Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hillary Clinton comes out forcefully to protect Planned Parenthood.

Courtesy of Mediaite: 

Following the release of a series of undercover videos shot at Planned Parenthood clinics that claim to catch the women’s health and abortion provider attempting to sell fetal organs, Hillary Clinton has released a new two minute video that defends the organization from what she describes as a “full-on assault on women’s health.” 

Speaking directly into the camera, Clinton calls out GOP candidates like Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry for their efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. She also reminds voters that beyond just abortions, the organization also provides “life-saving preventive care” like cancer screenings, breast exams and birth control, to millions of women and men. 

“When they attack women’s health, they attack America’s health,” she says. “And it’s wrong. And we’re not going to let them get away with it.” 

“I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood,” Clinton concludes, definitively.

It has been awhile since I have been able to say this but today I am incredibly proud that this woman is our leading candidate for President. 

make no mistake I still have some issues, but this took real guts and conviction and that is what I am looking for in our next President.


  1. I couldn't agree more Gryphen. I have a number of issues with her as our candidate but my respect and admiration for her has grown with this display of courage. I'm very impressed and strongly support her stance here.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Display of courage? What?

      You people are a bunch of suckasses. Courage would have been to dump her husband after so many cheats.... but she knows she'd never have a chance without him.

    2. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Anonymous7:41 AM
      Oh like Palin dumped her husband...is that what you refer too?
      FOAD! Troll!
      Ana Kasparian shreds GOP for threatening Planned Parenthood to appease base of ‘fucking idiots’
      Idiots like "you people" 7:41! FOAD troll!

    3. Anonymous8:17 AM

      What is Palin running for again 8:10?

      What does Palin have to do with anything, again, 8:10?

      Pretty much shows your level of intellect, bringing nobody Palin into every conversation.

    4. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Anonymous8:17 AM

      What is Palin running for again 8:10?
      And it shows YOUR level of Intellect to defend the wife of a pimp! She did hint in her interview yesterday she could run, so FUCK OFF TROLL!

    5. Anonymous9:02 AM

      7:41, I have no idea why Hillary chose to stay in her marriage, nor do I care. Perhaps it was do to a good Christian faith and the ability to love and forgive? Or perhaps it was to further her own career, which I doubt, but again....don't care.
      Hillary is a bright, strong, politically savvy woman, who will get things done.
      Go read at breitbart, I am sure you will find lots to agree with.

    6. Anonymous9:06 AM

      8:29 you are the only one talking about, and constantly bringing up, 'nobody' Palin here.

      You need to calm down. Palin is a nobody with no influence on anything. Why do you insist on extending her already expired shelf life?

    7. Anonymous9:25 AM

      9:06, while I agree that some find the need to insert a Palin into every post, Palin is the one insisting on staying in the reduced for quick sell bin, long past her "best by" date. Once the 'bile 'o matic' stops slingling her chopped up palinisms on this country, perhaps the 8:29's will also stop.

    8. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Anonymous9:06 AM

      8:29 you are the only one talking about, and constantly bringing up, 'nobody' Palin here.
      If she is a "nobody" than why do you care? You seem to be into Hillary bashing, so WTF are you on a anti Palin blog for?
      Especially is she is "Such" a 'nobody"!

    9. Anonymous9:53 AM

      9:45... here is Gryph's 'about this blog'- mission statement, if you will:

      "This blog is dedicated to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders accountable when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people."

      I don't see anything in there about any specific politician, namely Palin... or Hillary for that matter. Palin isn't even a politician anymore, nor is she running for anything ever again.

      But Hillary is, so it would seem she is fair game for holding up to scrutiny. Would you not agree? Of course you do because you are a smart IMer.

    10. Anonymous10:07 AM

      7:41---But I thought forgiving and staying in the marriage no matter what was a hallmark of the "good wife?"

      If she HAD dumped him, the right would have pilloried her for that, instead....so which is it?

    11. Anonymous7:48 PM

      Anonymous7:41 AM

      I image you were very concerned about why Laura never dumped George W, considering he was a drunk well into his 40's.

  2. That is a terrific video. Unflinching and unambiguous.

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Hillary has many flaws, but she is tough and not afraid to speak her mind! I am still a Bernie supporter, but will definitely be able to vote with my party for POTUS!

