Thursday, April 30, 2015

The secret marriage, and ugly dissolution of that marriage, that Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski really does not want you to know about.

So Amy Demboski is in a runoff election with Ethan Berkowitz to decide who will be the mayor of our fair city.

Demboski is a completely unqualified candidate who nonetheless has attracted the backing of the Koch brothers and of course our Baptist minister king maker Jerry Prevo.

Essentially Prevo is drawn to Demboski because she is a family values embracing homophobe who is pushing a conservative agenda.  You could say that hate and ideology binds them.

But what if there were something about Amy Demboski that was not quite so pro-family values? You know perhaps something like a brief marriage and an attempt to force your former husband into paying child support for a child that was not his.

Because you know what? That is something that really happened.

According to an article in the Alaska Star:

Demboski grew up a military kid, lived in Japan, the Philippines and the East Coast before her family settled in the Eagle River area when she was 12. She graduated for Gruening Middle School and Chugiak High School, where she met her husband, Anchorage Fire Department captain Ben Demboski. They married in 1998, at the chapel at Elmendorf Air Force Base. 

“Nothing impacted me more than growing up in the military,” she says. “Dad used to joke and say I was the most military kid that he knew.”

"The most military kid that he knew." Keep that phrase in mind.

You see before there was a Mr. Demboski in her life, there was a Mr. Dempsey, who the then Amy Lynn Hyatt married on October 27, 1995 in Witchita Falls, Texas, a year after she graduated high school.

Sadly for Amy her husband was immediately deployed, so they had precious little time together. In fact it appears that the future Mrs. Demboski did not even take her husband's name during that first marriage and within six months was asking for a dissolution.

Here is one of the documents dated April 2, 1996:

Click to enlarge
Take notice of the portion marked 1878:

(resident 10/95 married, no child, 7/96 due)
(resident never lived w/Mr., Mr. not the father.)

"Mr. not the father?"

You see as it turns out Amy Lynn Hyatt found herself pregnant, with a child due in July of 1996, while her husband was deployed in England, and then claimed the baby was Mr. Dempsey's.

Mr. Dempsey was having none of it.

Here is what it says for those having trouble reading it:

"I, Christian M. Dempsey, being duly sworn do hereby depose and say: (And this next part is hand written.) that I am not the father of the child to be born to Ms. Amy L. Hyatt in July 1996."

(I cropped out the top because it contained Mr. Dempsey's SSN.)

Wait, does that mean that the future Mrs. Demboski attempted to trap this man into paying child support, and providing military benefits for a child that was not even his?

Yes it looks that way.

Here is Mr. Dempsey asking to have the requirement of watching the video "Listen to the Children" waived because he was in England. Not to mention that the child WAS NOT HIS.

Click to enlarge
Now it is not shown in these documents but I have learned that Mr. Dempsey asked for and received a DNA test which exonerated him from responsibility. (As you can imagine this kind of thing happens with some frequency to deployed soldiers and the military takes it quite seriously.)

However Ms. Hyatt did not seem interested in letting Mr. Dempsey off the hook:

Click to enlarge
For those having trouble reading this it's stamped June 24, 1996 (A month before the baby is due) and it says:

The Petition for Dissolution of the Marriage is denied, due to the Petitioner's failure to file an amendment as to Christian Dempsey not being the father of the child to be born.

Ultimately according to Court View the divorce was finalized on April 24, 1997.

Then in 1998 Amy Lynn Hyatt, marries Ben Demboski, and the rest, as they say, is history. And now that history is a little more complete.

To sum up, this conservative Anchorage mayoral candidate so respects Christian family values that she got knocked up while her brand new husband was overseas, and so respects the military that she fraudulently attempted to access child support and military benefits from the soldier even though she knew the child was not his.

And THAT my friends is who the Koch brothers are spending millions of dollars to support, and to whom Jerry Prevo just gave his stamp of approval.

Now you are probably asking, Gryph how did you come by all of this information?

Well to be honest, it arrived last night in the form of a phone call from an old friend of ours. And he has something he would like to say about all of this:

Politics is a dirty awful business, and politics in Alaska even more so. When you have a candidate for any office, that not only claims the moral high ground, but then turns around and attempts to subjugate the human rights of a whole group of folks, you have to ask yourself if they are that crazy or just that morally corrupt. 

Well in the case of Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski the answer is she's just that morally corrupt. Having another man's baby while you're married is bad enough, but doing it while your husband is deployed defending his nation is inexcusable. 

Hoping the world forgets about it and courting the Military, and Religious vote is just plain stupid. 

Maybe somebody should ask Alaska Family Action, or Jerry Prevo what's worse, protecting the rights of a whole segment of our population (As Ethan Berkowitz wants to do.), or being an adulterer who fucks Jody when her husband is deployed defending this country since they claim the moral high ground and all. 

Dropzone Bill

(By the way, the name "Jody" is used as a derogatory term for any man who sleeps with a soldier's wife while he is deployed. I had to ask, cause I didn't know.)

Update: Mudflats is on the story as well, with even more information.


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    What a fraud!

    Cannot imagine that the ungodly man, Jerry Prevo, is going to like this new fact and publically continue supporting her. He came out way too soon in support of this idiot and didn't verify his sources (his followers in the Baptist Church in Anchorage)!

    Especially the incest issue she and Prevo have cast on Ethan Berkowitz with lies and no proof! Fucking assholes, both of them! She will lose this election and I can hardly wait to watch! Christians, my ass!

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      WOW Gryph, you've taken over at the Dispatch. The Dumbowski story comments are directing people to IM. Also too at the same time DNR Dan is getting ripped for endorsing her. Bwahahaha

    2. Anonymous10:33 PM

      to dropzone bill, since i am from canada and have nothing to offer you, i was wondering if you would open to be my internet buddy?

    3. Dropzone Bill3:15 AM

      Ahh my friend Canada is great I get to work with Your RCMP all the time you've got crazy there they just tend to be a little more civilized

    4. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Thanks Bill, Anchorage appreciates your work.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Glad I'm from Fairbanks..
    You all get what you deserve, stupid fucks in Anchor town..
    LOL ha, ha, ha..
    Gotta ya a real Hoohaa...

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Classy. Way to rep for Fairbanks.

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      I see, the cons vetted Dumbasski the way McCain's guys vetted Palin. Just see a conventionally attractive warmongering neocon willing to run, but nothing to back it up.

