Sunday, February 01, 2015

New bill in Texas would allow teachers to use deadly force against students in order to protect school property. Seriously?

Courtesy of The Houston Chronicle: 

Teachers would be able to use deadly force against students, and would be safe from prosecution, under legislation filed last week in the state House. 

The Teacher’s Protection Act by Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van, would allow educators to use force or deadly force if they feel they need to protect themselves against a student or anyone else on school grounds. It also allows teachers to use deadly force to protect school property, and to avoid prosecution “for injury or death that results from the educator’s use of deadly force.”

To be clear here when they say "deadly force" they are talking guns. After all this IS Texas.

Apparently there is already a law in place that allows any adult to carry a gun on school grounds as long as they have permission from the principal. 

Look I am all in favor of allowing teachers to defend themselves against violence from students, and to protect others as well, but shooting an unarmed child, regardless of HOW big and violent they are, is simply insane.

And the idea that you could end their life simply because they got angry and broke a window or a computer is even more insane.

Things can be replaced, children cannot.

Which begs the question, "WTF is going on in Texas?"


  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    When did the teachers become part of the police department?

    Are no teachers objecting to this rule?

    What about tasseling, or calling in a school security person?

    They are creating a public impression of schools gone wild, and I'd like to know how and why these incidents happen, how often, and how and why.

    This is one of the first steps in a fascist state. Arm anyone in authority -- shoot first, and deal with the details of due process after the child has been sent to the hospital or the morgue.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Actually, there will be NO due process for the children. The teachers cannot be sued.

  2. Anonymous4:42 AM


  3. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Another gun story - 3 yr old toddler shoots both parents!

    At least they survived (and the mom is pregnant but stable, the 2 yr old little sister wasn't hurt either), but still a another example of just how (not) safe guns are

    1. Anonymous6:04 AM

      The NRA has awarded the three year old a "Marksmen" pin with oak leaf cluster.

      Hitting both mom and dad with one bullet was outstanding shooting ... Trig should try it.

  4. Anonymous4:47 AM

    The principal is your "pal" if you have principles. Just sayin'

  5. All the red-neck, un-evolved, right-wing, fundamental, gun-toting, racist reactionaries, etc. have continually voted into office people just like them. Those nuts vote. Sane people aren't -- why the fuck not?! I just don't understand. Is there such cynicism abroad in America today that bright, progressive, educated, humanists, etc. don't think their one vote matters?
    Have they given up on politics? government? are they "tending their own garden" and too busy to care about anything else?

    Democrats better figure this one out, or they are going to be outvoted in 2016 by morons who manage to get to the polls in droves. Do Democrats have too many ideas, too many differences of opinion to join together, campaign on and be proud of what Obama has accomplished against a Congress of No (which has included many Democrats? I am stymied.

  6. This will now allow retired cops another opportunity for a second career, besides Security,once retired. Seems tailor made, doncha think!? They already have he murderous mind hink down pat.

  7. A. J. Billings5:31 AM

    Deadly force to protect school property?

    That part of the bill really needs clarification and analysis!

    I wonder if their version of Christianity condones shooting the kid that breaks into the school to soap the windows, and steals a computer?

    How about a recent graduate, who's drunk after a big party , and doing donuts in the parking lot, should he be shot on sight?

    I still think we should just let the Southern states go to form their own Christian States of 'Murica.

    Just think about it!. They could make church attendance mandatory, ban all Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists and Mormons, outlaw contraceptives, most women's rights, and have a public dress code for women.

    Best of all, they could do away with all those pesky 1st and 4th amendment rights like freedom of the press, to assemble, and the freedom to be secure in our houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    If you think this is nuts, how about the guy in Kentucky (Christian evangelical of course) who is sponsoring a bill to reward kids with $2500 if they catch a TRANSGENDER person in the "wrong" bathroom. No, I'm not making this up!

    Handmaids' Tale come to life in 'Murica sounds about right.

    1. Anonymous6:14 AM

      When asked, what would jesus do re sniper, Chris Kyle, a Fox commentator said that Jesus would essentially condone the practice. I can't get over the image of Jesus with an assault rifle slung ovef his shoulder wearing those semetic robes. I guarantee, if Chris Kyle saw him that way, he would have shot him dead, including a dozen shots to the head as he was rising into heaven on his cloud!

    2. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Who said this is Christianity? This has nothing to do with Christianity. This is just right-wing BS.

      Many of us left-wingers are Christians, and do not approve of this.
      You have to know there are just as many left-wing Christians as there are right-wing Christians.

  8. Welcome to Texas, folks! You dumb GOP tevangelists voted this shit in. I did my best and voted true blue. You get what you voted for, repubs. When your kid gets shot and you voted repub, I don't wanna hear you bitch about it. Not.One.Word.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      I'm with you soapydog. They were warned about our new crazy ass governor, but no one listened.
      I am a teacher and completely object to this rule. What can you expect from an asshat governor who declares a Chris Kyle Day? I am angry and embarrassed at what is happening in Texas. Apparently, I'm the minority.
      As for CK, he is no more a hero than any other military personnel doing their job!

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Not only that, but the Texas law comes with a special rider provision: every teacher will be magically protected from having any student wrest his/her gun away from them by force. Presto! Abracadabra: magic protection!!

      On the serious side, the Chris Kyle proclamation will only promote more and more shootings. Any time you elevate a murderer to a position of high stature, you can rest assured that many unknown nobodies will desire that they, too, can become famous, even if their fame is gained from doing infamous things.

      What's next, Texas? Engraving guns on your State seals? Using bullets as a new form of currency? Erecting statues to the NRA in every public square? Having school-sponsored after-school activities that include gun-range target practice with live ammunition? Home-schooling kids with target practice, starting at the elementary level?

