Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Well according to the Pope there really is a war on Christmas, but not the one you've been hearing about.

Courtesy of Time: 

Pope Francis told churchgoers that Christmas this year is going to be a “charade” because “the whole world is at war.” 

The pontiff put this holiday season in perspective during mass at the Basilica di Santa Maria last week. His speech comes after a rash of notable violent incidents, including the now infamous terrorist attacks in Paris, as “we are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war. 

“It’s all a charade. The world has not understood the way of peace. The whole world is at war,” Pope Francis said. “A war can be justified, so to speak, with many, many reasons, but when all the world as it is today, at war, piecemeal though that war may be—a little here, a little there—there is no justification.”

So according to the Pope it's not the non-religious or those who don't want to say Merry Christmas to shoppers that is threatening Christmas, but rather those who want continual war.

Gee now which political party promotes that around the world?

I understand what the Pope is saying, and I even agree with it somewhat, but if we allow the warlike, the fearmongers, and the terrorists to take Christmas away from us, then are we not allowing them to win?

I mean I'm an Atheist but that does not mean I don't love this time of year and wish to celebrate the holiday of giving with my friends and family.

I don't know about anybody else, but considering what is going on in the world I think we need to celebrate more aggressively than ever.


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Perhaps the rest of humanity needs to read "Good Tidings" followed up with "Sweet Freedom". I think there may be a dusty copy or two that we could mail off.
    Christmas? Bah humbug!

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    The Pope wasn't asking you to give up egg nog or singing carols.
    He wanted all of us to consider what is going on around us, and to be humble when we talk about "the Prince of Peace," when we ourselves are engaged in hostilities of one sort or another.
    Humility is his message, and he's been trying to tell it to us for several years.

  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Today's Google Doodle embraces evolution. Cue Xian outrage and threats.

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      I saw that and did a mental cheer!

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Me too. Not all Christian find the need to deny Science. This Pope doesn't. My father was an Episcopal priest with a MS in Chemistry. Evolution is the basic theory for all of Biology. I don't "believe" in it. I accept it as Scientific fact.

      Elizabeth 44

  4. Anonymous7:25 AM

    All he is sayin' is give Peace a chance... now where have I heard that before?

  5. Anonymous7:55 AM

    He's absolutely right. We have to keep in mind, and act like it's on our mind, that the rumors of wars and wars are all around us, and be resourceful and not act like the world is our 'oyster', like certain people do.

    How can people live like there's no tomorrow and post selfies on vacations, showing expensive handbags, etc. while a segment of the world's population is being banished from their homes, flooded out of their homes, killed by landslides, tornadoes, incessant strong winds and storms, homes burned by wildfires, increased sinkholes, earthquakes, asteroid hits, comets, climate extremes.

    Meanwhile, actresses are complaining about their unequal earning power, and all we hear on right-wing news is first world problems, or the royal Palins are posting themselves in Hawaii and DisneyWorld, whining about their persecution, whining about their haters and keeping their faces filled with chemicals while yelling look at MEEEE!!! Wish a Merry Christmas to MEEEE!!! Tell MEEE you love your guns and freedumbs!!! Rah-Rah-Rah. Let Allah sort all those Muslems problems' out, but look at MEEEEE!!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Look in the mirror ALL:

  7. Anonymous8:00 AM


    1. Anonymous2:51 PM

      When did that bastard sync up with bluetooth? I liked the one with the pump much better. Hey Dick, if it wasn't for YOU, we'd have no ISIS If it wasn't for Iraq, you wouldn't have gotten a heart. Don't lecture America on the lessons of 911 when it's obvious you didn't learn anything. He's a male version of Sarah Palin.

  8. Anonymous9:20 AM

    We can start locally. Reach out and love the marginalized. See that they are brought into the fold. Just plain "speak up" when people are being mistreated. Don't let the "christians" have the final word.

    Elizabeth 44

  9. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I agree with you, Gryphen. We should celebrate even more in light of all this war mentality all over the world. After all, wasn't it sometime during WWI, when the soldiers in the trenches on the frontlines celebrated a truce? They stopped all enmity, sang Christmas carols together, and let the other side remove and burry their wounded and dead. At least at that time, there was still humanity around...

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    It's one damn day out of the year, anything's possible, but it's easier said than done.


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