    3. Anonymous12:54 PM

      What does Anchorage have to do with what she did in the past while out of state? Guessing you're a UAF grad.

    4. Anonymous1:36 PM

      @anon at 12:54 pm
      Her past has to do with her character on a whole. She is a fraud and a proven liar, an adulteress, a sinner and a slutty loser.

    5. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Most likely we will not elect Dembowski, Fairbanks however will still have its share of Christian loons like Lance Roberts

    6. Whos dropzone billdo? Oh thats right

    7. Dropzone Bill2:18 PM

      really Billdo if your going to insult me try to do better than that I also notice you've got nothing to say on the article so................

    8. Anonymous3:05 PM

      I'm embarrassed for Fairbanks that the douchebag @9:17 is a resident.

    9. Anonymous3:06 PM

      It addresses her character. What a stupid remark you made.

    10. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Haha!!! Only somebody from Fairbanks would say something this stupid...we're glad you're from Fairbanks too...idiot.

    11. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Ms Dumbasanoxy also has the endorsement of DNR Dan Sullivan (R-Ohio) Alaska's newest Senator. Another Koch sucker.
      I just pray Anchorage gets out the vote, or they get what they deserve. Alaska's voting record is sadly pathetic, not just Anchorage.

    12. the kid6:04 PM

      Hey Drop Zone...sounds like we need to talk...i will send you an email or call...

    13. Cracklin Charlie7:40 PM

      You have a name.

      It looks good on you.

    14. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Depends if she's in a good mood...not lately...vehicle tampering while working...the Elderly...gee trying to kill Somebody Sarah? The hunted have just become the hunters...good job need a Baltimore beating

    15. Anonymous10:11 PM

      Lol...smackdown! Would love to see it!

    16. Anonymous6:22 AM

      So Democrats should love her. After all this author is trying to say she fits Democrat ideals.

    17. Anonymous7:45 AM

      It's the new version of Godwin's Law. In this case, subtract Hitler and instead invoke Obama or the Koch brothers (depending on your leanings) in lieu of actually having an argument.

      Now I see that someone here in Fairbanks is doing the same with Lance Roberts? I'm no fan of his, but I went to school with his brother, so I've known him forever. I love how so many people here blame Lance and Michael Dukes for everything. Everything, that is, except for Schaeffer Cox, which is something they can be blamed for.

      When I last followed FNSB politics several years ago, a common expression was "Use the force, Luke". This was code for "Pull your head out of your ass, Luke".

    18. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Aw stocks are up...the money game continues...gee is that all ya got kochs?

    19. Anonymous1:27 PM

      No...vehicles aren't the only thing the kochs tamper with...pass that spit around now...spread it out

    20. Anonymous3:09 AM

      Very classy and makes us down here happy you're from Fairbanks...

  3. Since when is it understood that people live their Faith through their businesses? And if that were to be common knowledge, and a fact, it would seem to me the only worshiping being done would be for the love of money, the Evangelical's true God.

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      What that refers to as if you strongly disagree with something on religious or even cultural grounds you have the right to refuse to provide your services -just like that person has the right to live their chosen lifestyle regardless of what those same people think or feel about it. So some feel it's a double standard - your rights under the first amendment but only if you agree with things you sincerely disagree with. I'm sure there are plenty of other businesses would like to have these peoples business without regard to their personal choices so why must they force people to service when they themselves are completely intolerant of those people who have strong religious or cultural beliefs... In short - one side gets to trample the rights of the other with impunity and the other gets vilified for beliefs that a shared by many many people - who while respecting the rights of these peoples chosen lifestyle - deeply disagree with it on sincerely held genuine religious beliefs - but still love and care for these people -just don't want to be forced to cater to their lifestyles just like those people wouldn't want to be forced to go to a church or other religious activity without their choice.

    2. Anonymous2:15 PM


      What a load. No. Businesses catering to the public should not be allowed to discriminate. If you want to do that, form a private club.

    3. Anonymous2:30 PM

      So when did you choose your lifestyle. I never chose, heterosexuality hit me like a bug on the windshield of a Maserati on the autobahn. No choice there. Was it a hard struggle for you to choose to be hetero?

    4. "Anonymous1:52 PM I'm sure there are plenty of other businesses would like to have these peoples business without regard to their personal choices so why must they force people to service"
      What a load of illiterate ignorant bullshit.

      What if you need something and there is only one shop available or that sells it? Is someone supposed to walk miles along a dangerous road at night because you refuse to sell them gasoline?

      Your religious rights stop where other people's rights start.

      If you are using publicly funded roads, police and fire departments, utilities, agencies, and tax breaks to grow and prosper and keep your business safe, then you are obligated to serve each and every member of that public.

      Jesus broke bread and prayed with tax collectors, prostitutes, thieves and sinners. You so-called christians think you are better than Jesus.

      You claim you want everyone to find the Lord, yet you believe you are so superior to everyone you perceive to be not as holy as you that you lose chances to bring people to the Lord by refusing to associate with them, something Jesus never did. What do you suppose Jesus thinks about that?

      You are the basest of low-life lying hypocrites because you pick and choose which sins you deem punishable. Are you perfect? Are you without sin?

      So take your lying, phony, fake, hypocritical so-called "deeply felt" religious beliefs and shove them.

      They are an insult to the Christ you claim to worship, you sickening toad.

    5. Anonymous3:04 PM

      2:30 PM:
      One doesn't CHOOSE their sexual life-style. They are born with it.

      Think about that long and hard (no pun intended).

    6. Anonymous3:15 PM

      3:04 -

      2:30 knows that. That is what they stated. That was the point of the comment. 1:52 seems to think it is a choice.

    7. First off, learn how to use punctuation, will you!
      You're full of shit!! Religion does not apply in the public sphere. A business operates in that sphere and all are welcome to whatever services you offer. Other than someone who is someway abusive, you have no right to pick and choose who you service. Get that!! NO RIGHT!!

    8. Anonymous3:44 PM

      3:15 PM:
      I answered wrong one, sorry, my bad.

    9. Anonymous4:05 PM

      All a business owner has to do publically to make me not give them business IS to indicate something about their religious beliefs. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING turns me off faster.

      And, that is especially so with political candidates. Watch and listen to what they say - how they vote - as well as their stated personal issues. Emphasis on them discussing their religious beliefs will shut me off immediately.

      The Republican individuals are horrid as to pushing their religious 'stuff' and most of them don't even live their professed Christian beliefs. Just look at their marriages, affairs and divorces and that is just the starting point!


