Tuesday, July 07, 2015

NBC cancels Mark Burnett's Christian propaganda.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:  

NBC has decided not to continue A.D. The Bible Continues. 

The series opened to high expectations but was not an out-of-the-box ratings hit like History Channel's record-setting The Bible. From producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the Universal Television drama is a rare miss for the mega-producers, and came in a season in which religious-themed fare, including CBS' Dovemakers mini, failed to lure live viewers. 

Let's face it, the viewing public is just not that into Jesus anymore.

Besides there is some rather impressive competition.

For instance there have been two recent Hercules movies, one starring The Rock, and he's a half god as well.

And then of course there is Thor who is not only a full on god, but also a member of the Avengers whose second movie broke all kinds of box office records.

I mean let's face it if, for your modernized versions of ancient mythologies, you had to choose between this..

...and this. Which would you choose?

After all we are now living in the 21st century, so if we are going to be confronted by primitive religious beliefs they should at least have a "wow factor."


  1. angela4:13 AM

    Very disturbing that the History Channel had a big hit with-----
    The Bible.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      With White Jesus, and white "virgin" Mary, an Obama looking Devil too.

    2. That Obama Devil was something else

    3. The History Channel, like the Learning Channel, is a misnomer.

  2. Anonymous4:19 AM

    The Palin curse strikes AGAIN. The PayMe's thoght they had Burnett in their pockets, to get another reality show. Guess Burnett is refusing to take Bristles phone calls. Oh, so sad! There could have been a show about this coming "bundle of joy", searches for the REAL daddy, tales of how "awesome" slutty Bristles is. There could have been scenes from all the bars Bristles has hung out in for the last few years, narrowing the search for Daddy to just a few bars in Arizona, LA and Alaska. Now that the film credit has been dismantled, the PayMe's are totally out of luck, along with any smidge of TALENT.

    1. Anonymous4:52 AM

      Hey, they can't say that Hollywood didn't give them a fair shot. That's saying something when you're too dull and talentless to even keep a reality show going. YAWN.

    2. Anonymous5:51 AM

      There could have been scenes from all the bars Bristles has hung out in for the last few years, narrowing the search for Daddy to just a few bars in Arizona, LA and Alaska.
      They could make on the lines of the bachelorette, instead of roses pass out DNA test kits.

    3. You missed the point. Bristol had an immaculate Misconception

    4. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Reality show? How 'bout -- Ice Road Fuckers ?
      Brissy would be a natural for it.

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    There ya go- I never even heard of 'Dovemakers'.

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    LOL I just went looking for it, it's Dovekeepers, not Dovemakers.

    I never heard of Dovekeepers, either. They sound uninteresting.

  5. Some people think he was God, some don't, some don't believe he existed. Regardless, how many times do you need to re-dramatize the same story for a screen? Do we need a dozen movies of the Titanic sinking too?

    1. Anonymous4:58 AM

      Oh please no. Lol!

    2. The Romans were actually one of the most prolific cultures in regards to documentation, keeping records, etc...there are millions of pages of writing from that era...no one official mention of anyone named Jesus. The gospels were written hundreds of years later based on fables, word of mouth, etc....That is the basis of current Christian beliefs

  6. LisaB25954:51 AM

    It's not propaganda, it's a TV show. You don't like the source material fine, but making a TV show out of the Bible is no more propaganda than making a TV show out of anything else.

    If the government produces it and tells you to watch it, it's propaganda. Otherwise it's just a TV show you don't want to watch.

    You can be glad it's off the air, but calling it "propaganda" is lazy, and it reminds me that the left is just as prone to curtail free speech as the right.

    The only reason this was on the air is because the network thought it would MAKE MONEY.

    1. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Pete Petretich • 6 hours ago

      I could see Grizzly Film Studios competing head-to-head with C-SPAN.

    2. Anonymous5:31 AM

      Sorry, Lisa, but Burnett and Downey produce propaganda. Their intent is to convince people to believe what they believe about God. That is propaganda. Yes, the network's goal was to make money, but the Downey's goal is to win people to Jesus. Propaganda, dear.

    3. Anonymous5:33 AM

      A grizzly film studios is his latest palin fantasy.

    4. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Only the government is in a constitutional position to curtail free speech. Profit driven entities have no constitutional obligation to provide a platform to promote anyone's money-losing religious agenda.

    5. hedgewytch6:58 AM

      Au contrare Anony - These guys are Christian Dominionists. They're whole purpose is to infiltrate all corners of social power - the church, the government, the schools, and the entertainment industry. It's all part of their Seven Cultural Pillars movement. http://www.forwardprogressives.com/the-radical-7-cultural-mountains-conservative-movement-and-why-liberals-should-be-terrified/

    6. Anonymous8:06 AM

      "Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist."

