Friday, March 27, 2009

Anne Kilkenny, the author of the infamous Wasilla e-mail, is being honored Saturday by the Alaska Press Club.

Anne Kilkenny, 60, will be recognized at the Alaska PressClub’s annual conference on March 26-28 at the Anchorage Senior Center. She will be featured at a noon luncheon on Friday, March 27, at the conference.

Kilkenny’s “Special Recognition” honor is part of the club’s 2009 Howard Rock/Tom Snapp First Amendment Award, which annually recognizes Alaskans who demonstrate exemplary advancement of First Amendment values. (This year’s main First Amendment Award recipients, Gregg and Judy Erickson, have advocated for years in Juneau for open and transparent government. They own and operate Erickson & Associates, an economics consulting firm.)

Kilkenny is a graduate of UC Berkeley and a former delegate to former Gov. Frank Murkowski’s Conference of Alaskans. She feels “truly honored” but remained deferent about the acknowledgement of her work.

“So many in the media have paid a much higher price for defending the First Amendment than I have had to pay, so I feel very humble,” she said.

“Anne Kilkenny might not think she was courageous,” said John Creed, president of the Alaska Press Club. “But she willingly shared information that helped Americans make one of our most important political decisions—election of our president and vice president—without fear of personal consequences to her or her family. That’s the First Amendment in action.”

Anne Kilkenny's contribution to those who were struggling to discover the "real" Sarah Palin cannot be emphasized enough.

Before she wrote her amazing e-mail many of us had little idea of what kind of person Sarah Palin truly was, and everything that we have learned since has only reinforced Ms. Kilkenny's brave words.

If you can show up and offer support then I hope you will take the time to do so.


  1. I'm glad she is being recognized. Her letter was one of the deciding factors of my vote last November.

    As a registered Independent, I watched GINO's first speech at the Republican convention and thought she was an attractive, articulate candidate, that had an extraordinary gift for public speaking. And then I googled SP to learn a bit more about this very interesting person.


    As I read Anne's letter from Wasilla a thrill of horror went through me. Since that time, SP's behavior has confirmed Anne's observations. Anne took a chance - SP's approval rating was very high in those days - and SP and her minions had a vindictive streak. It took courage to stand up, and speak out. She has my respect and admiration.

    God bless you, Anne Kilkenny!

  2. I agree she is due the recognition for her coming forward so the rest of us had that information to make a clear decision. My hat off to her..

  3. The luncheon honoring anne kilkenny is tomorrow - SATURDAY - not today. Please change your headline.

  4. Anne Kilkenny's e-mail was certainly helpful to this voter.

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I know it's off-topic... but you should go read Mudflats. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on Mike Doogan's latest actions.


  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Hi, Gryphen. I couldn't figure out how to email you; don't tell me it's right there---yeah, yeah, I'll get new glasses next month. But for now, since you are monitoring comments, I'll just use this to ask you to take a look at AKM's latest post. Doogan "outed" her. : ( This should be a topic of interest to all bloggers.

    Sue Conley (Anonymous because I can't figure out how else to get this thing to work: )

  7. I was on mudflats a moment ago, hit the refresh and now it's gone...

  8. Thanks for the info...and now waiting for your comments on GINO's...I mean Doogan's actions.

  9. I'm so glad she's being honored in this way. I saw her around Christmas, we were both volunteering for the same group, and I immediately recognized her and made a point to thank her for what she had done.


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