Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"The only thing that is the end of the world is the end of the world." President Obama's comforting words to his daughters about the election will comfort us all.

 The President talking about his daughters, "But what we have also tried to teach them is resilience, and we've tried to teach them hope, and that the only thing that is the end of the world is the end of the world."

I found that oddly comforting.

Especially right now when it certainly does feel like the end of the world.

The President also added this toward the end of his answer.

"I believe in this country. I believe in the American people. I believe that people are more good than bad."

I have to say that if a man who just watched the arrogant asshole who hounded him for years about his birth certificate get voted into office by a bunch of voters too ignorant to understand what they stand to lose, still has this kind of confidence in the American people, I guess I should as well.

But I don't.

In fact my opinion of my fellow Americans has never been lower.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his optimism.

I'm just not buying it.

However I do agree that overall our trajectory is toward progress and that ultimately we will get there.

In many ways Donald Trump is just an orange tinted, morbidly obese, monosyllabic bump in the road. I get that.

However my hope in that progress is probably not going to kick back in for at least another four years.

Until then my plan is to resist, to fight, and to dog this pompous POS until his last day in office.

(P.S. If you want to watch the entire final press conference you can do that by clicking here.)


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I hope that in years to come we'll still have National Adult Obama to talk us down.

    He may even save us.

    1. Anonymous12:39 AM

      So do I hope that there is much more good work to get done by citizen Barack H. Obama after 12 pm on Friday.

      Gryph is rightfully pessimistic about Donald Trump, the pimple on the ass of time gets inaugurated in less than 36 hours. *ugh*


  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Wouldn't be something if George H W should expire & bump most of the coverage of Herr Drumpf? God, and the CIA, would be smiling...

    1. Had the same thought. That would prove there really is a god!

    2. Who,do,we know who can do a compendium of
      Trump garbage starting with the,original and continuing birther stuff?
      Surely one,of,your,readers,has,the,talent. Let's get proactive.

    3. Ha. Mr. B just said the same thing.

    4. Anonymous2:10 AM

      It wont take anything more than that bunch of liars and cheaters to display their selfish ignorance and think they will get away with it. The Long Luau starts at noon on Aloha Friday, American's will Take Back Their Country and serve up some Justice.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    This blog has been a respite for me for 8 plus years. I am grateful as I can be.
    Please do not go anywhere for the next four for sure. I have a dog in this fight and fight I will!

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Thank you. Exactly my thoughts.

    2. Anonymous5:00 PM

      I agree. Thanks, Gryphen,for the respite. I'm SO worried for us all, but I also will fight to the end.

  4. This end is not a joke. But I will keep on fighting tooth and nail.

    I get a kick out of news articles profiling the Trump voters who already have buyers remorse. Most couldn't come in out of the rain.

    Did they really NOT think about voting for Trump .... that the things they wanted to do to"other people" would now apply to them?

    That super applies to you Lou Sarah 'cause "Putin is gonna rear his ugly head" and get even with you for sure!
    Maybe you can go stay with B. DeVos and head off those grizzlies she is talking out her entitled and very dumpy old lady Dutch used up farm wife ass....

    Words by fake Xtians make women ugly.

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Thank you, Gryphen, for your blog, for your efforts, and for showing this amazing man's last press conference. I had just watched it on MSN and I have tears in my eyes.

    I get that we are playing "the long game" and I am so disappointed in my fellow countrymen. I can barely say hello to some of my neighbors. How could they have done this to our country? Didn't they know a con man when they saw one? What lies in their hearts, that they would give a liar like Donald Trump any power? A pussy grabber for President? I will never, ever understand this.

    It makes it harder because I live in a swing state. I would feel better if I was in a Red or Blue State, and the vote was predetermined. I live in a state that mattered, and we got it wrong. I am so sorry. Could I have done more? Talked to more neighbors? I guess next time, I will be more vocal (my family says I was VERY vocal already!). Our Red state Governor more than likely had our Secretary of State throw out our "provisional ballots" and I seriously doubt Trump won fair and square. There was and has been for the last 15+ years a lot of cheating on the part of Republicans. But they played the long game, and we must beat them at their own game now.

    It wasn't enough. The bad guys won this one. Justice lost. We will fight again, for women, children, minorities, workers, public schools and the average guy. Sarah Palin thinks her party is working for the average Joe, but we all know (esp after these confirmation hearings of billionaires) that is a total lie and she is full of shit. We fight onward.

