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Trump's Education Secretary claims that she could do nothing to make America's public schools any worse, but of course we know that is far from true.

Wait until you see how badly SHE'S going to fuck everything up!
Courtesy of Slate:  

On Wednesday, at a forum at the Brookings Institution in Washington, the president’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was asked whether she would concede that when poorly implemented, the “school choice” doctrine she has championed for much of her career could have a negative effect on students. She saw no such risk: 

“Well, I’m not sure how they could get a lot worse on, you know, a nationwide basis than they are today,” the secretary said. “The fact that our PISA scores have continued to deteriorate as compared to the rest of the world and, you know, that we’ve seen stagnant—at best—results with the NAEP scores over the years—I’m not sure that we can deteriorate a whole lot.” 

The problem with DeVos’ sweeping assertion—and by extension, her apocalyptic view of American public education—is that the numbers tell a more complex, muddier story. Take PISA, the Programme for International Student Assessment, a test that compares 15-year-olds’ performance across dozens of countries. Depending on how you read the most recent PISA results from 2015, American schools could be described as doing great (we’re ahead of Switzerland in reading, and above France and Sweden in science), as doing OK (the U.S. placed near the middle overall), or as failing miserably (America’s math ranking is bad and has gotten worse since 2012). 

And, of course, numbers can also be an unreliable diagnostic tool: Just because you think the PISA or National Assessment of Educational Progress numbers are awful doesn’t mean you know what to do to improve them—or even know how to track that you’re doing something right. DeVos certainly doesn’t seem to: Asked earlier in the Brookings Q&A what dataset could be used to assess her own performance as education secretary in four years’ time, DeVos rambled a little about the primacy of policies that favor choice while conceding, “I’m not a numbers person.”

No she is not a "number's person" but neither is she an "education person." 

Simply put she is uniquely unfit for this particular responsibility.

As for not making things worse, all one has to do is look back at the LAST Republican President's attempts to make over our education system, the disastrous NCLB, to quickly realize the ignorance of that statement.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Republicans are intentionally dumbing down the public school system because they are racists and do not want the minority children to succeed in their lives. They also know the majority of the parents of the minority children cannot afford to send them to private school.

    I detest ALL people that are Republicans that support their leaders in these actions. They truly are a horrid breed of humans and DO NOT have the support of the majority of Americans.

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Come to my red NC county, where less than 10% are of color.

      90% are poor whites, who will never get their kids into one of the 'better' private schools.
      It aint just the people of color the GOP dismiss. If you aren't in the right tax bracket, you don't even deserve to be breathing unless you're the cleaner, the lawn mower, etc.

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  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Chris Wallace systematically destroys EPA head Scott Pruitt: Climate change is not ‘all a coincidence’

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt faced a grilling from Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday over his climate change denials and plans to do away with scores of environmental regulations.

    “You think that rewriting and, in fact, doing away with the clean power plan is going to improve air quality, which you say is a major goal?” Wallace asked Pruitt on Fox News Sunday.

    According to the EPA head, President Barack Obama had put clean power regulations in place “through executive fiat” and President Donald Trump has vowed to return to the “rule of law.”

    Wallace pointed out that the Trump administration’s deregulation of the environment meant that China was now pushing the U.S. to decrease greenhouse gas emissions instead of the other way around.

    “We have nothing to be apologetic about with respect to the leadership we’ve show as a country,” Pruitt insisted.

    The Fox News host also noted that Pruitt was in the minority when it came to acknowledging that humans play a role in climate change.

    “Mr. Pruitt, there are all kinds of studies that contradict you,” Wallace explained. “The UN panel on climate change says it’s 95 percent likely that at least half of the temperature increase since the mid-20th century is due to human activities.”

    “Mr. Pruitt, are we supposed to believe that’s all a coincidence?” the host pressed.

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Mitch McConnell Goes Down In Flames Defending His Merrick Garland Hypocrisy

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      McConnell should be strung up! He's a horrid individual and was the leader in the obstruction movement of President Obama throughout his two terms. McConnell is from Kentucky (considered a 'southern' state) and horribly racist. History will NOT reflect him favorably!

      Thank God, we had President Obama serve as our President! He did an outstanding job and history WILL show him favorably! He proved himself to be classy, bright, a great leader and is far superior to McConnell. Plus, President Obama is loved and respected throughout the country and world!

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      And the more donnie chases his coattails, 11:14 AM, the more stupid he looks.