      You righties mock the Islamists, yet you do the same things: glorify weapons of death, glorify those who use them, teach the usage of weapons of death to children, and by your ideology teach your people to hate the 'other' – thus ensuring that eventually, the 'other' is obliterated by your weapons of death. All because you, just like the Islamists, are totally lacking in any positive, socially transformative, ideas that are uplifting to your fellow man, including those with whom you disagree. 'Love your neighbor as yourself' is anathema to you, just as it is anathema to the Islamists. Your ideology is 'obliterate your neighbor', the same ideology that they have.

    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Texas should be dealing with the fact of being ranked one of the lowest performing states in education. A lot of the behavior problems are caused by the crappy curriculum that is being forced onto teachers to implement. LRE (least restrictive environment) is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. Life Skills kids are put into regular ed classes with minimal accommodations and modifications because the legislatures want them to take the same test as other crazy is that?
      There is a "one size fits all" mentality with lawmakers who have no idea what children really need. We should have smaller classes and a more diversified curriculum. It is asinine to assume that all children will go to college, hence they all need to be subject to learning that prepares them for college. Some could give a rat's ass about solving equations or what kind of government Pakistan or any other country has!
      Administration is paid an exorbitant amount of money, but does not produce what is necessary to help children become useful members of society. Granted, the Pre-Ap classes may be an exception, but we're neglecting the others. How about Texas focusing on these problems?

  9. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Want to bet the only kids this would ever be used on would be brown and black kids?

  10. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Ixm sorry, but your Johnny won't be coming home on the school bus today. You see, your Johhny had a temper tantrum in class today, and knocked over the classroom bookshelf. Be assured that he was warned, but ultimately, we had to shoot him...three times because he wouldn't stop twitching. You can pck up his body....after you pay for all the damage he did, and the teacher's out of pocket expense for the bullets. Please don't make a scene when you arrive, or we'll be forced to shoot you too.

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Only 3 times?!! Obviously that teacher did not get the memo. Standard operating procedure is to empty the clip, then check to make sure they're down for good while you load the next clip all the while yelling conflicting demands and shooting them for doing or not doing either one of them.

      This is also why it is so important to allow teachers to lead prayers in school as it is only appropriate that a prayer be said for the deceased's soul while waiting for the corner to come and bag 'em.

  11. A J Billings6:36 AM

    And in more insanity .....

    A Texas 4th grader was suspended from school, because he had a "magic ring" that he said was forged in Mount Doom, and he was going to make his classmate disappear.

    Think this is satire?
    Nope, the school takes this as a terrorist threat

    Also too, as our cops are striving to protect and serve, a New York cop pulls a gun out and points it at kids for having SNOW BALL FIGHT!

    Is there anyone sane left in the USA any more?

    Are they all either Westboro fringe right lunatics, $arah worshipers, gun totin' cops on a rampage, or have we lost all common sense?

  12. Anonymous6:40 AM

    The voters in this state voted in a bunch of extremists and teahadists. All sorts of new gun rights and anti-gay bills are being presented in the state legislature. Soon you will be able to carry a gun without a permit, gays will be legally discriminated against, it will be illegal to be anything other than christian, and people will get a tax credit for sending their kids to private christian schools. This is not conjecture, this is actual legislative plans from our new state government. Like I've said here before, I'll be out of this state as soon as I hit retirement.

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      I'm right behind you!

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      TX is known to have a horrible school system too! If I were people living there, I'd get the hell out of the state as soon as possible.

      We are going to have another civil war in our country and it will be started in TX and AZ! Two horrible, horrible parts of the USA!

  13. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I am not only appalled about the points you have brought up, Gryphen, but especially also about the fact, that they will be able to do so with impunity and w/o potential consequences. They cannota be prosecuted for killing/injuring any child, and need not defend their actions! This is simply A LICENSE TO KILL!

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Yep, it is a license to kill children.

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      I do not like Texas, I have a lot of horrible memories growing up there to age almost 15.
      My family moved out of that place when I was almost almost 15, and I have never looked back.
      Thank God my parents moved us out of there..
      As I said, I have such horrible memories of the time that I lived there.
      When you mention Texas to me, I think of trauma.

  14. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Wow, un-effing-believable. Texas and Florida, stay the hell away from those places..

  15. Anonymous8:49 AM

    If teachers are going to be allowed to do this, they should be REQUIRED to get the same training that police officers have to get.

  16. @Anon 6:40am-- Yep, they sure did. You know the new Attorney General was already fined for violating the securities act... yet they STILL voted that dumbshit into office!! He's the fucking ATTORNEY GENERAL... who's already proven he will break the law to get his way. Just makes me sick!

  17. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Greg Abbtt and the idiots that put him into office. We are doomed as doomed as doomed can be. If my kids and husband would leave this state, I would sure head out to a better place. Yuck.

  18. Anonymous10:51 AM

    You could not pay me to live in the State of TX! Their political folks are horrible, nasty and screwed up - just look at them!

    In fact,I'd love seeing them no longer have state status in our country! Truthfully, don't think they'd be missed as they provide very little to the rest of us! (Except for the poor residents and immigrants that pick the fields for the corporations and make very, very little money!)

  19. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Re: snowball fight.
    There's one too many people calling in false reports. I think the perpetrators are just getting a big orgasm over doing these things!

  20. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Jesus Christ, can these people get any crazier!!??

  21. Anita Winecooler4:48 PM

    Haven't read the comments, but do parents have the same right? Because if a teacher makes the decision to give any child the death penalty without a trial, the same privilege should be extended to the parents.
    Let's wipe the slate clean, Texas, how about starting with no guns in school for all?


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