  6. Anonymous5:13 PM

    The slimy and dishonest orange shit-gibbon and the colossally ignorant electorate that voted for him are definitely more than just a bump in the road. They will take us back. They are too stupid to know what they did, but they will suffer for it. But overall, as time passes, I have to think progress will be made. To think otherwise is to give up all hope. I'm very discouraged but I'm not at that point.

  7. Anonymous5:13 PM

    With Donald at the helm, the end of the world has never been closer, I'm afraid. His evangelical Christian voters are even looking forward to it.

  8. Rachel Maddow has got more critical reporting today that is unmissable.

    1. Anonymous6:00 PM

      She is the best! Remember this?!

  9. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Cronyism at it's scariest

    "While even Mr. Perry’s supporters concede that he has no experience making high-level decisions on nuclear weapons policy, he has had some dealings with the problem of nuclear waste, which also falls under the purview of the Energy Department.
    As governor, Mr. Perry pushed a plan to create a low-level nuclear waste repository in Texas, to be privately run by a Dallas-based company, Waste Control Specialists, which was also a contributor to Mr. Perry’s re-election campaigns."

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      During the repugs primary debates, Perry tried to say he wanted to eliminate DOE, but "oops" he couldn't remember the name of the agency. Turns out he had no flipping idea what DOE actually does (much like most Palin supporters). Then he accepts the cabinet position to lead the agency, offered by Trump who also has no idea what the agency does. WTF!!!! He thought he was going to be a cheerleader for the oil and gas industry!! Hang on's gonna be a wild ride.

  10. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Trump interview, the comments under the tweet are hilarious. "Donald is the new Palin"

    Q: What books are you reading?
    A: Look over there. There are some books.

  11. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I don't think Trump will even last four years - he'll be impeached for wrong doing and ousted on his fat ass!

    Can hardly wait to watch him be taken down by the American people!!

    Thank you for your great leadership, President Obama! And, I'm glad you are staying near in case the American people need you!!!

  12. Anonymous5:46 PM

    As Of Today, Obamacare Has Better Poll Numbers Than Trump

    Yep, Obamacare polls 13% higher than Donald Trump.

  13. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Read T.I.'s Candid Open Letter to Donald Trump

  14. Anonymous5:50 PM

    'He Is Going to Test Our Democracy as It Has Never Been Tested'

    Why Nixon's former lawyer John Dean worries Trump could be one of the most corrupt presidents ever—and get away with it

    ...“I don’t think Richard Nixon even comes close to the level of corruption we already know about Trump.”

  15. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Why Would Trump Want a Weaker Dollar?

    Surprise remarks by the president-elect, which depart from decades of U.S. policy, sent American currency into a tumble.

    On Wednesday morning, currencies in emerging markets across Asia started to rise: The Chinese yuan and the Thai bhat hit two-month highs, while Taiwan’s dollar reached a three-month peak, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, the value of the U.S. dollar had dropped 1.3 percent on Tuesday, to its lowest point in a month.

    Those searching for an explanation didn’t have to look very hard. Over the weekend, President-elect Donald Trump delivered some remarks to The Wall Street Journal that took many by surprise. In response to a question about trade with China, Trump declared that the U.S. dollar is “too strong.” He added, “Our companies can’t compete with [China] now because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us.”

  16. Anonymous5:58 PM

    The Real Meaning of Putin's Press Conference

    ...Which brings us to another trait of Classic Putin: Blame others for doing the things that you’re doing.

    ...And this is another thing Classic Putin does: He’s a master of using provocation as a smoke screen. What the American media will most likely take away from his comments at Tuesday’s Kremlin press conference is that Putin praised Russian prostitutes, which he did, or that he slammed Obama for lingering, which he also did. But those things were not the most important part of the press conference.

  17. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Awe that is sweet. Ending on a nice family softball feel good question between the Obama and his always chummy friends in the press. Gosh, it was almost like it was scripted or something.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      And The Whos down in Whoville all cried,
      "Boo Hoo Hoo!"

    2. Anonymous6:51 PM

      All the Whos in Whoville cried!

    3. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Is that you, Sarah?

      Sour grapes.

  18. Anonymous6:15 PM

    First Lady Michelle Obama shares video of her final walk through of the White House.