    10. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Religion and sanity do not mix. I don't have much compassion for humans but I really feel sorry for those who've been brainwashed into religion.

    11. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Can't wait until your property taxes go sky high to pay for all of these new card toting union police officers the Dueschowitz wants to hire. I guess he hasn't heard of Detroit or Baltimores funding problems. Suckers!

  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It looks like Jerry Prevo is going to get one of his minions to run the city of Anchorage. Sure hope the people of Anchorage don't sit on their hands and forget to vote in this election.

    1. Anonymous2:24 PM

      It's staggering the caliber of people that Anchorage gets itself by default. I used to think surely they must care but now I don't. As long as they get the candidate that screams about lowering taxes 24/7 they don't mind what sort of criminal they elect. The reelection of Sullivan proves that.

  5. A. J. Billings9:26 AM

    Gryphen,. that is an explosive story, and I hope you can share this with the Alaska press, and the Anchorage and Juneau newspapers.

    If they run front page articles on this, citing the hard evidence, maybe this hypocritical bible pounding fool will lose, and she and Jerry Prevo can weep their tears of bitter grief together.

    Great work exposing this!

  6. 9:25, I too hope that the people of Anchorage and get out to vote for Ethan Berkowitz! Otherwise, Anchorage will be screwed, much like the lying Amy Dembowski tried to do to both her first husband and the military. I feel sorry for her child and current husband having all this publicly shared, but I don't feel bad for her. Sounds like another Palin, only prettier and with different lies, but same narcissistic attitudes.

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      I don't find her pretty at all! Too evil - just like Palin - seeping from her pores!

    2. When is the election?

    3. Anonymous11:05 AM

      She is not pretty at all! Her eyes are tiny, beady and mean. I like big kind eyes. Her smirk is less than an inch. Not pretty!

  7. krbmjb059:47 AM

    I'm from California, but WOW. Is it true that since you are "way up there" in AK, that people really think they can get away with this? This also needs to go national with the 2nd story being the Koch tie-in.

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Nothing to do with living in AK

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      You live in Cali. You should know this has nothing to do with Alaska. California is a very problematic state in itself.

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM


    4. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Have you forgotten about Arnold's "love child"?

    5. Anonymous11:48 AM

      OT - 11:22 - California is doing fine with the old pro Jerry Brown (and has for some time). How was Arnold's "love child" a problem for California? Arnold's governorship was problematical but at least as governor he didn't accept a salary.

    6. Anonymous11:57 AM

      "problematic" means doubtful or questionable, not something with lots of problems, 10:28.

    7. krbmjb051:10 PM

      Saying I'm from CA means that this story has interest not only locally, but should also go nationally, that is all. Had NOTHING to do about who is "worse" - Ugh!

    8. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Actually since Alaaaaska makes the top ten of the most politically corrupt states it DOES have to do with Alaaaska.

    9. If the Koch brothers support these kind of candidates nationwide then it does pertain to all 50 states. These guys are doing everything they can to undermine our democracy with their puppets.
      Maybe from MD

    10. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Alaska is known to be corrupt politically and it's been that way under Republicans, mainly due to oil!

      Alaskan voters need to pay closer attention to how and whom they cast their ballot! They should vote for Democrats, Independents and Non Partisan candidates!

      Just look at some of the people Alaskans have put into office - frightening as hell to say the least!

      Remember Sarah Palin? Amy is very much the same kind of product. We need to keep the religious folks out of political office - the two do NOT mix and are not suppose to!

    11. Anonymous2:30 PM

      12:54 PM

      You are so correct!

      Amy Dem is truly a 'slutty' loser. Implying that Ethan Berkowitz agrees/or supports incest hits the bottom of the barrel! She's truly full of shit!

      And, I see her losing this run-off race (May 5th) due to making this statement. It's probably the very worst I've seen in politics and she owes him an apology - along with one from the ungodly man, Jerry Prevo!

      I would love to slap her across the face should I ever run into her on a public street. Know for sure that I'll give her a good tongue lashing which is more than well deserved.

    12. Anonymous9:51 PM

      @2:30 no reason to go after her because she's a woman. "slutty"? "slap her across the face"? c'mon. you're showing a sad ignorance and prejudice.

      her hypocrisy, slandering, lack of experience, and bringing religion into an arena where it doesn't belong and is unconstitutional are the real issues.

  8. fromthediagonal9:51 AM

    Unfortunately, those voters who need this information do not read! More than likely, she will win.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      I've been making phone calls all morning to people I know - to talk about these issues with Amy - hoping to sway them before they cast their vote.

      So, far have convinced ten to change their minds! We all need to be working on this issue.

      Amy is another politician that is an embarrassment to Anchorage and Alaska. We have been loaded with many of them throughout the years. Alaska's have voted AGAINST themselves time and time again.

      Get the word out!!!! And vote for Ethan Berkowitz!

    2. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Who will she fuck while Anchorage's back is turned?

      To do what she did with human lives is despicable. Imagine what she's capable of where money is involved.

    3. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Yeah, we need ol tax man Spendowitz to run our city so we can be taxed out of our homes. You idiots amaze me.

  9. Anonymous9:51 AM

    All they have to do is ask for forgiveness and everything is OK.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      I sincerely doubt she will be welcome through the gates to Heaven. Hell awaits her soul!

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      And miraculously grow their hymens back and revirginize their vaginas!

    3. Anonymous2:17 PM

      Yuk! Don't like visualizing her regenerated hymen in her vajay jay!

    4. More bible grazing.

      You don't intentionally commit a crime based on the premise you'll be automatically forgiven once you say sorry.

      Like our justice system, it's all about intent.

      Jesus may be forgiving but he isn't stupid.

  10. Anonymous9:53 AM

    We ALL need to get this information out throughout Anchorage and Alaska. This woman and Jerry Prevo need to be brought down, down, down!!!!!!

    Send it to ALL members of the Anchorage Assembly, Mayor Dan Sullivan and his group, the groups supporting this lying' woman and ALL Alaska Legislators!

    Alaska needs to get rid of their many corrupt politicians and this is the only way we are going to be able to do it. Get the word out about the corrupt candidates - what they have done - documented FACTS, etc.

    It is going to take a group effort to pull Republicans from being in the majority!

    Vote for Ethan Berkowitz folks!

