Saturday, April 08, 2017

Kentucky Coal Museum installs solar panels. I think there's a joke here somewhere.

Courtesy of the AP:

Don't look to the Kentucky Coal Museum to bring coal back. 

The museum is installing solar panels on its roof, part of a project aimed at lowering the energy costs of one of the city's largest electric customers. It's also a symbol of the state's efforts to move away from coal as its primary energy source as more coal-fired power plants are replaced by natural gas. The state legislature recently lifted its decades-old ban on nuclear power. 

"It's a little ironic or coincidental that you are putting solar green energy on a coal museum," said Roger Noe, a former state representative who sponsored the legislation that created the coal museum. "Coal comes from nature, the sun rays come from nature so it all works out to be a positive thing."

Yeah good luck with bringing those coal jobs back Donald Trump.

If this is not an indication that the coal industry is all but dead I don't know what would be.


  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Donald says he is bringing back "clean coal" Have you ever heard of "clean coal"? Don says he will in-regulate EPA, This goes to show that don is either completely ignorant or completely hateful evil. Millions of people around the world have died of lung disease. Families have lost loved ones due to mining coal, transporting coal and breathing dust from coal. This sob pos sewer dweller is too much of a liar to forgive. Interesting how big Freeport McMoran Mining Giant and board member adkerson is also on the "MD Anderson Cancer Center" board. Mr Trump has more than proven his motives and agenda for citizen united. Where is the outrage? Where are the warnings to property owners that are affected by dangerous mine tailings, dust and cancer causing contaminates? The public is unaware of what silently lurks in their private wells, city water, oceans and rivers.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Donnie is a LIAR and those coal miners are fools.

      We are going to pay for their stupidity with DIRTY AIR !!!!

      Yes, someone should remind little donnie about bringing back dirty air.

    2. Anonymous12:55 PM

      And if don gets his way again these people will have no healthcare and all have pre existing conditions due to coal mining and disease to consumers living close by. He wants remove all regulations and end healthcare? Oh what a terrible outcome for millions.

  2. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Interesting interview with Noe from years ago. Back when KY was still a tad sane, respected education and elected Democrats:

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I'm totally blown away how God put all those carbon atoms underground for people to find to use as an energy source. And don't get me started on oil!

    1. Anonymous7:36 AM

      I know, and isn't it astonishing how fossil fuel is made from, like, fossils? When everyone knows the earth is only 6,500 years old and that God just put fake "fossils" here to test our faith??

      That God guy. Always throwing you for a loop!

    2. Anonymous12:15 PM

      Let' not forget Diamonds !!!

      Only carbon under pressure, maybe little donnie's wife or Ivanka are going a push a line of coal jewelry for those that can't afford the real stuff :)

  4. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Donald has Jared designing a coal fired automobile.

    It will be American built and get 1000 miles per ton of coal with zero emissions.

    This will bring back the coal industry.

    1. abbafan8:28 AM

      Anon @ 6:34 A.M. - I do believe you are correct! The next thing we will see is wunderkind punk-ass jared converting Hair Force One to run on coal! Ain't he speshul!!

  5. Solar panels … coal museum … There's no reason that a present-day building shouldn't use modern technology while—as most museums do—preserving and presenting things of the past.


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