Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rachel Maddow eviscerates Bill O'Reilly over threats to journalists.

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Courtesy of Mother Jones:

"Fox News has a bunch of folks like Mr. O'Reilly on their shows—part of why I call them 'Republican TV,'" Maddow said. "But they also have a lot of real reporters on staff who do real reporting all day long on real news...I'm sure they don't take kindly when their own reporters get threatened for trying to do their jobs. But it is hard to imagine what this is going to do to the work environment at Fox News channel for the Fox News channel's real reporters, and they do have them."

Rachel not only points out the incredibly unprofessional attitude of Fox News to allow their most watched talking head threaten reporters with impunity, but also goes on to point out the increasing number of lies that O'Reilly is now being accused of telling. Including his newest one about seeing nuns getting shot in the head in El Salvador. (He didn't.)

I thought she did an incredible job, and was actually kind of cheering her on as she went after Billo for his arrogance and Fox News for their lack of journalistic integrity. Which is something that it seems few other news outlets are willing to do.

Actually Rachel was not the only one to go after Fox News and Bill O'Reilly yesterday.

As it turns out Jon Stewart also decided that giving O'Reilly, Fox News, and Right Wing talk radio, a pass because they should not be considered a "real" serious source for actual news is no longer tenable, and instead he called them out.

The Daily Show also offered us this great vine which offers 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds.

The ball is in your court Fox News.


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Tucker Carlson would not have a job if not for his mommy;s $$$$. Same with Tim Russert's son. Neither of them know what it is like to actually WORK for a living. The fact that Faux has either of them on is teling. Any unqualified moron can be on Faux, as long as they spew gop talking points.

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Off topic

    Conservatives and social media fail #347.

    Twitter and CPAC questions for the speakers. What could go wrong?

    "Will There Be A Beautiful Rape Baby Display? #CPACQ"

    "Who Will Be The Next Republican Official to Be Outed as Gay, or a Degenerate Racist? #CPACQ"

    "#CPACQ What do you blame Obama more for: being born, or being born black?"

    1. Boscoe7:43 AM

      Careful what you wish for. Considering the pathology of conservatives to ALWAYS latch onto the most repugnant angle of any topic and then double down on it, we might very well be seeing Beautiful Rape Baby Displays...

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Rachel and John did excellent jobs on the subject of the buffoon Bill O at FOX! He better not threaten either of them with death!

    Rachel Maddow is the very, very best out there! Bar none!

    1. hedgewytch8:30 AM

      My favorite part of that episode? When she was signing off and had 30 seconds with Lawrence O'Donnel who clarified what the "angry Irishman" meant with his "threats" - its all bluster and Bill O will go "after them" with everything his one hour show can do!!

  4. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Bolstering Bill O'Reilly's massive ego is job one at FOX. Everyone there is always happier when Bill is threatening someone outside the organization. Bill threatens because he is an insecure bully, so threats are everyday happenings at FOX.

    I think there has been massive de-bunking efforts going on without unearthing anything big enough to dislodge Bill O'Reilly. Wish it weren't so.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      All people across the nation have to do is not use the products supported by the folks that support his show. Pure and simple! It has worked w/Rush Limbaugh - you hardly hear anything about him anymore and his audience has fallen substantially as to his radio show.

      The same can be done to the 'bully' at FOX who threatens death to the ones that provide truth and facts about his past broadcasts. He is an ass!

  5. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I do not see the nutjob Sara Palin rushing to denounce and shred Billo the way she's been doing many others. Is she so terrified that Billo will turn his wrath on her and issue his dangerous threats. Imagine the venom spewing forth from her if it was anyone else. Obviously truth and principles do not matter to her. What an unprincipled coward and a deranged human waste.

    1. laurensd17:35 AM

      I think you are right in your assessment of Sarah Sewer. Or Sewer Sarah.
      Fox is not going to do anything about Billo's lies. They thrive on the attention their keynote liar provides. They certainly outclass Palin in the attention whore department.
      So glad for Stewart and Rachel. They give me hope for humanity.

    2. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Billo has carefully torn a page from the Palin Playbook.