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      I hope you live in Alaska. Non-residents who speak about other states affairs are silly. All states have their own problems. At this point, I don't believe any one state is worse. 10 years ago I would have said MS, LA, IL, and CA are the worst states all around. But the breadbasket is showing it's not immune to human problems.

      The problem is, this woman in the post is not different from the average person.

    2. Anonymous10:54 AM

      10:27 AM I DO live in Alaska - having arrived here in 1950. I'm a senior citizen and white.

      And, I pay close attention as to our politics - nationally, state and local levels. We stink in Alaska and have so much corruption it makes me sick to my stomach.

      I so disagree with you - Amy IS very different than the average person!

      I for sure know she is nothing like me and/or other politicians I do know and support.

      Demboski is a proven liar and fraud - the FACTS are out there and very easily attainable with regard to her.

    3. The "average person" 10:27 would be ashamed to "pal around" with Amy. And wouldn't consider public office with that background.

    4. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Both candidates are frauds and liars that's the definition of politician! Whats important is which liar will cost us less in the long run! Gay marriage, abortion and all the other polarizing issues don't have much bearing on a local mayor race, but property taxes and the daily grind of running a city in a fiscally responsible manner is the best way to judge this race! Because at the end of the day the poor bastards punching the clock everyday has to pay for decisions these politicians make!!! Don't be distracted by bullshit issues!

    5. Anonymous1:41 PM

      @anon 10:27 am
      Maybe you are a lying cheat and it's normal in your family and circle of friends, but being a lying cheat is not the norm for the majority of the population.

    6. Banjo2:24 PM

      1:18 you do know that Anchorage has a tax cap correct, and that both candidates have almost identical fiscal platforms? You cannot spend, spend, spend in Anchorage. You can spend up to the cap or slightly below it. Gay issues are significant financial issues as folks in Indiana can attest. Having a bigot for a mayor puts a big closed for business sign on Anchorage. In Indiana they have lost millions of dollars from cancelled conventions, a company headquartered there cancelled plans to expand their operation, another one is paying to relocate employees that feel discriminated against. The NCAA is reconsidering all future events held in the state. Good luck convincing any fortune 500 companies to come to Anchorage in any capacity with an official bigot as the major. Not to mention that our adulteress candidate also wants to keep commercialized marijuana out of Anchorage, depriving the city of millions of annual $'s in revenue and ensuring the gang members and drug dealers are the only ones making $ off the sale of marijuana (that continues unabated regardless of legal status).

    7. "Anonymous10:27 AM
      The problem is, this woman in the post is not different from the average person."
      What a crock of crap. You must run with a degenerate crowd if you think the average person commits adultery, tries to claim an innocent man is the father of her adulterous pregnancy, tries to force an innocent to pay child support for a child that is not his, and tries to defraud the federal government for child benefits.

      You mus be a real sleaze if you think this is everyday behavior for "typical" people.

    8. Anonymous3:51 PM

      2:43 pm

      You are so correct! 10:27 AM must be an Anchorage Christian from the Baptist Temple headed by Prevo!!!

  11. Any woman that would attempt to trap a man as - Amy Demboski did - is disgusting and despicable! The fact that she has the endorsement of Jerry Provo and the backing of the Koch brothers is not surprising because they all seem to play by their own rules, the same rules that they are always ready, willing and able to use against anyone who dares to cross them. I sincerely hope that the voters in Alaska will think carefully and vote their conscience.
    PS ~ Good to 'hear' from Dropzone Bill again!

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Hear that, S'error?
      She's as Christian as you are!

  12. laurensd110:03 AM

    That is beyond despicable. Good luck Gryphen in getting this out.
    Comment Sarah? I am sure you are familiar with Amy's reasoning.

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Thank you Dropzone Bill! And, of course, thank you Gryphen!

  14. FrostyAK10:08 AM

    Has this info been fwded to the Dispatch? At the very least give it to Ethan's campaign.

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Outstanding! I sent it to Prevo and hopefully, he'll shut his trap.

    2. laurensd12:08 PM

      There are quite a few comments on ADN's Amy article regarding this post.
      First place I went after reading this post earlier!

    3. Anonymous2:16 PM

      >>>I sent it to Prevo and hopefully, he'll shut his trap. <<<

      aahhaahhahah but I doubt he will. More likely he'll exorcize you.

    4. Anonymous3:49 PM

      2:16 PM

      He'd have to find me first!

      Do you think he'd come with the security guys he always has travel with him - even when he goes out to lunch at a restaurant? He truly is wary of Anchorage folks unless they are his 'followers'! Poor baby!

    5. Anonymous4:39 PM


      I'd love to be "exorcised" by an idiot with preacher hair that believes in sky fairies...boy howdy, that would be a good time. I'd like to argue the finer points of the "separation of church and state" with him, and ask him how his son is, the one that he "repaired" through "christian conversion therapy".

      His marriages sure haven't lasted very long, even though his daddy gave him and his various wives tax free accommodations and free reign of the church kitty.

      No women seem to want to stay married to Pervo's "not gay" son.

    6. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Demboski is just endorsed by Sen. Dan Sullivan our big "military hero." Will he comment on her outright fraud attempt with the military???
      On second thought, he hasn't made a peep since he was elected so why start now. Gag.

  15. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Boy, does Amy fit in the 'BITCH' category! I'm sure her current husband had no clue what hit him after marrying her!

    Plus, she is a liar, fraud, corrupt, anti women's issues and gay rights! Get rid of her Anchorage - she has no earned right in our government!

    It's way past time to move Anchorage and Alaska to the 'blue' side!

  16. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Who cares what Sarah Palin has to say? The Republican party wants nothing to do with her! And, the majority of Alaskans just wish she'd go play in her dead lake in Wasilla.

  17. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Personal lives have no legitimate bearing on whether a candidate is qualified. Democrats prove that daily. Her unqualifications lie in her professional accomplishments of lack thereof

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

      But if she lied or deceived about her own life and how she's conducted it, that's a factor to weigh in determining her fitness for office.

    2. LOL.

      Perjury and misuse of the judicial process aren't "personal."

    3. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Not sure I can buy that. There are numerous examples of candidates and elected politicians of both parties whose personal lives led to their political downfall. In Demboski's case she is not only vastly unqualified for the job, she's a hypocrite. follow your logic, if Berkowitz actually made statements (instead of the Prevo/Demboski smear campaign), should that be ignored and only his professional accomplishments and qualifications be taken into consideration? Bet you don't want to go there, huh?