  7. Anonymous4:59 AM


    Winter 2010: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (TLC)
    Sarah Palin’s own self-titled show — produced by reality show king Mark Burnett —

    Summer 2012: Todd Palin on “Stars Earn Stripes” (NBC)
    Also produced by Mark Burnett,

  8. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Thor has dibs on one day every single week: Thursday/Thor's day (or in German, the day of Thunder/Donnerstag). Christ is celebrated what, one day a year? Pfft.

    1. Anonymous6:58 AM


      - Sun God, Moon Goddess, Tiu, Wodin, Freya, Saturn

      Oh YEAH?! One friggin' DAY?!

      - Januarius, Februarius, Martius, Maius, Junius

  9. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Guess their viewers are too busy squealing about Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag to watch the tube. Or watch The Sarah Palin Channel's three minutes of regurgitated content a week.

  10. Anonymous5:32 AM

    When wealthy xtian media producers suffer financial setbacks can ANYONE deny there's a satanic war against xtianity??? If only the almighty Creator of the Entire Universe were powerful enough to affect the actions of several network programming executives.

  11. Anonymous5:34 AM

    With Mark Burnett's Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice also too in trouble because networks and viewers don't like racist, sexist bigots, you are gonna hear a lot of bemoaning about Faith Based programming being discriminated against with Christian persecution and whatnot.

  12. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Well, face it. This series was doomed when Burnett did not cast the virginal Bristles as Mary. Is it true she was offered the role of the prostitute Mary Magdalene and turned it down?

  13. Anonymous7:36 AM



    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin signed a deal with Regnery Publishing to write Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. The faith-based book is scheduled for mid November, just in time for Christmas.

    The devotional will feature 260 meditations--one for almost every day of the year--that explore and apply biblical principles to the pressing topics of our time.

    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Won't that just fly off the shelves!!!

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Oh, like I'm going to read THAT.
      She is no Christian.
      More French poppycock?

    3. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Synopsis: In a stirring documentary with which his publicity-shy subject clearly had no involvement whatsoever, investment banker-turned-non-award-winning conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon chronicles the heroic rise of Sarah Palin from anonymous tundra breeder to Real America’s Rogue Warrior-Princess of the North as she courageously challenges the status quo and claims public reimbursement for personal expenses across a melting slushpile of a state with fewer residents than metropolitan El Paso.


    4. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Just in time for some more Christmas grifting from Sarah's Christian base/followers.

    5. Anonymous8:57 AM

      It's a prayérbpok from a woman hasn't been seen in a church in years, and who regularly dresses like aging hooker and is often quite cruel and vicious to her political opponents.sure.

    6. Anonymous9:20 AM

      260 devotionals.....what did she quit before she churned out 365?

      Earthymama / Chicago

  14. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Renege-ry Publishing might be more accurate with Palin involved...

  15. Since Thor sucked, I'm going to have to go with bleeding Jesus

  16. Anonymous7:55 AM


    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Regnery Publishing in Washington, D.C., specializes in conservative books characterized on their website as "contrary to those of 'mainstream' publishers in New York."

      HarperCollins Publishers must have given Sarah the boot too.

      Book Publisher HarperCollins Is Owned By Fox News' Sister Company. HarperCollins is owned by NewsCorp, which is headed by Rupert Murdoch and is the sister company of Fox News' parent company 21st Century Fox.

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      oops...I should have scrolled up before posting this same info below.

  17. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Well... This explains O/t:

  18. Anonymous8:00 AM

    There's no such thing as an atheist, according to one of the stars of the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty."

    Si Robertson, known to fans of the show as “Uncle Si,” told the Christian Post that anyone who uses the date is acknowledging Jesus.

    "There's no such thing as an atheist," Robertson told the website. "I'm serious, because there's too much documentation. Our calendars are based on Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in him or not, every time you sign your calendar, you add down the day's date, you're saying he's here, OK? That's documented."

    While the widely used Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 uses years based on the approximate birth of Jesus Christ, the names of many of the months and days of the week retain their pagan origins. March, for example, is named for Mars, the Roman god of war. Tuesday is based on Tiu or Tiw, the Germanic god of war (who shares origins with the Norse god Thor).


  19. If someone really wanted to be bold, they'd create a sequel called "Heaven." Let's get to the nitty gritty of what eternity looks like.

    1. Or they could do Dante's Inferno. Fun for everyone!
      M from MD

  20. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Check this out, Gryphen!

    A group of Muslim organizations in the US have launched an online campaign to raise funds to help rebuild the eight black churches that burned down in Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia after the June 17 deadly shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina church.