      Remember when $arah loudly decreed that she had been found innocent of all charges back in the early investigative days of Troopergate when $he most certainly had been found guilty of lying?

      That's Billo.

      Yep. It will get more volatile as Billo gets louder and crazier against the reality. These days, someone could get their eye put out with a BB. Or worse. So, Billo needs to stop it before it becomes several pages from Palin history.

    3. Anonymous8:11 AM

      She's terrified of Rush, Nugent, and O'Reilly because she knows none of them would hesitate to go after her and, since they share similar fans, who would stick up for her?

  6. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Bill O'Reilly must have photos of a lot of people with goats.

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM

    And Rachel basks in the warmth of her hair shirt ~ as she so very much should ~ while Bill O'Reilly shivers on frozen branch of the tree of lies that is Fox.

    teehee :)

  8. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Bill O’Reilly: When I said I Saw Nuns Being Executed, I Didn’t Mean I Saw Them Being Executed

    1. Anonymous8:32 AM

      He's got an answer for everything, doesn't he?

    2. Anonymous9:07 AM

      "These words that I say...Just because you think you know what they mean doesn't mean you know what I think I mean when I say them. Here in the No Spin Zone this is just another example of how stupid liberals cry about the stupidest things. Words use them or lose them but don't give me more of that so called analysis liberal crappola!" Bill O'Reilly

    3. Anonymous9:45 AM

      When Rachael Maddow said she saw the towers come down on 9/11 she didn't mean she saw the towers come down on 9/11.

    4. Anonymous11:33 AM

      9:45 AM Rachel Maddow didn't make that comment!

  9. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Yet she doesn't seem to care that presidents and their people threaten people.

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      Specifics, with links please.

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Alicia, is that you?

    3. Fuck off, nutball.

    4. Anonymous10:36 AM

      WTF do you think 'sanctions' are?

    5. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Completely inane 8:32 and 10:36.

  10. Anonymous8:33 AM

    This is Trig's babysitter's house. Her husband retired a few years back and they bought this then.

    h/t Katie for imgur

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Is posting this necessary?
      If so, for what exactly?

  11. O'Reilly made a threat. He even called it a threat....coming at her with everything he has.....that's a criminal act. I would file a complaint with the police and have him arrested.

  12. Anonymous8:55 AM

    In 2014, more children died listening to Sarah's voice than were killed accidentally by guns.

  13. Anonymous8:58 AM

    This is O/T, but at this link you can see Palin at CPAC in the very same clothes she wore at Disneyland with Bristol.
    I wonder if she's worn then since then - looks like it in the pic

    Bristol's pic

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Here's Sarah at a CPAC hotel lobby bar with Gina Loudon.

    2. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Eeeew. The shirt, the person wearing it, and the fact that she's been wearing it for days is just plain disgusting.

  14. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I saw a lot of Sarah Palin photos in that quit list of lies.

    Are you trying to tell me that Sarah Palin lies? No way. No way.

    We all know she is the Trustholder of all Truthiness. No way would Paragon of Christian Virtue ever lie.

    You must be a hater.

    (snark off for those of you who might be confused about my comment)

  15. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Sarah Palin isn't getting any coverage as to being at CPAC. The news outlet I watched talked about Ted Cruz and Chris Christie and their speeches. Nary a word about the idiot or any photos of her even being in attendance! Yea!!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Yep, FINALLY media have gotten wise to her fan dance. She should have been ignored the last time around.

  16. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Fact checked here. Palion earned three false and two 'Pants on Fire'. No surprise here. We already knew she just makes chit up.

  17. I will forever think of him as Bill, Oh Really?

  18. Anonymous1:16 PM

    G - Thanks for the link to Jon Stewart. It's a classic--a 'best of Jon Stewart'! He still didn't take O'Reilly to task for lying about his personal experiences but Stewart gave an excellent perspective on the lies and agenda of Fox News and conservatives and how we should deal with them.

  19. Anonymous3:38 PM

    And another O'Reilly exaggeration hits the news. This time it's about being attacked during the 1992 LA riots.


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