    4. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Amy has made things personal and she's been caught lying. That is her inner soul - it's her 'persona' - she is a liar and fraud.

      The FACTS are out there and she doesn't deserve one vote - especially from her base, the supposed Christians that appear to accept her evilness and lyin' ways!

    5. Anonymous11:30 AM

      You are incredibly stupid.

    6. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Democrats prove that daily?? Really??? Give examples. But republicans don't prove it daily??
      You are an idiot.

    7. Anonymous12:02 PM

      You sure can tell that 11:26 AM offended those lying Christians of Anchorage - probably from Prevo's church! Poor souls!

      Get a grip - Amy Dem doesn't deserve your support. She's the devil incarnate or haven't you figured that out as yet?

    8. Anonymous12:29 PM

      If her core is to lie and cheat in her personal life, it will naturally continue in her political or professional life. It's a given!

    9. Anonymous12:32 PM

      @ 10:25, THE FUCK YOU SAY?!

      If you run for office claiming to be a holy roller, church goin' moral high ground Christian, you damn well better not be out fucking around on your husband, lying to the court , or filing false statements in a judicial proceeding.

      Amy can, of course, claim that "now God has forgiven me", but trying to trap a man into child support and parentage after he enlisted, and then went out and fucked around, shows a huge character issue.

      Sorry Christians, you don't get to have it both ways.

      Jack Schaap was always yelling from the pulpit about how everyone else was a sinner, and how he lived from the bible, and then he seduced a 15 year old girl, and got caught. He's doing hard time for it, but he's already petitioned for a lighter sentence.

      Amy Dembowski's situation may have been in her "personal life" , but what she lied to the court, , committed perjury, and tried to trap an innocent man.

    10. Anonymous1:43 PM

      She lied in court documents, she is guilty of perjury which is a crime. This criminal should be outed.
      But you seem very set on covering for her.

    11. Anonymous2:34 PM

      ll I can say is that yes I do like her and a lot of here ideas. I voted for her and I will again. I don't get alot into the dirty smear politics because it takes away from the real issues at hand. I can truly say that no one is perfect. He who is without sin cast the first stone and for all have fallen short of the glory of God. I think maybe at one time she may have made mistakes, huge ones at that but that doesn't destroy everything she has worked for her entire life or the principles she has now or the person she has become now. Its just my two cents. I won't put this on your wall because you feel the way that you feel about it but I think some forgiveness can be given when we find these things out about people you know?
      It says that your morality is not judged by the church you attend or the faith you embrace. I wonder how many Christians can sit in church and profess before they became saved they were perfect in every way. The reason Jesus died for us is because we are sinners. I used to attend church, quite often in fact and even went on a mission trip to Yucatan Peninsula and then as I have grown older I fell out of the organized religion art of it. One of the reasons: Hypocrisy and judgement. I still believe in God and I still believe Jesus died for me of course but I do not attend services any longer. Keep in mind these transgressions were almost 20 years ago?!?!

    12. Anonymous2:37 PM

      She did not merely commit fraud in her own personal life. She lied on a sworn document that she filed with the court. That's a felony.

      But beyond that, she tried to defraud the US military! By knowingly trying to pass this out-of-wedlock child off as the off-spring of an enlisted soldier who was serving far from home (and who she knew was not the child's father), she in effect tried to claim US taxpayer benefits for this child that would extend for 18 YEARS!!! That is also a felony, one that results in imprisonment.

      What part about fraud do you not understand? She was a military brat, from a military family. Thus, she knew full well what she was doing: trying to defraud Uncle Sam. That means she tried to defraud you and me. This woman is the farthest thing on earth from Christian values.

    13. Anonymous3:33 PM

      And, if by some god awful chance Amy were to be elected Mayor of Anchorage, many of us need to go together and buy a page of the Anchorage newspaper - Alaska Dispatch News - and publish every damn illegal/unlawful thing we can find that she has done in her life - and have it published in their Sunday edition.

    14. Anonymous3:41 PM

      2:34 PM Hard to imagine someone casting their vote for Amy Dem based on all the facts that have been brought up today on various blogs.

      You appear to be more about touting your 'christian' ways of 'forgiveness'. Sorry, but I don't think she is changing - look at the campaign stuff she is putting out there against her opponent in these final days of the race! They are lies!

      Ethan Berkowitz does not support incest! She knows she is going to lose and is showing her true self which is one nasty Christian Republican.

      Remember, she has continued her nastiness and wrongdoings in recent years - not just from twenty years ago. She IS a proven liar and fraud!

    15. Anonymous3:43 PM

      I hear what you are saying about the military and I understand. My husband and I are both prior Army. I get it. All I am saying these were transgressions from 20 years ago or so and the vulgar things that are being said about her are definitely not forgiving or Christ like. If we really want to go with transgressions what of our president in office recently and often doing things and covering them up?? or Hillary Clinton??? No those get forgotten... and that's recent and happening every time you turn around scandal after scandal. But something that happened 20 years or so ago lets focus on that...

    16. Anonymous4:42 PM


      Why do you assume that all people commenting are christians and also that we know anything about the military? I've never had anyone in my family serve nor known any military people except for some guys that work at Fred Meyer that said they were in the war in the gulf or something.

      We are all different but you assume we're all the same.

    17. Anonymous6:28 PM

      3:43 PM Suspect you are in the Amy corner.

      She is now also out in recent ads slamming our wonderful President Obama. You can tell she knows she is losing this election - as she is following the lead of other Republicans in Alaska and the lower 48 that have been up for election or reelection.

      Plus, President Obama didn't pull the majority vote in Alaska since we are majority Republican currently. Damn, but I hope that changes. I think it will by 2016. More and more Alaskans are sick to death of the Republicans in the Alaska Legislature that is for sure! I hope that Anna Fairclough, (has a new married name now - cannot remember it!) from Eagle River, is one of the first to be voted out of office! She has high hopes of running for governor. God help us all!

    18. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Character Matters!

  18. Anonymous10:31 AM

    We used to be blue. Then the oil companies arrived AND the RNC has focused a great deal of time and energy around reapportionment from coast to coast. Reapportionment is key to turning any state blue or red.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Plus many of the TAPS pipeline workers were from Texas and Oklahoma, and unfortunately, didn't leave when the boom was over. Hence the right wing social conservatives and Bible bangers we have now. Do you remember the bumper sticker in the 70's, "Happiness is a Texan heading south with an Okie under each arm." I lived here in the 70's, then left for 20 years. I was shocked by the politics when I came back.

