Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oregon lawmakers propose legislation on gun ownership to keep their citizens safe. NRA Ready to release winged monkeys any minute now.

Courtesy of Mail Tribune:  

Two days after Oregon senators passed legislation expanding background checks to cover most private gun sales, lawmakers heard testimony Thursday on a proposal making it a crime for adults to endanger minors by letting them gain unsupervised access to firearms. 

Under the measure, gun owners who keep firearms on their premises could be punished with up to a year in prison or a $6,250 fine if a minor gets access to a gun that wasn't locked up. There are exceptions for firearms that are stolen and for temporary transfers done while hunting or for target practice. 

Those found guilty of allowing an unsupervised minor to access to guns would also barred from owning a firearm for five years. 

"It's not about prohibiting gun ownership or limiting gun ownership. It's simply about keeping guns out of the hands of children who are often the victim of unintentional injury or death from misuse of firearms that are left unsecured," said Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a Beaverton physician. 

If the bill passes, it would require gun dealers to prominently post a notice of the new requirement to lock firearms up around children.

Okay now I realize that I am just a regular guy whose sense of masculinity is not defined by how many dangerous weapons I have in my possession, but this seems incredibly reasonable to me.

I mean come on how could anybody not want to support laws that protect our most vulnerable citizens like this? And yes of course I ask this knowing full well that there are many.

Courtesy of Fox News:  

An Oregon sheriff said Tuesday that he will not enforce an upcoming state law that expands gun background checks to include private sales, The Herald and News reported. 

Sheriff Dave Daniel, from Josephine County, which sits on the border with California, told the paper that it appears that the law is not in line with the county’s charter and said he does not have the personnel to pursue violators committing a misdemeanor.

Of course I am sure that the sheriff will have no problem issuing tickets for speeders, or for jaywalkers, but heaven forbid they utilize precious police resources to enforce a law that would make it much easier to determine who purchased a gun used in a violent crime.

You because that's a huge waste of time.

As for that proposal calling for gun owners to be held accountable if their weapons fall into the hands of young children, well that makes so much sense that even an NRA member could understand it.

But of course they won't even try.

They will just scream about the 2nd Amendment while stroking the barrel of their rifles lovingly and promising that nobody will ever come between them.


  1. wow, I need a brain eraser after seeing that image. Gee thanks. eeeeewwwwwwwwwww

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Good Lord, Bristles, put your clothes back on and go home!!

  3. Anonymous6:28 AM

    That my friend,is one homely women, damn!
    Poster child for the Nra. I suppose?


    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Is it a woman?

    2. Anonymous9:24 AM

      8:29 Good question. I really can't tell.

  4. Anonymous6:29 AM

    My daughter lives in Portland, and she and her boyfriend moved their for the beauty of Oregon, plus a better way of life. That being said, Oregon now has a bisexual Governor, a woman, and someone who refuses to take shit from anyone. If she can do it, maybe other Governor's will grow a set of balls and do the same.

    I don't hold out a lot of hope, given how wing-nut crazy many of the NRA members are, but you never know. Maybe the time is changing, especially with the Moms Demand Action group, and people in general just fed up with the NRA dictating. I am not anti-gun, but I am anti-assault rifle. I support strenuous gun laws, a much more rigorous licensing of guns, stronger background checks, and a two gun limit per licensed person.

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      I am also in Portland, 6:29 AM, and we've been known for years as Seattle's bohemian little sister. "Keep Portland Weird" and all that. Thanks goodness we are "those damn libruls up north," to Josephine County and the like, to keep this state blue.

      Senator Jeff Merkley was handily elected to his second term last November over Koch-funded Monica Wehby, who was on a par with Palin and Ernst. UGH.

      I don't hold much hope for this bill either, and agree with you on what you support.

    2. All I can say is thank goodness for the North part of Oregon. Without them this state would be nothing but a gaggle of goobers without an original thought in their pointy little heads.
      As for Sheriff Daniels, fuck him if he can't perform his duties . And that goes for the rest of the law enforcement people that think they only have to enforce the laws they "like".