  4. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Shame on you Lisa .
    You are a discrase to Alaskan Women over and over even when you are the better of to evils. FUCK YOU.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Who's Lisa?

    2. Leland2:08 PM

      What the hellos a discrace?

      The word I believe you are attempting is disGrace. (See? That's a "G".) Please at least TRY "spell check" before publishing.

    3. Leland3:39 PM

      Sorry, I missed that in proof reading. That should read What the hell is a disgrace?!

    4. Leland4:52 PM

      I give up. I hope you figure it out.

  5. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Its very awesome the Dems are finally growing a spine! There is a new "Vid" out. I saw on twitter. I didn't watch it but it "claims" PP is selling whole "Fetuses" FUCK! I'm so sick of these aholes!
    Its like their last gasp and they are still trying to "decide" is President Obama is a "Christian"???

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Christian? So many in our U.S. Congress profess to be 'christian' and they operate the furthest from the teachings of Christianity! They spread hate, fear, racism, falsehoods, have multiple wives, affairs, children out of wedlock and the Republicans (as a whole) want war - wherever whenever!

      We badly need to replace the majority of the members currently sitting in the U.S. Congress - most especially the Republicans! They are one nasty bunch.

      We need younger people (with new ideas!), tenure limits and to get the voters out - especially in Alaska.

      I plan to volunteer as to that endeavor in upcoming elections.

  6. I think that as our next President she will go a long way toward solidifying the legislative gains of the Obama Administration while at the same time adding to her own legacy by championing women's issues and using her International skills toward bringing about a more sane foreign policy for our country. The added plus, will be, paving the way for an Elizabeth Warren presidency to follow hers, in 2020.

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Her international skills? Praytell... what specifically did she accomplish as SOS again? Give Vlad a big stupid button?

    2. Anonymous8:03 AM

      And you wish to confine Hillary to one term because .....?

    3. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Anonymous7:40 AM

      Her international skills? Praytell... what specifically did she accomplish as SOS again? Give Vlad a big stupid button?
      Hey troll took a wrong turn? Or are you assigned to troll this blog anytime Hillary is mentioned? We don't like your kind here.

    4. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Basically then 8:31, you are in agreement that Hillary had zero accomplishments as SOS.

      Thank you.

    5. One term so she is free from the worries of satisfying the donor class, relative to re-election. She can retire, nicely, having had a pretty successful life and pave the way for Liz to run her two terms. And to the Benghazi crowd, fuck off.
      She did no harm and knows the ropes of International Diplomacy. The Rethugs have nothing to match her.
      And to all other trolls, I concur with Anon 8:31;
      FOAD, horribly, FOADH !!!!!

    6. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Ole Hillary and her reset button.


    7. Leland2:13 PM

      @ 9:07

      Um, I write for a living. In order to do so, I must be able to read and comprehend as well. Please explain to me where you get the idea that 8:31 said anything remotely like being in agreement about Hillary having "zero accomplishments" as SOS?

    8. Anonymous2:22 PM

      We all write for a living in one way or another Lela, so don't give yourself to big of a self boner.

      It is quite clear, 8:31 said, "I, 8:31, hereby declare, and do solemnly swear, that Hillary Clinton had zero accomplishments as SOS".

      Are you sure you can read and comprehend?

    9. Anonymous2:36 PM

      'too' big of a....

      That is if you are going to grammar police.

    10. Anonymous3:11 PM

      2:22, WTFare you referring to? (Or should I say too?)
      Do you write for a living, one way or the other, at c4pee by any chance?

    11. Leland3:48 PM

      As I suspected, 2:22, you have no direct response to my question, instead preferring to use stupid slander and foul language - not to mention outright lies.

      And BTW, the word "to" denotes a direction. The word I believe you should be using is "too", which is used to denote "also" or "as well as".

      And no, not everyone writes for a living, even "one way or another". Obviously you don't even come close, considering your word usage.

    12. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Already corrected myself leland....

      Guess you didn't read it though...

      Thought you read for a living?

      Not very good at it apparently.

    13. Leland5:00 PM

      Childish, 4:18. And typical of your type. If you can't - or won't - answer a question, attack. And besides, the timing in these postings is such that while you may have corrected yourself, before it was posted, I had already responded, as I am sure you already know. And that only adds to the childishness of your response - or lack of same.