    2. The politics in Alaska was never left. Read our Constitution. Read our history.

    3. Alaska was Democratic and/or progressive until post-pipeline. (I'd include Governor Hammond in the progressive group and I also respected Hickel). Bartlett, Gruening and Gravel served over 30 years in the Senate (with just 3 + of Gravel's terms post pipeline.) first Governor was Democratic and governors were evenly divided Democratic and Republican until 2002. There were things like a progressive judicial appointment system, and a personal exemption for marijuana and . . . .

      The pipeline brought money and development but also changed the physical, cultural and political landscape.

    4. Anonymous3:30 PM

      2:59 pm

      You are dead wrong! Alaska was a Democratic majority, governed state for many years - that is a FACT. Check our history - look up Governor Gruening, etc. You idiot!!!

    5. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Hey, creek house:

      The constitution of Alaska sets the ground rules for us to be "an owner state" regarding our resources. I'd say that's more than just "blue" it's downright socialist.

  19. Anonymous10:40 AM

    She sure looks like an innocent young "Christian" girl in that photo. The facts are not so sweet though. But that's typical for the far right and for the US religious fundies. All sorts of gooey sweetness but hearts of stone. And no real sense of morality either.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM


      I just don't see a sweet, 'Christian' girl. Her evilness comes through those eyes which are the windows to her soul.

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Of all the girls and women I've "known" the little religious ones were the biggest sluts, and I've known a few, but you could be certain once one started spouting bible or koran or other religious bullshit it was a guarantee that I was gong to get laid, and get the hell out of there without even getting a name because that religious guilt bullshit is worse than an hangover after that one night stand! Never, ever let that sort of hookup catch you in the same room with one of those bitches past 4am...

    3. Anonymous7:38 PM

      Haven't known that many but yeah. A little kissy kissy and they get like drunk horny.
      And I thought it was cause they're dumb...

  20. Anonymous10:44 AM

    O/T. Someone built an android that unintentionally looks like Palin:

  21. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Seeing comments and links on this article on already in the comment section of the AD article:

    I sure hope they pick it up and run with it. Don't live in Anchorage but if I did, I'd sure be working to get out the vote. You know that the Prevo spooks will. Demboski is one scary whack job.

    1. pervo parvo pastor whatever11:29 AM

      Yeah saw that yesterday and I loled that is was the party planner's show all this made up sh*t supposedly happened on. Teh party planner was posting comments at the ADN article also too.

  22. Anonymous10:51 AM

    On my way back from walking my dog over at University Lake just a bit ago and tuned in reich-wing 103.7FM on the Bernadette talk show, and the moron filling in for her took a call, the caller asked about how Jerry Prevo not having to pay property taxes could legally speak about politics from the pulpit ? The fill-in talk show host stumbled around stating he didn't "think" there was anything wrong with that ( ?!? ) and then went on to suggest it was OK via "freedom of speech" any-old-how, the caller responded in confused tone and I had to click it off at that point to go to work .... this is from a reich wing Anchorage radio station ...

  23. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Karma is always there when you least expect it...............

  24. Okay to be fair, if you get pregnant when you're married it is presumed that the husband is the father. So I'm not even sure that Amy would have been able to say on the dissolution paperwork that he was not the father; the court may have required that that husband deny the child and prove it through a DNA test. And the denial was for failing to amend the petition, not because she was still trying to argue the baby was his. From the looks of the forms it appears they were doing the dissolution themselves without attorneys, so it seems likely she didn't realize she was supposed to - even though the court likely told her she had to - because people don't realize the court really does require all the formalities.

    The rest is awful though.

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Yeah I didn't get that she was trying to still get child support from him, can someone explain that in a little more detail?

      But it looks like it also wasn't accepted because Mr. Dempsey's signatures didn't match up

      Not sure why she would forge that or if it relates to the idea that she was trying to get child support from him, but definitely not something you do with legal court documents

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      She didn't know she was supposed to close her legs to other men than her husband?

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      OMG at that link. OOOPS!

    4. OMG She also committed FORGERY?!

      Who in their right mind would vote for this woman? She committed a CRIME and attempted to commit several more. I.E.Fraud.

  25. Anonymous11:57 AM

    11:43 AM Didn't his request of DNA prove that he was NOT the father of the child?

    Amy is a piece of work and one I know I'd not want to have anywhere near me! She's a friggin' mess! And, boy howdy, do I feel sorry for her both of her husbands and kids!

    1. Dropzone Bill12:06 PM

      That and she got pregnant while he was deployed not hard to figure out your not the father when you weren't there for the conception .........

  26. So where is this child today? If she didn't marry Demboski until 1998, and the child was born in 1996 - what happened to the child?

    1. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Maybe listed as a deputy campaign treasurer?

      I took a look at the latest Demboski campaign filing and was a little surprised to see 23 deputy treasurers listed for her campaign. WTF! Including Dan the Mayor Sullivan.

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Sounds like her reports need to be audited - a tad bit of overkill with 23 'deput' treasurers! What is up with that.

      Again, Amy Demboski is someone that would need to be watched, audited and investigated were she elected to any office in Alaska. I don't trust her as far as I could throw her and that wouldn't be far!

  27. Anonymous12:25 PM

    12:08 PM Sounds as though she might have given it up in some manner. god, but I feel sorry for her husband and kids learning all this crap about her. She's truly is one fucking messed-up broad!

    1. Her daughter graduated high school in 2014. Wouldn't that put her birthdate in 1996? Sounds like she might not have given the kid up.

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      What a horrible thing for that daughter to have experienced this past week about her mother! She must be questioning who her birth father is....perhaps Amy doesn't even know.

      Would not want Amy Dem as my mother, that is for sure!

  28. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Let's see, married 10/27/1995, child due in July of 1996. Assuming Mr. in fact is not the father, then she certainly didn't waste any time in hooking up with Jody.

    Or maybe she was "fibbing" about the due date to make it possible to hook Mr.?

    1. Anonymous2:49 PM

      Lying about the due date is the most likely answer. Not an allegation, but certainly a possibility, given that she forged his signature in court documents. But if she did NOT lie about it, then it's equally bad for her; in that case, she was two-timing him from the very get-go or even before.

  29. Anonymous12:42 PM

    OK I thought it was a great article until the part about banging Jody, and then I realized it was that whole song about what my name means. Whew! :)

  30. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I hope her daughter new the truth before this article came out. That being said I am ecstatic that she is not going to win, Fascist!

