Thursday, July 09, 2015

According to Sarah Palin "Crosshairs are back."

Courtesy of the Queen of Slow Learners Facebook page:  


Evil jihadists raping, enslaving, killing women; crucifying Christians; beheading anyone standing in the way of their demonic, twisted death cult... you'd think that would be the target of these liberals’ self-righteous denunciations. Instead, the Left targets women brave enough to expose the anti-women radical Islamists. Glad my daughters shoot straight.

Palin then links to a ghostwritten post on Bristol's blog, accusing a "radical left wing" site of releasing a "hit list" of conservative women so that Islamic terrorists can target them.

Now that is an extremely inflammatory charge and, as usual, completely false.

To prove the point Nancy French links to World Net Daily, which most reasonable people recognize as one of the looniest sites on the internet, and a rather over the top piece by Fox's Megyn Kelly during which she accuses a representative from this "radical left wing" site of putting conservative women on a "hate list."

Now at this point you are probably wondering which "radical left wing" site would do something so horrible.

Well the answer is that it was the Southern Poverty Law Center which I think most of us find to be fairly reasonable. And as it turns out their article "targeting" these women is also pretty reasonable and not at all as vicious and vitriolic as WND, Nancy French, and Sarah Palin would have us all believe.

The article (Which you can read here.) identifies twelve different women as being aggressively Islamaphobic, and backs that up direct quotes and examples of Muslim bashing.

Among them are Ann Coulter who said “Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims — at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America.” (I guess Coulter missed that recent mass killing in South Carolina.)

Also featured is former Texas GOP chairwoman Cathie Adams who claimed that while Muslims are “extremely hospitable when you are under their roof,” as their religion requires, “Walk out of their home and you can be shot in the back.” (Are Muslims the ones shooting people in the back in America? I thought that was the police.)

And of course the article also includes famous Muslim hater Pamela Geller and describes her thusly:

Geller has a special hatred for Obama, who she says is “a third worlder and a coward” who seeks only to “appease his Muslim overlords,” “a muhammadan” who “wants jihad to win.” 

(Yes how dare SPLC point her out for saying such reasonable things, as well as organizing that "Draw Mohhamad" contest in Texas.)

There are of course nine others, each with their own hateful quotes to demonstrate why they were included in the article. (And if you read the article you will probably agree that all of them earned their inclusion.)

WND has described this as a "starter kit" for "Jihadists" but I would suggest that any Islamic terrorist worth their salt is already well aware of these particular individuals, and probably love the fact that they serve as examples which illustrate the anti-Islamic sentiment that they want Muslims to believe ALL Americans embrace.

In other words they have no intention of targeting them as they are essentially helping the cause of the Islamic terrorist. 

However returning to Palin for a minute, I was once again fascinated with her penchant for revisiting past failures in an attempt to repurpose them to serve her current needs. (Much like bringing up the "wild ride" while speaking to anti-abortion groups.)

After all, dredging up the image of her crosshairs map for this post is incredibly spiteful, and also ill advised, as it allows folks like myself to post an image like this one...

...once again reminding folks of Palin's connection to the shooting of Gabby Giffords and of course her blood libel speech in response to the media's attention to the map.

For a sane person these would simply NOT be things that they would want to draw further attention to again.

However Palin seems to have significant difficulty differentiating between bad publicity and good publicity, and seems determined to get attention by whatever means necessary.

Which makes me think that she must be ripping out what's left of her hair now that she can no longer get face time on either Fox News or TAPP, and instead must resort to saying ignorant things on Facebook and hoping that the media does not have more important things to cover that day.

By the way this has been a pretty big news day, and so far I have seen no news outlets covering this desperate cry for attention. 


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Wow, are those the very same crosshairs as the ones that resulted in Gabrielle Gifford's shooting?

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Everyone on twitter ask the SPLC to add Palin on their list of H8'rs! this is their twitter @splcenter
      Do it! Add dumbbitch French too.

    2. Anonymous5:53 PM

      From Russia with love Skidrow Sarah!

    3. Anonymous6:28 PM

      I posted about the "handmaids tale" onBrissy thread but it applies here also. :Plot:
      The Handmaid's Tale is set in the Republic of Gilead, a theocratic military dictatorship formed within the borders of what was formerly the United States of America.
      Beginning with a staged terrorist attack (blamed on Islamic extremists) that kills the President and most of Congress, a movement calling itself the "Sons of Jacob" launches a revolution and suspends the United States Constitution under the pretext of restoring order. They are quickly able to take away all of women's rights, largely attributed to financial records being stored electronically and labelled by gender. The new regime, the Republic of Gilead, moves quickly to consolidate its power and reorganize society along a new militarized, hierarchical, compulsorily Christian regime of Old Testament-inspired social and religious ultra-conservatism among its newly created social classes. In this society, almost all women are forbidden to read.
      Enjoy and remember vote Blue!

    4. Anonymous10:47 PM

      Just an illusion of their lives!