      It is obvious you have nothing in the way of a concrete response to my original question. Therefore, I will just say that regardless of what you may say from this point on, I shall not respond, having satisfied myself you cannot provide a reasonable answer to my question.

    14. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Well leland, thank god you have finally realized that I am the adult in this conversation.

      Now, since you are such an awesome reader and writer and such, you do it for a living mind you... You must realize I asked a question to Mr. Sands first (that was before you butted your head in).

      Now by the logic of your post at 5:00 pm.... you say you have satisfied yourself that a reasonable answer to your question cannot be provided... in other words, you have drawn the conclusion that there is no answer.

      Stay with me here leland... Now this is using your logic that you have just established.

      My original question to Mr. Sands was "what specifically did she accomplish as SOS again?"

      To which no specific answer (direct response) was given, therefore, one must conclude, using your logic leland (thank you for providing a great example in this very thread!)... That there has been no specific accomplishments by Hillary as SOS.

      A non-specific answer was given... which was 'she did no harm'... which can hardly be considered an accomplishment, and is certainly subject to a wide range of opinion.

      Thanks again for providing a template from which conclusions could be derived, based on non-answers, and therefore supporting my original argument and statement.

      All the best buddy.

      PS- work on your sarcasm and humor.

    15. Anonymous6:45 PM

      "You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton or her ideas. I get it. She’s a Democrat, a progressive (in most eyes), and conservatives don’t like that. However, you cannot say she does not have any accomplishments. Here are just a few:"
      Too many to list here, but read for yourself--


    16. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Hahahaaahaa .... nice 'list" there mildred...

      Did you bother to read the comments lol.

    17. Anonymous8:50 PM

      What do the comments have to do with the list of accomplishments? A bunch of wacko birds screaming BENGHAZI!!!!?


    18. Anonymous12:25 AM

      The list is yet another mish madh of generalized nothings Mildred. She has no real skills or accomplishments. All she has really done is ride the wave of her husbands popularity, and she is bound to ruin that for him too.

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Didn't Bristol plan her latest parenthood? Let poor women decide for themselves! (& get yearly checkups and birth control!)

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      7:37 ya, she planned it alright to cukold MOH like the cuckoo bird and that didn't work out!
      That hypocritical bitch needs to STFU and close her legs!

  8. Anonymous7:42 AM

    There's never going to be a candidate that you agree with completely. As much as I support our current President, there have been a few things that he's done - or not done - that have frustrated me.

    However, when the vast majority of a candidate's policies align with your values, they have integrity and courage, they have education and experience that will serve them well, and you can sleep well after voting for them, you know they are the right person for the job.

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Very well said, 7:42. Cheers!

  9. Anonymous7:56 AM

    THIS is the Hillary I know and admire.

    Sarah Palin is not fit to speak her name.

  10. Anonymous7:58 AM

    ...And on Monday night, the situation appeared to take an even darker turn. The construction site of the new clinic was reportedly vandalized in the middle of the night, as an unidentified person was caught on security camera pouring gasoline on the clinic’s recently laid foundation and a nearby car. The car caught fire, and the New Orleans Fire Department is investigating the incident.

    Planned Parenthood officials say they believe the fire was an intentional act of vandalism at a time when the extreme rhetoric against the organization has been particularly heightened.

    “This isn’t just an attack on our health center; it’s an attack on expanded access to reproductive health care,” Melissa Flournoy, the director of Planned Parenthood Louisiana, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, this arson attack is another example of the violence reproductive health care providers and advocates for abortion rights too often face.”


  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    make no mistake I still have some issues, but this took real guts and conviction and that is what I am looking for in our next President.

    Have to disagree, Gryphen. It shouldn't have been something that "took guts" to say. If she had said anything less I would have been very disappointed in her. She is a woman, a Dem and someone who has supported PP and women's rights for years. If she hadn't said it, her campaign would have been over. In my opinion anyway.

    Are we sure we can't elect a president for a third term? Has anyone read over the fine print??


    1. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Agree. She should have been on this days ago. It doesn't take guts, it takes a spine: I hope she has one.
      This crap is only beginning.

  12. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Watched MSNBC this a.m. and they are trying to crucify Hillary Clinton over her negative ratings in various polls. None of the announcers would admit she is beating all of the clown car Republicans in the race. The media is a riot to watch. What fucking idiots!