    1. Anonymous1:28 PM

      1:04 PM Just a little correction - 'knew' vs 'new'. I do agree with your statement. Cannot imagine what Amy's two husbands and kids are experiencing today.

      But, Amy brought it all on did Sarah Palin! Not much difference in the two of them - that is for sure!

    2. Anonymous2:53 PM

      A sexually 'hot' female seems to be the only type the GOP can tolerate when it comes to running for office. Someone who is off-limits to them, including in their imaginations (like Hillary) scares the ever-living daylights out of them. Gender equality is literally anathema to them. If the woman is not capable of subjugation (in every sense), they will do everything possible to destroy her. Watching it daily with respect to Hillary and other powerful and rational females, who are always on the receiving end of GOP diatribes, witch hunts, and search and destroy missions.

    3. Anonymous3:21 PM

      2:53 PM Yea, look at the females 'adorning' the face of FOX! Dyed - long-haired blondes with lots of facial makeup preparation before their shows!

  31. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Just because Amy may have done this does not mean she is still this person. Shame on you all for judging. just because she does not condone gay marriage does not mean she is a homophobe. I have many gay friends that doesn't mean that I can donate or I agree with it I have my Christian values and morals that I stand by that doesn't mean that I judge them or look down on them I simply agree to disagree. and I can guarantee let every one of you people who have commented negatively have your own sins that you are not proud of and I'm sure a good majority of you have changed your ways or tried.

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      1:12 PM What the hell are you talking about? You are judging with your commentary and the idiot Amy has been extremely judgmental (which are documented) on a number of subjects!

      And, I'll go one step further! Amy does not live true 'christian' values!

    2. Dropzone Bill1:39 PM

      to 1:12

      Its not that she may have done this the court documents are clear she did do it but this wouldn't be an issue if she hadn't made this campaign about

      A. Gay marriage (she's obviously the last person who should open her mouth about the sanctity of marriage)

      B. How patriotic she is and how much she loves the military (wast to patriotic or supporting while her husband was overseas)

      C. Ethical she put the word on her campaign material for gods sake you don't get to do shit like this to another human being and call yourself ethical

      Thats the problem she is running in direct opposition to her actions and I may add actions she chose not to disclose

    3. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Nope, I've never gotten knocked up by another man besides my husband, nor have I committed adultery. And praying doesn't change anyone's character. She's a lying Ho, much like most self proclaimed xtians.

    4. Anonymous1:57 PM

      >>>B. How patriotic she is and how much she loves the military (wast to patriotic or supporting while her husband was overseas) <<

      Who can say that wasn't some other lonely soldier's staff being saluted while her husband was far away?

    5. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Isn't it amazing how 'Christian' people all have LOTS of gay friends. You know what I have? I have friends. Who the hell distinguishes between their friends like that? Do you say 'I have black/brown/red/blue friends? Do you say you have poor, middle class and rich friends? Why the distinction?

    6. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Standing by one's Christian values means, according to the Bible, living your OWN LIFE according to Christian values, and keeping your mouth shut and your judgment to yourself when it comes to non-believers. The Bible is very clear: "Judge not, lest ye yourselves be judged," and "whatever measure you use to judge others, that is the measure that will be returned to you," and "do not judge those outside the church" (1 Cor. 5"12).

    7. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Sorry, but any of you who believe in the sky fairy are equally complicit in mucking things up for normal people.

    8. Is it a Christian value to bear false witness and commit adultery?

      She's still bearing false witness, even now.

      I don't see any change.

      If these are the Christian Values you're defending, I'd rather be a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or even Wiccan.

  32. I thought it was mainly the Marines who used Jody. Jody=Joe D. Aren't these coullions just so predictable?

  33. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I'm confused. Are you saying her current husband is not her daughter's birth father?

    1. Dropzone Bill2:21 PM

      Or maybe he is who knows till she makes a statement but that would just be that much more messed up

    2. Like that would make it better?

      Cheat on your new husband, commit adultery and get pregnant, then ditch him while trying to shake him down for child support, then marry the Baby Daddy.

      They could do a whole episode of Maury with that.

  34. Anonymous2:02 PM

    1:52 PM Yes. The year of the birth of her child (that just graduated from high school) is a couple of years prior to the year she married Dem. She appears not to be his biological child.

    1. Does her kid know or will they be learning it in the media or on Facebook with everyone else?

      Will they be having the "who's my Daddy" talk tonight?

  35. My daughter just told me that several of her Facebook friends have discovered this story and are spreading it around.

    She says they found it without any help from her, and in fact she had not posted it to HER Facebook page.

    Reddit has it as well.

    The word is spreading.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Just looked at the locations of the viewers arriving. ALL the Alaskan locations are arriving at this post!




  36. To clarify, the original case still resulted in a dissolution and not a divorce, though under different circumstances (dissolution with children rather than the dissolution without children which was initially filed). Case # 3AN-97-03354CI.

  37. Anonymous2:37 PM

    My comment probably wont be posted I sent a while ago lol

    1. Anonymous2:46 PM

      You added this comment but not the actual comment I made lol classic

  38. Anonymous4:31 PM

    The "jody" thing confused me but I learned something new today. I've not ever known anyone in the military and don't know their "slang" but this sort of thing must happen all the time when the guys are overseas and the wives are left behind?

    1. Anonymous1:31 AM

      'Jody's got your girl and gone' (1970), Johnie Taylor


  39. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I'm curious as to how the author of this article is arriving at the conclusion that Demboski intended to wring child support / military benefits out of her first husband. If you look at the paperwork from the original court filing, she is the only one present and openly admits that the child is not her husband's. I'm not necessarily a Demboski supporter - I don't yet know how I'm going to vote - but I don't see that there's reason to believe she tried to trick anybody.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Reread the entire document set that IM provided/put forth to his readers. You missed a LOT! Amy doesn't deserve your vote.

  40. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Her roots need a touch up.

  41. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The truth will make it around the world before a lie even ties it's running shoes laces. Being a woman, I loathe women like this, who are two faced, dime a dozen, one bit whores who'll do anything to get ahead. And using religion and mr Pervo as comouflage is an even worse thing than "the lie"
    We had a floozy who worked with us. She'd bed any married man within grabbing distance (Not excusing the man at all) but she used to say "If I don't do it, someone else will, and besides being sexual makes me feel powerful". And she attended church with her husband every sunday in her best threads.
    If he leaves his wife for her, he'll do the same once she gets her claws in him.

