.

    They didn't disappoint. Thanks for being so predictably hypocritical and ugly in your hearts, assholes.

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Gee, that's not so bad considering liberals, 1. lie about teens 2. lie about mothers 3. lie about shit they know nothing about 4 lie or fun 5. trash for fun

    1. Anonymous2:06 AM

      @8:33 PM, just so you know, BDIB.


    2. Anonymous3:17 AM

      Oh 8:38 I know a lot..a lot!! About hospital standards and doctor credentialing. I KNOW for a fact that MatSu could not have allowed a high risk pregnancy to be induced at their facility with a regular old family practice physician at the helm.
      Please address this issue. You never ever ever do. Why is that?????

    3. Anonymous3:31 AM


    4. Anonymous3:38 AM

      Look - Bristol can count to 5!

  24. Anonymous1:47 AM

    The Right(neo-right) never fails to disappoint......once again augmenting my distaste for the human race......well,a portion thereof........

  25. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Welcome Charlotte! You will have a beautiful life. Mature educated parents will guide you with love.
    And what a difference mature educated loving parents make!!

  26. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Geez, people act like the Clintons are the first couple to get a grandbaby. Baby's are born everyday.
    I just because the grandparent of a gorgeous baby girl, this past June. .
    I am a Democrat btw. But I don't see what the commotion is about the Clintons becoming grandparents. This baby should not be used as a tool. .

  27. Anonymous9:48 AM

    What is your complaint 8:12? The fact that you are not famous and never will be? Former President Clinton has a new grandchild. Congratulations!

  28. Anonymous9:49 AM

    addendum - this blog is to talk about the Palins, the disgusting ill-bred, ignorant family from Alaska.

    One thing for damn sure - They may have babies born all the time...but they are not LEGITIMATE and the Palins don't believe in marriage before babies.


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