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    the crosseyed skank's glad her daughters can shoot straight ?!?
    bullshit, the recent pic of brisdull "shooting" a shotgun here local was totally posed - if you upload that image again you'll see she's got the butt of the stock right against her clavicle and NOT her shoulder - if in fact the retard did squeeze off a round without reposition the stock she'd of broke her collar bone ..

    inbred dipshit re-fuk'n-tards ...

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Sarah's just happy that all the dudes that fuck Barstool can "shoot straight" so that she ends up with some more retarded "grandchildren" that she can use for political purposes.

    2. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Are Bristol and Sarah mending their fractured relationship? Or is that just Sarah who wants ppl to think her daughter still likes her?

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Let her do her Little Annie Oakley crap.
    She's only digging herself a deeper hole.

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Why is Sarah also showing a pic of her EX future son-in-law?

    Here's what Sarah (mother of the bride!) wore to the "celebration of life" BBQ (cancelled wedding) in KY.

    Here's one of Piper in KY:

    Classy as always, Sarah!
    Imagine deciding to pack THAT outfit for THAT occasion?!?

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      The Piper comments are brutal...

      Walter Tillis She's NOT shooting folks. She's in what would be termed, "Beginners." Give them a break. She's pregnant is why she is leaning back like that. smile emoticon

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Are you sure the redhead is Piper? Look at the arms, serious wings on her for a young girl.......unless......she's a young girl who is completely inactive?? I thought she was a soccer or basketball or hockey 'star' ?? Nothing ever fits in PalinLaLaLand.

    3. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Not Pipe unless she is preg and old.

    4. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Just stop with the Piper stuff. She is a minor and teenagers experiment coming into their own.

    5. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Piper looks about six months pregnant

    6. Anonymous10:46 PM

      lol, that pic of Piper just proves what phonies the Palins are. 15 and can't even hold a weapon properly. Just another fake pic from a fake family that pretends they hunt.

    7. Anonymous10:47 PM

      Who knows, maybe Piper is pregnant, Bristol was by that age.

    8. Anonymous11:18 PM

      Yes it's Piper. She dyed her hair that fake red. Too bad she inherited her mother's bad taste in clothes.

  5. Anonymous4:47 PM

    She is just repurposing the issues that brought in the most money to her PAC. There is no humanity in this woman. She, like Coulter, is full of hate and venom. They only thing they can relate to and love that doesn’t ask for anything back is money. This is how sociopaths work.

    1. Anonymous3:42 AM

      My immediate thought as well.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center, a truly remarkable organization, must be very good at its job to have raised the ire of conservatives to such a pitch. For decades they have charted our own home-grown extremist groups whether crazy left or crazy right. After Roof killed the nine people in the Charleston church it became clear that his inspiration came from some of extremists of the white supremacy brand. Then, all of a sudden, conservatives started attacking the SPLC. If they haven't already, the far right trolls will be all over this post, anxious to tell us their version of what the SPLC stands for.

      Well, Sarah's latest diatribe and knowing the fury of the far right, gives me all the more impetus to support the work of the SPLC.

  6. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Oly canoly! Someone get her to rehab already! This is getting eye rolling! Eww we are all scared! More like cringing with Sarah! Keep that blanket handy Gryphen...haha!

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Sarah always wants to revisit her times when she's been outed as a liar and fraud. As always,the outcome remains the same. She refuses to study the facts and will Never admit wrongdoing. She thinks by bringing it up time and again will change the facts. If anything,hell, we cant complain about the entertainment factor! Poor scarecrow Sarah..stuck in her shack,tearing her scraggly orange hair out. Feeling a little left out,silly girl? Yup,that parade has passed you by,you pathetic excuse for a human being.* you and frenchie belong at the top of the list.

  7. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Shoot straight? LOL, Sarah, you fucking idiot. We've SEEN your daughters, they don't shoot any better than YOU.

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    How's yer hair today, Sarah? Going back to Target in a hurry, where the clerks laugh at you behind your back?

  9. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Might I ask-----exactly WHAT is so "conservative" about Bristol? Getting no higher education, and in fact disdaining it? Getting involved in drunken brawls whilst wearing a thong dress and swearing up a storm?

    Getting pregnant twice, out of wedlock--the last one supposedly PLANNED? (What kind of Christian is this?)

    And, to top it all off, writing all kinds of vulgar, nasty, ignorant, passive-aggressive internet posts?

    Conservative??? Oh, wait....yeah....I SEE it now......

  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    The SPLC list includes the following women:

    Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum

    Ann Barnhardt, blogger at

    Ann Coulter, columnist and author

    Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! for America and author of “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It”

    Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, WND columnist and author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”

    Cathy Hinners, blogger at and a retired police officer

    Laura Ingraham, host of “The Laura Ingraham Show” and author

    Clare Lopez, former career operations officer with the CIA and current vice president for research and analysis at the Center for Security Policy

    Jeanine Pirro, former prosecutor, judge and host of Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine”

    Sandy Rios, radio talk show host for the American Family Association’s “Sandy Rios in the Morning”

    Debbie Schlussel, attorney and blogger at

    Diana West, columnist and author of “The Death of the Grown-up” and “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character”

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      I wouldn't waste one round on any of them, They have no authority whatsoever and live in their own minds.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Exactly 531! Humanity is one! They are none! Stupid asses that they are!