  19. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight

    Information presently public and available confirms that Erik Prince, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump conspired to intimidate FBI Director James Comey into interfering in, and thus directly affecting, the 2016 presidential election. This conspiracy was made possible with the assistance of officers in the New York Police Department and agents within the New York field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. All of the major actors in the conspiracy have already confessed to its particulars either in word or in deed; moreover, all of the major actors have publicly exhibited consciousness of guilt after the fact. This assessment has already been the subject of articles in news outlets on both sides of the political spectrum, but has not yet received substantial investigation by major media.

    While a full summary of the Prince-Giuliani-Trump conspiracy would require a longer discourse, the actions of these men, along with multiple still-anonymous actors, can be summarized in five paragraphs. It will be for journalists with more resources than this writer to follow up on these leads—and, moreover, to see how this domestic conspiracy dovetails with the Trump-Russia controversy, though this too is briefly addressed below.

    In addition to the paragraphs here, this article incorporates its three predecessors (I, II, III).

  20. Anonymous6:22 PM

    BuzzFeed was right to publish Trump-Russia files

  21. Anonymous6:24 PM

    No One Wants to Go to Donald Trump’s Inauguration

  22. Anonymous6:33 PM

    is this legit? :( I hope not.

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Just so know, the guy that runs that site is a huge liar and has been busted over and over again, been banned from twitter and is generally known as scum.

  23. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Donald Trump’s transition to the presidency has seen his popularity decline, not expand, and he will enter the White House on Friday far weaker in that regard than any president in decades.

    Trump is unique among the last seven presidents-elect: He is the only one whose popularity dropped between election day and his swearing-in, according to several new polls.

    I voted for Donald Trump, and I already regret it’s the nonchalance with which he went back on his word after hammering it repeatedly during the campaign. The ease and quickness with which he reversed his position shook me to my core. I realized in that moment that I had voted for a demagogue. And it was sickening.

  24. Anonymous6:38 PM

    President Obama is leaving office on a very high note

    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      Gotta tell you, folks. This is hard to watch, knowing that the man following President Obama into the White House is Obama’s polar opposite in so many ways: a thin-skinned, insecure yet egomaniacal, vindictive, vengeful, utterly dishonest 70-year old racist baby-man with a Cabinet full of extremists and white supremacists.

      The President says he’s going to attend the illegitimate Trump Horror’s inauguration, and I suppose I understand why; if nothing else, out of respect for the institution. But the Trump human being deserves no respect at all. And I’ll never consider him my president.

      I keep expecting to get into the “acceptance” phase of the grief cycle over the election of this monster, but I seem to be stuck at “rage.”

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      right-wing and political conspiracy sites such as Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, and Infowars as a "news source Trump relies on."

    3. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Notes: The Gateway Pundit is a hard-right website that is not afraid of conspiracy theories and the occasional flirtation with outright white supremacists. Not a credible source that occasionally publishes fake news.

    4. Anonymous7:44 PM

      Jim Hoft: Dumbest Man on the Internet?

      ...But despite all this stiff competition, Jim Hoft (aka Gateway Pundit) stands out as uniquely incompetent. Hoft runs with (or spawns) almost every inane story that bubbles up in the conservative blogosphere, has proven that he has absolutely no vetting process for the sources he cites, and apparently has a hard time with basic reading comprehension.

  25. Anonymous6:40 PM

    44 Sitting Members of Congress Have Accepted Donations From Trump

    Guess who's #1?

    In total, Trump has given $88,500 to sitting Republicans, and $24,000 to sitting Democrats — who make up seven of the 44 current members he’s given to.

  26. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Great news for Sarah Palin, I was watching Rachel Maddow and she showed a matrix that revealed the Trump administration has tons of jobs to fill.

    Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Duh and even Trig each equally has a chance of working for Trump.

  27. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Sadly, I may be dead and gone by the time the trajectory rights itself. This going backwards started with Gingrich. It appeared as if things got better, but something just went haywire with the new millennium. The right got more conservative and in a way that was just plain crazy--they decided that using one's brain was not that important. The tea party mindset really took hold. A hatred of progress and inclusiveness happened. An embracing of that ridiculous Evangelical extremism--and always applauding that Jesus take the wheel crap (to borrow a Trump word)--took over. BO may think it feels like two steps forward and one step back, but for me the numbers are reversed. I can understand there being a checks and balances, so we don't just go forward all the time, but the sheer disdain for thought and the amount of proud-to-be-stupid in so many millions of people, that is embarrassing and scary.