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  6. Anonymous9:25 AM

    WATCH: Joy Reid ridicules Trump for weaseling out of first pitch at Nationals game to ‘avoid the boos’

    MSNBC host Joy Reid took a shot at President Donald Trump on Sunday morning for claiming he was unable to throw out the first pitch at the Washington National’s home opener because of “scheduling issues.”

    The AM Joy host explained that there is a long tradition of presidents tossing out the first pitch while making the point that Trump had previously said at one time he was the best baseball player in the state of New York.

    “Baseball season officially kicks off today, followed by a dozen match-ups on Monday. including the home opener for the Washington Nationals, the team that asked Donald Trump to throw out the ceremonial first pitch,” Reid began. “It’s tradition, after all. Every sitting president has thrown a first pitch at least one major league baseball game since President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball for the Washington Senators in 1910.”

    “Trump declined on Tuesday to step up to the mound because of, quote, ‘scheduling issues,’ ” she continued. “But we can’t help to wonder if that’s the real reason why, especially because Trump actually played baseball.”

    Noting a 2014 interview in which Trump boasted, “I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young,” Reid an eyebrow before comparing him to youthful contemporaries Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees.

    Reid went on point out that Trump previously found time to toss out first pitches while sharing photos of Trump’s painful delivery.

    Then she got down to why Trump ducked out on a chance to be in front of TV cameras before a packed house at Nationals Park.

    “Could it be that Trump, who is clearly no Mariano Riviera, wants to avoid the boos and hisses that could greet him at Nationals Park, where a whopping 90 percent of voters chose Hillary Clinton over him?” Reid suggested. “Trump may not be so popular with the players either.”

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Trump was afraid, very afraid! Plus, he's a blowhard and has zero credibility with the majority of Americans.

      What an ass! Deplore the jerk!

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Joy Reid is doing one heck of a great job on TV and I try never to miss her show or when she is a guest on another.

      She's quick, smart, knowledgeable as to current political events and has a great sense of humor.

      She's not afraid either, as a black woman, to go after the racist Trump and some in his cabinet.

      She's a quality lady!!

  7. Anonymous9:26 AM

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM

    G'man, the Christian electorate doesn't give a damn about severely unqualified persons being put into positions of power because they seek a Christian utopia. Sadly they are slowly achieving it. Now is the time to say F that crap and send it back inside the church, mosque and synagogue.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Christians they are not.
      Sermon On The Mount Matthew 5, anyone?
      Jesus was a liberal.

    2. Anonymous2:03 PM

      This is the last chance for the religious right to attempt a power grab in this country because guess what, the younger generation isn't buying into their fairy tales. The religious demographic is dying out and in another 10 years they won't have a leg to stand on politically because they will be laughed out of this country, as well they should be.

  9. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Most of the international education rankings are misleading because of the population being tested. In some countries, students are screened before being admitted into academic programs. Students with special needs would not be included in their test scores. In addition, some of the countries have a much more homogeneous population and higher economic levels.

    There is a significantly greater proportion of students from high-poverty schools in the US taking these tests than in many other countries. When the scores are adjusted to reflect comparable economic status, American students rank much higher than what the raw scores reflect.

    My state just completed testing for ELA students in grades 3-8. Although the tests seemed slightly more developmentally appropriate this year, in past years the students were given reading passages that were 2-3 grade levels above where they should be. Many of the questions were vague enough that the teachers weren't sure what answers were considered correct, and there were many errors in the test questions themselves. Math tests were overwhelmingly word problems, which put ESOL students and those with reading disabilities at a distinct disadvantage.

    Scores were not provided to the schools until the following year and were too general to either determine what skills the students were weakest in or help the teachers adjust their curricula to focus on skills they may have spent too little time teaching.

    Standardized tests and their resulting scores, whether international or local, can easily be manipulated to prove whatever outcome is desired. In this country, test scores are being used to prove that public schools are failures and that remediation materials and charter schools are necessary, when the main goal of the GOP is to provide profits for their campaign contributors.

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Sorry, this C--t BOUGHT her job.She's a F-----g unqualified ASSHOLE.

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      You may not realize this, but you spelled out the word 'asshole', instead of using dashes for letters like in the other cussies.
      I'm terribly offended, and insist you go wash those fingers with plenty of soap and water, Mister.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Terribly offended.

      Eye Roll Troll :)

  11. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Secretary of Education DeVos is more than qualified to lead our children's educational process. You guys lost get over it.