    3. Anonymous8:17 PM

      5:31 PM!! 5:55 PM!!

  11. Anonymous5:26 PM

    This woman has no shame. Her actions wounded a Congresswoman and killed 9 innocent people yet she continues to display the same gun-crazy culture support that wounded and killed so many? She's even more retarded than Trig or Bristol, and that's sayin' somethin'.

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      She does this as a source of intimidation. Remember,people don't care for you,miss quitty pants. You're old news,Chickie.

    2. Anonymous9:06 PM

      Whatever you know about them no one cares anymore! Leverages are gone!

    3. Anonymous11:45 PM

      Yeah so whose cheating who and whose being true and who just doesn't care anymore?

  12. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Here's the article, in case you don't want to click on WND or Brancy or Sarah's FB:

    Women Against Islam

    A dozen women, including bloggers, activists, TV personalities and others, are at the core of the anti-Muslim radical right

    1. Anonymous8:19 PM

      Didn't Sarah fund that anti Islam movie that spilled out in riots?

    2. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Yup and it got that Senator killed!

    3. Anonymous11:45 PM

      Homeland security should know this!

  13. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hateful, ignorant, vile bitch

  14. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Sarah Palin under fire as Arizona sheriff blames political 'vitriol' for triggering 'unstable' Safeway gunman's massacre

  15. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Maybe the men who bed Sarah's daughters shoot straight, since Bristol is always pregnant.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      She ALWAYS has to bring her daughters into it now because she cannot stand on her own. Funny she made that plural, nice try, $arah. Shields, and Bristol's angle brought to you by Nancy French,and Trig is yesterday's news and she knows it.

  16. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....

    Sarah's feelings are hurt that she wasn't included in the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of terrorists. SPLC gave her no respect, they didn't mention her. She thinks of herself as a 'grizzly mama', a Wild Woman from the Northwoods, a huntress (Does it kick, dad-deee?), and every bit as dangerous as the women who made the list.

    The woman is a lunatic, a certifiable loon.

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Lets start a go fund Sarah to Syria! Free shipping! No returns! No refund!

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Lol...oh they don't want her! Too yappy!

    3. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Haha! You folks are funny!

  17. Leland5:50 PM

    I'm curious about something in that top picture:

    The target is clearly in the background of the picture. Why is she aiming parallel to it?

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Posturing, nothing more.
      Big tough meanie.
      Don'cha know.

    2. Anonymous7:32 PM


    3. Anonymous7:52 PM

      Yeah, funny.....if I were on that range, I would be pissed that someone is breaking basic gun safety that weapons are ALWAYS pointed downrange.

      No apparent hearing protection either....definitely posed and fake

    4. Anonymous4:23 AM

      Why does she persist in displaying photos and video that debunk the myth of her familiarity with guns?

    5. They really are quite retarded.

  18. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Breaking News in the Iran Nuclear negotiations..

    Iran will donate a new Persian rug for Donald Trumps head. US gave nothing in return except to send Trump to Tehran for his fitting.

  19. Anonymous6:00 PM

    If a Democrat put crosshairs on a map of Alaska next to Sarah Palin’s name, Sarah Palin would be crying she's a victim.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      She sure would!

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      No one would waste a bullet on her.

    3. Anonymous7:30 PM

      No,we'd rather watch her rotten soul eat her up from the inside,out. Her flesh hangs from her frame. Her hair has fallen out. Her brain is fried. Her past is catching up,rapidly. Karma rilly bites,huh,Sarah...oh,I mean Juicy!

    4. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Toss her down an old mine shaft like Todd did...oh oops!

    5. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Sarah had a shit fit about the pic of Cruz with the gun poster in the background.

    6. What makes you think that the insufferable witch had or has a brain? she been stupid.

      All she'll ever be is a failed beauty queen. A kooky 4th grade level flute player. A first rank idiot.

  20. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Barbara Delaney12:34 PM said

    Sarah Palin incited violence with her use of crosshairs and a nine year old little girl paid the price.

    She did her very best during the 2008 campaign to incite violence against then candidate Barack Obama. McCain was told by law enforcement to get her to tone it down. Palin has blood on her hands.

    1. Then the clown proceeded to rally against the DoJ findings that these racist groups are on the rise. she never has ANYTHING right.

  21. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Anonymous10:53 AM said from another post

    Sarah Palin added 13 pictures to her facebook under the description "CROSSHAIRS ARE BACK".

    Sarah Palin you retard whatever it is you are trying to say you should have used other words. 

    Sarah Palin + CROSSHAIRS brings back bad memories of Sarah Palin’s map full of crosshairs and the people who were murdered, injured and the assassination attempt of Gabby Gifford in Tucson. 

    Gabby Gifford was one of the names highlighted by one of Sarah Palin’s crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s map

    1. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Wait. Did someone explain to her how those are NOT surveyors' marks?

