Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ted Cruz introduces bill to strip same sex couples of federal marriage rights. So much for THAT presidential campaign!

Courtesy of The New Civil Rights Movement:  

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is pushing the State Marriage Defense Act, legislation that if signed into law could accomplish two objectives. First, redefine marriage at the federal level to remove from hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples the federal government's recognition of their marriages, and thus, any corresponding federal benefits they are afforded, now or in the future. And second, should the U.S. Supreme Court not find a right to marriage for same-sex couples, encourage states that do not wish to recognize those marriages to potentially nullify them. 

While being framed as states' rights legislation, the bill's language makes clear Cruz's actual intent, and the bill's ramifications. 

"Congress recognizes that current actions by the Federal Government to afford benefits to certain relationships not recognized as marriages by a person’s State of residence go beyond the Supreme Court’s ruling in United States v. Windsor," the bill reads. 

Currently, the federal government has been recognizing all same-sex marriages legally performed in states, even after the state has refused to do so. 

Cruz's bill also changes the federal definition of marriage, by stating "the term ‘marriage’ shall not include any relationship which that State, territory, or possession does not recognize as a marriage, and the term ‘spouse’ shall not include an individual who is a party to a relationship that is not recognized as a marriage by that State, territory, or possession.’’

No way will this get passed in the Senate, and even if it did President Obama would veto the shit out of it.

This is just grandstanding. 

Which is stupid if Cruz is serious about running for President because though this might get Cruz some teabagger support, it will NOT earn him the GOP nomination, and in the general he would wind up as roadkill. 

These days coming out against same sex marriage, is almost like talking smack about kittens on the internet.


  1. Olivia4:42 AM

    Perhaps he is doing what Sarah Palin has been doing at a more elevated level. He knows he will never be president so he postures and panders to the extreme right. They keep throwing money at him and since he is already in Congress, his pension and health care are ensured.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      Ah, his wife (she can have him) works for Goldman, Sachs, so he's taken care of for life.

      btw -- Teddy boy, are you a little jealous that, even if same-sex marriage were legalized everywhere, there are probably few, if any, gay guys who'd get down on one knee to live the rest of their lives -- with you?

    2. Anonymous9:05 AM

      Sarah Palin basically did the same thing when she was Governor.

      "[In December 2006, Sarah] said that while she had no choice but to comply with a state supreme court ruling that extended health and retirement benefits to same sex partners of state employees, she would seek an amendment to the state constitution that would overturn the court order. She signed a bill that called for a nonbinding referendum on the issue in April."

      From The Rogue by Joe McG

  2. Anonymous4:44 AM

    This may sound awful but I think that Cruz, besides being stupid and such a wing nut, is too funny looking to be a serious presidential candidate.

    1. Olivia6:30 AM

      You are right; he really does look very cartoonish. Or maybe like someone photoshopped his face from pics of other people.

    2. Anonymous6:34 AM

      No, I agree.

      Whether we realize it or not, a candidate's physical appearance is profoundly influential to voters. (Wait a second-- I just pictured Mitch McConnell and died a little inside). Let me backtrack: A 'presidential' candidate's appearance can be crucial. In the past, for example, lots of social scientists have associated power and charisma with HAIR-- think of Bill Clinton vs. Elmer Fudd. In Cruz's case, his features are too elfin, too disproportionate, too... too freakin' creepy!

      I think of dishonesty. Used car salesman-ism. Horny forest satyrs. "It's me again, Margaret!" "Luke, I am your father..." You get the idea.

    3. fromthediagonal8:41 AM

      Beaglemom, I just wrote a note to myself: Do NOT look at a picture of vile visage Cruz around mealtime, or you will become an involuntary bulimic.

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Good luck with that, Raphael.

  4. As a resident of Texas, I apologize for this Ferret faced Nazi bastard...I do not use the Nazi term lightly, but what this scumbag stands for is nothing short of that comparison...I just do not understand this, these teabagging bastards once again want no govt. when it comes to paying taxes, but a fascist state none the less for everything else..I could care less if you want to marry a squirrel, it has no bearing on my life unless your actions effect me, and every action by this Ferret faced bigoted scumbag not only effects my life, but everyone else's, including the Teabagging bastards who support this creep...the only explanation I can come up with is the conspiracy theorists are right; Fluoride in the water IS making people stupid, as in my lifetime human rights in this country have taken a backwards path, not forward as they should....great story as usual...

  5. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Whose rights are next? Interracial married couples? People who don't agree with his Xtian views?

    1. As the trolls have stated in another thread, same sex marriage is "against the natural order." You know, just like Blacks or women voting, or interracial marriage, or equal pay for equal work or integrated schools or . . . .

