Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin, her Wasilla church, and "The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit".

Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave from Bruce Wilson on Vimeo.

If I saw a movement like this in the Buddhist community I would be concerned.

If I saw a movement like this in the Jewish community I would be worried.

If I saw a movement like this in the Islamic community (and I have) I would be scared.

But I have now seen a movement like this in the Christian community, and I have seen a Republican Vice Presidential nominee embracing it, and I am terrified!

This the kind of thinking that makes people blow themselves up to kill others, to shoot doctor's who work in Women's Clinics dead, to burn people as witches when they refuse to embrace their religion, and to work tirelessly to make sure their version of science is taught in public schools instead of REAL science.

It is time for EVERYBODY to get up and start working to make sure that this woman and her party do NOT retain control of our country.

It is time for those who think, instead of simply believe, take back the reins of power.

I am not lumping ALL Christians in this category. I have friends and family that love Jesus and live their lives emulating his will. And they would never be caught dead in any of the churches shown in that video. That is not REAL Christianity. That is a cult.


  1. THIS is Fascism...plain and simple- the worst kind carrying a cross and wrapped in a Flag...ready to send ALL God's Children forth as God's little Soldiers.....SICK...

    Jesus was a Community Organizer...and Pontius Piliate was a Governor...

    thanks for the Video...
    ( I have a whole section on her sick church shit...over at WatergateSummer)....

  2. Have just linked your post to my comment:

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    We've had enough of the theocratic approach. Though I believe that Bush's religious views were more convenience than conviction, he set us up for this.

    Keep up the good work. We need to either get Palin off the ticket or we need to beat her.

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I'm telling you, this crazy b.s. is more prevalant than people realize. There is a movement to tear down walls between denominations that focus on common christian enemies rather than denominational enemies. This is serious. Check out my blog "mike's searches" on blogspot...

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I cannot stress this enough. There are people out there, money people, educated people as well as not so that are going to think, if she's elected, that she has been elevated to her position by God Himself. Can you wrap your mind around that? People with guns, money, connections, and the power to hurt others will beleive she is God ordained, and any dissent will be quite problematic for them...These are the Left Behind crowd that want the battle in the Valley of Megiddo,(check out the book of Revelation)so Jesus will come back and punish His (their)enemies. I heard it a thousand times in right wing churches all accross the South and Midwest.
    The demon control that the video talks about in script is a very real doctrine. One of the "All Time Best Sellers" in the Pentecostal/Charasmatic Movement is a little psycho book called "Pigs In The Parlor." It is all about demons, demon control, and other interesting stuff, taken very seriously by many in these churches.

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Sorry, Anonymous is me...

  7. Pigs in the Parlor ???wow..
    did they have lipstick on...

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    No, Enigma, because in a lot of churches, that is the UPCI, the Apostolic Churches, forbid women to wear makeup. It's nuts...Google the title, the book is by Frank and IdaMae Hammond. I didn't make up the IdaMae thing...

  9. Cult does not even begin to describe this shit Gryphen. The video is shocking to say the least. Kinda makes reverend wright look almost normal. The only thing missing was the snake handelers.

  10. I'm an Obama supporter but I question whether all the clips in this movie are actually from Palin's church. She's bizarre enough in the few clips showing her but are the other clips part of her church's insanity or just put together from other lunatics?

  11. "when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." Sinclair Lewis

  12. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hey...CNN is going to be doing a story on this wacked out cult, I mean Church, at 8 and 10 tonight, along with an interview with a former pastor...they have the clips of Palin, too! McCain's campaign is already having to defend her! Keep it up, thanks!

  13. Anonymous6:01 AM

    This video clip is now unavailable; what happened to it?


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