    2. Anonymous1:15 AM

      If SP's headline is "Crosshairs are back" that validates that her post before the Tucson shooting were, indeed, crosshairs and not "surveyor's marks." Dolt

    3. OMFG! I can't believe this fucking idiot would write such a careless, crude, nasty, hateful, thing! The idiot has the never to use those words?

      "Crosshairs are back?" Is this hillbilly kidding me? she loves being he most hated and dumbest muthafucker on earth.

      She absolutely is taunting Rep. Giffords. This fool will say and do anything to get noticed. ANYTHING!

      she thinks she has us liberals/progressives/dems in the exploding head mode; when in fact she is making her head the target.

    4. Anonymous11:47 PM

      Explaining something to her is futile!

  22. Anonymous6:02 PM

    'Field and Stream' reluctantly puts "Sarah Palin" and "shooting" in the same headline

    I really can't see how this type of puerile shit is making Baldy any kind of bucks. She's really gnawing on the bottom of the barrel now.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      She undoubtedly hunts? No.
      "Daddy, does it kick?"
      She is a FRAUD.

  23. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011, in Tucson, Ariz.

    . .

  24. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Only you are writing about Sarah G. She should send you a thank you note. Sarah is yesterday's news. Finally.......................

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      No she's not, remember she said she was going out on the road '16? This crap will continue. Gryph can post all he wants, and knows more than any of us do.

    2. Anonymous7:12 PM

      She can do whatever she wants 6:44. That 'lamestream media' that she hates so much will ignore her. The parade has passed by Sarah. But I expect she will yell all the louder because she loves the attention. My God, the woman went on Fox to defend a pedophile to get attention. You have to be desparate to do that.

    3. Anonymous7:43 PM

      Thanks for the backup, 7:12 PM! Yes she did! I have never seen anything like this in my life.....

  25. Grrrr !6:17 PM

    Is "re-branding" herself as a violent extremist Palin's latest grift?

    She has to do SOMEthing to keep the money rolling in, and she has no skills apart from polluting social media with her toxic ignorance and hate . . .

    She's burned all her bridges except for that "Bridge to Nowhere."

    Please, oh please, make her cross THAT one once and for all ... and make it a one-way trip!

    1. Anonymous7:50 PM

      Maybe she can start writing a column for stormfront.

    2. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Hey Sarah...God called...left a message...says you must go to the Middle east! You can stop the madness! You can make the trip!

    3. Anonymous9:11 PM

      I'll buy the ticket - one way! VIP seat!

    4. Anonymous10:26 PM


  26. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Nancy French is no Christian, repeating these vile comments. Are the French's so money hungry they stoop to this level? I would be willing to bet that the French daughters are not allowed to read some of the online comments Bristles makes. Foul language, no class whatsoever. $carah has reached the very bottom of the barrel, not enough donations to her Slush Fund to even pay her attorney fees. Too bad, so sad. She claims to be proud of her daughters being able to shoot straight. I guess she is O.K. with her oldest being a slut, and desperate for a husband that SHE proposes to every guy who looks at her twice. Still no takers!! What illigitimate child will the next one be - #5? Poor kids do not stand a chance with the whore genes. Where is Taahhd ot Track to defend their daughter/sister? Are they as disgusted as everyone else, except of course Nancy Frenh who needs the money.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      There had to be a reason why David posted his sudden "Sarah Palin" post on American Thinker, or whatever it was. shutting down and soon to lose the paycheck?

      This tribe is vile, and all in the name of God? Tawd left long ago....only paid appearances and money running dry.

      At least Bachmann went away. This airhead coalition will keep up the "look at us, look at us!" until the end. Living the lie for money and attention.

    2. At least Bachmann has the little sense that she has and recoil from being called the dumbest person in the world.

      Nobody wants that title expect the clownish palins. And they don't even have to try.

  27. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Photo op only, shotgun unloaded and finger not on the trigger.
    Per the ad on this page, #1 reason for a big belly: DWTS Pregnant. Why didn't Sarah testify in court that her daughters can shoot straight instead of claiming that they were all alone in the wilderness?

  28. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hey Sarah,

    No one cares! Donald Trump is entertaining us now.

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM


    2. Anonymous8:35 PM

      And he wants his orange hair back!

    3. Anonymous9:11 PM


  29. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Anonymous4:46 PM said

    Here's one of Piper in KY:


    Pink hair Piper is wearing a striped see thru outfit. Reminds me of Bristol wearing her camouflaged see thru outfit at the Palin Family Drunken Brawl in Anchorage. What's up with Sarah Palin’s daughters and their see thru hoochie mama outfits? Sarah do you think Piper will be "Bristol 2.0"?

    Here we go again, no parental control.

    Piper hasn't started high school yet. Sarah can you say


    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      See though HOW? C'mon, you're grasping.
      At her age, girls dress how they want.
      I can't STAND this family but enough of this.

    2. hauksdottir10:01 PM

      @6:41 Yes, it IS see-through! I can see her legs and a panty-line without trying.

      She is wearing what appears to be a swimsuit under it. The front is MUCH shorter than the back, which is a nice style for adult women who know how much leg they are showing, and can sit properly. Spraddle-legged teenagers (who never learned to keep their knees together) will reveal more than they intend.

