Monday, May 04, 2015

You know I have always thought this was true.

Let's face it the differences between Sharia law and the fundamentalist Christian point of view are virtually non-existent.

And though the Fundies will not say this out loud the way that Islamic countries control their women and punish non-believers give them a righteous woody.


  1. London Bridges2:32 AM

    One big difference: Muslims do not allow one to profit from charging (high) interest on loans.

  2. An European Viewpoint2:58 AM

    The only difference is that they call their god 'Allah'. A word which means 'God' in Arabic.

  3. Anonymous4:58 AM

    But, but, they are the righteous, they are the good moral people with God on their side! With the ability to break all the commandments and simply be born again instead of growing up! They get to pervert Jesus' teachings to serve themselves while throwing stones at the godless and unchurched!

  4. Tweeted it!

  5. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Freedom of religion. "The Great American Experiment"
    advice. follow the ten commandments and ya got it covered. Now on the other planet. All of this means something to our alien ancestors. humans need a god a allah a spirit a love. Something to love. Brilliant. Love and Peace to all.

    1. Today's Christians do pretty good except when it comes to, uh, adultery, bearing false witness, coveting, killing, keeping the sabbath, taking God's name in vain.

      Plus doing unto others (or as Jesus put it loving they neighbor as thyself.)

      They have the loving themselves part down pat.


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