    2. Anonymous7:19 AM

      The commenter thinks being a canyon yodeler and sticking inanimate objects in several holes is the natural order of things.

  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Please proceed, Canada Ted. And why don't you get Randy and huckleberry to sign on too.

  7. This is all about grifting.

    Cruz knows which way the winds are blowing, but
    he also knows the knuckle dragging base will send their
    pennies and nickels to him and he'll get news articles and
    page hits ---because of the crazy.

  8. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Just looking at that guy gives me the creeps.

  9. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Cruz/Palin '16: The girly man, manly girl ticket

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Wow. Talk about ego trips..those two would be fighting over who gets on the chartered plane first.

  10. ShootingBunnies6:02 AM

    He truly is evil, batshit crazy.

  11. Anonymous6:05 AM

    His Bill might pass the House, but won't the Senate. And, even if it did - President Obama would veto it!

    He'll never be elected POTUS! Sure is a slimy, greasy looking guy! Isn't he a Canadian anyway? He needs to be scrutinized badly!

    1. He WAS Canadian by accident of birth. He is NOT NOW a Canuck -- thank gawd! You guys are welcome to him. And since he grew up (from the age of 4) in your country, you are responsible for him!

    2. Anonymous2:46 PM

      That's alright, Maple. You'll always have Justin Bieber and his idiot parents.

  12. He looks like the troll that would be sitting at the far end of the gay bar I frequented at 19 that nobody talked to all night, walked a wide cautious circle around, and even by last call, none of us is blind-drunk enough to take his standards that far down.

    1. fromthediagonal8:50 AM

      dvlaries, please permit me to add to your comparison, because you may have left out the rest of the story: Like that troll at the far end of the bar, he is also the one who eventually will attack those who have ignored him as soon as he can do it without being caught. Yup, that's gag reflex inducing Cruz.

  13. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Do these cranks actually think there is a majority of voters who would put them in the White House with this bullshit?

    OK, Texas Turd, we know where you stand. Thanks for making it abundantly clear what a homophobic, nativist asshole you are, and wasting more taxpayer dollars on your "principles".

  14. Anonymous9:01 AM

    "So much for THAT presidential campaign! "

    Yeah, because this Canuckian chucklehead stood a snowball's chance in Boston of being president before he said what he said. There's toast and then there's burnt toast. One by one the risible riders in the GOP's clown stretch shuttle bus will emerge, fire off a stoopid gaffe or ten and quickly sink beneath the electoral waves.


    And, of course, you all know I am referring to the Merkin Muffley of American politics, the hon. Thad "THAD! McCotter of Ohio! (or possibly perhaps Pennsylvania. Does really it matter?)

  15. Anonymous9:46 AM

    "Blood and honour laws," anyone?

  16. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Cruz does have a very odd face , I believe Maureen Dowd said he looks like he was put together
    by parts of different people.
    He looks like a serial killer , IMHO.
    Perhaps his unusual facial features made him the object of childhood ridicule and were contributing factors in his obvious warped and deformed character. Combined with his bizarre father , the guy never had a chance to be normal.
    The polls of Republican voters show that they too are turned off by Cruz. He runs about 3 - 4 % in most polls.
    Scott Walker also is another odd looking duck.
    His lies of omission about his college years should come back to haunt him.
    The same people that are outraged by the tall tales of Brian Williams make excuses for the tall tales of Scott Walker.

  17. Anonymous12:47 PM

    If Cruz' bill was about states' rights, I think it would be written to cover a broader range of issues and not just marriage.

    He's showing us that his religious beliefs are the same as his father's and other fundamentalist extremists and he's pandering for god's blessing to make him president while trying to pave the way for theocracy at the state level.

    This is the underlying, illogical fear that leads to anti-gay politics:

    “God will not be mocked. The State of Alabama and the United States of America will reap God’s wrath if we embrace and condone things that are abhorrent to God, such as redefining marriage as anything other than a union between one man and one woman.” [AL GOP chairman Bill Armistead]

  18. Aunt Ethel4:16 PM

    Teddy boy, would you please explain to how two gay people getting married hurts you? What's that? It hurts your little fee-fees that two men or two women want the same legal status as two inebriated heterosexuals married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas? How come you semi-literate dimwits aren't having meltdown over that?

    Uncle Fred and I have been married for almost twenty years and if they passed a law tomorrow saying people could marry a set of steak knives it wouldn't change a thing between us. Why then should I be concerned if two men or two women want to be married?

    Why don't you get busy making your own life more happy and fulfilling and stop this constant idiotic pearlclutching over gay people. Gay Americans and straight Americans should be treated equal under the law in every regard. Period.


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