    3. Anonymous11:51 PM

      @hauksdottir10:01 PM

      So you object to girls wearing bathing suits? Come on! Why do so many posters here seem obsessed with sexualizing the younger Palin kids? It's really not cool, no matter how much you hate Sarah. I hate her too, but the constant sexual comments here that are directed at kids is getting seriously disturbing. I mean really, what the heck do you know about how Piper conducts herself when she's sitting down in a swimsuit? It's plain wrong. No offense, it just is.

    4. Nobody does more "sexualizing" than the insufferable witch.

      Well posting bathing suit pictures and wearing make-up isn't exactly cool for an underaged kid. Expecially for a D-list fake celebrity.

      They love showing their underage, half naked bodies on the net.

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      It isn't sexualizing the kids. It's pointing out her hypocrisy.

  30. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Sarah Palin not only says that

    Wait one wait one

    Sarah Palin says on her facebook :

    Sarah Palin added 4 new photos
    3 hrs · Edited · 


    Let it go Sarah Palin. No one gives a rat's ass what you say anymore.

    1. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Praise the day. That treason flag is coming down and no one cares what Sarah says.

    2. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Oh boy I hope this sends her over the edge and maybe we will be finally rid of her.

      By the way, unless someone reads her facebook page and since she bought most of her followers, how does she expect to make a living?

  31. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Sounds a bit paranoid. And? a straight shooter? her girls? Well then how about those Russian planes flying off the coast of ak>did ya see them? Crazy looney republicans are crapping the panties and depends about now. So So so much to digest. SC, +hairs, reality, paranoia, delusion, and history. Yes the history and facts and science? Whew!!! heads be rolling and explodin' the more they hear, see and witness.

    1. Anonymous11:48 PM

      She forgot her lithium dose!

  32. Olivia6:59 PM

    Crosshairs!!?? Didn't she and her flying monkeys turn themselves inside out and upside down whining that they weren't crosshairs but merely surveyors marks and how on earth could anyone think they were crosshairs?

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Yes in deedy do, you are correct!! They were only surveyors marks.

      OK. we all know Sarah is an idiot, but taking on ISIS, she has no clue what she is taken on.

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      I cant think of anything more deserving than sending her to Syria and letting Isis deal with her stupid mouth in their way.

    3. Anonymous7:54 PM

      Hey, $arah, you've got the warrior-bodied son that kicked @ss in Iraq! Why not send him on over? Whut that say you??? Too busy counseling vets??? Of course he is.

    4. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Well 720 we can let her do God's will and send her there! Free shipping!

    5. Anonymous9:12 PM


  33. Anita Winecooler7:00 PM

    Gotta hand it to Sarah, any attention is good attention. She has no clue she's been duped by her limited attention span and her ghostwriter's lack of google skills. Christina Taylor Green, Gabby Gifford et al have/had more class, common decency and respect than this self pitying, perpetual victim and full time imbecile grifter ever had.
    So someone has an "Islamophobe" hate list. Is that any worse or better than Sarah's hate list?

    Anything to deflect from her newest grandchild to be, Crosshairs Palin- fill in the blank.

    Sarah just nailed her foot to the porch floor and is wondering why she's dizzy from running in circles.

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      Forget "when facism came to America...."
      When AIP did. Good LORD.

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      I think she hopes that, if she does not acknowledge the latest out-of-wedlock grandkid-to-be, and instead harps on every old topic she can find, that people will forget about it and then she can have Bri$tol have a 'white out'.
      Doesn't quite work that way, $arah!

  34. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Did I miss something?
    Was Timothy McVeigh one of those "secret" muslims?
    (Among them are Ann Coulter who said “Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims — at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America.”)

    1. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Ann Coulter also said that we should conquer the middle east and kill anyone who didn't want to convert to Christianity. Such a vile woman.

  35. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Sarah you are a loathsome rat! You never cease to amaze me on how despicable you are.
    How do you do it? Does it come to you naturally?
    I want to throw up when your name comes up.

  36. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Is Sarah Palin still so blindly jealous of Gabby Giffords that she has to go down this path? Still? Sarah wants people to remember her her pathetic blood libel video? Really?

    Gabby Giffords took a bullet. Sarah Palin took money.

    Go home, Red. Your carer is looking for you.

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM

      It's not Gabby, it's $arah doubling-down on what gets people wee wee'd up... in that particular part of her hi$tory, it was crosshairs.

      Something else vicious this way will come (soon).

  37. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Dakota was/is the target, who knew?

    WTF? Is Sarah Palin using Dakota Meyer again? Kind of like when she steals images or songs.

    Is he fine with being used again?
    What's in it for him?
    Don't tell me he is too chicken to confront this.
    Or did he sign something that says she can do whatever she wants, his name is cheap.

    Selling a book.

    Dakota Meyer. 'Better to be in control of your environment than a victim of it. You always have a choice.'

    That sounds good Dakota, but you need to show what you are made of. What is your choice? No answer is an answer, not a good one.

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Would you stop this, troll?