    Can hardly wait to vote for Mrs. Clinton and look forward to her being our next POTUS! She has so much more experience than any other candidate except for Joe Biden, but I don't think he can beat her either.

    1. I have the feeling the Corporate Overlords are taking more control of which way/how much their talent should slant their stories. If they go too far it may cause the best that they have there to quit and write a Tell-All, but personally, I'd rather have them on the air.

  13. Anonymous8:25 AM

    And, then Alaska has Lisa Murkowski who voted against women as to this issue (Planned Parenthood) in Congress.

    I have never voted for the bitch and expect her to have a difficult time when it comes to her next reelection. She almost didn't make it last time.

    She has a horrible record that is going to be easy to bring forward as to being ANTI LISA MURKOWSKI when she runs again. Women especially will have zero respect for her!

    She's also a Republican and a member of the most disliked U.S. Congress ever in history!

  14. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Uh oh, this isn't good news...

    Hillary Clinton‘s favorability numbers have dropped once again in the newest poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal.

    Tonight’s poll [PDF] shows Clinton with a 37 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating. And while the approval is higher than the Republican presidential candidates’, so is the disapproval.

    This is Clinton’s lowest approval rating in this poll since 2008. As of this January, Clinton’s approval was as high as 45 percent and her disapproval was only at 37.

    The last time the poll was taken, just one month ago, Clinton’s approval hit 44 percent and her disapproval was at 40 percent.



    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      I've been telling you IMers this for over a year.

      Everybody likes the 'concept' of Hillary, and generally like her, when she isn't running and is behind the curtain.

      When she actually runs, people quickly remember all the things they dislike about her..... and drop drop drop in the polls.

    2. Anonymous3:32 PM

      And just today I was reading about all the GOP PAID internet 'concern' trolls posting all over the internet their frowny negative concerns about Hillary.

    3. Anonymous6:05 PM

      anon @ 9:46 am

      Sorry, but we are all adults and can make our own decisions on who to vote for in each and every election without your help.

    4. Anonymous7:29 PM

      @9;46 am, So basically you base your voting on polls, well whoop de do. Polls do not mean anything.

      The only thing that matters are the election results.

    5. Anonymous12:21 AM

      She is toast. Too many scandals and lies.


  15. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Good for Hillary.

    And American women better wake the fuck up. You have enjoyed the freedom to be able to access birth control and make your own reproductive choices for just few short decades.
    You better be talking with your friends, your sister, your daughters and get ready to take to the streets. Those that did it the first time will join you. But don't think without action that you will have those rights for very long. It's headed right back to when single women could NOT get birth control and married women could only do so with her husbands permission. And don't think abortions will be available to anyone, except the very, very rich. Step up or we will be losing these hard fought for rights.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      And when they've taken contraception you won't be able to get a credit card without a man's signature.... any male relative will do, even a jailbird, as long as they can presume he has or had a penis. That's how it was back in the day. You could be a doctor, a homeowner, but all that would matter is did you have a penis. It happened to my mother because she dared to divorce my father without being a Hollywood "actress".

    2. Anonymous7:36 PM

      @3:35 PM

      Maybe we need to remind the younger generation of women what America was like in the not so distant past.

      My mother, who worked full time as a teacher, could not get a mortgage without her father's signature, she was also divorced. And this happened in the 70's !!

  16. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Elizabeth Warren to Republicans on their Planned Parenthood defunding: “Did you fall down, hit your head?”


  17. Anonymous3:48 PM

    LOL at the trolls fretting about Hillary taking back an unfaithful husband.

    Millions of women would have been happy to relieve Hillary of her 'problem'. Keeping him was the smart decision.

  18. Anita Winecooler6:08 PM

    I wholeheartedly agree with every word you said. I had the same reaction when I first saw it on television.
    OT, Chris Christie, for some odd reason, brought up his use of non Catholic church approved birth control at a campaign stop today. "Does this mean that I'm not a good Catholic"? He added.
    My question is, why does anyone need to know that he wraps his rascal? And was this in response to the PP kerfuffle because it makes no sense whatsoever.

    And yes, I "Got an image" of him in his baseball uniform, proudly showing off his "Camel toe".


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