  28. Anonymous7:56 PM

    "Until then my plan is to resist, to fight, and to dog this pompous POS until his last day in office."

    By that you mean, cut, copy, paste and restate as if it was your original idea. In other words do nothing of any substance.

    1. Anonymous9:18 PM

      Well, no , actually what Gryph means is he will post Trump's statements then compare those statements to facts.

      Sorry about your inability to understand basic commentary practice.

    2. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Why don’t you show us your blog, since you think that you can do so much better?

      What, you got nothing?

  29. Anonymous8:25 PM

    "However I do agree that overall our trajectory is toward progress and that ultimately we will get there."

    I believe that, too. I believe that this is just a temporary step back, which happens from time to time. I am scared of what's to come with Trump, but we'll get through it. I think it's safe to say our next elected President will be nothing like Trump.

    Trump's not even in office yet, and there's already quite backlash. It gives me hope.

    Trump has really already been castrated before he's taken office, His approval rating is in the toilet, and the fact that Russia interfered makes his legitmaticy very tenuous. He's also so stupid and arrogant that he causes a lot of his own problems. It will make it much harder for him to get much of anything done. There's no way will any of the sweeping changes he's promised will happen. At worst, we'll get watered down versions of a few things.

  30. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Tiny moth with a scaly yellow head and 'unique genitalia' is named after Donald Trump

  31. Anonymous9:01 PM

    When Nixon and the GOP tried to hijack the country I felt the same way. Fortunately, his own party had the balls to take him down. I do not have the same faith this time. I do have the same determination however, to take this prick down. Whatever that takes.

    1. Anonymous3:16 AM

      The Democrats controlled at least the Senate when Nixon was impeached; it's possible the Democrats also controlled the House. As Trump would say, that's "yuuuge" difference.

    2. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Comrade trump is arrogant enough to want to be the first president to be impeached and found guilty by the senate.

      He doesn’t care he goes down in the history books as long as he is in them. Besides he will have already put the presidential seal all over his buildings, got the jacket and cap with the seal, you know branding, the important stuff to make him more money.

  32. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Watch this video:

    It's 19 minutes long from tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell show . . . you need to watch the segment between about 2:30 and 4:00 that compares Obama's comments to the press with Trump's comments on the press.

    Very, very scary.

  33. Anonymous9:23 PM

    It sure feels like the end of the world. I haven't been so stressed, depressed and anxious in at LEAST 8 years.

    And a whole lot of patients and their fasmilies will be facing the end of their worlds without the health care they need.

  34. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Believers in US continue to fall, but Christians still strongly represented in Congress

    ...Indeed, among members of the new, 115th Congress, 91 percent describe themselves as Christians.

    This percentage is almost the same as in the 87th Congress (1961 to 1962, the earliest years for which comparable data are available), when 95 percent of members were Christian.

    Among the 293 Republicans elected to serve in the new Congress, all but two identify as Christians; there are two Jewish Republicans – Lee Zeldin of New York and David Kustoff of Tennessee – who both serve in the House.

  35. If Trump had won the presidency but either the House or Senate went to the Democrats, it wouldn't seem so much like we have now lost everything, with no means of recovering.

    We'll next witness the Supreme Court turn into a rubber stamping arm of the right wing coup.

    That leaves nothing but outright REVOLUTION to stop the nation from becoming the wet dream of the super rich:

    A faux theocracy, fascist regime.

    1. Anonymous3:15 AM

      My fears exactly. The GOP in Congress would be far less cocky about destroying everything it its sites if one branch of government, preferably the Senate, were in Democratic hands.

  36. Anonymous1:38 AM

    My favorite line was "I'll be right there with you" I have a strange odd feeling that the good people of this country and world are preparing to kick some ass. Nobody gives a shit about spies and their lousy sex problems. The real prize is when the world exposes them and the low class mentality they smell like.

  37. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I dusted off the old classics, I spy, Get Smart, Man from Uncle, Goldfinger and many others to watch this weekend. A new lousy spy flick coming. Little Men with Bigly Complexes and tiny fingers make lousy lovers.

  38. Anonymous3:25 AM

    President Obama's parting words, "Good luck," seemed to say it all.


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