    2. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Looks to me like Dakota has made it pretty clear that he wants nothing to do with Sarah or any of the Palins. Let's see, he kicked out the the knocked up, whore daughter and sent her packing back to AK, he has removed all photos referencing his involvement with ANY Palin from all of his social media accounts and hasn't mentioned any of them since he kicked Bristol to the curb. I'd say he's done a great job say "sayonara" to the grifter Klan.

    3. Anonymous11:00 PM

      What troll?

    4. Anonymous2:39 PM

      JULY 9, 2015. YES. Sarah continues to use Dakota.

      Dakota has lost his freedom to speak, he is silent.

      Sarah owns Dakota.

  38. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Glad my daughters shoot straight.
    Except one missed Dakota !!!

  39. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Her she goes again, stirring up the HATE, when will someone finally come out and expose this woman and her family and shut them up for good?

  40. Anonymous7:49 PM

    And still no baby daddy in sight for Christian abstinence speaker Bristle Palin in her new "planned" pregnancy.

    1. Anonymous10:23 PM

      Bristol's planned pregancy just doesn't add up. If you plan a pregancy, wouldn't that also include having a husband/father?

      I really don't believe that Bristol left Dakota because he had been married and divorced before. So what?

      Considering her past, was this some unforgiveable sin, especially for one so in love? And especially pregnant with the fiance?

      No, I don't believe that for a minute. There was some reason Bristol and Dakota broke up. In spite of the pregnancy.

      We will learn in time who the father is, as there is some question now, and that will be an interesting turn of affairs.

      I think Sarah cooked up this scheme and Bristol, as mini-me, agreed. She seems to be keeping on keeping on if her latest Instagram is any indication. Burn your welfare checks?

      Oh baby.... without Mommy Dearest, that's where you would be. Oh, and Levi's hard-earned money and whoever you can con into support baby #2.

  41. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Crosshairs are back? When were they ever used before?? The others were surveyors marks, right?
    Sarah is writing a book of "devotionals" and is ramping up the hate speech. Seems as though she is trying to excite a certain segment of America. The AIP was only the springboard for the masses of extreme Christian hate groups that Sarah can speak to and for! If you can't make it in mainstream politics, play to the is where she got her start. Rouge AIP Palin is more dangerous than GOP Palin and she will not stop.

    1. Anonymous11:53 PM

      Yeah she will...real soon too!

  42. Anonymous8:16 PM

    She is one hateful, bitter bitch frosted with a mixture of ignorance and stupidity. As her remarks get more and more bizarre, it is hard to even care about anything she says or does.

  43. Anonymous8:30 PM

    The SarahPAC crosshairs from the election map have nothing in common with an article condemning some of those conservative women for stirring up false emotions with their Muslim tirades. Sarah must really be desperate for attention. Please notice her.

    Sarah has also posted her old "death panels" meme again, claiming that she's right, they will be lining up the handicapped and elderly people for an early snuff job. No, they just want end of life counselling to be covered by insurance and ACA. There's a big difference.

    1. Anonymous10:51 PM

      The proposal is also that doctors will be paid for counseling patients for what their options are.

      I just read her FB sick and twisted doubling down on death panels. I feel irate about her poisonous lies and malicious moose shit she spewed, absolute nonsense.
      There is no end to what she will take then spin a book of malicious fiction about. I am a health care provider and am furious about her despicable lies she seeks to dupe people and manipulate them she is a saint saving them from demons she invented.

      Palin is outrageous and enjoys instilling fear to terror in people. She deserves to be removed from the planet.
      She has made and insinuating inhumane and heinous intentions of all doctors and nurses. She even stated emphatically the questions patients are asked are solely info for the government to deny care further supporting false allegations do death panels.

      At this point any people who believe her are sickos too.

    2. Anonymous10:58 PM

      On FB Sarah writes responding to a LA Times reporter. I googled to find what article she is responding to and found none since 2012. It is no accident she avoided the Huffington Post article. She did not link to a LA Times article either.

      I sincerely hope the press focuses on the facts only and that she lost the rights due to habitual lying to be able to speechify her lies. She is deranged IMO.

  44. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Skidrow Sarah can't hit the side of a barn!

  45. Anonymous8:48 PM

    And some wonder why Gryphen and us 'IMers' won't just let it go, when it comes to AIP Palin.
    Not until she is destroyed!

  46. Anonymous8:49 PM

    The Palin Family Brawl: Top 10 moments from the audio files

    Let's not forget how much fun Sarah and her litter have given us.

  47. Oh, wow, what's she got on her head this time? We used to call that Chatty Cathy hair. I think it's made of dynel....

  48. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Wow,she is like frothing at the mouth.I think she has rabies.

  49. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Beginning at 7:30 you can hear Bekki Mansour herself bullshitting about them being surveyors marks....

    Looking forward to SarahPAC financial returns. Does the Heffalump still have a job?

  50. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Who is listening to Sarah these days? She is off on really weird stuff. I don't see any news outlets, not even Fox, picking up on her words of wisdom. Maybe hate is not selling so well these days.

