Thursday, December 14, 2017

One of the guys behind "pizza-gate" tries to accuse Senator Chuck Schumer of sexual misconduct using a forged document.

Wait, what did they day I did?
Courtesy of he Daily Beast:  

A forged document accusing the top Democrat in the Senate of sexual harassment copied language verbatim from a real sexual-harassment complaint filed against Rep. John Conyers. 

On Tuesday afternoon, right-wing social media personalities Charles Johnson and Mike Cernovich boasted of obtaining a document that would put a senator out of a job. 

“Michael Cernovich & I are going to end the career of a U.S. Senator,” Johnson posted on Facebook on Monday. 

The senator was Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York, Axios first reported. 

But the document was fake. A copy of the document, obtained by The Daily Beast, purports to be draft lawsuit complaint against Schumer by a former staffer. It accuses him of sexual harassment. Schumer’s office told The Daily Beast the document and her signature are forgeries. Schumer’s office said the senator was not in Washington, D.C. or the United States during several dates in the document when he is said to have harassed the staffer. 

“The document is a forged document and every allegation is false,” Schumer spokesperson Matt House told The Daily Beast. “We have turned it over to the Capitol Police and asked them to investigate and pursue criminal charges because it is clear the law has been broken. We believe the individual responsible for forging the document should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to prevent other malicious actors from doing the same.” 

The former staffer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the document was a forgery.

This Mike Cernovich guy is the same asshole who claimed that coded messages in John Podesta's hacked emails showed that Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats were involved in a child sex ring in a DC pizza joint.

Currently Cernovich is trying to save face by claiming that he was duped by whoever was shopping this around, but the forgery should have been fairly obvious to anybody who was utilizing critical thinking skills.
Look we need to listen to women reporting on sexual harassment, even if the person being accused is one of our guys, or even a personal hero.

However we also have to maintain a certain amount of healthy skepticism because this #MeToo movement is a powerful tool, and clearly folks with a partisan agenda can use it to attack and even defeat those who they perceive as enemies of their cause.

And by the way this goes for both sides.

Even if we REALLY want to believe that somebody we dislike did something terrible, we still need to pay attention to the evidence and let THAT dictate their guilt or innocence.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    A decomposing Piece of $wamp $hit:

    1. Anonymous11:24 AM

      If they manage to do the destruction they want to do, he may have to "retire" or be retired by voters. I don't understand how he's stayed in office this long.

    2. Sure, now that he's got a pension and healthcare for life.

      Just like all the rest of the cruel Republican fuckers.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    OT HRC with others machine forward NOW>

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Lady Lindsey 70% “War with North Korea is an all-out war against the regime,” he said. “There is no surgical strike option. Their [nuclear-weapons] program is too redundant, it’s too hardened, and you gotta assume the worst, not the best. So if you ever use the military option, it’s not to just neutralize their nuclear facilities—you gotta be willing to take the regime completely down.”

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Will Lady Lindsay take up a Confederate sword and lead the battle against N. Korea? Or is it all talk once again.

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM



    1. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Under suit from wuite a few state AGs.

  5. Anonymous10:44 AM

    CONgre$$man announces cancer diagnosis months after characterizing illness as a personal failing
    When reality intervenes on rhetoric.
    Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) announced that he has prostate cancer."<tOO bad you prick a$$hole!

    'The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body. The prostate secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm.Mar 11, 2017'

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      Sadly, in this case, it is rarely fatal if treatd.

  6. Anonymous10:50 AM

    OT. I listened to Trump’s speech. Which companies have moved back here? According to Trump companies are moving back fast.

    I am concerned that their plan to slash regulations may lead to crappy roads and general loss of oversight,lack of building codes,
    and another near Great Depression without consumer protection and Wall Street regulations.

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Trump's plans will lead to the deterioration of this country faster than anyone can imagine. At every level, he and the complicit GOP in Congress have filled positions with people whose only goals are to make money from their posts and to destroy the very departments and agencies they head.

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Yep. and now worker slike Jim Spencer are dead.

  7. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Lucky forgery is not their forte,that is the problem with firing or forcing these men to resign without an investigation.fig
    These bozos probably figured they could get him out very easily after what happened to Fraken.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      There is a forged document? Will anyone press charges?

    2. Exacltly.

      Fuck Gillibrand and the rest of the lynch mob morons that piled on.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      I beleive that is what Schuer plans to do.

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hmmm. seems like Scunkovich isn't up to the journalistic standards of say, the Washignton POst who very quickly smelled the stench of little Jimmy O'fakeyKeefe's diaper when they were given a fake story. WIll Scernkovich have any press credentials revoked? Hope he gets sued into bankruptcy.

  9. Randall3:00 PM

    Yes - we need to listen to women bringing sexual harassment charges.
    But we also need to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who FALSELY brings charges.


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