    “To many it is clear that these are attacks on Black culture, Black religion and Black lives,” says the campaign’s website, organized by MuslimARC, the Arab-American Association of New York, and Ummah Wide, a digital media startup focused on Muslim issues. “We want for others what we want for ourselves: the right to worship without intimidation, the right to safety, and the right to property.” Three of the fires have been ruled as arson by investigators, with the others under investigation to determine the cause.

    Since launching on July 2, the Respond with Love campaign’s more than 500 supporters have already surpassed its $20,000 funding goal, reaching roughly $23,000 as of this posting. The initiative will continue through July 18, with money going to churches based on need in consultation with pastors and church leaders, according to the campaign.

    California-based imam and Muslim scholar Zaid Shakir wrote the following to explain the motivation for the campaign:



    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      That it amazing! It won't stop conservatives from persecuting these people but it should give others pause to acknowledge the charity in this act.

    2. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Looks like Sarah Palin is joining the frenzy...she's got a new book coming out: "“Sweet Freedom: A Devotional.” The book, Palin’s fourth, will feature 260 “meditations” that apply “biblical principles” to contemporary issues." Read more about it here: http://www.680news.com/2015/07/07/new-sarah-palin-book-with-new-publisher-coming-in-november/

    3. Anita Winecooler5:56 PM

      Well, to be fair, hundreds of Christian Churches of all denominations have banded together and raised..... oh wait, that didn't happen.....

      Seeing American Muslims come together for these causes exemplifies the myths and lies about Islam pushed by people with an agenda who believe the post 911 hype and bs pushed down their throats from rwnj preachers, fox News, Breitbart etc. etc. etc.
      They overlook what happened during the crusades and point at extremists while they preach hate and practice bigotry from sheer ignorance.
      We worked at a secular food bank that feeds middle class, poor and homeless people who shop with dignity and respect. Shut ins were delivered at least one hot meal and a sandwich every day etc etc,,, The director mistakenly accepted a large donation of halal l meats and poultry. Then, when he found it was given by muslims, he poured bleach on it and wasted perfectly good food.
      We changed the cause we volunteered for after that fiasco. I can't see people waste a commodity so precious and so needed by so many too "proud" to admit they need it.

  21. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Want the real life model for the mangod men created at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD?

    Apollonius of Tyana ..."Two thousand years ago a great teacher of humanity appeared in the world. He was a philosopher, a social leader, a moral teacher, a religious reformer and a healer. From one end of the Roman empire to the other, wherever he went, divine honors were bestowed on him -- by all, from slave to emperor. He was undoubtedly the greatest man of his age; and his date of birth (4 B.C.) and period of activity coincided exactly with those of the Christian messiah, except that APOLLONIUS'S life of incessant labor in behalf of humanity extended for over a century, during which time he preserved his health of body and brilliance of mind unimpaired by the passage of time. He was a supreme exemplar of human perfection -- physically, mentally and spiritually. Oven seventeen temples were erected in honor of him in various parts of the Roman Empire. His name was APOLLONIUS OF TYANA.

    No more courageous humanitarian and social revolutionist has ever come to this world to help the human race and redeem it from suffering. Alone and single-handed, he defied the bloodiest tyrants who ever sat on the Roman throne -- Nero and his more terrible successor, Domitian. Apollonius fearlessly traveled from one end of the Roman Empire to the other, inciting revolutions against the despots, and establishing communistic communities among his followers, who bore the name of Essenes, early Christians. And not content with such activities in the Roman provinces, he bravely entered Rome itself, after all philosophers had been expelled from the city under penalty of death by the cruel Domitian; there he openly denounced the tyrant, for which he was arrested and thrown into a dungeon, awaiting certain death which however, due to his brilliant speech in self-defense and his extraordinary powers of mind, he averted, securing his liberty."


  22. Anonymous9:08 AM

    This is awesome!

    45 ISIS Soldiers Sat Down for an Iftar Dinner — But They Probably Should’ve Checked the Recipe


  23. Anonymous9:34 AM

    The Duggar Family Gathers To Bid an Emotional Farewell to One of Their Own


  24. Anita Winecooler6:09 PM

    I was amazed and amused that "Touched by an Angel" was such a resounding success. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I think Mark Burnett has a "virgin" fetish, Roma, his wife,almost always plays the role of the Virgin Mary. I think movies like these should be in theaters, or in churches, or on the 700 club, Mel Gibson made a fortune on the most graphic depiction of mans ability to inflict torture and pain on another human being to the point of death. And people flocked to the theaters and churches and dragged their kids along to watch. Same with Mark and Roma, they're on a mission from God to promote their dominionist christian beliefs to the widest audience they can. All for the almighty dollar.

    Here's five reasons scholars don't think Jesus ever existed:



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