  51. physicsmom10:16 PM

    It finally sunk in to me how venal Sarah is to put her words in her daughter's mouth, so there's no public record for anyone doing an internet search to find. You know how reporters are digging up all the questionable things politicians said in the past and now have to defend or man-up and admit to changing their minds. (I don't know why some people can't own their "evolving" opinions when faced with new information. Oh, yeah, Pres. Obama did). She has subsumed Bristol's psyche and turned her into an avatar of herself. Sickening.

    1. Anonymous11:06 PM

      Agreed! Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths do that then project the behavior onto to anyone who tells the truth about what they said to deny their lies and words they claim someone else said.

    2. Anonymous11:55 PM

      Call Animal control..knock out dart!

  52. Anonymous11:11 PM

    It really irks me to no end that Sarah and Nancy French use Bristol's blog to pontificate on world affairs that Bristol herself could care less about. How much of SarahPAC money is Bristol getting to let her name be used this way? Until you put a stop to this Bristol you are fair game. Don't you realize how much your mother & ghost-writer have already ruined your reputation? I guess like your mother you don't care as long as you get dollars for it. The entire world laughs at you and your mother. You will NEVER be Kim Kardashian.

  53. Anonymous11:35 PM

    As usual with this crack-head bitch - SHE has the right to "hold the left accountable" for their words and deeds because - Murica! But if you try to hold anyone on HER side accountable for the vile shit they say and do, well then clearly you are trying to murder them. Meanwhile, this bitch and her lunatic buddies incite hate and violence toward President Obama (and any Americans who have the gall to disagree with them) at EVERY opportunity. She's such a fucking whiny baby hypocrite weakling and I am beyond sick of her constant idiocy. Hey BITCH, did you get around to calling Gabby yet? Didn't think so. Spineless piece of shit.

  54. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Again, finger off the trigger, chickenshit pogue that she is.

  55. A Superfan In Atlanta11:47 PM

    Totally O/T
    Politico has a really nice article about Bernie Sanders and his career. Won 14 elections; lost 6. Voted best US Mayor which he served 4 terms.

    His message throughout his entire political career has been extremely consistent. I really, really admire his body of work and principles.

  56. Oh, yeah? Well, according to The Daily Beast Sarah Palin's "channel" has gone bust.

    So she is irrelevant and we shouldn't be paying any attention to her or hers any more. Except maybe for entertainment purposes.

    On a separate note, I know how much you follow education, G, and Diane Ravitch had a scathing summation of Arne Duncan's tenure as Sec. of Ed under Obama.

    I would be one of those that took early retirement. I'm 60. I could have gone a few more years. I was planning to put in at least 40 years. But it was retire teach 2nd grade, having never taught elementary before, spend a lot of time in training and still be a poor elementary teacher when I am a national board certified library media specialist. It simply wasn't worth the time, effort, headaches and quite frankly, criticism and plain old lack of recognition or appreciation for the 36 years of service I've provided in subjects at which I excel. I was being treated as a lackey, a babysitter, an interchangeable cog in some sort of education machine.

    Three weeks so far and I am happy with no regrets. No problems with the transition whatsoever. And no, I will not be substituting. Ever.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Sorry to hear about your experiences. Education, however, is overwhelmingly a state issue.

    2. Not entirely.

      If our system is going to be compared to the national systems of other countries (like Finland) then we need some consistency. We need a balance between Federal and State education standards that is fair and equitable. That means no unfunded mandates for one.

      Also, our population is so transient that we need standardization. Not every kid goes to college local. If they go out of state, they need the same basics students in every other state have.

      That said, there is nothing inherently wrong with standards. It is implementation and testing that is the real problem. That would include assessment. And let's not forget punishment. NCLB is all about punishment for failing to live in Lake Woebegone where every child is above average. I'd go so far as to say this whole standardization system was implemented to deprofessionalize the teaching profession. It promotes distrust that teachers don't have the knowledge or skill to do their jobs. Not even after all of the training and certification they need just to get a credential to teach. (Something private and charter school teachers do NOT have to do, btw.)

      I'm glad I'm out. Now I am free to yell "TOLD YOU SO".

    3. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Commo. Core was initiated by the states. The fed said "sure, ok, count us in. And suddenly it's gubmint's takeover.

    4. Anonymous10:51 AM

      And btw, bullshit. On your "all the training" Most of that training is crowd control. And an idiot is an idiot is an idiot. And I've met plenty of teachers who are. I homeschooled for academic reasons with great results. There is NO WAY one teacher no matter how talented can outdo an intelligent graduate educated parent's one on one time and attention.

      And before you start, I also have two decades on a classroom.

  57. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Oh yes. + hairs are back. And it looks like their shining on the entire republkkkan party. The bus of clowns cannot "carry on a conversation" because they are too stuck in deep do do and now they cannot run or hide behind panties and skirts or frauds and fakes. Expose' Hooter.
    so sick off watching lying repukklicans make total azzholes out of themselves

    1. Anonymous11:59 PM

      May be she means her chin hairs!