  5. The best thing about this is the requirement about making it a crime to leave guns where unsupervised children can access them.

    If you are a responsible gun owner, this will not be a problem.

    I am so tired of hearing that irresponsible, neglectful parents "have suffered enough." No, no they haven't. You can face all kinds of criminal charges for neglect and endangerment of children in so many other ways. Guns should be no exception since these events are largely preventable.

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Nefer, I think the definition needs to be spelled out in detail of what exactly "responsible" means. I'd bet many gun owners think they are being responsible, but sadly they are too ignorant to realize they aren't. And some people just can't or won't look at situations with a critical eye to what might happen. Or refuse because it's an infringement on their rights.

      Then there are those that just don't think at all. We need national gun laws that spell it out, and justice served swiftly for those who break them.

      But I'm not holding my breath.


    2. Anonymous8:37 AM

      One also has to be a responsible parent. My brother, every time he showed up at my house with his family, demanded to see if my gun was secure (EVERY TIME). He had to see it for himself.

      Now that I have grandchildren I keep thinking there should be a pamphlet/handout at every doctors office reminding parents to ask their friends and neighbors if there guns are SECURE!

    3. Anonymous5:31 PM

      8:30 -
      You've just spelled out a great justification for requiring safety classes for new gun owners. Make sure they understand exactly how to safely use, maintain and store their weapons before allowing them to drive away with a deadly piece of machinery.

      AND make sure they clearly understand the consequences for not doing these things safely.

  6. Anonymous6:32 AM

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    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      And a teeny weenie.

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  8. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Steer clear of Alabama kids!

  9. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Poster boy for penis extenders?
    To quote the movie Ghostbusters:
    "Mayor: Is this true?
    Dr. Peter Venkman: Yes it's true.
    Dr. Peter Venkman: This man has no dick."

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Thanks for the flashback!!

  10. Suzy Q8:28 AM

    The picture of the guy with the man boobs, pink Keds, and navy briefs is the reason that ISIS hates us. Hell, I don't blame themI I hate us!!!

  11. Suzy Q8:32 AM

    Ooops! On second look that's a 13 year old girl without a bra. I can even faintly see a camel toe. My apologies for calling it a man.

    1. Leland1:24 PM

      Suzy Q, even if it is MALE, it isn't a man!

  12. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Sarah has gained a bit of weight.

  13. FrostyAK9:15 AM

    Any duly appointed law enforcement officer who refuses to uphold the law, should not only be fired, but also jailed for an extended period of time.

    Need Clorox for my eyeballs after that pic... is that a palin?

  14. WA Skeptic9:18 AM

    Hey, that's a nice rack!

  15. Anonymous9:26 AM

    So Bristol is pregnant again!

  16. Sweet Jesus on a pair of rubber crutches,....
    What in hell is that life form with the upturned rifles!!
    I'm not saying it shouldn't exist, i just don't want to look at it!!
    Please put warnings up next time, if you please.

    1. A Superfan In Atlanta4:06 AM

      Sweet Jesus on a pair of rubber crutches!?! Sounds like something my daddy would have said (rest his soul). I can just hear him saying that in his most southern gentlemanly voice. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  17. Anonymous4:13 PM

    It's kind of disgusting that there are people in this world who are against anything that makes sense or saves lives. How many against this law have pro life bumper stickers? And who needs ammo that pierces body armor? Law enforement, mebbe.

  18. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon7:04 PM

    It's not a man.
    It's not a woman.
    It's a hermaphrodite.

  19. I was a resident of Josephine County in Oregon. I lived in Grants Pass, I'm sure the deputy they spoke with is from there. You are correct, they don't have time to deal with an intelligent gun law, but they can prosecute my daughter for half a joint they found in her car on a routine stop. It ended up costing her a night in jail and over $4,200 in court fees.
    I live in Lane county now, where our biggest city, Eugene, was voted "Hippie Capital" of America two years ago. Yay!!!

  20. Gender is best understood as a continuum, rather than a polarity. Regardless, the guns make no sense at all.


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