Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stephen King makes a very valid point about the GOP 2016 lineup thus far.

Look as you all know I loves me some horror books and films, and I can honestly say that I have yet to read or watch ANYTHING as frightening as the very real possibility that any of these assholes would end up in the White House.

Not even joking.


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    For all the money the kingmakers have to put behind a GOP nominee, you'd think they could buy someone reasonably intelligent and somewhat easy on the eyes. A nice personality would go a long way to take them over the finish line.

    Instead, they have to choose from: odd ducks like Cruz and Walker; little baby Marco; Eddie Haskins' twin Rand Paul; walking heart attack Chris Christie; and Jeb "They Say I'm the Smart One, but I'm not Sure" Bush.

  2. Anonymous2:32 AM

    All three give me the impression that they think the job of the "President" is to wear a cape, a tall hat, and strut around telling people what to do...and little else in the way of actual WORK.

    That is basically how they have treated their position as U.S. Senator.

    Can anyone point to an ACCOMPLISHMENT any of the three of them have managed to put together?

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      "wear a cape, a tall hat, and strut around telling people what to do"

      That's an unfair characterization,

      Sure, the behavior you describe is a major part of the Republican legislator's job description but you left out the more important role of providing political and oral stimulation to their financial benefactors.

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    So which is this one - Cruz, Paul or Rubio ?

  4. Gryphen, as you know, I am working on a campaign video for a VERY high profile uber patriotic severe conservative likely and/or actual candidate for the presidency.

    Might need a few tweaks, but here's the script so far. Enjoy, won't you?:

    (somber cello music, images of Dresden, Germany after WWII fire bombing)

    This is Barack Obama's America. Millions of jobs lost, 50% of all homes destroyed by insects. Middle school drug addicts strangle their parents in their sleep. Ebola virus kills 3 of every 11 1/3 school age children. Roving bands of drug-crazed minority youths rove the countryside, raping, killing, burning, looting and roving, also too. In our urban centers, rats are hunted like rats. For food. Stockmarket indices plunge to near zero. Homeschooled children are forced to attend public school. 90% of all businesses have closed their doors because of Obamacare. 63% of all retired women are forced to sell their bodies on streetcorners to put food on their tables. It's our worst nightmare come true.

    Is THIS the hope and change we were supposed to believe in?
    (discordant synthesizer stab followed by patriotic piccolo music)

    With ____________ as our new president, every problem visited upon true Americans like a biblical plague by the socialist, possibly foreign born Obama will be reversed overnight. Businesses will again flourish, white people can start to smile again and most of the people killed by Obama's anti-xtian, anti-American policies will be resurrected in time for ___________'s inaugural ball!

    (upeat carnival calliope music)
    Help ________ take our country back from the black man in the White House. Vote for _____________. Bought and paid for by Oligarchs for ___________. I am ______________ and, fuck yeah, I approve this message!

    (Smiling face emoji)
    Fade to black

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      what's 'upeat' music?

      Plus, according to the Conservative Independent American Patriotic Heritage Prosperity Restoration and Statistical Analysis Institute (CIAPHPRSAI) has documented American job losses under Obama to be 350 million individuals out of work or, in excess of 4.7 billion hours of lost productivity*.

      And don't forget Benghazi!!!


      *vacation time, sick days and weekends off count as "Obama job losses" in this conservative analysis.

    2. Beldar, you missed your calling!

  5. Randall6:53 AM

    The Republicans aren't even pretending anymore: they ARE the lackies of oligarchy:

    On April 16th, the House Republicans passed a bill that repeals estate tax on inherited assets worth more than $5.4 million. This only benefits 0.2% of American taxpayers - only the 5,000 wealthiest families.

    It is without any doubt or argument, tax-relief for the richest of the rich and nobody else.

    233 Republicans voted for it and 176 Democrats voted against it.

    BEFORE this bill was passed, the wealthy could give their heirs $5 million EACH without being subjected to any estate tax!

    Now there is no limit.

    It increases the deficit by $27 billion a year. Every year from now on.

    It is a blatant and unconscionable giveaway to the Kochs, the Waltons, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Hiltons - and many of our Senators and Representatives...

    Unless you are personally worth more than a hundred million dollars, you are a damned fool to vote for a Republican.

    1. It's not law yet. They've also voted to repeal Obama Care over 50 times.

      Has the Senate passed it?

      Has Obama signed it?

      Do they have a veto proof majority?

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    King has a valid point, but it's almost laughable. The GOP nailed it's foot to the floor years ago.


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