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Your President is about to have his life support turned off! Deal with that!!

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      You can't fix stupid. Is that how you want to go through life? Your children and grandchildren? Education is NOT a liberal value, dumb@ss.

    3. Anonymous2:44 PM


      She doesn't know squat about education except for the myriad ways she directly profits from privatized schools, privatized student loans, student loan debt collection agencies, her stake in KinderCare, investments in firms that invest in for-profit schools both here and abroad, and let's throw in the commercial laundry that serves colleges because, hell, why not? So, she is kinda good with numbers IF there's even one dollar that profits poor, misunderstood Betsey.

      Did I mention that she positively loathes the Gainful Employment Act? Yep, look for that to disappear on the sly.

      And then there's her darling little brother and mercenary wrangler, Erik Prince. He was super helpful with that server in Trump Tower ... that appears to have been pinging Spectrum Health (the DeVos-owned health insurance company) and Alfa Bank almost exclusively.

      But, yeah, you're right. She's qualified among Republican billionaires, and that's all that truly matters, innit?

      By the way, there is no "you guys." EVERYONE lost on November 8, 2016. Some of you just haven't realized it yet.

  12. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Golf Summit? Trump tees up, talks ObamaCare with Paul, Mulvaney

    Published April 02, 201


    Another day of golfing. Did Trump want to be president so he can go golfing every weekend while his son gets expensive Secret Service protection in his Golden Tower in New York at the cost of the United States of America taxpayers?

  13. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Oh yes of course. Since the private school of brainwashing began a few years ago and STOLE public school money on the grounds of we want vouchers and choice for our brats, yes indeed they can not make the public schools worst than THEY have already. And it was just for this moment so trump and ASSociopaths can claim the fruitcake devos to lead the destruction and finish of Our Public Schools. It is time to stand up for Public Schools and STOP VOUCHERS STEALING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO BRAINWASH KIDS AND HATE AMERICA. Protest, Speak UP, Demand it stop. This is a criminal act along with private prisons, scientology, health insurance for profit and every thing else associated with the asshole occupying our White house today.

  14. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Oh look, somebody taught the old lady some acronyms to toss off at press conferences.
    If I may borrow a phrase..."That woman is an idiot."
    Daddy and hubby and daddy-in-law have serious money.
    She has never had to worry about education or food or anything.
    It is people like her that put thugs in charge of the state of Michigan and as a direct result caused things like the Flint disaster.
    Not a PhD and highly unlikely her BA from the local religious college included anything in the field of education, 17th century French poetry and calvinist theology is more likely.
    Not qualified and bought the job is damn right!

  15. There is another component to these international test comparisons.

    We don't track in this country. EVERYONE takes the test, including non-English speakers and special education students.

    In other countries they start "tracking" in elementary school. IE. if you don't pass you get put into a non-college track. By the time they're 15 you only have your high achieving college track students left to take the PISA. Also, some of those countries don't have the educational and financial burden the U.S. has when it comes to curriculum and funding. They have fairly homogeneous populations whereas the U.S. has the most diverse population in the world. Our schools have students from all over the world that speak many different languages. We also have a a higher poverty rate than, say, Sweden or Finland. All of these factors weigh in on testing.

    This is the "damned lies" the statistics tell you that are used to make whatever point you want to make. It also displays the utter lack of knowledge or understanding that amateurs have when they're put in charge of something for which they are totally clueless. Like Ben Carson as head of HUD or this bitch in charge of education.

    Or Trump as president.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      It also displays the inherent weakness in our system. We're all over the map with students and seek to accommodate all of them which in the end only weakens the entire system.

  16. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Betsy DeVos does not know anything about education. Period. Not only does she not know anything about public education but she has had no personal experience of higher education beyond her bachelor's degree from a small conservative private college in southwestern Michigan.

  17. Anonymous1:58 PM

  18. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I guess I don't understand her ideas. "Choice" isn't a practical solution for many small towns in America. And choices are not what people need. Her idea of education seems to be like buying toothpaste: you can get the toothpaste that fights plaque, or the one that whitens your teeth, or the one that strengthens your enamel or the one that freshens breath. I want the one that does it all! (Who wouldn't?)

    Likewise, why give a choice between a school that teaches math or one that teaches reading or the one that teaches science?

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  20. Anonymous4:16 PM

    FYI-G. Yesterday was>


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