    Good sleuthing there, Gryphen!!!

  42. Anonymous5:01 PM

    "I'm not necessarily a Demboski supporter ..."

    Yes you are ... and transparent, also, too.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Thank you for both your redundancy and your inability to provide an answer to my implied question - well done!

  43. Anonymous5:12 PM

    The photo that Amy has put up for the Mayoral run for Anchorage is an old one. In our world today, she doesn't look like that in that she doesn't dress particularly well, is over weight and not particularly warm and attractive in appearance or character.

    Plus, when she talks there is a speech impediment where her words crack. Difficult to explain! But, I have a girlfriend with the same thing that goes to Seattle a couple of times a year for treatment. There is not a cure for it.

    I know we are not suppose to discuss appearances - but, she doesn't even appear to try to even appear half way decent! If someone doesn't seem to take care of themselves or have some pride in appearance in their daily, public lives, it is something I notice due to it typically highlights other issues. Of which, she has many negatives - as noted today throughout this blog commentary.

    She really doesn't have much going for her and would not be a good representative for Anchorage, Alaska!

    Cast your vote for Ethan Berkowitz for Mayor of Anchorage!

    1. Kinda looks like a high school yearbook picture to me.

      Does this woman have an higher education? Or just a high school (cough cough) graduate like the Palin clan? (or Klan)

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      That is pretty offensive to pick apart her physical appearance.

      Olrun Horde

  44. Anonymous5:19 PM

    So the holier-than-thou religionist is really an opportunistic sociopath. Why am I not surprised?

  45. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hey Gryphen

    Check out the new ADN story on the McGuire endorsement of Berkowitz and Ohio Dan Sullivan's endorsement of Demboski.

    More than a few comments and links to this post here.
    Like this one!

    "Good job, Dan. This is pretty revealing of your own character. Birds of a feather and all that..."

    and this one

    "I'm starting to wonder if Jim Minnery and Jerry Prevo are doing more to advance gay rights than we think by continually destroying the credibility of the so called family values crowd:"

  46. It sounds like the Blunda on the Tundra has the GI fever....

    Come back and get your shoes Jody, you left your shoes under my bed !

    1. lol you got there first!

      I like this one more better! Fillmore Slim's Jody.

      Slim Harpo's good too!

  47. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Going mainstream media.

  48. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Sad. We all have problems but our leaders should be aspirational. I can't in good conscience pull the lever for this person... in the tradition of Palin and Miller, the more you learn the weirder it gets. Obama had no experience and no history. We can all see he was not prepared to lead. He took rightful criticism for that: now some of the same folks who criticized a lack of experienced leadership want to give Demboski a pass. Hypocritical thinking.

    God gave us reason, don't let some in church leadership or illusion of a political party cause you to abandon that. Prevo and co were also regular endorsers of the CBC.

    1. "Obama had no experience and no history. "
      What a stupid and ignorant thing to say.

    2. Anonymous6:59 AM

      7:30pm - "We can all see he was not prepared to lead."

      You are completely clueless.

  49. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Another slutty Christian woman. What a surprise.

  50. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Gryphen and Dropzone Bill, can you use your considerable skills to find out which multimillion dollar business Amy worked for? And any other place of employment? None of the bios I checked list any, but someone on another blog mentioned that she was an office manager for a dental office. Not much city experience there.
    Thanks for this great post. The lady is crazier than I thought.

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM

      It has been reported that she worked managing dental offices.

      Mudflats had a post from 2011

      " — The most-recently-appointed Amy Demboski, who has worked most of her career in dental offices, was appointed by Sean Parnell to The Commission on Judicial Conduct, and who was appointed to the Budget Advisory Commission at the last Assembly Meeting in July, "

      but the link with Dumboski's work history is now a 404 thanks probably to Mayor Dan Sullivan and/or the crew of Pastor Pervo buttbots at MOA.

  51. Normally I'm not the mudslinging type but I'm willing to make an exception in this case.

    This isn't mud. It's crystal clear hypocrisy and the public has a right to know the character of who they intend to elect.

    When you run on values you better be lily white.

    It's obvious Amy isn't.

    I wonder if she ever told her kid or if they are going to find out their true family lineage once this hits the media.

    Will they be having a "who's my real Daddy?" talk tonight?

  52. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Well, I'm glad that this is coming out before the election. However, having lived here my whole life, I'd say that she unfortunately still has a pretty good chance at winning. Hopefully Halcro will come out with an endorsement for Berkowitz' , then maybe the moderates will see the light.

  53. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Wow, she's got an uncanny resemblence to my favorite porn star!

  54. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Here's Amy Simple McHyatt's first shot at holy matrimony:
    Name: Christian M Dempsey
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: abt 1977
    Age: 18
    Marriage Date: 27 Oct 1995
    Marriage Place: Wichita, Texas, USA
    Spouse: Amy L Hyatt
    Spouse Gender: Female
    Spouse Age: 19
    Source: Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002

    Hubby's name is Christian. Now, if you don't find that hilarious, I have no hope for you.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Upvoted for the Aimee Semple McPherson reference.

  55. Anonymous5:14 PM

    The irony surrounding the story about Amy's illegitimate child is, hundreds of years ago, Amy could have/would have been persecuted in the town square by stoning or other means, perhaps with a judgment of death, right next to the gay person.

  56. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Good job breaking this story. It's pretty upsetting - How can I teach my kid to respect authority when hypocrits like this are elected into office?

  57. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I feel sorry for her 19 year old daughter Kennedy. Her FB page says her favorite T.V. shows are Teen Mom; 16 and pregnant and Baby Daddy.

  58. Dropzone Bill11:26 AM

    Hey her daughter is not Running for office lets have the decency to leave her personal life out of this as much as possible. It's ok to go after Amy but her daughter is a victim in this if anything and should be treated as such

  59. Anonymous2:44 AM

    So William Fulton aka dropzone bill,are you still on the run? How is the arms dealling going for ya?

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  62. Anonymous2:07 PM

    So Hyatt/Demboski screwed up many moons ago. I may be no particular fan of Prevo or Demboski's alleged actions or actions as judged. But churches, even Prevo's, are not for the perfect but for the imperfect. The name-calling and associated slamming on this site make for tough reading. Despite her or his real or alleged failings, do Demboski or Prevo stand for something worthwhile?


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