  58. Our Lad5:20 AM

    And still no reference to her oldest daughter's pregnancy, what's up with Mrs. Palin? Am I the only one here that smells a forthcoming " fundie miscarriage" ? It would serve both women well. Oh, the humanity, the heartbreak, the wringing of hands, the gnashing of teeth, the weeping plea for privacy, the little angel that flew the coop. If I were advising these two scatterbrained dunderheads I would steer them in that direction.

    1. And let's not forget that they could cry big fat tears about the terrible librul haters out there whose hatred for the precious babby caused poor widdle mommy to miscarry.

  59. Uh-uh, can't fool us, Tundradunce. I remember we were told that they weren't crosshairs, they were surveyor's marks.

    Well, if those jihadists that pebble-brained Palin is so yapped up about want to run around our country to wherever a surveyor's mark is, so that they can start repairing our failing infrastructure, they can have at it as far as I am concerned. Goodness knows, republicans won't do a damn thing for this country.

    My idea makes at least as much sense as her and whatever braying stupidity is falling out of her piehole at a given moment.

  60. Also too, that silly dolt still portraying herself as some sort of Annie Oakley of the north is just. plain. stupid.

    She so obviously doesn't know a damn thing about guns, especially how to use them.

    I'll bet they are all just tossed in a heap in a closet.

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Levi said she kept the gun under her bed that Todd never got to sleep in because he had to sleep in the recliner chair in the living room. She watched Bridezilla shows and ate crunch wrap supremes in her bedroom.

    2. Anonymous11:25 AM

      8:45 AM

      Was she planning Barstool's weddings way back when Levi was living at her house with her daughter and Piper was younger and taking it all in?

      Why does an older woman and state employee public servant watch Bridezilla?

    3. Anonymous12:00 AM

      Cray Cray does!

  61. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Sarah is definitely no stranger to fundie whiteouts that is why Bristol waits to reveal her pregnancies until it is too late for an abortion.

    Prediction if this baby comes out anything but white: There will be a birth 'tragedy' announced and baby will be adopted out to strangers through the church. The relatives can't take anymore of Bristol's spawn.

  62. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Thin-skiinned Sarah STILL can't get over being called out for the Tucson shootings. Can't let go of anything, can you? Nope - those weren't surveyors marks after all! Ignorant. Hateful. Ugly.

  63. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Thin-skiinned Sarah STILL can't get over being called out for the Tucson shootings. Can't let go of anything, can you? Nope - those weren't surveyors marks after all! Ignorant. Hateful. Ugly.

  64. Anonymous7:57 AM


    "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s 'death panel' so his BLAH BLAH BLAH



    The Sarah Palin Death Panel /Curse has affected :
    1. Sarah Palin Channel
    2. Sarah Palin's political career
    3. Bristol Palin's engagement 1
    4. Bristol Palin's engagement 2
    5. Bristol Palin's engagement 3
    6. Bristol Palin's fatherless baby 2 - Trapp
    7. Bristol Palin's wedding
    8. Bristol Palin's wedding reception
    9. Track Palin’s marriage /divorce
    10. Sarah Palin’s children's college education
    11. Willow Palin’s high school graduation
    12. Bristol Palin's trial daddy 1 - Gino
    13. Bristol Palin's trial daddy 2 - Joey
    14. Bristol Palin's trial daddy 3 - Duhkota
    15 . Sarah Palins Family Drunken Brawl
    16. Bristol Palin's political career
    17. Sarah Palin
    18 Bristol Palin
    19. Todd Palin
    20. Track Palin
    21. SarahPac
    22. Sarah Palin’s facebook
    23. Tri-G 's mental and physical advancement and development
    24. Bristol Palin's underage virginity and promiscuity

    Get Our Drift Sarah Palin?

    Sarah Palin you are the Palin Family's Death Panel!

  65. Anonymous8:10 AM

    She is fueled only by hatred and anger. Now that her con game has been exposed and her money train fairly derailed we can expect her to pump up the volume of her hate filled ugly screeds.

    Her desperation knows no bounds as she does not possess reasonable social skills and lacks a shred of empathy or decency. Glad to see her going down but I fear she will desperately work to make even more lives miserable since her scamming efforts have been thwarted in every direction.

  66. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Boy, that's an old photo! She has hair. or at least a wig that has been placed on her head properly and styled. Someone from Wasilla commented on IM yesterday or a couple of days ago that they (the person commenting and a friend) were shopping at Target and standing in line behind the grifter. She was 90 pounds and had short scraggly hair that was tinted red. Is she still using meth to maintain her girly figure?

  67. Anonymous2:55 PM

    It is July, there is a new crisis to address and Sarah is recycling this old post from September after Bristol hit the host in the Palin Anchorage Brawl.

    Sarah she can't bring herself to say one word about the current Bristol. She prefers the good old days when Bristol was only brawling drunk and too wasted to watch her young son. Tripp was with her as the family drank and he ran around unsupervised at a late night party.

    By July 2015 Sarah has not moved on.

    She can't get over Dakota Meyer and she still uses him. Track Palin is still a loser and Sarah tossed him under the bus. She only wants to wallow in her lost dream of Bristol marrying the MOH now.


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